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Howard 2: Howard of Arundel, Howard of Bindon, Howard of Escrick, Howard of Norfolk, Howard of Suffolk, Howard of Surrey, Howard of Walden and Howard of Maryland.
See also Howard of Wigenhall, Howard of Glossop, Howard of Greystoke, Howard of Norfolk, Howard of Eastwick, Howard of Effingham, Howard of Nottingham, Howard of Eastwick, Howard of Effingham, Howard of Nottingham
Ho19. Sir Robert Howard of Stoke Neyland, Suffolk d 1436
m Margaret de Mowbray dau of Thomas de Mowbray, 1st Duke of Norfolk
Ho18 Sir John Howard, 1st Duke of Norfolk b c 1421 Tendring Essex k 22 Aug 1485 Bosworth Field 22.08.1485
m1 Katherine Moleyns d 03.11.1465 dau of
+1 William, Lord Moleyns
m before 25.12.1405 Margery d 26.03.1439
+2 Richard de Moleyns, 3rd Baron d 14.12.1384
m Eleanor de Beaumont dau of
+3 William de Moleyns, 2nd Baron d 14.02.1380/1
m before 12.03.1352 Margery Bacoun b 1336, d 01.06.1399, dau of
+3 Henry Beaumont, 3rd Lord
+4 Sir John de Moleyns, 1st Baron d 10.03.1359/60
m by 1325 Gilles or Egidia Mauduit d 21.01.1366/7 (dau of Sir John Mauduit of Somerford by Margaret, dau/coheir of Sir Robert Pugeys of Stoke Poges)
+4 Sir Edmund Bacoun of Norfolk
Margery Poynings
Ho17 Thomas Howard, 2nd Duke of Norfolk b 1443 Stoke by Nayland Suffolk d 21.05.1524 Framlingham Castle Suffolk
m1 30.04.1472 Elizabeth Tylney d 04.04.1497, dau of
+1 Sir Frederick Tylney of Ashwellthorpe
m Elizabeth Cheyney dau of
+2 Philip de Tilney of Boston d 30/1.10.1453
m Isabel de Thorpe dau of Sir Edmund de Thorpe of Ashwell Thorpe
+2 Laurence Cheyney of Ditton
m Elizabeth Cokayne
Ho16-1 Thomas Howard, 3rd Duke of Norfolk b 1473 Kenninghal Norfolk d there 25.08.1554
m1 04.02.1494-5 Anne Plantagenet b 02.11.1475, d 23.11.1511, dau of King Edward IV of England
Ho16-1-1 Thomas Howard b c1496, dvp 03.08.1508
Ho16-1-2+ 1 son + 2 daughters d young
m2 before 08.01.1512-3 Elizabeth Stafford b c1497, d 30.11.1558, dau of Edward Stafford, 3rd Duke of Buckingham
Ho16-1-5 Henry Howard, Earl of Surrey b 1517, dvp 21.01.1547
m 1532 Frances Vere d 30.06.1577, dau of John de Vere, 15th Earl of Oxford, m2. Thomas Steyning
-1 Thomas Howard, 4th Duke of Norfolk b 10.03.1537, d 30.09.1572
As had happened with various of his ancestors, his honours were forfeited for alleged treason and he was beheaded. Unlike them, however, the titles were not soon restored.
m1 1556 Mary FitzAlan b 1540, d 25.08.1557, dau of Henry FitzAlan, 18th Earl of Arundel
A Philip Howard, Earl of Arundel b 28.06.1557, d 19.10.1595
m 1571 Anne Dacre dau of Thomas Dacre, 4th Lord of Gillesland
i Thomas Howard, Lord Maltravers, Earl of Arundel, Surrey and Norfolk b 07.07.1585, d 04.10.1646
m 09.1606 Alathea Talbot dau of Gilbert Talbot, 7th Earl of Shrewsbury
a James Howard, Lord Mowbray and Maltravers bpt 17.07.1607, d unm 07.1624
b Henry Frederick Howard, Earl of Arundel, Surrey and Norfolk b 15.08.1608, 17.04.1652
m 03.1626 Elizabeth Stuart b 17.10.1610, d 23.01.1673-4, dau of Esme Stuart, 3rd Duke of Lennox
c Sir William Howard, later Stafford-Howard, 1st Lord Stafford, Viscount Stafford b 30.11.1614, d 29.12.1680
m 1637 Mary Stafford sister of Henry Stafford, 5th Lord Stafford
m2 1557 Margaret Audley d 09.01.1563-4, dau of Thomas Audley, Lord of Walden
B Sir Thomas Howard, 1st Earl of Suffolk, 1st Lord de Walden b 24.08.1561, d 28.05.1626>
m1 Mary Dacre dsp 07.04.1576, dau of Thomas Dacre, 4th Lord of Gillesland
m2 c1583 Catherine Knevet d 09.1633, dau of Sir Henry Knevet of Charlton
i Theophilus Howard, 2nd Earl of Suffolk, 2nd Lord de Walden b 13.08.1584, d 03.06.1640
m 03.1612 Elizabeth Home d 19.08.1633, dau of George Home, Earl of Dunbar
ii Thomas Howard, 1st Earl of Berkshire d 16.07.1669
m Elizabeth Cecil dau of William Cecil, 2nd Earl of Exeter
iii Henry Howard
m Elizabeth Bassett d 1643, dau of William Bassett of Blore
a Elizabeth or Katherine Howard
m Sir John Harpur of Swarkston d 1667
iv Sir Charles Howard
m Mary Fitz dau of Sir John Fitz or Fitzford
a Elizabeth Howard
v Sir Robert Howard
p. Frances Coke b c1601, bur 04.06.1645, dau of Sir Edward Coke, Chief Justice
Frances was wife of John Villiers, Viscount Purbeck, but her son born during her marriage was deemed illegitimate, sired by Sir Robert. The following information comes from TCP Purbeck and BE1883 Villiers of Purbeck.
a Robert Wright, later Howard then Villiers then Danvers b 19.10.1624, d 1674
Robert, a Cromwellite who hated the Stuarts, disclaimed the Viscountcy and sat in the House of Commons. However, after his death, his son claimed the title and his widow sometimes described herself as Viscountess.
m 23.11.1648 Elizabeth Danvers, 'Viscountess Purbeck' bpt 01.05.1629, bur 22.08.1709, dau of Sir John Danvers of Chelsea
1 Robert Villiers, 'Viscount Purbeck' b c1656, d 04.1684
m 1676 Margaret de Burgh d 14.08.1698, dau of Ulick de Burgh, Marquess of Clanricarde
A John Villiers, 'Viscount Purbeck' b 1677, d 10.08.1723
m Frances Moyser dau of Rev. Moyser
i+ 2 daus d unm
2 Edward Villiers b 28.03.1661, d 1691, captain
m Joan Heming dau of William Heming of Worcester
i George Villiers b 11.04.1690, d 1748
m Catherine Stephens dau of T. Stephens
a George Villiers b c1724, dsp 24.06.1774, vicar of Frodsham
m Mary
b Catherine Villiers d 13.04.1756
m John Lewis d 28.06.1783, Dean of Ossory
c+ other issue d unm - Edward, Mary
3 Frances Villiers
m Sir Richard Dereham, 3rd Bart of Dereham Abbey
vi Sir William Howard
vii Sir Edward Howard, 1st Lord of Escrick d 24.04.1675
m 30.11.1623 Mary Boteler bur 30.01.1633/4, dau of John Boteler, 1st Lord of Bramfield
a Thomas Howard, 2nd Lord of Escrick bpt 24.10.1625, dsps 24.08.1678
m1 21.07.1646 Elizabeth Mordaunt dau of John Mordaunt, 1st Earl of Peterborough
m2 06.1677 Jane Drake bur 12.08.1716, of Somerset
b William Howard, 3rd Lord of Escrick bur 24.04.1694
m Frances Bridgeman b c1646, d 19.12.1716, dau of Sir James Bridgeman
1 Charles Howard, 4th Lord of Escrick dspl 1715
m 08.1694, div Elizabeth Brydges bpt 25.03.1651, d 03.02.1717/8, dau of George Brydges, 6th Lord Chandos
p x Pyke
A Charlotte Howard
c Sir Cecil Howard
1 daughter d infant
d Edward Howard dsp
e Anne Howard d 09.1703
m Charles Howard, 1st Earl of Carlisle b 1629, d 24.02.1684-5
viii Elizabeth Howard bpt 11.08.1586, d 17.04.1658
m1 William Knollys, 1st Earl of Banbury b c1547, d 25.05.1632
p/m2. before 02.07.1632 Edward Vaux, 4th Lord of Harrowden b c 1587, d 08.10.1661
Elizabeth's sons by Edward Vaux were born during her marriage to William Knollys. They took the name Knollys and they and their successors claimed the earldom of Banbury. They are shown under Edward Vaux.
ix Frances Howard d 23.08.1632
m1 c1605, div 1613, sp Robert Devereux, 3rd Earl of Essex bpt 22.01.1591, d 14.09.1646
m2 26.12.1613 Robert Kerr Carre, Earl of Somerset bur 17.07.1645
x Catharine Howard bur 27.01.1672-3
m 01.12.1608 William Cecil, 2nd Earl of Salisbury b 28.03.1591, d 03.12.1668
C William Howard of Naworth Castle b 19.12.1563, d 07.10.1640
m 28.10.1577 Elizabeth Dacre dau of Thomas Dacre, 4th Lord of Gillesland
D Margaret Howard
m Robert Sackville, 2nd Earl of Dorset d 25.02.1608-9
E+ other issue d unm - Henry d young, Elizabeth
m3. 1566 Elizabeth Leyburne d 04.09.1567, dau of Sir James Leyburne of Cunswick
Elizabeth had previously married Thomas Dacre, 4th Lord of Gilliesland, and had three daughters who married her stepsons - Anne to Philip, Marie to Thomas, and Elizabeth to William.
-2 Sir Henry Howard, Earl of Northampton d unm 15.06.1614
-3 Jane Howard
m Charles Nevill, 6th Earl of Westmorland d 1584
-4 Catherine Howard d 1596
m 1554 Henry Berkeley, 7th Lord b 26.11.1534, d 26.11.1613
-5 Margaret Howard d 17.03.1590/1
m before 10.09.1565 Henry le Scrope, 9th Lord of Bolton b c1535, d 13.06.1591/2
Ho16-1-6 Thomas Howard, 1st Viscount of Bindon d 28.01.1581/2
m1 Elizabeth Marney b c 1517, dau of John Marney, 2nd Lord
-1 Henry Howard, 2nd Viscount of Bindon b 1542, d 16.01.1590
m Frances Meautys dau of Sir Peter Meautys of Westham
A Douglass Howard bur 24.01.1590/1
m Sir Arthur Gorges d 10.1625
-2 Thomas Howard, 3rd Viscount of Bindon dsp 01.03.1610/1
m before 10.01.1580 Grace Duffield d before 1596, dau of Bernard Duffield
-3 Grace Howard dsp identified in Berry's 'Essex Pedigrees' Warren
m Sir John Horseley of Cliff
p/m2. after 1565 Gertrude Lyte dau of William Lyte of Lillesdon by Dorothy Kelloway
-4 Charles Lyte-Howard
m Roberta Webb dau of William Webb
A Catherine Lyte-Howard
m Sir Thomas Thynne of Longleate
B Elizabeth Lyte-Howard
m Sir James Murray
C Anne Lyte-Howard
m Sir William Thornhurst of Agincourt sb Agney Court
m3. 07.06.1576 Mabel Burton dau of Nicholas Burton of Carshalton
-5 Frances Howard dsp 08.10.1639
m1 Henry Pranell
m2 27.05.1601 Edward Seymour, 1st Earl of Hertford b 12.10.1537, d 06.04.1621
m3 16.06.1621 Ludovic Stuart, 2nd Duke of Lennox, Duke of Richmond b 29.09.1574, d 16.02.1623-4
m4 Margaret Manning bpt 30.05.1559, bur 1635, dau of Henry Manning of Greenwich
Identified as a daughter of Thomas, but by which wife or mistress is unknown, was ...
-6 Anne Howard
m John Turbervile of Bere Regis b c1575, a 1623
Ho16-1-7 Mary Howard dsp 09.12.1557
m c1533 Henry Fitzroy, Duke of Richmond and Somerset b 1519, dsp 22.07.1536
Ho16-2 Sir Edward Howard d 25.04.1513, Standard Bearer, Admiral
m1 Elizabeth Stapleton d 18.02.1504/5 no ch dau of Sir Miles Stapleton of Ingham and Bedale
m2 Eleanor, Baroness Morley, wid of Sir William Parker
p3/4 + 2 sons
-1 y Howard commended to care of King
-2 y Howard commended to care of Charles Brandon, 1st Duke of Suffolk.
Ho16-3 Edmund Howard
m1 Joyce Culpepper wid of Rafe/Ralph Leigh b c 1479 Lambeth Surrey d 6 Nov 1509 dau of Sir Richard Culpepper
-1 Henry Howard
m Anne
-2 Margaret Howard
m Sir Thomas Arundell of Wardour d 26.02.1552
-3 Catherine Howard d 13.02.1542
m 08.08.1540 Henry Tudor, King Henry VIII of England b 28.06.1491, d 28.01.1547
-4 Mary Howard
m Sir Edmund Trafford of Trafford b 03.06.1526, d 1590
-5 Joyce Howard
m John Stanney
-6 Isabel Howard
m Henry Boynton of Bromham
-7+ other issue dsp - Sir George, Sir Charles
m2 Dorothy Troyes dau of Thomas Troyes
Ho16-4 Sir John Howard dsp
Ho19 Elizabeth Howard b c 1480 d 03.04.1538
m?1 Sir Thomas Boleyn, Viscount Rochford, Earl of Wiltshire, Earl of Ormond b 1477, d 12.03.1538/9
???m2 Henry Rdcliffe KG

