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Thruston of Wellington and Buckland England and of Virginia.
(This page begins with the early Thurston line, which may be just a variant spelling of Thruston as explained below.)
Th17. John Thurston b c 1470 Hoxne Suffolk d there 1 Dec 1540 Anne FitzHugh b 1473 Hoxne Suffolk d there 1559
+1 John FitzHugh b c 1445 d Hoxne Suffolk
Th16 Nicholas Thurston b 1493 Hoxne Suffolk d there Jul 1551 Julianne Sharpe b c 1496 Essex d c 1560 Suffolk -1 John Thurston b c 1511 St Margaret Ipswich Suffolk
-2 Robert Thurston b 1518 Challock Kent m1 Joan Woodward b 1525 Challock Kent d aft 1550 Throwley + 5 ch dau of Richard Woodward and Katherine m2 2 Margaret Walden
-3 Alice Thurston b c 1525 Hoxne Suffolk
-4 Anne Thurston b c 1525 Hoxne Suffolk
-5 Agnes Thurston b c 1533 Badlingham Suffolk m1 John DereHaugh m2 Reginald Whipple

-2-1 Thomas Thurston b 1549
-2-2 Richard Thurston b 1550 Ashford Kent m1 Jane x b 1553 Challock d there 5 Sep 1587 + 2 ch m2 Margaret Morse b 1555 d c 1591 + 1 ch
-2-3 Alexander Thurston b 1551
-2-4 Bennett Thurston b 1555 Challock Kent
-2-5 Elizabeth Thurston b 1557

-2-2-1 William Thurston b c 1571 Faversham Kent m Alice Foxe b c 1575 Bedford d ?1593 Aylesbury she m2 Christopher John Banks had issue
-2-2-2 Jane Thurston b c 1576 Challock d 2 Fweb 1649 Ripple Kent m Thomas Gookin
-2-2-3 Alice Thurston b 1585 Rendham Suffolk m William Curtis

-2-2-1-1 Robert Daniel Thurston b 1601 Faversham Kent d ther 28 Dec 1635 m Martha Pierce b c 1603 d 25 May 1648 Newbury Essex MA
-2-2-2-1 Catherine Gookin b 7 Oct 1599 Northbourne Canterbury Kent d 10 Feb 1641 Ripple Kent m1 Hon William Warren b 7 Mar 1596 Ripple Court Ripple Kent son of John Warren IV and Anne Crayford m2 John Sewell
-2-2-2-2 Mary Gookin
-2-2-2-3 John Gookin
-2-2-2-4 Elizabeth Gookin
-2-2-2-5 Anne Gookin
-2-2-2-6 Thomas Gookin
-2-2-3-1 George Curtis b 1629 Rendham
-2-2-3-2 Henry Curtis b 24 Apr 1627 Rendham Suffolk m Ann Hasel b 24 Mar 1628 d 1679 Lavenham Suffolk dau of George Hasel and Magdalena Münzer
-2-2-3-4 Richard Curtis
-2-2-3-5 Samuel Curtis
-2-2-3-6 George Curtis

-2-2-1-1-1 Daniel Thurston b 26 Oct 1628 Faversham Kent m Ann Pell
-2-2-1-1-2 Elizabeth Thurston b 1640 Bremhill Wilts m Edward Stratton
-2-2-2-1-1 Edward Warren b 4 Feb 1620
-2-2-2-1-2 Albert Warren b 22 Apr 1622
-2-2-2-1-3 Capt. Thomas Warren b 1624 Ripple Kent d 21 Apr 1670 Smith�s Fort Surry Co VA m1 Mary Alice Powell b Jan 1622 Jamestown VA d c 1659 + 5 ch m2 Elizabeth + 4 ch m3 Jane Plaw + 1 ch
-2-2-2-1-4 Radcliffe Warren
-2-2-2-1-5 Mary Warren b 21 Oct 1627
-2-2-3-2-1 Robert Curtis
-2-2-3-2-2 Sarah Curtis
-2-2-3-2-3 Mary Curtis
-2-2-3-2-4 Isaac Curtis
-2-2-3-2-5 William Curtis
-2-2-3-2-6 Silvane Wife
-2-2-3-2-7 Elizabeth Curtis b 1675 Lavenham Suffolk m Edward Markwell
-2-2-3-2-8 Ann Curtis
-2-2-3-2-9 John Curtis

-2-2-2-1-3-1 Elizabeth Warren m Bailey
-2-2-2-1-3-2 Alice Warren m Marriott
-2-2-2-1-3-3 William Warren
-2-2-2-1-3-4 Frances Warren m Walker
-2-2-2-1-3-5 Mary Warren
-2-2-2-1-3-6 Mary Warren m Hunnicutt
-2-2-2-1-3-7 Mary Elizabeth Warren m Honeycutt
-2-2-2-1-3-8 Thomas Warren
-2-2-2-1-3-9 Thomas Warren b 9 Jan 1659 Smiths Fort Surry Co VA m1 Mary Finch b c 1656 + 1 ch m2 Elizabeth + 3 ch
-2-2-2-1-3-10 Allen Warren b Mar 1662 m Elizabeth had issue
-2-2-3-2-7-1 Mary Markwell b 1715 m Robert Garrad

-2-2-2-1-3-9-1 John Warren b 1683 Abingdon Berks Engl m Frances had issue
-2-2-2-1-3-9-2 Thomas Warren b 1686 Surry Co VA m Lucy
-2-2-2-1-3-9-3 William Warren b 1688 Surry Co VA m Jane and had Mary Warren m y Rash
-2-2-2-1-3-9-4 Elizabeth Warren b c 1690 m James Davis had issue
-2-2-3-2-7-1-1 Robert Garrad
-2-2-3-2-7-1-2 John Garrad
-2-2-3-2-7-1-3 William Garrad
-2-2-3-2-7-1-4 Mary Garrad b 13 Mar 1748 Westerfield Suffolk m Gregory Scrivener had issue
Th15-1. A likely great uncle of Malachias Thruston was:
John Thurston b c 1517 who contributed '' to the defence of the country when threatened by the Spanish Armada. '' He probably built the manor house on the site of the demolished priory that had been part of the holdings of the Manor of Yaxley in Suffolk. Yaxley. Prior Castleton had sold the priory, manor, and estates about 1538 to Sir Richard Gresham, and we find amongst the State Papers for 1538 a patent authorising the sale of Hoxne Priory and Yaxley Manor, to Sir Richard Gresham.''
John Thurston died seised of the manor 28th Nov. 1606,. aged 89, when it passed to his nephew and heir, John Thurston, who died 2nd Dec. 1613. We next find the manor vested in Sir John Prescott, who died in 1640, from which time the manor has devolved in the same course as the main Manor of Hoxne and is now vested in Lady Bateman.
The manor does not appear as part of the endowment, which seems to have been limited to a manor in Yaxley and lands and rents in Hoxne, Denham, Thrandeston, and Horham, the chapel of RingshaU with tithes, and 32 acres of land there, and tithes in Homersfield. In this act of the Prior, no doubt prompted by premonition of the coming storm, he obtained an absolution from Henry VIII. under the seal of the King's Vicar-General ist April, 1538 ; and in the same year he surrendered the Norwich monastery to the King, who refounded it and made prior Castleton the first dean.

The manor was acquired in 1544 by Sir Robert Southwell from John Gresham, son and heir of Sir Richard Gresham.

Thruston is a rather unique name and most branches occasionally show the alternate spelling Thurston, as many pronounced it 'Thooston'. In the Internet I have found data indicating that there were two separte families in England: ours around the Bristol area usually written Thruston, and one in the North written Thurston.
The steward to William II was named Thurstan le Despenser and another Despenser possibily related was of Buckland, so there is coincidence of area and names that invites suspicion of a connection. There is also the Drury of Thurston line that may have been succeeded by the le Lomb line via the heiress, Alice Drury, and later assumed the name Thurston/Thruston. All speculation that only DNA research may clarify in time, so all thruston descendants are invited to participate in either autosomal or if male line descendants also in Y DNA testing.
To date only three men with the spelling Thurston have tested with the result of Haplogroup R1b1a2+, but the only other patriarch line registered in the project begins with William Henry Thurston b 16 Mar 1847
The founder of one Montfort line was Thustan de Bastenburgh. Then there is another Monfort line with a few Thurstans and a Thurlestan in it, who founded the de Lucy family.
The extraordinary height of Henry Clay Thruston also makes us suspect he was a descendant of Ganga Hrolf of Normandy, but there are also maternal lines before him that also probably also lead back to this giant who was so huge no horse could carry him, so he had to walk into his countless battles.
In 1420 Sir Roger Drury of Thurston asked James Andrews to be his executor.
We also find Elianor Gosemore b c 1560 m y Thurston of Sherston Magna Wilts (An Edward Thuston witnessed the will of William Atkins probated 1583 also ?another was a will overseer at Canterbury in 1629)
Th13 Th13 Malachias/Malachy Thruston (or Thurston) was born c 1580 in Wellington, Somerset, England. Burial: Parish Church, Buckland, Somerset, England
According to the pedigree signed and registered by his grandson for the College of Arms, he married Justian/Justian Fursland b c 1584 in Buckland, Somerset, England dau of Andrew Fursland of Wallington Somerset and died Feb 1651 in (?West) Buckland, Somerset, England, where she was buried. (Other sources believe he possibly married x Chamberlain 1605 in Buckland, Somerset, England.. A third source gives her name as Mary Pudding b 1575).
Th12 John Chamberlain Thruston Th12 of Wellington, Somersetshire was baptized in the Parish Church of Wellington, England, on 8 June 1606, He was Chamberlain of the City of Bristol, England for eleven years and eleven months. He died in 1675 on April 8th, and was buried in St. Thomas' Churchyard on the south side of his 1st wife.
John compiled a hand written genealogy now at the archives of the Rockefeller Library in Colonial Williamsburg.

Lark Family genealogy shows his middle name as Chamberlain, but this must be a confusion with his public office.

The source of this shows the death of Malachias as 1651 and the same John as 1675, but the grant of arms to John was 1587 so it deals with a different John Thruston, more likely the father or uncle of Malachias: "On the 10th day of Feruary in the 29th year of the reign of Queen Elizabeth (1587), William Dethick, Garter Principalle, King of Armes, confirmed that John Thruston of Hoxne in Suffolk Co was descended of the family of Thruston of Anderton Lancaster Co was entitled to bear the arms: "In a shield sable, three bugle horns and laces and tassels goulde, garnished asure and to his crest cognizance, a white storke with blue legges, standing on a wreath of yellow and blacke, sett upon a helmit of steele with mantles and tassells of argent and gules ...."
m1 12 Jan 1627/28 in Bristol, Thomasine Rich Ri12 ? b 24 Aug 1604 d 30 Nov 1647 in Bristol, widow Warren and dau of ?,
Lark Family genealogy
m 2nd on 12th January 1647/48 Mary Perry (born about 1610 in Bristol) in Bristol
Peter Rich Ri13 b 1580 West Nottingham, "preacher of God's word, in ye town of Hoytesbury (Yeastsbury), County of Wilts, England." Rich
m 17 Jun 1604 East Nottingham Martha Robinson b 1580 West Nottingham
Joseph Rich b 1550
m Elizabeth Holmes
Th11-1 John Thruston 1 Feb. 1629/30 -d 3 Feb 1630,
Th11-2 Thomasine Thruston 6 Feb. 1631/32
m on 11 Sept 1653 at ?... Parish Church Bristol John Hunt b 11 Sep 1630, England
Th11-3 Justinian Thruston b 11 Sep 1634 d 27 May 1645
Th11-4 Alice Thruston b 26 Sept. 1635 - d age 26
Th11-5 Ann Thruston b 23 Dec 1636
Th11-6 Malachy Thruston b 19 January 1637/38 in Bristol, Gloucester, England. He and his seem to have witnessed a deed signed by Francis Land on 7 May 1692 in Pr. Anne Co.
m MARTHA PORTER in Bristol, Gloucester, England. b Abt. 1641 in Bristol, Gloucester, England. (M Gordon Thruston Jr shows his wife as m Martha Ivy d about 1641 Bristol which is not far from Wiltshire and the ?Ivey/Ivye family, perhaps she married y Porter or y Ivye before this marriage) Died: 14 May 1698 in Norfolk, Virginia.
Children of MALACHY Thruston and MARTHA PORTER are:
Th11-6-1 JAMES Thruston b c 1658
Th11-6-2 JOHN Thruston b Abt. 1663 Va d 1709 m Margaret d aft 1709
Th11-6-3 MALACHY Thruston, JR, b 1659, Norfolk Va
m REBECCA WARREN 1680 in Va The connection to Warren has yet to be researched.
Th11-6-3-1 JAMES MALACHY Thruston, SR, b 1702
m 1724 in Va MARY JANE TAYLOR She b 1709 in Va
Th11-6-3-1-1 JAMES MALACHY Thruston, JR, b. 1725.
Mary Jane Thruston b 1727/8
SARAH LOU Thruston, b 1730
Th11-6-3-1-4 THOMASINE Thruston, b 1732.
Th11-6-3-1-5 ELEANOR SUSAN Thruston, b 1736.
Th11-6-3-1-6 ROBERT JAY Thruston, b 1740.
Th11-6-3-1-7 William P Thruston, SR, b 1753 Norfolk Va d. Feby 1828, Greenville, Greenville Co SC
m 1775 REBECCA Pines MELTON b 1755 in Greenville, Greenville Co SC and died 17 September 1834 in Greenville, Greenville Co SC
Th11-6-3-1-7-1 William P Thruston, JR, b. 1778, Greenville, Greenville Co, SC d. 1850 Morgan Co MO
Th11-6-3-1-7-1-1 JOHN Thruston, SR, b 1 Jan 1820/20 Jan 1822 d 28 Apr 1869 VanBuren Ark
m 25 April 1850, Van Buren, Crawford Co, Ark Martha Ann Bostic/Bostick. The unusual first name "Beverly" for a son makes it likely that his maternal grandmother was of the family.
Th11-6-3-1-7-1-1-1 JOHN Thruston, JR, b 7 Jul 1851, Van Buren, Crawford Co Arkansas; d 29 Mar 1852, Van Buren, Crawford Co Arkansas.
Th11-6-3-1-7-1-1-2 MARY MAGNOLIA Thruston, b. 06 March 1854, Van Buren, Crawford Co Arkansas d. 05 June 1883.
m 9 Oct 1873 in Van Buren CHESTER ASHLEY Woodruff b 12 January 1850 in Little Rock, Pulaski Co Arkansas, d 03 February 1899.
-1 GRACEY WOODRUFF, b 1875, Arkansas.
-2 CHARLES WOODRUFF b 1877, Arkansas.
Thanks to Phil Marshall for an update on this branch! Th11-6-3-1-7-1-1-2-1 Grace Lee Woodruff b30 Dec 1874 d 20 May 1920
m Alexander Dunn Davis b 12 Feb 1871 d 24 May 1934
-1 Freeman Argyle Davis b 10 Sep 1900 d 24 May 1993 m Helen Kean b 18 Dec 1903 d 6 Dec 1994 -1-1 Sarah Jane Davis b 29 Jan 1936 m Eugene Marshall
-1-2 Kathleen Davis b 02 Dec 1925 d 28 Nov 1964.
m Weyman Miles Moseley b 3 Mar 1922 d 17 Jan 1979
-1-1-1 Philip Wayne Marshall b 1965 m1 Debra Sue Grosvenor b 1965 m2 Christine Louise Bain b 1967
-1-1-2 Steven Ray Marshall b 1967 m Tracey Lyn Starzyk b 17 Feb 1972
-1-1-2-1 Kaitlyn Julia Marshall b 1996
-1-1-2-2 Garrett Davis Marshall b 2001
Th11-6-3-1-7-1-1-3 SYME B Thruston b 19 Nove 1856 d 7 Nov 1879
Th11-6-3-1-7-1-1-4 HUGH F Thruston b 2 Sep 1858 Van Buren Crawford Co AR d 6 Aug 1860.
Th11-6-3-1-7-1-1-5 BEVERLY Thruston, b. 12 Jan 1861, Van Buren, Crawford Co Ark d. 24 Nov 1947, Little Rock, Pulaski Co AZ
m MAUDE E MESLER. b 17 Jul 1867, and d 2 Aug 1956.
-1. Alice Lee Thruston b 11 Apr 1892 d 27 Dec 1941
m William Mason Harrison
-2 GORDON RICHARD10 Thruston, b. 14 Oct 1895, Denver, Adams Co Col d. 28 June 1968
m 1929 ROSALIE MARY SCHUMANN b 7 Jan 1902 d 10 Feb 1985
-3 Harold Beverly Thruston b 14 Aug 1898 d 5 Mar 1992 Little Rock Ark
m 3 Dec 1923 Mary Barnard b 3 May 1900 d 31 Jan 1984
-2-2 Rosemary Eva Thruston b 1935
m 1953 Robert Judy b
-3-1 Mary Alice Louise Thruston b1925
m 14 Oct 1946 Clifford L Haen
-2-2-1 Jerry Robert Judy b 1955
m Betty
-2-2-2 Christopher Thruston Judy b 1961
-3-1-1 Mary Alice Haen b 1959 m 12 Jun 1971Robert Middleton Foster
-3-1-2 Holly Ann Haen b 1959 m John William Gravenor and had Joshua William Gravenor b 1981
Th11-6-3-1-7-1-1-6 JOHN RICHARD Thruston, b. 08 Nov 1867; d. 16 Dec 1870.
Th11-6-3-1-7-2 John Pines Thruston, b 1785 Greenville, Greenville Co SC
m Mary W
-1 Rebecca Thruston b 1806 d 1834 SC m 1828 Zerah Davis
-2 Evelina W Thruston m Henry A Davis
-3 Richard Thruston b 20 Jan 1814 d 8 Sep 1885 Van Buren Co Ark m 11 May 1837 in Saline City Mo Mary J Walker b 20 Jan 1814 d 10 Mar 1886
-4 Dr. William Thruston b 22 Apr 1821 d 1914 Mason Co Cal m Sara Ann Doran
-5 John Thruston b 1824 m 15 May 1843 Elizabeth Jones b 1829
-6 William Henry Thruston b 22 Jan 1829 d 7 May 1916 m Emily A Wade
-1-1 Susan Davis
-1-2 Mary Elizabeth Davis m John Conway
-3-1 Margaretta Thruston b 1838 m Thomas Bowen
-4-1 Joseph Doran Thruston b 1865 d 13 Jul 1920 Orlando Cal
m Emma Leona Triplett
-4-2 Minnie Lucy Thruston b 1858 Orlando Cal m A J Harelson
-4-3 Ruby Amand Thruston b 1860 m C M Norton of Redding Co
-4-4 Sally Ida Thruston of Sacramento Co m J P Parker
-4-5 William Thruston b 1864 d 1940 m Bertha Peters

