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Tudor 1: Tudor of England, Tudor of Hadham, Owen of Easebourn
Tu28. Ednyfed Vychan ap Kendrig, Lord of Brynffenigl a c1200
m1 Tangwystsl Goch dau of Llowarch ap Bran, Lord of Menai
Tu27-1. Sir Tudor of Nant and Llangynhafal
m Adlais dau of Richard ap Cadwallader
Tu27-1-1 Heilin or Heilyn d 1298
m Agnes dau of Bleddyn, lord of Dinmael
Tu27-1-1-1 Gruffydd or Griffith of Cochwillan
m Eva dau of Griffith ap Tudor of Cochwillan
Tu27-1-1-1-1 Gwyllym
m Hwyfa dau of Ievan ap Griffith
1 Blethin
A ??
i ??
a ??
1 ??
According to BLG1886 Morgan of Golden Grove, 9th in descent from Sir Tudor ap Ednyfed Vychan was ...
A Edward Morgan
m Catherine Davies dau of John Davies of Gwysaney
i Edward Morgan of Golden Grove d 25.02.1611
m Anne Conway dau of John Conway of Bodrhyddan
2 Griffith of Cochwillan & Penrhyn d 1405
m Generis Vychan dau of Madoc of Penrhyn
A Robert of Cochwillan
m1 Angharad dau of Rhys ap Griffith
i Griffith of Cochwillan
m c1429 Mall dau of Griffith Derwas of Nanney family
a William of Cochwillan a 1485
m Angharad dau of David, constable of Harlech Castle
1 William Williams of Cochwillan
m Lowry Salusbury dau of Henry Salusbury of Llanrhaladr
2 Alice
m Meredith ap Ievan d 1525
3 Agnes probably of this generation
m Edmund Llwyd, Sheriff of Carnarvonshire a 1541
m2 Lowry dau of Grono ap Ievan of Efionydd
ii Thomas d 1466
B Gwilym ap Griffith of Penrhyn d 1431
m1 Morfydd dau of Goronwy Fychan, son of Sir Tudor ap Goronwy of Penmynydd see below
m2 Janet or Jane Stanley dau of Sir William Stanley of Hooton
C Rhys of Nant ancestor of Hughes of Prestatyn & Feydor and of Lloyds of Nant
Tu27-1-1-2 Grono
a. Griffith
1 Robert
A Catherine
m Hoel Vychan y Malai
Tu27-1-1-3 Angharad
m1 Yorworth-y-Penwyn
m2 David Goch, lord of Penmachno son of David, lord of Denbigh
Tu27-1-2 Meredydd ap Sir Tudor Vychan
m Margaret b about 1407 verch Dafydd Vychan Lloyd of Trefeilir, Anglesey
Tu27-2. Llewellyn of Creuthyn
Tu27-3 Kendrig
A. ??
i. ??
a. ??
1 ??
According to BLG1863 Lloyd of Plymog, Gwerclas and Bashall, 5th in descent from Kendrig was ...
A Tudor ap Grifith of Plymog a 1506
m Ellen dau of Griffith Vaughan of Cors y Gedol
Tu27-4. Rhys of Garth Garmon
Tu27-5. Howel, Bishop of St. Asaph c 1241
Tu27-6 Iowerth, Lord of Abermarlais
Tu27-8. Angharad
m Einion Vychan ap Einion of Plas-yn-nant
Tu27-9. Gwenllian
m Llywelyn 'the Great', Prince of Wales b 1173, d 11.04.1240
m2 Gwenllian d1236, dau of Rhys, Lord of South Wales
Tu27 Grong / Gruno / Goronwy, Lord of Tref-Gastel
m Morfydd dau of Meuric ap Ithel, Lord of Gwent
Tu26 Tudor Hen of Penmynedd d 1311
m Angharad dau of Ithel Vychan of Englefield
Tu25 Grong / Gruno / Goronwy d 1331
m Gwervyl dau of Madoc ap David, Baron of Hendwr
Tu22 =24 Sir Tudor of Penmynedd d 1367
m Margaret dau of Thomas ap Llwelyn, Lord of South Wales
Tu21 =23 Meredith ap Tudor
m Margaret dau of David Vychan ap David Llwyd of Anglesey
Tu20 =22 Sir Owen Tudor b 1402, d 1461
m 1429 Catherine of France b 27.10.1401, d 03.01.1437/8, dau of Charles VI, King of France
Tu19 =21 Edmund Tudor of Hadham, 1st Earl of Richmond d 1456
m 1455 Margaret Beaufort d 1509, dau of
+1 John Beaufort, Duke of Somerset
Tu18 =20 Henry Tudor, 2nd Earl of Richmond, King Henry VII of England b 26.07.1455, d 22.04.1509ancestors line H
m 18.01.1486 Elizabeth Plantagenet b 1466, d 11.02.1503, dau of Edward Plantagenet, King Edward IV of England
Tu19-1 Arthur Tudor, Prince of Wales b 20.09.1486, dsp 02.04.1502
m 14.11.1501 Katherine of Aragon d 06.01.1536, dau of Ferdinand V, King of Spain
Tu19 Henry Tudor, King Henry VIII of England b 28.06.1491, d 28.01.1547 §A
The 6 wives: divorced, beheaded, died, divorced, beheaded, survived. The non-English wives were both divorced. Children came from the first 3 marriages only. Only two mistresses have been formally recognised although at least two other bastard children are often attributed to him: Thomas Stukeley and John Perrott.
m1 11.06.1509, div 23.05.1533 Katherine of Aragon b 15.12.1485, d 06.01.1536, dau of Ferdinand V, King of Spain
Tu18-1 Henry Tudor, Duke of Cornwall b 01.01.1509-10, d 22.02.1509-10
Tu18-2 Mary Tudor, Queen of England b 18.02.1515-6, dsp 17.11.1558
m 25.07.1554 Philip II, King of Spain
m2 1532-33 Anne Boleyn beheaded 19.05.1536, dau of Sir Thomas Boleyn, Earl of Wiltshire and Ormonde
Tu18-3 Henry Tudor, Duke of Cornwall b/d 11.1534
Tu18-4 Elizabeth Tudor, Queen of England b 07.09.1533, d unm 24.03.1603
Elizabeth was succeeded by James Stuart who was great-grandson of her aunt Margaret through both the only surviving son of Margaret's first marriage James V of Scotland who had only one legitimate surviving child, Mary Queen of Scots and the only child of her second marriage Mary Douglas whose eldest son Henry married Mary Queen of Scots and was father of James Stuart, King of both England and Scotland.
m3. 20.05.1536 Jane Seymour d 14.10.1537, dau of Sir John Seymour
Tu18-5 Edward Tudor, King Edward VI of England b 12.10.1537, dsp 06.07.1553
m4. 06.01.1540, div 07.1540 Anne of Cleves b 22.09.1515, dsp 17/28.07.1557, dau of John III, Duke of Cleves and Julich
m5. 08.08.1540 Katharine Howard beheaded 13.02.1542, dau of Lord Edmund Howard
m6. 12.07.1543 Catharine Parr d 05.09.1548, dau of Sir Thomas Parr of Kendal
p1. Elizabeth Blount d c1540, dau of Sir John Blount of Kinlet
Tu18-6 Henry Fitzroy, Duke of Richmond and Somerset b 1519, dsp 22.07.1536
m c 1533 Mary Howard d 09.12.1557, dau of Thomas Howard, Duke of Norfolk
p2 Mary Boleyn Bo18 b 1504, d 19.07.1534, dau of Sir Thomas Boleyn, Earl of Wiltshire and Ormonde she m William Carey d 22.06.1528
Tu17-2 Henry Carey, 1st Lord Hunsdon b 04.03.1526, d 23.07.1596, sired by Henry VIII br>m 1545 Anne Morgan d 19.01.1606/7, dau of Sir Thomas Morgan of Arkestone -1 George Carey, 2nd Lord Hunsdon d 09.09.1603 m Elizabeth Spencer bur 02.03.1617/8, dau of Sir John Spencer of Althorp
-2 Sir John Carey, 3rd Lord Hunsdon bur 07.04.1617 m Mary Hyde bur 07.04.1627, dau of Leonard Hyde of Hyde Hall and Throckyng
-3 Sir Edmund Carey of Moulton Park b c1558, d 1637 m1 Mary Crocker dau of Christopher Crocker of Croft m2 Elizabeth Nevill bur 24.06.1630, dau of John, Lord Latimer m3 Judith Humphrey dau of Lawrence Humphrey
-4 Robert Carey, 1st Earl of Monmouth b 1560, d 12.04.1639
m 20.08.1593 Elizabeth Trevanion d by 07.1641, dau of Sir Hugh Trevanion of Correheigh
-5 Catherine Carey d 25.02.1602-3 m 07.1563 Charles Howard, 1st Earl of Nottingham b 1536, d 14.12.1624
-6 Philadephia Carey d 03.02.1626/7 m before 1584 Thomas le Scrope, 10th Lord of Bolton b c1567, d 02.09.1609
-7 Margaret Carey m Sir Edward Hoby
-1-1 Elizabeth Carey m Sir Thomas Berkeley b 11.07.1575, dvp 22.11.1611
-2-1 Henry Carey, 4th Lord Hunsdon, 1st Earl of Dover d 1668 m1 Judith Pelham dau of Sir Thomas Pelham, 1st Bart of Laughton m2 Mary Morris dau of Richard Morris
-2-2 Charles Cary
-2-3 Anne Cary m Sir Francis Lovell of East Harlyng
-2-4 Blanch Cary m1 Christopher Peyton m2 16.06.1605 Sir Thomas Woodhouse of Kimberley d 18.03.1658
-3-1 Sir Robert Carey bpt 21.03.1582/3 m Aletta Hogenhove dau of Mynheer Hogenhove
-3-2 Sir Ferdinando Carey m Philippa Throckmorton dau of Sir William Throckmorton
-3-3+ 1 son and 2 daughters
-4-1 Henry Carey, 2nd Earl of Monmouth bpt 27.01.1595/6, d 13.06.1661 m 1619/20 Martha Cranfield bpt 12.07.1601, d 10.04.1677, dau of Lionel Cranfield, 1st Earl of Middlesex
-4-2 Thomas Carey b c1617, d 1649 m Margaret Smith dau of Sir Thomas Smith of Parsons Green
-4-3 Thomas Carey m 11.04.1611 Sir Thomas Wharton of Easby b 1587, dvp 17.04.1622

