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Osborne 1: Osborne of Kiveton, Osborne of Leeds, Osborne Godolphin of Farnham Royal, Osborne02 and Osborne03
Os17. Richard Osborne
m Elizabeth Fyldene
Os16. Richard Osborne of Ashford, Kent
m Jane Broughton dau of John Broughton of Broughton
Os15. Sir Edward Osborne, Lord Mayor of London d 1591
m Anna Hewett dau of Sir William Hewett, Lord Mayor of London
Os14-1 Sir Hewett Osborne of Kiveton bpt 13.03.1566-7, d 09.1599
m Joice Fleetwood dau of Thomas Fleetwood of The Vache
Os14-1-1 Sir Edward Osborne, 1st Bart of Kiveton bpt 12.12.1596, d 09.09.1647
m1 13.10.1618 Margaret Belasyse d 07.11.1624, dau of Thomas Belasyse, 1st Viscount Fauconberg
1 Edward Osborne dvpsp 31.10.1638
m2 Anne Walmesley bur 20.08.1666, dau of Thomas Walmesley of Dunkenhalgh
2 Sir Thomas Osborne, 1st Duke of Leeds b 20.02.1631/2, d 26.07.1712
m 1651/3 Bridget Bertie bpt 06.06.1629, d 07.01.1703/4, dau of Montagu Bertie, 2nd Earl of Lindsey
A Edward Osborne, 'Viscount Latimer' b 1655, dvp 01.1688-9
m before 03.1676 Elizabeth Bennet bpt 27.03.1659, d 01.05.1680, dau of Simon Bennet of Beechampton
i+ 2 sons d infant
B Peregrine Osborne, Viscount Dunblane, 2nd Duke of Leeds b 1659, d 25.06.1729, Vice Admiral
m 25.04.1682 Bridget Hyde b 1662, d 08.03.1733, dau of Sir Thomas Hyde, 2nd Bart of Aldbury
i William Henry Osborne, 'Earl of Danby' b 31.07.1690, dvp unm 16.08.1711
ii Peregrine Hyde Osborne, 3rd Duke of Leeds b 11.11.1691, d 09.05.1731
m1 16.12.1712 Elizabeth Harley d 20.11.1713, dau of Robert Harley, 1st Earl of Oxford
a Thomas Osborne, 4th Duke of Leeds b 06.11.1713, d 23.03.1789
m 26.06.1740 Mary Godolphin d 03.08.1764, dau of Francis Godolphin, 2nd Earl of Godolphin
1 Thomas Osborne, 'Marquess of Carmarthen' b 05.10.1747, dvpsp 15.08.1761
2 Francis Godolphin Osborne, 5th Duke of Leeds b 29.01.1751, d 31.01.1799
m1 29.11.1773, div 05.1779 Amelia D'Arcy, Baroness Conyers b 12.10.1754, d 26/7.01.1784, dau of Robert Darcy, 4th Earl of Holderness
A George William Frederick Osborne, 6th Duke of Leeds b 21.01.1775, d 10.07.1838
m 17.08.1797 Charlotte Townshend b 16.03.1776, d 30.07.1856, dau of George Townshend, 1st Marquess Townshend
i Francis Godolphin D'Arcy Osborne, 7th Duke of Leeds b 21.05.1798, dsp 04.05.1859
m 24.04.1828 Louisa Catherine Caton d 08.04.1874, dau of Richard Caton of Maryland
ii Conyers George Thomas William Osborne b 06.05.1812, d unm 16.02.1831
iii Charlotte Mary Anne Georgina Osborne d 17.01.1186
m 22.05.1826 Sackville Lane Fox d 18.08.1874
The barony of Conyers passed to their elder son along with a claim to the barony of Darcy de Knayth.
B Francis Godolphin Osborne, 1st Lord Godolphin of Farnham Royal b 18.10.1777, d 15.02.1850
m 31.03.1800 Elizabeth Charlotte Eden d 17.04.1847, dau of William Eden, 1st Lord Auckland
i George Godolphin Osborne, 2nd Lord Godolphin of Farnham Royal, 8th Duke of Leeds b 16.07.1802, d 08.08.1872 had issue
m 21.10.1824 Harriette Emma Arundel Stewart b c1800, d 28.10.1852, natural dau of Granville Leveson-Gower, 1st Earl Granville
ii William Godolphin Osborne of Tuylliallan Castle b 29.03.1804, dsp 28.12.1888
m1 1832 E. Smith
m2 07.06.1843 Caroline Montague dsp 10.11.1867, dau of Matthew, 4th Lord Rokeby
m3. 10.05.1870 Georgina Henrietta Elphinstone d 21.09.1892, dau of George Elphinstone, Viscount Keith
iii Sydney Godolphin Osborne b 05.02.1808, d 09.05.1889, rector of Durweston had issue
m 29.05.1834 Emily Charlotte Grenfell d 19.12.1875, dau of Pascoe Grenfell of Taplow House
iv D'Arcy Godolphin Osborne b 20.10.1814, dsp 12.05.1846
m 07.04.1845 Anne Katharine Douglas d 04.11.1851, dau of W. Douglas, prebendary of Westminster
v Charlotte Godolphin Osborne d 01.12.1838
m 29.08.1829 Sir Theodore Henry Lavington Broadhead, later Brinkman, 1st Bart b 17.01.1798, d 09.02.1880
C Mary Henrietta Juliana Osborne d 21.10.1862
m 16.07.1801 Thomas Pelham, 2nd Earl of Chichester b28.04.1756, d 04.07.1826
m2 11.10.1788 Catherine Anguish d 08.10.1837, dau of Thomas Anguish
D Sidney Godolphin Osborne b 16.12.1789, d 15.04.1861
E Catherine Anne Sarah Osborne d 23.12.1878
m 1819 John Whyte Melville of Bennochy and Strathkinness d 16.07.1883
m2 17.09.1719, sps Anne Seymour d 27.11.1722, dau of Charles Seymour, 6th Duke of Somerset
m3. 09.04.1725 Juliana Hele b c1705, d 20.11.1794, dau of Roger Hele of Holwell or Halewell
iii Bridget Osborne
m _ Williams Prebendary of Winchester
iv Mary Osborne dsp 04.02.1722
m1 14.09.1711 Henry Somerset, 2nd Duke of Beaufort b 02.04.1684, d 24.05.1714
m2 15.10.1715 John Cochrane, 4th Earl of Dundonald b 04.07.1687, d 05.06.1720
C Anne Osborne
m1 Robert Coke of Holkham d 16.01.1678-9
m2 Horatio Walpole dsp 17.10.1717, of family of Houghton
D Bridget Osborne d 09.05.1718
m1 12.09.1678 Charles FitzCharles, Earl of Plymouth b 1657, dsp 1680, natural son of King Charles II
m2 1705 Philip Bisse, Bishop of St. David's
E Catherine Osborne
m James Herbert of Kingsey grandson of Philip, 4th Earl of Pembroke
F Martha Osborne
m1 Edward Bayntum
m2 sp Charles Granville, 2nd Earl of Bath d 08/9.1701
G Sophia Osborne d 08.12.1746
m1 Donough O'Brien, Lord Ibrackan dsp
m2 05.03.1691/2 Sir William Fermor, 1st Lord Leominster b 03.08.1648, d 07.12.1711
Os14-1-2 Alice Osborne
m Christopher Wandesford of Kirklington d 03.12.1640
Os14-2 Edward Osborne BP1934 shows this Edward as "d. unm."but Visitation Bedfordshire, 1582+1634, Osborne of Northill shows that he being "of Norrell in com. Bedfford and of the Inner Temple a Bencher" had the following family.