-4-1-1 Loyd Thruston
-4-1-2 Harry Thruston
-4-1-3 George Doran Thruston b 9 May 1909 d 8 Nov 1965 m ? s l Emma Leona Tripplett b 3 Sep 1908 d 25 Oct 1995
-4-5-1 Stanley Harold Thruston b 30 Apr 1900 d 17 Jul 1972 m1 Lauris m2 Vida Poole of Corning Co
-4-5-2 Mabel Ruth Thruston b 1 Dec 1905 m Ralph Cruse
-4-5 William Granville Thruston

-4-1-3-1 Robert George Thruston b 1934 m1 Veronica Joyce Reposa m2 Antonia Werner
-4-1-3-2 Janice Louise Thruston b 5 Feb 1941 James Russell Schwartz
-4-1-3-1-1-1 Christine Shelly Thruston 1963 m Robert William Sykes
-4-1-3-1-2 Corrine Veronica Thruston b 1968
-4-1-3-2-1 Jason Russell Schwartz b 1969 m Theresa Jo Bagley an had Alexis Julianne and Russell Gallatin
-4-1-3-2-2 Judo James Schwartz b 1973
Th11-6-3-1-7-3 STREET Thruston, b. 1787, Greenville, Greenville Co SC moved to Mo about 1830 d 22 Sep 1859 Morgan Co Mo
m1 about 1809 Lettie Gowan b 1788 d 28 Dec 1828 + 9 ch
m2 6 Aug 1829 Sarah Ann Graddock see below. There are conflicting reports as to whether Street had one or two wives and whether William C was the eldest child or the 8th and had one wife or two. The data supplied by Malcom Gordon Thruston seems the more detailed and complete showing the names of all wives etc. so discrepancies are provisionally resolved as follows:
-1 Minerva G Thruston b 2 Oct 1810 became Baptist m 12 Jan 1832 William Smith Barnett
-2 Mariah Thompson Thruston b 5 Nov 1812 d m 12 Jan 1832 John Taylor Hannon b
-3 Dr. John Beverly Thruston b 30 Mar 1815 d 25 Mar 1895 m Nancy Robinson Walton
-4 William Richard Thruston b 11 Aug 1817 d 31 Jul 1847 m 7 Nov 1839 Mary Ann Walton
-5 Jeremiah Cleveland Thruston b 2 Dec 1819 d 7 Jan 1849 m 25 Jan 1842 Lucy Ann Baker
-6 Street W Thruston b 3 Jun 1822 d 31 Mar 1847
-7 James L Thruston b 10 Jun 1822/?4 d 20 Aug 1839
-8 William Crayton Thruston b 16 Jul 1824 Greenville SC lived in Brooking Twp Jackson Co Mo in 1880, over 6' 6" tall, in the 4th Missouri Cavalry, Company I, throughout most of the war d 24 Feb 1899 m1 Tennessee Rowena Cline m2 Ann Elizabeth Kritzer
-9 Baylis J Earl Thruston b 1828 Greenville SC over 6' 6" tall, in the 4th Missouri Cavalry, Company I, throughout most of the war.
-1-1 Ann C Barnett b 1848 Benton MO d 1886 m John H Hunter b 1838 d 1916 he m2 Alcey Cruse b 1861
-1-2 Letty Barnett b 1833 d 1903 m Henry Clay O'Haver b 1831 d 1914
-1-3 William Barnett b 1835
-1-4 Mary Barnett b 1840
-1-5 Nancy Barnett b 1842
-1-6 Baxless Smitth Barnett b 1844 d 1916 m2 Margaret Barnett b 1850 d 1923 m1 M A Robinson b 1851 + 4 ch
-1-7 Manerva Barnett b 1844 m1 Frederick Lampman m2 James C Brown b 1828
-1-8 Albert C BArnett b 1848 d 1929 m Mattie Bowels
-1-9 Mattie E Barnett b 1850
-1-10 Elizabeth Barnett b 1853 d 1907 m Albert M Chamerlain b 1844 d 1890
-8-1 Emily Thruston b 1853 MO
-8-2 Anna Thruston b 1854 in MO
-8-3 Beverly Y Thruston b 1857 MO
-8-4 Rosa Thruston b 1859 MO
-8-5 Ida Thruston b 1863
-8-6 Lillie Thruston b 1866
-1-1-1 Minnie R Hunter b 1869
-1-1-2 Rosa B Hunter b 1871 m Perry J Taylor b 1869 + 3 sons
-1-1-3 Betty Hunter b 1873
-1-1-4 Annie Rebecca Hunter m John T Phillips b 1 Jul 1875 Morgan MO d 1965 son of William Thomas Phillips b 26 Nov 1839 Green Co KY d 1931 and Eliza Jane Holt
-1-2-1 Susan M O'Haver b 1858
-1-2-2 Sarah O'Haver b 1860
-1-2-3 Sally O'Haver b 1862
-1-2-4 William Smith O'Haver b 1861 d 1937
-1-2-5 Albert O'Haver b 1867 d 1899
-1-2-6 Harry Clay O'Haver b 1869 d 1947
-1-6-1 Jay S Barnett b 1873
-1-6-2 Mary M Barnett b 1881
-1-6-3 Hattie Barnett b 1890
-1-6-4 Ruth BArnett b 1894
-1-7-1 James S Lampman b 1875
-1-7-2 John Edward Brown b 1878 d 1924 m Hallie Metta Hastings
-1-7-3 Smyth Brown b 1880 d 1924 m Gertrude I Brown b 1888
-1-8-1 Waltie Barnett b 1872
-1-8-2 Anna S Barnett b 1874
-1-8-3 Jimmie Barnett b 1874
-1-8-4 James S Barnett b 1876
-1-8-5 Annie Barnett b 1877
-1-8-6 Albert Barnett b 1880
-1-8-7 Charles W Barnett b 1884 d 1937 m Jessie Burden Hardesty
-1-8-8 Henry Barnett b 1884
-1-8-9 Marvin Barnett b 1887
-1-10-1 William L Chamberlain b 1865 d 1882
-1-10-2 Walter Chamberlain b 1869
-1-10-3 Albert Sidney Chamberlain b 1875 d 1957
-1-10-4 Grace Mary Chamberlain b 1877 d 1961
-1-10-5 Clara Stone Chamberlain b 1880 d 1917
-1-10-6 George W Chamberlain b 1883 d 1969 m Clara May Eidhelberger
-1-10-7 Kellie Virginia Chamberlain b 1883 d 1969
-1-10-8 Barnett G Chamberlain b 1885 d 1916
-1-10-9 Leonidas H L Chamberlain b 1890 d 1962
-1-1-4-1 Burl T Phillips b 1900 d 1982 m Bonnie M Phillips + 2 ch
-1-1-4-2 William H Phillips b 1901 m Lola B Phillips b 1904
-1-1-4-3 Maude V Phillips b 1903 d 1974 m Herl Peck b 1895 d 1969
-1-1-4-4 Ines Rebecca Phillips b 1905 d 1966 5 Roy Weast Phillips b 1875 d 1965 m Margaret Ethel Salmon dau of William Terrell Salmon b 1879 d 1951 and Virgie Lee Dudley
-1-1-4-5-1 John T Phillips b 1931 d 2010
m2 SARAH ANN Graddick b 18 Apr 1808 in Greenville, Greenville Co SC d 31 May 1886
Th11-6-3-1-7-3-3 Henry Clay Thruston b 14 May 1830 Greenville SC d 2 Jul 1911 bur Edwars Cem Mt Pleasant Titus Co Tx about 7' 7 1/2" was referred to as the tallest man in the Civil War, North or South, and later in life, the Tallest Man in the World, in the 4th Missouri Cavalry, Company I, throughout most of the war. Living with son Edward in 1900
m 8 Mar 53 Mary B Thruston b 14 May 1833 dau of Beverly Thruston and Mary Black bur Edwards Cem Mt Pleasant Titus Co Tx see below
-3-1 Edward Thruston b 1855 Haw Creek Twp Morgan Co Mo m P E b Nov 1860 in Tx
-3-2 Beverly S Thruston b 1858 Haw Creek bur Edwards Cemetery, Mt Pleasant, Titus Co Tx
-3-4 Lewis Washington Thruston b 18 Jul 1832 d 14 Aug 1839
-3-5 Lafayette Crook Thruston b 4 Feb 1835 Morgan Co MO over 6' 6" tall, in the 4th Missouri Cavalry, Company I, throughout most of the war, d Apr 1864 m 12 Feb 1856 Nancy Elizabeth Lester b 1838 in Tn.
-3-6 Susan A R Thruston b 30 Jul 1837 Morgan Co MO m 25 Mar 1860 Richard C McCoy
-3-7 Sarah Ann Thruston b 14 Feb 1841 Morgan Co MO d 12 May 1876 in Titus Co Tx m Samuel Russel Sheppard
-3-8 Mary Ann Thruston b 14 Dec 1844 Morgan Co MO d 22 Jul 1860
-3-1-1 B W Thruston b Aug 1893 in Tx
-3-4-1 Sarah A Thruston, b. 1857, Morgan Co
Th11-6-3-1-7-4 RICHARD Thruston, b 1790, Greenville, Greenville Co SC d. 20 September 1843
m SUSAN Ware Saxon
Th11-6-3-1-7-4-1 Lewis Saxon Thruston b 12 Dec 1824
m Henrietta R D'Oyley ?of Hokenorton
-4-1-1 Richard Thruston b 16 Aug 1851
-4-1-2 Lelia Thruston b 1854 d 1854
Th11-6-3-1-7-4-2 Thomas Barksdale Thruston 18 Sep 1827
m Annie Bush
-2-1 George Bush Thruston b 3 Dec 1860 d 21 Feb 1948 unm
-2-2 Anita Thruston b 21 Aep 1863 d 15 Sep 1944 unm
-2-3 Thomas Lockwood Thruston b 22 May 1867 d 12 Oct 1937 m 4 Jul 1894 Lula Lenhardt Berry
-2-3-1 Herbert Lockwood Thruston b 1 Jul 1895 d 2 Feb 1975 unm
-2-3-2 Edyth Loreny Thruston b 5 Sep 1896 d 26 Aug 1980 unm
-2-3-3 William Carlton Thruston b 19 Feb 1898 d 2 Dec 1970 unm
-2-3-4 Katie Elizabeth Thruston 30 Sep 1899 d 9 Jun 1900
-2-3-5 Malcom Gordon Thruston b 23 Feb 1901 d 3 Dec 1997 m Kate Elizabeth Farr/?Eargle b Jan 1906 d 5 Oct 1996
-2-3-6 Alfred Dorrah Thruston b 26 Nov 1902 d 8 Oct 1997 m Fannie Ilene Loftis b 11 Nov 1906 d 22 May 1992
-2-3-7 Joseph Johnson Thruston b 18 Aug 1904 d 2 Mar 1994 m Irene Susan Johnson b 15 Dec 1908 d 12 Mar 1984
-2-3-8 Frederick Franklin Thruston b6 Nov 1906 d 24 Dec 1987 m1 Emma Elizabeth Couch m2 Frances Elizabeth Hunt (she m1 Wm Fitzhugh Grumbles)
-2-3-9 Richard Lenhardt Thruston b 15 Nov 1908 d 21 Dec 1913
-2-3-10 Annie Louise Thruston b 14 Nov 1911 d 18 Jan 1991 m David Lorenza Sherrill
-2-3-11 Mabel Eleanor Thruston b 23 May 1915 d 24 Aug 2000 m Earle Monroe Glazener b 3 Jun 1916 d 17 Oct 1988
-2-3-5-1 Malcom Gordon Thruston b 1930 m1 Elizabeth Bertha Early and had 2 ch
-2-3-5-2 Terry Farr Thruston b 1936 m Marlene Mabel Sebby and had 2 ch
-2-3-5-3 Virginia Lockwood Thruston b 21 May 1944 m Robert Arthur Diseker Jr and had 2 ch
-2-3-6-1 Alfred Dorrah Thruston b 1934 m Caroly Patricia Potts and had 2 ch
-2-3-6-2 Sara Frances Thruston b 1930 m William Brown Stipe
-2-3-7-1 Joseph Johnson Thruston Jr b 1945 m Marie Elizabeth Alewine b 1950
-2-3-7-2 Susan Burma Thruston b 1950 m Jason Arthur Cone
-2-3-8-1 Frances Elizabeth Thruston b 25 Sep 1943 d 6 Aug 1999 m John Blassingame Johnston III
-2-3-10-1 Mary Karen Sherrill b 1950
-2-3-10-2 David Lorenza Sherrill III b
-2-3-10-3 Russell Sherrill b
-2-3-11-1 William Earle Glanzener b 1947
-2-3-11-2 Walter David Glanzener b 1950 m Joan Woolridge
-2-3-5-1-1 Kathleen Miriam Thruston b 1957 m William Randolph Chapman
-2-3-5-1-2 Richard Gordon Thruston b Gloria Kidd
-2-3-5-2-1 Amy Marlene Thruston b 1965 m Marcus Cook Turner b 1964
-2-3-5-3-1 Robert Arthur Diseker III b 1968 m1 Mary Eden Avery b 1968 m2 Cynthia Elaine b 1971
-2-3-6-2-1 Julie Marie Stipe b 1957 m Steven Franklin Echols
-2-3-6-2-2 Dianne Elaine Stipe b 1959 m William Thomas McClanahan
-2-3-6-2-3 Janet Sue Stipe b 1963 m Thomas Dwight Voyles Jr
-2-3-7-1-1 Amy Leigh Thruston b 1980
-2-3-7-2-1 Allison Michell Cone b 1979
-2-3-7-2-2 Jennifer Ann Cone b 1981
-2-3-8-1-1 Hesther Elizabeth Johnston b 1969 m George Havens Remington
-2-3-8-1-2 John Blassingame Johnston IV
-2-3-8-1-3 Tamatha Leigh Johnston bb 1976
-2-3-8-1-4 Christine Michell Johnston b 1983
-2-3-11-2-1 Rachel Louise Glanzener b 1985
-2-3-11-2-2 Rebekah Lynn Glanzener b 1987
-2-3-5-1-1-1 William Bradley Chapman b 1986
-2-3-5-1-1-2 Harrison Randolph Chapman b 1989
-2-3-5-1-2-1 Jeremy Gordon Thruston b 1989
-2-3-5-2-1-1 Amy Kathrine Turner b 1995
-2-3-5-2-1-2 Alyson Sebby Turner b 1997
-2-3-5-2-1-3 Cameron Peterson Turner b 2000
-2-3-5-2-1-4 William Thruston Turner b 2002
-2-3-5-3-1-1 Robert Alden Diseker b 1999
-2-3-5-3-1-2 Gaines William Avery Diseker b 2002
-2-3-6-2-1-1 Jeremy Franklin Echols b 1986
-2-3-6-2-1-2 Joy Marie Echols b 1988
-2-3-6-2-1-3? Echols
-2-3-6-2-2-1 Christopher Thomas McClanahan b 1985
-2-3-6-2-2-2 Erwin Michello McClanahan
-2-3-6-2-2-3 ? McClanahan
-2-3-6-2-3-1 Lindsay Nichole Voyles b1989
-2-3-6-2-3-2 Brian Thomas Voyles b 1992
Th11-6-3-1-7-4-3 Henry Lee Thruston b 17 Aug 1830 d 18 Feb 1861 unm
Th11-6-3-1-7-4-4 Harriet Tabitha Thruston b 2 Nov 1832 d 27 May 1867 m William Murrah Thomas b 1812 d 14 Feb 1902 -4-4-1 Susan Lea Thomas b 7 Oct 1855 d 13 Aug 1857 unm
-4-4-2 Mary Long Thomas b 21 Jun 1858 d 5 Dec 1935 m 1 Jun 1882 Francis C Easterby
-4-4-3 Henrietta Lea Thomas b 4 Jan 1861 d 1 Jul 1861
Th11-6-3-1-7-4-5 Robert T Thruston b 19 Dec 1834 d 11 Feb 1907 m Martha Mitilda Carson b 8 Dec 1832 d 3 Oct 1908 -4-5-1 Joseph Carson Thruston b 20 Oct 1864 d 15 Jan 1866 unm
Th11-6-3-1-7-5 BEVERLY Thruston b 1794 in Greenville, Greenville Co SC d 25 Mar 1891 Haw Creek Twp Morgan Co Mo
m Mary Earle Black Abt. 1821 in Greenville, Greenville Co SC b 1798 in SC
Th11-6-3-1-7-5-1 (Charles) Elias E Thruston b about 1822 Greenville SC Living with John W & Susan E Hart in Buffalo Twp Morgan Co Mo in 1880
Th11-6-3-1-7-5-2 Dr. William Thruston b about 1823 Greenville SC
m 16 Nov 1843 Sarah Jane Thruston Th11-6-3-1-7-6-1 b 1833 in Va
-1 William Milford Thruston b 8 Feb 1858 d 21 Dec 1909 m Emma Elizabeth Coberly -1-1 Samuel Everett Thruston b 29 Oct 1885 Bolivar Mo m Lucile Meredith
-1-2 George Thruston
-1-3 Theodore Thruston
-1-4 Fred Thruston
-1-5 Jess Thruston
-1-6 Susan Thruston
-1-7 Naomi Thruston
-1-8 Edith Thruston
-1-9 Rena Thruston
-1-10 Reba Thruston
-1-11 Clara
-1-12 Charles Robert Thruston b 1904/5 d 28 Feb 1987 m Mabel Janoushek d 1994
-1-1-1 Owen Carl Thruston b 24 May 1916 m Helen Alberta Spansail

