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Bland of Northern Neck Va.
Nicholas of Roundway
Hester of Fleming Co Ky
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Je10 John Jennings - - - Payne of Virginia

Je10 John Jennings was possibly son of John Jenyns of Churchill and Alice Spencer of Offley who had 23 children of whom 21 unnamed in the Visitations. This John Jennings would have been the uncle of the Sarah Jennings who married John Churchill, 1st Duke of Marlborough.
Born: 1630/35 in St Martin's Parish, Birmingham, Warwickshire, England.1
Died: 1669 in (now Westmoreland) County, Virginia

Married: in Rappahannock(old) (now Essex) County, Virginia Colony Margaret Jennings Payne (1635/40 - Feb 15, 1684) daughter of John Payne (about 1615 in Yorkshire/bapt 3 Nov1616) and Margaret Robinson . Margaret married 2nd Chroistopher Edrington. ( shows her name as Jennings: perhaps one name or the other is an earlier married name)

As Birmingham is only about 15 miles NE of Churchill, a connection with the Jennings family of Churchill does not seem unlikely.
John Jennings and Margaret Jennings Payne hadchildren:
Je9-1 John Jennings b. between 1654 and 1658 probably d before 1666
Je9-2 Honor Jennings b. 1656 probably died young
Je9-3 Margarett Jennings b. 1658
Je9-4 Honor Jennings b. about 1662?57 m Francis Brevington/Brewington
Je9-5 Margarett Jennings b. about 1662
Je9-6 John Jennings b. about 1666, d. 1698 before Nov 3, 1708 possibly married Theodosia and had
Je9-6-1 Sarah Jennings b 1676 m John Dabney and had
Je9-6-1-1 Susannah Dabney b 1707 Hanover Co Va (s Ta13-9-6-3-6 James Taylor Gaines b: 1741 in Culpeper Co. VA
Je9 William Jennings b. between 1668 and 1670, d. between May 26, 1733 and Jul 7, 1733
Je9-8. Grace Jennings b. 1669
Je9-9. Jane Jennings b. 1671

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taken from x and 21
Pa14 Robert PAYNE of Midloe & St. Neots, Huntingdonshire d 1545
m Agnes SCOTT
Pa13-1 Edward PAYNE b c 1544 at: "of London & Midloe & St. Neots, Hunts." d 1603
m Dorothy Clampe
Pa13 Robert PAYNE b c 1544 at: "of London & Midloe & St. Neots, Hunts." d 1603
m Mary /Maria WATERTON b "of Waterton, Yorks " d 1604
Pa12 Robert PAYNE b 29 Sep 1573 at: "of Midloe & St. Neot's, Huntingdonshire" d 18 Jun 1631
m BEF 1598 Elizabeth ROTHERHAM b Somerys, Luton, Bedfordshire, England, d AFT 1632
Pa11-1 Robert PAYNE b 1604 "of Midloe & St. Neots, Hunts." d Nov 1632 Engl/?1675 (date incompatibilty indicates we have two different Roberts here)
m Elizabeth Lawson b 1645 Brough Hall Yorks d Old Rappahannock Co VA
+1 Epaphroditis Lawson b England 1635 d Rappahannock, Essex, VA 1656
m Elizabeth Madestard b 1626
+2 Thomas Madestard b 1600
m Isabell Musgrave b 1600
+3 Thomas Musgrave b 1546 d 1600
m Ursula Carnaby b 1535 Halton Castle Northumberland d 18 Jun 1600 Newton Hall Cumberland
+4 Sir Reginald Carnaby b 1516 Halton Northumberland d 17 Jan 1543 Halton Castle
m Dorothy Forster b 1524 Barwick on Tweed Northumberland d 1565 Halton Castle
Pa10-? possibly here were:
-1 Ralph Payne b 1625 Engl d 1670 Old Rappahannock Co VA
-2 Elizabeth Payne m Rev John Rogers b c 1627 Messing n Colchester Essex was a Fifth Monarchist preacher of the 1650s, and later a physician son of Rev Nehemiah Rogers and Margaret
-3? Thomas Payne b 1637 d 1664 m1 Elizabeth m2 d 1720 + ch
-4 Robert Payne b c 1644 Essex Engl d 1685 m Catherine Thompson b c 1654 d 1685
-1-1 John Payne b 1658 m1 Margaret m2 Ann Enos
-1-2 Thomas Payne b 1664 Old Rappahannock Co d 1698 Middlesex/?Essex Co VA m1 Mary Montague d 17 Oct 1686 Middlesex Co VA + ch m2 Elizabeth Elliot + 3 ch
-1-3 Robert Payne b 1665 m Elizabeth Lawson
-1-4 Bernard/Barnett Payne b 1670 d 1742 m Elizabeth
-2-1 Sir John Rogers, 1st Baronet of ...
-2-2 Prisonborn Rogers k in a duel in France
-3-1 Penelope Payne b 1656 d 1707 m1 Thomas Warwick m2 William Chaney
-3-2 Nicholas Payne b 1665 Middlesex Co VA d 1694 m Mary Hackney b 1667
-4-1 Elizabeth Payne
-4-2 Lawson Payne
-4-3 Robert Payne
-1-2-1 Thomas Payne b 1684 d 1758 m1 Catherine Lydford b 1692 d 1745 m2 Jane Bush b 1720
-1-2-2 Philemon Payne b 1686 d 1750
-1-2-3 Francis Payne b 1695
-1-2-4 John Payne b 1696
-1-2-5 Ann Payne
-1-4-1 Mary Payne b 1708 spotsylvania Co VA m Lawrence Franklin b 1703
-3-2-1 Mary Payne
-3-2-2 Elizabeth Payne b 1688
-3-2-3 Ann Payne b 1692 m Thomas Payne b 1721 d 1700
-1-2-1-1 Lettice Payne b 1716 m Crispen Shelton
-1-2-1-2 Sarah Payne
-1-2-1-3 Frances Payne b 1718
-1-2-1-4 John payne b 1722 d 1807 m Mildred Greenwood b 1723 (following from Charles Porterfield's tree) d 1780 Pittsylvania VA m2 Mary Elizabeth Ayers + ch
-1-2-1-5 Rachel Payne b 1723 m Samuel Smith b 1721 d 1890
-1-2-1-6 Catherine Payne b 1725
-1-2-1-7 Mary Payne b 1729 m Edward Wade
-1-2-1-8 Rueben Payne b 1732 d 1821 m Agness Wade
-1-2-1-9 William Payne b 1735 d 1818 m Sarah Nance
-1-2-1-10 Philemon Payne b 1754 d 1768
-1-4-1-1 Barnard Franklin b 26 May 1731 Spotsylvania Co d 2 Feb 1828 Surry Co NC m Mary Cleveland b 1736 Orange Co VA d there 12 Nov 1805
-1-2-1-4-1 Chesley Payne b 1765 d 1844 m Betsy
-1-2-1-8-1 Millicent Payne b 1752 d 1837 m Edmund Fitzgerald b 1745
-1-2-1-8-2 Catherine Payne b 1758 Spotsylvania Co m William Parks b 1758
-1-2-1-8-3 Philemon Payne b 1758 m Rachel Wilson b 1767 d 1828
-1-2-1-8-4 Lucretia Payne b 1761 m John Pigg b 1769 d 1811
-1-2-1-8-5 Edmund Payne b 1762 d 1825 m Mary Hill b 1770
-1-2-1-8-6 Rueben Payne b 1763 m1 Parthena Mitchell m2 Elizabeth Pigg b 1774
-1-2-1-8-5 Laban Payne b 1767 m Mary Gray b 1779 d 1858
-1-2-1-8-7 Elizabeth Payne b 1769 m William Jones
-1-2-1-8-8 Mary Payne b 1770 m y Foster/Forbes

-1-2-1-4-1-1 Edmond Payne b 1798 d 1876 m Jane Wrinkle
-1-2-1-8-3-1 John Payne m Agnes Payne
-1-2-1-8-4-1 Lucretia Pigg m Samuel Cornett
-1-2-1-8-5-1 Nathan Payne b 8 Mar 1816 Barren Co KY d 21 Oct 1880 Lone Oak TX m Mary Glass

