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Savile: Savile Saville of Halifax, Savile of Howley, Savile of Lupset, Savile of Pontefract Pomfret, Savile of Sussex, Savile of Thornhill

m1 1626 Elizabeth Armitage dau of John Armitage of Kirklees
Sa17. Sir John Savile of Thornhill, Sheriff of Yorkshire a 1460
m Alice Gascoigne dau of:
Sir William Gascoigne of Gawthorp
m 1426 Margaret Clarell dau of Thomas Clarell of Aldwark
Ga20=21=22. Sir William Gascoigne of Gawthorpe d 12.1419, Lord Chief Justice
m Elizabeth Mowbray
William Gascoigne of Gawthorpe d before 1383
m by 1351 Agnes Frank dau of Nicholas Frank of Alwodley
Sa16-1 Isabel Savile b Abt 1436 in Thornhill Hall m Oliver Mirfield b Abt 1415 in Howley, Yorkshire
Sa16-2 Sir John Savile or Saville of Thornhill
Sa16-2-1 Sir John Savile or Savill of Thornhill This generation reported in Visitation Norfolk, 1563+1589+1613, Paston.
m Elizabeth Paston dau of Sir William Paston
Sa16-2-1-1 Sir Henry Savile of Thornhill, Sheriff of Yorkshire d 20.04.1558 continued his mother's tradition of horse breeding as did his son Robert.
m 29.08.1517 Elizabeth Southill dau of Thomas Southill of Southill
-1 Edward Savile of Thornhill dspl 1562
m _ Legh dau of Sir Richard Legh of St. Albans
-2 Dorothy Savile
m John Jay of Woodsome
p. Margaret Barkston dau of Peter Barkston
-3 Sir Robert Savile or Barkston of Howley, Sheriff of Lincolnshire d 1585 continued his father's tradition of horse breeding as did his son John.
m 01.03.1554/5 Anne Hussey d 1562, dau of Sir Robert Hussey of Linwood
-3-1 Sir John Savile of Howley, Sheriff of Lincolnshire, 1st Lord of Pomfret or Pontefract b 1556, d 31.08.1630 continued his father's tradition of horse breeding as did his son Thomas
m1 Catherine Willoughby dau of Charles Willoughby, 2nd Lord of Parham
m2 20.11.1586 Elizabeth Carey dau of Sir Edward Carey of Aldenham
A Henry Savile dvp
m Helen Oglethorpe dau of William Oglethorpe
i John Savile d young
B Edward Savile dsp
m Anne Tolson dau of Richard Tolson of Cumberland
C Sir Thomas Savile, 1st Earl of Sussex bpt 14.09.1591, d c1659/1646 continued his father's tradition of horse breeding as did his daughter Frances
m1 sp Frances Sondes dau of Sir Thomas Sondes of Throwley
m2 after 11.1640 Anne Villiers dau of Christopher Villiers, 1st Earl of Anglesey
i James Savile, 2nd Earl of Sussex b 1647, dsps bur 11.10.1671
m Anne Wake bpt 19.01.1647/8, dau of Robert Wake of Antwerp and London
a James Savile d infant bur 16.07.1671
ii Frances Savile d 06.06.1695 continued her father's tradition of horse breeding as did thr Brudnells.
m c01.06.1668 Francis Brudenell, younger of Cardigan dvp 1698
iii Elizabeth Saville
m John Touchet
D Catherine Savile
m1 Sir Thomas Bland of Kippax Park
m2 Walter Welsh
E Anne Savile
m Piers Leigh of Lyme
F Elizabeth Savile
m1 Alveray Cooper of Batley d 1632
m2 Richard Banks
G Frances Savile
m Thomas Bradley rector of Castleford
H+ other issue d unm - Robert, Edmund
-2 Sheffield Savile 2nd son probably of this generation
m 1588 Dorthy Beeston dau of Robert Beeston of Beeston
Sa16-2-1-2 Anne Savile
m Sir Henry Thwaites
Sa16-2-1-3 Elizabeth Savile
m Sir Thomas Conyers
Sa16-2-1-4 Margaret Savile
m1 Richard Corbett
m2 Thomas Wortley of Wortley d 11.04.1543
Sa16-3 William Savile dsp
Sa16. Thomas Savile of Lupset
m Margaret Balforth dau of Thomas Balforth
Sa15-1. John Savile of Lupset
m Anne Wyatt dau of William Wyatt
Sa15-1-1 Henry Savile of Lupset, Sheriff of Yorkshire a 1567
m Joan Vernon dau of William Vernon of Barrowby
Sa15-1-1-1 Sir George Savile, 1st Bart of Thornhill, Sheriff of Yorkshire
m1 Mary Talbot dau of George Talbot, 6th Earl of Shrewsbury
-1 Sir George Savile dvp 1618
m1 ??