-2-1-1 John Carey, 2nd Earl of Dover, 5th Lord b c1608, d 1677
m1 Dorothy St. John dau of Oliver St. John, Earl of Bolingbroke m2 Abigail Cokayne dau of Sir William Cokayne, alderman of London
-2-1-2 Sir Pelham Carey dsp m 24.06.1630 Mary Jackson dau of John Jackson
-2-1-3 Mary Carey m Sir Thomas Wharton of Edlington b 1615, d 1684
-2-1-4+ Henry d 01.1620-1, George dsp, Judith d unm, Philadephia d unm
-3-1-1 Sir Horatio Carey BE1883 identifies Horatio's wife as Petronilla, dau of Robert Conyers. TCP identifies her as ... m Pernel Harrington dau of Robert Harrington of Durham
-3-1-2 Ernestus Carey of Great Shelford d 1680 m St. John Salveyn d 1649, dau of Thomas Salveyn of Croxdale
-3-1-3 Col Ferdinand Carey d 1663
-3-2-1 Philadephia Carey d 04.05.1696, 5th daughter m before 21.03.1657/8 Thomas Wentworth, 'Lord Wentworth of Nettlested' bpt 02.02.1612/3, dvp 01.0.1664/5
-4-1-1 Lionel Carey, 'Lord Leppington' dvp unm Marston Moor 1644
-4-1-2 Henry Carey, 'Lord Leppington' dvp 1649
m Mary Scrope d 01.11.1680, dau of Emmanuel Scrope, 11th Lord of Bolton, Earl of Sunderland
-4-1-3 Anne Carey
m James Hamilton, 1st Earl of Clanbrassill d 20.06.1639
-4-1-4 Elizabeth Mary Carey dsp 09.12.1719 m William Fielding, 2nd Earl of Desmond, 3rd Earl of Denbigh b 29.12.1640, d 23.08.1685
-4-1-5 Martha Carey m 16.12.1667 John Middleton, 1st Earl of Middleton b c1608, d 1673
-4-1-6+ other issue d unm - Philadephia, Theophila, Magdalen
-4-2-1 Elizabeth Carey b c 1632, d 05.04.1679
m c 1656 John Mordaunt, 1st Viscount of Avalon b 18.06.1626, d 05.06.1675 Their eldest son became Earl of Monmouth.