-1-2-1-4-1-1-1 Mary Payne b 1824 m Richard Porterfield

-1-2-1-4-1-1-1-1 Joseph Porterfield b 1855 m Mary J Brewer

-1-2-1-4-1-1-1-1-1 Amos Robert Porterfield b 1886

-1-2-1-4-1-1-1-1-1-1 Loranza Lawrence Porterfield b 1921 m Carrie Louise Webb dau of William Robert Webb and REbecca Price parents of Charles and Gloris Porterfield, author's 42 cM, 40 cM DNA match with 14 cM segment on chr 10
Pa11-2 Gervase PAYNE b ®158 d AFT 1632
Pa11-3 George PAYNE, b c 1607
m 15 Jul 1634 Saint John, Hackney, London Rachell HAWES
Pa11-4 Mary PAYNE b BEF 1600 at: ®279
Pa11-5 Jane PAYNE b BEF 1600 at: ®279
Pa11-6 Anne PAYNE b BEF 1600 at: ®279
Pa11-7 Elizabeth PAYNE b c 1626 Midlow, Huntingdonshire, England
m c 1648 John ROGERS
Pa11-8 ? PAYNE b ®121
Pa11-9 Katherine PAYNE Born: at: ®121
Pa11-10 ? PAYNE b ®121
Pa11 John PAYNE b 1613 Frittenden Kent Engl "of Rappanhannock Co Va" d: Jan 1690, Old Rappahannock Co., VA, bur 1690, "Red House", Cedar Hill Westmoreland.
Father: Robert PAYNE but shows parents as Moses Payne b 23 Apr 1581 in Kent England d 12 Apr 1643 in Braintree Norfolk Mass. and Elizabeth Sheafe b 26 Oct 1589 in Cranbrook, Kent England d 11 Oct 1632 in Kent England, 2DTMR shows this couple had a daughter, Elizabeth b about 23 July 1620 in Tenterden, Harrietsham Kent d 22 Feb 1675/6 Medfield Norfolk Mass m Henry Adams and had issue , 4E5EV shows the father of Moses as Nicholas Payne of Frittenden Kent b about 1539 m Anna Crofton and grandparent John Payne and Jane Couchman
Mother: Elizabeth ROTHERHAM
m 1640 Margaret ROBINSON m Margaret ROBINSON or possibly Jennings, b c 1615 at: England d c 1690 Cedar Hill, Westmoreland Co Va
Pa10-1 John PAYNE, b d 1669 Rappahannock Co Va
m 1668
Pa10-2 George PAYNE d 2 May 1711 at: Richmond County, Virginia
m Jane? WHITE
Pa10-3 Richard PAYNE b 12 May 1633 at "Round Tower", Northumerland Co Va d 1696 in Cedar Hill VA
m Anne x, Ancestors of Dolly Payne Madison
m Anne? or Millicent ? children:
Pa10-3-1 William Payne b about 1655 Red House Rappahannock VA d 9 Sep 1700/?26 Lancaster Co Va
m1 Judith Wood + 4 ch
m2 Susannah Merriman b in Westmoreland/?Poplar Neck Lancaster Co VA d 1726 + 2/?7 ch
Pa10-3-1-1 Margaret Payne b 1691 in Rappahanock Co
Pa10-3-1-2 Willliam Payne Jr b. 1685 in Sittingbourne Parish, Rappahannock Co -1-1 Josias Payne b 10/30/1705 d 12/1785 m Anne Fleming b 1705 dau of Charles Fleming b c 1667 d 7 Oct 1717 and Susanna Tarleton
-1-2 John Payne b 12/04/1713 VA d 04/28/1784 m1 Jane Smith b c 1715 + 2 ch m2 Dorthea Spotswood m3 Jane Archer
-1-3 George Payne b 21 Nov 1707 Goochland Va d there 15 Mar 1784 m Judith Burton dau of Robert Burton and Mary Nowell
-1-1-1 John Coles Payne b 2/09/1736 Goochland Co d 10/25/1792 m Mary W. Coles
-1-1-2 Robert Payne b c 1738 Goochland Co d c MAY 1791 m Anne Burton
-1-2-1 Philip Payne b 29 MAR 1760 Goochland Co d 7 JUL 1840 m Elizabeth "Eliza" Dandridge b 12 Sep 1764 Hanover Co VA d there 26 Apr 1833 dau Capt Daniel West Dandridge b 1729 and Dorothea Spotswood
-1-2-2 Smith Payne b 1764
-1-3-1 Ann Payne b 25 Apr 1762 Goochland d 1830 Dewy Rose Elbert GA m Turner Hunt Christian son of charles Christian Jr and Mary Leake
-2-1-1 Elizabeth Foster b 1738 d 1806
-2-1-2 Mary Foster b 1741
-2-1-3 Sarah Foster b 1743 d 1815
-2-1-4 William Foster b 1747 d 1825
-2-1-5 James Foster b 1750 d 1800 m Elizabeth Grigsby b 1755 d 1837
-2-1-6 Frances Foster b 1752 d 1844
-2-1-7 Molly Foster b 1758
-2-2-1 Isaac Foster b 28 Dec 1760 Pr Wm Co Va d there 1850 m Susan Leach

-1-2-1-1 Jane Smith Payne b 29 AUG 1784 Marysville VA d 3 DEC 1848 m Tamerlane William Davies b 11 Nov 1782 Bedford Co VA son of Henry Landon Davies and Anne Whiting Clayton
-1-2-1-2 Nathaniel West Payne b 4/11/1790 Amherst Co d 9/06/1867 m Margaret Washington Cabell
-1-3-1-1 William Payne Christian b 17 Jan 1781 Goochland d 7 Mar 1861 Elbert GA m Sarah Maxwell dau of Thomas Maxwell and Mary Pemberton
-2-1-5-1 Mary Foster b 1773 d 1854 m Elijah Wyatt b 23 Feb 1774 in Prince William Co d 18 Feb 1858 in Abbeville District SC
-2-1-5-2 Isaac Foster b 1778 d 1837
-2-1-5-3 Mildred Foster b 1775 d 1837
-2-1-5-4 Sukie Foster b 1777 d 1820
-2-1-5-5 James Foster b 1780 d 1780
-2-1-5-6 Redmon Foster b 1783 d 1848
-2-1-5-7 Silas Foster b 1785 d 1890
-2-1-5-8 Susanna Foster b 1786 d 1824
-2-1-5-9 Daniel Foster b 1789 d 1822
-2-1-5-10 Thomas Foster b 1792 d 1865
-2-1-5-11 Lilas Foster b 1795
-2-1-5-12 James Foster b 1807 d 1866
-2-1-5-13 Mary Foster b 1810 d 1890
-2-1-5-14 Thomas Foster b 1817 d 1896
-2-2-1-1 Mary Polly Foster b 1786 Pr Wm Co Va d 1839 Nicholas Co Va m Alexander Brown son of William Brown and Jane Doak
-1-1-1-1 David Payne d 1846 m Mary Cheatham b 1791 d 1871
-6-1-1-1 Elizabeth Swilley b 22 Feb 1791 Kershaw Co SC m Allen Stewart

-1-2-1-1-1 Elizabeth Davies b 2 NOV 1808 Bedford Co VA d ther 4 Apr 1880 m James Addison Beriwether son of Frances Thornton Meriwether and Catherine Elizabeth Davies
-1-3-1-1-1 Jesse George Christian b 1809 Ga d 1867 Elbert Ga m Ann Maxwell b 1817 Ga d 1896 Elbert Ga
-2-1-5-1-1 Eliza Wyatt b 1796 d 1882 m William Mattison
-2-1-5-1-2 Edna Wyatt b 1798 d 1851 m Ephraim Mitchell
-2-1-5-1-3 Col James Foster Wyatt b 1801 Broadmouth SC d 10 Mar 1868 Anderson Co SC m Nancy Pyles
-2-1-5-1-4 William Wyatt b 1803 d 1868 m Eliza Miller
-2-1-5-1-5 Redmond Wyatt b 1806 m1 Elizabeth Richey m2 Eleanor Seawright
-2-1-5-1-6 Mildred Wyatt b 1808 d 1893 m Abner Cox
-2-1-5-1-7 Susan Wyatt b 1811 d 1851 m Elias Key
-2-1-5-1-8 Harriett Wyatt b 1814 d 1874 m John Maudlin
-2-1-5-1-9 Malina Wyatt b 1819 d 1887 m1/?1 Hugh Alexander b 1819 m1/?2 Josiah White

-1-2-1-1-1-1 Catherine Whiting Meriwether b 1838 Bedford Co d 1898 Shelby Co TN
-1-3-1-1-1-1 Elizabeth M B Christian b Feb 1842 Elbert GA d 15 Feb 1905 m William A Brown ancestors of P G Dickerson and Woody, author's DNA match
-2-1-5-1-9-1 Oliver Alexander b 1839
-2-1-5-1-9-2 Willis Alexander b 1841 d 1862
-2-1-5-1-9-3 Mary Alexander b 1844 d 1880 m William Crawford
-2-1-5-1-9-4 Samuel Alexander b 1846
-2-1-5-1-9-5 P alexander b 1847 d 1924 m Ann Edwards b 1862 dau of Jonathan Edwards b 1837 and Rebecca Moore grandau of Joshua Edwards and Nancy Mahalia Duncan b 1814 NC d 1855 Ashe NC
-2-1-5-1-9-6 James Alexander b 1851 d 1924 m America Wagnon
-2-1-5-1-9-7 Francis Alexander b 1852 m1 Maggie Murphy m2 Sarah Wagnon

