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Comyn 1: Comyn of Badenoch, Comyn of Buchan, Comyn of Kilbride, Cummin of Snitterfield

Pr6-4-1 Martha Meriwether Prather, married Dr. Warwick Miller, a son of Judge Isaac Miller, of Pa
Cu28 =29 =31. Robert de Comyn, Earl of Northumberland d Durham 28.01.1069-70
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Robert came to England with William the Conqueror. It is understood that he/his family originally came from Comines in Flanders. He was slain whilst attempting to take possession of Northumberland.
Cu27 =28 =30 John de Comyn d after 1135
m x?? Giffard dau/coheir of Adam Giffard of Fonthill
Cu26 =27 =29 William de Comyn d before 1140TSP Badenoch reports that he held one-third of Fonthill, Wiltshire
m Maud Basset dau of Thurston Banaster/Basset, m2. William de Hastings
Cu26-1 William de Comyn d 1142
Cu26 =28 Richard de Comyn, Justiciar d c1179
m c 1145 Hextilda of Tynedale b 1120 Monifieth Angus d 1182 dau of-> +1 Uchtred of Tynedale
m Bethone Bane b 1090 Kingston upon Hull d 1160 Banchory Aberdeenshire
+2 Donald Bane b 1035 d 1094
+3 Duncan I of Scotland
Cu25 =27 William de Comyn, 1st Earl of Buchan, Justiciar of Scotland d 1233, 2nd son obtained his earldom through his second marriage so that title passed to his eldest son by that marriage; TSP reports that "The name of his first wife has not been ascertained" but adds in a note that she may have been a daughter of Robert Fitzhugh. TCP Buchan reports that William had 3 sons by his unnamed 1st wife: Richard whose son John became Earl of Angus through his wife, Walter who became Earl of Menteith through his wife and Sir John of Badenoch, grandfather of Sir John 'the Red' who d 1305. We follow TSP which disagrees with TCP in showing John of Badenoch as son rather than brother of Richard but does not show how John, Earl of Angus, fits into this family.
m1?? Sarah?? dau of->
+1 Robert FitzHugh
Cu26-1 John Comyn, 'Earl of Angus' dsp 1242possibly fits here
m Matilda, Countess of Angus b c1222, d 1261, dau of Malcolm, 6th Earl of Angus
Cu26 Richard Comyn d before 07.1249
Cu25 Sir John 'the Red' Comyn, Lord of Badenoch, Justiciar of Galloway d after 1273 TSP reports that "The surname of his wife is not known, but her Christian names was Alicia ... She survived him, and married again another Comyn, with issue." TCP Ros of Helmsley identifes Alicia as ...
m Alicia de Ros dau of Sir William de Ros of Helmsley
Cu24-1 William Comyn of Kirkintilloch dsp 03.08.1291
m Isabella Russell of Menteith dau of Sir John Russell
Cu24-2 Sir John 'the Black' Comyn, Lord of Badenoch d c1303
m before 1283 Alianora or Mary de Baliol b c 1246, dau of John de Baliol of Barnard Castle
a Sir John 'the Red' Comyn, Lord of Badenoch b. about 1279, Badenoch, mur 10.02.1305-6 bur., Church of Grey Friars, Dumfries, Scotland
Sir John's mother's mother's mother was Margaret of Huntingdon. Through this connection he had a strong claim to the Scots throne given that that Margaret was elder sister of the Isobel of Huntingdon through whom Robert the Bruce had his claim. He was murdered by that Robert Bruce, after which the latter had himself crowned.
m Johanna de Valence dau of William de Valence, Earl of Pembroke
1 John Comyn, Lord of Badenoch d Bannockburn 1314
m Margaret Wake dau of John Wake, 1st Lord
A Aymer/Adomar Comyn d young
2 Joan Comyn b c1295, d before 24.07.1326
m David of Strathbogie, Earl of Atholl d 28.12.1326
3 Elizabeth Comyn b 1299, a 1326
m Sir Richard Talbot, 2nd Baron d 1356
Cu24-3 John 2nd Comyn
Cu24-4 daughter
m Richard Siward
Cu24-5 daughter
mGodfrey/Geoffrey Moubray of Barnbougle
Cu24-6 daughter Some web sites show this daughter's mother as Marian of Galloway.