-2-1-1-1 Mary Carey m William Heveningham of Heveningham
-3-1-1-1 Robert Carey, 6th Lord Hunsdon dsp 1692 m Margaret Clifton bur 14.02.1697/8, dau of Sir Gervase Clifton, Bart
-3-1-2-1 Robert Carey, 7th Lord Hunsdon d unm 11.09.1702
-3-1-3-1 William Carey of Maastricht d 07.11.1683 m Gertrude Van Ousthoorn dau of Cornelius Van Ousthoorn
-4-1-2-1 Henry Carey, 'Lord Leppington' bur 24.05.1653
-4-1-5-1 Thomas Middleton b 1650 Burlington d 21 Dec 1704 Springfield Burlington NJ m Naomi Folwell b 1660 Flore Northants d 5 Apr 1715 burlington dau of William Folwell and Elizabeth Teeton
-4-1-5-2 Hon John Middleton
-4-1-5-3 Elizabeth Middleton m y Spelman

-3-1-3-1-1 William Ferdinand Carey, 8th Lord Hunsdon bpt 14.01.1684, dsp 12.06.1765 m 11.01.1717/8 Grace Waldo b c1684, d 09.05.1729, dau of Sir Edward Waldo of Pinner
-4-1-5-1-1 Hugh Middleton b 1685 d 19 Jan 1713 Salem NJ m Mary Bradway Cooper b 27 Dec 1688 Salem NJ d 1714 dau of William Cooper and Mary ?Bradway
-4-1-5-1-2 Thomas Middleton II b 1685 d 10 Aug 1724 Burlington NJ m Mercy Allen b 13 Mar 1692 Burlington d there 17 Feb 1754
-4-1-5-1-3 John Middleton b 1686 Worcester Engl d 25 Jan 1741 Crosswicks Burlington NJ m Esther Gilberthorpe b 3 Dec 1684 West Jersey d 27 Apr 1759 Chesterfield Burlington NJ dau of thomas Gilberthorpe and Hester Browne b 1649 Derbyshire Engl d 27 Mar 1712 Burlington NJ
-4-1-5-1-4 Nathan Middleton b 1688
-4-1-5-1-5 Elizabeth Middleton b 1702 Burlington d 1740
-4-1-5-1-6 Jane Middleton b 1704 Burlington NJ d 1740 ?m y Richardson
-4-1-5-1-7 Naomi Middleton b 1708
-4-1-5-1-1-1 Mary Middleton m1 Judge Nicholas Greenbarry Ridgely b 2 Feb 1694 AA Co MD d 16 Feb 1755 Dover DE son of Capt Henry Ridgely and Katherine Howard Greenberry m2 Benjamin Vining had issue
-4-1-5-1-1-2 John Middleton
-4-1-5-1-2-1 Thomas Middleton III b 8 jun 1710 Chester Twp Morris Co NJ d 21 Sep 1778 Burlington
-4-1-5-1-2-2 Matthew Middleton b 1713
-4-1-5-1-2-3 Hugh Middleton b 1715
-4-1-5-1-2-4 Hannah Middleton b 1717 d 1777
-4-1-5-1-2-5 Rebecca Middleton b 1719 d 1809
-4-1-5-1-2-6 Rachel Middleton b 1721 d 1801
-4-1-5-1-3-1 Thomas Middleton b 1711 Nottingham Burlington NJ d 21 Sep 1803 Chesterfield m Patience Tilton b 1717 d 1778
-4-1-5-1-3-2 John Middleton b 22 Sep 1712 Chesterfield d there 3 Feb 1765 m Lydia x b c 1710 d 1739?
-4-1-5-1-3-3 Nathan Middleton b 17 Oct 1714 Moorestowne Burlington NJ d 15 Jun 1760 Burlington
-4-1-5-1-3-4 Bridget Middleton b 22 Mar 1716 Mansfield Burlington NJ d 23 Jul 1783 Hanover Burlington NJ m Joseph Steward b 1712 d 1780
-4-1-5-1-3-5 Naomi Middleton b 23 Jan 1718 Chesterfield Burlington NJ d there 11 Oct 1800
-4-1-5-1-3-6 Jonathan Middleton b 8 Apr 1719 Chesterfield d there 1743
-4-1-5-1-3-7 George Middleton b 12 May 1722 Nottingham NJ d there 26 Jun 1770 m Hannah Fowler b 1725 Chesterfield NJ d 12 Oct 1795 Burlington NJ dau of John Fowler and Elizabeth Steward b 1707 Chesterfield d there 1750 (dau of Joseph Steward b 11 Jun 1664 Winkle Cheshire Engl d 28 Jul 1715 Chesterfield NJ and Alice Wright b 1671 Chesterfield NJ d there 24 Apr 1759)
-4-1-5-1-3-8 Abel Middleton
-4-1-5-1-3-9 Amos Middleton
-4-1-5-1-3-10 William MIDDLETON
Tu17 Catherine or Mary Carey d 15.08.1568 m Sir Francis Knollys d 1596
Kn16-1 Sir Henry Knollys of Kingsbury b c 1590 m Margaret Cave d 15.08.1600, dau/heir of Sir Ambrose Cave -1 Elizabeth Knollys b c 1579 m Sir Henry Willoughby, Bart of Risley b c1579, d 20.11.1649
-2 Lettice Knollys d 1655 m before 19.06.1602 William Paget, 4th Lord of Beaudesert b 1572, d 29.08.1629
Kn16-2 William Knollys of Rotherfield Greys, Viscount Wallingford, 1st Earl of Banbury b c1547, d 25.05.1632, Treasurer of the Household m1 Dorothy Braye d 31.10.1605 + 1 dau d y dau of Sir Edmund Braye, 1st Lord m2 1605 Elizabeth Howard bpt 11.08.1586, d 17.04.1658, dau of Thomas Howard, 1st Earl of Suffolk (she had 2 ch by Edward Vaux with continuation on Knollys2,)
Kn16-3 Sir Robert Knollys m Joan Higham -1 Sir Robert Knollys 'of Gray's Court' m Johanna Wolstenholme dau of Sir John Wolstenholme -1-1 Robert Knollys m Mary Saunders of Menegwell or Mungwell
-1-2 William Knollys
-1-3 Letitia Knollys m by 1645 Sir John Corbet of Stoke, 2nd Bart
-1-4 dau m y Egerton of Staffordshire
-1-5 dau m y Holmby of Yorkshire
-1-1-1 Robert Knollys dspms, MP for Oxfordshire
Kn16-4 Richard Knollys -1 Francis Knollys bur 04.08.1640 m1 _ Wiseman dau of Sir Charles Wiseman m2 Alice Beecher dau of Sir William Beechey of Middlesex -1-1 2 sons and 1 dau
Kn16-5 Sir Francis Knollys of Battel 'of Reading Abbey' m Lettice Barret dau of John Barret of Hanham -1 y Knollys b c1614, d 1623
-2 Sir Francis Knollys 2nd son m Ellen Milles dau/heir of Richard Milles of Lower Winchendon