-2-1-5-1-9-5-1 Maude Alexander b 1887 d 1967 m Olin Stevens son of Anthony Stevens b 1849 d 1933 m Eliza Baird
-2-5-1-9-5-1-1 Peggy Stevens, author's DNA match
-2-1-5-1-9-5-2 Ethelyn Alexander b 1890 d 1976 m Harry Sanderson
-2-1-5-1-9-5-3 Mabel Alexander b 1896 d 1939 m1 Frank Girard m2 Gideon Powell
-2-1-5-1-9-5-4 Paul Alexander b 1892 d 1922
Pa10-3-1-3 Richard Payne b 1687 in Rappahanock Co
Pa10-3-1-4 Susannah Payne b 1689 in Near Leedstown, Rappahanock Co
Pa10-3-1-5 John Payne ?= same as b c 1675
m1/2 Elizabeth Johnston
m2/1 1714 Westmoreland Co Jane Monroe
-1? William Payne m Elizabeth Poindexter b 1700 dau of Thomas Poindexter and Sarah Crawford
-2 Richard Payne b. in King George Co, Va
-3 Margaret Payne
-4 William Payne b. 1715 in Richmond Co, Va
-5 Meredith Payne b. 1718 in Richmond Co, Va
-6 George Payne b 1727 in King George Co, Va m 1752 Frances Stone
-7 Daniel Payne b. 15 Sep 1728 in King George Co
-1-1 Thomas Payne m ? native American
-6-1 John Payne ?= b 1731 ?NC d 1780 Kershaw Co SC m Elizabeth Thompson b 1735 d 1783 dau of Nathan Thompson b c 1710 d Kershaw Co SC 1780 and Elizabeth
-6-2 George Payne
-6-3 William Payne
-6-4 Jane Payne
-6-5 Mary Payne
-6-6 Richard Payne b 18 Jun 1763 in Green Hill, Westmoreland Co
-1-1-1 John Payne b 1754 Savannah River GA d 14 Dec 1821 Gainsville GA m Ann Henslee b 1757 d 1833
-6-1-1? Naomi Payne b 1769 m John Swilley
-1-1-1-1 David Payne d 1846 m Mary Cheatham b 1791 d 1871
-6-1-1-1 Elizabeth Swilley b 22 Feb 1791 Kershaw Co SC m Allen Stewart
-1-1-1-1-1 David Payne b 1821 d 1883 m Zemely Brown b 1834
-6-1-1-1-1 James Stewart m Mary Tyson
-1-1-1-1-1-1 Miriam Payne b 1851 d 1933 m William McFarland
-1-1-1-1-1-1-1 Miriam McFarland m Thomas Potter b 1 Nov 1870 Clinton Laurens Co SC d 20 Jan 1941 Durant Bryan Co OK ancestor of David Potter, author's DNA match
-6-1-1-1-1-1 Bettie Stewart b 1863 d 1946 m Joseph Lee ancestors of Robert Stapleton, author's DNA match
Pa10-3-1-6 George Payne b c 1678/80 Sittingbourne Parish Rappahannock Va d 15 Jan 1744 Goochland Co (the follow source differs that he is the Uncle shown left and son of Susann Merriman)
m Mary Woodson b 1678 Curles Henricl Va d aft 1744 dau of Robert Woodson Sr and Elizabeth Ferris b 1638 d 1689
-1 Josias PAYNE Sr b 30 Oct 1705 Northam, Goochland Co d 17 Dec 1785 Pittsylvania Co m Anna FLEMING b 1717 New Kent/Goochland Co d aft May 1778 dau of Tarleton Fleming b 12 Dec 1699 Goochland Co Va d 18 Dec 1750 and Hannah Bates
-2 George PAYNE b c 1710
-3 Robert PAYNE b c 1710
-4 Col John PAYNE b 4 Dec 1713 Goochland Co d 28 Jul 1784 m1 by 1748 Mary Lucy Cole m2 Jane Smith
-5? possible here or by uncle was Hannah Elizabeth Payne b 1686 St Stephens Northumberland Co Va d Pr William/?Campbell Co Va m William Foster b 1696 Northumberland Co d 1767 son of Robert Foster and Elizabeth Garnett
-6 John Payne b 4 Dec 1713 VA d 28 Apr 1784 m?1 Jane Archer b 1717 White Hall Goochland Co VA + 1 ch m?2 Jane Smith b c 1726 in VA d 1802 dau of Philip Smith b 1 Jun 1695 in Purton, Glouchester Co. VA and Mary Mathews b 1695 in Fleet's Bay, Northumberland Co. VA she m1 John Chichester b 1735
-1-1 Agnes PAYNE b c 1728
-1-2 William PAYNE b c 1730
-1-3 George Payne b 1734 St James Goochland Co VA d 13 Sep 1807 Fluvanna VA m Agatha George b 11 Nov 1738 Georges Tavern Goochland Co VA d 20 Jun 1784 St James Goochland VA
-1-4 Josiah PAYNE Jr b c 1733 d 1804 m 24 Aug 1755, St. James Northam Parish, Goochland Co Elizabeth Fleming sis of Anne Fleming -6-1 dau of Tarleton Fleming and Hannah Bates
-1-5 Susanna PAYNE b c 1735
-1-6 Robert PAYNE b c 1737 ?= m Margaret Morton
-1-7 John PAYNE b 9 Feb 1739 Goochland Co d 24 Oct 1792 Philadelphia m c 1761, Guildford Co NC Mary "Molly" W. COLES b 14 Oct 1743 d Oct 1807
-1-8 Anna PAYNE b c 1741
-1-9 Mary PAYNE b c 1743
-2-1 Robert Foster b 7 Oct 1711 St Stephens Parish, Northumberland Va d 22 Feb 1768 Pr Wm Co Va m Sarah Haley b 1713 d 1810
-2-2 Isaac Foster b 2 Jul 1719 St Stephens d 1814 Williamsburg Va m Sarah Hughes dau of Edward Hughes and Elizabeth Grigsby grandau of James Redman Grigsby and Susannah Redmond
-4-1 Philip PAYNE
-4-2 George Woodson PAYNE
-4-3 Ann PAYNE
-6-1 Archibald "Archer" Payne, I b 1748 White Hall Goochland Co d aft 10/1786 Goochland Co m Martha Dandridge b 20 Sep 1748 Hanover Co d 28 Sep 1791 Goochland Co dau of Capt Daniel West Dandridge b 7 Sep 1729 and Dorothea Spotswood
-6-2 Philip Payne b 19 Mar 1760 in VA d 7 Jul 1840 VA m 13 Nov 1783 in Hanover Co VA Elizabeth Dandridge b 12 Sep 1764 in Hanover Co VA dau of Nathaniel West Dandridge b 7 Sep 1729 in King William, VA and Dorothea Brayne Spotswood b 1727 in Fredricksburg, VA
-6-3 Jayne Payne b 1762 d 1800 m William Lee b 1750 in Ditchley, Northumberland Co VA d 1804 son of Kendall Lee b 1727 Ditchley Northumberland Co VA and Elizabeth Heale b 8 Oct 1731 Lancaster Co VA

-1-3-1 Jesse Payne b c 1757 m1 Susanna Jett b 1746 d 1780 m2 12 Dec 1782 Rebeccah Crenshaw b c 1761 d 1805 m3 Sarah Rice b 1760 d 1810 (from Patricia Alene Thomlinson's tree)
-1-4-1 Henrietta PAYNE b c 1770 Loudoun Co d Bourbon Co KY m 9 Mar 1793 Christopher Skillmann
-1-4-2 Tarleton PAYNE b 21 Feb 1757 in Goochland Co Va
-1-4-3 Sally Payne b 16 Sep 1759
-1-4-4 Josias Payne III b. 25 Apr 1761
-1-4-5 William Payne b 1 Jun 1764
-1-4-6 Fleming Payne b 26 Jun 1766
-1-4-7 Charles Fleming Payne b 8 Jan 1768
-1-4-8 Elizabeth Chichester Payne b 29 Nov 1769
-1-7-1 William Temple PAYNE
-1-7-2 Isaac PAYNE
-1-7-3 Lucy PAYNE
-1-7-4 Anna PAYNE
-1-7-5 Mary PAYNE
-1-7-6 John PAYNE
-1-7-7 Walter PAYNE
-1-7-8 Dorothea "Dolley" Dandridge PAYNE First Lady of USA m Pres James Madison
-6-1-1 Ann Spotswood Payne, I b 19 APR 1772 Goochland Co m Thomas Mann Fleming b 15 FEB 1767 Goochland Co d 1801 Goochland Co bur Fleming Family Cem
-6-1-2 Archer Payne, II b 11/29/1775 Goochland Co
-6-1-3 Dorthea "Dolley" Dandridge Payne b 7/10/1777 Goochland Co m 14 Feb 1794 Edward Bolling b 17 SEP 1772 in Goochland Co
-6-1-4 Catherine Payne b c 1780 d NOV 1849 m Archibald Bolling
-6-1-5 Alexander Spotswood Payne b 20 OCT 1780 Goochland Co d 1859 m Charlotte Bryce
-6-1-6 Jane Spotswood Payne b 10/20/1780 Goochland Co d 27 Feb 1807 m Robert Bolling
-6-1-7 John Robert Dandridge Payne b c 1788 m Susan Bryce
-6-1-8 Martha Payne b 8 Nov 1773 m Jeremiah Strother b c 1772 in Culpeper Co d 1832 in Culpeper Co
-6-2-1 John Smith Payne b 26 Jun 1786 in Campbell Co VA d 1872 Campbell Co VA m 3 Jun 1808 in Campbell Co VA Susan Elwood Scott b 21 Mar 1794 in Campbell Co. VA
-6-2-2 Elizabeth Dorothea Spotswood Payne b 8 Jul 1788 d 5 Jan 1859 m 10 Jun 1808 Willaim Syme Cabell b 13 Mar 1786
-6-2-3 Nathaniel West Payne b 11 Apr 1790 in Amherst Co VA
-6-3-1 William Kendall Lee b 1783 d 6 Oct 1846 Lynchburg VA m 19 Dec 1818 Martha Fleming Gaines b 1793 in King & Queen Co VA