m1 Alice Butler dau of William Butler of Bidenham
Os14-2-1 Ursula Osborne
m William Buckby or Buckley
Os14-2-2 Ann Osborne
m Ellis Yong
Os14-2-3+ other issue - Edward of Northill a 1634, William
m2 Frances Harvey dau of +1 James Harvey of Dagenham
Os14-2-5+ other issue d young - James, Elizabeth, Elizabeth
Os14-3 Anne Osborne b c 1565
m Robert Offley of London b 1561 d 1625 son of Robert Offley and x Brackin wid of Nicholas Rose
Sarah OFFLEY bap 16 Apr 1609 d Aug 1657 Princess Anne VA m1 18 Jul 1627 St Ann Blackfriars London Capt Adam Thoroughgood m2 John Gookin m3 Col Francis Yeardley b Dec 1623 VA son of Gov Sir George Yeardley and Temperance West Anne THOROUGHGOOD b 1632 Norfolk, Va m1 Job Chandler m2 Col Gerrard Fowke
-14-4 Sarah Offley THOROUGHGOOD b 1634 d 9 Oct 1658 Simon OVERZEE b 1627 England d 1660 Norfolk VA he m2 Elizabeth WILLOUGHBY b 1635 Norfolk, VA d after Apr 1672
Mary Sewell dau of Henry Sewell of Warwick and St Mary's and Jane Lowe wid Calvert she m2 George Brent
-14-3-2 Richard Chandler
-14-3-3 Anne Chandler
-14-3-4 Adam Fowke b c 1660
-14-3-5 Col Gerrard Fowke II b 15 Jul 1662 m1 Mary Lomax m2 Sarah Burdett b 1665 Charles Co VA d there 1747 dau of Thomas Burdett and Verlinda Boughton
-14-3-6 Jean Fowke
-14-3-7 Ann Elizabeth Fowke m Dent
-14-3-8 Mary Sarah Fowke m Mason
-14-3-9 Frances Fowke
-14-3-10 Thomas Fowke
Col John West b 7 Apr 1638 d 27 May 1703 and Matilda Scarburgh b 1644
-14-1-2-6 James Watts b 1685 Northampton VA
-14-2-1-1 John Thorogood (d by 1695 m Ann Stringer grandau of John Stringer
-14-3-1-1 Richard Chandler b c 1675 Charles Co MD d there 7 Oct 1714 m Elizabeth Harrison
-14-3-1-2 Jane Chandler d 19 Jan 1700 m1 Giles Brent m2 Joshua Green
-14-3-1-3 Anne Chandler
-14-3-1-4 Mary Chandler
-14-3-1-5 William Chandler Jr
-14-3-5-1 Gerard Fowke b 16 Oct 1687 Nanjemoy
-14-3-5-2 Anna Fowke m Maj Robert Alexander had issue
-14-3-5-3 Frances Fowke b 2 Feb 1691 Charles Co Va m1 Dr Robert Homer m2 Dr Gustavus Brown
-14-3-5-4 Catherine Fowke b 8 Apr 1694 Najemoy Charles Co VA m Ellsworth Bayne
-14-3-5-5 Margaret Fowke b 1700 m John Chapman
-14-3-5-6 Roger Fowke m Anne had Issue
-14-3-5-7 Thompson Fowlkes b 3 May 1751 Mecklenburg VA m Elizabeth had issue
Sarah Brown b 29 Aug 1715 Rich Hill m Rev James Scott
-14-3-5-3-5 Mary Brown b 8 Dec 1717 Charles Co MD m1 Matthew Hopkins had issue m2 Henry Threlkeld had issue
-14-3-5-3-6 Christian Brown b 29 Aug 1720 Rich Hill m John Coulthard Graham
-14-3-5-3-7 Gustavus Brown d y
-14-3-5-3-8 Elizabeth Brown b 5 Oct 1723 Rich Hill m Dr Michael Wallace had issue
-14-3-5-3-9 Rev. Richard Brown b 2 Dec 1725 Charles Co MD had issue
-14-3-5-3-10 Jean Brown b 1 JUn 1728 Rich Hill Charles Co MD m Rev Isaac Campbell had issue
-14-3-5-3-11 Cecilia Brown b c 1730 m1 Dr Joh Key m2 Thomas Bond had issue
Sarah Haggoman b 23 Jan 1733 Northampton VA d there by 15 Feb 1764 m Samuel Williams son of John Williams and Mary
-14-1-2-2-2-2 John Haggoman, Jr
-14-1-2-5-1-1 Sarah Yardley West b c 1729 m Americus Scarburgh b 1723 son of Mitchell Scarburgh b 13 Aug 1695 d 21 Jun 1763 and Dorothy Wainhouse grandson of Capt Edmund Scarburgh b c 1648 and Elizabeth Wainhouse
-14-3-1-1-1-1 Sarah Chandler b c 1720 m John Hamill
-14-3-5-3-4-1 Helen Scott b 7 Jun 1739 Dipple Stafford Co VA d 15 Sep 1795 Pr Wm Co VA m Cuthbert Bullitt b c 1740 Pr Wm Co VA son of Capt Benjamin Bullitt and Sara Elizabeth Harrison b 1705 Stafford Co d c 1750 VA
-14-3-5-3-4-2 Alexander Scott b 10 Jul 1740 Dipple Stafford Co Va m Susan had issue
-14-3-5-3-4-3 James Scott, Jr b 8 Jan 1742 Stafford Co m Elizabeth had issue
-14-3-5-3-4-4 Christian Scott b 4 Mar 1745 Dipple Stafford VA m Col Thomas Blackburn had issue
-14-3-5-3-4-5 Reverend John Scott b c 1747 Westwood m Elizabeth had issue
-14-3-5-3-4-6 Robert Scott b c 1749 m Catherine Stone
-14-3-5-3-4-7 William Scott b c 1751 WEstwood
-14-3-5-3-4-8 Hon. Gustavus Scott b 1753 WEstwood Pr Wm Co VA m Margaret Hall had issue
-14-3-5-3-4-9 Catherine Scott m Dr William Brown had issue
Americus Scarburgh III b 9 Apr 1799 d before 1856 m Mary Turlington b c 1809 d after 1850 dau of Asa Turlington b c 1780
-14-3-1-1-1-1-1 Catherine Chandler Hamill b 1745 Charles Co MD d there 1773 m Joseph Shaw
-14-3-5-3-4-1-1 Col Alexander S. Bullitt, Colonel, E...
-14-3-5-3-4-1-2 Thomas James Bullitt
Os14 Alice Osborne
m 09.06.1580 Sir John Peyton, 1st Bart of Iselham d c 1617
m1 Matilda or Martha Livesay + 4 ch m2 Jane Calthorp + 1 ch dau of Sir James Calthorp of Crockthorpe m3 Dorothy Ball + 2 ch dau of Edward Ball of Stockwell dau of Robert Livesay of Tooting
-2 William Peyton of Warlingworth 4th son m Tabitha Payne dau of Henry Payne of Walthamstow
-3 Anne Peyton bur 27.09.1640 m Sir Robert Bacon of Riborough, 3rd Bart of Redgrave bur 16.12.1655
-4 Alice Peyton m Sir John Peyton son of Sir John of Dodington
-5 Mary Peyton m Sir Roger Meers of Hoghton
-6 Frances Peyton m Sir Miles Hobart of Plumstead b 12.04.1595, bur 06.12.1639
-1-1 Sir John Peyton, 3rd Bart of Iselham b 1607 d 1666 m1 x Bellingham dau of Sir Edward Bellingham
-1-2 Edward Peyton
-1-3 Robert Peyton
-1-4 Amy Peyton m Henry Lawrence of St. Ives and St. Margaret's
-1-5 Thomas Peyton d 1683 m Elizabeth Yelverton dau of Sir Wiliam Yelverton of Rougham
-1-6 Edward Peyton of Surinam d 1675 m Mary Mulfin
-1-7 Joseph Peyton m Mary Vincent dau of Marmaduke Vincent of Great Smeaton