m Sir Alexander MacDougall, 4th of Dunollie and of Lorn a 1296
Cu24-7 daughter
m Sir Andrew de Moravia of Bothwell d 1289
Cu24-8 daughter
m Sir William Galbrathe
Not mentioned by TSP but reported in various sources, including Douglas's 'Baronage of Scotland' in its article on the Cumings of Altyre, was another marriage, or more likely given that his wife Alice survived him - unless Marian was Sir John's first wife, liaison of Sir John 'the Red Comyn', being with ...
m/p. Marian of Galloway possibly dau of Alan, lord of Galloway
Cu24 Robert Cumine a 1305
m x Cumine dau of _ Cumine of Lochaber
Cu24-2-2+ other issue - William a 1258, Richard a 06.1264
Cu24-3 Walter Comyn, Lord of Badenoch, 'Earl of Menteith' b 1178 dsp 12.1258
m c 1230 Isabella, Countess of Menteith b 1217 d 1672 dau of->
she m2 Sir John Russell
+1 Maurice/Muireadhach, the younger, 3rd Earl of Menteith
m Mary
+2 Maurice "The Elder" de Menteith, 2nd Earl of Menteith b 1170
-a Eva de Menteith, Countess of Menteith b c April 1168 Menteith, Perthshire, d Faslane Castle, Dunbartonshire m Alwyn de Levenax II b c 1165 Dunbartonshire, d 1217 in Dunbartonshire
+3 Gilchrist de Menteith 1st Earl of Menteith b c 1135 +4 Murdoch de Menteith b c 1100
Cu24-4 Jean Comyn
m William, 2nd Earl of Ross d 05.1274
Cu24-5 daughter reported by 'The Cheyne family in Scotland'
m Sir Reginald le Chen of Inverugie d by 1293
m2 by 1214 Marjory/Margeret, Countess of Buchan dau of-> +1 Fergus, Earl of Buchan
Cu24 Alexander Comyn, 2nd Earl of Buchan, Constable of Scotland d 1289
m Elizabeth de Quincy dau o->f
+1 Roger de Quincy, 2nd Earl of Winchester
m1 Helen of Galloway d after 21.11.1245, dau of Alan, lord of Galloway
Cu23-1 John Comyn, 3rd Earl of Buchan, Constable of Scotland b c1259, dspm before 03.12.1308
m Isabel of Fife dau of>
+1 Duncan, 9th Earl of Fife
m Johanna de Clare a 1322, dau of->
+2 Gilbert de Clare, Earl of Gloucester
Cu23-1-1 Isabel Comyn reported by 'The Cheyne family in Scotland'
m Francis le Chen of Straloch
Cu23 Sir Alexander Comyn b c 1270 d before 03.12.1308, 3rd son
m Johanna Latimer
Cu22 Alicia Comyn, Countess of Buchan
m before 14.07.1310 Henry de Beaumont, 1st Lord, 'Earl of Buchan' d c03.1340
Be21 John Beaumont, 2nd Lord b 1317/8, d May 1342
m before Jun 1337 Eleanor Plantagenet b 1311/c 1316, d 11.01.1372, dau of
+1 Henry Plantagenet, 3rd Earl of Lancaster, Earl of Leicester
Be20 Henry Beaumont, 3rd Lord b 1339/40, d 25.07.1369
m by 1370 Margaret de Vere d 15 Jun 1398, dau of John de Vere, 7th Earl of Oxford
Be19 John Beaumont, 4th Lord b 1360/1, d 09 Sep 1396
m Catherine Everingham d 1426, dau of Thomas de Everingham of Laxton
Be18 Henry Beaumont, 5th Lord b 1379/80, d Jun 1413
m before 07.1405 Elizabeth Willoughby b before 12 Nov 1428 d before 12.11.1428, dau of William Willoughby, 5th Lord of Eresby b about 1372 d 6 Dec 1409
Be17 John Beaumont, 1st Viscount, Constable and Chamberlain d Northampton 10.07.1460
m1 Elizabeth Phelip dau of->
+1 Sir William Phelip, Lord Bardolph b 1383, d 06.06.1441, Chamberlain to Henry VI, styled Lord Bardolf from 1437, was lord in 1428.'