-1-3-1-1 Elizabeth Payne b 12 Dec 1791 MO d 20 Apr 1847 IL m Hugh Bowles b 5 Mar 1786 Northam Parish Goochland Co VA d 28 Dec 1846 Clinton DeWitt Co IL
-1-3-1-2 Francis Thomas Payne b Monongalia Co Va/WV 19 Aug 1794, d n Hannibal Mo 28 Nov 1867 m Bourbon Co Ky 2 Jan 1822 Harriet Bowles b 11 Apr 1806 Bourbon Co K, d Marion Co Mo 27 May 1857 dau of David Jesse Bowles b Goochland Co Va 26 Feb 1776 d Bourbon Co Ky 23 Nov 1823 and Elizabeth Martin b Goochland Co Va 28 Feb 1774 d Marion Co Mo
-1-4-1-1 Violinda SKILLMAN
-1-4-1-2 John SKILLMAN Sr.
-1-4-1-3 William SKILLMAN
-1-4-1-4 Katharine SKILLMAN
-1-4-1-5 Nancy SKILLMAN
-1-4-1-6 Keziah SKILLMAN
-1-4-1-7 Josiah Payne SKILLMAN
-1-4-1-8 Elizabeth SKILLMAN
-1-4-1-9 Isaac Harrison SKILLMAN
-1-4-1-10 James Beverage SKILLMAN
-1-4-1-11 Christopher C. SKILLMAN
-6-1-1-1 Tarlton Fleming b 12 AUG 1795 Goochland Co d 27 JUL 1859 Goochland Co, Fleming Family Cem m Rebecca Elizabeth Coles b 23 APR 1802 Albemarle Co d 21 MAY 1872 Goochland Co dau of Walter Coles b 1772 d 1854 and Eliza Fauntleroy Cocke b 15 Aug 1779 d 4 Aug 1811
-6-1-3-1 Powhatan Bolling b 1795 d by 1850 m 27 May 1823 Arminda R. Payne b c 1803
-6-2-1-1 Amanda V. Payne b 14 Nov 1815 d 1905 m 22 Nov 1833 George Yuille b 1813
-6-2-2-1 William Alexander Spotswood Cabell b 16 Jun 1811 in Nelson Co VA m 5 Sep 1838 Ann Elvira Elizabeth Payne b 27 Oct 1813

-1-3-1-1-1 William Anderson Bowles b 1787 Goochland VA d 1852 owsley KY
-1-3-1-1-2 Nancy Bowles b 1788 d 1836
-1-3-1-1-3 Anderson Bowles b 1808 d 1890
-1-3-1-1-4 Joseph Bowles b 1809 d 1870
-1-3-1-1-5 Walter Bowles b 1811 d 1863
-1-3-1-1-6 Elizabeth Bowles b 1812 d 1890
-1-3-1-1-7 Eleanor Bowles b 1814 d 1872
-1-3-1-1-8 Verlinda Bowles b 1816 d 1872
-1-3-1-1-9 Henry Bowles b 1818 d 1845
-1-3-1-1-10 Rebecca Bowles b 1821 d 1893
-1-3-1-1-11 Julia Bowles b 1821 d 1908
-1-3-1-1-12 Sallie Bowles b d 1824
-1-3-1-1-13 David Bowles b 1825 d 1911
-1-3-1-1-14 Jessie Bowles b 1827 d 1911 m Mariah Beavin
-1-3-1-1-15 William Bowles b 1829
-1-3-1-2-1 Benjamin F Payne, b Mo 30 Apr 1839, d. Knox Co Mo 15 Apr 1878 m Knox Co Mo 14 Feb. 1860 Eliza C Black b Quincy Adams Co Il 3 Apr 1837 d Kansas City, Mo 1921
-6-1-1-1-1 Sarah Eleanor Fleming b 28 FEB 1834 Goochland Co d 8 FEB 1916 m Jesse Hartwell Heath b 1 Feb 1832 VA d 12 Aug 1866 son of Hartwell Peebles Heath b 31 Mar 1794 and Elizabeth Cureton Rives b 17 Oct 1798
-6-2-1-1-1 John Peter Mettauer Yuille m1 12 Jan 1864 in Rockbridge Co VA Susan R. Burks b: in Rockbridge Co. VA m2 Ann Coleman "Nancy" Hundley + 1 ch
-6-2-1-1-2 Susannah "Sue" Yuille m Richard Burks
-6-2-1-1-3 Philip Payne Yuille m Nannie Wyatt
-6-2-1-1-4 Alexander Campbell Yuille b Jun 1845 in VA m1 Sarah Moon m2 Susan Massie b Nelson Co VA
-6-2-1-1-5 Fletcher Campbell Yuille m1 Sarah Butler Scott m2 Adelia Harrison Armistead
-6-2-2-1-1 Sarah Syme Cabell b 18 Feb 1841

-1-3-1-1-14-1 America Bowles b 1847 d 1931
-1-3-1-1-14-2 Mary Bowles b 1849 d 1867
-1-3-1-1-14-3 Martha Bowles b 1851 m Samuel Fields b 1851
-1-3-1-1-14-3-1 Frank Fields b 1877
-1-3-1-1-14-4 Cassandra Bowles b 1854 d 1936
-1-3-1-1-14-5 Annie Bowles b 1856
-1-3-1-1-14-6 A M Bowles b 1857
-1-3-1-1-14-7 Andrew Bowles b 1859 d 1920
-1-3-1-1-14-8 Molly Bowles b 1867 d 1920
-1-3-1-1-14-9 William Bowles b 1871 d 1944
-1-3-1-2-1-1 Charles Thomas Payne b Jun 1861 Knox Co? MO d 14 Feb 1940 Kansas City KA and Della L Wolfley b Delaware Co? Oh May 1863 d Lenexa, KA 7 May 1906
-6-1-1-1-1-1 Tarleton Fleming Heath b 30 NOV 1860 Goochland Co d 25 JUL 1924 Petersburg VA m Rosa Gilmour Arrington b 8 OCT 1863 Warren Co NC d 15 NOV 1952 dau of Samuel Peter Arrington b 1 Jan 1839 and Hannah Bolton White b 17 Nov 1839
-6-2-1-1-1-1 Thomas Burks Yuille b 1870 in Halifax Co VA d 1934 NYC m 1894 Ann Williams "Nannie" Long b: 14 Jun 1871

-1-3-1-2-1-1-1 Roland/Rolla Charles Payne b Olathe KA 23 Aug. 1892 d Winfield KA 15 Oct 1968 m Independence, KA 28 Dec 1921 Leona B McCurry b Peru KA 7 May 1897 d Winfield, KA 23 March 1968 dau of Thomas Creekmore McCurry b ?Ozark Co Mo Jan. 1850, d. Peru, KA 1939 and Chautauqua Co KA 13 March 1885 Margaret Belle Wright b Dry Fork, Carroll Co AR 22 July 1869, d Peru KA 28 Nov 1935 gr grandparents of Pres. Barack Obama
-1-3-1-2-1-1-2 Estelle payne b 1894 d 1951
-1-3-1-2-1-1-3 Elva Payne b 1897 d 1928
-1-3-1-2-1-1-4 Ora Payne b 1900 d 1924 m Tressler Mortiz b 1898 d 1984
-6-2-1-1-1-1-1 Ellen Daniel Yuille b 22 Aug 1895 in Henderson Co. NC
-6-2-1-1-1-1-2 Melissa Williams Yuille b 7 Aug 1898 in Greensboro, NC
-6-2-1-1-1-1-3 xy Yuille
-6-2-1-1-1-1-4 xy Yuille
Pa10-3-2 John Payne b about 1662 possibly here was
-1? y Payne b c 1690
-1-1 y Payne b c 1715 -1-1-1 John Payne b 8 Apr 1764 Alexandria Va d 9 Sep 1837 Ky -1-1-1-1 Elizabeth Payne b 22 Jan 1798 Scott Co Ky d 1854 Howard Mo m Uriel Sebree -1-1-1-1-1 Serena Frances Sebree m Anderson Doniphan Edwards b 24 Jul 1809 Franklin Co Ky d c 1850 Liberty Mo -1-1-1-1-1-1 Cordelia Edwards b 28 May 1845 Clay Co Mo d 20 Aug 1912 Hopkins Mo m1 y Breckenridge m2 Tobias Goodwin
-1-1-1-1-1-1-1 William Goodwin ancestor of Donald E Baker, author's DNA match
Pa10-4 William PAYNE b BEF 1652 at: ®170 d: 23 Feb 1697 at: Cople Parish Westmoreland Co VA bur. Yeocomico Church Westmoreland Co. Va
m1 1688 at: Westmoreland Co Va Frances CLEMENTS ,
Pa10-4-1 Anne Payne b about 1689 in Westmoreland Co d before 17112
m2 Elizabeth POPE, Po10-1-7 b 16 June 1667 d 1716 dau of Humphrey POPE and Elizabeth Hawkins grandau of Katherine Willoughby b c 1631 in Lower Norfolk Co d before 1666 and Richard Hawkins b 1627 in England d about 1659 in Westmoreland Co
Pa10-4-2 William PAYNE b 10 Aug 1692 Westmoreland Co Va m Feb 1712 Richmond Co Va d 24 Aug 1776 Fairfax Co. Va.
m1 17 Feb 1712/3 Alicia JONES dau of Edward Jones
this and below has to be checked Pa10-4-2-1 William Payne b 31 July 1724 m Sussannah Clark
Pa10-4-2-1-1 Edward Payne b. 11-18-1762 d 17 May 1806 m Ann Holland Conyers b. 23 Aug 1728
Pa10-4-2-2 Sanford Payne b 1740 d 1792 m Abigail Lay b 1745 d 1822 -1 Sarah Payne b 1765 d 1846 m Henry Rousseau b 1764 d 1796
-2 Benjamin Payne
-3 George Payne
-4 Alicia Payne
-5 Ann Payne
-6 Helen Payne
-7 Sanford Payne
-8 Jane Payne
-1-1 James Rousseau b 1785 m Frances Skinner b 1788 -1-1-1 Martha Rousseau b 1824 d 1898 m Francis Adams b 1815 d 1893 -1-1-1-1 Beverly Adams b 1859 d 1927 m Sara Lyn b 1857 d 1947
Pa10-4-2-3 Anne Payne
m2 Anne JENNINGS b 28 Feb 1740 d 11 May 1827 dau of Daniel Jennings
John Migration Tracking Ball #129 b. 9-Apr-1764 .
vi Millred Payne #166 m. M. Riley #167.
Pa10-4-2-5 Elizabeth "Betty" PAYNE Born: at: ®170
Pa10-4-2-6 Mary PAYNE
Pa10-4-2-6-1 John POPE
? Lawrence POPE b c 1660 at: ®170 d: BEF 2 Mar 1721 at: Washington Parish, Westmoreland Co
m BEF May 1702 at: Westmoreland Co Virginia
? Jemima WADDY,
Pa10-4-3 Edward Payne b about 1693
Pa10-4-4 Elizabeth Payne b about 1695
Pa10-4-5 Mary Payne b about 1697 in Westmoreland Co. Va
m Richard Porch b 1696 Richmond Co VA d 1750 Kg Geo Co VA
Pa10 Margaret PAYNE b 1635 d 1685 Old Rappahannock County, Virginia
m1 John JENNINGS , and had issue
m2 Christopher EDRINGTON -1 Christopher EDRINGTON b
m 1698 King George Co Va Mary PEYTON (PAYTON)
Pa11-? possibly related to the above was:
Sir John Payne b 1623 England d c 1669 Westmoreland Co Va
m c 1647 MILLICENT x
-1 Elizabeth PAYNE b c 1648
-2 William PAYNE Sr b c 1650 m Elizabeth Harniss
-3 John PAYNE b AFT 1651 in Westmoreland Co VA d 1698 Westmoreland Co VA m by 1676 Elizabeth Murphy b c 1660 Westmoreland Co she m2 c 1699 John Atwell dau of Cornelius Murphy and Jane x
-4 James PAYNE b 1653 d 1702 m Anne Lee

