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Eyton 2: Eyton of Eyton near Wrexham, Eyton of Dudleston
There appear to be several different villages & towns called Eyton near the border between England & Wales. Some of these appear to have produced families who took the name Eyton but appear to be unrelated to each other. It is thought that the family covered below was based in the Eyton which is near Wrexham.
Elydor ap Rees Says
m Adda dau of Idnerth Benvras aka Ednerth Bonfras
1. Melidor
A. Kadwgan
m Myuanway dau of Edmund Edneved or Ednvett ap Lowarch ap Branne
i. Gruffith
m _ Fitzwarring dau of Fulke Fitzwarring of Whittington
a. Llewellyn
m Ankaretta dau of Maredudd ap Madoc ap Gruffith Maylor
1 Madoc of Eyton
m Ankareta dau of David ap Grono ap Jer. ap Howell ap Mordigg ap Sandiff
Ey21 Jeuan of Eyton
m Annesta Puleston dau of Roger Puleston
Ey20 Madoc of Eyton
m Margaret dau of Ednevet Gam ap Jerworth Voell ap Sir Trevor
Ey19-1 Jacob Eyton of Eyton
m Gwenllian dau of Jenwrick ap Rotye or Rotpert
1 John Eyton of Eyton a 1477
m Gwenhiuer dau of Elynion son by a dau of Madoc ap Elizaw/Elidir ap Ivan ap Owen Brogintinn or Breigentin of Ithel ap Gwrgen Vychan ap Gwrgen ap Madoc of Pentlyn
A William Eyton - continued below
m Lowra dau of Tudor Vychan ap Gwill'm ap Gruff. de Penlynne
B Matilda Eyton
m Gruffith ap Rees ap Jem ap Llwellyn
C Margaret Eyton
m Howell ap Rees ap David ap Howell
Ey19 Gwenllian probably of this generation
m Howel of Pant y Bersli
William Eyton - continued above
m Lowra dau of Tudor Vychan ap Gwill'm ap Gruff. de Penlynne
1. Owen Audoenus Eyton of Eyton
m Mary Downinge dau of Robert Downinge of Beaumaris
A. Hugo Eyton of Eyton
m Jane Roydon dau of John Roydon
i. Jacob Eyton of Eyton
m Elizabeth Brereton dau of Edward Brereton of Bursham / Borsham / Burras
a. Kendrick Eyton of Eyton
m Elizabeth Brooke dau of Richard Brooke of Norton
1 Sir Gerrard Eyton of Eyton a 1623?
2. John Eyton
m Elizabeth dau of Owen ap Gruff. ap Owen ap Howell ap Madoc D'du of Pentre Madock
A. Jacob Eyton of Dudleston
m Margaret Bard dau of Philip Bard or Burd, son of David Bard ap Euan ap David ap Ll'n ap Jer. ap David ap Ll'n ap Kendrick ap Ruallon
i. William Eyton of Dudleston
m Dorothy Eyton dau of Jacob Eyton of Eyton
a. Jacob Eyton of Dudleston a 1623
m Mary Bulkeley dau of Richard or Nicholas Bulkeley of Beaumaris
1 Sir Robert Eyton of Dudleston amd Pentre Madock
m Joyce Lloyd dau of Francis Lloyd of Hardwick
A+ issue a 1623? - Robert, James, Kenricke, John, Griselda, Penelope, Arbella, Mary
2 Katherine Eyton probably of this generation
m Edward Kynaston

Sources: Visitation Shropshire, 1623, Eyton of Eyton and Dudleston near Ellermere
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