m before 1407 Joan Bardolf b 11.11.1390, d 12.03.1446/7, dau of->
+2 Sir William Phelip of Dennington, Suffolk b 1342 or before, d c 1403
m aft 1371 Julian/Gillian Erpingham dau of->
+2 Thomas, Lord Bardolf,
m Anice
+3 Sir Robert Erpingham of Erpingham
Be16--1 Henry Beaumont dvp after 10 Aug 1441
Be16-2 William Beaumont, 2nd Viscount dsp 19 Dec 1507
m1. m before 04 May 1461, div before 1477 Joan Stafford dau of Humphrey Stafford, 1st Duke of Buckingham
m2 24 Apr 1486 Elizabeth Scrope d 26 Jun 1537, dau of Richard Scrope of Bolton family
Be16 Joan Beaumont d 05.08.1466
m1. John Lovel, Lord of Titchmarsh d 09 Jan 1464-5 Ancestors of the extant Barons Beaumont.
m2 after 11.11.1465 Sir William Stanley he m2 Elizabeth Hopton + 5 ch
St15-1 William Stanley (son & heir)
St15 St14 Jane Stanley m Sir John Warburton Wa15
and by Elizabeth Hopton
Wa14-1 John Warburton b ABT 1490 Arley, Cheshire,
Wa14-2 Dowce (Douce) Warburton, b about 1492 Arley, Cheshire
Wa14-3 Ellen Warburton b about 1494 Arley, Cheshire
Wa14-4 Elizabeth Warburton b about 1498 Of Arley, Cheshire
Wa14 Blanch Warburton b 1500 m William Davenport Da14
Da13-1 William Davenport b 1521 Bramhall, Cheshire,d 13 SEP 1576 Bramhall, Cheshire, England
Da13-2 John Davenport b c 1523 Bramhall, Cheshire d FEB 1608;
Da13 Jane Davenport b c 1524
m Robert Hyde (Hy13)
Hy12 Robert Hyde b about 1550 d 1614
m c 1568 Beatrice Calverly, b c 1575 Calverley, Yorkshire d 1624
+1 Sir William Calverley of Yorkshire
m2 Elizabeth Sneyd dau of
+2 Sir William or Walter Calverley of Calverley b about 1475
>m1 1500 Isabel Drax dau of
+2 Richard Sneyd b about 1520
+3 Sir William Calverley of Calverley b c 1440 d a 1521
m Alice Savile dau of Sir John Savile of Thornhill
+4 William Calverley of Calverley b about 1415
m c 1442 Agnes Tempest dau of Sir John Tempest of Bracewell
Hy11-1 Hamon Hyde b 1563 Stockport, Cheshire d MAY 1643
Hy11-2 Jane Hyde b ABT 1565 Stockport, Cheshire
Hy11-3 Urian Hyde b ABT 1567 Stockport, Cheshire
Hy11-4 Ann Hyde b c 1569 Stockport, Cheshire
Hy11-5 Margaret Hyde b 1571/1572 Stockport, Cheshire d 24 MAR 1625 Farnsworth, Lancashire
Hy11-6 Beatrice Hyde b ABT 1573 Stockport, Cheshire d JUL 1628
Hy11-7 Robert Hyde b 1575 Stockport, Cheshire d 10 SEP 1615
Hy11-8 Thomas Hyde b ABT 1577 Stockport, Cheshire, England
Hy11-9 John Hyde b 1580 Stockport, Cheshire d 1605
Hy11-10 William Hyde b c 1583 Stockport, Cheshire d 1681 Norwich, New London, CT,