-2-1+ William b c 1614, d 1623, Francis dsp
-2-3 Richard Knollys 3rd son? b c 1618 m Mary Bellingham of Everingham sister/heir of Henry Bellingham

-2-3-1 Francis Knollys 'of Winchington' m Anne Bateman of Berkshire heir

-2-3-1-1 Francis Knollys d 1701, MP for Reading m Elizabeth Striblehill d 1701, dau/coheir of John Striblehill of Thame
-2-3-1-2 Elizabeth Knollys d 15.11.1723 m Sir Francis Curson of Waterferry

-2-3-1-1-1 Francis Knollys of Thame, Oxfordshire d unm 24.06.1754
-2-3-1-1-2 Richard Knollys of Thame m1 Elizabeth Thayer + 1 ch dau/coheir of Humphrey Thayer m2 sp Hannah Salivey dau of Theophilus Salivey of Woodford m3 sp Anne Taylor dau of John Taylor
-2-3-1-1-3+ other issue d young - John, Cecilia

-2-3-1-1-2-1 Sir Francis Knollys of Thame, Sheriff of Oxfordshire, Bart dsp 20.06.1722 m 1756 Mary Carter dau/heir of Sir Robert Kendall Carter of Kempston, son of John of Basingbourn Hall
Kn16-6 Sir Thomas Knollys m Odelia de Morada dau of John de Morada, Marquess of Bergen -1 Penelope Knollys m William Le Hunt
-2 Elizabeth or Lettice Knollyspossibly of this generation dvp? m Sir Rowland Rugeley of Dunton d 1629
Kn16-7 Lettice Knowles m1 Walter Devereux, 1st Earl of Essex b c 1553, d 22.09.1576 m2 21.09.1578 Sir Robert Dudley, Earl of Leicester b 24.06.1532/3, d 04.09.1588 m3 before 08.1589 Sir Christopher Blount d 18.03.1600/1
Kn16 Anne Knollys b c 1555
m 19.11.1571 Thomas West We16
, 2nd Lord De La Warr b c 1556, d 24.03.1601-2
-1 Thomas West, 3rd Lord De La Warr b 09.07.1557 m 25.11.1596 Cecily Shirley Sh15 bur 31.07.1662, dau of Sir Thomas Shirley of Wiston) -1-1 Henry West, 4th Lord De La Warr b 03.10.1603, d 01.06.1628 m 03.1624/5 Isabella Edmunds b 11.1607, d c 1677, dau of Sir Thomas Edmunds
-1-2 Cecilia West d 02.1638 m1 Sir Francis Bindlosse of Barwick Hall m2 Sir John Byron, 1st Lord of Rochdale (dsp 08.1652)
-1-3 Lucy West m Sir Robert Byron, Governor of Liverpool (Colonel)
-1-4? Anthony West b 1605 England d 25 May 1652 d Northampton Co Va
-1-5? Martha West b 1615 Va d England m William Woodward b 1620 England d King and Queen Co Va son of Christopher Woodward and Catherine Audley b 1597 d 11 Jan 1632

-1-4-1 Col. John West b 7 Apr 1638 England d c 1703 Accomack Co m Matilda Scarburgh Sc13 b c 1637 Accomack Co d c 3 Jan 1720 Accomack Co dau of Col. Edmund Norton Scarborough Jr Sc14 b 2 OCT 1617 d 23 MAY 1671 and Mary Littleton b 1619 d 15 DEC 1691

-1-4-1-1 Frances West b c 1655 d c 1731 Wachapreague Accomack Co m Richard Kellam II Ke12 b c 1651 d 6 Apr 1731 son of Richard Kellam Sr and Sarah Ansley
-1-4-1-2 John West b 1675 d 1719 Accomack Co m Frances Yeardley b 1677 Accomack Co d there 1714 dau of Argoll Yeardley Jr and Sarah Michael b 1654 d 1697
-1-4-1-3 Ann West m William Sellman b 22 Jan 1688/9 in Accomac, Accomack Co Va d 31 Mar 1743 AA Co