m2 14 Sep 1607 Anne Wentworth dau of Sir William Wentworth, Bart of Wentworth Woodhouse
A Sir George Savile, 2nd Bart of Thornhill d unm young Oxford
B Sir William Savile, 3rd Bart of Thornhill b 1612 d 24.11.1643
m Anne Coventry bap 30 Nov 1615 St Bride Fleet St London d 1661 Wimpole Cambridgeshire dau of Thomas Coventry, 1st Lord of Aylesborough
i Sir George Savile, 4th Bart, 1st Marquess of Halifax b 11.11.1633, d 05.04.1695
m1 29.12.1656 Dorothy Spencer d 16.12.1670, dau of Henry Spencer, 1st Earl of Sunderland
a Henry Savile dvpsp
m Esther de la Tour dau of Charles de la Tour, Marquess of Gouvernet
b Sir William Savile, 2nd Marquess of Halifax, 5th Bart b 1665, d 31.08.1700
m1 1687 Elizabeth Grimston dau of Sir Samuel Grimston, 3rd Bart of Gorhambury
1 Anne Savile d 18.07.1717
m 07.02.1705-6 Charles Bruce, 4th Earl of Elgin, 3rd Earl of Ailesbury b 1682, d 10.02.1746-7
m2 02.04.1695 Mary Finch bpt 18.05.1677, d 19.09.1718, dau of David Finch, 2nd Earl of Nottingham
2 Dorothy Savile d 21.09.1758
m 21.03.1720 Richard Boyle, 4th Earl of Cork, 3rd Earl of Burlington b 25.07.1695, d 03.12.1753
3 Mary Savile b 28.09.1700, d 30.07.1751
m 11.06.1722 Sackville Tufton, 7th Earl of Thanet b 11.05.1688, d 04.12.1753
4+ other issue - William b 21.03.1696, d 18.02.1697, son bur 24.03.1697/8, Essex d young
c George Savile d unm Buda 1688
d Anne Savile b 1663, bur 23.01.1689/9
m 10.08.1682 John Vaughan, 3rd Earl of Carbery, 2nd Lord Vaughan of Emlyn, Governor of Jamaica bpt 18.07.1639, d 16.01.1712
m2 11.1672 Gertrude Pierrepont b c1641, d 01.10.1727, dau of William Pierrepont of Thoresby
e Elizabeth Savile d 1708
m 1691-2 Philip Stanhope, 3rd Earl of Chesterfield b 03.02.1672-3, d 27.01.1725-6
ii Anne Savile b 18.01.1634/5, d 22.03.1666
m 12.05.1656 Thomas Windsor Hickman, later Windsor, 7th Lord Windsor of Stanwell, 1st Earl of Plymouth b c1627, d 03.11.1687
-1 Mary WINDSOR b 1657 in Tardebigg, Worcestershire
-2 Other WINDSOR Lord Windsor b 12 Sep 1659 in Tardebigg d 11 Nov 1684 in Tardebigg.
