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Nicholas of Roundway
Hester of Fleming Co Ky
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Bold 1: Bold of Bold, Bold of Upton
Commoners reported that "The Bolds were seated, it is affirmed, before the Conquest at Bold, in the county of Lancaster". VCH starts with ...
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Tuger 'the elder' de Bold probably a temp Stephen who r. 1135-1154
1. ?? de Bold
A. Richard de Bold d by 1211
m Waltania m2. Waldern de Reynhamwidow of Adam, possibly mother of .
i. Adam de Bold of Bold d by 1222
VCH reports that Adam was succeeded by his brother Matthew and that, after Matthew, the "next in possession was William de Bold. His parentage is not stated." VCH shows that William d by 1278 as father of Robert, Henry & Roger. Dugdale shows such a William as descended from Adam apparently this Adam. We assume that Adam's brother Matthew succeeded as trustee for Adam's young son, shown by Dugdale as ...
a. Thomas de Bolde
1 Matthew de Bolde
A William de Bold of Bold d by 1278
i Robert de Bold of Bold d 1330-1
m Agnes
Bo24 Richard de Bold of Bold d 1346-7
m Margery de Mobberley a 11.1364, dau of William de Mobberley of Mobberley
Bo23 William de Bold dvp
m c1329 Sibyl de Hoghton dau of Sir Richard de Hoghton
Bo22 Sir Richard de Bold of Bold d c1390 - continued below
m Ellen Molyneux dau of Richard de Molyneux of Sefton
As indicated below, there seems to be some confusion concerning the younger sons of around this generation. VCH appears to suggest that Sir Richard had the following brothers.
Bo22-1 Henry de Bold
m Margaret
i Randle Bold a 1429
a Richard Bold a 1429
Bo22-3 Robert de Bold
Bo24-2+ other issue - Robert of Turneleigh, Peter, Matthew, Nicholas had issue
ii+ other issue - Henry, Roger
B Matthew de Bold
m ?? dau of Emma le Menilwaring
i Matthew de Bold
2 Richard de Bolde a 1276had issue
m Lucia
ii. Matthew de Bold of Bold a 1242
Bo22. Sir Richard de Bold of Bold d c1390 - continued above
Richard is one of the figures we have focused on for the purposes of pulling together this pedigree from the different sources used not the easiest of exercises given the differences between the sources. The above section is based on VCH & Dugdale's Visitation. Commoners identifies Sir Richard as great-great-grandson of Matthew a temp Henry II who r. 1216-1272 grandson of William. The Cheshire Visitation shows Richard as son of Sir Richard son of Richard son of Peter son of Robert son of Mathew son of Robert son of William. The next generation is also a bit confusing. Dugdale shows 6 sons: Sir John, Thomas, Richard, William, Henry & Robert. Commoners shows 3: John, Baldwin of Upton & John 2nd. VCH shows Sir John, William, Henry & Robert. The Cheshire Visitation shows 3 sons: Richard father of Sir John, Baldwin & John. In essence we follow Dugdale but add Baldwin as another son, though it may be that he was grandson rather than son of Sir Richard and so may have been son of one of Sir Richard's younger sons.
m Ellen Molyneux dau of Richard de Molyneux of Sefton
Bo21. Sir John Bold of Bold, Sheriff of Lancashire b about 1345 d 27.06.1436
m1. mcrt 1378 Emma Ireland dau of David Ireland of Hale
Bo21 Richard Bold b about 1365 dvp by 1433
m 1404 Ellen Halsall dau of Sir Gilbert de Halsall
Bo20 Sir Henry Bold of Bold b about 1385 d 1464
m Gracewidow of Sir Henry, presumed mother of ...