Mary Boleyn 1499/1504-1534
Bo18 Mary Boleyn b 1499 or 11504, d 19.07.1534
p Henry Tudor, King Henry VIII of England b 28.06.1491, d 28.01.1547 + 2 ch
m1 William Carey d 22.06.1528
Tu17-2 Henry Carey, 1st Lord Hunsdon b 04.03.1526, d 23.07.1596, sired by Henry VIII
m 1545 Anne Morgan d 19.01.1606/7, dau of Sir Thomas Morgan of Arkestone
Tu17-2-1 George Carey, 2nd Lord Hunsdon d 09.09.1603
m Elizabeth Spencer bur 02.03.1617/8, dau of Sir John Spencer of Althorp
-1 Elizabeth Carey
m Sir Thomas Berkeley b 11.07.1575, dvp 22.11.1611
Tu17-2-2 Sir John Carey, 3rd Lord Hunsdon bur 07.04.1617
m Mary Hyde bur 07.04.1627, dau of Leonard Hyde of Hyde Hall and Throckyng
Tu17-2-2-1 Henry Carey, 4th Lord Hunsdon, 1st Earl of Dover d 1668
m1 Judith Pelham dau of Sir Thomas Pelham, 1st Bart of Laughton
Tu17-2-2-1-1 John Carey, 2nd Earl of Dover, 5th Lord b c1608, d 1677
m1 Dorothy St. John dau of Oliver St. John, Earl of Bolingbroke
m2 Abigail Cokayne dau of Sir William Cokayne, alderman of London -1 Mary Carey
m William Heveningham of Heveningham
Tu17-2-2-1-2 Sir Pelham Carey dsp
m 24.06.1630 Mary Jackson dau of John Jackson
Tu17-2-2-1-3 Mary Carey
m Sir Thomas Wharton of Edlington b 1615, d 1684
Tu17-2-2-1-4+ other issue - Henry d 01.1620-1, George dsp, Judith d unm, Philadephia d unm
m2 Mary Morris dau of Richard Morris
Tu17-2-2-2 Charles Cary
Tu17-2-2-3 Anne Cary
m Sir Francis Lovell of East Harlyng
Tu17-2-2-4 Blanch Cary
m1 Christopher Peyton
m2 16.06.1605 Sir Thomas Woodhouse of Kimberley d 18.03.1658
Tu17-2-3 Sir Edmund Carey of Moulton Park b c1558, d 1637
m1 Mary Crocker dau of Christopher Crocker of Croft
m2 Elizabeth Nevill bur 24.06.1630, dau of John, Lord Latimer
m3 Judith Humphrey dau of Lawrence Humphrey
Uncertain which wife was the mother of ....
Tu17-2-3-1 Sir Robert Carey bpt 21.03.1582/3
m Aletta Hogenhove dau of Mynheer Hogenhove
Tu17-2-3-1-1 Sir Horatio Carey BE1883 identifies Horatio's wife as Petronilla, dau of Robert Conyers. TCP identifies her as ...
m Pernel Harrington dau of Robert Harrington of Durham
Tu17-2-3-1-1-1 Robert Carey, 6th Lord Hunsdon dsp 1692
m Margaret Clifton bur 14.02.1697/8, dau of Sir Gervase Clifton, Bart
Tu17-2-3-1-2 Ernestus Carey of Great Shelford d 1680
m St. John Salveyn d 1649, dau of Thomas Salveyn of Croxdale
Tu17-2-3-1-2-1 Robert Carey, 7th Lord Hunsdon d unm 11.09.1702
Tu17-2-3-1-3 Col Ferdinand Carey d 1663,
Tu17-2-3-1-3-1 William Carey of Maastricht d 07.11.1683
m Gertrude Van Ousthoorn dau of Cornelius Van Ousthoorn
Tu17-2-3-1-3-1-1 William Ferdinand Carey, 8th Lord Hunsdon bpt 14.01.1684, dsp 12.06.1765
m 11.01.1717/8 Grace Waldo b c1684, d 09.05.1729, dau of Sir Edward Waldo of Pinner
Tu17-2-3-1-3-2 Sir Ferdinando Carey
m Philippa Throckmorton dau of Sir William Throckmorton
Tu17-2-3-1-3-2-1 Philadephia Carey d 04.05.1696, 5th daughter
m before 21.03.1657/8 Thomas Wentworth, 'Lord Wentworth of Nettlested' bpt 02.02.1612/3, dvp 01.0.1664/5
Tu17-2-3-1-3-3+ 1 son and 2 daughters
Tu17-2-4 Robert Carey, 1st Earl of Monmouth b 1560, d 12.04.1639
m 20.08.1593 Elizabeth Trevanion d by 07.1641, dau of Sir Hugh Trevanion of Correheigh
Tu17-2-4-1 Henry Carey, 2nd Earl of Monmouth bpt 27.01.1595/6, d 13.06.1661
m 1619/20 Martha Cranfield bpt 12.07.1601, d 10.04.1677, dau of Lionel Cranfield, 1st Earl of Middlesex
Tu17-2-4-1-1 Lionel Carey, 'Lord Leppington' dvp unm Marston Moor 1644
Tu17-2-4-1-2 Henry Carey, 'Lord Leppington' dvp 1649
m Mary Scrope d 01.11.1680, dau of Emmanuel Scrope, 11th Lord of Bolton, Earl of Sunderland
Tu17-2-4-1-2-1 Henry Carey, 'Lord Leppington' bur 24.05.1653
Tu17-2-4-1-3 Anne Carey
m James Hamilton, 1st Earl of Clanbrassill d 20.06.1639
Tu17-2-4-1-4 Elizabeth Mary Carey dsp 09.12.1719
m William Fielding, 2nd Earl of Desmond, 3rd Earl of Denbigh b 29.12.1640, d 23.08.1685
Tu17-2-4-1-5 Martha Carey
m 16.12.1667 John Middleton, 1st Earl of Middleton b c1608, d 1673
Tu17-2-4-1-6+ other issue d unm - Philadephia, Theophila, Magdalen
Tu17-2-4-2 Thomas Carey b c1617, d 1649
m Margaret Smith dau of Sir Thomas Smith of Parsons Green
Tu17-2-4-2-1 Elizabeth Carey b c 1632, d 05.04.1679
m c 1656 John Mordaunt, 1st Viscount of Avalon b 18.06.1626, d 05.06.1675 Their eldest son became Earl of Monmouth.
Tu17-2-4-3 Thomas Carey d 1634 bur Weatminster Abbey
m Margaret, dau of the Master of Requests, Thomas Smith of Abingdon, Berkshire/Oxfordshire and Parson's Green, Middlesex. she m2 Sir Edward Herbert
Tu17-2-4-4 Philadelphia Carey b c d c 1654 maid of honour to Princess Elizabeth
m 11 Apr. 1611 (with �6,000), 11.04.1611 Sir Thomas Wharton of Easby b 1587, dvp 17.04.1622
Tu17-2-5 Henry Carey d 1581
Tu17-2-6 Thomas Carey d y
Tu17-2-6 Catherine Carey d 25.02.1602-3
m 07.1563 Charles Howard, 1st Earl of Nottingham b 1536, d 14.12.1624
Tu17-2-8 Philadephia Carey d 03.02.1626/7
m before 1584 Thomas le Scrope, 10th Lord of Bolton b c1567, d 02.09.1609
Tu17-2-9 Margaret Carey
m Sir Edward Hoby
Tu17-2-10 William Carey d 1593
Tu17-2-11 Thomas Carey d y
Portrait thought to be Lady Knollys, by Steven van der Meulen, 1562 Tu17 Catherine or Mary Carey b 1524 d 15.08.1568
m Sir Francis Knollys d 1596
-1 Sir Henry Knollys of Kingsbury b c 1542 d 1593 MP for Shoreham 1563 later Oxfordshire m Margaret Cave b 1549 d 15.08.1600, dau/heir of Sir Ambrose Cave and Margaret Willington
-2 William Knollys of Rotherfield Greys, Viscount Wallingford, 1st Earl of Banbury b 1544, d 25.05.1632, Treasurer of the Household m1 Dorothy Braye d 31.10.1605 + 1 dau d y dau of Sir Edmund Braye, 1st Lord m2 1605 Elizabeth Howard bpt 11.08.1586, d 17.04.1658, dau of Thomas Howard, 1st Earl of Suffolk (she had 2 ch by Edward Vaux with continuation on Knollys2,)
-3 Sir Robert Knollys m Joan Higham
-4 Richard Knollys
-5 Sir Francis Knollys of Battel 'of Reading Abbey' m Lettice Barret dau of John Barret of Hanham
-6 Sir Thomas Knollys d 1596 m Odelia de Morada/Morana dau of John de Morada/Morana, Marquess of Bergen
-7 Lettice Knowles m1 Walter Devereux, 1st Earl of Essex b c 1553, d 22.09.1576 m2 21.09.1578 Sir Robert Dudley, Earl of Leicester b 24.06.1532/3, d 04.09.1588 m3 before 08.1589 Sir Christopher Blount d 18.03.1600/1
-8 Anne Knollys b c 1555 m 19.11.1571 m Thomas West, 2nd Lord De La Warr b c 1556, d 24.03.1601-2
-9 Cecilia or Elizabeth Knollys m Sir Thomas Leighton of Feckenham, Governor of Jersey
-10 Catherine Knollys bur 20.12.1632 m1 10.1578 Gerald FitzGerald, Baron Offaly b 28.12.1559, dvp 06.1580 m2 Sir Phillip Boteler of Watton Woodhall d 01.1591/2
-11 Mary Knollys b c 1541 d 1593 m Edward Stalker
-12 Dudley Knollys b 8 M 1562 d Jun 1562
-13 Margaret Knollys
-1-1 Elizabeth Knollys b c 1579 m Sir Henry Willoughby, Bart of Risley b c1579, d 20.11.1649
-1-2 Lettice Knollys b 1583 d 1655 m by 19 Jun 1602 William Paget 4th Baron m before 19.06.1602 William Paget, 4th Lord of Beaudesert b 1572, d 29.08.1629
-3-1 Sir Robert Knollys 'of Gray's Court' m Johanna Wolstenholme dau of Sir John Wolstenholme
-4-1 Francis Knollys bur 04.08.1640 MP for Oxford 1572-99 Berkshire 1597 and 1625 m1 x Wiseman dau of Sir Charles Wiseman m2 Alice Beecher dau of Sir William Beechey of Middlesex ?m3 Lettice Barrett dau of John Barrett of Hanham
-5-1 y Knollys b c1614, d 1623
-5-2 Sir Francis Knollys 2nd son m Ellen Milles dau/heir of Richard Milles of Lower Winchendon
-6-1 Penelope Knollys m William Le Hunt
-6-2 Elizabeth or Lettice Knollyspossibly of this generation dvp? m Sir Rowland Rugeley of Dunton d 1629
-8-1 Thomas West, 3rd Lord De La Warr b 09.07.1557 m 25.11.1596 Cecily Shirley bur 31.07.1662, dau of Sir Thomas Shirley of Wiston)
-10-1 Lettice Boteler m 1st Baron Digby

