He2-4 Harry Clifton Hester

    was the  fourth child o.f Willoughby Griffith Hester (He3) and Elena McConnell (Mc3).
    Born: 27 Jan 1898 in Robertson Co. Ky.
    Married: Leota Honchell/Hounshell/Houndshell (24 Feb 1909 - ) on 10 Sept. 1918. She was suffered from late onset Alzheimers.
    Died: ca 1994

    Harry Clifton Hester and his wife, Leota
    Harry Clifton Hester and Leota Hounshell had issue:
    He2-4-1 Virginia Hester (28 July 1920 - ) 
    m Joseph Paul DeChristopher and had 7 children.
    He2-4-2 Janet Hester (19 June 1922 - 22 Sep 2006) married first James Earle Murray , married second Joseph Bumgardner Means.
    He2-4-3 Harold Clifton Hester (22 July 1924)
    He2-4-4 Evelyn Hester (15 July 1927 - 20 July 2006) married William Moore

    He2-4-5 Walter Junior Hester (20 May 1926 - 1 March 1975), m Anne-Marie Griesbauer,
    He2-4-6 Robert Elsworth Hester (14 May. 1929 - )
    He2-4-7 Ralph Hester (19 May 1933 - )

    He2-4 Harry Clifton Hester 27 Jan 1898 in Robertson Co. Ky. d about 1994
    m on 10 Sept. 1918, Leota Hounshell (24 Feb 1909 - )
    He2-4-1 ) Virginia Hester (28 July 1920 - )
    m Josophe Paul DeChristopher
    He2-4-1-1 Joseph Paul de Christopher (16 June 1944 - ) married Jane Lindhurst (11 Mar 1946 - )
    He2-4-1-2 Carmen Harriet de Christopher (18 June 1948 - )
    He2-4-1-3 Concetta de Christopher (6 Oct 1949 - )
    He2-4-1-4 Anthony David de Christopher (25 May 1952 - )
    He2-4-1-5 John Garrett de Christopher (15 Sept 1953 - )
    He2-4-1-6 John Francis de Christopher (4 Jan 1955 - )
    He2-4-1-7 Patrick Benedict de Christopher (10 Oct 1958 - )
    He2-4-2 Janet Hester (19 June 1922 - 22 Sep 2006) Deming School in Mt. Olivet, graduating with her first husband, James Earl Murray, in 1940. After their divorce, she then located to Michigan, married Joseph Means and was employed by General Motors at the Willow Run Transmission Assembly Plant. She retired after twenty-eight years as an assembly line supervisor. After retirement Janet spent several years in Florida returning to Michigan until moving to Robertson County in July of 2000. She resided in the Robertson County Health Care Facility for three years prior to her death. 10 grandchildren in 2006
    m1 James Earl Murray b about 1922
    He2-4-2-1 Albert H. Murray of Robertson County m Wanda