-1-12-1 Robert Levane Thruston b 1935 m Joyce
-1-12-2 Richard Charles Thruston b 1932 m Janice Martin

-1-1-1-1 Kenneth Carl Thruston 1944 m Linda Kathleen Bell
-1-1-1-2 Steven Roy Thruston b 1946 m Dorthy Ann Warrick
-1-1-1-3 David Michael Thruston b 1947 d 17 Apr 1954
-1-1-1-4 Sandra Lee Thruston b 1949 m Arthur Roy Conier
-1-12-1-1 Kevin Robert Thruston b 1959 m Diann
-1-12-1-2 Kenneth Levane Thruston b 1960 m Gina Zechmann
-1-12-1-3 Kerri E Thruston b 1964 m Tom Sisson
-1-12-2-1 Crystal Dawn Thruston b 1952 m Jonathan Perry Martin b 1954
-1-12-1-1-1 Robert Thruston
-1-12-1-1-2 Randy Thruston
-1-12-1-1-3 Brandy Thruston
-1-12-1-1-4 Brinda Thruston
-1-12-1-2-1 Russel Thruston
-1-12-1-2-2 Ryan Thruston
-1-12-1-3-1 Krystal Elaine Sisson b 1984
-1-12-2-1-1 Mark J Shackleford Martin b 1968
Th11-6-3-1-7-5-2-1 George Thruston b about 1852 in Morgan Co Mo
Th11-6-3-1-7-5-2-2 Lucy J Thruston b about 1858 in Morgan Co Mo
Th11-6-3-1-7-5-2-3 Amanda Thruston b about Feb 1859 in Morgan Co Mo
Th11-6-3-1-7-5-2-4 Ida Thruston b about 1863 Morgan Co Mo
Th11-6-3-1-7-5-2-5 Joseph B Thruston b about 1865 Morgan Co Mo
Th11-6-3-1-7-5-2-6 William Thruston b about 1869 Morgan Co Mo
Th11-6-3-1-7-5-3 Marshall Beverly Thruston b about 1825 Greenville SC
m Abt. 1858 in Texas Rachel Matilla Campbell
Th11-6-3-1-7-5-3-1 William F Thruston, b. 1860, Texas.
Th11-6-3-1-7-5-3-2 MINNIE B Thruston, b. 1862, Hutchins, Dallas County, Texas.
Th11-6-3-1-7-5-3-3 MARSHALL G Thruston, b. 1865, Hutchins, Dallas County, Texas.
Th11-6-3-1-7-5-3-4 HENRY EDWARD Thruston, b. 14 May 1871, Hutchins, Dallas Co Tx d. 26 December 1942, Olton, Lamb Co Tx bur there
m MYRA ANIS WEEKS b 11 Jun 1890 in Clifton, Bosque Co Texas, She b 9 Nov 1873 in Terrell, Kaufman County, Texas, d 28 Feb 1944 in Littlefield, Lamb County, Texas.
William WEEKS
Th11-6-3-1-7-5-3-4-1 ANNIE MARILLA Thruston, b 24 Jun 1891, Leon Junction, Coryell Co Tx d 07 Jan 1926, O'Donnell, Lynn County, Texas.
m 1 Jan 1912 JAMES WILLIS THARP in Bangs, Brown Co Tx b Sep 1887 in Brownwood, Brown Co Texas, and died 13 April 1947 in Sierra Blanca, Hudspeth County, Texas.
-4-1-1 FAYE LOUISE THARP, b. 11 Sep 1912, Bangs, Brown Co Texas; d. 19 Oct 1988, Midland, Midland Co Tx m LOUIE L HOBGOOD 5 Mar 1933 in Olton, Lamb Co Tx
-4-1-2 IMA RUTH THARP, b. 04 Jan 1916, Snyder, Scurry Co Texas; d. 23 July 1982 m1 EDWARD STEADMAN 1931 in Big Spring, Howard Co Tex b 1914 in Tex. m2 NOEL A NALLS 1941. bn 31 Aug 1916.
-4-1-3 LETHA LEE THARP, b. 30 Apr 1918, Corona, Lincoln Co New Mexico. m GILFORD C ROBERTS 4 Apr 1934 in Carlsbad, Eddy Co NM b 21 Feb 1907 in Mount Ida, Montgomery Co Ark
-4-1-4 JOSEPH OWEN THARP, SR, b. 28 April 1920, Snyder, Scurry Co Tx m1 KATHERINE INEZ COWEN 2 Jan 1946 in San Bernardino, San Bernardino Co Cal b 01 Jan 1929 in Clayton, Pushmataha Co Ok 6 ch m2 GERALDINE ELEANOR JEAN ZINN 30 September 1964 in Indio, Riverside Co Cal b 10 Nov 1948 in Scotts County, Mo
-4-1-5 EVA ONETA THARP, b. 15 Aug 1922, Dexter, Chaves Co, NM m HUGH FRANK BAILEY 27 Dec 1940 in Los Angeles, Los Angeles Co Cal b 17 Sep 1917 in Fort Worth, Tarrant Co Tex
-4-1-6 NORMA JEAN THARP, b. 14 Jun 1924, Dexter, Chaves Co NM m JAMES LUTHER THOMPSON 24 November 1942 in Texas. He b 19 November 1919 in Leta, Pope County, Ar
-4-1-1-1 ANITA LOUISE HOBGOOD, b 21 Jan 1934, Olton, Lamb Co Tx
-4-1-1-2 LARRY SHAYNE HOBGOOD, b 7 Jul 1937, Stamford, Jones Co Tx
-4-1-2-1 CHARLES EDWARD STEADMAN, b. 27 Jul 1933, Big Spring, Howard Co Tx
-4-1-2-2 NELDA LAVON STEADMAN, b. 28 Oct 1934, Big Spring, Howard Co Tx
-4-1-2-3 JERRY DONALD STEADMAN, b. 20 Apr 1936, Big Spring, Howard Co Tx
-4-1-2-4 SUE ANNE12 NALLS, b. 05 Sep 1942, New Mexico
-4-1-3-1 MARGARET JOYCE ROBERTS, b. 1935, Salinas, Monterey Co Cal m. DONALD ROBERTS, 1 Janü 1955, Cal
-4-1-3-2 GLEN C ROBERTS, b. 6 Jun 1936, Fresno, Fresno Co Cal m. ARDELL ELAINE SHORTELL, 16 Jun 1961
-4-1-3-3 JAMES WAYNE ROBERTS, b. 11 May 1938, Tulare, Tulare Co Cal m. NANCY ELIZABETH CALDWELL, Jun 1959, San Luis Obispo, San Luis Obispo Co, Cal
-4-1-4-1 DORIS MARILLA12 THARP, b. 11 Sep 1946, Riverside Co Cal m. WAYNE BRISCOE.
-4-1-4-2 BEVERLY ANN THARP, b. 16 Dec 1947, Bengal, Latimer Co Okl; m. ALVIS AMBURN, 1967
-4-1-4-3 REBECCA LOUISE THARP, b. 15 Aug 1949, Beaumont, Riverside Co Cal m. WOODY YOUNG, 1967.
-4-1-4-4 KATHY MARIE THARP, b. 18 Oct 1950, San Jose, Santa Clara Co, Cal m. BOB DUDLEY.
-4-1-4-5 STEVEN LESTER THARP, b. 8 Sep 1953.
-4-1-4-6 JONI SUE THARP, b. 13 July 1967, Corcoran, Kings Co Cal m. EDWARD Lee Eaton, 17 Jan 1989, Pixley Tulare Co Cal
-4-1-4-7 JOSEPH OWEN THARP, JR, b. 12 Apr 1971, Indio, Riverside Co, Cal
-4-1-4-8 BENJAMIN CHRISTOPHER THARP, b. 6 April 1972, Indio, Riverside County, Cal m. Nelda Dee Evans, 28 Mar 1992, Drain, Douglas Co Or
-4-1-5-1 BOBBY PAUL BAILEY, b. 4 Apr 1943, El Paso, El Paso County, Texas; m. Carla Shidiler.
-4-1-5-2 BARBARA JEANETTE BAILEY, b. 22 Jul 1947, Albuquerque, Bernalillo Co New Mexico; d. 13 Apr 1988, Neosho, Newton Co Mo m. JOHN HERMAN MEYER; b. 6 Nov 1913, Col d. April 1992, Neosho, Newton Co Mo
-4-1-6-1 Carol ANN THOMPSON, b. 11 May 1945, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Co Okl m. David Lewis Larkin, 12 Aug 1967; b. 06 Nov 1944.
-4-1-6-2 JAMES RICHARD THOMPSON, b. 22 Aug 1948, Corpus Christi, Nueces Co Tx m. Patricia K Greene, 03 June 1972; b. 20 Aug 1949.
-4-1-6-3 Susan EElizabeth THOMPSON, b. 1 Jun 1957, Eugene, Lane Co Or
-4-2 ORA MAY Thruston, b. 18 Oct 1893, Vaughn, Hill Co Texas; d. 24 Sep 1949, Littlefield, Lamb County, Texas.
-4-3 VIOLA MARIE Thruston, b. 20 Feb 1896, Aquilla, Hill Co Tx d. 23 May 1996, Fredericksburg, Gillespie Co, Tx m. 21 Feb ?1927 in San Saba Tx HENRY FRANK HENDRIX, San Saba, San Saba Co Tx
-4-4 MAUDIE ETHEL Thruston, b. 03 October 1898, Aquilla, Hill County, Texas; d. 10 Oct 1927, Olton, Lamb Co Tx
-4-5 LOTTIE LEE Thruston, b. 09 January 1901, Aquilla, Hill County, Texas; d. 23 July 1982, San Angelo, Tom Green Co Tx
m. PAUL AUBREY WilliamS, 07 February 1926, Floydada, Floyd County, Texas.
-4-6 BURNICE KELL Thruston, b. 30 November 1903, Van Zandt Co Tx d 26 July 1992, San Angelo, Tom Green Co Texas.
m MELBA LOUVA SHAW 27 Nov 1932 in Clovis, Curry Co NM b1910 in Indianola, Warren County, Iowa, and died 07 April 1997 in Fredericksburg, Gillespie County, Texas.
-4-6-1 PATRICIA ANITA Thruston, b 1933, Plainview, Hale Co Tx m JAMES FORREST SMATHERS 20 Dec 1953 in Plainview, Hale Co Tx b 1928 in Llano, Llano Co Tx
-4-6-2BARBARA ALLAIRE Thruston, b. 09 May 1935, Olton, Lamb Co Tx m IVAN OLIVER BROWN 20 May 1956 in Lubbock, Lubbock Co Tx b 1932 in Tama, Tama Co Iowa
-4-6-3 JAMES William Thruston, b 1937, Los Angeles, Los Angeles Co Cal m BRENDA KAY CHANDLER 19 Dec 1964 in Lubbock, Lubbock Co Tx
-4-6-1-1 ROYCE DANIEL SMATHERS b. 24 Apr 1956, Pampa, Gray Co Tx m RAE ARDEN WALDROP 18 September 1982 in Liberty Tx and had Molly Catherine S b 1985 Beaumont Tx and John David S b 1987 Beaumont Tx
-4-6-1-2 KEITH EDWIN SMATHERS b 1957, Pampa, Gray Co Tx m. ANA MARIE RANGEL, 12 Jul 1997, Kemah, Galveston Co Tx
-4-6-1-3 RAMONA GAIL SMATHERS b 1960, Seymour, Baylor Co Tx m MATTHEW JOHN KRAUSS 10 July 1982 in Taylor Tx and had Nathan Wayne K b 1986 Shreveport Lo Lauren Michelle K b 1988 Shreveport and Stephen Michael K b 1990 in Shreveport
-4-6-2-1 JUANITA IVONNE12 BROWN b 1957, Lubbock, Lubbock Co Tx m RICKY LYNN SMITH 03 January 1976 and had Erik Lann S b 1979 Salem SC and Jason Allan S b 1980 Austin Tx
-4-6-2-2 CYNTHIA JUNE BROWN b 1959, Charleston, Charleston Co SC
-4-6-2-3 RODNEY EARL BROWN b 1964, Tacoma, Pierce Co Wa m Julia Edmonson and had Jeffrey David B b 1985 Fayetteville Ark
-4-6-2-4 RANDALL WAYNE BROWN b 1968, Tacoma, Pierce Co Wa m KATHY ANN BROWN 06 August 1988 in Fayetteville Ark and had Brittany Winter B b 1992 in Fayetteville and Spencer Forrest B b 1995 Warner Robins Ga
-4-6-3-1 KELI KRISTINE Thruston, b 1966
vii. WESLEY HOWARD Thruston, b. 11 Oct 1906, Bangs, Brown Co Tx d. 27 Nov 1982, Houston, Harris Co, Tx
m 09 Nov 1927 ELIZABETH SUE WHITE in Amarillo, Potter Co Tx b 17 Sep 1911 in Amarillo, Potter Co Tx
i. NEIL HOWARD Thruston, b 1931, Lamesa, Dawson Co Tx m WANDA CLAUDIA BRIDGFORTH
ii. ELEANOR SUE Thruston, b 1936, Houston, Harris Co Tx m ROBERT ALTON LEE
iii. EDWARD FOWLER Thruston, b 1940, Houston, Harris Co Tx
i-i MARK STEPHEN Thruston, b. 01 December 1959.
i-ii JON CHRISTOPHER Thruston, b 1964
ii-i William ROBERT12 LEE, b 1962
viii. ROY OLEN Thruston, b. 3 Jul 1911, Bangs, Brown County, Texas; d. 29 May 1993, Plano, Collin County, Tx
m EMILY CATHERINE SHAW 15 Dec 1932 in Clovis, Curry Co NM b 16 Dec 1915 in Milo, Warren Co Iowa d 01 May 1980 in Az
i ARTHUR LEROY Thruston, b. 21 October 1934, Olton, Lamb Co Tx m SHIRLEY LORAINE PRIEST
ii DIXIE DAWN Thruston, b 1936, Lubbock, Lubbock Co Tx m BENNY D HUMPHREYS
i-i MICHAEL ANTHONY Thruston, b 1957.
i-ii JUDY JEANNETTE Thruston, b 1958.
i-iii HOWARD FLETCHER Thruston, b 1962.
i-iv DANIEL KEITH Thruston, b 1964
ii-i EDDIE JOE12 HUMPHREYS, b 1956.
ix. NORMA JOY Thruston, b. 06 Oct 1916, Bangs, Brown Co Texas; m. JACK BARBER, 1947, Albuquerque, Bernalillo County, NM
Th11-6-3-1-7-5-3-5 NETTIE EARL Thruston, b. April 1874, Texas; d. 1953, Tatum, Lea County, New Mexico.
m 26 Dec 1888 in Bosque Co Tx JAMES ALEXANDER PITTMAN
TABITHA EZELL. He b April 1856 in Clarksville, Red River Co Texas, and died 07 May 1941 in Tatum, Lea Co New Mexico.
Th11-6-3-1-7-5-3-5-1 i. EVAN ERNEST PITTMAN, b. November 1890, Indian Territory, Oklahoma.
Th11-6-3-1-7-5-3-5-2 ii. MINNIE MARILLA PITTMAN, b. 02 March 1893, Texas; d. 10 March 1993, Tatum, Lea County, New Mexico; m. PAUL V GAINER; b. 23 May 1900; d. October 1970, Tatum, Lea County, New Mexico. Burial: Tatum Cemetery, Tatum, Lea Co NM m PAUL V GAINER:Burial: Tatum Cemetery, Tatum, Lea Co NM
Th11-6-3-1-7-5-3-5-3 iii. BERTHA L PITTMAN, b. Feb 1895.
Th11-6-3-1-7-5-3-5-4 iv. EULA MAY PITTMAN, b. Apr 1897, Tx
Th11-6-3-1-7-5-3-5 v. JAMES FORREST PITTMAN, b. 04 Sep 1904, Magnum, Greer Co Ok d 16 Oct 1985, Ulysses, Grant Co Ka
m GERTRUDE IRENE COLLUM 10 Jun 1924 in NM b 2 Feb 1903 in Montgomery Co Ar and d 23 Feb 1999 in Kendall, Hamilton Co Ka dau of ROBERT COLLUM and IDA JONES
i LADY FORREST PITTMAN, b. 29 August 1926, Tatum, Lea Co NM d 2 Jul 1967 Or m JACK EDISON BRYAN. He b 12 February 1925 in Dallas, Dallas Co Tx and d 7 March 2001 in Roseburg, Douglas Co Or
ii SANDRA LYNN PITTMAN, b. 20 September 1934, Lubbock, Lubbock Co Tx m VAN JON APPLING 15 February 1955
i-i JAMES KIRK BRYAN, b 1946, Hobbs, Lea County, NM m1 ROSELLA ANN YANKUS, 26 August 1968, Mill City, Linn County, Or b 1945; m2 JOAN ANN ROBLETT, 5 Dec 1980, Memphis, Shelby Co Tn b 1945, London, Engl Div 1991
i-ii SYDNEY LYNN BRYAN, b. 17 January 1951, Levelland, Hockley Co Tx m1 MICHAEL HAROLD REYNOLDS about 1977 and had Jessica Lynn R b 1978 in Dayton Ohio m2 Samuel San Miguel 1978 and had Royce San Miguel and Sanitiago San Miguel
ii-i JON SCOTT APPLING, b. 07 March 1956, Lubbock, Lubbock Co Tx
ii-ii ANN ELIZABETH APPLING, b. 13 February 1960, Levelland, Hockley Co Tx
Th11-6-3-1-7-5-3-5 vi. CLINTON LOWELL PITTMAN, b 7 Nov 1908, Oklahoma Territory, Ok d. 08 June 1987, Logan, Quay Co New Mexico bur Logan Cemetery, Logan, Quay Co NM
m. ALMA FAY KIMBALL; b. 31 Dec 1913; d. 16 Apr 1971, Logan, Quay Co NM burial: Logan Cemetery, Logan, Quay County, New Mexico
Th11-6-3-1-7-5-4 Samuel R Thruston b about 1829 Greenville SC
m 22 Aug 1855 ELIZABETH Hammon/HANNUM b 1835 in Tn
Th11-6-3-1-7-5-4-1 MARY A Thruston, b. 1858, Mo
Th11-6-3-1-7-5-4-2 HUGH Thruston, b. 15 July 1864, Morgan County, Missouri; d. 14 October 1909.
m MATILDA JANE SMITH 15 June 1888. She b 14 April 1870 in Illinois, and died 24 May 1947.
i. WOODIE LEONA10 Thruston, b. 13 Feb 1889; d. 27 Mar 1972 bur 29 Mar 1972
ii. VIRGIE M Thruston, b. 2 Jun 1890; d. 4 Sep 1968.
Th11-6-3-1-7-5-4-3 ROSANNA H Thruston, b. 1871.
Th11-6-3-1-7-5-4-4 JOHN S Thruston, b. 1873.
Th11-6-3-1-7-5-4-5 SUSAN Thruston, b. 1875.
Th11-6-3-1-7-5-5 McLanahan Thruston b about 1832 Greenville SC d 1850
Th11-6-3-1-7-5-5 Mary B Thruston b about 1835 Morgan Co MO
m Henry Clay Thruston b 14 May 1830 d 1890 see above
Th11-6-3-1-7-5-6 Mary Earle Black Thruston b about 1845 Morgan Co MO bur Edwards Cemetery, Mount Pleasant, Titus Co Texas
Th11-6-3-1-7-6 William Thruston b 1794
m1 Mary M Walker
m2 Sara Neely?
-6-1Sara Jane Thruston m William Thruston Th11-6-3-1-7-5-2
-6-2 Elizabeth Thruston
-6-3 Nancy Thruston
-6-4 James Thruston twin
-6-5 Myra Thruston twin
-6-6 Sally Thruston
-6-7 John Thruston b 20 Jan 1822 d 22 Jan 1869 m Matha Ann Bostick b 11 Apr 1831 d 19 Nov 1916
-6-8 Samuel L Thruston b 1825 m 4 Jul
-6-9 William Thruston b 10 Aug 1831 d 1889 m1 Matilda Phillips m2 Cassie Mayberry Riley