-3-1-1 Robert Knollys m Mary Saunders of Menegwell or Mungwell
-3-1-2 William Knollys
-3-1-3 Letitia Knollys m by 1645 Sir John Corbet of Stoke, 2nd Bart
-3-1-4 dau m y Egerton of Staffordshire
-3-1-5 dau m y Holmby of Yorkshire
-4-1-1 2 sons and 1 dau
-5-2-1+ William b c 1614, d 1623, Francis dsp
-5-2-3 Richard Knollys 3rd son? b c 1618 m Mary Bellingham of Everingham sister/heir of Henry Bellingham
-8-1-1 Henry West, 4th Lord De La Warr(b 03.10.1603, d 01.06.1628 m 03.1624/5 Isabella Edmunds (b 11.1607, d c 1677, dau of Sir Thomas Edmunds
-8-1-2 Cecilia West d 02.1638 m1 Sir Francis Bindlosse of Barwick Hall m2 Sir John Byron, 1st Lord of Rochdale (dsp 08.1652)
-8-1-3 Lucy West m Sir Robert Byron, Governor of Liverpool (Colonel)
-8-1-4? Anthony West b 1605 England d 25 May 1652 d Northampton Co Va
-8-1-5? Martha West b 1615 Va d England m William Woodward b 1620 England d King and Queen Co Va son of Christopher Woodward and Catherine Audley b 1597 d 11 Jan 1632

-3-1-1-1 Robert Knollys dspms, MP for Oxfordshire
-5-2-3-1 Francis Knollys 'of Winchington' m Anne Bateman of Berkshire heir
-8-1-4-1 Col. John West b 7 Apr 1638 England d c 1703 Accomack Co m Matilda Scarburgh Sc13 b c 1637 Accomack Co d c 3 Jan 1720 Accomack Co dau of Col. Edmund Norton Scarborough Jr Sc14 b 2 OCT 1617 d 23 MAY 1671 and Mary Littleton b 1619 d 15 DEC 1691

-5-2-3-1-1 Francis Knollys d 1701, MP for Reading m Elizabeth Striblehill d 1701, dau/coheir of John Striblehill of Thame
-5-2-3-1-2 Elizabeth Knollys d 15.11.1723 m Sir Francis Curson of Waterferry
-8-1-4-1-1 Frances West b c 1655 d c 1731 Wachapreague Accomack Co m Richard Kellam II Ke12 b c 1651 d 6 Apr 1731 son of Richard Kellam Sr and Sarah Ansley
-8-1-4-1-2 John West b 1675 d 1719 Accomack Co m Frances Yeardley b 1677 Accomack Co d there 1714 dau of Argoll Yeardley Jr and Sarah Michael b 1654 d 1697
-8-1-4-1-3 Ann West m William Sellman b 22 Jan 1688/9 in Accomac, Accomack Co Va d 31 Mar 1743 AA Co

-5-2-3-1-1-1 Francis Knollys of Thame, Oxfordshire d unm 24.06.1754
-5-2-3-1-1-2 Richard Knollys of Thame m1 Elizabeth Thayer + 1 ch dau/coheir of Humphrey Thayer m2 sp Hannah Salivey dau of Theophilus Salivey of Woodford m3 sp Anne Taylor dau of John Taylor
-5-2-3-1-1-3+ other issue d young - John, Cecilia
-8-1-4-1-1-1 Richard Kellam m Susanna x
-8-1-4-1-1-2 Thomas Kellam d before 30_Nov_1756, Accomack Co.m Abigail Watson b before 1741 wife of Thomas Kellam d. before 12_Dec_1775, Accomack Co. VA
-8-1-4-1-1-3 Sarum Kellam d 1744 m Elizabeth x
-8-1-4-1-1-4 John West Kellam d 1769 m Elizabeth x
-8-1-4-1-1-5 Sarah Kellam b c 1680 Marionville Northampton Co Va m John Sill Si11 b 1676 Accomack Co Va d Chester Co PA
-8-1-4-1-2-1 Sarah West b 1710, Accomack Co m Isaac Smith b 1698 Accomack d there 1760
-8-1-4-1-3-1 Charles Sellman b 5 Aug 1722 All Hallows Parish Anne Arundel Co MD d 20 Dec 1770 m Elizabeth Gassaway b c 1722 AA Co dau of Nicholas Gassaway b 6 Feb 1696 will proved 21 Apr 1757 and (m1 2 Jun 1719) Elizabeth Hawkins b 1700 Anne Arundel Co d 1736

-5-2-3-1-1-2-1 Sir Francis Knollys of Thame, Sheriff of Oxfordshire, Bart dsp 20.06.1722 m 1756 Mary Carter dau/heir of Sir Robert Kendall Carter of Kempston, son of John of Basingbourn Hall
-8-1-4-1-1-2-1 Peter Kellam b. before 1741 d after 1756
-8-1-4-1-1-2-2 Jonathan Kellam b before 1756 d before 11_Dec_1792, Northampton Co VA
-8-1-4-1-1-2-3 Elijah Kellam b before 1756 d before 3_Nov_1765, Accomack Co VA
-8-1-4-1-1-2-4 Anne Kellam b before 1756 d after 1756
-8-1-4-1-1-2-5 Sarah Kellam b before 1756 d after 1756
-8-1-4-1-1-2-6 Stephen Kellam b before 1772 d.10_Oct_1786, Northampton Co. VA
-8-1-4-1-1-4-1 Scarburgh W. Kellam d.1776 m Keziah x
-8-1-4-1-1-4-2 Caleb Kellam (Bable, Laban) d 1769 m Elizabeth x
-8-1-4-1-1-4-3 Patience Kellam m before 1769 m John Chandler d after 1770
-8-1-4-1-1-4-4 Euphamia Kellam m before 1769 m y Major d after 1769
-8-1-4-1-1-4-5 Amey Kellam m before 1769 Littleton Colony d 1773
-8-1-4-1-1-4-6 Tamar Kellam m. before 1769 m x Darby wid y Darby d after 1769
-8-1-4-1-1-4-7 Seymour Kellam m before 1773 James Biles d after 1769
-8-1-4-1-1-5-1 James Sill b 1694 Chester Co PA d 04/15/1774 m c 1722 Edgemont PA Anne Baker b 18 Aug 1703 Delaware Co PA d Chester Co PA dau of Joseph John Baker Jr b 11 Dec 1674 and Martha Woodward b 31 Jan 1677 d 13 Dec 1775
-8-1-4-1-1-5-2 Joseph Sill b 1698 Edgemont Chester Co PA
-8-1-4-1-1-5-3 Ann Ritter Sill b c 1730 d c 1774
-8-1-4-1-1-5-4 Mary Sill b 1732 Accomack Co d 1801 m John Boggs
-8-1-4-1-2-1-1 John Smith b 1738 Accomack Co d 1824 m Sarah Parker b 1758 Accomack Co VA dau of William Parker b 1717 d 1784 and Leah Taylor
-8-1-4-1-2-1-2 Thorowgood Smith b 1744 Accomack Co d 13 AUG 1810 m Mary Blaikley Stith
-8-1-4-1-3-1-1 John Sellman d 11 Nov 1816
Bo18-2 George Boleyn, Viscount Rochford dvp beheaded 17.05.1536
m by 1526 Jane Parker beheaded 13.02.1541/2, dau of Henry Parker, Lord Morley
Bo18-3 Anne Boleyn b 1501/7 beheaded 19.05.1536
m 1532/3 Henry Tudor, King Henry VIII of England b 28.06.1491, d 28.01.1547
-1 Elizabeth Tudor, Queen Elizabeth I of England
Ho16-6 Muriel Howard
m1 John Grey, 2nd Viscount L'Isle d 1512
m2 Sir Thomas Knyvett of Buckenham
Ho16-7 other issue d young
m2 17.08.1497 Agnes Tylney bur 31.05.1545, dau of Hugh Tylney of Skirbeck and Boston
Ho16-8 William Howard, 1st Lord of Effingham b c1510, d 21.01.1572-3
m1 before 18.06.1531 Katharine Broughton d 23.04.1535, dau of John Broughton of Toddington
m2 c1536 Margaret Gamage dau of Sir Thomas Gamage of Coity
Ho16 Thomas Howard d 1536 continued below
m 15 APR 1536 Margaret Lady Douglas b 8 OCT 1515 in Harbottle Castle, Northumberland, without the King's permission She was the dau of Archibald VI Earl Of Angus Douglas b: 1489 in Douglasdale, Lanarkshire, Scotland and Margaret Princess Tudor b: 29 NOV 1489 in Westminster, England
Ho16-10 Anne Howard
m John de Vere of Campes, 14th Earl of Oxford dsp 1526
Ho16-11 Dorothy Howard
m 21.02.1530 Edward Stanley, 3rd Earl of Derby d 24.10.1572
Ho16-12 Elizabeth Howard d 18.09.1534
m before 21.05.1524 Henry Ratcliffe, 2nd Earl of Sussex b c1507, d 17.02.1556/7
Ho18-13 Katherine Howard bur 11.05.1554
m1 Rice Rhys ap Griffith FitzUryan
-1 Griffith ap Rice FitzUryan
m Eleanor Jones dau of Sir Thomas Jones
-2 Agnes Ryce d 19.08.1574 m Sir Edward Bayntun of Bromham, Sheriff of Wiltshire b 1517, d 21.03.1593
-3 William ap Rhys b 1522 Bolman Bucks d there 1588 m Mary Appleton b 1535 Somerset d there 1629 dau of William Appleton and Rose Sexton gr grandau of Robert Sexton and Agnes Jermyn
-1-1 Sir Walter Rice FitzUryan of Newton m Elizabeth Mansel dau of Sir Edward Mansel of Margam
-1-2 Mary or Katherine verch Griffith m Walter Vaughan of Golden Grove a 1590
-1-3 Barbara ap Griffith m David Flude dsp
3-1 Thomas Rose b 1565 Boeman Bucks d 1600 Marlock Somerset m 26 Nov 1612 Ditton Lancs Margaret Rathbone b 1585 Ditton Lancs d 1617 Somerset