-1-5-1 William Peyton of Dublin dsp m 1686 Frances Lunsford dau of Sir Herbert Hunsford
-1-5-2 Robert Peyton of Virginia b c 1640 d c 1694 resided at 'Rougham', Yorkshire m Mary Keeble dau of George Keeble b about 1610 and Mary Whitby
-1-5-3 Charles Peyton of Grimston m Elizabeth Bladwell dau of William Bladwell of Swanington
-1-5-4 Thomas Peyton m x Roberts niece of Sir John Roberts, Bart of Bromley

-1-5-4-1 Dorothy Peyton b about 1666 m John Roy
-1-5-4-2 Elizabeth Peyton m Peter Beverley Be10
-1-5-4-3 Thomas Peyton b c 1669 Gloucester Co VA
m Frances Tabb b c 1700 Gloucester Co Va dau of John Tabb b 12 Nov 1676 Elizabeth City Co VA and Martha Hand b c 1680
-1-5-4-4 Sir Robert Peyton b c 1677 at Gloucester Co., VA d before 1746 in Beaufort, NC m Mary
-1-5-4-5 Sir Yelverton Peyton b about 1675 4th Bart of Isleton d 1748 m had issue

-1-5-4-2-1 Ann Beverley m Col. Henry Whiting Wh9
-1-5-4-2-2 Elizabeth Peyton Beverley
m 22 June 1709 William Randolph
-1-5-4-2-3 Susannah Beverley,
m 1718 John Randolph

-1-5-4-2-1-1 Major Peter Whiting, b c 1703 d c 1790) m Ann Cary, daughter of Miles Cary and Mary Wilson
-1-5-4-2-1-2 Henry Whiting b 1705
-1-5-4-2-1-3 Thomas Whiting (b c 1712 d 1781, Gloucester Co Va) m1 Elizabeth Beverley (?? s.b.) m2 Elizabeth Thruston (1740-1766) (Th8) + 2 ch m3 Elizabeth Seawell
-1-5-4-2-1-4 Francis Whiting
Os14-5 Jane Osborne mentioned by Visitation but not by BP1934
m John Welby of Tidd St. Giles
Os15Thomas Osborne b 1550, Ashford Kent England d 12.10.1611, Ashford Kent
m ELISABETH WILMETH b 1538 Ashford Kent d 08.02.1599 Ashford Kent
Os15Thomas Osborne b 1550, Ashford Kent England d 12.10.1611, Ashford Kent
m ELISABETH WILMETH b 1538 Ashford Kent d 08.02.1599 Ashford Kent
Os14Jeremiah "JEREMY" OSBORN b 04.02.1570, Ashford Kent England d 08.02.1620, Ashford Kent
m JOAN WYBORNE b 1571 Ashford Kent d 08.02.1620 Ashford Kent dao of
+1 Richard Wyborn b 1542 Wrotham Kent d there 1584 +2 Richard Wyborn b 1516 Kent
Os13Thomas Osborne b 1595 Ashford Kent d c 02 Nov 1677.
m 18.11.1622 Ashford, Kent Mary GOATLEY b 25.11.1604 Ashford, Kent d 1688 Long Island NY
+1 William Goatley b 1574 Ashford Kent d c 1604 Lancashire
Os12-1Jeremiah Osborne b c 1624 Ashford Kent England d 26.04.1676, New Haven, New Haven, CT
m MARY. b by 1632 d 1695.
-1 Jeremiah OSBORN b 28.11.1656, New Haven, New Haven, CTd c 1712 New Haven, New Haven, CT m by 1689 Sarah COE b 1656.
-2 Jeremiah Osborne b 03.05.1652, New Haven, New Haven, CTd 16.05.1652, New Haven, New Haven, CT
-3 Mary OSBORN b 25.03.1653, New Haven CTd 28.11.1726, Stratford Fairfield Co CT m EPHRAIM BOOTH b 01.08.1648 Derby Fairfield Co CTd 26.02.1683 Stratford Fairfield Co CT son of Richard BOOTH and Elizabeth HAWLEY
-4 Elizabeth OSBORN b mel. 07.01.1654 - 1655, New Haven CT
-5 JOAnna OSBORN b 08.12.1658, New Haven CTd mel. 01.03.1668 - 1669, New Haven CT
-6 Thomas OSBORN b 06.10.1660, New Haven CT
-7 Anna OSBORN b 06.04.1663, New Haven CTd 10.12.1726, New Haven CT
-8 Elizabeth OSBORN b 09.12.1665, New Haven CT m SAMUEL Thomas b 05.09.1651, New Haven CTd 1711.
-9 JOSEPH OSBORN b 15.12.1667, New Haven CTd 19.11.1735, New Haven CT m Mary BENNETT b 1673 Fairfield, Fairfield, CTd 1737 New Haven CT
-10 REBECCA OSBORN b 11.07.1673, New Haven CT

-3-1 Johanna BOOTH b 17.09.1678, ford Fairfield Co CTd 29.01.1761, Stratford Fairfield Co CT m John SHERWOOD b 1672 Fairfield Fairfield Co CTd 09.1696 Stratford Fairfield Co CT
-9-1 Jeremiah OSBORN b 08.04.1699, New Haven Co CTd 18.01.1789, New Haven Co CT m Elizabeth WHEELER b 1701 New Haven Co CTd 22.09.1744 New Haven Co CT