    He2-4-2-1 Wanda and Albert H. Murray
    He2-4-2-2 Ronald L. Murray of Ellerbe, North Carolina; m Charlotte
    m2 Joseph Bumgardner Means.
    He2-4-2-3 Joseph David Means/td>
    He2-4-2-4 Pamela Means of Canton, Mich.
    He2-4-3 Harold Clifton Hester (22 July 1924) m Vera
    He2-4-4 Evelyn Hester (15 July 1927 - 20 July 2006)
    m 1956 William Alan Moore
    He2-4-4-1 John Clifton (J.C.) Moore m Jenny Merritt; of Versailles ; 
    He2-4-4-1+ seven grandchildren of Evelyn in 2006,
    Jeremie C. Moore of Fort Lauderdale, Fla.
    Matthew C. Moore of Lexington,
    Taylor M. Moore Hart of Fort Lauderdale,;
    Shelby L. Moore of Georgetown, 
    Kathryn G. "Katie" Moore?/White m (Kasper) Keaton of Georgetown,
    John Parker of Versailles.
    He2-4-4-2 Jan Ellen Moore
    Verlon "Bud" White of Nicholasville and had
    He2-4-4-2-1 Georgia L. White of Nicholasville
    He2-4-5 . Walter Junior Hester  b. 05/20/1926 d. 03/01/1975
    m 08/25/1948 (Germany) buried Woodlawn cemetery, Detroit, Michigan, married  Anne Marie Griesbauer  b. 10/14/1929 d. 06/02/2003 dau of Rudolf Griesbauer b.04/12/1899, d 05/15/1960 m 04/30/1929 to Katharina Gunsilius  d. 09/06/1978 Muenchen Stadt, Oberbayem, Bayern. Anne's ashes were  buried at sea
    Children of Walter Hester and AnneMarie Griesbauer, Anne-Marie Griesbauer's 
    Katharina Gunsilius :
     GFather Wilhelm Gunsilius b. 12/26/1872 d. (?) Pullach Oberbayern Germany m. 02/28/1897 to Viktoria Waltenberger b. 01/31/1877 d.(?) Thannhausen. 
    note: there were 2 more chilren a son Wilhem jr, d. very young and another daughter, who Sharon's Mother referred to a Tante Elie
    GGFather: Christian Gunsilius b.11/11/1833 d.(?) Wuerthemberg m 01/15/1861 to Katharina Motz
    GGGFather: Georg Gonsilius b. 02/07/1970 d,(?) m.  Walburga Berger b.12/31/1795 d (?)
    GGGGFather Johann P Gonsilius m. 07/10/1782 to Agatha Schneider no other information, :
    He2-4-5-1. Steven Roy Hester b. 11/03/1949 never married
    He2-4-5-2. Sharon Lynn Hester b. 01/19/1951 Sharon moved to Florida in 1983. Children of Sharon and Allen
    .08/04/1970Allen Ray Louk b. 03/15/1946 d. 10/06/2005 Son of Eli Louk b. 05/21/1900 d. 05/18/1986 m. 12/25/1924 to Rosalee Arbogast b. 12/07/1903 d. 06/15/1975.
    He2-4-1-2-1  Allen Ray Louk Jr b. 12/24/1970 
    m 03/13/1998 Gina Mason 02/26/1975.
    He2-4-1-2-1-1 Kyle Austin Louk b. 03/06/1996
    He2-4-1-2-1-2 Emmalee Lynn Louk b. 12/28/2004.
    He2-4-1-2-2 Katrina Lynnette Louk b. 01/24/1977
    He2-4-5-3 . Carolyn Ann Hester b. 08/13/1952
    m1 Gerald Ferns.
    He2-4-1-3-1 Sharlene Ann Ferns b. 05/25/1976
    m Christopher Lehti divorced. 
    m2 William Kittle no children
    He2-4-5-4.  Glenn Hester b. 03/10/1954
    m 06/12/1983 Nita Lynn Wagner 11/1959.
     He2-4-5-4-1 Robert Hester b. (?)
    He2-4-5-4-2 Matthew Hester b. (?)
    He2-4-5-5.  Donna Sue Hester b. 02/25/1964 m. 04/07/1988 #1 Richard Allen Stallings
                  Children of Donna and Richard Stallings
               He2-4-5-5-1   Charles Junior Stallings b. (?)
               He2-4-5-5-2   Samantha Stallings b. (?)
        Donna m2 04/26/2000  Donald Edward Lutinski (?)
               He2-4-5-5-3   dau. Shelbie Ann Lutinski b. (?)
    He2-4-6 Robert Elsworth Hester (14 May. 1929 - ) From michael' <hesterbusinessvcs@earthlink.net>:
    Robert Elsworth Hester  (14 May. 1929 - )
    married 1st 
    Marilyn Yvonne Miller, whose father was the son of Hester McConnell
    Marilyn Miller and her brother Carl D. Miller
    He2-4-6-y  Michael Byron Hester
    married 2nd ..
    He2-4-7 Ralph Hester (19 May 1933 - )
    He2-4-8 y son by unkown Partner known to Miller family
    Sharon Hester Louk [kylesgram@comcast.net]
    Michael Byron Hester [hesterbusinessvcs@earthlink.net]

    Dear Dr. Hester,

    I'm sorry it's taken me so long to respond. Unlike serious researchers such as yourself, I took this up as a hobby, and out of curiosity have continued but rarely took my own notes or set up trees. To tell you the truth, I think an underlying motive in my hobby is the need to exercise my brain, specifically my memory.  Grandma Hester died of Alzheimer's disease, and I remember how it affected her and Grandpa Harry and the whole family. She by the way spelled her maiden name Honchell but I've since found out it was changed from Haunschell or Houndshell.