-1-4-1-1-1 Richard Kellam m Susanna x
-1-4-1-1-2 Thomas Kellam d before 30_Nov_1756, Accomack Co.m Abigail Watson b before 1741 wife of Thomas Kellam d. before 12_Dec_1775, Accomack Co. VA
-1-4-1-1-3 Sarum Kellam d 1744 m Elizabeth x
-1-4-1-1-4 John West Kellam d 1769 m Elizabeth x
-1-4-1-1-5 Sarah Kellam b c 1680 Marionville Northampton Co Va m John Sill Si11 b 1676 Accomack Co Va d Chester Co PA
-1-4-1-2-1 Sarah West b 1710, Accomack Co m Isaac Smith b 1698 Accomack d there 1760
-1-4-1-3-1 Charles Sellman b 5 Aug 1722 All Hallows Parish Anne Arundel Co MD d 20 Dec 1770 m Elizabeth Gassaway b c 1722 AA Co dau of Nicholas Gassaway b 6 Feb 1696 will proved 21 Apr 1757 and (m1 2 Jun 1719) Elizabeth Hawkins b 1700 Anne Arundel Co d 1736

-1-4-1-1-2-1 Peter Kellam b before 1741 d after 1756
-1-4-1-1-2-2 Jonathan Kellam b before 1756 d before 11_Dec_1792, Northampton Co VA
-1-4-1-1-2-3 Elijah Kellam b before 1756 d before 3_Nov_1765, Accomack Co VA
-1-4-1-1-2-4 Anne Kellam b before 1756 d after 1756
-1-4-1-1-2-5 Sarah Kellam b before 1756 d after 1756
-1-4-1-1-2-6 Stephen Kellam b before 1772 d.10_Oct_1786, Northampton Co. VA
-1-4-1-1-4-1 Scarburgh W. Kellam d.1776 m Keziah x
-1-4-1-1-4-2 Caleb Kellam (Bable, Laban) d 1769 m Elizabeth x
-1-4-1-1-4-3 Patience Kellam m before 1769 m John Chandler d after 1770
-1-4-1-1-4-4 Euphamia Kellam m before 1769 m y Major d after 1769
-1-4-1-1-4-5 Amey Kellam m before 1769 Littleton Colony d 1773
-1-4-1-1-4-6 Tamar Kellam m. before 1769 m x Darby wid y Darby d after 1769
-1-4-1-1-4-7 Seymour Kellam m before 1773 James Biles d after 1769
-1-4-1-1-5-1 James Sill b 1694 Chester Co PA d 04/15/1774 m c 1722 Edgemont PA Anne Baker Ba10 b 18 Aug 1703 Delaware Co PA d Chester Co PA dau of Joseph John Baker Jr b 11 Dec 1674 and Martha Woodward b 31 Jan 1677 d 13 Dec 1775
-1-4-1-1-5-2 Joseph Sill b 1698 Edgemont Chester Co PA
-1-4-1-1-5-3 Ann Ritter Sill b c 1730 d abt 1774
-1-4-1-1-5-4 Mary Sill b 1732 Accomack Co d 1801 m John Boggs
-1-4-1-2-1-1 John Smith b 1738 Accomack Co d 1824 m Sarah Parker b 1758 Accomack Co VA dau of William Parker b 1717 d 1784 and Leah Taylor
-1-4-1-2-1-2 Thorowgood Smith b 1744 Accomack Co d 13 AUG 1810 m Mary Blaikley Stith
-1-4-1-3-1-1 John Sellman d 11 Nov 1816
Kn16-9 Cecilia or Elizabeth Knollys m Sir Thomas Leighton of Feckenham, Governor of Jersey
Kn16-10 Catherine Knollys bur 20.12.1632 m1 10.1578 Gerald FitzGerald, Lord Offaly b 28.12.1559, dvp 06.1580 m2 Sir Phillip Boteler of Watton Woodhall d 01.1591/2
p3? Mary Berkeley Sir John Thomas Perrot MP
Tu19-3 Edmund Tudor, Duke of Somerset b 20.02.1498-9, d 1499
Tu17 Margaret Tudor b 29.11.1489, d 18.10.1541
m1 08.08.1503 James Stewart, King James IV of Scots b 17.03.1473, d Flodden 09.09.1513
m2 06.08.1514, div 11.03.1527-8 Archibald Douglas, 6th Earl of Angus b 1489
Tu16 Margaret Lady Douglas b 8 OCT 1515 in Harbottle Castle, Northumberland
m2 15 APR 1536 (without the King's permission) Thomas Howard ex 1536
Ho15? Robert or Henry Howard b JAN 1536/37 in London
m 1574 in Norfolk, England, Philippa Buxton b 1539, d AFT 1603 The engagement of the supposed parents of this man ended quickly when Thomas and Lady Margaret failed to get Royal approval for the marriage. The violent history in Scotland and between Scotland and England preceeding this engagement and running up to the accession of James the VI alias James I to the thrones of Scotland and England explains why this birth was or would have been so woeful for the House of Howard.
Ho14 Rev. John Howard b 1 DEC 1578 in Norfolk, England d 4 APR 1642 in Norfolk (?Saphron Waldon Essex) England or 22 MAR 1621/22 Jamestown Va in killed by Indians May have had a son Henry and also may be Matthew Howard 1609 parents but there are no baptism records to support this fact. The ancestry of the Howard line is not proven and this is theory only. John Howard may also have been the clerk who signed the Second Virginia Charter May 23, 1609 whch was signed by these two Howard's: Theophilus, Lord Howard of Walden, John Haward/Howard, clerke.
m 26 Nov 1606 Thorpe Abbots Engl Elizabeth Locke dau of Samuel Lock Lo15 b 1554 Brockish Hall Norfolk Engl (This claimed descent does not seem at all substantiated and only included here to expedite possible DNA identification.)
-1 John Howard b c 1601 in England, d 1661 m Margaret x
-2 Matthew Howard b 19 JUN 1609 Wardour Wilts d 4 SEP 1659 in Anne Arundel, MD or Virginia Immigration: Before 1635 to Virginia m c 1623 Anne Hall b 25 Oct 1610 Weston Hertfordshire/?Felmersham Bedford Co England d 1658 Anne Arundel Co Md
-3 Henry Howard b BET 1610 AND 1620 in England m2 Elizabeth Lock b 1580 in Brockdish, Norfolk, England m 26 NOV 1606 in Thorpe Abbots, Norfolk, England
-4 Robert Howard b: 27 NOV 1608 in England
-5 Daniel Howard b: 25 FEB 1609/10 in England
-6 Thomas Howard b: 4 APR 1614 in England
-7 Grace Howard b 15 APR 1616 in England
-8 Mary Howard b 5 MAR 1617/18 in England