3-1-1 William Rose b 1596 Surrey d 13 Aug 1664 Surry VA m 2 Jul 1610 Surry Engl Agnes Juliana Chisolm b 1590 Surrey

3-1-1-1 William Rose b 1620 d 1671 m Ann Wright
m2 Sir Henry Daubeney, Earl of Bridgewater dsp 04.1548
Ho16-14 other issue d young
Ho17-2 Anne Howard
m Sir Edmund Gorges of Wraxall
Ho17-3 Isabel Howard
m Sir Robert Mortimer
The following connection was found on various web sites.
i. Elizabeth Mortimer
m George Guldeford
Ho17-4 Jane Howard
m John Timperley
Ho17-5 Margaret Howard
m Sir John Windham of Crownthorpe and Fellbrigg d 1502/3
m2 before 22.01.1467 Margaret Chedworth b c 1436 d 1494, dau of
she m2. John Norreys of Bray
+1 Sir John Chedworth, m1. Nicholas Wyfold, Lord Mayor of London,
Ho17-6 Marney Howard b 1467 Wiggenball Norfolf
Ho17-7 Catherine Howard
m John Bourchier, 2nd Lord Berners b 1467, d 16.03.1532
Ho18-2. Margaret Howard
m Sir Thomas Danyell, Baron of Rathwire
Ho18-3. Catherine Howard
m Sir Edward Nevill, 3rd Lord Bergavenny d 18.10.1476

The connection of the first four generations below are more the result of postulation from isolated facts than a conclusive chain of fact, but there were few people in Virginia and Maryland in the 17th century and even fewer in an elevated status, so the connections do bear a degree of plausibility. Governmental, military and Roman Catholic and Anglican church offices were reserved for persons of standing and education from the closely knit circle of the gentry and nobility, where even the second son of a squire had to show qualifications to fit in. The manner and speech as the mark of a gentleman did not begin to filter down to average people until education was offered to all. But in contrast to England there was not a surplus of people "suited" for the ruling class so schooling was offered generally to the masses in developed areas more than 100 years before it was in England, because educated people were desparately needed.
Even as late as the middle of the 18th century Robert Carter Nicholas found it prudent to admit Patrick Henry to the bar after only six weeks of reading his law books and without ever having attended a law lecture at William and Mary College, because lawyers were needed on the frontiers. He found that Henry could at least present good arguments even if he was unable to cite any precedent cases to support his position. But he did advise Henry to consult his law books very carefully before presenting any case in court. Another possible connection may be one of the illegitimate sons of Admiral Sir Edward Howard who were commended respectively to the care of King Henry VIII and Charles Brandon Duke of Somerset after Edward's death in the his attack on Brest 1513.
Ho16 Thomas Howard d 1536 continued from above
m 15 APR 1536 Margaret Lady Douglas b 8 OCT 1515 in Harbottle Castle, Northumberland, England, marriage without the King's permission She was the daughter of
+1 Archibald Douglas VI Earl Of Angus b 1489 in Douglasdale, Lanarkshire, Scotland
m Margaret Princess Tudor b 29 NOV 1489 in Westminster, England
+2 George Douglas, Master of Angus d Flodden 09.09.1513
m 1488 Elizabeth Drummond dau of
+3 Archibald Douglas, 5th Earl of Angus, Chancellor "Bell the Cat", b c1448, d c12.1513<
m1 04.03.1467/8 Elizabeth Boyd d before 1498, dau of
+3 John Drummond, 1st Lord
+4 George Douglas, 4th Earl of Angus d 12.03.1463
m by 1446 Isabel Sibbald dau of Sir John Sibbald of Balgony
+4 Robert Boyd, 1st Lord of Kilmarnock
??Ho15 Robert or Henry Howard b JAN 1536/37 in London, England
m 1574 in Norfolk, England, Philippa Buxton b 1539, d AFT 1603
The engagement of the supposed parents of this man ended quickly when Thomas and Lady Margaret failed to get Royal approval for the marriage. The violent history in Scotland and between Scotland and England preceeding this engagement and running up to the accession of James the VI alias James I to the thrones of Scotland and England explains why this birth was or would have been so woeful for the House of Howard.
Ho14 Rev. John Howard b 1 DEC 1578 in Norfolk, England d 4 APR 1642 in Norfolk (?Saphron Waldon Essex) England or 22 MAR 1621/22 Jamestown Va in killed by Indians, May have had a son Henry and also may be Matthew Howard 1609 parents but there are no baptism records to support this fact. The ancestry of the Howard line is not proven and this is theory only. John Howard may also have been the clerk who signed The Second Virginia Charter May 23, 1609 whch was signed by these two Howard's: Theophilus, Lord Howard of Walden, John Haward/Howard, clerke.
m1 x + 1 ch
m2 26 Nov 1606 Thorpe Abbots Engl Elizabeth Locke b 1580 Brockdish Norfolk England d 21 Aug 1627+ 5 ch
+1 Samuel Lock Lo15 b 1554 Brockish Hall Norfolk Engl
-a Matthew Locke
(This claimed descent does not seem at all substantiated and only included here to expedite possible DNA identification.)
+2 Michael Locke Lo16 b 1510 in London d 1580
m Jane Wilkinson
-b Catherine Locke b 1534 London d 1568 #Essex m 1551 in Saffron Walden Thomas Stacy
-b-1 Thomas Stacy b 1552 Saffron Walden Essex
-b-1-1 Symon Stacy b 11 May 1572 North Petherton Paris Somerset m 1590 in Somerset Elizabeth Fildewe + 8 ch
-b-1-2 Thomas Stacy b 1574
-b-2 Katherine Stacy b 18 Aug 1557/8 London
+3 Sir William Locke Lo17 b 1486 London d 24 Aug 1550
m Katherine Cook
+4 Thomas Locke Lo18 b 1434 Wiltshire d 1507 London
m Joan Wilcockes Wi18 b 1440 Rotherham Yorkshire dau of William Wilcockes and ???Jean Beaufort b 1410
+5 Baron John Locke Lo19 b c 1432
m1??? May 1431 Eleanor de Neville b 1407 Raby Durham she m1 Richard le Despencer m2 aft Oct 14114 Alnwick Northumberland Henry Percy m 1 May 1431 John Locke /td>
Ho13-1 John Howard b c 1601 in England, d 21 Apr 1661 VA
m Margaret Clarke b 1639
Ho13-1-1 Henry Howard b 16 OCT 1651 in York Co VA d 22 DEC 1711 in York Co Va
m1 Dianah Davis
Ho13-1-1-1 Mary Howard b 6 NOV 1681
m c 1696 Thomas Tabb b c 1674 son of
-b John Tabb b 12 Nov 1676 Elizabeth City Co VA m Martha Hand b c 1680
-b-1 Frances Tabb b c 1700 in Gloucester Co vA
-b-2 William Tabb b 25 FEB 1701/02 in Gloucester Co., VA
-b-3 Col Thomas Tabb b 1709 in VA d 27 Nov 1769 Clay Hill Amelia Co VA m Rebecca Booker b 1710 Gloucester Co
-b-3-1 John Tabb b 27 AUG 1736 in Amelia Co., Virginia
-b-3-2 Mary Marshall Tabb b 12 JUN 1737 in Amelia Co m Robert Bolling b 12 Jun 1730
-b-3-2-1 Robert Bolling b 3 MAR 1759 in "Bollingbrook," Petersburg, Va
-b-3-2-2 Thomas Tabb Bolling b 27 FEB 1763 in 'Bollingbrook' Petersburg Va m Seignora Peyton b 8 Jan 1767 at Kingston Parish, Gloucester Co VA Sir John Peyton Baronet b c 1720 at Kingston Parish, Gloucester Co VA and Frances Cooke
-b-3-2-2-1 John Peyton Bolling b 22 SEP 1788 in VA d aft 1860 Petersburg VA m 16 Nov 1820 Anne Field Gilliam b 28 Mar 1796
-b-3-2-2-2 Frances Cooke Bolling b 1791 in VA d 1864 MS m 27 Oct 1808 AQmelia Co VA Dr Richard Everard Meade b 21 Nov 1776
-b-4 Edward Tabb b 3 FEB 1718/19 in Gloucester Co
+1 Thomas Tabb b 1647 in Elizabeth City County, Va
m Martha Moore b 1650 in New Poquoson, Elizabeth City, Va
Ho13-1-1-1-1 Thomas Tabb b c 1697 in Va
Ho13-1-1-1-2 John Tabb b c 1700 in Gloucester Co Va d 1743
m1 Mary Ann Allaman b c 1710 + 1 ch m2 c 1719 Mary Slater b c 1702 + 1 ch
-1 Humphrey Toye Tabb b c 1730 in Gloucester Co VA m 24 NOV 1756 in Gloucester Co Mary Peyton b c 1735 Gloucester Co VA
-2 Thomas Tabb b c 1720 d 1759 Elizabeth City VA
-1-1 Humphrey Frances Toye Tabb b APR 1757 in Gloucester Co d 1794 Kg Geo Co m George Fitzhugh b 21 AQpr 1751 Stafford Co VA -1-1-1 Frances Tabb Fitzhugh b 1 Feb 1794 Kg Geo Co VA m 29 Dec 1807 John Bolling Stith Fitzhugh b 1 Oct 1778 Stafford Co -1-1-1-1 Eliza Stith Fitzhugh b 6 Jan 1816 VA d 24 Jul 1872 Fredericksburg VA m William Knox Gordon b 14 Dec 1799 -1-1-1-1-1 Mary Wallace Gordon b 1 Feb 1845 Fredericksburg d aft 1900 m Dr Brodie Strachan Herndon b 1 May 1834 + 3 ch
Ho13-1-1-1-3 Diana Tabb b c 1704 in York Co Va
m2 Elizabeth Moss b c 1667 in England Married: c 1699 20 DEC 1731 in will probated York Co., Va dau of Edward Moss b: 1637 in England and Eleanor Unknown
Ho13-1-1-2 Francis Howard b 15 MAY 1700, d 14 MAR 1745/46
m Diana Tabb b c 1704 in York County, Va
Ho13-1-1-2-1 Henry Howard b 22 NOV 1727 in York Co Va
m Frances Calthorpe b 19 SEP 1729 dau of
+1 y Calthorp
Ho13-1-1-2-1-1 William Howard b 22 FEB 1759 in York Co Va
m 24 NOV 1777 in York Co VA Anne 'Nancy' Chisman b 28 AUG 1755 in York Co Va
Ho13-1-1-2-1-1-1 Thomas Calthorpe Howard b 19 JUL 1787 in York Co Va VA d 27 Aug 1834 Monroe Co VA
m Katherine E. Pope b 23 MAR 1793 Hanover Co d 28 SEP 1849 Richmond City VA dau of Nathaniel Pope b aft 1761 Westmoreland/?Hanover Co d 1849 Taylorsville VA
m Mary "Polly" Duval b c 1762 d 6 Mar 1849
-1 Nathaniel Pope Howard b 6 JAN 1809/10 Richmond City d 23 APR 1870 m aft 1833 Mary Elizabeth Clarke b c 1810 in Powhatan, VA d aft 1860 Howard Co MD dau of John Clarke b 24 APR 1766 and Elizabeth H. Moseley b 18 OCT 1776 in Chesterfield, VA she m1 Thomas Eleaser Burfoot and had Eloise Burfoot m2 John Iglehart and had David Iglehart
-2 Wiiliam Henry Howard b 1 MAY 1811 Hanover Co d 23 APR 1880
-3 Anne Howard b 1/1813 20 MAY 1813
-4 Charles Howard b 23 FEB 1814 Richmond City d 3 OCT 1854 m Sarah Ann Smith b c 1831 Richmond
-5 Thomas Howard b 23 JAN 1816 Richmond City d 27 SEP 1873
-6 Edward Calthorpe Howard b 30 NOV 1817 Hanover Co d 14 JUN 1885 m1 23 APR 1838 Lucy Florence Crump b 1820 in VA + 6 ch m2 c 1856 Mary Overton b MAY 1828 in Hanover Co VA d there aft 1900 + 5 ch dau of Samuel Overton b c 1800 and Catherine F x b c 1810
-7 Rev John Howard b 2 NOV 1819 Richmond City d 27 FEB 1857
-8 Philip Francis Howard b 10 DEC 182 Richmond City d 16 OCT 1886 m May 1851 Eloise Frances Burfoot b 1830 VA
-9 Mary Dellia Howard b 26 OCT 1823 VA d 1824
-10 Dr Marion Howard b 3/1825 Richmond City d 31 JAN 1880
-11 Catherine Eliza Howard b 24 NOV 1826 VA d 24 APR 1832
-12 Robert Calthorpe Howard b 5 JUN 1828 Richmond City d 18 DEC 1886 m 12 Oct 1853 in Richmond VA Emma Lanneau Gildersleeve b 5 Feb 1830 Charleston SC d 29 Aug 1896 Newport News VA
-13 Ellen Howard b 29 JUN 1830 Richmond City d 24 NOV 1891
-14 Conway Robinson Howard b 31 JAN 1832 2 AUG 1895
-15 Lewis Pendelton Howard b 1 JAN 1833 Richmond City d 5 JUN 1835