-3-1-1 JEMIMA SHERWOOD b 14.01.1697, Fairfield Fairfield Co CT m John GOLD b 25.04.1688, Fairfield Fairfield Co CTd 23.09.1766, Fairfield Fairfield Co CT
-9-1-1 JEHIEL19 OSBORN b 1728, New Haven Co CT m REBECCA SPERRY b 10.06.1730, New Haven Co CT
Os12-2Thomas Osborne b 24.11.1622, Ashford, Kent, England d 23.09.1712, East Hampton, Suffolk, NY
m Mary BOND b 1642 Lynn, Essex, MA d East Hampton (town), Suffolk, NY
-1 JOSEPH OSBORN b 1660, Long Island, Suffolk, NY d 02.10.1743, East Hampton, Suffolk, NY -1-1 JOSEPH OSBORN b 1704, New York, Usa d 21.11.1786, East Hampton, Suffolk, NY -1-1-1 JOSEPH OSBORN b 1734, 1 Sep 1734 East Hampton (town), Suffolk, NY d 02.04.1798, Suffolk, NY -1-1-1-1 JOSEPH OSBORN b 1766, Suffolk, NY d 20.10.1842, Cutchogue, Suffolk, NY m DEBORAH x b 1831. -1-1-1-1-1 JOSEPH OSBORN b 1786, NY d 04.02.1883, Chenango, NY m BETSEY x b 1780 VT d 23.08.1839 Chenango, NY -1-1-1-1-1-1 John HIRAM OSBORN b 03.09.1811, NY d 28.08.1873, Decatur Twp Van Buren, MI m SAMANTHA BUTTERFIELD b 1815 NY d 16.06.1894 Webster, Ramsey, North Dakota Usa. -1-1-1-1-1-1-1 ROLLIN C23 OSBORN b 07.06.1837, Granville (town), Washington, NY d 21.08.1884, Paw Paw (township), Van Buren, MI
-1-1-1-1-1-1-2 ROMELIA SOPHIA 'AMELIA' OSBORN b 1839, NY d 1919, Cando, Towner, ND m ELIJAH ADAMS CHAPMAN b 03.05.1831, NY d 12.08.1902, Cando, Towner, ND
-1-1-1-1-1-1-3 MOSES LINCOLN OSBORN b 29.05.1857, Fond du Lac, WI d 24.12.1938, Glentana, Valley, MT m ELSIE JULIA JohnSON b 12.04.1883 Holton Twp Muskegon, MI d 24.09.1937 Cando, Towner, ND dau of HANS JohnSON and JULIA RILEY
Os12-3Richard Osborne b 15.07.1627, Ashford, Kent, England d mel. 20.01.1628 - 1629, Ashford, Kent, England.
Os12-4John Osborne b 31.07.1631, Ashford, Kent, England d 02.05.1687, Wainscott, Suffolk NY
m1 REBECCA HAND b 1634 Kent England dau of John HAND and ALICE GRANSDEN
m2 MIRIAM JONES b 09.05.1640 East Hampton Suffolk Co NY d 09.05.1704 East Hampton Suffolk Co NY + 2 ch
-1 Thomas OSBORN b 04.08.1660, Wainscott Suffolk Co NY d 23.06.1745, Wainscott Suffolk Co NY m ESTHER MILLER. b 1660 East Hampton Suffolk Co New York, Usa d c 1732 Wainscott Suffolk Co NY
-2 Esther Osborn b 1 MAR 1666 East Hampton NY d 26 FEB 1739 Wainscott Suffolk Co NY m Stephen Hand b 1661 NY d 13 NOV 1740
-1-1 ESTHER OSBORN b 1700 East Hampton Suffolk Co NY d 25.04.1727 East Hampton Suffolk Co NY m ELIAS HAND b 17.08.1701, East Hampton Suffolk Co NY d 27.06.1784, Wainscott Suffolk Co NY
-2-1 John Hand b 1694 East Hampton d 18 FEB 1755 mHannah Leek
-2-2 Rebecca Hand b c 1696 East Hampton m John Osborn
-2-3 Abigail Hand b 1701 East Hampton d bef OCT 1731 m David Blatchley
-2-4 Mary Hand b 2 OCT 1708 Wainscott m James Hand
Os12-5Benjamin Osborne b 4 DEC 1646 d 27 FEB 1721/2 New Haven CT
m Abigail Talmadge
Os12-6Rebecca Osborne b 1647 Devon d c 1722 East Hampton Suffolk Co NY
m Nathaniel Talmage b Southampton Suffolk Co NY
-1 Thomas Talmage b 1676 East Hampton d 24 OCT 1764 m Mary Bailey b 17 Aug 1681 dau of Stephen Bailey and Abigail Cooper
-2 John Talmage b c 1678 East Hampton d 2 NOV 1764 m Experience Miller b c 1685 East Hmpton d 30 Aug 1723
-3 Rebecca Talmage b c 1698 East Hampton m John Conklin
-1-1 Mary Talmage b 22 DEC 1706 Southampton d 4 JUN 1781 m Jonathan Baker b 22 May 1704 East Hampton d there 14 -1-2 Thomas Talmage b 1730 East Hampton d 1810 m Jemima Miller b 28 May 1730 East Hampton
-2-1 Elizabeth Talmage b 1703 East Hampton d 18 APR 1772 m John Hedges b18 Jan 1701/2 East Hampton d there 25 Mar 1786 son of John 'Hedges b c 1670 and Ruth Stratton b 30 Aug 1674 d 22 Nov 1739 (dau of John Stratton b 14 Aug 1621 Long Island City NY
-2-2 Nathaniel Talmage b 1 Jul 1711 East Hampton d 24 APR 1785 m Mary Fithian
-1-1-1 David Baker b 22 AUG 1733 East Hampton d 3 NOV 1786 m Mary Conkling b c 1734 East Hampton d 3 Dec 1824 Amagansett NY dau of Elisha Conkling b c 1690 d 15 Feb 1772 and Esther Parsons b c 1698 d 20 Oct 1750
-1-1-2 Hannah Baker b 27 JUL 1740 East Hampton d 10 FEB 1811 m Nathaniel Dominy b 25 Jul 173 East Hampton
-1-1-3 Thomas Baker b 24 JUL 1742 East Hampton d 27 NOV 1825 m Joan Conklin b 1745 Amagansett dau of Jeremiah Conklin b c 1719 d 1782 and Mary Dayton b 10 Mar 1723 d 1780
-1-2-1 Abigail Talmage b c 1765 East Hampton m Abraham Hand b 1766 Eastz Hampton son of Abraham Hand b c 1741 and Elizabeth Hedges b 30 Aug 1748
-1-1-1-1 Jonathan Baker b 6 FEB 1766 Amagansett d 23 DEC 1853 m Hannah Mulford b 11 Jul 1773 d 1859 dau of Ezekiel Mulford and Amy Mary Miller
-1-1-1-2 Hamutal Baker b 8 APR 1774 East Hampton d 13 OCT 1848 m Jonathan Mulford b 1770 East Hampton d there 14 Feb 1840 son of David Mulford b 13 Mar 1722/3 d 18 Dec 1778 and Phebe Hunting b 1736 d 16 Nov 1815
-1-1-2-1 Urania Dominy b 18 APR 1765 East Hampton d 15 FEB 1837 m Elnathan Parsons b 3 Oct 1753 NY son of John Parsons b 8 Apr 1706 d 28 Jun 1793 and Abigail Mulford b 6 Jul 1718 d 19 Sep 1806
-1-1-3-1 Jane Baker b 6 OCT 1769 East Hampton d 26 MAY 1851 m Josiah Dayton b 11 May 1766 East Hampton d 5 Feb 1839 son of John Dayton b 1728 d 19 Feb 1825 m Mary Mulford b by 14 Apr 1734 d 1770
-1-1-3-2 Abigail Baker b 1772 East Hampton d 1854 m Jonathan Tuthill b 1753 Southold Suffolk Co NY d 1839 son of Nathaniel Tuthill b 1728 and Abigail King b 1737
-1-1-3-3 Mary Baker b c 1777 East Hampton NY m Mulford Hand b c 1771 East Hampton d Feb 1855 Amagansett son of Nathaniel Hand b 7 Apr 1739 and Esther Mulford b 27 Apr 1743
-1-1-3-4 Elizabeth Baker b 20 JUL 1786 Amagansett d 19 SEP 1872 m Nathaniel Hand b 26 Jan 1776 East Hampton d c 1862 Amagansett son of Nathaniel Hand b 7 Apr 1739 and Esther Mulford b 27 Apr 1743
-1-2-1-1 Abbie Hand b 25 JAN 1798 East Hampton d 1883 m Josiah C Dayton b 27 SEp 1797 Suffolk Co NY son of Josiah DAyton b 11 May 1766 and Jane Baker b 6 Oct 1769
-1-1-1-1-1 Maria Baker b 1795 Amagansett d 1857 m Harvey Conklin b 1781 East Hampton d 1852 son of Zebulon Conklin b c 1732 d 10 Apr 1805 and Sarah Mulford b 1 Jan 1742/3 d 12 Feb 1838
-1-1-1-2-1 Samuel Green Mulford b 3 FEB 1808 East Hampton d 16 MAR 1890
-1-1-2-1-1 Charles Parsons b 3 Feb 1798 Fireplace Suffolk Co NY d 26 May 1877
-1-1-3-1-1 John Thomas Dayton b 1 APR 1795 Suffolk Co d 1 JUN 1874 m Cynthia Hand
-1-1-3-1-2 Josiah C Dayton b 27 SEP 1797 Suffolk Co d 21 OCT 1859 m Abbie Hand b 25 Jan 1798 East Hampton dau of Abraham Hand b 1766 and Abigail Talmage b c 1765
-1-1-3-2-1 Henry B Tuthill b 19 APR 1814 East Hampton d 21 JUN 1886 m Mary J. Edwards b c 15 Mar 1819 Sag Harbor Suffolk Co NY
-1-1-3-3-1 Charles R Hand b 13 JAN 1796 Amagansett d 12 DEC 1886 m Elizabeth D. Sherrill b 8 Jan 1797 East Hampton
-1-1-3-4-1 Marcus BHand b 1 AUG 1825 Amagansett d 28 JUN 1913 m Phebe Stratton Conklin Huntting b 25 Aug 1828 East Hampton dau of John Miller Huntting b 27 Sep 1801 and Phebe Stratton Conklin b 1 Sep 1808 (dau of Jonathan Conklin and Phebe Stratton b 5 May 1775 East Hampton Suffolk Co NY - proabably a distant cousin of the author on the Stratton line)
-1-2-1-1-1 Charles S Dayton b 25 DEC 1828 East Hampton d 10 MAY 1911 m Sarah Sherrill b 24 Apr 1836 'East Hampton dau of Hiram Lupton Sherrill b 24 Nov 1810 and Mary Adaline Miller b 27 Apr 1814
-1-1-1-1-1-1 Frances M Conklin b 1814 East Hampton d 21 AUG 1893 m Thomas M. Edwards b c 1812 Amagansett d there 1887
-1-1-3-1-1-1 John Dayton b c 1824 East Hampton d 21 MAR 1884 m Elizabeth Huntting b 15 Sep 1830 East Hampton dau of Nathaniel Huntting b c 5 Nov 1793 and Bulahann Hand b c 1801
-1-1-3-1-2-1 Charles S Dayton b 25 DEC 1828 East Hampton d 10 MAY 1911 m Sarah Sherrill b 24 Apr 1836 East Hampton dau of Hiram Lupton Sherrill b 24 Nov 1810 and Mary Adaline Miller b 27 Apr 1814
-1-1-3-3-1-1 Joanna Augusta Hand b 5 NOV 1822 Amagansett d 15 NOV 1898 m Jeremiah Huntting b 3 Dec 1811 East Hamton son of Jeremiah Huntting b 24 Oct 1772 and Charity Hedges b 15 Jul 1785
-1-1-3-3-1-2 Charles T Hand b c 1834 Amagansett d 28 MAY 1913 m Maria F Edwards b c 1837 Amagansett dau of TThomas M Edwards b c 1812 and Frances M Conklin b c 1814
-1-1-1-1-1-1-1 Maria F Edwards b 1837 Amagansett d 14 FEB 1886 m Charles T. Hand b c 1834 Amagansett d there 28 May 1913 son of Charles R Hand b 13 Jan 1795 d 12 Dec 1886 and Elizabeth D Sherrill b 8 Jan 1797 d by 1870
-1-1-3-1-1-1-1 Mary H Dayton b 12 MAY 1854 East Hampton d 13 SEP 1933 m Charles Sutherland Parsons b 18 Jun 1851 Brooklyn son of Samuel Leonard Parsons b 9 Apr 1817 and Harriet Olmstead b c 1827