Hy11-11 Elizabeth Hyde b 1584 Stockport, Cheshire
Hy11 Mary Hyde b c 1590 m c 1608 John Nuttle Nu11 of Cattonhall in 1608 in Norbury, Cheshire
Nu10 Nu10 John Nuthall
m Elizabeth Bacon
Nu9 Eleanor Nuthall b c 1645 d btw 2 Jul 1696 - Mar 1700/1
m Thomas Sprigg
Sp8-1 Eleanor Sprigg (1668-1728, married Thomas Hilleary and John Nuthall);
Sp8-2 Thomas Sprigg (1670-1726, m Margaret Mariarte
Sp8-3 Mary Sprigg (1671-1694, married Thomas Stockett);
Sp8-4 John Sprigg (c1671-c1700, );
Sp8-5 Elias Sprigg (c1673-before 1704);
Sp8-6 Anne Sprigg (c1676-1721, married Philip Gittings);
Sp8-7 Oliver Sprigg (c1677- )
Sp8 Martha Sprigg m Thomas Prather
Pr7-1 PHILLIP PHILOMIN GITTENS PRATHER b 1698, Prince George's Co MD; d. 1767, Orange Co SC reported by m Margery Hunt b about 1718 and had Philip John Prater b 1750 d 17 Sep 1798 m Susannah Hubbard b about 1760 d 9 Sep 1848 in son Jeremiah's house Pickens district SC
Pr7-2 ELEANOR PRATHER b c 1700, Prince George's County, MD; m c 1716 THOMAS WILLIAMS
Pr7 Thomas McKay Sprigg Prather, b. 1704, Prince George's Co., MD d. July 24, 1785, Washington Co., MD; m1 ELIZABETH CLEGGETT June 10, 1725, Prince George's Co., MD m2 SARAH BEALL Bef. October 31, 1754 m3 JEANNETTE SMILEY Sm7, Bef. December 02, 1770, Maryland + 1/2 ch.
Pr6-1 Thomas Claggett Prather b 9 May 1726 Frederick Md k 11 Oct 1758 Loyalhanna Westmoreland PA Battle of Lovathanna - French & Indian War m 9 May 1750 Md Margaret Prather b 14 Sep 1730 d 30 Jul 1820 Franklin Co Ky dau of Philip Philamond Prather
Pr6-2 Richard Prather (reported by b 1 Aug 1727 Queen Annes Parish, Prince Georges Co Md d 26 Nov. 1789 Clear Springs, Wasington Co. Md m1 30 Aug 1782 Lucy Jacques b Feb 1729 d 5/03/1775 Washington MD + 7 ch m2 Lydia Covenhaver b Berkeley Co VA
Pr6-3 Mary (Polly) Prather b 6 Jan 1730 m Aaron Moore, d 1791 P: Springhill Twp, Fayette County
Pr6-3-1 Eliza Prather, m James Guthrie, the distinguished citizen, the founder of the L. & N. James and Eliza Guthrie
Pr6-3-1-2 Mary Guthrie m1 Richard Coke, of Logan county, grandparents of Dr. Richard Coke, of Louisville m2 John Caperton,

Pr6-3-1-1 Ann Augusta Guthrie m Dr. William Caldwell,

Pr6-3-1-1-1 James Guthrie Caldwell, m Nannie Standiford
Pr6-3-1-1-2 Junius Caldwell, m Ella Payne, of Georgetown
Pr6-3-1-1-3 Ann Eliza Caldwell, m Ernest Norton
Pr6-3-1-2-2 John H. Caperton, m Virginia Standiford,

Pr6-3-1-1-3-4 Caldwell Norton.
