Ba11 Nathaniel Bacon

    Ba11 Nathaniel Bacon was the son of Rev. James Bacon (Ba12) and Martha Woodward (Wo12)

    Born: 15 May 1593 in England
    Married:1st Ann Smith or Bassett (Capt. William Bassett referred to Nathaniel as his brother)
    2nd Elizabeth Kingsmill Ki11 b about 1600 in England d 1691, burial ground near mouth Kings' Cr., York Co., VA widow of Col William Taylor
    Died: 16 Mar 1681

    Nathaniel Bacon and Elizabeth Kingsmill had issue:
    Ba10 Elizabeth Bacon

    1647        Jan 2,

    Nathaniel Bacon, leader of Bacon's Rebellion*, Va., (1676), is sometimes reported as her brother, but was her cousin.
        (MC, 1/2/02) Ba11 or the cousin is likely to be surety mentioned in Grand Assembly proceedings in 1660/61.


    Visitations show a Anne Legross as only wife of Nathaniel son of Sir James B. and Elizabeth Bacon and a burial in England in 1644, but this was at the height of the English Civil War and if Nathaniel was a royalist he may have had to arrange for an early burial and emigrate to America.

    Nicholas Meriwether, b. 1631, settled Surry Co., 1656 bought from Nathaniel "Island House Tract" of 80 acres on Jamestown Is. 300 ac. New Kent Co., 25 Nov. 1658, assigned by John Bull.
    Nicholas Marywether, 80 Acs James City Island 6 Nov 1661, p. 292, (397), formerly planted and seated by Richard Kingsmill, dec'd who was an ancient planter in this country, and by Nathaniel Bacon, Esq. and Elizabeth his wife, only dau. and heir of said Kingsmill.

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     Birth:  15 May 1593  Place:   , , , England
     Death:  16 Mar 1681  Place:
    Father:  James BACON     Disc #70     Pin #164526
    Mother:  Martha Woodward     Disc #70     Pin #164525
     Spouse:  Elizabeth Kingsmill     Disc #70     Pin #164075
     Marriage:    Place:

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