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Montgomery X
Ralph Montgomery of Cubley Derbyshire & Ecton Northamptonshire a 1086presumed father of ... 
Various web sites show Ralph as father of Ralph father of Robert father of Robert father of William. Having seen VCH, we provide a very different descent though it should be noted that we have seen it partly ableit not fully supported in a few other web sites.
1. William Montgomery of Cubley & Ecton presumed father of ... 
  A. Walter Montgomery of Cubley & Ecton a 1166 presumed father of ... 
  i. William Montgomery of Cubley & Ecton a 1177 presumed father of ... 
a. Walter Montgomery dvp? name found on a web site, shown as father of ... 
  1 Rohese Montgomery 
  m Vitalis Engayne 
  b. Sir William Montgomery of Cubley & Ecton a 1242 presumed father of ... 
  1 William Montgomery of Cubley & Ecton a 1284
  A Ralph Montgomery a 1284 presumed brother of ... 
  B William Montgomery of Cubley & Ecton a 1297 
  i Walter Montgomery of Cubley, Ecton & Marston Yorkshire d 1324 
  a William? Montgomery dvp 
  1 Walter Montgomery of Cubley & Ecton - continued below 
  m1 by 1343 Alice 
  m2 Maud Furnival dau of Thomas Furnival, 2nd Lord, by Joan Verdun 
  b Margaret Montgomery probably of this generation 
  m Sir John Fitzherbert of Norbury a 1350
  B. Lettice Montgomery
  m Ralph FitzOrm 
Walter Montgomery of Cubley & Ecton b c1314, d 09.1374 - continued above 
m1 by 1343 Alice 
1. William Montgomery dvpsp by 1364 
  m Margaret Stafford dau of Sir Richard Stafford 
m2 Maud Furnival a 1385, dau of Thomas Furnival, 2nd Lord, by Joan Verdun 
2. Nicholas Montgomery of Cubley d 1424 
  m Margaret or Margery Foljambe dau of Godfrey Foljambe 
1 Some web sites insert an additional generation here, a Walter m. Matilda, but provisionally we do not. 
2 Some of the following Nicholases may have married more than once which might be why some sites come up with wives' names which are not mentioned by other sites. Some sites have clearly confused which Nicholas married which wife. The allocations we have made are subject to change. Please remember that this page is still DRAFT and has not been launched formally into the database. We are not confident that we have reported this family correctly and would welcome input that would help us release this page properly into the database. 
  A. Nicholas Montgomery of Cubley d 27.03.1435 
  m Eleanor Cheresy 
i. Nicholas Montgomery of Cubley b 1428, d before 1465 
  m Joan Longford dau of Ralph Longford 
  a. Nicholas Montgomery of Cubley d 03.08.1494 
  m1/2. Joan Delves dau of Sir John Delves of Delves Hall by Ellen Egerton 
  m2/1. Joan Haddon dau of John Haddon 
1 Sir John Montgomery of Cubley d 1513 
  m Elizabeth Gresley dau of Sir Thomas Gresley of Drakelow by Anne Ferrers 
  A Dorothy Montgomery
  m Sir Thomas Giffard d 1560 
  B Ellen Montgomery
  m Sir John Vernon d 1545
  C Anne Montgomery
  m John Brown d 1570 
  2 Margaret or Joan Montgomery
  m John Kniveton
  3 Elizabeth Montgomer probably of this generation, of this marriage
  m Thomas Meverell of Throwley
  B. Matilda Montgomery 
  m Sir Thomas Clarell of Aldwarke d 1442
3. Walter Montgomery of Ecton a 1428 presumed father of ... 
  A. John Montgomery of Ecton d 1482 
  m 1449 Margaret Holdenby dau of William Holdenby 
  i. William Montgomery of Ecton presumed father of ... 
  m Elizabeth 
  a. Michael Montgomery of Ecton d 1507 
  ii. ?? Montgomery 
  Successor to the above Michael d 1507 was his kinsman Thomas. We assume that Thomas was Michael's 1st cousin. 
  a. Thomas Montgomery of Ecton d 1529 
  1 Michael Montgomery of Ecton b c1515, d by 1567 
  A Lewis Montgomery of Ecton
  m Jane Lane dau of Sir Robert Lane 
  i Jane Montgomery presumed daughter 
  m Thomas Eaton 
  B William Montgomery, last of Ecton a 1574 
  C Theophilus Montgomery a 1574 

Main sources:
1 For upper section and the later Montgomeries of Ecton : VCH Northamptonshire, vol IV, Ecton
2 For Montgomeries of Culbey in lower section : various web sites
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