Pr6-3-1-2-2-1 Hugh John Caperton, m Dorothy Bonnie
Pr6-4 Jonathan Prather b 1728 in Prince George Co., MD d 1772 in Bedford Co VA m1 c 1748 in Frederick Co MD Elizabeth Cresap dau of Thomas Cresap and Hannah Johnson (wife also identified as Elizabeth Collier m2? Catherine Reece b about 1725 Bedford Co Va
m3 Jeanette Smiley
Pr6 Thomas Smiley Prather III b 1770 Frederick Co Md d 3 Feeb 1823 Louisville Ky. Pr5-1 James Smiley Prather b 15 Mar 1801 d 14 Feb 1860 in Louisville m1 Elizabeth Carey dau of Robert Carey and Ann m2 Louisa Winifred Martin 16 MAR 1804 d 4 SEP 1890 Louisville
Pr5-2 William Prather b 8/9 FEB 1804 in Louisville d 27 Aug 1876 in Louisville bur Cave Hill Cem m 1 DEC 1835 Penelope E. Pope b ABT 1815 in Louisville Ky dau of Alexander Pope Po7 b ABT 1772 in Va and Martha Minor Fontaine b 14 MAR 1785 in Va d 18 Mar 1848 Louisville bur Cave Hill Cem
Pr5-3 Mary Jane Prather 11 Aug 1809 d 7 Oct 1883 in Louisville m1 Dr. Charles M. Way b 25 Dec 1800 d 8 Apr 1873 in Louisville, m2 Worden Pope Churchill b 16 JUN 1804 in Louisville Ky d 3 JUL 1830 in Louisville son of Goldsborough Robinson b 8 FEB 1819 and Frances Ann Lee b 30 JUN 1816 in Va
Pr5 Pr5 Matilda Prather b 1811 1847 m 1829, Louisville Ky Judge Samuel Smith Nicholas
Pr5-5 Maria Julia Prather b 16 May 1814 in Louisville d 13 Feb 1840 in Louisville bur Cave Hill m 10 Oct 1832 Henry Clay Jr. b 1811 d 22 Feb 1847 in Battle of Buena Vista, Mexico
Pr5-6 Catherine Cornelia Prather b 28 Sep 1816 d 28 Sep 1844 in Louisville bur Cave Hill m on 2 Mar 1841 Edward P. Humphrey in Louisville b 28 Jan 1809 d 9 Dec 1887 in Louisville he m2 Martha Ann Pope

Ni4-1 Mary Jane Nicholas [1830-? ) married y Graves
Ni4 George Nicholas (1831-1896) m1 Emma Hawes, m2 Mary Anna Pope
Ni4-3 Thomas Prather Nicholas , (1833-1870)
Ni4-4 Matilda Nicholas (1835-1921) married Hon P Barrett of Mo.
Ni4-5 Hetty Nicholas (1837-1838)
Ni4-6 Julia Nicholas (1839-1907) m Maj. James Johnson/Johnston, C.S.A.
Ni4-7 Margharetta Nicholas (1842-1905) m Thomas
Ni4-8 Samuel Smith Nicholas Jr (1844- ?) m Nannie Carter, dau of Capt. Frank Carter + 2 dau

Ni3-1 Emma Juliet Nicholas (1854 1896) married John Churchill, had child, John Churchill Jr., who married first Lucy Jones, second Ardath and died 8 Dec. 1944. Ardeth Churchill married second Paul Hays and was living in 1948 with name Ardeth Hays).
Chi1dren by second marriage:
Ni3-2 Samuel Smith Nicholas (16 March 1862- 14 April 1864)
Ni3-3 Mary Emeline Nicholas (7 Sept 1863 - 8 Sept.1863)
Ni3-4 Worden Pope Nicholas (20 Nov. 1864- 6 June 1942) married 7 Oct. 1891 Lulu Allen Cherry
Ni3-5 George Nicholas (10 Nov. 1866- 21 March 1926) married 15 July 1896 Evelyn Belle Thompson in Shelbyville, Ky., who compiled the extensive genealogical notes on which this part of the genealogy is based. They had 3 sons and a daughter.