-4-1 Julian Smith Howard b 10 JUL 1853 Richmond City d 17 MAY 1884 Richmond Co, Warsaw bur WV, Jefferson Co, Charles Town, Zion Episcopal Cemetery m Eleanor Love Selden Washington b 14 MAR 1856 Fairfax Co, Mount Vernon Estate d 7 NOV 1937 dau of John Augustine Washington b 3 May 1821 and Eleanor Love Selden b 12 Apr 1824
-6-1 Katherine 'Kate' Howard b: 1839
-6-2 Rosa Howard b 1840
-6-3 Edward Howard b 1841
-6-4 Mary Howard b 11 DEC 1844 in Richmond VA m 1874 John Clarke Howard b 27 Feb 1846 Henrico VA
-6-5 Julia Howard b 1847
-6-6 Florence Howard b 1849
-6-7 Overton Howard b FEB 1857
-6-8 Thomas T. Howard b 1858
-6-9 Frances 'Fanny' Howard b APR 1863
-6-10 Marion Percy Howard b JAN 1866
-6-11 Eva Howard b FEB 1868
-8-1 Mary Elizabeth Howard b c 1852 in Richmond, VA d aft 1920 m 17 Nov 1874 Albert Caball Bruce b 9 Aug 1859 Charlotte Co VA d aft 1920 Richmond son of Charles Bruce b 17 Aug 1826 Halifax Co VA and Sarah Alexander Seddon b 19 Jul 1829 Fredericksburg VA
-8-2 Thomas Burfoot Howard b 1853
-8-3 Julia Burfoot Howard b 1856 in Richmond, VA m 1884 John Roy Baylor b c 1850 in VA
-8-4 Katherine 'Kate' Howard b 1858 in Richmond, VA d aft 1920 Baltimore
-8-5 Adalaide Howard b 1863
-8-6 Ellen Howard b 1865
-8-7 Charles Howard b 1867
-12-1 Nellie HOWARD b c 1859 VA At Home
-12-2 Emma Louisa HOWARD b 7 Mar 1856/?63 VA m 13 Nov 1879 Thomas Bruce b 1 Mar 1856 Tarover Halifax Co VA
-12-3 Edith HOWARD b c 1866 VA
-12-4 Charles HOWARD b c 1868 VA

-4-1-1 Sarah Smith Howard b 28 MAR 1881 Richmond Co, Warsaw d 4 AUG 1965 m Hugh Milton Caldwell b 7 JUN 1880 Knoxville TNd 29 JAN 1955 1920-1922 Seattle Mayor
-6-4-1 Calthorpe Howard b: 14 JUL 1884
-6-4-2 Edward T. Howard b: 8 JAN 1887
-6-4-3 Ethel Howard b: 8 JAN 1887 in Al
-8-1-1 Sarah Seddon Bruce b: 1876 in Charlotte Co VA
-8-1-2 Ella Burfoot Bruce b: 1878 in Charlotte Co VA
-8-1-3 Howard Bruce b c OCT 1879 in Charlotte Co VA d 17 Jun 1961 m 1912 Mary Graham Bowdon b Apr 1893 Elkridge Howard Co MD
-8-1-4 Anne 'Annie' Bruce b: c 1888 in VA d aft 1930 Baltimore m 1907 Dr William A Fisher b Apr 1874 MD
-8-1-5 Albert Cabell Bruce b: 1890 in Richmond
-8-3-1 Eloise Burfoot Baylor b SEP 1885 in VA
-12-2-1 Emma Gildersleeve Bruce b 25 Sep 1880

-4-1-1-1 Eleanor Washington Caldwell b 27 DEC 1905 Seattle d17 DEC 1994 m Charles Nelson Ingraham
-4-1-1-2 Jane Kearsley Caldwell b 10 AUG 1908 Seattle d OCT 1975
-4-1-1-3 Anna Howard Caldwell b 6 APR 1910 Seattle d 15 AUG 2003
-4-1-1-4 Hugh Milton Caldwell b 24 MAY 1918 Seattle d 14 MAY 1941
-8-1-3-1 Mary Howard Bruce b JUN 1917
-8-1-3-2 Julia M. Bruce b NOV 1919
-8-1-3-3 Rosalie Calvert Bruce b 1925
-8-1-4-1 Ellen Bruce Fisher b c 1909 in Baltimore
Ho13 Matthew Howard b 19 JUN 1609 Wardour Wilts d 4 SEP 1659 in Anne Arundel, MD or Virginia Immigration: Before 1635 to Virginia
m c 1623 Anne Hall b 25 Oct 1610 Weston Hertfordshire/?Felmersham Bedford Co England d 1658 Anne Arundel Co Md
+1 Richard Hall b 1585 London Engl d 1648
m Marion Lee Loveland/?x Lloyd b 1583 Engl
Ho12 Anne Howard b c 1625 d AFT 26 SEP 1694 in Annapolis, Anne Arundel, MD or may have returned to Virginia Fonda Flax Carroll notes here: "While I am aware that there is no documentation that Edward Dorsey married Anne Howard and no last name of his wife is listed in known documents; I feel that his wife may very well be a Howard. I base this on the number of future Dorsey/Howard marriages and this may have been the first alignment. During this time most marriages were based on social standing, land holdings and family heritage." True is that Dorseys from Ireland could not have the status of the d'Arcys from England as long had been assumed they were.
m1 c 1640 in Maryland Hon. Edward Dorsey b 1619 in IRE or possibly England
Do11 Edward Dorsey b c 1645 in Virginia
Do11-2 Sarah Dorsey b 1652
Do11-3 Joshua Dorsey b 1654 in Anne Arundel County, MD
Do11-4 John Dorsey , Honorable b 1658 in Hockley-In-The-Hole, Anne Arundel Co., MD
m2 James Greniffe b: c 1637 Married: 1660 in Anne Arundel
Ho11-5 John Greniffe b: c 1661 in Anne Arundel County, MD
Hol1-6 James Greniffe b c 1662
Ho11-7 Samuel Greniffe b c 1663
Ho12-2 Cornelius Howard b 1630/43 in England or Virginia, d 15 OCT 1680 in Will probated Anne Arundel County, MD Military Service: Captain, He was a delegate from Anne Arundel County to the Maryland Lower House of Assembly March 27-April 19, 1671, and February 12-24, 1674/5.
m Elizabeth Todd b: c 1640, Death: AFT 1680 Married: in England or Virgnia, daughter of Thomas Todd b: 1612 in England and Elizabeth Unknown b: in England. On 15 Apr 1680, Lancelot Todd was a witness to the will of Cornelius Howard his daughter Mary was niece to Cornelius' wife Elizabeth. On 5 Mar 1684 Lancelot Todd of Anne Arundel County and Sarah his wife, "Daughter and heiress of Thomas Phelps" for Ð10,000 sold to Edward Phelps [Philks] "Wolfe's Neck," a tract of 150 acres on the Gunpowder which bordered the land formerly taken up by Captain Thomas Harwood, Mariner; the conveyance was witnessed by Thomas Bland and John Howard. Balto. Co., H. S., 116. His wife is also claimed to have been Elizabeth Gorsuch
Ho12-2-1 Sarah Howard b c 1661, AFT 1683
Ho12-2-2 Cornelius Howard b c 1664 in South River, Anne Arundel MD d 23 FEB 1715/16 in Anne Arundel Md Boatwright
m Mary Katherine Hammond b c 1671 in Anne Arundel Co Md 24 DEC 1714 dau of John Hammond b 5 DEC 1643 in Isle of Wight, England and Mary Howard b 1647 in Anne Arundel, MD
Ho12-2-2-1 Charles Howard b c 1685 d 25 JAN 1717/18 in Anne Arundel Co., Maryland.
m Mary Selby b c 1692 Married: 1 AUG 1715 in St. Anne's, Anne Arundle Co., MD
Ho12-2-2-1-1 Benjamin Howard b 1 JUL 1716 in Annapolis, Anne Arundel Md d 23 FEB 1767 Kent Co Md
m Eleanor Maccubbin b c 1716 in Anne Arundel MD
Ho12-2-2-2 Thomas Howard b c 1695 in Anne Arundel, Md d 2 NOV 1729 in William & Mary Parish, Charles Co., MD In 1716 Thomas Howard inherited a 250-acre tract "Roper's Increase" on the Patuxent River [Edward Howard says the Patapsco River] in Baltimore Co, MD and the 250 acre "Howard's Addition" from his father. He also inherited 300 acres when his brother Charles died in January 1717. In Aug. 1719, Edward Howard states that so much wealth must have gone to the head of such a young man because Priscilla Selby younger sister of Mary Selby, Charles Howard's widow was cited in court "for having a baseborn child. She declared that Thomas Howard was the father and was fined 30 shillings." Her fine was paid by Otho Holland, Gent. who was the second husband of Mary Selby, Priscilla's sister. contributed by Claudia Scarbrough
m Priscilla Selby b c 1700, daughter of John Selby b ABT 1678 and Hester x b: c 1678
Ho12-2-2-2-1 Thomas Howard b 18 JUN 1719 in Anne Arundel, Md. d JUL 1786 in Montgomery Co., MD.
m Susanna Gilpin b c 1712 dau of John Gilpin and Hannah Cay
-1 William Howard b c 1745 in Prince Georges Co MD
-2 Jacob Howard b 1739 Pr Geo Co Md d 1799 Montgomery Co Md m Lucy