Main sources: BP1934 Leeds, TCP Leeds

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by Jane A. Leavell
Miscellaneous Osbornes listed in St. John's and St. George's Parish Registers 1696-1851 by Henry C. Peden Jr.:
Aquila and Martha Osborne had Sarah, 15 January 1805
Sarah Osborne and James Holles had a marriage license 8 April 1798
Aquila Osborne and Patty Michael had a marriage license 19 Nov. 1801
Martha Osborne and Cornelius Cole had a marriage license 14 June 1808
Mary Osborne buried 19 November 1800
Elisha Osborne married Hannah Reckhead 30 July 1804

Dover United Methodist Cemetery, Baltimore Cem. Vol. 3 has:
Mordecai C. Osborn 3. 21 October 1846 age 4
Abigale Osborne d. 13 August 1881 age 79
Susan Osborne d. 16 July 1881 age 64
Susan Osborne 7 June 1858-17 March 1871 14 y 9m 10d
William L. Osborne d. 8 May 1880 50y 8m
Sarah E., widow of Larkin Osborne, born 4 September 1838, died 28 Nov. 1914 age 77y 2m 24d
Dorsey G. Osborne died 16 February 1894 age 81
Mary A. Osborn died 11 January 1880 age 68
Alethia W. Osborn died 13 April 1863 age 18
Benjamin M. Osborn d. 5 November 1862 age 9
Scott Co. KY Order Book G 1851-1855 p. 310 releases J.M. Osborne from levy

Permelia F. Osborn and William B. Griffith were married by Minister R.C. Rice 3 March 1842 Scott Co. KY

Stamping Ground Masonic Cemetery, p. 220 of vol. 2 of Echoes of the Past, lists Osborn, John T. 1852-1926 and Osborn, George R. 1907-1978

The 1850 Scott Co. KY census has a:
Jane Osburn, 48, born KY
James, 16, born KY, laborer
Frances, 15, born KY
Eliza, 13, born KY
Benjamin, 11, born KY
David, 9, born KY