-6-8-1 Mary Thruston b 1858
-6-8-2 Isabell Thruston b 1862
-6-8-3 Hugh Thruston b 1864
Th11-6-4 JAMES Thruston, b. c 1667 Virginia
Th11-6-5 SARAH Thruston b c 1669 Va m Capt Richard Chashire
Th11-6-6 JANE/Jeane Thruston b c 1673 or 1671 Va
Th11-6-7 MARTHA Thruston b c 1680, Va. ?=
m Harwood Cary b c 1680, 2 d 1720 Goochland Va of Skiff Creek, Warwick Co "Apparantly inherited Skiff Creek Plantation, Warwick County, Va, for it passed to son. Left one son, William Cary who in 1764 was authorized to sell Skiff Creek and other lands and slaves [Va Statues VIII, p 34] "1,
-1 Mary Cary b 1709 Warwick, Chesterfield Co Va d 1734 NC
m Francis Wilkinson 17 Oct St Peters New Kent Co Va d there 1728 Daniel Wilkinson b 16603 Williamsburg Va d 1728 New Kent Va and Rebecca Parke b 1675 St Peters Parish Kent Engl
-1-1 Gen John/?James Francis Wilkinson m Judith Lee dau of Maj Charles Lee Jr and Elizabeth Pinkard -1-1-1 Lucy Wilkinson b 1750 Wilkes Ga d there 1822 m Francis Smith -1-1-1-1-1 John Smith Brown b 29 Aug 1897 Lenoir City Tn d before 1907 m Lavinay Brown dau of Moses Brown and Elizabeth Duncan
-1-1-1-1-1-1 Carter James Brown b 1850 ancestor of Shirley Juanita Becker, author's DNA match
Th11 Edward Thruston b 30 January 1638/39 in Bristol, living in Virginia in 1668 d 17 Dec. 1670 in Bristol. He lived in Ashton from 1680 to 83 but removed from Ashton to Virginia on the 13th of June, 1717 to live with his son, Edward and gave him the Bible in which the latter and his progeny kept the family records, a certified copy of which was given to the Filson Club in Louisville.
m1 28 Oct 1666 in Chippokes Plantation Ann Loveing b: 1643 in Jamestown, James City Co Va 13 Dec 1670 in St. Thomas, Bristol dau of Thomas Loveing and Elizabeth Kingston, of Va. He was 1iving in Virginia in 1668, and in Ashton from 1679 to 1683 where his wife died Aug. 2, 1683.
Th10-1 John Thruston b 2 Dec 1668 Martin's Hundred, James City Co. Va.- Judge
m 24 Sept 1690 Elizabeth widow of John Carey
Th10-1-1 Justina Thruston, b 26 Aug 1691 in Long Ashton Somerset d at Armsfield Plantation, James City, Hanover Co. Va.
m John James b about 1689 Kent Engl/1688 in Bristol
?Cptn John William James Sr b 1657 Kent Engl
m Anne Thomas Wyndham b about 1658 in London Hereford Co Engl
Sir Demetrius James
m Anne Bate
Sir Thomas Wyndham b ca 1635 in Somerset Engl
m Elizabeth Croke d about 1699 in Somerset

Sir Francis Wyndham b 1612 Somerset Engl
m Anne Gerard
Sir Thomas Wyndham d about 1670
m Elizabeth Coningsby (probably dau of Humphrey (not Richard) Coningsby of Hampton Court)
Thomas Gerard of Trent
Th10-1-1-1 Christopher James b 1720 Armsfield Plantation d 1779 Hanover Co Va
m 1746 Lucy Thompson b c 1730 Henrico Co Va d 1767 dau of Col Roger Thompson and Mary Ann Foster
-1 Mary JAMES b 1747 Hanover Co Va m1 John GARLAND m2 James PENDLETON
-2 John JAMES b 1750 Armsfield Plantation, Hanover Co VA d 16 SEP 1819 Beaver Dam Ohio Co KY m 1 DEC 1774 Hanover Co VA Elizabeth Frances MORRIS + 1 ch m2 Lucy MOSBY + 10 ch
-3 Foster JAMES b 1752 Hanover Co VA m Rebecca CLOUGH
-4 Elizabeth JAMES b 1754 Hanover Co Va m1 R. PENDLETON m2 John THOMPSON
-5 Lucy JAMES b 1757 Hanover Co., Va m Nathaniel THOMPSON
-6 Thruston JAMES b 1759 Hanover Co VA m Sarah "Sallie" PENDLETON
-7 Edmond (Twin) JAMES b 15 JAN 1763 Hanover Co VA m 20 DEC 1788 Hanover Co VA Susannah SHEPPARD
-8 George (Twin) JAMES b 15 JAN 1763 Hanover Co VA
-9 Francis JAMES b 9 JUL 1766 Hanover Co VA m x CHILES
-1-1 Mary Garland
-2-1 Elizabeth Morris James b 1774 m Joseph Thompson
-2-2 William Samuel JAMES b BEF 1782 Hanover Co VA d BET 1840 AND 1848 Butler Co KY m1 6 APR 1801 Ohio Co KY : Catherine PARKER + 11 ch m2 Jane CRAVENS
-2-3 Mary "Polly" JAMES b 1782 Virginia d IL m 28 FEB 1800 Ohio Co KY Joel Jones SUGG
-2-4 Rev. John JAMES Jr b AUG 1782 Buckingham Co VA d 14 JAN 1860 Millersburg, Bourbon Co KY m 29 AUG 1803 at: Millersburg, Bourbon Co KY Margaret TAYLOR
-2-5 Rev. John Foster JAMES b14 NOV 1786 Henrico Co VA d 2 FEB 1860 Morgantown, Butler Co KY m 17 JAN 1811 Butler Co KY Margaret Elizabeth "Betsy" WAND
-2-6 Mosby (Capt.\Magistrate\Sheriff) JAMES b 1787 d 15 NOV 1855 Ohio Co KY m Martha Elizabeth "Betsy" ROGERS m2 Sally BORAH
-2-7 Samuel L. JAMES b 8 APR 1790 Virginia d 26 DEC 1862 n Borah's Ferry Ohio Co KY m1 19 OCT 1818 at: Ohio Co KY Martha "Patsey" ROGERS m2 Elizabeth Sarah Mae "Sallie" BORAH
-2-8 Hezekiah JAMES b 20 SEP 1792 Virginia near Lynchburg or Ohio Co KY d 24 AUG 1835 Butler Co KY m 1816 Elizabeth CARSON
-2-9 Susannah JAMES b 3 DEC 1794 Campbell Co VA d 25 AUG 1859 Clackamas, OR m 17 JAN 1814 at: Ohio Co KY Rev. Thomas TAYLOR
-2-10 Rev. Joseph JAMES b 5 FEB 1799 Buckingham Co VA d 12 MAY 1866 Ohio Co Ky Married: 20 SEP 1822 Ohio Co., Ky Elizabeth ROGERS
-2-11 Mariah JAMES b ABT 1802 Ohio Co KY d 1856 Ohio Co KY m1 18 JUN 1823 Frank AMBROSE m2 Jacob AMBROSE
-7-1 Garland James b 1789
-7-2 Fleming James b 1 Feb 1792 Hanover Co m1 x ?Randolph + 1 ch m2 Mary Armstrong

-2-1-1 Ann THOMPSON m 24 JUN 1817 Mercer Co KY Thomas B. HOOD
-2-1-2 Mary McClung THOMPSON m1 Burr Harrison MCGOWAN m2 Dr. y BARBOUR
-2-1-3 Elizabeth Morris "Eliza" THOMPSON b 27 OCT 1800 d 4 MAR 1864 Mercer Co KY m1 y MORRIS m2 Dr. John Atwood TOMLINSON
-2-1-4 Joseph Addison THOMPSON b 4 JUL 1805 d 2 APR 1881 Mercer Co KY m Amanda SINGLETON
-2-2-1 Samuel JAMES b ABT 1801 Ohio Co KY d 1870 Ohio Co KY m1 10 NOV 1821 Elizabeth DAVIS m2 Elizabeth RENO + 9 ch
-2-2-2 Fleming W. JAMES b ABT 1803 Ohio or Buttler Co Ky d AFT 1880 Ohio Co Ky m 24 NOV 1839 Ohio Co., Ky Margaret Ann ROGERS
-2-2-3 Lucy JAMES b 1805 Ohio Co KY d AFT 1880 Butler Co KY m 22 APR 1822 William Cass ROGERS
-2-2-4 Frances JAMES b ABT 1808 Ohio Co Ky m 30 NOV 1829 Ohio county, Milton ROGERS
-2-2-5 Mosby "Mode" JAMES b 15 JAN 1812 Ohio Co KYd 14 APR 1874 Ohio Co KY m 25 DEC 1832 Ohio Co KY Elizabeth Betsy Coffee HOBDY
-2-2-6 Caroline M. JAMES b 16 JUN 1814 Butler Co KY d 1907 Butler Co KY m 1 JAN 1836 Butler Co KY Morrison JAMES (Capt.\Magistrate\Sheriff)
-2-2-7 Elizabeth "Eliza" JAMES b 8 SEP 1817 Ohio Co KY d 8 JAN 1866 Butler Co KY m1 26 DEC 1832 Butler County KY Chastain FURGERSON m2 Isaac CLARK m3 Drinkard ARBUCKLE
-2-2-8 Emaline JAMES b 1818 Butler Co KY d BEF 1847 m 5 MAY 1833 Butler County KY. Cotton HOBDY m2 James HARDING
-2-2-9 William L. JAMES b 20 JUN 1819 Ohio Co KY d 25 JUL 1899 Butler Co KY m1 20 JUN 1846 Ohio Co KY Lucinda ARBUCKLE + 6 ch m2 Nancy WHITE
-2-2-10 Sarah Ann "Sally" JAMES b 1823 Butler Co KY m 26 JUN 1843 Butler Co KY Alexander Richard HOBDY
-2-2-11 Martha M. JAMES b 1829 Butler Co KY d BET 1880 AND 1900 Butler Co Ky m 16 JUL 1845 Ohio Co KY Volney M. JAMES
-7-2-1 Alfred Randolph James b c 1834