-3 Anne WINDSOR b 1662 in Tardebigg
iii+ other issue - Mary bap 29 Aug 1632 Thornhill, Henry b 1642 Rufforth dsp MP, Margaret bap 22 Sep 1640 Thornhill, Talbot b 12 Aug 1644 Thornhill
m2 Elizabeth Ayscough dau of Sir Edward Ayscough of South Kelsey
-2 Sir John Savile of Lupset
-2-1/td> daughter
m William Hirstler of Cleveland
m2 Anne Soame dau of Sir John Soame
-2-2 Sir John Savile of Lupset, 6th Bart of Thornhill d unm 1704
-2-3 Mary Savile
m y Jennison of Newcastle
-2-4 Anne Savile
m John Harris of London
-3 Richard Savile dsp
-4 Henry Savile of Bowling
m Anne Crewse dau of Robert Crewse of Lodon
-4-1 John Savile rector of Thornhill
m1 ?? sp
m2 Barbara Jennison dau of Thomas Jennison of Newcastle
-4-1-1 Sir George Savile of Rufford, 7th Bart of Thornhill
m 1722 Mary Pratt dau of John Pratt of Dublin
a Sir George Savile, 8th Bart of Thornhill b c1716, d unm 10.01.1784
b Arabella Savile b 1725, bur 24.09.1767
m ?? Hewett John Thornhagh, later Hewet, of Fenton, etc. d 17.05.1787
c Barbara Savile d 22.07.1797
m 26.12.1752 Richard Lumley-Saunderson, 4th Earl of Scarborough d 12.05.1782
-4-1-2 Anne Savile
m Sir Nicholas Cole, Bart of Brancepeth
-4-1-3 Gertrude Savile
-4-2 Elizabeth Savile
m Count Montfelto
-4-3 Anne Savile
m Sir Robert Forbes
-4-4 Mary Savile
5 Mary Savile
m John Archer of Gray's Inn
Sa15-1-1-2 Francis Savile -
m Catherine dau of William, Lord Conyers ??
Sa15-1-1-3 Cordell Savile
m Mary Welbeck dau of William Welbeck of Sutton
Sa15-1-1-4 Bridget Savile
m Henry Nevil of Grove
Sa15. Alice Savile possibly of this generation
m Sir William Calverley of Calverley a 1521
-1 Sir William or Walter Calverley of Calverley b c 1475
m1 1500 Isabel Drax dau of John Drax
-2 Agnes Calverley m John Vavasour of Weston
-3+ William, Robert, Thomas
-1-1 Sir William Calverley of Calverley, Sheriff of Yorkshire b c 1510 d 27 Oct1570 m1 Elizabeth Middleton + 13 ch dau of Sir William Middleton of Stockeld m2 Elizabeth Sneyd + 3 ch dau of Richard Sneyd b c 1520
-1-2 Alice Calverley m Robert Warcop of Warcop
-1-3 Margery Calverley m Henry Radcliffe
-1-4 Ellen Calverley m Miles Hodson of newcastle
-1-5 Isabel Calverley m Gilbert Leigh
-1-6 Margaret Calverley m y Bollinge of London
-1-7 Anne Calverley possibly the Anne who married ... m Thomas Wentworth of North Elmsall d before 14.09.1590
-1-8+ Gilbert, Thomas, John, Jane, Elizabeth, Maud
-1-1-1 Sir Walter Calverley of Calverley a 1570 m Anne Danby dau of Sir Christopher Danby
-1-1-2 Thomas Calverley ancestor of Calverleys of Ayreholm b about 1540 continued his mother's tradition of horse breeding as did his son John and granddaughter Isabel Calverley m Isabel Anderson of Newcastle
-1-1-3 William Calverley b c 1545
-1-1-4 John Calverley b c 1547 m x Leys of Lincolnshire
-1-1-5 Isabel Calverly b c 1549 m Francis Passelew of Riddlersden
-1-1-6 Elizabeth Calverley b c 1551 d before 25.10.1604 m mcrt 1549 Robert Beeston of Beeston d 31.03.1566
-1-1-7 Anne Calverley b c 1553 m Thomas Ellis of Kiddell
-1-1-8 dau b c 1555 m William WEntworth of Kilnswick
-1-1-9 Dorothy b c 1557 m Walter Furnes of Mirfield
-1-1-10 dau m John Cooper alderman of Chester
-1-1-11 Henry
-1-1-12 Ralph
-1-1-13 Michael
-1-1-14 Beatrice Calverley b c 1563
m Robert Hide of Norburn Hyde of Hyde & Norbury d 1614
-1-1-15 Jane Calverley b c 1564 m y Anby