Jesse Osborn enlisted as a private 8-15-1812 in company commanded by Joseph Redding in the KY Militia. Discharged 3-4-1813. 1-13-1859 declaration for minor America Osborn, born 10-5-1838, dau. of Jesse Osborn, given in Daviess Co. MO. Witnessed by James Owings and Abner Osborn of Daviess Co. MO. A Biography of Fountain Co. IN has W.M. Osborn, native of IN born 3-9-1823, son of Jesse and Margaret Orr Osborn, who settled in Troy township in Fountain Co. in 1824. In 1839, Jesse moved to MO, where he died in 1845. Mrs. Osborn died in 1847. W.M. returned to Fountain Co. and in 1845 married Mary E. Dickens, dau. of Abraham and Elizabeth Dickens. They have seven children: Margaret, wife of A. DeHaven; Effie, wife of I.M. Brown; Homer; America; Josephine; Edward; and Emma. His father was a soldier in the War of 1812 and probably the only survivor of the American troops that were engaged in the battle of River Reason. History of Fountain Co. IN says Abner DeHaven is the son of Jacob and Susan Osborn De Haven, whose settlement in Fountain Co. dates to 1828. In 1868 he married Miss Margaret Osborn; I deduce that to be the daughter of W.M. and Mary Dickens Osborn. Jacob DeHaven married Susan Osburn 19 August 1830; Susan was born 8 January 1810 to William Osborn born 10 January 1764 and his wife, Elizabeth Redden, whom he married 20 February 1800. She was born 20 March 1783. Siblings to Susan include: Peggy, born 14 Jan. 1801, married James Sherrill 17 June 1819; Abner, born 11 Dec. 1802, m. Eliza Glass 3 Aug. 1826; Ipsley, born 1 Dec. 1804, married Granville Adkins 13 July 1828; Katharine, born 30 August 1806; William, born 6 Nov. 1807; John Taylor, born 21 Sept. 1811, married 1 May 1834 to Permelia DeHaven; Ruben Lyle, born 17 March 1813; Martha Ann, born 8 Dec. 1815; Eliza Curnela, born 19 Dec. 1819, married George Glascock 21 January 1840. According to Quarterly Boulder Genealogical Society Vol. 19, #1, Feb. 1987, Wm. Osborn was 69 and living in Fountain Co. IN when he applied for pension 13 March 1833, claiming he volunteered in 1779 Burke Co. NC as a mounted militia man under Capt. Wm. Adams and Lt. Wm. Simpson; at the end of three months he was discharged. In 1780 he was drafted as a private militia man in the company of Capt. Wm. Faber under Col. MOffitt and discharged after serving two 3-month terms. He was stationed at Turkey Cove at the head of Catawba River in Burke Co. and lived in Burke until 1801, when he moved to Scott Co. KY, then moved to Fountain Co. in 1827. Bennett Osborn which see above supported his claim and he was given a pension. James Adkins testified he lived next door to the family for about 25 years in Scott Co. and that he moved to Fountain Co. in the fall of 1829 and recognized Elizabeth as the widow of William. Another descendent of Jesse appears in History of Daviess and Gentry Cos. MO: W.T. Osborn born 11-14-1862 around Gallatin. His parents were Thomas J. and Susan A. Peniston Osborn. Thomas J. Osborn was born in Fountain Co. IN and came to Daviess Co. in the 1840's. His parents, Jesse Osborn and his wife, settled at Winston at the same time that Thomas J. Osborn came to Daviess Co. Thomas J. Osborn was married the first time to Miss Owen and they had four children: James, dec'd; Robert O., now a res. of Los Angeles, CA; Homer A., dec'd; and Alice, now Mrs. Harvey of St. Louis. The second marriage was to Susan A. Peniston. She was born 1838 to William P. and Miss Walls Peniston, both of KY. Thomas J. and Susan A. had the following children: W.T.; Mrs. Frank Casey; Jesse B.; Mrs. W.W. Armentrout; H.C.; Mrs. W. S. Townsend, dec'd; and Mrs. Iva Schofield. Thomas J. died in 1876 at the age of 52. Still another relative appears in Brant & Fuller's History of Daviess Co. MO 1888: Robert S. Osborn is a native of Boone Co. MO, born 10-31-1826. In April 1841 he went to Daviess Co. with his parents, natives of Scott Co. KY, both dead. Mr. Osborn married Maria Osborn 3-14-1850 and had five children: Mary E. 3-11-1851, 11-22-1856, Parmelia E. 1-30-1856, Richard J. 1-8-1859, Ruth A. 2-6-1863, Stella L. 5-28-1866, 1-13-1867. Mrs. Osborn died 4-15-1872 and was bur. in Victoria Cemetery. On 2-2-1873 he married Mrs. Agnes Reid, producing Dudley C. 12-9-1873 and Clay 9-28-1879.


Phoebe E. Osborn, daughter of Abner, took out a marriage license with George Thomason 22 October 1849 Scott Co. KY


According to Henry C. Peden, St. John's and St. George's Parish Registers, 1696-1851 for Baltimore Co. MD, an Amos and Elizabeth Osborne had John Osborne on 9 November 1796 and Mary Ann Osborne 4 March 1802. An Amos and Susanna Osborne had Susanna, born 4 June 1808, and Amos Osborne, born 2 November 1810.


F. Edward Wright's Inhabitants of Baltimore Co. MD 1692-1763 1987 lists various Benjamin Ozbourn/Orsbrown/Osborn/Osbourn/Osbornes in Baltimore tax lists for Spesutia hundred 1737, Baltimore Co. Levy Court Allowances 1739, Baltimore Co. Levy Papers 1737 for Squirrels Head, and the Baltimore Co. Debt Book 1754, which has Benjamin Osborn--pt. of Chas. Den Brad Neck; pt. of St. Martin's Ludgate; pt. of Beadly Resurvd.; pt. of Scotsmans Generosity; and Benjamin Osbourn--pt. Baddors reserve, pt. Robinshoods forrist, pt. Drisdale's Habitations.

According to Tracey & Dern's Pioneers of Old Monocacy 1987, a Benjamin Osborn appears in a list of petitioners seeking the creation of All Saint's Parish in 1742 through division of Prince George's Parish.

Barnes' Baltimore County Families 1659-1759 lists as unidentified Benjamin Osborne who m. Elizabeth and died by 28 Nov. 1758 when admin. bond was posted by admnx Elizabeth, with George Chauncy and Henry Wetherall; Elizabeth conv. prop. to her ch. Catherine and William in 1761 and mentioned son Samuel Groome Osborne.

Also a Benjamin Osborne who died by 6 December 1762 when admin. bond was posted by John Treadway with Joseph Lusby; est. was admin. 1 March 1763 by Treadway, who stated that the dec. left three children.

A Benjamin Ozborn left a will in 1760 in liber 30, folio 823, according to Raymond Clark in Index to Baltimore Co. MD Wills 1660-1777.

A Benjamin Osborn on 8 April 1781 in Maryland married Elizabeth Garrison 3 HA-3, per Maryland Marriages 1778-1800.

In the 1820 Scott Co. KY census on page 138 is a Benjamin Osburn with one male 26-45 and one female 45 and over.

In the 1840 Scott Co. KY census on page 50 is a Benjamin Osburn with one male 5-10, one male 20-30, one male 50-50, one female 15-20, and one female 60-70.


In the 1820 Scott Co. KY census on page 100 is a Bennett Osburn with one male under 10, one 16-26, one female under ten; one female 16-26. On page 139 is a Bennett Osburn with two males 10-16, one male 45 and over, two females 16-26, one female 45 and over. In 1840, there is a Bennet Osbourn on page 60 of the Scott Co. KY census with one male 5-10, one male 15-20, one male 70-80, one female 30-40, and one female 60-70; on page 153 is a Bennett with three males under five, one male 5-10, one male 20-30, one female 10-15.

B. O. Gaines, History of Scott Co. KY, Vol. 2, p. 348 mentions a Kitty Osborn, daughter of Bennet, marrying James Yateman Kelly in 1857, and a Bennett Osborn dying July 1873 at Main Street


A Cyrus and Martha Osborne had Harriot Hosborne 7 December 1796; Mary Osborne on 7 April 1799.

A Cyrus Osborne took out a marriage license with Martha Oldfield dated 26 November 1796 in Baltimore Co. MD

A Cyrus Osborne took out a marriage license with Sarah Nelson 24 Dec. 1805 in Baltimore Co. MD


Daniel Osborn married Mary Lansey or Tansey 2 February 1715 2AA-356, per Maryland Marriages 1634-1777.

According to Abstracts of Wills, Vol. 4, A Daniel Osborn 6-29-1790 names children Joseph, Daniel, Sarah, Ruth, Rachel, Clair, John, Thomas. Son Joseph is executor. Filed 11-8-1790.

A Daniel Osborn married Rebecca Coplan 4 Dec. 1797 2 FR-1158, per Maryland Marriages 1778-1800.

Baltimore Cem. Vol. 3 has a Daniel Osborn born 25 July 1846, died 4 February 1917

Baltimore Co. Wills has a Daniel Osborn for 1790 4-501


Edward Osbond married Hannah Hurst 16 October 1749 3AA-113 per Maryland Marriages 1635-1777.