    On to the McConnell's, which I'm obviously well connected to:

     Extract: 1880 United States Census
    5 CONT Census Place: Mount Olivet, Robertson, Kentucky
    5 CONT Source: FHL Film 1254440; National Archives Film T9-0440; Page 260A
    5 CONT Household:
    5 CONT             Rel      Sex    Marr Race Age Birthplace
    5 CONT Joseph D. MC CONNELL
    5 CONT             Self     Male   M    W    60  KY
    5 CONT       Occ: Farmer & Minister Of Gospel                   Fa: IRE Mo: VA
    5 CONT Nancy T. MC CONNELL
    5 CONT             Wife     Female M    W    57  KY
    5 CONT       Occ: Keeping House                                 Fa: KY Mo: KY
    5 CONT Jerome F. MC CONNELL
    5 CONT             Son      Male   S    W    25  KY
    5 CONT       Occ: Works On Farm                                 Fa: KY Mo: KY
    5 CONT George Z. C. MC CONNELL
    5 CONT             Son      Male   S    W    20  KY
    5 CONT       Occ: Works On Farm                                 Fa: KY Mo: KY
    5 CONT Anna TYSINK
    5 CONT             Sister   Female W    W    63  KY
    5 CONT       Occ: Assists In Keeping House                      Fa: IRE Mo: VA
    5 CONT             Other    Female S    W    17  KY
    5 CONT       Occ: Assists In Keeping House                      Fa: KY Mo: KY
    5 CONT             Other    Male   S    W    64  KY
    5 CONT       Occ: Works On Farm                                 Fa: VA Mo: OH
    0 @S01@ SOUR
    1 AUTH The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

    This is info I gleaned on Joseph Deshea McConnell from the website:

    http://www.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~kyrobert/family/mcconnell.html . This website is set up in an unusual fashion. I only today read down to the end where Rankin and Lindsay names appear.  The dates and origins, birthplaces are suspect but perhaps you have already cleared all this up.  If you look at this website and go to the "Home" icon at the bottom of the page you'll find short histories of the Miller, McConnell, and even Hester families in Robertson county, Ky.  Grandpa Hester was not mentioned but he lived at the north end of the small county and my mother's Millers were and are in the southeast end of the county.  Harry Hester and my grandpa Carl Miller both did some restoration work on the covered bridge that borders our farm, currently being run by Carl's sons Carl D. Miller and Larry T. Miller.

    4. Joseph Deshea McConnell,
    born November 06, 1820 in Bourbon Co.,Kentucky; died January 14, 1899 in Kentontown,Ky..
    He was the son of 8. Robert McConnell and 9. Nancy Clemmens.
    He married 5. Nancy J. Lattimer.
    born 1822 in Grant Co.,Ky; died Abt. 1907.
    She was the daughter of 10. James B.Lattimer and 11. Mary (Polly) Johnsonton.

    Notes for Joseph Deshea McConnell:
    1850 Grant County,Ky shows him 29, Farmer w/300 acreas, born in Kentucky.
    His mother Nancy is 70 and living with them.
    A Pioneer called his Reward.
    Elder Joseph McConnell died at home, five miles west of Mt.Olivet,Robertson County,Ky. January14,1899, 78th year of his age.
    "Uncle Joe" ( was commonly known) was born in Bourbon County,Ky. Nov.6,1820,and when a small boy moved with his father to

    Colemansville, Harrison County.
    His father being a worldly man, engaged in the whiskey business and his place was resort for Sabbath breakers,where such

    characters met and spent their Sundays in drinking and playing cards.
    Therefore, Uncle Joe grew up under the worst of influences and in his younger days was also wicked.
    3 He married April 20,1843, to Miss Nancy P, Lattimer Elder J. Lattiimer ,father of the bride ,officiating. He moved after his marriage to Pendleton County and united with the

