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Bland of Northern Neck Va.
Nicholas of Roundway
Hester of Fleming Co Ky
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Overton of Helmsley Yorkshire

Ov19. William de Overton b c 1270/?1300 (The implausible dates for 'William and his alleged wife are best reconciled by the figures following the "/?" as sheer guesstimation for further research.) d 1345
Margaret de Bosley b 1348/?c 1300 sis of Margery de Bosley m William de Brereton b c 1286 Brereton Cheshire d 1 Jun 1355 Bostock Cheshire
+1 Richard Bosleyb 1 Jun 1286 Brereton d 1 Jun 1345 London
m Jane Fulford b 1268
Ov18 Thomas Overton b 1312 at Helmsley, Yorkshire d there 1392
m Ellen ?Bostock/Brereton b c 1325 d 1 Jun 1360 Bostock Cheshire (wikitree shows as Brereton b c 1325 Yorkshire)
+1 William Brereton b c 1286 Brereton Cheshire dvp 1342 London
m Margery Bosley b 1300 Bosley Cheshire d 1 Jun 1360 Bostock Cheshire dau of Richard de Bosley
Ov17 Thomas Overton b c 1365 at Helmsley Malton, Yorkshire d there 1392/?1435 bur All Saints
m 1410 Idonea x b c 1385
Ov16 William Overton Ov16 b 3 Apr 1430/?00 (there may be a generation missing) d 1482 Morecott Rutland bur Helmsley Yorkshire
m 1460 Elizabeth x b c 1438/?1410 Yorkshire d 1523 York
Ov15 Christopher Overton b 3 Apr 1430/60 at Easington/?Helmley, Yorkshire d Dec 1547 at Easington, Yorkshire/? 12 Sep 1482 Morcott Rutlandshire (wikitree shows b 3 Apr 1460 in Easington d 12 Sep 1547 in Essex)
m c 1520/?1480 at Easington, Yorkshire Alice Swift b 1462 Essex d 5 Oct 1547 Essex dau of->
+1 John Swift b 1430 d 1529
m x Smyth
Ov14 Henry Overton b 1523 d 1595
Ov13 Christopher Overton b c 1540 at Easington, Yorkshire
m c 1579 at Easington (?) Wright, dau of->
+1 John Wright
m Elizabeth Thorpe Yorkshire
Ov12 John Overton b 1566 at Easington, Yorkshire, d on 25 May 1654 at Easington, Yorkshire
m Joan Snawsell, dau of Robert Snawsell and Anne Waters, in 1606 at Easington, Yorkshire, England. has his wife as Joane Palmer and birth in 1577 Yorkshire, but this may have been her second marriage.
This is obviously the same couple as Ov14-2-1-1 and shows the same Wentworth/Waters/Snawsell descent despite the differences in dates, but the diviation of the line is kept here as an alternative descent for this family.
+1 Robert Snawsell b 13 Sep 1563 Bilton Yorkshire d 15 Dec 1647 Essex
Anne / Ann Waters b 27 Apr 1563 Uffington d 4 Oct 1653 Ainsty
+2 Brian Snawsell
m Elizabeth Wentworth b 1535 d 4 Sep 1591 Stelens Yorkshire
+2 Thomas Waters of Uffington b 1525
m Sarah Jones b 1533
+3 Thomas Wentworth, the younger b 1470 d 1557 bur Barnsley South Yorkshire
m Alice Dyneley/Druley
+4 Matthew Wentworth b 1468 West Bretton Yorkshire d there 12 Nov 1505
m Elizabeth Woodroffe dau of Sir Richard Woodroffe
+5 We17. Richard Wentworth of West Bretton This generation was omitted by Visitation Essex but was given by Visitation Yorkshire and supported by Walker in his record on the Woodrove family..
m Isabell Fitzwilliam dau of->
+6 Richard Wentworth of West Bretton a c1440
m Maud Clifford dau of Thomas, Lord Clifford
+6 Sir William Fitzwilliam of Sprotborough
Ov11-1 William Overton, Archbishop
Ov11 Maj Gen Robert Overton b 1609 at Easington, Yorkshire, England. d on 2 July 1678 at London, Middlesex, England bur July 1678 at Seaton, Rutland, England.
Another source has:
Gen. Robert Overton disappeared from England, where he was a political prisoner, but he was supposed to have been the Robert Overton who lived on five acres in the Barbadoes, Parish of Christ Church, without a servant, where political prisoners were sent, and died there in December 1679. (History of the Cosby Family in America, by JSC).