Ni3-6 Sarah Lawrence Nicholas (16 June 1868- 13 June 1935 in Camrose Alta, Canada, bur. in Edna Texas)
Ni3-7 Patrick Pope Nicholas (17 Dec. 1869- June 1941) married 30 Sept. 1897 Mary Willis Middleton
Ni3-8 Thomas Prather Nicholas (4 March 1872- 30 Sept. 1942) m 29 Dec. 1897 Deborah Shannon
Ni3-9 Lawrence Nicholas (19 March 1874-June 1942 Edna Texas)
Ni3-10 Cary Nicholas (28 April 1876- 2 Dec. 1897)
Ni3 Matilda Prather Nicholas b 15 May 1878 d June 1954 Shelbyville m Dr. Thomas Eugene Bland on 20 June 1906 b July 13, 1864 n Bagdad Shelby Co Ky d Nov 1943
Ni3-12 Mary Anna Nicholas (11 Feb. 1880 - 30 Dec. 1915)
Ni3-13 Samuel Smith Nicholas (1 July 1881- 29 May 1927 in Edna, Texas)
Sources: Copy of Nicholas Family Bible from The Filson Club, approved by the College of Arms in London
Ni4-6-1 Mary Johnston living in Louisville in 1920 corner of 4th and Braodway

Bl2 Anna Pope Bland b June 26, 1908, in Shelbyville, Ky m July 7, 1934,Dr. Eustace Granger Hester
He1-1. Thomas Eugene Hester, b Oct. 23, 1937 d 2011
He1-2. Dr. William Griffth Hester
He1-3. George Nicholas Hester m Gail Hoyer
He1-4. Jane Ann Hester m1 yLatty m2 Kenneth Thomas
Bl2-2 Levicy Jane Bland, b Aug 28, 1910, d Feb 1985 unm
Pr6-5 Margaret Prather b 14 Oct 1728 d 1728 Pr Geo Co
Pr6-6 Capt. Basil Prather, b 1740 d 1803 in Maryland, served Revolutionary war, de- clining any pay for his services, and later came to Louisville, described as "exceedingly handsome, six feet three inches tall and of cordial and engaging manners." a commissioner of Louisville in 1790, and owned farm land near Louisville and in other parts of the State, bequeathed to his heirs on which they settled m2 Fanny Meriwether
Pr6-7 Eleanor Prather b 15 MAR 1733/34 in Prince George's Co m 1760 Williamsport Washington Co MD Jacob Friend b 18 SEP 1738 Williamsport Washington/Cecil Co Md son of Charles Friend b 1693 Frederick MDand Cathey Hogg/?Haug
Pr6-8 Martha Sprigg Prather b d 15 Mar 1733 Queen Anne Pr Geo Co
Pr6-9 Pr6-7 Charles Prather
Pr6-10 Henry Abram Prather b 14 Sep 1732 Pr Geo Co d 29 Aug 1775 Cumberland PA m 1754 in PA Elizabeth Hicks
Pr6-11 Benjamin Prather b 1736 MD
Pr6-12 James Prather b 27 Jan 1737 Queens Parish Pr Geo Co d 10 Feb 1816 Allegany Md
Pr6-13 Sarah Prather b 2 Feb 1738 Queen Anne Parish d 1785
Pr6-14 Ann Joanna Prather b 1 Jan 1739/40 d 1818 Fayette Co PA m y Phillips
Pr6-15 Elizabeth Prather b 10 JAN 1742/43 in All Saints Parish, Frederick, Prince George's Co
Pr6-16 William Prather b 1768 ?Washington Co MD
Pr7-4 JOHN SMITH PRATHER, b. Aft. 1776, Prince George's Co., MD d. 1763, Bladensburg, Prince George's County, MD m. ELIZABETH NUTHALL 17 Feb 1724/5, Prince Edward Co MD.
Pr7-5 RACHEL PRATHER b Oct 1706, Prince George's Co MD d 1763 m1 WILLIAM POTTINGER< 1724, Maryland; m2) JOSEPH MILBURN SEMMES, 1731.