Bo19 Sir Richard Bold of Bold b about 1405 d before 1487
m 1439 Katherine Bold dau of Richard Bold of Chester
Bo18 Sir Henry Bold of Bold b about 1425 d by 1497
m1. 1464 Dulcia or Dowse Savage dau of Sir John Savage
Bo17--1 Sir Richard Bold of Bold d 16.11.1528
m Margaret Butler dau of Sir Thomas Butler of Bewsey
Bo17 Matilda Bold b about 1445
m Thomas Gerard son/heir of William of Ince
Bo17-3 Agnes Bold probably of this generation
m Henry Blundell dvp Flodden 09.09.1513
Bo17-4+ other issue - Roger, Tuger of Eccleston Lancashire & Harleton Buckinghamshire
m2. Ellen
Bo19-2 Joanna Bold
m 1479-80 Robert Redclyffe son/heir of Thomas of Grapynell
Bo19-3 Elizabeth Bold
m _ Sefton
Bo19-4 Sybilla Bold possibly of this generation
m 01.01.1461 Sir Alexander Standish of Standish d 1507
Bo19-5+ other issue - Boniface d young, Tuger, Gilbert
m2. before 06.1422 Elizabeth a 1439, m2. Gilbert Scarisbrick
Bo21-2. Baldwin Bold of Upton, Cheshire
m Margaret Warwicke dau/heir of John Warwick of Chester & Upton by Maud, dau/coheir of Sir John Arderne
The following comes from Visitation Cheshire, 1580 & 1613, Bold of Upton.
A. George Bold of Upton
m Elizabeth Brych sb Byrch? of Lancashire
i. Richard Bold or Bould
m1. _ Bouth of Hackensall or Hockesall
a. Lawrence Bold dsp
m Margery Glegg dau of John Glegg of Gaition
b. Richard Bold
m _ Cliff dau of John Cliff
1 Lawrence Bold dsp
c. Charles Bold of Upton
m Ellen Warburton dau of Peter Warburton
1 Peter Bold of Upton a 1580, d 1605
m Mary or Margery Glegge d 1616, dau of Arthur Glegge of Geaton or Gayton
A Henry Bold of Upton b c1564, d 1617
m1. Elizabeth probably not Margaret Bunbury dau of Thomas Bunbury of Stanny
i Henry or Peter Bold
m 1609 Elizabeth Mainwaring of Shotwick dau of her husband's stepmother
a+ 3 sons
ii+ other issue - Thomas b 1582, Richard, Edward b 1593, Francis, Elizabeth, Anne, Elieanor, Sara, Mary
m2. Elizabeth d 1617, widow of _ Mainwaring of Shotwick
B Charles Bold
i+ issue - Edward, Mary
C Elizabeth Bold
m John Hayes of Litley Little Leigh
D+ other issue - Luke, William, Thomas
m2. Anne Done dau of ?? Done of Utkinton
d. John Bold
m Cicely Massey dau of Sir John Massey of Portinton
1+ issue - George, John, Thomas, 2 daughters
e. Humphrey Bold
Bo21-3. Margery Bold
m John son of Riald of Lancaster
Bo21-4. Sibyl Bold
m William Daniel of Derresbury
Bo21-5.+ other issue - Thomas, Richard, William, Robert
The Cheshire Visitation supported by Commoners shows another son, John, as father of the following Geffery but we suspect that Geffery may have been son or grandson of one of the above-mentioned.
A. Geffery Bold
i. Nicholas Bold 'of Coddington'
a. Agnes Bold heir
Commoners identifies Agnes's husband as Hugh, son of Hugh Massey of Tatton. The Cheshire Visitation identifies him as Hugh, 3rd brother of Geffery Massy of Tatton. The Massey genealogy around this time is not clear. It appears that Agnes was heiress of Coddington and married ...
m Hugh Massey, later of of Coddington

Sources: VCH Lancashire, vol 3, Townships: Bold, Visitation Dugdale, Lancashire, 1664, Bold of Bold, Commoners Vol III, Wilson Patten of Bank Hall with some support/contradiction from Visitation Cheshire, 1580, Bould of Bould in Lancashire
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