-2-1 Anne Howard b c 1625 d AFT 26 SEP 1694 in Annapolis, Anne Arundel MD m1 c 1640 in MD Hon. Edward Dorsey Do12 b 1619 in IRE m2 1660 in Anne Arundel James Greniffe b c 1637
-2-2 Cornelius Howard b 1630 in England or Virginia, d 15 OCT 1680 in Will prob Anne Arundel Co MD m Elizabeth Todd b c 1640 d aft 1680
-2-3 John Howard b 1636 Norfolk, VA d 13 MAY 1696 in Will prob Anne Arundel Co MD m 1663 in Anne Arundel Co Susannah Norwood b 1639 in Anne Arundel Co MD
-2-4 Samuel Howard b: ABT 1637 in Norfolk, VA d 9 NOV 1703 m c 1659 in Anne Arundel Md Catherine Warner b c 1640 in Possibly Lower Norfolk Co VA
-2-5 Matthew Howard b 1640 in Va d 12 JAN 1691/2 i m 1667 in Anne Arundel Sarah Dorsey b 1652, d
-2-6 Mary Howard b 1647 in Anne Arundel, MD, b 6 APR 1721 in will probated Anne Arundel, MD m John Hammond b 5 DEC 1643 in Isle of Wight, England, d 24 NOV 1707 in Anne Arundel, Md
-2-7 Elizabeth Howard b 1648, d ABT 1672 m Col Henry Ridgely b 1627 in Devonshire
-2-8 Philip Howard b c 1649 d 24 FEB 1700/1

-2-1-1 Edward Dorsey b c 1645 in VA m1 Sarah Wyatt Wy11 + 8 ch m2 c 1693 Margaret Larkin b c 1672 in Anne Arundel Co
-2-1-2 Sarah Dorsey b 1652
-2-1-3 Joshua Dorsey b 1654 in Anne Arundel Co MD
-2-1-4 John Dorsey , Honorable b 1658 in Hockley-In-The-Hole, Anne Arundel Co., MD
-2-1-5 John Greniffe b c 1661 in Anne Arundel County, MD
-2-1-6 James Greniffe b c 1662
-2-1-7 Samuel Greniffe b c 1663

-2-1-1-1 Sarah Dorsey 1677 in Elk Ridge, Baltimore County, MD m1 c 1690 in Anne Arundel Co John Norwood b ABT 1672 in Anne Arundel Co
-2-1-1-2 Hannah Dorsey b c 1679 in Annapolis, MD
-2-1-1-3 Samuel Dorsey b: c 1682 in Annapolis, Anne Arundel, MD
-2-1-1-4 Joshua Dorsey b 1686 d 8 Nov 1747 m Ann Ridgely,
-2-1-1-5 Samuel Dorsey b. 1682
-2-1-1-6 Col John Dorsey b 15 Jun 1688 Annapolis Md d 13 Nov 1764 Anne Arundel, Anne Arundel, Md bur 1764 First Discovery, Anne Arundel Co., Md
m 8 Apr 1708 to Honor Elder/?Stafford El10/St10
-2-1-1-7 Nicholas Dorsey b. 1689 in "Major's Choice", Anne Arundel, MD m Frances Hughes b: 18 MAY 1692 in Herring Creek St.James Parish Anne Arundel MD
-2-1-1-8 Benjamin Dorsey, b. about 1692
-2-1-1-9 Levin Dorsey
-2-1-1-10 Edward Dorsey b by 1677 m Sarah Todd
-2-1-1-11 Francis Dorsey, b 1696 in Baltimore MD m 1723 Elizabeth Baker b 1706 in Baltimore
-2-1-1-12 Charles Dorsey, b: ABT 1698 in Major's Choice, Baltimore m Anne x
-2-1-1-13 Anne Dorsey, b: ABT 1699 in Major's Choice, Baltimore m John Hammond b 1698 in Anne Arundel

-2-1-1-6-1 Hannah Dorsey b 26 OCT 1709 in Anne Arundel, MD d 1789 in Dorsey's Grove, Anne Arundel Co m 1732 Adam Barnes, b 1696 in Shipley's Choice, Severn River, Anne Arundel
-2-1-1-6-2 Ruth Dorsey b 27 Jan 1705/?15 OCT 1710 in Anne Arundel, Md d. 4 Jan.,1755 in Anne Arundel, Md m1 Benjamin Lawrence III La9-5
-2-1-1-6-3 Michael Dorsey b 15 MAR 1712/13 in All Hollows, Anne Arundel Co., MD m Ruth Todd d 20 DEC 1776 in 'First Discovery', Anne Arundel, MD m 10 AUG 1733 in Anne Arundel Co Ruth Todd b c 1715 in Anne Arundel
-2-1-1-6-4 Sarah Dorsey b: 15 OCT 1715 in Anne Arundel County, MD m Sir Henry Howard
-2-1-1-6-5 Susannah Dorsey, b 12 DEC 1717 in Anne Arundel, MD d 1769 in Dorsey's Grove, Anne Arundel, MD m c 1737 Anne Arundel Leavin Lawrence La9 Wills Anne Arundel Co MD
-2-1-1-6-6 Jemima Dorsey b 6 DEC 1720 in Anne Arundel 1770 in Anne Arundel, MD m John Elder b 14 OCT 1708 in Anne Arundel, d 1794
-2-1-1-6-7 Patience Dorsey b 7 MAY 1722 in Elk Ridge Hundred, Anne Arundel, MD, Death: 5 APR 1747 m 29 JAN 1739/40 Samuel Howard b 16 DEC 1717 in St. Anne's Parish, Anne Arundel d 10 JAN 1767
-2-1-1-6-8 Vachel Dorsey b 20 OCT 1726 in Anne Arundel, MD s., d 9 MAR 1798 in Will probated Anne Arundel m Ruth Dorsey b c 1728, dau of Edward Dorsey b c 1701
-2-1-1-6-9 Nathan Dorsey b 11 AUG 1731 in Anne Arundel Co MD m Sophia Owings b 12 SEP 1727 in Baltimore Co MD