-2-1-2-1 Wing Kincheloe JAMES b 28 NOV 1826 Ohio Co KY d 27 JAN 1920 Ohio Co KY m Kentucky Mary A. RENO
-2-1-2-2 Amanda Catherine JAMES b 3 JUN 1829 Ohio Co KY d 29 SEP 1862 McLean Co KY m1 ABT 1850 John Dell (Dr.) MCCRAY m2 Nathan Harry (Dr.) EVERLY
-2-1-2-3 Sarah Ann "Sally" JAMESb 15 NOV 1831 Ohio Co KY d 12 JAN 1913 Weir, Cherokee Co KS m 4 SEP 1858 Point Pleasant, Ohio Co KY Nathaniel Francis ARBUCKLE
-2-1-2-4 Frances JAMES b 1834 Ohio Co KY m 1 AUG 1853 Ohio Co KY Robert M. DAVIS
-2-1-2-5 Edmund Henderson JAMES b SEP 1837 Ohio Co KY d 11 MAR 1911 Centertown, Ohio Co KY m1 Elizabeth Josephine TIMMONS m2 Mary Sophia BUTLER
-2-1-2-6 Mary Eliza JAMES b 19 AUG 1839 Ohio Co KY m 16 JUN 1859 Ohio Co KY Thomas H. WOODWARD
-2-1-2-7 Mildred JAMES b 14 APR 1842 Ohio Co KY d 25 NOV 1921 Ohio Co KY m 1 FEB 1877 Ohio Co KY Virgil P. BROWN
-2-1-2-8 Samuel Mosby JAMES b 11 AUG 1844 Matanzas, Ohio Co KY d 12 FEB 1923 Centertown, Ohio Co KY m 14 JUN 1866 at: Ohio Co KY Lavinia J. MOSELEY Laura Alice KINCHELOE
-2-1-2-9 Nancy E. "Nannie" JAMES b 14 SEP 1845 Ohio Co KY m 3 JAN 1878 Point Pleasant, Ohio Co KY Elijah Hise JAMES
-2-2-2-1 Vibiller JAMES b ABT 1844 m 3 FEB 1860 Ohio Co KY Luther ROGERS
-2-2-2-2 Martha Eudora "Mam" JAMES b 1 MAY 1847 Butler Co KY d 3 OCT 1932 Butler Co KY m 8 APR 1869 Josiah Walton "Pap" WADE
-2-2-2-3 Samuel Wing JAMES b 12 OCT 1848 Ohio Co KY d 30 MAR 1912 Butler Co KY m1 1870 Janet E. HODGES m2 Mary Curt ARBUCKLE
-2-2-2-4 Edmonia M. JAMES b 1 May 1851 m 19 FEB 1869 Aaron F. BUTLER
-2-2-2-5 John Thomas JAMES b 15 DEC 1853 m 24 JUL 1878 Mary E. ROBERTSON
-2-2-2-6 Laura T. JAMES b 15 MAR 1856 Butler Co KY d BEF 1889 m 18 DEC 1871 Joseph James BUTLER
-2-2-2-7 Luther JAMES b 1859 Ohio Co KY
-2-2-2-8 Vilura JAMES b 1862
-2-2-2-9 Amanda JAMES Born: 14 JAN 1862 at: Butler Co KY
-2-2-2-10 Florence JAMES b 1866 Ohio Co KY d 7 SEP 1892 m 20 SEP 1882 Butler Co KY Robert Fulton ARBUCKLE
-2-2-3-1 Emily ROGERS b ABT 1831
-2-2-3-2 Eliza ROGERS b ABT 1833
-2-2-3-3 Martha ROGERS b ABT 1842
-2-2-3-4 Mary ROGERS b ABT 1845
-2-2-3-5 Sally M. ROGERS b ABT 1855
-2-2-4-1 Thomas M. ROGERS
-2-2-4-2 Catherine ROGERS b 1831 at:
-2-2-4-3 Luther ROGERS b ABT 1837 at: m1 3 FEB 1860 Ohio Co KY Vibiller JAMES m2 Agnes E. JAMES
-2-2-5-1 Penelope B. JAMES b 26 NOV 1833
-2-2-5-2 Minerva JAMES b 1834
-2-2-5-3 Melvina JAMES b 3 AUG 1835 d 11 JAN 1873 Butler Co KY m 4 JUL 1856 Ohio Co KY George W. TAYLOR
-2-2-5-4 Robert Clinton JAMES b 1 MAR 1837 Ohio Co KY d 7 DEC 1917 Sherman, Grayson Co TX m 13 JUN 1875 Rosa WORLEY m2 Elinora GARDNER
-2-2-5-5 Agnes E. JAMES b 30 AUG 1839 d 20 MAR 1865 m1 Vibella JAMES m2 Walter S. DUNN m3 Luther ROGERS
-2-2-5-6 Lycurguss JAMES b 4 SEP 1842 d 13 JUL 1868 m 20 OCT 1863 Elizabeth A. ROGERS
-2-2-5-7 Samuel L. JAMES b 11 AUG 1844 d 2 FEB 1855
-2-2-5-8 John H. JAMES b 25 OCT 1846 d 16 DEC 1884 Ohio Co KY m 12 OCT 1875 Ohio Co KY Sally SHAVER
-2-2-5-9 Margaret Mosby JAMES b 2 FEB 1849 Ohio Co KY d ?Montgomery Co KS m 25 OCT 1866 Ohio Co KY James A. FLENER
-2-2-5-10 Eudora Frances JAMES b 27 OCT 1851 Ohio Co KY d 23 OCT 1876 Butler Co KY m1 9 APR 1869 Josiah Walton "Pap" WADE m2 William M. JAMES m3 William Mosby "Brud" JAMES
-2-2-6-1 y JAMES
-2-2-6-2 Richard S. JAMES b 22 SEP 1838 Ohio Co KY 25 MAY 1916 Butler Co KY m Phrenetter HOUSE Martha Green WARREN
-2-2-6-3 Alexander C. JAMES b 7 NOV 1842 Ohio Co., Ky d BEF 1850 Ohio Co., Ky.
-2-2-6-4 Leura Catherine JAMES b 16 JUN 1844 at: Ohio Co Ky d 1919 Butler Co KY m 24 APR 1873 Ohio Co KY William Earlis (Capt.) HUDSON
-2-2-6-5 Elizabeth JAMES b 9 JAN 1847 Ohio Co KYd 22 DEC 1908 Warren's Mill, Butler Co KY m 29 APR 1867 Butler Co KY John Layton WARREN
-2-2-6-6 Louis P. JAMES b 24 DEC 1848 Ohio Co., Ky d 1932 Butler Co KY m 14 APR 1872 Mary Idel HOBDY
-2-2-6-7 Gerome JAMES b 29 APR 1850 Ohio Co., Ky
-2-2-7-1 Eudora S. ARBUCKLE b ABT 1842 Butler Co., KY d 1 APR 1858 Butler Co., KY
-2-2-7-2 William Curran ARBUCKLE b 21 JAN 1844 Butler Co Ky d 11 NOV 1917 Ohio Co Ky m1 9 JUL 1866 Eliza J. HODGES m2 Narcissa L. HODGES
-2-2-7-3 Joseph Alfred ARBUCKLE b 1846 Butler Co., KY
-2-2-7-4 James Drinkard ARBUCKLE b MAY 1848 Butler Co., Ky d 26 DEC 1897 Ohio Co KY m 25 DEC 1871 Sarah M. RAMEY Virginia MILLER
-2-2-7-5 Volney James ARBUCKLE b 4 FEB 1851 Butler Co., Ky d 26 DEC 1897 Ohio Co Ky m 8 NOV 1871 Idella ATCHISON
-2-2-9-1 Lucretia JAMES
-2-2-9-2 Mary J. JAMES b 1844
-2-2-9-3 Catherine Ann "Kitty" JAMES b 20 MAR 1847 d 27 AUG 1944 Ohio Co KY m 21 MAR 1867 Butler Co KY James M. BUTLER
-2-2-9-4 Richard S. JAMES b 22 OCT 1848 Butler Co KY m ABT 1872 Isabell SIGLER
-2-2-9-5 Elijah Hise JAMES b 5 AUG 1852 Ohio Co KY d 15 JUL 1902 Point Pleasant, Ohio Co KY m1 1869 Josephine TIMMONS m2 Nancy E. "Nannie" JAMES
-2-2-9-6 Amelia "Lelia\Lilly" JAMES b APR 1859 at: m 8 DEC 1879 Butler Co KY James BUTLER
-2-2-10-1 Joshua John HOBDY b 1842
-2-2-10-2 Mary E. HOBDY b 1844
-2-2-10-3 Richard M. HOBDY b BET 1844 AND 1848
-2-2-10-4 Evelyn HOBDY b JAN 1846 Butler Co KYd 16 APR 1938 Butler Co KY m 4 FEB 1863 Corning, Clay Co AR Samuel Francis WARREN
-2-2-10-5 Pameline HOBDY b 1847
-2-2-10-6 Nancy HOBDY b 1852
-2-2-10-7 William HOBDY b 1854
-2-2-10-8 Mary Idel HOBDY b 15 MAY 1855 Butler Co KY d 10 JUL 1875 Butler Co KY Married: 14 APR 1872 Louis P. JAMES
-2-2-10-9 Vibella HOBDY b 1857
-2-2-11-1 Burilla Carolyn JAMES b 31 AUG 1846 d 1 JAN 1920 m 1 NOV 1866 Butler Co KY John Logan WARREN
-2-2-11-2 William Mosby "Brud" JAMES b 17 JUL 1849 Ohio Co KY d 1 FEB 1911 Butler Co KY m1 ABT 1874 Eudora Frances JAMES m2 Rosannah CLARK
-2-2-11-3 James B. JAMES b 15 JUL 1853
from Lark Family Th10-1-1-2 Thomas James b 1722 -
m Alice Garland
Lucretia "Lucy" James b about 1722 Bedford Co Va
William Scott b about 1720 Pr Georges Co Va
Acton/Axton Scott b about 1748 Bedford Co Va d about 1794
m Dorcas Wright b about 1744 Md
Catherine Caley Scott
m William Mitchell Lockhart
Dorcas Lockhart b about 1811 in Va d 3 Nov 1887 Russell Co Ga
m James Finney b about 1809 in Va d after 1887 and had
Sarah M Finney b 25 Jul 1848 d after 1910
m Emery F Thompson and had
Virginia Catherine Thompson
Th10-1-1-3 Thruston James b 1715 martin's Hundred James City Co Va d 5 Feb 1780
Th10-1-1-4 John James
Th10-1-1-5 May James
Th10-2 Thomasine Thruston b 28 Nov/4 Dec 1670 in Bristol Eng. d 11 Dec 1670) St. Thomas, Bristol
m2 m2 in 1671, on August 2. Susanna Perry Pe11
daughter of Nicholas Perry (Pe12) of Gt. Marlow in Bristol, England.
Th10 Edward Thruston b 5 Feb. 1678/80 in Ashton d 1762 will dated 25th Sep 1761)
m on Saturday, 31 Aug 1706 Elizabeth Housden Ho10 b 1686 d by 1762
+1 Rev Thomas? Housden Ho11 b c 1655 d by 1690, Anglican minister of the upper parish of Nansemond in Virginia. (Although the Jamestown Society recognizes him for qualifying for membership, Edward's notes in his Bible may have mistaken his name for Thomas instead of William, as William died in 1690) +2? Rev. William Housden b 1657 d 1690 edu Cambridge Magdalene College, minister of the upper parish of Nansemond and Newport Parish Virginia in 1680
Th9-1 Mary Thruston b 9th Dec 1707 in the afternoon
Th9 Th9 Col John Thruston+ b 24th Oct 1709 in Gloucester Point at 3 AM, d. 20 Feb 1766 at "Lansdowne", his home in Gloucester County, Virginia.
m in 1737, on December 6, Sarah Minn My9 b c 1717 d 1786 wid of William Dalton (1st) and Herbert Haynes (2nd) + dau Martha Haynes b 1730 Abington Gloucester Co VA d 1748 Bath Beaufort Co NC.
+1 Robert Minn My10 b c 1690 d c 1718
Sarah Carey Ca10 /?Hurrell b c 1698
+2 y Mynn
+2? James Carey Ca11
Sarah Reade Re11
Th8 Reverend and Colonel Charles Mynn Thruston b 1738 Gloucester Co VA d 2 March 1812 , near New Orleans, Louisiana. (Date of death also given as March 21 in the Thruston Diary).
m1 1760 to Mary Buckner Bu8
+1 Col. Samuel Buckner +2 y Buckner +3 y Buckner +4? Hugh Buckner Bailiff of Oxford 1592
Th7 John Thruston b 15 October 1761 Gloucester County Virginia d 19 Feb 1802 near Louisville Kentucky. settled in Louisville, Ky. Served as bugeler at the age of 16 under Gen George Rogers Clark in his Illinois campaign
m 13 October 1782 to his first cousin Elizabeth Thruston Whiting Wh7, 10 children see below
Th6-1 Mary Buckner Thruston
Th6 Elizabeth Taylor Thruston (This name raises the question of possible Taylor, even though the younger children of this generation were not named after ancestors. But only Mary Bucckner had an unidentified grandmother while the first named is given as Ann instead of Elizabeth)
Th6-3 Thomas Whiting Thruston
Th6-4 Sarah Thruston
Th6-5 Catherine Thruston
Th6-6 Charles Minn /Mynn Thruston, b 1793 at San Souci, who married Eliza Sydnor Cosby, daughter of Judge Fortunatus Cosby, and his wife, Mary Ann Fontaine. He was a celebrated criminal lawyer in Louisville.
Th6-7 Fanny Badello Thruston
Th6-8 Alfred Thruston
Th6-9 Lucino Falkland Thruston
Th6-10 Algernon Sydney Thruston
Patrick Henry Pope b 17 March 1806 d 4 May 1841 US Congressman
Married 18 July 1827 Sarah Lawrence Brown Br5

Po4-1 Elizabeth Thruston Pope (twin 27 Apr 1828-1883) m Dr. William Henry Galt 1827 Ky - 1893
Po4-2 Urith Lawrence Pope (twin 27 Apr 1828-1884) m Joshua Fry Lawrence in 1851
Po4-3 James Brown Pope (1830-?)
Po4-4 Ellen E.?D. Pope (25 July 1831 ? - ?) m Dr. John Thruston, son of Charles M. Thruston, on 13 Dec 1858
Po4-5 Mary Emmeline Pope (1832 �-?)
Po4-6 Worden Pope (9 Apr 1836 - ? ) Went to Nicaragua
Po4 Mary Anna Pope b 30 Sept 1838 d 1897
m George Nicholas Ni4
Ni3-2 Samuel Smith Nicholas (1862-1864)
Ni3-3 Mary Emeline Nicholas (1863-1863)
Ni3-4 Worden Pope Nicholas (1864-1942) who had issue
Ni3-5 George Nicholas (1866-1926) m Evelyn Belle Thompson in Shelbyville, Ky.
Ni3-6 Sarah Lawrence Nicholas (1868-1935)
Ni3-7 Patrick Pope Nicholas (1869-1941)
Ni3-8 Thomas Prather Nicholas (1872-1942)
Ni3-9 Lawrence Nicholas (1874-1942)
Ni3-10 Cary Nicholas (1876-1897)
Ni3 Matilda Prather Nicholas (1878-1954 ) m Dr. Thomas Eugene Bland
Bl2 Anna Pope Bland, b 26 June 1908, d. 15 Feb 1970 m Dr. Eustace Granger Hester author's parents
Ni3-12 Mary Anna Nicholas (1880-1915)
Ni3-13 Samuel Smith Nicholas (1881-1927)

Buckner Thruston
Th7-2 Buckner Thruston (1764- ) b in Gloucester Co Va, T A.B. from William and Mary College at Williamsburg, Virginia. He read law and moved to Lexington, Kentucky (then a part of Virginia) in 1788. He was admitted to the bar and began the practice of law. He was a member of the Virginia assembly in 1789, resuming his private practice from 1791 to 1792. After Kentucky was organized as a State, Thruston was elected clerk of the first Kentucky Senate in 1792, one of Kentucky�s three commissioners to settle the boundary dispute between the states of Kentucky and Virginia. He also served as a judge of the Kentucky State District Court in 1791, and as a judge of the Kentucky State Circuit Court from 1802 to 1803, declined appointment asUS judge of the court of the Territory of Orleans in 1804 to practice law from 1803 to 1805 in Ky, US Senater from 4 Mar 1805 till 18 Dec 1809, US Circuit Court in DC Dec 1809 til 1845. settled in Lexington Ky in 1788 judge
m Jeanette January b 1765
-1 Gen Charles Mynn Thruston b 22 Feb 1798 Lexington KY graduated at West Point in 1814. He was made captain of Company C, Third Artillery, of the Regular Army in 1820. He attained the rank of Brigadier General during the Civil War m 5 Sept 1820 Julia Hughes b 1798 dau of Christopher Hughes and Margaret Sanderson
-2 Robert AYlexander Thruston b 1806 d 1839 m Marianne Louise Phillips b 30 Mar 1814 d 7 Sep 1896 Dayton OH dau of Horatio Gates Pjhillips anbd Eliza Smith Houston b 1783 d 1831 she m2 John Gilbert LÖowe
-1-1 Mary Jeanette Thruston m 1830 Charles Prate Manning b 1817 d 1886 of Baltimore
-1-2 Colonel George A Thruston m Elizabeth M. Tidball dau of Thomas A. Tidball Clerk of the Circuit Court of Winchester, VA
-1-3 Charles B. Thruston
-1-4 William S. Thruston accidentally drowned in 1865 at the early age of 37
-1-5 Dr. Henry Scott Thruston
-1-6 Julian Thruston
-2-1 Eliza Phillips Thruston b 1834 d 1914 m George Washington Houk
-2-2 BGen Gates Phillips Thruston
-1-1-1 JULIANA THRUSTON Manning b Cumberland, Md m Dr. William David Booker
-1-2-1 Leroy Brown, of Virginia
-1-2-2 Elizabeth Thruston m Andrew Hunter Boyd, Chief Justice of the State of Maryland
-1-2-3 Violet Thruston m Paul Mackey of New York
-2-1-1 Katherine Houk b 13 Feb 1864 Dayton OH d 2 Oct 1935 Oakwood Montgomery Co OH m Harold Elstner Talbott b 4 Jul 18670 Cincinnati OH d 31 Jan 1921 Miami Beach FL son of and Sarah Jane Elstner b c 1834 Cincinnati
-2-1-2 Robert Thruston Houk Sr
-2-1-3 Mary Anna Houk m Mead

-2-1-1-1 Harold E. Talbott, U.S. Secretary of Air Force b 31 Mar 12888 Dayton d 2 Mar 1957 Palm Beach FL
-2-1-1-2 Nelson Strobridge "Bud" Talbott,...
-2-1-1-3 Daisy Talbott b 13 Jul 1889 d 29 Nov 1959 Oakwood OH m1 George Shaw Greene m2 2 WEill Duddleston Brown
-2-1-1-4 Eliza Thruston Talbott b 13 Jul 1901 Dayton OH d 22 Nov 1990 Bryn Mawr Montgomery Co PA m Frederick Morris Thayer
-2-1-1-5 Katherine Houk Talbott b 19 Jun 1903 Dayton OH d 14 Oct 1986 Sea Island Glynn Co GA m Alfred William Jones
-2-1-1-6 Margaret Stoddard b 1906 d 1975 m Charles Allen Thomas
Th7-3 Charles Minn Thruston b 3 Aug 1765 d 11 Dec 1800 settled in Louisville, Ky, m 19 Jan 1796 Frances Eleanor Clark b 20 Jan 1773 d 19 Jan 1825 dau of John Clark and Ann Rogers, sis of Gen George Rogers Clark. She m1 21 Feb 1791 Dr James O'Fallon + ?4 ch m3 13 May 1805 Judge Dennis Fitzhugh d 1822 -1 Ann Clark Thruston b 1795 KY
m Dr. Bernard Gaines Farrar son of Joseph Royall Farrar abt 1740 -- 1796 Jane Ford b 4 JUL 1784 KY d 1 JUL 1849 MO, St Louis Mo
-2 Charles William Thruston m 27 May 1824 Mary Eliza Churchill dau of Samuel Churchill and Abigail Oldham
-1-1 Calvin Morgan Christy ?Farrar b 22 Apr 1836 Murphreesboro Tn d 27 Dec 1927 daytona Beach Fl(name change due to Confederate involvement?) m Mary Ann le Beau b 1 Apr 1855 St Louis Mo d 1937
-1-2 Sarah Farrar
-2-1 Frances Ann Thruston m Andrew Jackson Ballard
-1-1-1 William Christy III b 12 Feb 1888 St Louis Mo d 8 Jan 1976 St Louis Mo m Marguerite Shields
-2-1-1 Charles Thruston Ballard
-1-1-1-1 Abigail Shields Christy b 1 Aug 1915 St Louis Mo d 22 Oct 2007 m Wilmot Harry Scott
m2 1766 to Ann Alexander.
Th7-4 Sarah Alexander Thruston b 1766
Th7-5 Frederick Thruston b 1770- )
Th7-6 Mary Buckner Thruston b 31 Jul 1772 d 16 Apr 1850 bur Mt Hebron Cem Winchester VA
m Col Charles Magill b 1760 VA bur d 1850 bur Mt Hebron Cem Winchester VA
-1 Elizabeth Daingerfield Magill b c 1797 Winchester d 31 DEC 1860 m Augustine Charles Smith
-2 Ann Magill b 1799 Winchester Winchester d 7/03/1862 m Thomas Turner Fauntleroy
-3 Henry Daingerfield Magill b 30 NOV 1806 Winchester d 15 MAY 1847 m Ann Elizabeth Carroll Mason
-4 Mary Buckner Thruston Magill b 16 JUL 1809 VA d 29 JAN 1890 m Robert Lee Randolph
-5 Charles Thurston Magill b 13 Oct 1794 d 11 Sep 1870
-6 Archibald Magill
-7 John Samuel Magill
-8 Dr. Alfred Thruston Magill;
-9 Augustine Smith Magill
-10 Frances Catherine Magill
-11 Buckner Thurston Magill
-1-1 Dr. Charles Magill Smith b 21 Jan 18... Winchester VA d 7 Nov 18... Franklin LA m Katherine Stirling
-1-2 Rebecca Boyd Smith b 21 Dec 1822 Clark VA d 21 May 1918 Mason KLY
-1-3 Elizabeth Augusta Smith b 4 Nov 1818 Winchester VA d 20 Mar 1900
-1-4 Anna Jaquelin Smith b 31 Aug 1831 d 13 Nov 1893 Shepherdstown WV
-1-5 Maria Davison Smith b 4 Feb 1817 d 1818
-1-6 Mary Ann Smith b 24 Jul 1^824 d 5 Nov 1876
-1-7 Archibald Magill Smith b 17 Mar 1835 d 1918 Fredrick Co VA
-1-8 Augustine Jaquelin Smith b 2 May 1828 d 5 Sep 1903
-1-9 Maria Louisa Hite Smith b 13 Feb 1814 d 1815
-1-10 Mary Thurston Smith b 21 Apr 1812 d 28 Jun 1818
-1-11 Ann Magill Smith b 13 Feb 1814 d 1815
-1-12 Josepha Nourse Smith b 30 Mar 1820 d 16 Feb 1895 Fort Worth TX
-1-13 Sidney Frances Smith b 26 Sep 1821 d 1822
-1-14 John Augustine Smith b 7 Sep 1815 Shooters Hill Mdx Co VA
-1-15 Alfreda Ann Tucker Smith b 17 Nov 1837
-1-1-1 b 10 Feb 1877 Franklin LA d 6 Oct 1938 m
-1-1-2 Dr. Augustin Jacqulin Smith b 1 Mar 1871
-1-1-3 James Walton Smithb 5 Apr 1874
-1-1-4 Lewis Stirling Smith
-1-1-5 John Augustine Smith
-1-1-6 Charles Magill Smith
-1-1-7 Katharine Stirling Smith
-1-1-8 Charles Magill Smith
-1-1-9 Katharine Stirling Smith
-1-1-1-1 Pocahontas Meredith Smith bn 19 Aug 1906 d 1 Sep 1995
-1-1-1-2 Charles Magill Smith b 5 Oct 1908 Baton Rouge LA d 1 Jan 1991
-1-1-1-3 Katharine Stirling Smith m Horatio Nash Ogden
-1-1-1-4 Maj. Archibald Magill Smith, Jr. USMC b 1920 d 1998