-3-1 Anne PAYNE m Samuel Fox
-3-2 John PAYNE III b 1680 in Westmoreland Co VA Weston, Cople Parish m Elizabeth Cox b 1686 Cople Parish Westmoreland Co dau of Vincent Cox Sr b c 1631 Engl immigrant and Anne Charnock she m2 William Lewis b 9 Jan 1685 Westmoreland Co
-3-3 William PAYNE II b c 1685 in Westmoreland Co d by 1733 Hanover Co Va m c 1720 Elizabeth Poindexter b 14 Feb 1700 St Peters Parish New Kent Co Va dau of Thomas Poindexter and Sarah Crawford she m2 Ruel Shrewsbury + 3 ch

-3-2-1 Mary Payne b c 1720 m William Rice
-3-3-1 Thomas "Trader" PAYNE Sr b 21 OCT 1721 in Hanover Co. VA? d c 1811 Franklin Co GA or Pendleton Dist SC m1 c 1751 ?x nat Am b c 1735 in VA m2 c 1760 in Halifax Co or later Pittsylvania? Yanakee/Anica AYERS b 1742 in Pittsylvania Co Va
-3-3-2 John PAYNE Sr b c 1722 d 1781 Pittsylvania Co Va m1 by 1741 Mary x + 7 ch m2 c 1770 Elizabeth + 5 ch
-3-3-3 William PAYNE b c 1723 in Westmoreland Co m Ruth Lewis d 1774

-3-3-1-1 William PAYNE , Sr.* b 1752 in VA
-3-3-1-2 John "Red Bank" PAYNE b 24 FEB 1754 in Halafax, VA d 14 Dec/Feb 1831 Franklin Co Ga m 5 Mar 1779 Caswell Co NC Ann (Nancy) HENSLEE b: 5 JUL 1757 in Hanover Co
-3-3-1-3 Nancy PAYNE b 1756 in Hanover Co. VA
-3-3-1-4 Abigail PAYNE b 1757 in VA
-3-3-1-5 Thomas PAYNE Jr. b c 1761
-3-3-1-6 Nathaniel PAYNE , Sr. b: 1763 in VA
-3-3-1-7 Moses PAYNE b: 1764
-3-3-1-8 Champness S. PAYNE b: c 1765
-3-3-1-9 Shrewsbury PAYNE b: 1769 in Halifax Co. VA
-3-3-1-10 Ruth (Ruty) PAYNE b: 1773
-3-3-1-11 Poindexter PAYNE b: 1775 in VA
-3-3-1-12 Zebediah PAYNE b: 1782
-3-3-1-13 Cleveland PAYNE b: 1783
-3-3-2-1 Rhoda PAYNE m George Roberts
-3-3-2-2 Capt William PAYNE b c 1741 in VA d 1813 TN m Elizabeth Payne
-3-3-2-3 John PAYNE Jr. b 1752
-3-3-2-4 Samuel PAYNE Sr. b c 1756 in Halifax Co. VA
-3-3-2-5 Charles PAYNE Sr. b 4 APR 1758 in Halifax Co. VA
-3-3-2-6 Reuben PAYNE b 1759 in VA
-3-3-2-7 Mary (Polly) PAYNE b 1769 d 1821 m Champness S Payne b c 1765
-3-3-2-8 Josiah PAYNE b c 1771
-3-3-2-9 Rhoda PAYNE b c 1772
-3-3-2-10 Sylvester PAYNE b c 1774 in Pittsylvania Co VA
-3-3-2-11 Jonathan PAYNE b c 1775 in VA
-3-3-2-12 Phillip PAYNE b 1781 in VA
-3-3-3-1 Elizabeth PAYNE b c 1745 in VA m William PAYNE , Capt. b: c 1741 in VA
-3-3-3-2 Poindexter PAYNE b c 1750 in Hanover Co VA
-3-3-3-3 Mary "Polly" PAYNE b c 1759 d Franklin Co GA m in Halifax Co VA Rogimalech Baker AYERS Sr. b 1750 in Lunenburg Co. VA
-3-3-3-4 Malvina (Milley) PAYNE b c 1763 d by 1835 m Rodham Kenner
-3-3-3-5 Daniel PAYNE b 1768 in Halifax Co. VA d 10 Jan 1833 Hancock IL m1 by 1792 Julia KEITH + 2 ch m2 BEF 1805 in Hawkins Co TN Sylvia COMBS b c 1778 in SC? + 4 ch
-3-3-3-6 Anne PAYNE b 5 SEP 1768 in Halafax, VA d 1768 Halafaxm John Payne b c 1760

-3-3-1-2-1 Maxfield Henslee PAYNE b: 29 NOV 1779 in NC
-3-3-1-2-2 Elizabeth PAYNE b 8 AUG 1781
-3-3-1-2-3 Capt Thomas J\S. PAYNE b 5 OCT 1783 in NC
-3-3-1-2-4 David Henslee PAYNE b 1784 in NC d 29 May 1846 Franklin Co Ga m 8 Apr 1811 Mary Ann (Polly) CHATHAM/Cheatham b 17 FEB 1791 in Franklin Co
-3-3-1-2-5 Nancy PAYNE b c 1785
-3-3-1-2-6 Mary (Polly) PAYNE b c 1789 in Franklin Co. GA
-3-3-1-2-7 Ruth (Rutha) PAYNE b c 1790 in Franklin Co
-3-3-2-2-1 Charles PAYNE Sr b 1765 in Halifax C. VA
-3-3-2-2-2 William PAYNE Jr b 8 NOV 1766 in VA
-3-3-2-2-3 John PAYNE b c 1769
-3-3-2-2-4 Isaiah PAYNE b c 1773
-3-3-2-2-5 Louise PAYNE b c 1775
-3-3-2-2-6 Sarah Elizabeth (Sally) PAYNE b c 1778 in NC or VA
-3-3-2-2-7 Molly PAYNE b c 1780
-3-3-2-2-8 Betsy PAYNE b c 1782
-3-3-2-2-9 Millender PAYNE b 19 APR 1785
-3-3-2-2-10 Thomas PAYNE b c 1787 in TN
-3-3-2-7-1 Martha (Patsey) C. PAYNE b c 1794 in Giles Co. TN
-3-3-2-7-2 Emily "Milley" PAYNE b c 1796
-3-3-3-1-1 Charles PAYNE Sr b 1765 in Halifax Co. VA
-3-3-3-1-2 William PAYNE Jr b 8 NOV 1766 in VA
-3-3-3-1-3 John PAYNE b c 1769
-3-3-3-1-4 Isaiah PAYNE b c 1773
-3-3-3-1-5 Louise PAYNE b c 1775
-3-3-3-1-6 Sarah Elizabeth (Sally) PAYNE b c 1778 in NC or VA
-3-3-3-1-7 Molly PAYNE b c 1780
-3-3-3-1-8 Betsy PAYNE b c 1782
-3-3-3-1-9 Millender PAYNE b 19 APR 1785
-3-3-3-1-10 Thomas PAYNE b c 1787 in TN
-3-3-3-3-1 Jane AYERS
-3-3-3-3-2 Rogimalech Baker AYERS Jr b c 1769
-3-3-3-3-3 Amon AYERS b c 1775 in NC
-3-3-3-3-4 Asa AYERS b c 1780
-3-3-3-5-1 Thomas PAYNE b BEF 1792
-3-3-3-5-2 Larkin PAYNE b 23 DEC 1792 in GA
-3-3-3-5-3 Alta PAYNE
-3-3-3-5-4 Dr Fleming Gordon PAYNE b 26 MAR 1807 in Warren Co TN
-3-3-3-5-5 Herbert Murrell PAYNE b 20 APR 1810 in Warren Co. TN
-3-3-3-5-6 William Carroll PAYNE b 19 NOV 1818