Pr7-6 AARON PRATHER b. October 10, 1710, Prince George's County, MD; d. Bef. March 07, 1777, Rockville, Montgomery Co., MD; m. MARY JANE Prather, October 10, 1736, All Hallow's Parish, Anne Arundel Co, Maryland, and had issue
Sp8-9 Ellen Sprigg (c1678- );
Sp8-10 Elizabeth Sprigg (1679-November 1704), married Robert Wade
Nu9-2 John Nuthall b c 1647 m Eleanor Sprigg Sp7-6 -1 Eleanor Nuthall b c 1699 Pr Georges Co MD m John Pratt b c 1690 Calvert Co d 1754
-2 Mary Nuthall b c 1715 m Richard Duckett Jr b c 1712
-1-1 Thomas Pratt b 8 MAR 1729 Prince Georges Co m Eleanor Magruder b c 1735 dau of Robert Magruder b 11 OCT 1711 Prince Georges Co d 1736 and Sarah Crabb b 20 Oct 1717 -1-1-1 John Wilkes Pratt b c 1785 Georgetown m Rachel Belt b c 1762 Pr Geo Co dau of Tobias Belt and Mary Gordan -1-1-1-1 Thomas George Pratt b 18 FEB 1804 Georgetown DC d 9 NOV 1869 m Adeline Maccubbin Kent
Hy11-13 Alice Hyde b c 1588 Stockport, Cheshire
Hy11-14 Katherine Hyde b 1590 Stockport, Cheshire d 2 FEB 1656
Hy12-2 Hamnet Hyde b c 1545 Norbury, Cheshire
Hy12-3 William Hyde b c 1547 Norbury, Cheshire
Hy12-4 Dorothy Hyde b c 1548 Norbury, Cheshire d c 1593
Hy12-5 Edward Hyde b c 1549 Norbury, Cheshire
Hy12-6 Thomas Hyde b c 1551 Norbury, Cheshire d aft 1625
Hy12-7 Richard Hyde b c 1553 Norbury, Cheshire d aft 1560
Hy12-8 Randall Hyde b c 1555 Norbury, Cheshire d aft 1625
Hy12-9 Ellen Hyde b c 1559/61 Norbury, Cheshire
Hy12-10 Anne Hyde b c 1561 Norbury, Cheshire
Hy12-11 Thomas Hyde b c 1563 Norbury, Cheshire
Da13-4 Humphrey Davenport b c 1525 Bramhall, Cheshire d DEC 1588
Da13-5 Ellen Davenport b c 1529 Bramhall, Cheshire d aft 1566
Da13-6 Margery Davenport b c 1531 Bramhall, Cheshire d aft 1566
Da13-7 Katherine Davenport b c 1533 Bramhall, Cheshire d aft 1577
Wa14-6 Jean Warburton b c 1500 Arley, Cheshire
Wa14-7 William Warburton b c 1502 Arley, Cheshire
Wa14-8 Peter/Piers Warburton b Oct. 1504/1514 Warburton & Arley Bothir Cheshire d 5 June 1550 Arley, Cheshire, England
Cu22-2 Margaret Comyn, Countess of Buchan
m1 Sir John Ross dsp
m2 Sir William Lindsay
Cu23-3 Marjorie Comyn
m Sir Patrick 'black beard', 8th Earl of Dunbar, 1st Earl of March b c1242, d 10.10.1308
Cu23-4 Agnes/Marjory/Egidia/Emma Comyn m Malise, 6th Earl of Strathearn b c1257, d 1312-3
Cu23-5 Elizabeth Comyn d 1328/9
m Gilbert de Umfraville, Earl of Angus b c1244, d 1307
Cu23-6 Elena? Comyn
m Sir William of Brechin d by 1292
Cu23-7 daughter
Cu23-8+ other issue - Roger, William
Cu24-7 Idonea Comyn
m Gilbert de Haya of Erroll, Sheriff of Perth a 1237, 1262
Cu24-8 Elizabeth Comyn d 1267
m William, 5th Earl of Mar d 1281, Chamberlain
Cu24-9 Agnes Comyn
m Sir Philip de Melgdrum a 1262
Cu24-10+ other issue - Sir William, Fergus a 1270
Not known by which marriage was ...