-2-1-1-6-5-1 La9 Leaven Lawrence, 1st Lt. in Flying Camp, 1776. m Sarah Dorsey remained at Dorsey's Grove.
-2-1-1-6-5-2 Rachel Lawrence b 3 May 1739 in Anne Arundel Co MD d 12 Aug 1808 in Md m1 Captain Philemon Dorsey m2 Nathan Harris, 19 Jan 1775
-2-1-1-6-5-3 Ruth Lawrence b 22 Dec 1745 m Thomas Owings d 1760.
-2-1-1-6-5-4 Elizabeth Lawrence
-2-1-1-6-5-5 Margaret Lawrence b 1756 d 1835.
-2-1-1-6-5-6 Richard Lawrence b 1757

-2-1-1-6-5-1-1 Elizabeth Lawrence
-2-1-1-6-5-1-2 Rachel Lawrence b 3 May 1739 d 12 Aug 1808 m 13 Dec 1759 Capt Philemon Dorsey b 20th Jan. 1715
-2-1-1-6-5-1-3 Benjamin Lawrence IV b 5/?17 May 1741 d Mar 5, 1814 m Urath Randall Owings. Ow8 1762, January 28.
-2-1-1-6-5-1-4 John Dorsey (or Levin) Lawrence b. 1740 or 26 Oct 1743 in Anne Arundel, Md d 18 Dec 1798 Anne Arundel Md m Sarah Dorsey in 1763 and/or Martha West, 20 Apr.1766 in Md., lived at Valley farm, Linganore Hills
-2-1-1-6-5-1-5 Levin Lawrence b 1750 in Anne Arundel, MD d 31 Mar 1805
-2-1-1-6-5-1-6 Ruth Lawrence b 22 Dec 1745 d 27 Jul 1827
-2-1-1-6-5-1-7 Margaret Lawrence b 1756
-2-1-1-6-5-1-8 Richard Lawrence b1757
m3. before 02.04.1528 Henry Stewart, 1st Lord Methven b c1495, d c1551
Tu19-5 Mary Tudor b 1498, d 26.06.1533
m1 09.10.1514 Louis XII, King of France d 01.01.1515
m2 13.05.1515 Sir Charles Brandon, 1st Duke of Suffolk b 1485, d 14/22.08.1545
Tu17 Jasper Tudor of Hadham, Earl of Pembroke, Duke of Bedford d 21.12.1495
m Catherine Wydeville dau of Richard Wydeville, Earl Rivers
p Myvanwy verch Dafydd b c 1436 Wales d by 1485 Gwynedd Wales + 1 ch
Tu16 Helen Tudor b c 1459 Snodon Carnarvonshire Wales d aft 1501
m1 Sir William Gardiner b c 1450 d 8 Oct 1485 bur St Mildred Poultry Lond( reports 5 of the ch of this marriage, but not Stephen)
m2 William Sybson
+1 Thomas Gardiner b c 1430 Bury St Edmunds Suffolk d 1491 Beaconsfield Bucks
m Anna de la Grove b c 1434 Grove Place Manor Beaconsfield Bucks d there c 1524
+2 Sir Thomas Gardiner b 1410 Otley Lancashire
m Elizabeth Beaumont b 1410 Whitley Beaumont d 1 Jan 1480 West Riding York
+2 Hugh de la Grove b 1^398 Grove Place Bucks d there 1472
m Anna x b 1402
+3 Hugh de la Grove b c 1375
Tu15-1 Philippa Gardiner
Tu16-2 Beatrice Gardiner
Tu15-3 Margaret Gardiner
Tu15-4 Thomas Gardiner b c 1470, Prior of Tynemouth
Tu15-5 Stephen Gardiner, Bishop of Winchester
Tu15 Anne Gardiner b c 1475 Beaconsfield Bucks d 1575 Belton Isle Axholme Lincoln
m Robert Stoke Browne b c 1460 Edwardstone Leicester d 1540
Br14-1 Albert John Browne b 1504 Witham Essex d 1562 Edwardstone Suffolk
m Elizabeth de Witham b 1508 Witham Essex d 7 Apr 1573 Sawbridgeworth Hertford
-1 Henry Browne b 1520 Edwardstone Suffolk d there 27 Jan 1596 m1 Joane Burton m2 Agnes Browne b 1530 Holton Suffolk d 17 Dec 1590 Prittlewell Essex + dau of John Brown and Elizabeth de Witham b 1508 Witham d there Oct 1565 she m2 Thomas Baley -1-1 Margaret Browne
-1-2 Joane Browne
-1-3 Anne Browne b 13 Jan 1544 Edwardston London m Adam Winthrop
-1-4 Margerie Browne b c 1557 Wormington Essex m1 Roger Weston m2 y Duckett
-1-5 Johane Browne b c 1550 Holton m William Hilles
-1-6 Jeane Browne b c 1553
-1-7 x Browne b c 1555

