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Bland of Northern Neck Va.
Nicholas of Roundway
Hester of Fleming Co Ky
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There is no similarity between this data and Tyrwhitt so no likely relation except the similarity of sound.
Tr29. Sir William Trivett of Dives Normandy b about 1046.
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Tr28 y. Trivett
Tr27 y Trivett
Tr26 y Trivett
Tr24-1 Sir Hugh Trivett b about 1200, lived at Crandon Manor, d 1242.
m before 1219 Eve de Greinton.
Tr23-1 James Trivett.
Tr23-2 Agnes Trivett.
Tr24 Sir Thomas Trivett b about 1200 d about 1270, half share in Bridgewater Castle Manor with William Brewer
Tr23 Sir Thomas Trivett, lived at Crandon Manor, Lord Chief Justice of England during the reign of Edward I.
m Eleanor Braunche
Tr22-2. Prior Nicholas Trivett b 1258 d 1328, chronicler to Edward I
Tr22. Sir William Trivett lived at Otterhampton & Cock Manors d 1314 half owner of Combwich Ferry
m. Sarah Eston
Tr21-1. Lord Raymon Trivett lived at Farrington Manor b. 1301 d 1346.
Tr21-2. John Trivett b abount 1290 d 1350 of Dunborough/Doddington Hall
Tr21-2-1. Sir Thomas Trivett
m. Alice de Meriet
Tr21-2-1-1. Cecily Trivett
m1. John Stapleton
m2. Stephen Laundy
m. Cicely of Crewkern
m. Alice of Orchard
m. Maud of Doddington Hall alias Dunborough
Tr21-3. Vincent Trivett b about 1300 dsp 1343, m. Margaret
Tr21-4. Nicholas Trivett
Tr21 William Trivett, lived at Crandon Manor, Courtier to Edward II
m Alice
Tr20-1 Thomas Trivett b about 1290 d 1316
m. Joan who remarried Sir Thomas Gurney of Gurney Manor
. Tr20 Henry Trivett
Tr19-1. Peter Trivett b 1314, fellow at Oxford, d by 1377,owned Bonson Manor
. m Margaret
. Tr19-1-1 Thomas Trivett about 1334
. Tr19-1-2 Sir John Trivett alive in 1396, lived at Woolsmerdom Manor
. m Joan Farway
. Tr19-1-2-1 Joan Trivett
. m about 1400 Roger Pym os Sidbury Manor Stone
. Tr19-1-2-2 Peter d by 1420 Trivett
. Tr19-1-2-3 Margaret Trivett
. m about 1415 Roger Tremayle lived at Sand House Manor, Sidbury Devon
. m about 1415 Roger Tremayle
. Tr19-1-2-1-1 Thomas Tremayle d 1508 of Blackmoor Manor, Bridgwater
Tr19-2. Edmund Trivett b 1315
. m Susan, no heir
Tr19. Sir John Trivett b 1316 alive in 1371, granted free rabbit warren at Crandon Manor 1354, fellow of Exeter College Oxford 1362.
. m 1329 Jane Furneaux
. Tr18-1 Sir John Trivett b about 1330 d 1386, leading knight to the Black Prince, lived at Fordington Manor
. Tr18-1-1 Sir John Trivett, alive in 1396, Fordington Manor, continued below
. Tr18 Sir Thomas Trivett b 1331 d 1388
. m1 Elizabeth Gourney
m2 Elizabeth, daughter of Sir Philip Tymbury
. Tr17-1 Maud Trivett
m Ralph Verney of Fairfield House Stogursey & Idson Manor
Tr17-1-1 Hugh Verney
. Tr17-2 Eleanor Trivett
m John Pokeswell Durborough alias Doddington Hall d. 1400
Tr17 Elizabeth Trivett
m about 1368 Baldwin Malet of Curry Pool, Somerset
Ma16 Eleanor Malet
Ma16 John Malet
Tr22-3 William Trivett.
. Tr23-3-1 William Trivett of Otterhampton Manor sold 1461.
Tr24 possibly of this family and branch was:
Amy Trevitt b c 1200
m Adam Karry Ca24 b c 1200
-1 John Karry b c 1220
m Elizabeth Stapleton b c 1230 dau of Sir Richard Stapleton b c 1160
-1-1 William Karry of West Polworth a 1303 = b c 1250
m Alice Beaumont b c 1260 dau of Sir William Beaumont
-1-1-1 Sir John Carey b c 1280
m1 Agnes Stafford dau of Lord Stafford
m2 Margaret Holwell + ch dau of William Holwell of Holwell (?Holwell/?Holeway/?Holloway There is a ganeration gap problem in reports on the early Cary descent indicating that this marriage took place two generations later)
-1-1-1-1 Sir John de Cary of Cary b c 1315 -1-1-1-1-1 Sir John de Cary of Upper Cary b c 1340 d 1404
m 1376 Margaret Holeway dau of Richard de Holeway of Northlaw, etc. (Holeway/?Holwell/?Holloway s.l.)
-1-1-1-1-1-1 Sir Robert Cary of Cockington and Clovelly d before 1435 - see alternative ancestry above
m1 Margaret Courtenay dau of Sir Philip Courtenay of Powderham
-1-1-1-1-1-1-1 Philip Cary of Cockington d 1437
m about 1436 Christian Orchard dau of William Orchard of Holway Devon
-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1 Sir William Cary of Cockington b 12.04.1437, k 06.05.1471 at Tewkesbury
m1 Elizabeth Paulet dau of Sir William Paulet of Hinton St. George
-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1 Robert Cary of Cockington b 1457 d 15 Jun 1540
m1 Jane Carew dau of Sir Nicholas Carew
?m2 c 1500 Margaret Fulkeram dau of William Fulkeram
-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1 William Cary b 1492 d 1572 Sheriff of Bristol England in 1532 and mayor in 1546 during the reign of Henry VIII.
m Joan Herle
Tr18-1-1 Sir John Trivett, alive in 1396, Fordington Manor, continued above
Tr18-1-1-1 Sir John Trivett b about 1385 d 1433, Vicar of Aylesbeare 30 July 1410, Vicar of Budleigh 1421
Tr18-1-1-1-1 y Trivett
Sir Thomas Trivett of Long Bredy Manor about 1450
Tr... missing generation
Tr18-...1 William Trivett
m Edyth Trivett
Tr Edmund Trivett b 1547 d 1623
Tr Edmund Trivett b 1547 d 1623
Tr John Trivett bap 8 Feb 1628 at Litton
Tr Edmund Trivett b 1547 d 1623
Tr Alice Trivett b ß d 22 May1634
Tr18...-2 Rev. John Trivett of Baglake near Long Bredy. Rector of Frome Vauchurch 1577
.. .

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