Biographical Record of Harford and Cecil Counties MD p. 345 has an entry on Louis H. Osborne, native of Kent Co. MD, born 1852 on anniversary of George Washington's birthday. His parents were Edward L. and Christina J. Hall Osborne of MD and NJ respectively, had: Charles T., deceased; Mary F.; Edward L., deceased; Louis; Emma. Paternal grandfather, Groom Osborne, born MD, followed mercantile pursuits. Louis married Grace Hopkins; their only child Mary died age 11 mos. Democrat. Was this Groom Osborne related to Samuel Groom Osborne, below?


Henry Osborne, age established at 30, deposition in 1657 mentions Basil Little and Robert Mackey. Maryland Archives xli,6, per Peden's Maryland Deponents 1634-1799.

Henry J. Osborn married Susan Prents in Scott Co. KY on 19 October 1841, by minister Evan Stevenson


List of Taxables in Spesutia Lower Hundred 1737: William and James Osband, 3 slaves/5

A James Osborn age 43, in 1754 mentions an unnamed father per Peden's More Maryland Deponents 1716-1799.

Chosen as vestrymen and warders of St. George's Parish, 6 October 1750:...James Osbourne...

Baltimore Co. Debt Book 1754: James Osburn--pt. of Covent Gardin; Parkers lot; pt. of Covint Gardin; pt. of Osburn's Add n.

In the court hearings held 23 March 1779, James Osborne was on the Grand Jury, per Preston's History of Harford Co. MD.

James Osborn married Eleanor Haley 9 April 1786 11 BA-9, per Maryland Marriages 1778-1800.

St. John's and St. George's Parish Registers 1696-1851 lists a James and Amelia Osborne having John Hanson Osborne 19 March 1795; a James Osborne buried 15 December 1805; a James Osborne buried 11 Nov. 1810.

Abstracts of Wills Vol. 6 has a James Osborn deceased 7-17-1799 left inheritance to Elijah Merryman. Will dated 3-1-1797 left all estate in England or Great Britain to children Mary Ginge, Charlotte Butcher, Martha and Ruth Osborn. He had wife Elizabeth.

Abstract of Wills Vol. 5 has James Osburn 9-11-1793 who leaves dau. Sarah, son James

Baltimore Co. Wills: James Osborn 1798 6-97 and James Osborn 1793 5-123/4

1776 Harford Lower Hundred, Harford Co. MD lists:
Osborn, James Jr. age 31
Osborne, James Sr., 64; Gean, 55; Martha, 18; 4 blacks

James Osburn Jr. took the oath of fidelity from Samuel G. Osborne in 1778, per Gaius Marcus Brumbaugh's Maryland Records, Vol. II, published in 1928.


A John Osburn married Mary Sullivan 24 December 1732 3BA-150, per Maryland Marriages 1634-1777.

Robert Barnes' Baltimore County Families lists as unidentified a John Osborne who married Mary Sullivan on 24 December 1732 and had Daniel Sullivan Osborne; further, a John Osborne, with Edward and Susana Stevenson, conv. 50 acres Friendship to James Kelly in August 1748.

Maryland Calendar of Wills, Vol. V, page 103, has Osburn, Jno. Kent Island, Queen Anne's Co. 1 January 1746\7. He mentions wife Rachel, four nephews/nieces: Rebecca Derochburn, Samuel Osburn, Susanna Legg, and William Osburn, son of my brother Samuel Osburn.

A John Osborn took the oath of fidelity in Prince George's Co. MD before Osborn Sprigg, per Gaius Marcus Brumbaugh's Maryland Records, Vol. II 1928.

Henry Peden Jr.'s More Maryland Deponents 1716-1799 mentions a John Osborn, age 26 in 1786; and a John Osbourn, age 38, in 1796.

A Jn. Osborn Jr. married Mary Armigost 19 May 1785 11 BA-8, per Maryland Marriages 1778-1800.

A John Osborn married Elizabeth Stewart 27 October 1794 3HA-24, per Maryland Marriages 1778-1800.

According to Henry C. Peden Jr.'s St. John's and St. George's Parish Registers 1696-1851, John and Elizabeth Osborne had James Hervey Osborn 18 October 1795 and Ann Osborne 30 June 1799.

Abstracts of Wills Vol. 4 has John Frazier, 5-20-1778, mentions grandson John, son of John and Ruth Osburn 12-7-1785.

On 8 October 1802 in Scott Co. KY a John Osborn received "my wife's full part" of the estate of Spencer Neale, deceased, "she being his widow."

Baltimore Cem. Vol. 3 has a John H. Osborn 28 February 1863-28 October 1921; Elizabeth his wife 2 February 1875-28 October 1953; John I. Osborn 14 April 1917-16 December 1937.


Barnes mentioned in Baltimore County Families a Joseph Osborne, who in 1750 owned 135 acres Turkey Cock Hall.

According to Baltimore Co. Debt Book 1754, Joseph Osbourn was at Turkey Cock Hall.

A Joseph Osborne married Urath Bond 25 January 1761 4 BA-73, per Maryland Marriages 1634-1777.

A Joseph Osborn is in Baltimore Co. Wills dated 1823 11-558


In the court held 23 Mary 1779 at Bush, Samuel Groom Osborne was a justice, and again the next year, per Walter Preston's History of Harford Co. MD, written in 1901. Further, Samuel Groome Osborne was a second lieutenant under Alexander Cowen, captain, in 1776.

Gaius Marcus Brumbaugh's Maryland Records, Vol. II, says Cyrus Osborn took the oath of fidelity before Saml. Groome Osborn 1 March 1778 Harford Co. In another list, James Osbourn Jr. took the oath from Samuel G. Osborne around 1778, as did William Osbourn and William Osbourn listed as two separate men.

On 21 March 1790 Samuel Osburn married Susanna Akels 3 BA-227, per Maryland Marriages 1778-1800.


A Thomas Osborn, dec'd, has underage children Clery, Bennett, Hannah, Larkin. The estate managed by Thomas Osborne and Abarella Osborn. Will Book A, May 1805 From Bio. and Gen. History of Wayne, Fayette, Union and Franklin Cos. IN, Vol. 1 1899, which has an entry on a Levi Osborn, the Thomas who died was the husband of a Rachel Osborn; she moved to Quackertown,Liberty Township, Union Co. as early as 1812 and lived there until her death at over ninety years of age. Rachel's sons included Larkin, Bennett, Aaron, and Levi, who all reared families in Union Co. and lived to reach 70 years. Bennett died in Harmony township and one of his sons, Bennett, is a citizen of Dunlapsville. Larkin moved to Rush Co. and died there. Aaron lived and died in Franklin Co. Levi m. Rebecca West, who came from NJ and whose father was Thomas West. Around 1842, the family moved to Franklin Co. in the vicinity of Blooming Grove, where Levi died at age 82. Mrs. Rebecca Osborn died at age 78. Both were Methodist. Their children were: Adeline, Elizabeth, Mary Jane, Almira, Louisa, Serilda, George, and John. All married; all but Almira and Mary Jane are alive in 1899. John was born in Harmony Twp. Union Co. 1-27-1831. He married Miss Elizabeth Neptune of Franklin Co. 9-28-1854. She died 3-20-1897. Their three children are living in 1899: Albert, George, and Laura. Per Brant & Fuller's History of Rush Co. IN 1888 page. 179, an entry on Theodore Osborn, he was born 1-22-1846 in Union Co. the seventh of 8 children, four sons and four dau. born to Larkin and Mary Howell Osborn, with whom he came to Rush in 1852. The father died in October 1863. His wife is now 77. Theodore's paternal grandfather was Thomas Osborn, a native of KY. His three brothers were Aaron T., Lewis L., and Lucien B., the first of whom is dead. His four sisters were Sarah J., Mary E., Clemma A., and Julia E. Presumably part of this family is the James Osborn listed in A Biographical Directory of the Indiana General Assembly, 1816-1899, Vol. 1, p. 66: OSBORN, James, HOUSE, 1839-40 UNION. Born August 28, 1788, Georgetown, KY. Married Clemme Osborn 1 child; married Mrs. Eliza Blew. Baptist, not a church member. Indiana militia: captain. Moved to Harmony Twp., Union Co. IN ca. 1817. Farmer. Democrat. Justice of the peace in Harmony Twp. several years. Delegate, Democratic national convention, 1844, 1856. Lost for state representative, 1836. Died Sept. 3, 1859, Harmony Twp., Union Co. IN.