Easington in East Riding Yorkshire, was a Puritan parish. Robert Overton attended puritan St.John's College at Cambridge. It was at this same time that Thomas Fairfax attended St.John's. At Christ College John Milton was attending and it was probably at this time that the Milton and Overton became friends.

He was a Major General and an adherent of Oliver Cromwell who appointed him Governor of Hull, Edinburgh and Aberdeen. When he could no longer support Cromwell he became a political prisoner in the Tower of London. His wife died of cancer while he was imprisoned.
m 28 June 1632 at London Ann Gardiner, dau of->

+1 Jeremey Gardiner
m Anne Potticary,
Ov10-1 John Overton (1633 - 1679)
Ov10-2 Jeremie Overton (29 Sep 1637)
Ov10 William Overton (03 Dec 1638 - 1697 VA)
Ov10-4 Robert Overton (02 May 1639)
Ov10-5 Samuel Overton (1640)
Ov10-6 Allatheia Overton (c 1641)
Ov10-7 Dorcas Overton (c 1642 - 1711)
Ov10-8 Fairfax Overton (c 1644 - a 1678)
Ov10-9 Elizabeth Overton (c 1644)
Ov10-10 Anne Overton (c 1646 - 1678) (data on spouse and progeny from Willie R Kearley, author´s DNA match)
Ov10-11 Ebenezer Overton (Apr 1648 - a 1678)
Ov10-12 Joanna Overton (c 1650)
Ov11-3 Mary Overton b 1620 ?Yorkshire d 1664 New Kent Co Va m Richard Anderson b 1618 London d 1662 Gloucester Co Va son of Richard Anderson Sr and Elizabeth Hawkins -1 Richard anderson III b 1639 York Co Va d 1712 New Kent Co Va m Cecilia Massey dau of Peter Massey and Penelope ashley Cooper grandau of Thomas Massey and Judith Brereton, Anthon Ashley Earl of Shaftesbury and Margaret Spencer -1-1 Richard Anderson IV b 1662 St Pauls Parish New Kent Co Va d 1755 King and Queen Co Va m x
-1-2 Robert Anderson b 1663 in New Kent Va d 1716 Hanover Co Va
m Mary Elizabeth Overton Ov9-1 b 28 JUN 1673 in Yorktown, Va d 1734 New Kent Co
-1-1-1 Ann Anderson b 1700 d 12 Sep 1773 Amelia Co Va m David Sterne
-1-2-1+ numerous issue
-1-1-1-1 Francis Sterne b 1737 caroline Co Va d 1802 m elizabeth Jones -1-1-1-1-1 Peter Sterne b about 1768 Va m Elizabeth Jennings -1-1-1-1-1-1 Elizabeth Sterne b 1800 Campbell Co Va m Henry Glaze -1-1-1-1-1-1-1 Eliza Luverna Glaze ancestor of Nellie Irene Reif's DNA match (author's DNA match)
Ov14-2 John Overton b 22 Apr 1528/? c 1505 Easington Durham d 12 Sep 1547 Essex (wikitree shows hisdeath as 19 Jul 1564 in Easington)
m Margaret Elliotson b 19 Oct 1528 Essex d 8 Nov 1619 Essex ( shows her as daughter of her mother-in-law's parents, which is implausible timewise and namewise.)
Ov14-2-1 William Henry OVERTON b 3 Apr 1560 Easington d 12 Sep 1595
m x Wright ( shows her b 1549 West Yorkshire d 10 Dec 1647 in West Yorkshire, also as dau of Ralph Elliottson b 1522 and m1 Bishop Christopher William Overton)
Ov14-2-1-1 =Ov12-1 s.a. John P Overton b 5 Jul 1585 Easington Manor Holderness Yorkshire d 8 Oct 1650 Yorkshire
m1 1606 Joanne Snawsell b 17 Dec 1581 Bilton (?Bilton-in-Ainsty) Yorkshire + 4 ch dau of->
m2 Joanne ?Palmer
+1 Robert Snawsell b 13 Sep 1563 Bilton Yorkshire d 15 Dec 1647 Essex
Anne / Ann Waters b 27 Apr 1563 Uffington d 4 Oct 1653 Ainsty
+2 Brian Snawsell
Elizabeth Wentworth b 1535 d 4 Sep 1591 Stelens Yorkshire