-1-1-16 Elizabeth Calverley b c 1565 m y Hallie

-1-1-14-1 Hamnet or Hamon Hyde of Norbury b c1564, d 05.1643
m 15 Jul 1583 Mary Warren bur 28 Mar 1639, dau of John Warren of Poynton
-1-1-14-2 Elizabeth Hyde m Francis Gore of Tupton
-1-1-14-3 Alice Hyde m Richard Joy of Wiltshire
-1-1-14-4 Jane Hyde m 12.12.1587 Edward Vawdery of the Riddings, Stockport
-1-1-14-5 Margaret Hyde m 26.02.1592/3 George Hulton of Farnworth
-1-1-14-6 Beatrix Hyde bur 20.07.1628 m c 1592 John Frodsham of Elton
-1-1-14-7 Anne Hyde m Richard Risley of Risley
-1-1-14-8 Mary Hyde b c 1590 m c 1608 John Nuttall of Cattonhall
-1-1-14-9 Catherine Hyde bur 17.04.1650 m1 1606 William Hulton of Hulton d 06.09.1613 m2 Roger Nowell of Reade m3 Saville Radcliffe of Todmorden b c1583, bur 29.09.1652/1664
-1-1-14-10+ Robert, Thomas, William, Urian, John

-1-1-14-8-1 John Nuthall Nu10 m Elizabeth Bacon

-1-1-14-8-1-1 Eleanor Nuthall b c 1645 d btw 2 Jul 1696 - Mar 1700/1 1668 Thomas Sprigg Sp9
-1-1-14-8-1-2 John Nuthall b c 1647 m Eleanor Sprigg Sp7-6 and had

-1-1-14-8-1-1-1 Eleanor Sprigg (1668-1728, married Thomas Hilleary and John Nuthall);
-1-1-14-8-1-1-2 Thomas Sprigg (1670-1726, married Margaret Mariarte);
-1-1-14-8-1-1-3 Mary Sprigg (1671-1694, married Thomas Stockett);
-1-1-14-8-1-1-4 John Sprigg (c1671-c1700, );
-1-1-14-8-1-1-5 Elias Sprigg (c1673-before 1704);
-1-1-14-8-1-1-6 Anne Sprigg (c1676-1721, married Philip Gittings);
-1-1-14-8-1-1-7 Oliver Sprigg  (c1677- )
-1-1-14-8-1-1-8 Martha Sprigg m Thomas Prather and had Thomas Prather II
-1-1-14-8-1-1-9 Ellen (c1678- );
-1-1-14-8-1-1-10 Elizabeth Sprigg (1679-November 1704), married Robert Wade
-1-1-14-8-1-2-1 Eleanor Nuthall b c 1699 Pr Georges Co MD m John Pratt b c 1690 Calvert Co d 1754
-1-1-14-8-1-2-1-1 Thomas Pratt b 8 MAR 1729 Prince Georges Co m Eleanor Magruder b c 1735 dau of Robert Magruder b 11 OCT 1711 Prince Georges Co d 1736 and Sarah Crabb b 20 Oct 1717
-1-1-14-8-1-2-1-1-1 John Wilkes Pratt b c 1785 Georgetown m Rachel Belt b c 1762 Pr Geo Co dau of Tobias Belt and Mary Gordan
-1-1-14-8-1-2-1-1-1-1 Thomas George Pratt b 18 FEB 1804 Georgetown DC d 9 NOV 1869 m Adeline Maccubbin Kent
-1-1-14-8-1-2-2 Mary Nuthall b c 1715 m Richard Duckett Jr b c 1712
Sa15-3.+ other issue - Thomas of Grantham, George of Wakefield
Sa16-5 Isabel Savile b Abt 1436 in Thornhill Hall
m Oliver Mirfield b Abt 1415 in Howley, Yorkshire
-1 Jane Mirfield b about 1461
m Thomas Wentworth of North Elmsall a 1522
-1-1 William Wentworth m Ellen Gilby dau of John Gilby b Abt 1500 and Agnes Brough b Abt 1517 b Bet 1525 and 1530 in Lincolnshire d 22 May 1574 in Goxhill, Lincolnshire
m Ellen Gilby b about 1533 dau of: She m2 John Ferrars
-1-1-1 Chrisopher Wentworth b abt 1560 m
-1-1-2 Oliver Wentworth b Abt 1552 in Lincolnshire, England
-1-1-3 Thomas Wentworth b Abt 1554 in Lincolnshire
Sa16-6 Nicholas Savile b c 1440 in Thornhill Hall,
Sa16-7 Elizabeth Savile b c 1434 in Thornhill Hall
m John Waterton b c 1430 in Walton Hall, Yorkshire
Sa16-8 Alice Savile b c 1445 in Thornhill Hall
m Thomas Stansfield b: Abt 1444 in Stansfeld Hall, Thornhill, Yorkshire

Sources: BEB1844 Savile of Thornhill, BE1883 Savile of Sussex + TCP Savile of Pomfret, TCP Sussex, BE1883 Savile of Halifax, TCP Halifax
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