He3-5 Hiram Abiff  Hester

    was the fifth child of John Kenton Hester and Susan Jane Mitchell (Mi4)

    Hiram Abiff Hester was born in Bracken County (now Robertson County) Kentucky on 28 Nov .1855;
    He died in Sept. 1939. .

    He married 18 Oct. 1883 Martha Jett (b. about 1860 in Bracken Co. - d. 1947 at Mt. Olivet, Ky). They are buried at Mt. Olivet Cemetery.

    They had children:
    (He3-5-1) Gertrude Hester (-), m.
    (He3-5-2) Elizabeth Hester (-), m. James Jett
    (He3-5-3) Daisy Hester, n.m.
    (He3-5-4) John Kenton Hester (-), m. Mabel Asbury, daughter of Charles and Maud Asbury
    (He3-5-5) Anna Lee Hester (-), m. ? Griffith more on this family.