-3-3-1-2-4-1 Mary A. PAYNE
-3-3-1-2-4-2 Nancy Elizabeth PAYNE b: 4 FEB 1812 in Franklin Co. GA
-3-3-1-2-4-3 John Epps PAYNE b 15 SEP 1815 in Franklin Co Georgia
-3-3-1-2-4-4 Jackson C. PAYNE b 1816 in Franklin Co GA
-3-3-1-2-4-5 Martha H. PAYNE b 1818 in Franklin Co GA
-3-3-1-2-4-6 Jesse Messer PAYNE b 20 JUL 1818 in Franklin Co GA
-3-3-1-2-4-7 Josiah Reeves PAYNE , Rev. b 23 MAR 1820 in Franklin Co GA
-3-3-1-2-4-8 David Henslee PAYNE , Rev. b 7 DEC 1821 in Franklin Co GA d 18 Jun 1833 Franklin Co m 26 Dec 1850 Madison Co GA Zemily Bramblett BROWN b 2 AUG 1834 in Franklin Co dau of Rev Benjamin BROWN b 1 JAN 1787 in Franklin Co GA and Anna Sarah GRIFFITH b 31 AUG 1791 in Franklin Co
-3-3-1-2-4-10 Elvira PAYNE b c 1823 in Franklin Co GA
-3-3-1-2-4-11 Sarah Elizabeth (Eliza) PAYNE b JAN 1827 in Franklin Co GA
-3-3-1-2-4-12 James C. PAYNE b 1831 in Franklin Co GA
-3-3-1-2-4-13 Moses Poindexter PAYNE b SEP 1834 in Franklin Co GA
-3-3-1-2-4-14 Jeptha PAYNE b 1838 in Franklin Co

-3-3-1-2-4-8-1 Miriam Cordelia PAYNE b 17 OCT 1851 in Franklin Co GA d 8 Feb/Mar 1933 Pike Co AR m 8 Oct 1868 William M. MCFARLAND b 26 MAY 1839 in Franklin Co son of John McFarland b 4 Nov 1795 Va and Rebecca Jackson b 4 Oct 1801 Franklin Co
-3-3-1-2-4-8-1-1 Miriam Cordelia MCFARLAND b: 24 APR 1875 in Franklin Co GA m 20 Feb 1895 Thomas Jewel Potter b 1 Nov 1870 Laurens Co SC
-3-3-1-2-4-8-1-1-1 Willie Moses POTTER b: 8 MAY 1901 in Nathan, AR d 16 Jul 1978 OK m 23 DEC 1925 in AR Frieda Beatrice NEWBERG b: 3 APR 1902 in AR
-3-3-1-2-4-8-1-1-1-1 Thomas Henry POTTER m x Whitaker ancestors of David Jimmie Potter, author's DNA match
-3-3-1-2-4-8-1-2 Georgiana MCFARLAND b 12 JAN 1879 in AR
-3-3-1-2-4-8-1-3 Othello MCFARLAND b JAN 1881 in AR
-3-3-1-2-4-8-1-4 Pearlie Reeder MCFARLAND b: SEP 1885 in AR
-3-3-1-2-4-8-1-5 Bertha C. MCFARLAND b: MAR 1886 in AR
-3-3-1-2-4-8-2 Annie Haseltine PAYNE b: 31 DEC 1853 in Franklin Co GA
-3-3-1-2-4-8-3 Zemily Ida PAYNE b: 14 FEB 1856 in Franklin Co. GA
-3-3-1-2-4-8-4 Emma Octavia PAYNE b: 10 NOV 1857 in Franklin Co GA
-3-3-1-2-4-8-5 Mallory Judson (Bud) PAYNE b: 28 OCT 1860 in Franklin Co. GA
-3-3-1-2-4-8-6 Kitty Reeder PAYNE b: 9 MAY 1863 in Franklin Co GA
-3-3-1-2-4-8-7 Susan Desdemona Mariette PAYNE b: 27 AUG 1865 in Franklin Co GA
-3-3-1-2-4-8-8 Nancy Coralee PAYNE b: 31 AUG 1867 in Franklin Co GA
-3-3-1-2-4-8-9 David Eugenia PAYNE b: 16 MAR 1870 in Franklin Co GA
-3-3-1-2-4-8-10 William Goss PAYNE b: 23 FEB 1872 in Franklin C
-3-3-1-2-4-9 Rhoda PAYNE b c 1822
Pa13-2 John PAYNE b AFT 1573 at: "of Southhoe, Huntingdonshire" Died: 20 Sep 1635
Anna ?
Pa13-3 ? PAYNE
? Smythe
Pa? - - - - - Reported Patti Smith´s tree
and of no established relation to the above was:
William H Payne b 1812 NC
-1 Julia Inez Payne b 1869 d 1915 m Jessie Daniel Clower -1-1 Dovey Louise Payne b 1892 d 1977 m Virgil Emory Adams b 1887 d 1917 son of James Wilson Adams b 1859 d 1937 and Annie M Hardman b 1913 d 1951 -1-1-1 Marianna Adams m Frank Russell Smith son of Daniel Albert Smith and Henrietta Stamper parents of Patti Smith, author´s 52 cM DNA match with 20 cM segment on chr 5 ?= Terrell + sh seg chr 7 = Pope range
-1-1-2 x Smith m John Brodric Spears parents of Mariah Spears m Henry, author´s 48 cM DNA match with 16 cM segment on chr 5 = Terrell + sh seg chr 7 = Pope range
Pa? - - - - - Reported in Richard Duane Sears´ tree
and of no established relation to the above was:
Daniel Payne b 1780 VA d 1858 Monroe Co KY
m Martha Frazier b 1783 d 1849 dau of James Frazier
-1 Henry Payne b 1813 d 1852 m Mary Lavesta Harris b 1819 d 1891 dau of Francis Harris and x Kays/Keys (dau of George Kays/Keys and Lettice Hamilton) -1-1 Martha Temple Thomas Payne b 1842 d 1922 m Alexander Franklin Morrow son of Thomas Alexander Morrow and Matilda Springer -1-1-1 Maud Ellen Morrow b 1872 d 1963 m Leonard Simpson Boyd b 1866 d 1948 son of William Jasper Newton Boyd -1-1-1-1 Mary Edith Boyd b 1903 d 1989 m Roland Carlton Sears parents of Richard Duane Sears, author´s 58 cM DNA match with 31 cM segment on chr 3
Pa30 - - - - - Reported by wikitree
of no established relation to the above was:
Thibault de Payen b 1001 France d 1086 England
Pa29 Tybaud Gardille de Payen The Moor b 1012 Normandy d 1064 Normandy
m Catherine x
Pa28 Tibaud de Payen b 1035 Normandy d 1094 England
m Elizabeth x
Pa27 Hugh de Payen
Pa28-2 Adelaide De Payen b 1036 Chaumont Ardennes Champagne-Ardenne
?m Lanquedoc
- - -