-1-1-1-3-1 Mary Ogden m Alfred Louis Ellis + 3 ch
-1-1-1-3-2 xy Ogden
Th7-7 Frances Thruston b 1774 Frederick Co VA d 1813
m Frederick Conrad b 2 Jan 1769/1758 Frederick Co VA d 1822
-1 Charles Magill Conrad b 24 DEC 1804 Winchester d 11 Feb 1878 New Orleans US Secr of State 1852
m Martha Eleanor Angela Lewis b 1 Apr 1813 Fairfax VA dau of Maj Lawrence Lewis and Eleanor Parke Custis
-2 Sidney Ann Conrad b 1806 d 1839 m William Taylor Palfey
-3 Mary Clara Conrad
-4 Frederick Daniel Conrad
-5 Frank B Conrad
-6 Alfred Thurston Conrad
-1-1 Angela Lewis Conrad b 17 MAR 1836 d 25 MAR 1837 New Orleans
-1-2 Charles Magill Conrad b 14 AUG 1837 MO, St Louis City, St Louis m Norma Penn
-1-3 Lawrence Lewis Conrad b 3 JUL 1839 MS, Harrison Co, Pass Christian d 7 Aug 1883 bur St Johns Episcopal Reisterstown Baltimor MD m Sarah "Erminie" Worthington

-1-3-1 Charles Angelo Conrad b 8 Jan 1873 d 1 Mar 1911
-1-3-2 Marie Conrad b 4 Apr 1884 d 6 Jun 1921 m Dr Louis Charles Lehr
Th7-8 Elizabeth Minn Thruston b 6 Apr 1775
Th7-9 Alfred Thruston b14 May 1778
Th7-10 Eloise Thruston b 23 Mar 1782
Th7-11 Sydney Ann Thruston b 2 May 1783 d 12 Sep1803
Th7-12 Edmund Taylor Thruston b 1785 d before 1848
Th8 Elizabeth Thruston b 1740 d 1766
m Thomas Whiting Wh8
Henry Whiting Wh9
Ann Beverley Be9
Major Henry Whiting Wh10 b about 1644 d.after 18 July1694
m Apphia wid. Wyatt
Peter Beverley Be10
Wh7 Elizabeth Thruston Whiting Died 1822, July 2, Louisville, Kentucky. Buried back of the Fontaine home, (now Fontaine Ferry Amusement Park) between the house and the Ohio River.
Married (first) October 13, 1782 to her first cousin John Thruston
Th6-1 Mary Buckner Thruston
Th6 Elizabeth Taylor Thruston b 13 Feb 1785 d 1838
m 11 Sep 1804 Worden Pope Po6 son of
Ensign Benjamin Pope Po7
Bahethelind Foote Fo7
Worden Pope Po8
Hester Netherton Ne8
George Foote
Frances Berryman
Po5 Patrick Henry Pope b 17 March 1806 d 4 May 1841
Married 18 July 1827 Sarah Lawrence Brown Br5
James Brown III Br6
Urith Owings Lawrence La6
James Brown II Br7
E1izabeth Clarkson Cl7
Po4-1 Elizabeth Thruston Pope (twin 27 Apr 1828-1883) married Dr. William Henry Galt 1827 Ky - 1893 and had issue.
Po4-2 Urith Lawrence Pope (twin 27 Apr 1828-1884) married Joshua Fry Lawrence in 1851
Po4-3 James Brown Pope (1830-?)
Po4-4 Ellen E.?D. Pope (25 July 1831 ? - ?) married Dr. John Thruston, son of Charles M. Thruston, on 13 December 1858.
Po4-5 Mary Emmeline Pope (1832 ¬-?)
Po4-6 Worden Pope (9 Apr 1836 - ? ) Went to Nicaragua

Mary Anna Pope or sister top with Samuel Smith Nicholas left, Matilda Prather Nicholas and Mary Anna Nicholas on tree trunks and Pope cousins, about 1892
Po4 Mary Anna Pope b 30 Sept 1838 d 1897
m George Nicholas Ni4
Ni3-2 Samuel Smith Nicholas (1862-1864)
Ni3-3 Mary Emeline Nicholas (1863-1863)
Ni3-4 Worden Pope Nicholas (1864-1942) who had issue
Ni3-5 George Nicholas (1866-1926) m Evelyn Belle Thompson in Shelbyville, Ky.
Ni3-6 Sarah Lawrence Nicholas (1868-1935) unm
Ni3-7 Patrick Pope Nicholas (1869-1941)
Ni3-8 Thomas Prather Nicholas (1872-1942)
Ni3-9 Lawrence Nicholas (1874-1942) unm
Ni3-10 Cary Nicholas (1876-1897) unm
Ni3 Matilda Prather Nicholas (1878-1954) m Dr. Thomas Eugene Bland
Ni3-12 Mary Anna Nicholas (1880-1915) unm
Ni3-13 Samuel Smith Nicholas (1881-1927) unm
Ni3-4-1 Mary Elizabeth Nicholas, b. 4 Sept. 1892
Ni3-4-2 Margaret Nicholas, b. 21 Oct. 1893, married y Longfield
Ni3-4-3 George Nicholas, b.10 Jan. 1895, d. 10 July 1895
Ni3-4-4 Catherine Nicholas; B 10 June 1897, unmarried and living in near the Univ. of Chicago in 1950
Ni3-4-5 Esther Nicholas, b. Friday 11 Nov. 1898 at Mt. Pleasant, Iowa, unmarried and living in near the Univ.of Chicago in 1950
Ni3-4-6 Curran Pope Nicholas, b. Nov. at Mt. Pleasant Iowa
Ni3-4-7 Philip Norborn Nicholas, b. 10 Oct. 1900 in Shelbyville
Ni3-5-1 George Nicholas V (1897-1927).
Ni3-5-2 Henry Thompson Nicholas (1898-1975).
Ni3-5-3 Philip Norborne Nicholas (1900-1957).
Ni3-5-4 Charles Parsons Nicholas (15 Sept. 1903 - 197?)
Ni3-5-5 Patricia Pope Nicholas (1917-1981).
Ni3-5-2-1 Henry Thompson Nicholas, Jr: born 1928, Portsmouth, Virginia; graduated 1946, the Hill School, Pottstown, PA; 1947, Seaman/c Great Lakes, Illinois; 1947, N.R.O.T.C. University of Louisville.
Ni3-5-2-2 George Nicholas b 1929, Dec 14, Malvern, Arkansas 1944-1948, the Hill School, Pottstown, PA.

(Ni3-5-2-3) Elizabeth Van Dusen Nicholas: born 1934, Aug 30, Quantico, Virginia.
Ni3-7-1 Caroline Pope Nicholas, b. 16 Aug. 1900 in Shelby Co., Ky., m Edward Goodson
Ni3-7-2 John Cary Nicholas. b.
Ni3-8-1 John Shannon Nicholas, 18 Dec. 1899
Ni3-8-2 Katherine Prather Nicholas, b. 27 Nov. 1901
Bl2 Anna Pope Bland, b. 26 June 1908, d. 15 Feb. 1970, m Dr. Eustace G. Hester author's parents
Bl2-1 Levicy Jane Bland, b. 28 Aug. 1910 d. unm March 1985.

Po4-8 Alfred T. Pope, died young. (1840 ¬-?)
Po5-2 Edmund Pendleton Pope m Nancy Johnson -1 Alfred Thruston Pope lawyer and legislator m 1st cousin, Mary Tyler Pope
-2 Brig. Gen. J. Worden Pope, ret to Denver, quartermaster general of the army, and was for a time commandant of the disciplinary barracks at Ft. Leavenworth.
-1-1 Dr. Curran Pope physician of Louisville d unm
-1-2 Alfred Thruston Pope d unm
-1-3 Pendleton Pope d unm
-2-1 Worden Pope, spent the autumn in Louisville at Camp Taylor in the F. A. R. D., and was a candidate officer in the artillery school when the armistice was signed (WWI).
Po5-3 Col Curran Pope (1813 d Richmond Ky of wounds rec at the Battle of Perryville) graduated at West Point served with distinction with the Union Army during the Civil War
m Matilda Jacob, dau of John Jeremiah Jacob and Fo6-12 Ann Overton Fontaine
-1 Mary Tyler Pope m 1st cousin Alfred Thruston Pope -1-1 Dr. Curran Pope, physician of Louisville d unm
-1-2 Alfred Thruston Pope
-1-3 Pendleton Pope d unm
Po5-4 Hamilton Pope
Po5-5 Paul Pope died in infancy
Po5-6 Moses Pope died in infancy
Po5-7 Edmonia Pope died in early womanhood
Th6-3 Thomas Whiting Thruston
m Mary Dorsett Luckett
Th6-4 Sarah Thruston
Th6-5 Catherine Thruston b c 1790 m Samuel N. Luckett he m1 Patience Dorsey b 23 Apr 1789 d by 1807 dau of Edward Dorsey Do9-8-4 b 1762 d 1804 and Susannah Lawrence b 4 May 1769 d 1818
Th6-6 Charles Minn/Mynn Thruston b 26 Feb 1792 Jefferson Co KY d 7 Jan 1854 Harrods Creek KY lawyer in Louisville from 1800 to 1856
m 10 Sept 1818) Elizabeth Sydnor Cosby b 1799 d 17 Jan 1841 dau of Fortunatus Cosby & Mary Ann Fontaine
Th6-7 Fanny Badello Thruston m Elias Rector
Th6-8 Alfred Thruston, b. 16 Apr 1797; d. 2 Feb 1857 cashier of the Bank of Louisville in 1833
Th6-9 Lucino Falkland Thruston
Th6-10 Algernon Sydney Thruston, Attourney General of Texas, killed at the side of Davy Crockett in "The Alamo:"
m Harriet C. Jaques
m2 June 18, 1805 to Colonel Aaron Fontaine (Fo7) in Jefferson County, Kentucky.
= Wh6-11
Fo6-13) Alexander Madison Fontaine (1806 ¬ ) married � Delahunt, went to Texas.
= Wh6-12
Fo6-14) Henry Whiting Fontaine (1807 - 1839) married Susan Bryson, July 9, 1834.
= Wh6-13
Fo6-15) Emmeline Fontaine (1809 - ) married Patrick Dillon.
= Wh6-14
Fo6-16) Aaron Fontaine, Jr. (1811 - 1902) married Mary Elliot of Dublin, Ireland.
Th8-3 Sarah Thruston b 27 Apr 1743, Gloucester Co VA d 1821
m John Spottswood Thornton b 13 Sept 1744 d 20 Jan 1822 Hanover Co
-1 William Mynn Thornton b 1773 d 1856 m1 Elizabeth Anderson b. 23 Oct 1788 d 2 Sept 1828 dau of Samuel Anderson & Ann Dabney. QV + 8 ch m2 x Burton m3 10 Apr 1837, Chesterfield Co Mary W. Scott b 1800
-2 Anne Meaux Thornton b 1770 Hanover VA d 1810 Harrodsburg Mercer Co KY
-3 John Thornton b 1781 d 27 Mar 1829 Hanover VA m Sarah.
-4 Anthony Thornton d 1823.
-5 Thomas B Thornton b 1762 Norfolk VA d aft 1789 Gloucester Co VA m Mary Whatley b 1764 Gloucester Co VA d c 1789
-1-1 Anthony Thornton m Dec 1839 Mary Jane Irving dau of Charles Irving & Mary Jane Kincaid.
-1-2 Sarah A. Thornton b 29 July 1805 d ca. 1852 m Edward Jones Carrington b ca. 1797 d. 1865.
-1-3 John Thruston Thornton b 1806 d 7 Aug 1823.
-1-4 Elizabeth T. Thornton b 1813 d 8 Sept 1823.
-1-5 Mary Thornton b 1815 d 3 Sept 1823
-1-6 James Dabney Thornton b 18 Jan 1823 d. 25 Sept 1902, San Francisco m 17 Feb 1848 Sarah Frances Thornton; dau of Harry Innes Thornton (qv) & Lucy Crittenden QV
-1-7 John Thruston Thornton b ca. 1824, Cumberland Co d 19 Sept 1862 d 19 Sept 1862 Battle of Sharpsburg; grad. Univ. of Sharpsburg (1844, BL); lawyer & editor; served in the Confederate Army m Martha Jane Riddle
-1-8 Richard Cluff Thornton b 1826 d 15 Aug 1861, Cumberland Co. m ca. 1846 Maria Trent Mosby
-5-1 Jordan B. Thornton b 18 Jun 1787 Troup Co GA m Jemima Thorne Mabry b 29 Dec 1791 SC d 12 Jan 1855 Sheppard Cem Elmore Co AL
-5-2 James Thornton
-5-3 Elijah Mark Thornton
-5-4 Thomas Thornton
-5-5 Burdong Thornton
-5-6 K Thornton
-5-7 Major y Thornton
-1-1-1 Charles Irving Thornton b. 20 Jan 1841 d. 12 Mar 1842.
-1-1-2 Henry Thornton
-1-2-1 Elizabeth Travis Carrington d ca 1898 m 15 Apr 1852 Samuel Woodson Venable b 7 May 1825 Prince Edward Co d 13 Oct 1897 Petersburg
-1-6-1 Margaret Thornton m Abbott Kinney
-1-7-1 Prof. William Mynn Thornton b 1851 d 1935 1935 Charlottesville Univ. of Virginia m 22 Dec 1874 Eleanor Rosalie Harrison d 1920 dau of Gessner Harrison & Eliza Lewis Carter Tucker
-1-7-2 James Riddle Thornton b 1854
-1-7-3 Francis Irving Thornton b 22 Jan 1858.
-1-7-4 Henry Harrison Robertson Thornton b 22 Jan 1858
-5-1-1 Andrew Jackson Thornton b 27 Mar 1830 Troup Smith Co TX d 1914 Coosa Co AL m Martha Ann Thornton
-5-1-2 Martha Ann Thornton m Andrew Jackson Thornton

-1-7-1-1 John Thruston Thornton b 21 Oct 1875 d 30 May 1955 bur Charlottesville. mHelen Agnes Thompson
-1-7-1-2 William Mynn Thornton m Florence Beall
-1-7-1-3 Eliza Carter Thornton m Charles Ross Thurman
-1-7-1-4 Eleanor Rosalie Thornton
-1-7-1-5 Janet Thornton
-1-7-1-6 Charles Edward Thornton m Harriet Wagstaff
-5-1-1-1 Willis Dexter Thornton m Allie Roberta Jackson b 11 Apr 1845 d 1925

-5-1-1-1-1 WAndrew Gonzales Thornton b 1869 Elmore Co AL d 1940 Kelton Wheeler Co TX m Lula Ellen Moore dau of Rev John S Moore and LuTitisha Ellen
br>-5-1-1-1-1-1 Lou Ella Thornton b 1910 m Ben Tillman Clemens had son Caryl Dwaine Clemens m Amy J Cooper
Th8-5 John Thruston (1750 -1782), m1?2 6 Aug 1771 Sarah Stevenson m2?1 Anne Wyatt -1 Col Robert Thruston b 30 Mar 1782 Landsdown Gloucester Co d 22 Feb 1857 m Mary Catlett b c 1800 d 1 Dec 1843dau of John Catlett of Timberneck and Ann Walker Carter
?-2 Agnes Thruston (probably here or closely related) m John Walker Carter CATLETT of "Timberneck" son of Hon. John Catlett of Timberneck Gloucester Co b 1760 d 1808 and Ann Walker Carter (dau of Charles CARTER of Cleves and Lucy TALIAFERRO).
Th8-6 Frances Thruston (1752 -1780)
m Col Rev William Hubbard b 19 Dec 1744 d ca 1805 nr. Smithfield; grad. Wm & Mary College; ordained a deacon 1773 by the Bishop of London; ordained priest 1776; received charge of Warwick Parish, VA 1773-76; Rector of St. Luke's Church, Newport Parish, Isle of Wight Co 1776 - death; magistrate
-1 James Thruston Hubard b 13 Jan 1776, Gloucester Co d Buckingham Co. m 8 May 1805 Susanna Wilcox dau of Edmund Wilcox & Susannah Watson. -1-1 dau Hubard m Mann Burwell
-1-2 Col. Edmund Wilcox Hubard US Congressman b 20 Feb 1806, Buckingham Co d. 9 Dec 1878 m Mary Markham m?2/1 Sarah Ann Eppes + 5 ch dau of Sen John Wayle Eppes and Martha Burke.
-1-3 Robert Thruston Hubard b 26 Sept 1808 d 19 Oct 1871 m 16 Apr 1834 Susan Pocahontas Bolling d 1849 dau of Linneaus Bolling of Chellowe, memb. House of Delegates & Mary Markham.