-2-1 Charles Howard b c 1775 d 22 Dec 1837 Sangamon Co IL m Susannah Darnelle dau of Thomas Darnelle and Susannah Smith

-2-1-1 James Alfred Howard b c 1813 Ky or Md d c 1920 m Susan Waddell
-2-1-1-1 Jacob Prather Howard b 22 Feb 1838 Sangamon Co Il m Margaret Ann McCandless
-2-1-1-1-1 Arthur Cephus Howard ancestor of Karen Smith
Ho12-2-2-2-2 Vachel Howard b: c 1725 in Anne Arundel, Maryland m Jane Denune b 30 JUL 1732 in Prince Georges Co Md.
m2 2 Elizabeth Douglass b 26 APR 1673 in Charles Co., MD. Married: c 1713
Ho12-2-2-2-3 Margaret Howard b c 1714
Ho12-2-2-3 John Howard b 1698 in St Annes Parish, Ann Arundel Co., Maryland bur 20 MAR 1805 Saint John's Parish, Baltimore Co, Maryland, grandmothers will: Hammond Hamond, Mary,A. A. Co.,4th Apr., 1721; 6th Apr., 1721. To grandsons John. Thomas and Cornelius Howard, grand-daus. Sarah and Elinor Howard, personalty. To 3 grand-child., viz. Thomas, Sarah and Elinor Howard, residue of estate. To John Beale, ex., care of grandson John Howard and to see that he has a good education. Test: John Unett, Wm. Anglin, Anne Selby. Note: Moses Maccubin and Cornelius Howard present at probate. 16, 366.
m Elizabeth Gassaway b 28 MAR 1702 Married: 17 SEP 1732 in All Hallow's Parish, Anne Arundel MD
Ho12-2-2-3- John Beale Howard b 1735 in Baltimore, Md
Ho12-2-2-3- Thomas Gassaway Howard b c 1740
Ho12-2-2-4 Sarah Howard b: 1700
m4 Robert Ridgely b c 1698
Ho12-2-2-4-1 William Ridgely
Ho12-2-2-4-2 Mary Ridgely b c 1719
Ho12-2-2-5? Lois Howard b 1655 in Annapolis, Anne Arundel d 1725 in Anne Arundel
m 1675 Adam Shipley b 1647 Engl
-1 Richard Shipley b c 1677 m Susannah Stevens b c 1688
-2 Robert Shipley b: 1678 in Annapolis, Anne Arundel Co., MD m Elizabeth Stevens
-3 Keturah Shipley b c 1682 in Annapolis, Anne Arundel, MD m James Barnes b 2670 Engl
-4 Lois Shipley b c 1698 d 1746 m Peter Porter III b 1704
-1-1 Adam Shipley b 1705 in Howard Dist., Anne Arundel, MD m Ruth Trevis b: 1708 in Howard Dist Anne Arundel
-1-2 Richard Shipley b: c 1710 m 22 Oct 1728 Keturah Barnes b c 1712
-2-1 Robert Shipley b: 9 OCT 1713 in Anne Arundel County, MD
-2-2 Elizabeth Shipley b: 7 MAR 1718/19
-2-3 Sarah Shipley b: 3 JUN 1721
-2-4 George Shipley b: 20 JUN 1726 in Anne Arundel, Md m 1747 Catherine Ogg b 15 JUL 1728 in Baltimore Co dau of George Ogg b 30 Apr 1696 and Mary Poteet
-2-5 William Shipley , Sr. b 1 MAY 1729 in Howard Co MD m Rebecca Sellmann b cc 1735 VA
-3-1 Adam Barnes b 1696 in Shipley's Choice, Severn River, (Anne Arundel) MD
-3-2 Keturah Barnes b c 1712
-1-1-1 Richard Shipley b c 1729 in Anne Arundel
-1-1-2 Ruth Shipley b 1730 in Anne Arundel, MD
-1-1-3 Adam Shipley b c 1731 in Anne Arundel Co
-1-2-1 Benjamin Shipley b 6 AUG 1751 in Baltimore Co d 22 Jul 1828 Anne Arundel m Rachel Frost b 1753
-2-4-1 Catherine Shipley b: c 1750
-2-4-2 George Shipley b: c 1752 in Baltimore Co., MD
-2-4-3 Talbot Shipley b 27 SEP 1756 m1 1 Jun 1778 Ruth Burgess b: 10 MAY 1763 in Anne Arundel Co no ch m2 Rachel Owings b 22 Mar 1756 Baltimore dau of Joshua Owings b 5 Apr 1704 Baltimore and Mary Cockey b 10 Dec 1716
-2-4-4 Duncan Shipley b: 1766 in Anne Arundel Co
-2-5-1 William Shipley Jr b 1755 m 1776 Baltimore Susannah Sellman b: 1760 in Sykesville, Carroll Co MD

-1-2-1-1 Richard Ayres Shipley b 1771
-1-2-1-2 Benjamin Shipley b c 1775
-2-4-3-1 Thomas Chew Shipley b 3 OCT 1782 in Frederick Co m Ann Griffith Hall b: 6 MAR 1787 in Frederick Co
-2-5-1-1 William Shipley III b JUL 1785
-2-5-1-2 Ruth Shipley b 9 DEC 1786 in Anne Arundel Howard District, MD
-2-5-1-3 Denton Shipley b 15 NOV 1792
-2-5-1-4 Susanna Shipley b c 1796 in Baltimore