Descendants of William Bletsoe*
1 1 1. WILLIAM BLETSOE* was born Abt. 1550.
2 RICHARD BLETSOE born 1580 in Northamptonshire, England, and died 1606.
m MARGARET CLARKE*. b 1582, d 1606
1-2 WILLIAM BLETSOE*, b. 1601, England; d. 1638. England
m1) AGNES COBB*. She was born 1605, and died 1637
1-2-1 GEORGE4 BLEDSOE*, b. 1635, England; d. Bef. August 15, 1705, Northumberland County, Virginia. m1 ELIZABETH x. m2 ANN JENNINGS* 1670 b 1635, d May 20, 1681. George Bletsoe was transported by Col. Hugh Gwin from England to America in 1652, and Col. Gwin received a land grant for his colonization efforts as follows: "CoL. Hugh Gwin (Gwyn) 300 acs. upon W. side of a tract called Gwins Island, being the surplusage of sd. island, bounded SW. upon the Narrowes, W. opposite to mouth of Peanketank Riv., S. upon Deep Cr. which layeth toward S. side of sd. Island. 6 Dec.1652, p.120. Trans. of 6 pers: John Cookeley, Nathanl. Walters, Mary Joyce: Robert Wilson al. Wiffon (or Wisson), George Bletsoe, Benja. Sarrow, Peter Cade: Humph. Higgins, Susan Parker, Susan Hillary, one Negro woman. Note: Land due for the last five. Land patented for four of the five, one remains still due being the Last." Bledsoe researchers for the past 50 years have accepted this person as the emigrant George Bledsoe who thereafter appears in Northumberland Co., VA. HOWEVER, I have found a Lewis Bledsoe, born 1600 and George Bledsoe founded a family that had an important part in the founding of our nation and the movement west. So far as anyone has been able to determine, he is the progenitor of all who bear the Bledsoe name today in the USA. It is not known from where George Bledsoe came, nor for that matter, from where Col. Hugh Gwin came, either of which would give us clues for English research. The first appearance in this country, of George Bledsoe is 1672 in Northumberland County, Virginia. Our first entry in the records on George Bledsoe Minutes of the Council and General Court of Virginia, "At the Genl.Court holden at James City the 8th Nov. 1672, afternoon, Ransom vs. Bledshaw. in the difference between James Ransom plaintiff and Geo. Bledshaw defdant about a parcel of land of nine hundred and fifty acres in Northumberland Va. on the North Side of Divideing Creeke. It is ordered that a jury by the Sherriffe of the County be impannelled as neare as can be to said land, who are to enquire whether that land was seated or deserted by Peter Ransom father to the said James within due time according to his Pattent and returne their report thereof under their hands to the 3rd day of the next Genll Court for Judgment." "At a Genll Court held at James Citty the l2th March 1673, Ransom vs.Blettsoe. It is ordered by consent of the Plaintiff and Defendant James Ransom and Geo: Blettsoe that the cause of last Court referred to this be continued and refference to the third day of the next Genll Court in September to which Court the juries verdt as by that ord is to be returned for judgmt." >From the above it appears that George Bledsoe had occupied land claimed by James Ransom by virtue of his father's having once occupied the same land. The verdict of the jury has not been found, but it is clear that George Bledsoe won, because there are two deeds referring to this tract: The last entry re George Bledsoe is his Will dated 23 Jan. 1705 and this will be discussed in detail later. George's wife Elizabeth named in the will was not mother of his children because in her Will dated 13 Feb. 1708, she does not mention any Bledsoe children but does mention son Richard Lattimore, and her daughters and her grandchildren. The will of George Bledsoe is found in Northumberland County, Virginia Record Book #4, 1706-I720, p. 16 as follows: "Will of George Bledsoe: In the name of God, Amen, I George Bledsoe of the county of Northumberland: in the colony of Virginia, being sick and weak of body, but of sound and perfect memory, do make this my last will and testament, revoking and disannulling all former wills by me heretofore made. Imprimis: I bequeath my sould to God, my Maker, hoping to be saved by the merits of the blessed Saviour, Jesus Christ, and my body I commit to the earth there to be buried in decent and Christian manner as my executors hereafter named shall think meet and convenient, and my worldly estate I dispose of as followeth: Item: I give to my loving wife Eliza. Bledsoe all that estate she finds upon the plantation she brought along with her, (Huh ?) and if she thinks it not convenient to leave the same estate and take her proportionable part with the rest of my children and likewise allow one cow and the negro Nan, and if it please God to call me home before the crop is disposed of that she shall have her share with my children of the aforesaid crop. Item: I give and bequeath unto my son John Bledsoe the proportionable part of my land lying and adjoining Mr. Thomas Damerone, Senr's land and my will is that my son George Bledsoe have liberty to work upon the said land withouth trouble or molestation of the said John, provided he take care to manage the same during his natural life, but not to make waste or havoc of the same nor rent, sell or embezzle it to any one. Item: I give unto my son William Bledsoe the plantation I now live upon and his part of land, together with all houses, fences, orchards, etc. that are upon it. Item: I give unto my son, Abraham Bledsoe, my proportional part of land lying and adjoining next to John Nickless and running along the ridge next to the school house and my will is that if any of the three sons: Abraham, William and John Bledsoe should die without issue lawfully begotten of their body, that then their said land or lands to fall to my son Thomas Bledsoe his heirs and assigns forever. Item: I give and bequeath unto my son Thomas Bledsoe one feather bed and my will is that my three sons: Abraham, William and John be at equal charge to keep my son Thomas three years at school, and to hire upon the plantation along with William till he comes to the age of 2l years, and for the remainder of my personal estate my will and desire is that my good friends: Mr. James Waddy, Mr. John Nickless and James Richardson, divide it proportionally to the best of their judgments and discretion amongst my children. Item: My will and desire is that what hogs I die possessed with not be shared amongst my children, but be left for the use and benefit of those that live upon the plantation. Lastly: I do hereby ordain and appoint my two sons: Abraham and William Bledsoe, sole executors of this my last will and testament. In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and affixed my seal this 23d day of January 1704/5 George Bledsoe his mark X Signed, sealed and declared to be his last will and testament in the presence of us: James Richardson: John Nickless; Tho. Dameron, Jr . Aug. 15, 1705. This will was probated in Northumberland Court to be the last will and testament of George Bledsoe, deceased: by the oaths of John Nickless and Tho. Dameron, Jr., two of the subscribing witnesses thereto and same is recorded. CC NOTE: The Bledsoe experts all swear that the following couple, George and Elizabeth were THE first ones in America. However, I have already found them all to be wrong, because there was a Lewis Bledsoe b. 1600 married to Isabell Pridmore, b. 1607, married 10/09/1624 in England, whose first child, Abraham Bledsoe was born in Northumberland, Virginia in 1625. So, he was born here 10 years BEFORE the following George was born. It is very likely that the father of Lewis and the father of the 1st generation William above was one and the same, making Lewis and William brothers. But not proven.
1-2-1-1 SARAH BLEDSOE, b. 1671.
1-2-1-2 ABRAHAM BLEDSOE*, b. 1673, Northumberland Co VA d. May 29, 1753, Granville County, North Carolina.
m1 KATHERINE BALL* 1702 in Virginia, dau of THOMAS BALL* and ELIZABETH HEATH*. She was born Abt. 1684, and died Abt. 1718 in Granville County, North Carolina.
1-2-1-2-1 ISAAC BLEDSOE, b. Abt. 1703.
1-2-1-2-2 THOMAS BLEDSOE, b. Abt. 1706.
1-2-1-2-3 ABRAHAM BLEDSOE, b. Abt. 1708.
1-2-1-2-4 CATHERINE BLEDSOE, b. Abt. 1710.
1-2-1-2-5 GEORGE BLEDSOE*, b. 1713, Virginia; d. 1777, Bute County, North Carolina.