-1-2-1 John Eppes Hubard b 27 Sept 1847, Buckingham Co m 1892 Lucy Page Moseley
-1-2-2 Martha B. Hubard b ca 1849, Buckingham Co fl. 1850.
-1-2-3 Susan Wilcox Hubard b 25 May 1851 Buckingham Co m y Crow.
-1-2-4 Edmund Wilcox Hubard b 5 Aug 1853 Buckingham Co d 25 July 1936, Richmond bur. Richmond m Jane Margaret L.; b. 13 June 1873; d. 20 Sept 1937; bur. Richmond.
-1-2-5 Wilie Jones Hubard b 27 July 1855 d 13 Oct 1927 m Carrie Louise Syms
-1-3-1 James Linnaeus Hubard b 27 Feb 1835 Buckingham Co d 4 Feb 1913 Nelson Co m 13 Nov 1860, Albemarle Co Isaetta Carter Randolph b 24 Mar 1836 d 9 Dec 1888 dau of Benjamin Franklin Randolph & Sarah Champe Carter.
-1-3-2 William Bolling Hubard b 24 Dec 1836 Buckingham Co d 1884 m 10 Jan 1865, Nelson Co Eliza Cabell Callaway b 23 Feb 1844, Nelson Co dau of Paul Carrington Callaway & Addisonia E. D. Manson
-1-3-3 Robert Thruston Hubard b 9 Mar 1839 b 26 Sept 1921 m 1870, Halifax Co Sarah Edmunds b. 21 June 1850 d. 1 June 1918 dau of John Richard Edmunds & Mildred Carrington Coles
-1-3-4 Edmund Wilcox Hubard b 27 Feb 1841, Buckingham Co d 8 Aug 1915 m 25 Nov 1875, Louisa Co Julia S. Taylor b. 1842, Caroline Co d 16 Nov 1918
-1-3-5 Francis Eugene Hubard b 16 June 1843 d 15 Jan 1851 bur Chellowe, Buckingham Co.
-1-3-6 Louisa Hubard b 1845 m 28 Jan 1867 Lewis Carter Randolph b 1838 d 1887.
-1-3-7 Bolling Hubard b 6 Oct 1847 Buckingham Co d Oct 1885 Buckingham Co lawyer m 19 Jan 1874 Huntsville, AL Felicia Corbin Chapman b 1847 d 14 Jan 1875, NYC; wrongly called Julia in some sources; dau of Reuben Chapman, Gov. of Alabama, US Congressman & Felicia Ann Chilton Pickett
-1-3-8 Phillip A. Hubard b 1849 m Mary Wilson b 1853.

-1-3-1-1 Benjamin Hubard b 1861, Nelson Co. m 26 Jan 1891, Nelson Co) Annie M. Moore b 1868, Nelson Co.
-1-3-1-2 Susan Bolling Hubard b. 1863 d 1894. m July 1888, Nelson Co) John H. Slaughter d 20 Feb 1894
-1-3-1-3 James Thruston Hubard b 1865 d 1882.
-1-3-1-4 Robert Thruston Hubard b. 31 Oct 1866 d. 1923. m 1897 Lelia C. Moss
-1-3-1-4-1 Robert Thruston Hubard b 1898 d 1899
-1-3-1-4-2 Martha Randolph Hubard b 1900 m Lewis Elsinger
-1-3-1-5 Sarah Champe Hubard b 1868 d 1903.
-1-3-1-6 Mary Randolph Hubard b 1870 d 1920 m Edward Miles Matthews
-1-3-1-7 Isetta Carter Hubard b 18 Apr 1872 d 3 Mar 1952 bur Lynchburg. m Jan 1916 Spartenburg SC Beverley Landon Ambler b 10 Mar 1865 d 23 Oct 1940.
-1-3-1-8 Bernard Hubard
-1-3-1-9 Ellen Hubard
-1-3-1-10 Jefferson Randolph Hubard b 1877 m 1908 Louise Moore
-1-3-1-10-1 Agnes Moore Hubard b 1909 d 1910
-1-3-1-11 Archibald Blair Hubard b 1879 m Carlotta D. Barney
-1-3-1-12 Lewis Hubard
-1-3-2-1 Susan Markham Hubard b 1870. m Nov 1890) George S. Somerville b 5 Apr 1858
-1-3-3-1 Marion Hubard b 30 Nov 1871, Buckingham Co d 15 Jan 1956 bur Chellowe. m John Bell Henneman b 2 Jan 1864, Spartenburg SC d. 29 Nov 1908, Richmond bur. Chellowe.
-1-3-3-2 Sallie Edmunds Hubard b 13 June 1873 Buckingham Co d 8 Sept 1880 Buckingham Co bur. Chellowe.
-1-3-3-3 Robert Thruston Hubard b 2 June 1876, Buckingham Co m 19 Apr 1911 Henry Co Ruth Drewry Whittle b. 23 June 1888, Henry Co d. 20 Feb 1919 dau of Stafford Gorman Whittle & Ruth Staples Drewry.
-1-3-3-4 Phillip Eugene Hubard b. 31 Mar 1878, Buckingham Co; d. 17 Oct 1943.
-1-3-3-5 Lyttleton Edmunds Hubard b. 8 Jan 1880, Buckingham Co; d. June 1963. m 5 Jan 1910) Pauline Shepherd Clark b. 25 Sept 1885 d 14 Sept 1953 bur. Chellowe.
-1-3-3-6 Pocahontas Bolling Hubard b Dec 1884, Buckingham Co. m 5 Oct 1921, Buckingham Co Albert Johnston Terrell b 23 Apr 1864
-1-3-4-1 Edmund Wilcox Hubard
-1-3-4-2 Julia Taylor Hubard
-1-3-4-3 Robert Thruston Hubard b 7 July 1881 Lynchburg
-1-3-7-1 Felicia Chapman Hubard b 1 Jan 1875 Huntsville d Dec 1933 bur Huntsville.

-1-3-3-3-1 Stafford Whittle Hubard b & d. 11 Mar 1912.
-1-3-3-3-2 Sallie Edmunds Hubard
-1-3-3-3-3 Robert Thruston Hubard
-1-3-3-3-4 Ruth Whittle Hubard
-1-3-3-3-5 Mary Stafford Hubard
Th8-7 Edward Tbruston b 1753 d 1754
Th8-8 Jemima Thruston b 1755 d 1756
Th8-9 Mildred Thruston b 1756 d 1758
Th8-10 Robert Thruston b 1759 d 1802
Th8-?-1 John Thurston Walker b about 1772 m 20 May 1794 in Norfolk Parish Diana Findley
Th9-3 Elizabeth Thruston b 8th Apr 1712 at 7 in the afternoon Carleton-Rode, Norfolk ?Engl, d 18 Jan 1782 Norfolk Va
m 5 May 1772/3 Cornelius Calvert b 1698 d Va son of Alphonsius Gospatrick
Th9-4 Frances Thruston b. 7th Jan 1713/14 about 5 in the morning, d. 21 Aug 1749, married y Smith
Th9-5 Edmond Thruston b. 14th Jul 1717 about 6 in the afternoon
Th9-6 Susannah Thruston + b. 30 Jul 1719, d. 27 Dec 1748
m Rev. Moses Robertson; d. 1753; to Virginia 1729; minister of a parish in Lower Norfolk Co before moving to St. Stephen's Parish, Northumberland Co
-1 Moses Robertson b 1742
-2 Francis Robertson b 1744
-3 John Willoughby Robertson
Th9-7? Francis Thurston b 1720 Goochland/Middlesex Co Va d before May 16, 1774 Goochland
m about 1736 Goochland Co Va Hester Richards
-1 William Bailey Thurston b c 1740 Goochland Co m 12 Sep 1763 Goochland Co Va d 7 Nov 1817 Goochland Co m Jane Johns
-2 John Thurston b c 1760 m2 Jane Page
-1-1 Annie Thurston b 30 Jul 1769 Goochland Co d after 20 Oct 1794 m August 1788 Goochland Co Thornton Lowery
-2-1 William R Thurston served War of 1812 moved to KY then Benton Co MO m Mary Polly Walker dau of Shadrack Walker
-2-2 Charles Mann Thruston b c 1775
-2-3 Duel Thurston
-1-1-1 Elizabeth Lowery b September 1792 Va d 19 Jun 1863 Harrisonburg Va
m 10 Feb 1821 Goochland Co Simon J Miller b about 1795 Pa
-2-2-1? possibly here was: y Thruston b c 1805
-1-1-1-1 Lucinda Catherine Miller b May 07, 1840 Staunton Va d 30 Augu 1922 Canton Ill m1 y Garnes
m April 26, 1866 St. David Ill
-2-2-1-1 Emanuel Jones THRUSTON b 1837 d 1883 m 1872 Sarah Ann ROOTES dau of Edward Jaquelin Smith ROOTES b 1804 Jan 27 d 1840 Jul 20 m Emily ROBINS
-1-1-1-1-1 Robert Asher Garnes b. April, 05, 1860
-1-1-1-1-2 William A Garnes b February 17, 1862 Harrisonburg, Via d. July 25, 1864
-1-1-1-1-3 Charles Richard Williams b Feb 02, 1867 St. David, Ill d. Dec 13, 1925 m. Feb 16, 1898 North Peoria, Ill Hester S E Young
-1-1-1-1-3-1 Bessie Williams b about 1900
-1-1-1-1-3-2 Ralph Williams b about 1903
-1-1-1-1-3-3 Lloyd Williams b about 1905
-1-1-1-1-3-4 Laura Williams b about 1908
-1-1-1-1-3-5 Zealy Williams b October 20, 1909 Pinegrove Township/Steenberg place, Bancroft Wi d Oct 31, 1992 Sharon, Wi m Francis Mulder
-1-1-1-1-3-6 Howard Williams b about 1913
-1-1-1-1-3-7 Charles Williams b about 1918
-1-1-1-1-4 George Ezekiel Williams b April 13, 1868 Norris, Ill m. June 18, 1896 Nettie Cosler Dayton, Va d. 1946 Peoria, Ill
-1-1-1-1-5 Mary Elizabeth Williams b March 22, 1870 Norris, Ill m. March 24, 1886 to William McCormick Norris, Ill
-1-1-1-1-6 Simon Franklin Williams b Nov 14, 1871 Norris, Ill m. Nov 14, 1897 Lulu Glassford; d. 1956 Clearwater, Fl
-1-1-1-1-7 Sarah Williams Williams b May 17, 1873 Norris, Ill dy
-1-1-1-1-8 David Williams b April 17, 1874 Norris, Ill dy
-1-1-1-1-9 Daniel H. Williams b April 10, 1880 Norris, Ill d. Sep 1959 Elkhorn, Wi m. June 21, 1900 Pearl Irene Graves
-2-2-1-1-1 Robert Reade THRUSTON b 1879/80, VA m Caroline Zipporah OLIVER b 1877/8 VA
-2-2-1-1-1-1 Emily Lewis THRUSTON b 1910 VA.
-2-2-1-1-1-2 Sarah Rootes THRUSTON b 1911 VA.
-2-2-1-1-1-3 Virginia C. THRUSTON b 1913/4, VA.
-2-2-1-1-1-4 Robert Reade THRUSTON Jr b May 2 1914 VA d Jun 12 1989 Fairfax VA.
-2-2-1-1-1-5 Jacquelin Foster THRUSTON b Oct 20 1918 VA d 1980 Feb, Newport News VA unm
-2-2-1-1-1-6 Stephen Franklin THRUSTON b Aug 26 1921 VA d Mar 14 1999
-2-2-1-1-1-7 Jiles B. THRUSTON b 1924/5 VA
Th9-8 Perry Thruston b. 30 Aug 1721
Th9-9 Thomas Thruston b. 4 Dec 1725, d. 15 Feb 1738
Th10-4 Th10-4) Elizabeth Thruston, married John Astley on 10 Sept 1701
Th11-8 Robert Thruston (26 May 1641 - )
Th11-9 Grace Thruston (11 Aug. 1642 - )
Th11-10 -10) Thomas Thruston (8 Nov. 1643 - )
Th11-11 John Thruston
Th11-12 Melicious (Milecious/Malachias) Thruston (22 Dec. 1644 - )
Th11-13 Simon Thruston (28 Nov. 1645 - )
m2 MARY PERRY possibly the aunt or sister of Susannah Perry wife of Th11
Th11-14 MARTHA Thruston, b. 11 May 1650, Bristol, Gloucester, England; d. 06 September 1650, Bristol, Gloucester, England. Burial: Bristol, Gloucester, England, Christening: 17 May 1650, Bristol, Gloucester, England.
Th11-15 MARY Thruston, b. 11 May 1650, Bristol, Gloucester, England; d. 19 December 1652, Bristol, Gloucester, England. ?a Mary Thruston of West Buckland married John Howard of Plumtree Devon 25 Nov 1685 probably a niece or cousin as 32 would have been unusually old
Th11-16 GRACE Thruston, b. 02 June 1651.
Th11-17 RACHEL Thruston, b. 06 May 1652, Bristol, Gloucester, England.
Th11-18 JAMES Thruston, b. 24 January 1653/54. Christening: 28 January 1652/53, Bristol, Gloucester, England
Th11-19 JOHN Thruston, b. 24 January 1653/54, Bristol, Gloucester, England; d. 26 May 1656, Bristol, Gloucester, England. Burial: 28 May 1656, Bristol, Gloucester, England Christening: 28 January 1653/54, Bristol, Gloucester, England
Th11-20 SARAH Thruston, b. 01 June 1656.
Th12-2 Edward Thruston of West Buckland, b. 1608 Wellington Somerset Engl
m Thomasin Prowse dau of Clement Prowse of Hemyoke Devon
-1 Edward Thruston of West Buckland matr Exeter College, Oxford 13 Nov 1640
-2 Malachy Thruston of Exeter, Dr. in Phisick Caius College Cambridge in 1665 fellow of Sidney Sussex College, d 3 Jun 1701 Thruston, b. 1608 Wellington Somerset
-1-1 Edward Thruston of West Buckland matr Exeter College, Oxford 13 Nov 1640
m Dorothy Soper dau and heiress of Simon Soper of Tiverton Devon
-1-1-1 Edward Thruston of West Buckland b 1650 matr. Exeter College Oxford 30 Mar 1666
-1-1-2 John Thruston
-1-1-3 Thomasin Thruston
-1-1-4 Mary Thruston
-1-1-5 Malachy Thruston b about 1660 matr. St John's College Oxford 21 May 1680
-1-1-6 Alice Thruston b 1662 d 18 Apr 1732 m Richard Wyatt
-1-1-7 James Thruston
-1-1-8 Anne Thruston
-1-1-9 Grace Thruston
Th12-3 x Thruston Engl
Th12-4 x Thruston, b. 1610 Wellington Somerset Engl
?Th12-5 possibly of this family and generation was:
John Thurston b about 1607 d Nov 1685 in Medfield Ma
m Margaret x b about 1605 d 9 May 1662 in Medfield. [Ref]
A manuscript recording people who wanted to go to New England says: [Ref]
May the 10th 1637. The examinaction of John Thurston of Wrenton in Suffolk. Carpenter, aged 30 years, and Margaret his wife aged 32 yeares with 2 children, Thomas, and John are desirous to passe to New England to inhabit. John Thurston is on a 10 May 1643 list of freemen. [Ref] John Thurston was granted 191 acres in the East Section in Medfield in 1650. [Ref]
-1 Capt. Thomas Thurston b before 1637 d 20 May 1704 in Medfield granted 72 acres in the East Section in Medfield in 1650 paid 3 bushells of Indian corn and a shilling as part of Medfield's contribution to Harvard Collee in 1678 subsequently 'burned out by the Endians'. m Sarah Thaxter.
-2 John Thurston b before 1637 m Mary Wood on 4 Oct 1660 in Medfield. [Ref]
-3 Joseph Thurston was granted 15 acres in the River Section in Medfield in 1650. [Ref]
-4 Benjamin Thurston b 8 May 1640 in Dedham
-5 Mary Thurston b 8 Jan 1643 in Dedham m Seth Smith on 27 Dec 1660 in Medfield. [Ref]
-6 Daniel Thurston b after 1637.
-7 Judith Thurston b after 1637 m on 1 Mar 1665/6 in Medfield Jonathan Treadway
-8 Hannah Thurston b after 1637 d 29 Dec 1690 m Joseph Cheney on 12 Mar 1667 in Medfield son of William Cheney
-1-1 John Thurston b on 4 Mar 1655/6 in Medfield d 24 Nov 1711 in Rehoboth m Hannah Cary Ca10-1-8.
-1-2 Thomas Thurston b on 11 Feb 1657/8 in Medfield m Mehitable Mason on 23 Jul 1685 in Medfield
-1-3 Nathaniel Thurston b on 24 Jan 1660 in Medfield d there on 2 Jun 1661
-1-4 Sarah Thurston b on 16 Sep 1662 in Medfield. may have been the Sarah Thurston who m Samuel Mors on 29 Apr 1684 in Medfield
-1-5 Margaret Thurston b on 9 Aug 1668 in Medfield "mortally wounded" presumably by the Indians at the same time as her bro Samuel.
-1-6 Elizabeth Thurston b on 19 Sep 1671 in Medfield. [Ref]
-1-7 Samuel Thurston b on 4 Aug 1674 in Medfield "mortally wounded by ye Indians" on 25 [?] Feb 1675/6. [Ref]
-1-8 Margaret Thurston b on 30 Mar 1677/8 in Medfield
-1-1-1 David Daniel Thurston m1 on 28 Apr 1713 in Rehoboth Mercy Cary m2 Hannah Carpenter on 18 Nov 1725 in Rehobth. [Ref][Ref intention 23 Oct 1725]
-1-1-2 Sarah Thurston b on 29 Jul 1691 in Medfield d by 6 May 1722 after 17 Mar 1718/9 m on 12 Sep 1717 John Carpenterin Rehoboth. [Ref][Ref][Ref] John was the son of John and Renew (Weeks) Carpenter b on 25 Mar 1691 in Swansea He m2 on 6 May 1722 in Tiverton Sarah Hilliard b on 28 Jun 1721 in Little Compton dau of William Hillard and Deborah Warren formerly of Hingham On 17 Mar 1718/9 John Carpenter and his wife Sarah and Bethiah Thurston, all of Rehoboth, acknowledged a 12 Nov 1718 deed by which they and John and Hannah [Thurston] Cary conveyed to David Thurston their 3/7 interest in Rehoboth real estate that John Thurston left his seven daughters. some descendants of Sarah Thurston
-1-1-3 Hannah Thurston b on 8 Jun 1693 in Medfield m John Cary.
-1-1-4 Bethiah Thurston b on 29 May 1695 in Medfield m Joseph Kent, Jr. on 7 Dec 1721 in Rehoboth. [Ref intention 28 Oct 1721][Ref] some descendants of Bethiah Thurston
-1-1-5 Jabez Thurston b on 23 Jun 16[97] in Medfield d on 25 Jul 1697 in Medfield
-1-1-6 Rebecca Thurston b on 19 Aug 1698 in Medfield
-1-1-7 Mehitable Thurston b on 18 Jun 1700 in Medfield. m Nathaniel Huntington son was Gov. Samuel Huntington, one of the signers of the Declaration of Independence some descendants of Mehitable Thurston
-1-1-8 Phebe Thurston b on 11 Dec 1702 in Medfield
-1-1-9 Jane Thurston b on 13 Dec 1704 in Medfield m Stephen Carpenter on 2 Apr 1744 in Rehoboth. [Ref][Ref intention 3 Mar 1744] some descendants of Jane Thurston
-1-1-1-1 John Thurston b 22 May 1714 Rehoboth MA m Seabury Stoddard
-1-1-1-2 HANNAH THURSTON b on 8 Jun 1693 in Medfield d 1780 m on 16 May 1716 in Rehoboth John Cary
-1-1-1-1-1 Job Thurtson b 27 Jan 1737 Rehoboth MA d 1826 Coeymans Albany Co NY m Dorcas Garnsey
-1-1-1-1-1-1 Job Thurston b about 1770 Coemans m Hannah Watson
-1-1-1-1-1-1-1 Job Thurston b 17 Aug Coeymans d 1 Feb 1835 Marshall Oneida Co NY m Nancy Cubbuck
-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1 Sarah J Thurstonb 27 Aug 1832 Marshall d 14 Nov 1883 Stockbridge m Richard Russell Spencer 22 Jun 1820 Glasgow d 25 Apr 1885 Stockbridge Calumet Co Wisc son of Patrick spencer b Scotland d 1835 and Eliza Stuart ancestors of Michele L Daniels, author's DNA match
Th? Possibly related to the above was
William Thurston b 27 Nov 1742 Gloucester Essex Co d Feb 1779
Martha Pool b 17 Aug 1746 d 1 Aug 1821
Th?-1 Marth Thurston b 17 Ot 1765 d 9 Feb 1825 ancestor of Rhonda Hearell, author`s 53 cM DNA match
Th? Thomas Thurston b c 1552
Margaret Morse
Th? Thomas Thurston b c 1580 Warentham Suffolk d there 1 Apr 1626
Grace Nutting
Th?-1 John Thurston b by 13 Jan 1611 Warrenham Suffolk d 1 Nov 1685 Medfield MA
m Margaret
Th?-1-1 From Brian Henderson's tree and possibly related to the above was
Mary Thurston b 8 Mar 1643 Dedham Noorfolk Co MA
m Seth Smith b 1637 Engl d 30 Jun 1682 Medfield Norfolk Co MA
Th?-1-1-1 Elisha Smith b 1679 d 1714
m Elizabeth Wheelock
+1 Eleazer Wheelock
m Elizabeth Fuller
Th?-1-1-1-1 Esther Smith b 1702 d 1737
m Ebenezer Wales b 1696 d 1776
+1 Nathaniel Wales b 1658 d 1744
m Susannah Blake b 1661 d 1729
+2 Timothy Wales b 5 Nov 1616 Idle York d 1 Mar 1690 Milton Norfolk Co MA
+2 Edward Blake
m Patience Pope b 1632 Dorchester Suffolk Co MA d 11 Aug 1690
+3 John Pope b 27 Aug/12 Apr 1606 Northam Devon d 12 Apr 1646 Dorchester Suffolk Co MA
m Jane Clapp b 1608 Sudbury Suffolk/Venn Ottery Devon d 12 Jan 1662 Dorchester Suffolk Co MA
Th?-1-1-1-1-1 Seth Wales b 1734 d 1786
m Jemima Newcomb b 1730 d 1786 dau oc Obadiah Newcomb and Abigail Curtis
Th?-1-1-1-1-1-1 Anna Wales b 15 Sep 1756 Hebron Tolland Co CT d 10 Apr 1829 Amherst MA
m Timothy Henderson b 18 Jan 1756 Sunderland MA son of Gideon Henderson b 1713 d 1791 m Sarah Baker b 1713 d 1803
-1 Ira Henderson b 1782 d 1850 m Elizabeth Hopp b 1779 d 1844 dau of Thomas Hopp and Anna Elizabeth Hamm -1-1 James Henderson b 1809 d 1892 m Sarah Maria Traver b 1816 d 1898 dau of Henry J Travor and Elizabeth Caspar -1-1-1 Ira Henderson b 1843 d 1927 m Talitha Bailey dau of Iddo Bailey and Elizabeth Williams -1-1-1-1 Hugh Goudy Henderson b 7 Nov 1866 Russell Twp Geauga Co OH d 13 Mar 1922 Tulsa OK m Ada Mary Fisher -1-1-1-1-1 Lloxd Fisher Henderson b 1892 m Evangeline Fay Wright dau of Walter Clarence Wright and Bertha Amy Davidson -1-1-1-1-1-1 Robert Fisher Henderson b 1923 m x Rodger dau of Cecil Daniel Rodgers and Jennie Henrietta Ziemke -1-1-1-1-1-1-1 y Henderson m x Hutchinson dau of Leroy Carroll Hutchinson and Carol Marie Goodwin ancestors of Brian Henderson, author's 45 cM DNA match with 13 cM segment on chr 7 (Pope DNA) and segment on chr 1 (Andrews DNA)
Th? From and of no established relation to the above was:
John thurton b c 1470 Hoxne Suffolk d there 1 Dec 1540
m Anne Fitzhugh b 1473 d 1559 Hoxne Suffolk
+1 John FitzHugh b c 1450 +2? y Fitzhugh
Th?-1 Nicholas Thurston b 1493 Hoxne Suffolk d Jul 1551
m1516 Julianne Sharpe b c 1496 Essex d c 1560 Suffolk dau of
+1 William Sharpe and Elizabeth -b Christopher Sharpe b 1435 Coggeshall d 16 Mar Northampton
-b-1 Isabel Sharpe b 1478 Coggeshall d 1518 Bernake Northampton m Robert Browne b 1460 Walcot Sleaford Lincoln d 7 Oct 1506 son of Sir John Browne Lord mayor of London and Alice Ros de Swineshed
-b-1-1 Olive Browne b c 1491 Bernake Northampton d 7 Jun 1546 Clerkenwell MDX m Guthlac Overton b 1478 Swineshead Leicester d 20 Apr Clerkenwell MDX had issue
+2 John Sharpe b 1420 Cranbrook Kent d Apr 1486
+3 ohn Sharpe b 1397 Coggeshall Essex d there 1435
m Jane Staunton b c 1405 Essex d 1472 Coggeshall dau of Thomas Staunton and Katherine
+4 Henry Sharpe
m Margaret Tey b c 1379 Marks Tey Lexden Essex d 1400 Goggeshall
Th?-1-1 John Thurston b c 1511 St Margaret Ipswich Suffolk d 28 Nov 1606 Hoxne
Th?-1-2 Robert Thurston b 1^518 Challock Kent d 21 Nov 155
m1 Joan Woodward b 1525 Challock Kent d aft 1550 Throwley Kent + 5 ch dau Richard Woodward b 1487 Butler Merston Warwick d 1557 Avon Dassett Warwick and Katherine Cape
m2 Margaret Walden
Th?-1-2-1 Thomas Thurston b 1549 d 19 Feb 1611
Th?-1-2-2 Richard Thurston b 1550 Ashford Kent d 11 Sep 1593
m1 Margaret Morse b 1555 d c 1591 + 1 ch dau of Thomas Morse and Agnes Alice Lyncoln
m2 Jane ?Thurston b 1553 Challock Kent d there 5 Sep 1587 + 2 ch
Th?-1-2-2-1 Alice Thurston b 1585 Rendham Suffolk
m William Curtis
-1 Richard Curtis
-2 Henry Curtis
-3 George Curtis
-4 Samuel Curtis
-5 Alice Curtis
-6 William Curtis
-8 Edmund Curtis
-9 Joan Curtis
Th?-1-2-2-2 William Thurston b c 1571 Faversham Kent d there 20 Nov 1637
m Alice Fox b by 1571 Bedford d by 1693 Aylesbury Bucks
Th?-1-2-2-3 Margarette Jane Thurston b c 1576 Challock Kent d 2 Feb 1649 Ripple Kent
m Thomas Gookin
-1 Catherine Gookin b 7 Oct 1599 Northbourne Canterbury Kent d 9 Feb 1641 Canterbury Kent m2 Hon William Warren m2 John Sewell b 1599 Halstead Essex
-2 Mary Gookin
-3 John Gookin
-4 Anne Gookin
-5 Thomas Gookin
-6 Elizabeth Gookin
-7 Margarette Gookin
-1-1 Edward Warren
-1-2 Albert Warren, I
-1-3 Capt. Thomas Warren Encyclopedia of Virginia Biography, Under the Editorial ..., Volume 1 edited by Lyon Gardiner Tyler. Page 352
-1-4 Alice Marriott
-1-5 Radcliffe Warren
-1-6 Daniel Warren
-1-7 Elizabeth Warren
Th?-1-2-3 Alexander Thurston b 1551 d 27 Jan 1596
Th?-1-2-4 Bennett Thurston b 1555 Challock Kent d 13 Jun 1602
Th?-1-2-5 Elizabeth Thurston b 1557
Th?-1-3 Alice Thurston b c 1525 Hoxne Suffolk
Th?-1-4 Anne Thurston b c 1525 Hoxne Suffolk
Th?-1-5 Agnes Thurston b c 1533 Badingham Suffolk d 1573 Dickleburgh Norfolk
m1 John Derehaugh and William Whipple
-1 William Derebough
-2 Reginald Derehaugh
-3 Robert Derehaugh
Th? From Elizabeth Smith's tree and of no established relation to the above was:
Benjamin Thurston b c 1775
m Susanna Hardy
-1 Sarah Thurston b 1806 d 1854 m Joel Stewart b 1803 d 1847 son of George Stewart and Elizabeth Crousor -1-1 Haqrriet Augusta Stewart b 1838 d 1918 m Aaron Zahniser -1-1-1 Eva Ella Zahniser b 1866 d 1955 m Joseph Garrett Crocket b 1853 d 1929 son of Joseph Crockett b 1816 d 1863 and Eliza James b 27 Feb 1820 Green Co IN d 3 May 1914 Sullivan Co MO -1-1-1-1 David Crockett b 1895 d 1956 m Lora Pearl Buchanan b 1902 d 1978 dau of Edward Buchanan b 1871 d 1941 and Cynthia Ellen Lomax b 1876 d 1967 -1-1-1-1-1 Alice Crockett b 1918 d 1991 m Milford Arza Smith parents of Elizabeth Smith, author's 46 cM DNA match with 16 cM Segment on chr 4 Taylor segments on chr 12
Source: Thruston Family Bible copy at the Filson Club in Louisville Ky