-2-4-3-1-1 Nicholas Hall Shipley b c 1814 in Frederick Co., Maryland
-2-4-3-1-2 Dr. Nimrod Owings Shipley b 2 FEB 1818 in Frederick Co
Ho12-2-3 Elizabeth Howard b c 1668, Death: AFT 1701
m Andrew Norwood b 1634
Ho12-2-3 Elizabeth Norwood b BEF 1695
m2 Andrew Wellplay or Wellsley b: c 1664 Married: c 1703
m3 Charles Kilbourne b: c 1665 Married: c 1709
Ho12-2-4 Joseph Howard b: 1676 d 23 JUL 1736 in 'Howard's Inheritance', Anne Arundel County, MD Occupation: Planter
m1 Hannah Dorsey b c 1679 in Annapolis, MD, d MAY 1704 in Anne Arundel MD dau of Edward Dorsey Do11 b c 1645 in Virginia and Sarah Wyatt Wy11 b: 1657 in Anne Arundel Co MD
Ho12-2-4-1 Hannah Howard b 1701 in Anne Arundel, MD, d BEF 1777 in Anne Arundel, MD
m 1 JAN 1717/8 Richard Jacob b 30 JAN 1697/98 in Anne Arundel, MD son of Capt John Jacob b 1631 Engl and Anne Cheney granson of Richard Cheney and Charity x
Ho12-2-4-1-1 Joseph Howard Jacob b 1719 in Anne Arundel, MD d 30 APR 1773 in Anne Arundel, MD
m 19 MAY 1743 in Anne Arundel Co Hannah Wright b 11 JUN 1723 in Anne Arundel, MD
Ho12-2-4-1-1-1 Elizabeth Jacob b 11 APR 1745 in Anne Arundel, MD
Ho12-2-4-2 Ruth Howard b c 1702 in Prince Georges, MD, d 27 AUG 1783 ?m1 y Elphingston ?m2 y Cash
m?3 25 NOV 1725 Mareen Duvall b 14 OCT 1702 in 'Great Marsh' Prince Georges Co Md d 23 NOV 1761 in Prince Georges, MD
+1 Mareen/Maureen 'The Younger' Duvall b 1680 in Anne Arundel
m Elizabeth Jacob b 1683 in Anne Arundel, Md d Feb 1751 Pr Geo Co dau of Capt John Jacob b 1631 Engl and Anne Cheney grandau of Richard Cheney and Charity x
-b Elizabeth Duvall b 20 JUL 1706 Prince Georges Co d c 1766 m Dr William Denune b 1700 France d 1756 MD
-c Samuel Duvall b 7 NOV 1707 Prince Georges Co d NOV 1775 m Elizabeth Mullikin b 25 Sep 1711 Calvert Co dau of James Mullikin b c 1681 and Charity Belt
-c-1 Samuel Duvall b 7 JUL 1740 Prince Georges Co d 7 SEP 1804 m Mary Higgins
-c-1-1 Tobias Duvall b c 1765 Prince Georges Co d 1835 m Sarah Willett
-c-1-2 Barton Duvall b 1776 Prince Georges Co d 15 OCT 1831 m Hannah Isaac
-c-1-3 Beall Duvall b 1785 Prince Georges Co, Queen Anne's Parish d 28 AUG 1840 m Elizabeth Williams
-d John Duvall b 20 FEB 1712 Prince Georges Co d bef 10 MAR 1791 m Anne Fowler b 14 Jun 1713 Pr Geo Co dau of Thomas Fowler b c 1674 d 1716 and Susanna Ljams
-d-1 Elizabeth Duvall b 28 AUG 1739 Prince Georges Co Queen Anne's Parish d 9 MAR 1783 m John McGill b 2 Jun 1735 AA Co son of James McGill b 20 Nov 1701 and Sarah Hilleary b c 1712
-d-2 Marsh Mareen Duvall b 17 APR 1741 Prince Georges Co, Queen Anne's Parish d c 1803
-d-3 Susannah Duvall b 19 MAR 1743 Prince Georges Co Queen Anne's Parish2 MAY 1788 m Samuel Tyler
-e Jacob Duvall b 19 APR 1715 Prince Georges Co d 7 MAR 1796 m MD, Prince Georges Co Mary Miles b 1719
-e-1 John Miles Duvall b c 1745 d 1787 m Anne Roselle Philomena Tarleton, b c 1754 d.Nelson Co Ky 6 June 1823
-e-1-1 Gabriel Duvall b 3 Oct 1787 Anne Arundel Co d 1 Aug 1827 Nelson Co Ky Mary Grable b 13 Oct 1791 KY d Nelson Co Ky 9 Aug. 1868
-e-1-1-1 Louisiana Duvall b 26 Mar 1826 Nelson Co Ky d 18 Dec 1855 m George Washington Overall son of Robert Overall and Annie Browning b 1780
-e-1-1-1-1 Susan C. Overall b 1849 Nelson Co d bef 1920 m Christopher Columbus Clark ancestors of Pres. Barack Obama
-f Mary Duvall b 22 MAR 1718 Prince Georges Co d aft 1781 m Joshua Clarke
-g Lewis Duvall b 21 DEC 1721 Anne Arundel Co
-g-1 Frederick Prussia Lewis b c 1755 d c 1830 m ??Mary Ann Hyatt
-g-1-1 Mary Ann Hyatt Duvall b 2 Oct 1803 m Alfred Scaggs
+2 Maureen Duvall b c 1630 Normandy FR d 5 AUG 1694 Anne Arundel
m1 Mary Bouth b c 1634 ?no ch
m2 Susannah Brashear b 1655 Calvert Co d c 1692 + 4 ch dau of Benjamin Brashear and Mary Richford
-a Susannah Duvall b 1676 Anne Arundel Co d c 1716 m Robert Tyler
-c Mary Duvall b c 1683 Anne Arundel Co, South River Hundred m Henry Hall
-d Benjamin Duvall b 1692 Anne Arundel Co d 1774 m Sophia Griffith
-d-1 Susanna Duvall b 16 DEC 1714, Prince Georges Co d 1782 m Samuel Tyler
-d-2 Sophia Duvall b 18 MAR 1715/6 Prince Georges Co m Thomas Baldwin
-d-3 Benjamin Duvall b 29 MAY 1719, Prince Georges Co d 1800 m Susannah Tyler
-d-4 William Duvall b 1723 Anne Arundel Co d 1819
-d-5 Mareen Duvall b 1726 d 30 SEP 1807
-d-6 Charles Duvall b 20 JUL 1729 Prince Georges Co d 20 SEP 1814 m1 Cassandra Brashears dau of Samuel Brashears b 3 Dec 1718 and Rachel Brashears m2 Rebecca Beckett
-d-6-1 Sophia Duvall b c 1779 Prince Georges Co d 1835 b Aquilla Beall
-d-6-2 Charles Duvall b c 1784 Prince Georges Co d 20 OCT 1862 m Flavilla Waters
-d-6-3 Arabella Duvall b c 1787 Prince Georges Co m Richard Duvall
-d-6-4 George Washington Duvall b 9 JAN 1796 Prince Georges Co d 1854 m Elizabeth Hill Soper
+3 Massoit DUVALL b c. 1604 m Margaret ORBIN b c 1604 +4 William du VALL b c 1580
m Alexine MAMUSIN
Ho12-2-4-2-1 Mareen Howard Duvall b 23/8 NOV 1728 in Prince Georges
m Sarah Wheeler b c 1733 dau of Anne Duckett b 18 MAR 1710 Prince Georges Co, Queen Anne's Parish d 10 DEC 1767 Calvert Co m Robert Wheeler b 23 DEC 1708 Prince Georges Co, Queen Anne's Parish d 25 MAR 1752 Prince Georges Co
Ho12-2-4-2-1-1 Mareen Duvall b 12 MAR 1754 in Prince Georges, Md
Ho12-2-4-2-1-2 Howard Duvall b 6 JUL 1762
Ho12-2-4-2-1-3 Zadock Duvall b 6 NOV 1763 in Prince George, Md
Ho12-2-4-2-1-4 Cornelius Duvall b 30 JUN 1767 in Prince George, MD
Ho12-2-4-2-1-5 John Duvall b 13 AUG 1771 in Prince Georges, Md
Ho12-2-4-2-1-6 Richard Duvall b c 1786 Prince Georges Co d 1834
m Arabella Duvall b c 1787 Prince Georges Co dau of Charles Duvall b 20 Jul 1729 d 20 Sep 1814 and Cassandra Brashears b c 1757 d 1823
-1 Elizabeth Duvall b 1805 d aft 1880 m Grafton B. Duvall son of zachariahs
Ho12-2-4-2-1-7 Priscilla Duvall b 11 Feb 1737 Leeland Pr Geo Co Md
m Gedeon/Gideon Walker
-1 Mareen Duvall Walker jr b c 1756 Pr Geo Co MD d 1840 Hardin Co Ky m Ann Berry dau of Phillip Berry and Elizabeth Eleanor Twogood
-2 Martha Walker b c 1766
-3 Zachariah Walker b 1768 m c 1788 Ruth Duvall
-4 Ruth Walker b c 1760 m c 1777 Charles Walker to Nelson Co/Jefferson Co KY
-5 Alexander Walker b c 1772 m c 1792 Martha ?Duvall
-6 Gideon Walker b 4 Sep 1776 to Ky
-7 Sarah J Walker b 2 Jul 1779
-8 Joseph Howard Walker b c 1782 m 5 Mar 1802 in Nelson Co Ky Polly Featherkile
-?9 Ann Walker m 5 Aug 1794 in Nelson Co Ky Rev Jacob Marks
-1-1 Richard Mareen Walker b 1787 Pr Geo Co Md d May 1862 Bardstown Nelson Co Ky m1 Sarah Bayse b 1795 Fauquier Co Va d Jul 1880 Bardstown dau of Elias John Bayse b about 1733 Northumberland Va d 6 Oct 1814 Nelson Co Ky and Elizabeth Bashaw b 1734 Va d 1803 m2 15 Jan 1787 in Pr Geo Co Md Ann Berry
-1-2 Priscilla WALKER b c 1790 m James CONNER
-4-1 Gideon Walker b Jefferson Co census 1850 m Eliza x
-6-1 Gideon Walker Jr. m 14 Feb 1814 in Nelson Co Ky Susannah May/McKay
-7-1 x x m 1797 in Nelson Co Ky Joseph McMahan
-1-1-1 Elias Walker b 1 Feb 1817 Bardstown d 11 Jun 1906 Ohio Co Ky m Mary Jane Shearer dau of John shearer and Susan Davis b about 1790 PA d 17 Jan 1867 Meade Co Ky
-1-2-1 Mareen Walker CONNER b 25 Aug 1823 m Mary Jane WOOD b 13 Oct 1838)
-1-1-1-1 Sarah M Walker b 5 Jan 1845 Taylor Co Ky d 29 Jan Fordsville Ohio Co Ky m Josiah Milton Marlow son of Tobias B Marlow and Martha Patsy Hall dau of Ancil Hall b about 1780 Ky
-1-2-1-1 George Adam CONNER b 18 Aug 1858 m Lydia Jane BEATTY b 8 Jul 1859)
-1-1-1-1-1 Ethel Marlowe b 11 Dec 1877 Fordsville Ky d there 18 Jul 1953 m Violet Whitler dau of and Dulcina Mitchell
-1-1-1-1-1-1 Kenneth Hugh Marlow b 14 Nov 1926 father of author's DNA match
-1-2-1-1-1 Henry Walker CONNER b 26 Apr 1898 m Mary Lora SKAGGS b 14 Apr 1903
Ho12-2-4-2-1-8 Alexander DUVALL b 10 Jul 1739 m Elizabeth ODEN -1 Richard DUVALL
Ho12-2-4-2-1-9 Margary DUVALL ( 9 Feb 1740)
Ho12-2-4-2-1-10 Epharam Zachariah DUVALL b 12 Jul 174 m Jemima SELBY (?? ?? ????) -1 Mary DUVALL b c 1771
-2 John DUVALL ( 6 Nov 1772)
-3 Lewis DUVALL (Abt 1776)
-4 Henry DUVALL b 2 Mar 1778 m Elizabeth BOONE
-5 Mabel DUVALL (28 Jan 1780)
-6 Margaret DUVALL (?? ?? ????)
-7 Zachariah DUVALL (?? ?? ????)
-4-1 Grafton Burley DUVALL b c 1803 m Elizabeth DUVALL b Aft 1800 Cousin

-4-1-1 Charles DUVALL b 30 Nov. 1833 m Florence Elizabeth TUCKER

-4-1-1-1 Maria DUVALL b 30 Jan 1869 m Orlando RIDOUT b 15 Apr 1857

-4-1-1-1-1 Orlando RIDOUT III b 4 April 1895 m Mary Archer McKINSEY (23 Nov. 1894)

-4-1-1-1-1-1 Orlando RIDOUT IV b 13 Aug 1922 m Elizabeth Prescott LAWTON ( 5 Mar 1919)
-4-1-1-1-1-1-1 Mary Taker Ogle RIDOUT (26 Mar 1951 m1 Terry Michael APPLEGATE m2 Stephen Murray BROWN ( 9 Feb. ??)
-4-1-1-1-1-1-1-1 Anna Elisabeth Ridout BROWN b 1989
-4-1-1-1-1-1-2 Orlando RIDOUT,V b 1953 m Barbara Ann COOPER b. 1950
-4-1-1-1-1-1-2-1 Rebecca Cooper RIDOUT b 1982
-4-1-1-1-1-1-2-2 Rachel Cooper RIDOUT b 1986
Ho12-2-4-2-1-11 Ann DUVALL b 25 Feb 1744)
Ho12-2-4-2-1-12 Lewis DUVALL (Abt. 1745)
Ho12-2-4-2-1-13 Elliott DUVALL (Aft. 1750)
Ho12-2-4-2-1-14 Enos DUVALL (Aft. Dec 1750
Ho12-2-4-2-2 Cornelius Duvall b 23 FEB 1735/36 in Md d 1807
m 1760 Keziah Duvall b c 1735 in Prince Georges Co MD in Prince Georges Co MD dau of Mareen Duvall Sr b 14 NOV 1702 in Prince Georges MD and Esther Soper b c 1709 in Prince Georges MD
-1 Mareen Duvall b 1761 Pr Geo Co Md
-2 Henry Howard Duvall b 1762
-3 Zachariah Duvall b 1763
-4 Ann Duvall b 1764 ?= m James Mullikin b c 1661 Anne Arundel Co son of Elizabeth Ellen WILLIAMS b c 1743 in Queen Anne's Par Prince George's Co d c 1825 MD m 27 Feb 1761 Qu Caroline Par AA Thomas MULLIKIN Pr8-2-4-9 b 24 MAY 1729 in Prince George's Co
-5 Cornelius Duvall b 1767
-6 John Duvall b 1783
-4-1 James MULLIKIN b: c 1761 in Anne Arundel Co d aft 1816 m1 x m2 Ann Duvall + 9 ch
-4-2 Thomas MULLIKIN b: c 1762 in Anne Arundel Co d c 1810 in Anne Arundel Co m c 1796 AA Elizabeth Smith c
-4-3 Benjamin MULLIKIN b: 1769
-4-4 Basil MULLIKIN b: 1770
-4-5 Burach MULLIKIN b: c 1773
-4-6 Ellender MULLIKIN b: c 1774
-4-7 Cave MULLIKIN b: 4 JUL 1776
-4-8 Ellen MULLIKIN b: c 1777
-4-9 Elizabeth MULLIKIN b: c 1778
Ho12-2-4-2-3 Priscilla Duvall b 11 Feb 1737 Wilsons Plaine Qu Annes Parish Leeland Pr Geo Co MD nd by 1810 Nelson 'Co KY
m 1755 Pr G'eo Co MD Gideon Walker
-1 Zachariah C. Walker
-2 Martha Walker
-3 Mareen Duvall Walker b 1765 Pr Geo Co MD d 1845 Hardin KY m Ann Berry b 1767 d 1830 Hardin KY dau of Phillip Berry b 1723 d 30 Jun 1781 m Elizabeth Eleanor Twogood
-4 Alexander Walker
-6 Lewis Duvall Walker
-7 Cornelius Walker
-8 Ruth Walker
-9 Gideon Walker
-10 Sarah Jane Walker
-11 Joseph Howard Walker