    Christian Church at Knoxville .
    He was immersed by Eld. Solomon Pervin about the year 1845; was chosen Elder of the Knoxvile congregation in 1846 and

    ordained a minister of the gospel by the same congregation in 1847, He was devout Christian and faithful minister of the

    gospel for more than fifty years.
    He lived at different places in Kentucky ,and in 1865 moved to Versailles ,Ripley County,Indiana, where he remained two

    years, than moved back to Kentucky on the farm where he spent remainder of his life.
    He was a very earnest preacher ,always presenting the gospel in it's primitive simplicity.
    It was told at one time he had taken by the hand ,led into the water and immersed more than 7,000 converts ,several of whom

    became minsters,one of whom was Elder Jesse Hughes of Kansas City Missouri. He orgranized several churches during his

    ministry, and was known by many minsters in Kentucky and eleswhere. He was invalid for several years,but continued to preach

    when his health would admit it. He was made a Freemason in 1859..
    More About Joseph Deshea McConnell: Burial: 1899, Kentontown Cem. Robertson County,Ky.
    More About Nancy J. Lattimer: Burial: Abt. 1907, Robertson County,Ky .
    Children of Joseph McConnell and Nancy Lattimer are:

    i. Dick Earlywine (Foster child)

    ii. George McConnell,
    married Amanda L.(Ludie) Sampson;
    born 1864 in ILLinois; died 1934 in Arkansas

    iii. Molley Rye(Foster child)

    iv. William Thomas McConnell,
    born August 14, 1843 Scott,County ,Ky.; died June 21, 1930 married Sarah ( Sallie)Ann Cammern Wells September 30, 1872 in Robertson County,Kentucky; born July 28, 1854 in Nicholas County,Ky.; died August 14, 1934.
    More About William Thomas McConnell:
    Burial: in Piqua Cemetery Robertson County,Kentucky; More About Sarah ( Sallie)Ann Cammern Wells:
    Burial: 1934, Piqua Cemetery Robertson County,Ky.

    This William Thomas McConnell was the father of our Hester McConnell.  By the way, my grandfather Carl Miller used to tell me about his grandparents who went all the way to California in a horse and wagon, and even pulled the outfit through one of the ancient redwood trees that had a road built through it.  This was no doubt the William McConnell mentioned in your website who was found in Merced CA.  They later moved back to Kentucky. My great grandfather Pete, who I knew as a youngster, and his wife Hettie went to housekeeping on W.T. McConnell's place in Kentontown.  W.T. was a good carpenter, and made a living mostly building caskets for the community.  My great uncle Thelbert Miller chauffered them around in their horse and buggy in their later years.  This was probably where he became connected with the funeral business, which he later worked in until a few years ago, even helping out with my brother's and mother's funerals.  He died in February of this year at the age of 96.

    3 Hester McConnell b: 8 MAY 1891 d: 7 JUN 1961
              + Pete Burns Miller b: 22 DEC 1882 d: 30 JUL 1975

                4 Carl Miller b: 5 MAY 1913 d: 1 MAY 2003
                  + Theodocia McCord b: 8 NOV 1916 d: 6 DEC 1995

                    5 Marilyn Yvonne Miller b: 27 APR 1936 d: 3 SEP 2007
                      + Robert E Hester b: 14 MAY 1929 d: 13 MAR 1992

                    5A Debra Sherrie Hester (living) MT.Olivet Ky, has a daughter and two grandchildren.
                    5B Robert Kendall Hester b. 6 NOV 1957 d: 13 JUL 2001.  Note: born with Spinal Bifida, had health problems
                                            his entire life. I was shocked when I saw the picture you sent me. Robert was the
                                            "spitting image" of Hazard Worrell Hester.
                    5C Michael B. Hester b 22 Jan 1960
                       Married to Myrna G. Palao Dec 18 2000
                       Living in Los Angeles, cA
    I didn't receive the attachment you mentioned in your email. Thank you so much for
    the info and pictures you did send so far.  I continue to refer to your website often. Hope this finds you in good health and spirit. We're enjoying some beautiful
    sunny California weather here.