m Abt. 1744 in Bute Co NC JANE RUSH* b 5 Feb 1724/25 in King George County, Va, d Abt. 1809 in Bute Co NC dau of BENJAMEN RUSH* and AMY ELKINS*. She was Notes for JANE RUSH*: Information from The Bledsoe Family in America, Vol. 1, compiled by Banks McLaurin, R. copyrighted 1993, Dallas, Texas
-1 GEORGE BLEDSOE, b. 1745, Granville, North Carolina.
-2 THOMAS C BLEDSOE, b. 1747, Granville, North Carolina.
-3 RUSH BLEDSOE, b. 1749, Granville, North Carolina.
-4 JANE BLEDSOE, b. 1750, Granville, North Carolina.
-5 ABRAHAM JEFFREY BLEDSOE, b. 1752, Granville, North Carolina.
-6 AARON BLEDSOE, b. 1756, Granville, North Carolina.
-7 MOSES BLEDSOE*, b. 1759, Granville, North Carolina; d. 1805 m Abt. 1783 FRANCES HOLLOWAY*.
-8 EUPHEMIA BLEDSOE, b. Bet. 1760 - 1770, Granville, North Carolina.
-9 BENJAMIN BLEDSOE, b. July 07, 1763, Bute County, North Carolina.
-10 SUSANNAH BLEDSOE, b. 1770, Granville, North Carolina.
-7-1 MAJOR BLEDSOE, b. 1784, North Carolina; d. Bef. April 07, 1857; m. UNITY SHAW, February 08, 1804, Wake County, North Carolina.
-7-2 MOWENA BLEDSOE*, b. 1789, Wake Co d. 1854, Cedar Hill, Richmond Co NC. m REV. DR. JAMES CLARKE* b June 1787 in Anson Co NCa, d June 29, 1854, son of FRANCES CLARKE* and AGNES MOORMAN*. as is set forth on his monument in Old Concord Church Cemetery, Ansonville, Anson County, North Carolina. He was the eldest child, and was born in Anson County, North Carolina, before they took up residence in Richmond County, North Carolina. He, like his brother, was a herb or Thompsonian Doctor (used plant and roots), and a local Methodist Preacher. He moved from Richmond County to Anson County about the time of his second marriage. James married three times and each wife had seven children; each wife lost four by death, and in each set remaining, the eldest was a girl and the two youngest were boys. m1. MOWENA BLEDSOE( ) of Wake County, she died in Richmond County, she was a Methodist. m2. CHARLOTTE COVINGTON( ) of Richmond County, she died in Anson County. m3. MARTHA KNIGHT( ) of Anson County.
1-2-1-2-13 ELIZABETH BLEDSOE m William Berry -1 Mary Berry d 1772 m Thomas Harding
1-2-1-3 WILLIAM BLEDSOE, b. 1676.
1-2-1-4 JOHN BLEDSOE, b. 1680.
1-2-1-5 GEORGE BLEDSOE, b. 1683.
1-2-1-6 THOMAS BLEDSOE, b. 1690.
1-2-2 WILLIAM BLEDSOE, b. 1633, Bedfordshire, England; d. 1681.
2Lewis Bledsoe born c 1600 England died 7-25-1638 England
m Isabell Pridmore born c 1607 no death date married on 10-9-1624
-1. Abraham born c 1625 Northumberland Co Va
-2. Annis born 12 25 1626 Northumberland Co Va
-3. Thomas born 7-1628 Northumberland Co Va
-4. William BEDSOLE born 6-1630 Northumberland Co Va
-5. George BEDSOLE born 4-1632 Northumberland Co Va AND WERE ELISHA, JOHN AND
-6. Humprey BEDSOLE born 1636 Northumberland Co Va.
possibly of the family and branch:
?-1... Benjamin Bledsoe b about 1765 m Katherine Jennings b about 1770
1-1 HUGH BLETSOE. b c 1604 England
1-3 JOHN BLETSOE. No dates. Guess b. 1642 England
Pa11? of no established relation to the above was:
John Paine b c 1665 (John is likely to have been the son of an English sibling of G11 or G12 of the above, who may have been transported to Ireland in the course of the the Cromwell plantations.)
m Elizabeth
Pa10 Samuel Paine b c 1690 Co Wicklow IRE
m Elinor Brookfield
Pa9 Thomas Paine b c 1715 Durrow, n Kilkenny Ire d Berks co PA
m Hannah Pim
Pa11? of no established relation to the above was:
Thomas Paine/Payne b c 1610 ?Kent England d 16 Aug 1706 Eastham Barnstable MA
m Mary Snow b 14 Dec 1630 Plymouth MA d 28 Apr 1704 Eastham dau of Nicholas Snow and Constance she m1 y Rogers
-1 Mary Rogers
Pa10-1 Abigail Paine
Pa10-2 Samuel Paine
Pa10-3 Mary Cole
Pa10-4 Thomas Paine, Ill
Pa10-5 Elisha Paine Sr b 10 Mar 1657 Eastham MA d 7 Feb 1736 Canterbury CT
m Rebecc Doane b 12 May 1668 Eastham MA d 19 Dec 1758 Canterbury CT dau of John Doane and Hannah Bangs b 1644 Eastham MA d 1677 bur Eastham
Pa10-5-1 Abigail Paine m Cleveland
Hannah Paine m Watts
Pa10-5-3 Rebecca Paine m Cleveland
Pa10-5-4 Abraham Paine b 1691 Eastham d 20 Mar 1776 Amenia NY
Ruth Adams b 10 Dec 1691 Medfield MA d 1750 Amenia NY dau of John Adams and Michaela Bloss/Blois b 3 Apr 1752 Watertown MA d 14 Apr 1752 Canterbury CT
Pa10-5-4-1 Abraham Paine Jr b 2 May 1722 Canterbury, Windham CoCT d 21 April, 1801 in Amenia, Dutchess Co NY
m Rebecca Freeman b 23 Sep 1724 Truro d 25 Dec 1810 Amenia NY dau of Robert Freeman Sr b 12 Aug 1696 and Mary Waldo
-1-1-1 Anne Paine b 1752 d 1825 Stafford NY m Pvt Uriah Cross
-1-1-2 Elisha Payne, Esq.
-1-1-3 Samuel Payne
Pa10-5-4-2 Mary Hopkins (Paine)
Pa10-5-4-3 Bethiah PAINE
Pa10-5-4-4 Abigail PAINE
Pa10-5-4-5 Thomas PAINE
Pa10-5-4-6 Benjamin PAINE
Pa10-5-4-7 Ruth PAINE
Pa10-5-4-8 Samuel PAINE
Pa10-5-4-9 Sarah PAINE
Pa10-5-4-10 James PAINE
Pa10-5-5 Rev. Elisha Paine
Pa10-5-6 Mary Paine m Waldo
Pa10-5-7 Rev. Solomon Paine
Pa10-5-8 Dorcas Paine m Adams
Pa10-5-9 Constance Paine
Pa10-5-10 John Paine, Sr.
Pa10-6 Eleazer Paine
Pa10-7 Nicholas Paine
Pa10-8 Deacon John Paine
Pa10-9 James Paine, Sr b c Jul 1665 Eastham d 12 Nov 1728 Barnstable MA
m Bethia thatcher b c Jul 1671 d 7 Jul 1734 dau of Col John thatcher and Rebecca
Pa10-9-1 James Paine, Jr b 24 Mar 1692
Pa10-9-2 Reverend Thomas Paine b 9 Apr 1694 Barnstable MA
m Eunice Treat b 27 Sep 1704 Eastham d 12 Oct 1747 Boston MA dau of Rev Samuel Treat and Abigail
Pa10-9-2-1 Thomas Paine Jr b 3 Jul 1720
Pa10-9-2-2 Abigail Paine b 6 Mar 1725 Weymouth Norfok Co MA d 15 Jan 1809
m Joseph Greenleaf
-1 Eunice Paine Greenleaf b 7 Aug 1762 m William Prentiss
-2 Abigail Greenleaf m Weld
-3 Thomas Greenleaf
-1-1 William Henry Prentiss b 23 Oct 1796 Washington DC d there 21 Sep 1878
Pa10-9-2-3 Robert Treat Paine b 11 Mar 1731 Boston MA d 11 May 1814, signer of the "Declaration of Independence"
m Sarah Cobb b 15 May 1744 Taumton MA + 8 ch dau of Capt Thomas Cobb and Lydia
m2 Anne
-1 Robert (the elder) Paine
-2 Sally Paine
-3 Thomas Robert Treat Paine Jr.
-4 Charles C. Paine
-5 Henry Paine
-6 Mary Antoinette Paine
-7 Lucretia Paine
-8 Seth Caleb Paine
-9 Emily Strange Paine m Zachariah Matlock
Pa10-9-2-4 Eunice Paine m Joseph Greenleaf
Pa10-9-3 Bethiah Paine Russell
Pa10-9-4 Mary Paine
Pa10-9-5 Experience Paine
Pa10-9-6 Rebecca Paine
Pa? - - - - (from Dawn Lee Carnes� tree, and
of no established relation to the above was:
Thomas Payne b c 1628 Yorkshire, Bedfordshire or Petworth Sussex d 1673 St Jerome�s Thickett St Marys MD to MD 1664
m Jane Smallpiece b 1638 d 1675 dau of
-a John Smallpiece b 1625 and Margaret Elliot of Godalming Surrey to MD 1671
+1 Edward Smallpeece
m 17 Jun 1621 ?Cranley Surrey Alice Farley
Pa?-1 Mary Payne b by 1664
Pa?-2 Sarah Payne b by 1664
Pa?-3 Elizabeth Payne b by 1664
Pa?-4 Joseph Payne b aft 1664
Pa?-5 Hannah Payne b aft 1664
Pa?-6 Rachel Payne b aft 1664
Pa?-7 Isaac Payne b aft 1664 St Marys Co MD d there 1713
m Sarah Smith b c 1674 d 1713 dau of
+1 Henry Smith and Ann Authors
Pa?-7-1 Thomas Payne b c 1694 St Marys Co MD d there 19 Apr 1748
m Elizabeth Taylor b c 1700 d 1772 wid of William Harrison ?= b 1683 in Cople Parish Westmoreland Co VA
Pa?-7-1-1 John Payne b 1720 St Marys MD
Pa?-7-1-2 Thomas Payne b c 1728 St Marys MD
Pa?-7-1-3 Elizabeth Payne b 1733 St Marys Co MD m Joshua Beane
Pa?-7-1-4 Diana Payne b 1735 St Marys MD
Pa?-7-1-5 Mary Payne b 1730 St Marys Co MD
Pa?-7-1-6 Joseph Payne b 1722 St Marys Co MD
m Anne Brannock
Pa?-7-1-7 Isaac Payne b 1713 St Marys Co MD d 5 JMay 1801 MD
m Sarah Daulton b 1716 d 1760
Pa?-7-1-7-1 Isaac L Payne b 1746 d 1810
m Nellie Collison b 1755 d 1795
-1 Isaac L Payne b 1780 d 1850 m Jane Regan b 1778 d 1831 dau of James Regan and Sarah Gilliam b 1751 -1-1 Jesse Regan Payne b c 1820 NC d 3 Apr 1895 IN m Margaret C Shook b 5 Oct 1825 Burke NC dau of George Andrew Shook and Caroline Elizabeth Heilman -1-1-1 Jennie Elizabeth Payne b 1856 IN d 14 Aug 1925 IN m Samuel R Cathcart -1-1-1-1 John Wylie Cathcart b 1875 IN m Carrie Bell McConnell dau of Matthew McConnell and Margaret Constable b 1859 (dau of John Smith Constable and Margaret James b 1819 d 1894)
-1-1-1-2 Sadie Cathcart
-1-1-1-3 Henry Cathcart
-1-1-1-4 Mary Cathcart
Pa?-7-1-7-2 Isaiah Payne b c 1735 Dossett Dorchester Co MD d 12 May 1818 Greenville Dist SC
m Ann Williams d 1815
Pa?-1-1-1-1-1 Isaac Payne b 1764 MD d 3 Sep 1837 Grainger Co TN
Pa?-7-2 Hannah Payne b