Lu10 Sarah Ludlow

    Sarah Ludlow was the daughter of  Gabriel Ludlow Lu11 and Phylis Wakelyn Wa11
    Born  about 1635 in Dinton, Wilts. England.
    Married about 1656 Col. John Carter of Lancaster County, Virginia
    Died: c 1664
    Ct9-4 Sarah Carter
    Ct9-5 Charles Carter
    Ct9 Robert Carter (1663 - 1732)

    In the early 70's when the author came upon the claim of Sarah Ludlow's prominant descent, the Ludlow pedigree down to Sarah Ludlow 3rd great grandmother of Samuel Smith Nicholas had long been registered at the College of Arms, in fact since 1656. But proving that the Sarah Ludlow who married John Carter was the same one registered at the College of Arms as well as the further connections down to the children of George Nicholas Ni4 was a task that took from 1972 to 1974 and busied the author He1-2 as well as Gen. Charles Parsons Nicholas Ni3-5-4 with collecting the wills of Robert Carter Ct9 and Robert Carter Nicholas. CPN produced copies of the S.S. Nicholas Bible and other secondary documentation from the Filson Club. Finally an unknown cousin who had one of the other Heralds working independently on the upper part of this problem managed to get a certified copy of Sarahís motherís will which mentioned her as well as evidence of the descent of Robert Carter Ct9 from the same Sarah who had been registered at the College. This reduced our problem to proving that Samuel Smith Nicholas Ni5 was indeed the son of George Nicholas Ni6 (primary evidence had been found for everything else but no original birth certification or will could be produced for the relationship between Ni5 and Ni6).  With the help of the Filson Club in Louisville so many articles (secondary evidence generally unacceptable at the College of Arms) more contemporary to him (Ni5) were found evidencing his eminent legal career and testifying to the relationship that Rodney Dennis, Somerset Herald of Arms, was persuaded that nothing else could be the truth. Indeed, such a magnificent apple must have fallen from a worthy tree.

    1653  Apr 20, Cromwell routed the English parliament, which seems to be about the time three of Gabriel Ludlow's children left England to settle in Virginia. Gabriel's brother, George, acquired a 1/16th share of the Mayflower about this time, so they are likely to have come aboard the Mayflower, but not in steerage as the pilgrims.

    Roger Ludlow had first settled in Boston early in the Civil War but soon moved to Conncticut.

    1650        Ludlow's Code, Colonial American laws, came about when Connecticut's general court asked Roger Ludlow, a member of the court, to draft a body of laws. Without the impartiality of an established set of laws, Connecticut colonists had complained of the capriciousness of magistrates.
        (HNQ, 8/4/98)