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Conyers 1

: Conyers of Howton Conyers Hoton Coigniers, Conyers of Ormesby, Conyers of Sockburne
Roger de Coigniers a 1080, "came into England towards the end of the Conqueror's reign "

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1. Roger de Coigniers of Howton Coigniers and Sockburne, Constable of Durham
A. Roger de Coigniers of Howton Coigniers a 1178
i. Robert de Coigniers of Howton Coigniers a c1190
BP1934 reporting that the Conyers of Hornby family descended from Robert's 2nd son Geoffrey whilst 'Tudor' reports that they descended from his 1st son Roger. We follow provisionally the latter which is supported by the Visitation.
a. Roger Conyers b about 1138
1 Robert Conyers of Howton Coigniers b about 1165
A Thomas Conyers 'of Hoton' b about 1195
i Robert Conyers b about 1225
a ?y Conyers b about 1260
1 Robert Conyers b about 1295
A Sir Robert Conyers of Ormesby b 1325, d 1392
Sir Robert's 1st wife is identified as Joan, dau of John de Melton, Archbishop of York, but the Melton records suggests she was ...
m1 1333 Joan de Melton dau of Henry de Melton, brother of William, Archbishop of York
i John Conyers of Hornby b 1362
m Margaret St. Quintin b 1392, dau of Anthony St. Quintin of Hornby
'Tudor' shows the marriages as to Joan then Aline then Juliana. Visitation shows Joan then Juliana then Aline d 1408, and so apparently the widow.
m2/3. Juliana de Percy dau of John de Percy son of Alexander by Elizabeth de Coleville
The following comes from VCH Yorkshire, North Riding, Volume 2, Parishes - Ormesby.
ii Robert Conyers of Ormesby a 1427
a John Conyers of Ormesby d 1438
1 Robert Conyers of Ormesby
Noting that Visitation Yorkshire, 1563-4, Strangewayes identifies this Robert as "of Horneby in Clyveland Ormesby", we suspect that, apart from Anne reported by VCH, he was also the Robert Conyers 'of Horneby' who was father of Elizabeth.
A Anne Conyers d 1517-8
m Sir James Strangways
B Elizabeth Conyersprobably of this generation
m Sir Christopher Boynton
m3/2. Aline de Cotham or le la Ley d 1408
iii Jane Conyers d 07.11.1438
m Sir Robert Bowes of Streatlam d c1421
B Jane Conyers possibly of this generation ??
m Richard Danby
b Joan Conyers
m Sir Christopher Mallory
b. Sir Geoffrey Galfrid Conyers of Sockburne b about 1140
m Elena
1 Sir John Conyers of Sockburne b about 1165
A Sir Humphrey Conyers b about 1190 d after 1221, 3rd son
i Sir John Conyers b about 1222 d 1299
m Scolastica de Cotham named by 'Tudor'
a John Conyers b about 1255
m1 Elsabeth
1 Elizabeth Conyers b about 1380
m Sir Robert Colvyle
m2 Crystyan
2 Petronell Conyers b about 1385
m sp Robert Herle
b Sir Roger Conyers of Sockburne b about 1260 d 1323
1 Galfrid Conyers of Sockburne b about 1310 dsp
2 Sir John Conyers of Sockburne b about 1312 d 1395
m Elizabeth de Aton dau of William, Lord Aton
A Robert Conyers of Sockburne b about 1340 d 22.04.1437
m Isabel Pert dau of William Pert by Jone
There may be a generation missing aound here. BP1934 mentions only a 4th son, Sir John who obtained Hornby through his wife, Margaret, dau of Anthony St. Quinton sic of Hornby. We follow Visitation and 'Tudor' in showing that John's ancestry differently, as above. Visitation identifies a son, the following Christopher. The other children are as reported by 'Tudor'.
i Sir Christopher Conyers of Sockburne b about 1380
m Mary Eure d 16.03.1470, dau of Sir William Eure of Witton Castle
ii Joan Conyers b c1402
BLG1952 Dymoke suggests that Joan was daughter of Sir Christopher but we agree with 'Tudor' in thinking that the dates make it look more likely that she was his sister.
m 18.04.1431 Sir Phillip Dymoke b 1400, d 1454
iii Isabella Conyersprobably the Isabel who married ...
m Thomas Clervaux
iv+ other issue - Elizabeth, Katherine, Margaret, Cicely, Beatrix
B Jane Conyers possibly of this generation
m Robert Ayscough
C+ other issue dsp - John, Galfrid
2 Elizabeth Conyers
m William de Surdevale

Sources: BP1934 Conyers, 'Tudor', Visitation Yorkshire, 1563-4, Conyers of Sockburne I, Visitation Foster 1875, Yorkshire, 1584/5+1612, Conyers of Sockburne, &c.
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