A Thos. Osburn married Diana Askins 25 September 1794 50 BA-395, per Maryland Marriages 1778-1800.

A Thomas Osburne, deceased, appears in Will Book A, 23 May 1803, Scott Co. KY where James Osburn, Wm. Frazer, and Richard Tiner take bond to administer his estate. Inventory is submitted in June 1803. Scott Co. Order Book A has William Ward administering estate of James Osburn deceased who was administering estate of Thomas Osburne, brother, 26 Nov. 1804

Tax list for Elkhorn Creek, Scott Co. KY 1799 has Bennit Osborn, Thomas Osborn Sr., Richard Osborn, Levy Osborn

A Thomas Osborn buys four items from James Osborn's inventory 6 Dec. 1804, Scott Co. KY Will Book A; this could be the son of Thomas Osborn husband of Elizabeth Simpson

A list of Franklin Co. IN taxpayers for 1811 includes a Thomas Osborn and Jonathan Osborn.

In the 1820 Scott Co. KY on page 95 is a Thomas Osburn with one male under 10, one male 16-26, one female 16-26.

Scott Co. KY Deed Book I, page 129, 10 April 1830 has Thomas Osburn Grantor and Elijah Hawkins grantee for $75 cash for land attached to premises where Osburn now lives, formerly property of Hewitt; a number of household items now in possession of Osburn. E. Hawkins becomes security for Osburn in bonds: one to Geo. Sweatenway and two to Stephen Breckinridge.

In the 1840 census on page 49 is a Thomas Osburn with one male under 5, one male 5-10, one male 15-20, one male 20-30, one male 40-50, one female 10-15, one female 30-40. On page 132 is a Thomas with one male 5-10, one male 10-15, one male 30-40, one female under 5, and one female 30-40.

Baltimore Cem. Vol. 3 has Martha Ellener Osborn, dau. of Thomas/Ann, died 1863 age 36. Thomas Osborn d. 4 June 1863 age 77y 4m 26d. Ann Osborn b. 8 Dec. 1800, died 16 Jan. age 80y 1m 8d.


Baltimore Tax List 1692 in Spesutia Hundred has Will Osborne, Rich'd Perkins/1

Baltimore Tax List 1695 for Spesutia Hundred has Richard Perkins/1; William Osborne, Jno. Hall, John Howard, 1 slave/4

Henry Peden Jr.'s Maryland Deponents 1634-1799 has William Osborn of Baltimore Co., age established at 76 in 1703, in Baltimore Co. records, and William Osborn, age established at 48 in 1733, Baltimore Co., H.W.S. no. 3, 180.

Baltimore Tax List 1737 Spesutia Hundred has Benjamin Ozbourn, William Ozbourn/2

Baltimore Co. Levy Court Allowances 1739 has Benjamin and William Orsbrown

List of Taxables in Spesutia Lower Hundred 1737 has William and James Osband, 3 slave/5

In More Maryland Deponents, a William Osburne is aged 35 in 1728 QA 2:79.

Maryland Calendar of Wills, Vo. VIII, p. 108, has Osborne, William, Kent Island, Queen Anne's Co. 5 October 1740; sons William and Samuel get Martins Neck; son John gets "Addition;" dau. Rebecca and Susanna, wife Sarah.

In a 1747 deposition, a William Osburn is mentioned as deceased, and his widow has married Matthias Pooley.

A William Osborn is mentioned as deceased in a 1750 deposition by George Chancey, Jacob Hanson, and Thomas Dannower BA 1:35, per More Maryland Deponents.

Baltimore Co. Debt Book 1754 has William Osburn--Hollis Neck; pt. of Planters Neglect; Hollis Chance and Refuse

William Osborn married Ann, widow of James Bissett, 3 August 1762 aBA-358, per Maryland Marriages 1634-1777.

Per Brumbaugh's Maryland Records, "Osborn, William, of Benjamin" took the oath of fidelity before William Webb.

1776 Harford Lower Hundred, Harford Co. MD has:
Osborne, William Sr., 53. 5 blacks
Osborne, William Jr., 30; Mary, 26; Cordelia, 8; Abriler, 6; Cyrus, 4; John Cord, 11; Ann Canfield, 14; 4 blacks.

According to Gaius Marcus Brumbaugh, Maryland Records, Vol. I, 1928, the 1776 Census for Frederick Co. MD, North West Hundred, has:
Ozburn, William, 53
Mary, 37
Elander, 18
Archabald, 15
Charlot, 14
Ann, 12
Isaac, 9
Lenerd, 7
Potter, 4

Per Brumbaugh's Maryland Records, William Osborn married Hanna Hanshaw 15 September 1779 Anne Arundel Co.

William Osborn m. Ann Lytle 16 December 1781 3 HA-24, per Maryland Marriages 1778-1800; William Osborne married Nancy LLytle 19 Dec. 1780 2 CH-455 per Maryland Marriages 1778-1800. Brumbaugh's Maryland Records says Rev. George H. Worsley, Rector of Port Tobacco Parish in Charles Co. performed this marriage.

A William Osborn was on the Grand Jury in August of 1791, per Preston's History of Harford Co. MD.

Wm. Osborn m. Christiana Stonecifer 21 December 1799 3 AL-6, per Maryland Marriages 1778-1800.

St. John's and St. George's Parish Register 1696-1851 has:
William Osborne buried 19 February 1798;
William and Harriet Osborne had children James Osborne, 3 April 1810;
Mary Susanna Osbourne 16 Oct. 1811;
William Osborne and Polly Horn had Charlotte Osborne 22 Feb. 1802

Raymond Clark's Index to Baltimore Co. MD Wills 1660-1777 has William Osborne, Bush River, liber 3, folio 433, 1704/5 1-140.

Annie Walker B. Bell's Index to Rent Roll of Baltimore Co. Calvert Papers has William Osbourn on 111, 112, 120, 140, 233.

William L. Osborne died 8 May 1880 age 50y 8m, per Dover United Methodist Cemetery in Maryland

Spesutia Lower Hundred, St. George's Parish, 1756-1763, Bachelors Taxed: William Osborn, worth 300 pounds

Georgetown Cemetery, Scott Co. KY has William Osburn possibly 11481?, b. 22 July 1742, died 5 February 1832, and wife Patience, b. 10 August 1752, died 20 August 1833

The 1820 Scott Co. KY census has a Will Osburn on page 100 with one male 45 or over. On page 124 is a Will Osburn with five males under ten, one 45 or over, one female under ten, two females 10-16, one female 26-45.

Scott Co. KY Deed Book L, p. 286, has William Osbourne grantor; Benjamin W. Finnell and Wm. McDaniel, merchants of Georgetown, grantees; 18 March 1833, a mortgage secured by note and household goods.

The 1840 Scott Co. KY census has a William Osbourn and D. Gans pages 49 and 99 with two males 20-30. Page 143 has a Will age 80-90 with a female age 60-70; and a Will age 30-40 with a female age 30-40.