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Henry Clay Thruston
Photocopy of an article or chapter in a book the only ID is Volume Two 1999, Pg 41 & 42.
The Tallest Soldier in the Confederacy
By R. L. Flournoy, PhD
Text verbatim: transcribed and sent to me from James K Bryan
"The title "Tallest Man in the Confederacy" went to a soldier named Henry Clay Thruston (sometimes spelled Thurston and pronounced Thooston). Time-Life Books � Gettysburg: the Confederate High Tide referred to a Prussian named Von Borcke as a Giant for the Confederacy at 6 feet 4 inches, but Thruston was more than a foot taller than Von Borcke! The tallest Union soldier during the war was Pat Bane, 22nd Pennsylvania Cavalry, at more than seven feet. At various times in his live, Thruston was referred to as the Tallest Man in the Civil War, North or South, and later in life, The Tallest Man in the World.
"H. C. Thruston b on May 4, 1830, in Greenville, South Carolina, and his family moved to Missouri just prior to the War Between the States. He had four brothers who were tall also, ranging in height from 6 ft. 6 in. to Henry Clay's height of 7 feet 7-1/2 inches. Some people said he was "only 7 feet 6 inches tall" and others stated he was 7 feet 7 inches. No matter, he definitely qualified as the Tallest Man in the CSA and a giant of a target for the boys in blue!
"Thruston and his four brothers served in the 4th Missouri Cavalry, Company I, throughout most of the war. The 4th Missouri, also known as Burbridge's Regiment, was organized about February 5, 1863, by Colonel John Q. Burbridge with the addition of three companies belonging to Preston's Battalion. Burbridge's Battalion was also known as Burbridge's Regiment of Porter's Brigade. Thruston's unit served in the Trans-Mississippi Department and participated in Marmaduke�s Expedition into Missouri, Price's Missouri operations, and various other conflicts in Arkansas. Thirteen men were causalities at Jenkins Ferry including one of Thruston's brothers. Archival records Thruston present in Arkansas at Yellville, White Oak, Pea Ridge, Poison Springs, and Little Rock. Right before his death in 1909, Thruston told Mamie Yeary, interviewing for her book Reminiscences of the Boys in Gray, 1864-1865: he "was with General Steele operating from Arkadelphia to Camden advancing sixty miles in six days." His rank at the time was private.
"The CSA's Tallest Man appears in the Role of Prisoners of War (POW) of Company I, 4th Regiment Missouri Cavalry, CSA, commanded by Captain George Taylor and surrendered at New Orleans, Louisiana by General E. Kirby Smith, CSA, to Major General E. R. S. Canby, USA on May 26, 1865. Thruston was paroled at Shreveport, Louisiana, in early June 1865. Records indicate he was wounded twice during the War (once grazed by a bullet on top of his head!).
"He moved to Texas and settled in the north-western part of the Titus County/ Franklin County line after the War. He purchased land east of Mount Vernon in 1888, at one time owning one hundred acres. He farmed and lived on his acreage until the latter part of his life. He was living in Mount Vernon when he died on July 2, 1909, and was buried in nearby Mount Pleasant's Edwards Cemetery. Our own December 1909 Confederate Veteran stated the Texas Giant died soon after his return from the Confederate Reunion in June at Memphis, Tennessee. It is also mentioned he attended the Confederate Reunion at Dallas in 1902.
"Area historians have written that during the War on one occasion when the Company was lined up for dress parade, Thruston was standing in the rear line and the Commanding Officer, Colonel Preston, ordered him to "get off that stump!" He gave the command a second time and since no man moved, he drew his saber and declared �I will make you obey orders!" The officer ran right toward Thruston stating, "What are you standing on?" Thruston calmly replied, "I am standing on the ground."
"It is known that for many years prior to his death, Thruston traveled with a circus and was billed in the side shows as The World's Tallest Man. In order to accentuate his height, he wore a tall beaver hat with high top boots and a long coat. One of his acquaintances said that his attire made him look 10 feet tall! In fact, the present writer recently interviewed a 97-year old man who was a neighbor boy of Thruston and remembers him as "a mighty tall, nice fellow." When asked if he remembered "the Colonel" as 7 feet 7-1/2 inches, the local man quickly replied "I bet he was taller that! Nine foot maybe!" In those days and the end of the nineteenth century, one of the big events of a town was a circus parading through the downtown section or town square. It is said when the circus was in one of the Confederate States, Thruston would lead the parade with a Confederate flag over his shoulder, and this was the most popular portion of the parade. When the circus was showing in a Union state, he would lead the parade dressed as Uncle Sam, carrying both the Union and Confederate flags. In his older days he was referred to as Colonel Thruston.
"It is told locally that the Colonel was so tall that he could hold his arms straight out from the shoulder and men could stand under them with derby hats untouched! Another interesting anecdote about the "Giant Colonel" has it that he once was in the company of a much smaller man in the town. On this particular occasion the little man sarcastically quipped, "How's the weather up there, big man?" The colonel responded by spitting on the little acquaintance saying, "It's raining!"
"Although Henry Clay Thruston did not qualify as one of Professor Jay Hoar's The South's Last Boys in Gray, " the Colonel" was noted by Professor Hoar as the Tallest Reb/Confederate soldier! His home with nine foot ceilings near Mount Vernon is preserved as a historical site so designated by the Franklin County Historical Association and eligible for listing in the National Register of Historic Places by The Texas Historic Commission. The town of Mount Pleasant, Texas where Colonel Thruston is buried is one of those small towns with an old UDC monument still on the town square with a Confederate soldier on top facing north as if looking for an approach of the Yankee Army"
"Dr. Flournoy practices psychology in the small East Texas town of Mount Pleasant and lives within a half mile of the Thruston homestead near Mount Vernon where he is a Charter Member of the Genealogy Division of the Franklin County Historical Association. In addition, he is a member of SCV camp 441, J. M. "Matt" Barton of nearby Sulpher Springs, Texas, and a Delegate to the 1997 Texas Division SCV Convention"


John Thurston Sr. b on 13 Jan 1601 at Wretham, Suffolk, England. John married Margaret Buck in 1630 at England. John Thurston Sr. died on 1 Nov 1685 at Medfield, Norfolk County, Massachusetts, at age 84.