+2 Thomas Waters of Uffington b 1525
m Sarah Jones b 1533
+3 Thomas Wentworth, the younger b 1470 d 1557 bur Barnsley South Yorkshire
m Alice Dyneley/Druley
+4 Matthew Wentworth b 1468 West Bretton Yorkshire d there 12 Nov 1505
m Elizabeth Woodroffe dau of Sir Richard Woodroffe
Ov14-2-1-1-1 Samuel Overton,
Ov14-2-1-1-2 Robert Overton (= Ov11 above)
Ov14-2-1-1-3 Grizell Overton b 1611
Ov14-2-1-1-4 Mary Overton b 1620
m Richard/?Robert Anderson
-1-1 Robert Anderson
Ov14-2-1-2 Robert Overton b c 1609 d 1679
m Anne Gardiner
Ov14-2-1-2-1 Samuel Overton
m Hannah Hall
-1 Hester Overton m Samuel Willson ancestors of Pres Hoover
Ov14-2-1-2-2 William OVERTON of Glencairn b 1638 Yorks
m Mary Elizabeth Waters
-1 Temperance Overton b 1679 d 1710/?16 m William Claiborne Harris -1-1 Jemima Harris m. Wm Overton
-1-2 John Harris m. Anne Clough
-1-3 Benjamin Harris m. Sarah Dumas
-1-4 William Harris ?m. Elizabeth Burnett
-1-5 Robert Harris m Mourning Glenn : 4-g grandfather of Chester H. Lauck
Ov14-2-1-3 Anne OVERTON
Ov14-2-1-4 Joane OVERTON
Ov14-3? possibly here or brother of christopher was: Guthlac Overton b 1478 Clerkenwell d 20 Apr 1536
m Olive Brown b 1485 Clerkenwell d there 7 Jun 1546 dau of->
+1 Robert Browne b 1465 d 1 Aug 1507
m Isabel Sharpe b 1478 Coggeshall Braintree Essex d 1518
+2 John Browne b 1440 +2 Christopher Sharpe b 1445 +3 John Browne b 1410
+3 William Swineshed b 1415
+3 John Sharpe b 1400 Coggeshall
m Janne Staunton b 1405
Ov14-3-1 Rose Overton b 1524 Clerkenwell d 1579
m John Irby d 1553
Ov14-3-1-1 Olive Irby b 1547 d 1614
m Rev Edward Bulkely b 1532 Woore Mucclestone Shrops d 5 Jan 1621 Bedfords
Ov14-3-1-1-1 Sarah Bulkeley m Oliver St John b 14 Jan 1565 Milton Ernest Bedfords d 23 Mar 1626 Keyso Bedfords
Ov14-3-1-1-1-1 Elizabeth St John b Bletsoe Bedfords d 1676 d Lynn Essex Co MA m Samuel Whiting b c 1610 d 1679 son of-> +1 John Whiting b 1561 Boston Lincolnshire d 20 Oct 1617 St Botolph Parish Boston Lincolns and Sarah Smith b 1569 Bocking Essex d 4 Oct 1649
Ov14-3-1-1-1-1 Rev Joseph Whiting b 6 Apr 1641 Lynn d 7 Apr 1723 Southampton Suffolk Co NY m Rebecca Bishop b 1663 d 1726 dau of Rev John Bishop b Cattisock Dorset d Stamford Fairfield CT and Rebecca d 1679 St Marys Woolnoth Parish London -1 Joseph Whiting b 1692 Southampton d 1744 m Hannah Scofield b 1700 d 1786 -1-1 Charles Whiting b 1742 d 1829 m Mary Kellogg b 27 Apr 1745 Colchester New London CT d 30 Dec 1827 Stmford CT dau of Samuell Kellogg b 1694 d 1783 and Abigail Sterling b 1709 d 1802 -1-1-1 Frederick Whiting b 1782 d 1846 m Nancy Anna Harris b 24 Jun 1795 OH d 6 Jan 1842 Edenton Wayne Twp Highland Co OH dau of Abner Harris b 1769 d 1844 and Sarah Booker b 1770 -1-1-1-1 Mary Whiting b 1829 d 1907 m Manfred Ames b 1825 d 1880 -1-1-1-1-1 Nancy Ames b 1857 d 1904 m William Hook -1-1-1-1-1-1 Benjamin Hook b 1896 d 1966 m1 Rena Waldron b 1901 d 1933 -1-1-1-1-1-1-1 Carolyn Hook b 1928 d 2010 m Alan Phillips b 1926 d 1997 son of Wallace Phillips b 1898 d 1988 m Alona Frances Thompson b 1894 Watertown Codington SD d 1978 Largo Seminole Co FL

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