-1-3-1 Sarah Winthrop
-1-3-2 Anne Winthrop
-1-3-3 Anne Winthrop m Fones
-1-3-4 Gov. John Winthrop, Massachusettes
-1-3-5 Jane Winthrop
-1-3-6 Lucy Winthrop m Downing
Br14 John Browne b 1504 Watham Essex
m Alice Illesworth b 1504 Beaconsfield d there 1604
Tu13-1 Thomas Browne b c 1514 London or 1526 Beaconsfield or 1535 Beaconsfield
m?1 Elizabeth b c 1541 Dunchurch Warwick + 1 ch
?= m?3 Margaret Chapman b 1519 Beaconsfield
-1 Sir Thomas Browne b c c 1531 Beaconsfield m Alice Chapman b 1540 Saxlingham Norfolk d 1562 -1-1 Margaret Browne b 1562 Beaconsfield Bucks d 7 Oct 1658 Greenford Magna Mdx m1 Rev Michael Gardner m2 Richard Whitter -1-1-1 Henrie Gardner b 25 Feb 1587 Great Greenford Mdx
-1-1-2 Michael Gardner b 21 Dec 1589 Greenford Mdx m Frances Turnbaugh
-1-1-3 Sir Thomas Gardner b 4 Mar 1590 Greenford Mdx m Frances Chyde
-1-1-4 Anne Gardner b 20 Aug 1593 m y Watersfield
-1-1-5 John Gardner b 1595 Greenford Mdx m1 Rebecca m2 Mary
-1-1-6 George Gardner b 15 Feb 1599 Cleckenwell Mdx m1 Sarah
-1-1-7 Rebecca Gardner
-1-1-8 William Gardner
-1-1-9 Jeremiah Gardner
-1-1-10 Dorcas Gardner

-1-1-5-1 Deborah Gardner b 1624 ?Engl d 5 Sep 1689 Springfield MA m George Colton quartermaster

-1-1-5-1-1 Isaac Colton b 21 Nov 1646 Longmeadow Hampden MA m Mary Cooper b 15 May 1651 Longmeadow dau of Lt Thomas Cooper and Sarah Clark
-1-1-5-1-2 Ephraim Colton
-1-1-5-1-3 Mary Colton m Barnard
-1-1-5-1-4 Capt. Thomas Colton
-1-1-5-1-5 Sarah Graves
-1-1-5-1-6 Deliverance Graves
-1-1-5-1-7 Deborah Colton m Bliss
-1-1-5-1-8 Hepzibah Colton m Wells
-1-1-5-1-9 John Colton
-1-1-5-1-10 Benjamin Colton

-1-1-5-1-1-1 Mary Colton m Graves
-1-1-5-1-1-2 Sarah Colton
-1-1-5-1-1-3 Capt. George Colton
-1-1-5-1-1-4 Rebecca Colton m Merrick
-1-1-5-1-1-5 Deborah Morgan
-1-1-5-1-1-6 xy Colton
-1-1-5-1-1-7 David Colton
-1-1-5-1-1-8 Hannah Colton m Chapin
-1-1-5-1-1-9 Joseph Colton b 20 Apr 1693 Longmeadow m Abilenah had issue
-1-1-5-1-1-10 Benjamin Colton b 18 Jun 1695 Longmeadow m Elizabeth x had issue
Br13 Richard Browne b 1528 -1 Original Brown b c 1575 Engl d 1655 Westmoreland VA and Elizabeth Baldun b c 1595 Lincolnshire (dau of Thaddeus Baldun) -1-1 Richard Browne b 1618 in England d 18 Dec 1670 Old Rappahannock Co and Elizabeth Badger -1-1-1 Original Brown Br10 b 1648 in St. Mary's Co MD and Jane Brooke Br10 widow Higdon -1-1-1-1 Jane Browne b 1673 d 1752 m 1692 Nathaniel Pope III Po8-1 Mary Pope b c 1694, m Joseph Weeks.
Po8-2 William Pope b c 1696
Po8-3 Lewis Pope
Po8-4 John Pope (alive in 1728 and sold a mill to Augustine Washington) m Elizabeth (Pierce) Pope, daughter of the mariner/merchant Nathaniel Pope Po10-1-5
Po8-5 Elizabeth POPE m Bourn PRICE (son of Meriday PRICE II). Bourn PRICE was born before 1725. He died after 1725.
Po8 Worden Pope b 1705 m Hester Netherton had issue
Po8-7 Jean/Jane Pope b about 1717 d Apr. 1732 m George Williams (shown by
Po8-7-1 Margaret Williams b 17 Apr 1732 Stafford Co., Va. d after 12 Sep 1763 m John Ralls Jr
Br13-3 John Browne b 1531
Br13-4 Missy Browne b 1533 Yardley Hastings Northampton
m y Corkshowt
partner unknown
Tu21-3 Sir David Owen of Easebourn
m Mary Bohun dau of John Bohun of Midhurst
Tu21-3-1 Sir Henry Owen of Easebourn
m Dorothy West dau of Thomas West, 8th Lord De La Warr
Tu21-3-1-1 Elizabeth Owen
m Nicholas Dering
Tu21-3-1-2 Mary Owen b c 1516
m John Warnet
Tu21-3-1-3 Anne Owen b c 1518
m James Gage
Tu21-3-2+ other issue - Jasper, Roger, Anne
Tu22-2 Robert ap Meredith ap Tudor presumed to fit here
Tu22-2-1 Lowry co-heir
m John Salusbury of Bachymbyd
Tu23-2 Ednyfed ap Tudor
m Eleanor Goch
Tu23-2-1 Angharad
m Ievan of Pengwern
Tu23-3 Goronwy Fychan apparently of this generation
Tu23-3-1 Morfydd
m Gwilym ap Griffith of Penrhyn d 1431 see above
The following connection is presumptuous, being based on the report in BLG1952 Salusbury of Firgrove that the undermentioned Margaret dau of Griffith ap Rhys of Gloddaeth was 2nd cousin of Edmund Tudor, Earl of Richmond above. Presuming no connection through Edmund's mother, the connection must either have been as shown or through Edmund's father's mother, Margaret dau of David Vychan ap David Llwyd of Anglesey.
Tu23-4 Rhys of Gloddaeth
Tu23-4-1 Griffith of Gloddaeth
Tu23-4-1-1 Margaret
m1 1460 Howel ap Ievan Vychan of Mostyn
m2 Henry Salusbury of Llanrhaidr d c 01.1501
11. Griffith of Henglawdd
A. Sir Rhys Griffith
i. Sir Griffith Llwyd a 1307
B. Gwenllian
m Howell ap Meredith of Efionydd

Sources: BE1883 Tudor of Richmond, BP1934 Kings of England. BP1934 Williams-Bulkeley.
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