Cu24-12 Margaret Comyn
m Sir John de Keith d before 1270
Cu25-2 David de Comyn of Kilbride d before 07.08.1247, 5th son had issue
m Isabella de Valloniis dau of Roger de Valloniis of Easter Kilbride The following was kindly brought to our attention by a site visitor JB, 13.04.06.
Cu25-2-1 William Comyn of Kilbride
m Eufemia de Clavering d 1288, dau of Roger FitzJohn de Clavering
Cu25-2-1-1+ ? issue - John, Edmund
Cu25-3+ other issue - John bur before 1159, Odo, Simon
Cu26-3 Walter de Comynmentioned in TSP Badenoch
VCH Warwickshire, vol 3, Snitterfield reports that nephew of a William Cumin who obtained Snitterfield in Warwickshire was a Walter a 1174. Noting the connection with the Giffards of Fonthill above & below, we think it likely that that Walter was of this family.
Cu27 =26 ?? de Comyn of Cumin
Cu25 Walter de Comyn of Snitterfield a 1174probably of this generation, succeeded by ...
Cu24 William de Comyn of Snitterfield d 1216
m Margery she m2. William de Hastings
Cu23 William Comyn or Cummin of Snitterfield d 1223-4 VCH Warwickshire, vol 5, Avon Dassdett reports that William's widow Eve sued for her part of her dower. This indicates that Eve was one of the heirs of Andrew Giffard of Fonthill which is supported by VCH Warwickshire, vol 5, Halford which reports that William was "one of the Giffard coheirs" by right of his wife.
m Eve possibly sister of Andrew Giffard of Fonthill, she m2. John de Mara
Cu22 Margery or Margaret Cummin
m John de Cantilupe of Snitterfield
Ca21 John de Cantilupe b c 1270 d c 1324
m Margaret Mohun Mo21 dau of John de Mohun, 6th of Dunster
Ca20-1 John Cantilupe dvpsp
Ca20 Eleanor Cantilupe
m Sir Thomas West d 01.11.1343/4
We19 Sir Thomas West b c 1312, Hempstead, Devonshire m Alice FITZHERBERT dau. of Reynold FitzHerbert of Midsomer Norton Somerset We18 Thomas WEST (1º B. West of Oakhanger)
We18-2 Eleanor WEST m c 1352 Sir Nicholas de CLIFTON, Snitterfield, Warwick
We17-1 Thomas WEST 6º B. De La Warr b 1391 d 30 Sep 1415 served in the Agincourt campaign m Ida De St. AMAND< dau. of Almaric de St. Amand
We17-2 John WEST
We17 Reginald WEST 2nd Baron West of Oakhanger / 7th Baron de la Warr b 7 Sep 1395 d 27 Aug 1450/1 m1 Margaret THORLEY d by 24 Nov 1433 + 5 ch dau. of Robert Thorley and Anne de la Pole m2BEF 19 Nov 1443 Elizabeth GREYNDOUR + 4 ch dau. of Robert Greyndour and Joan Rugge
We16-1. Richard WEST (3º B. West of Oakhanger / 8º B. De La Warr)
We16 Margaret West m Thomas Eychingham Ec16
We16-3. William WEST
We16-4. Anne WEST
We16-5. John WEST of Waith
We16-6. Mary (Anne) WEST
We16-7. Elizabeth WEST
We16-8. Mary WEST b c 1447
We16-9. Catherine WEST b c 1449
Ec15 Margaret Eychingham, m 1463 Sir William Blount Bl15
Ec15-2 Elizabeth Eychingham, b. 1455 in Rock, Worcestershire, m 1st Roger Fiennes
Bl14 Elizabeth Blount
Ec15-2-1 Anne Fiennes m John Windsor (Wi14-5), m 2nd Sir Goddard Oxenbridge, Sussex, and had Thomas Oxenbridge (Ec15-2-2
Cu28-2. William de Comyn Chancellor to King David I

Sources: TSP Badenoch, TSP Buchan, BE1883 Cumyn of Buchan.
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