Th11  Edward Thruston

    was the son of  John Thruston (Th12) and Thomasine Rich (Ri12)
    was born in 1637/8, on January 30, in Bristol, England.
    He married (1st) in 1666, on October 28, .Ann Loveing, daughter of Thomas Loveing and x Kingston, of Virginia.
    He married (2nd), in 1671, on August 2. Susanna Perry: (Pe11)
    daughter of Nicholas Perry (Pe12) of Gt. Marlow in Bristol, England.
    He was 1iving in Virginia in 1668, and in Ashton from 1679 to 1683 where his wife died Aug. 2,1683 .
    He removed from Boston to Virginia  on the 13th of June, 1717 to live with his son Edward and gave him the book in which the latter kept the family records.
    Edward Thruston and Ann Loveing had issue:
    (Th10-1) John Thruston (2 Dec 1668  martin' Hundred, James City Co. Va.- )
      married 24 Sept 1690 Elizabeth widow of John Carey and had
      (Th10-1-1) Justina Thruston, born 26 Aug 1691, died at Armsfield Plantation, James City, Hanover Co. Va. Married  John James and had
        (Th10-1-1-1) Christopher James (1720 - )
        (Th10-1-1-2) Thomas James (1722 - )
        (Th10-1-1-3) Thruston James
        (Th10-1-1-4) John James
        (Th10-1-1-5) May James
    (Th10-2) Thomasine Thruston (28 Nov/4 Dec 1670 in Bristol Eng. - 11 Dec 1670) St. Thomas, Bristol

    Edward Thruston and Susanna Perry had issue:
    (Th10) Edward Thruston (5 Feb. 1678/80 in Ashton - 1762)
    (Th10-4) Elizabeth Thruston, married John Astley on 10 Sept 1701

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