-3-1 Richard Mareen Walker b 1787 Pr Geo Co MD d May 1862 Bradstown Nelson KY m 8 Mar 1814 Sarah Basye b 1795 Fauquier Co VA d c Jul 1880 Bardstown Nelson KY dau of Elias John Basye b c 1733 VA d 6 Oct 1814 Nelson KYand Elizabeth Bashaw
-3-2 Priscilla Walker
-3-2 Lewis Berry Walker
-3-3 Martha Walker
-3-4 Ann Nancy Walker
-3-5 Elizabeth Walker
-3-6 Keziah Walker

-3-1-1 Philip Berry Walker b 10 Oct 1815 Nelson Co KY d 8 Dec 1888 Meade KY m Nancy Ann Flanders
-3-1-2 Ann Walker b 1817 Nelson KY d there 11 Oct 1891
-3-1-3 Elias Walker b 1 Feb 1817 Bardstown Nelson Co KY m 8 Feb 1844 Mary Jane Shearer
-3-1-4 Martha B. Walker
-3-1-5 John Wesley Walker
-3-1-6 Richard Mareen Walker
-3-1-7 Mary Walker
-3-1-8 Amanda Walker
-3-1-9 Felix Grundy Walker

-3-1-1-1 Benjamin Richard Walker b 6 Aug 1857 Meade KY d there 12 Dec 1931 m Dora Wimp
-3-1-3-1 Sarah Ann Walker b 5 Jan 1845 Taylor KY d 29 Jan 1886 Fordsville OH m 24 Apr 1866 in Fordsville Josiah Milton Marlow
-3-1-3-2 John R. Walker
-3-1-3-3 Harrison Colger Walker
-3-1-3-4 Nancy J. Walker
-3-1-3-5 Clinton Hart Walker
-3-1-3-6 Mary Martha Walker
-3-1-3-7 Susan Abigail Walker

-3-1-1-1-1 Orin Coomes Walker b 13 Jul 1893 d 24 May 1975 Lexington KY m Priscella Ruth Lester
-3-1-3-1-1 Alonza Marlow b 25 May 1868 d 1871
-3-1-3-1-2 Lorenzo Marlowe b 19 Nov 1869 d 5 Feb 1952 Fordsville OH m 7 Dec 1892 OH Nancy Ellen Ford
-3-1-3-1-3 Eler B. Marlow,
-3-1-3-1-4 Alvin Marlow
-3-1-3-1-5 Ethel Marlow
-3-1-3-1-6 Wilber Marlow
-3-1-3-1-7 Clarence Lawrence Marlow

-3-1-1-1-1-1 Benjamin Walker b c 1920 d c 1990
-3-1-3-1-2-1 Eunice Marlow
-3-1-3-1-2-2 Jessie M. Marlowe
-3-1-3-1-2-3 Harvey M. Marlowe
-3-1-3-1-2-4 Beatrice Marlowe
-3-1-3-1-2-5 John Walker Marlowe,
-3-1-3-1-2-6 Renzo Floyd Marlow
-3-1-3-1-2-7 Phillip Marlowe
Ho12-2-4-2-4 Ephrain Duvall b 22 FEB 1741/42
m 16 JUN 1772 Jane Burgess b c 1729
Ho12-2-4-2-3-1 Sarah Duvall b c 1777 in Maryland, d 9 SEP 1811 in Ohio.
m1 10 FEB 1794 in Frederick Co., MD Thomas Plummer Ijams b: 4 APR 1773 in Anne Arundel, MD , Married: 5 JAN 1810 Francis Baldwin b: 27 NOV 1777 in Anne Arundel, MD
Ho12-2-4-2-4 Zachariah Duvall b 10 FEB 1742/43 in Prince Georges, Maryland, , Death: 11 APR 1806 in Anne Arudel, Maryland. m Jemima Selby b 1743
Ho12-2-4-2-4-1 Mary Duvall b 17 MAR 1771 in Anne Arudel, Maryland
Ho12-2-4-2-4-2 Henry Duvall b 2 MAR 1778 in Anne Arudel, Md d 22 Jul 1822 -1 Grafton B. Duvall b 26 NOV 1803 Anne Arundel Co d 26 MAY 1836 m Elizabeth Duvall b 1805 dau of Richard Duvall b c 1786 d 1834 and Arabella Duvall b c 1787
-2 Eli Duvall b 7 AUG 1806 Anne Arundel Co m Sarah Eliza Thompson b 1814 Md d 25 Jan 1902 Philadelphia
-1-1 Charles Duvall b c 1834
-2-1 Eli Duvall b c 1838 Anne Arundel Co d 26 AUG 1892
-2-2 Bettie Duvall b 1845 d 3 JUL 1891 MD
Ho12-2-4-2-5 Joseph Duvall
Ho12-2-4-2-6 Ruth Duvall
Ho12-2-4-2-7 Sarah Duvall
Ho12-2-4-2-8 Ann Duvall
Ho12-2-4-2-9 Lewis Duvall b 1745 d 1808 IL m1 Theresa x + 3 ch m2 Mable Selby + 1 ch possibly the same as
m?3 Elizabeth Wheeler + 1 ch
-1 John Duvall b c 1778 d 1 Jan 1857 Ky m Doshy Gregory
-2 Watkins Mareen Duvall b 22 Feb 1789 m Jane Bouldin
-3 Alexander Gabriel Duvall b 1774 Greenville SC d 1855 Pope Co AR m Delia "Dolly" Croft b 1767 Chatham NC d 1831 Walker AL dau of Johann Frederick Croft/Kraft and Catherine L x b 1748 d 1810 Greenville SC
-4 Anne Duvall
-5 Sarah Duvall b 18 Dec 1778 Md d 9 Sep 1811 Fairfield OH m Thomas Plummer Ljams son of John Liams and Rebecca Jones
-1-1 James L Duvall b 1805 m Matilda Russell/?Reynolds b 1805
-3-1 Frederick Croft Duvall b c 1801 d c 1897 Pope Co AR m Frances D Wyatt b 1803 GA d 1897 Pope Co AR dau of James David Wyatt b 1783 d 1830 AL and Mary Elizabeth
-3-2 Elisha Harrison Duvall, Sr.
-5-1 Charlotte Ljams b 18 Jun 1806 Fairfield Co OH d 26 Jul 1870 Evans Twp Marchall Co IL m Isaac Springer son of John Springer and Rebecca Stidham
-1-1-1 George Washington Duvall b 6 Jun 1841 d 2 Feb 1917 m Mary Jane "Mollie" Lunn b 8 Apr 1855 d 20 Dec 1938 Pope Co AR
-1-1-2 Andrew Jackson Duvall b 13 Aug 1842 Fayette Co TN d 31 Dec 1918 Pope Co AR m Arah Lucinda Scott b 23 Apr 1855 Pope Co AR d there 11 Aug 1914
-3-1-1 Jeremiah A. Duvall
-3-1-2 Catherine Duvall b 1834 AL
-3-1-3 Elisha D Duvall, Sr. b 1835 AL d 3 Oct 1914 Pope Co AR m1 Polly Ann x m2 Malinda Payne b c 1800
-3-1-4 William Duvall b 1837
-3-1-5 Thomas Duvall b 1839 AL
-3-1-6 George W. Duvall b 1841 d 4 Mar 1925 Atkins Pope Co AR m Matilda Jane
-3-1-7 Francis M. Duvall
-3-1-8 Alexander Duvall b 1832 d 1901 m Elizabeth Catherine x
-3-1-9 John Ellis Duvall b 22 Nov 1822 d 22 Jun 1914m Elizabeth Crites b c 1828 MO dau of Abraham Crites and Margaret Hubbel
-5-1-1 Martha Ellen Springer b 25 Mar 1831 Muskingum Co OH d 19 Jan 1866 Evans Twp Marshall Co IL m Williams Evans b 31 Dec 1817 Licking Co OH d 28 Apr 1888 Evans Twp son of Joshua Evans and Elizabeth Radcliff b 12 Feb 1793 WV d 12 Jul 1843 Evans Twp (desc of Daniel Stephen Radcliffe b aft 1710 d aft 1760 ? Hampshire Co VA) ancestors of Doug Brock author's DNA match
-1-1-1-1 Eva Lee Duvall b 11 Jul 1889 d 18 Apr 1959 Conway AR m John Anderson Duvall
-1-1-2-1 Mary Jane Duvall b 10 Aug 1875 AR d 1 Dec 1948 Pope Co m Thomas Newton Duvall b 22 Feb 1874 d 4 Feb 1911 Atkins AR
-1-1-2-1-1 Bertha Duvall m1 y Dove/Dovie m2 Elmer Miller
-3-1-3-1 Gabriel Duvall b 7 Sep 1840 MS m Sarah Ann McDaniel b c 1840 Saline Co AR
-3-1-3-1-1 Thomas Newton Duvall m Mary Jane Duvall b 10 Aug 1875 AR d 1 Dec 1948 Pope Co
-3-1-8-1 William Andrew Jackson Duvall b 1861 d 1920 m Selvania
-3-1-8-2 Warren Duvall
-3-1-8-3 Buck Duvall
-3-1-8-4 Sam Duvall
-3-1-8-5 Lou Duvall
-3-1-8-6 Jake Duvall
-3-1-8-7 Abe Duvall
-3-1-8-8 Tom Duvall
-3-1-8-9 El Duvall
-3-1-9-1 James Wylie Duvall b Nov 1855 Pope Co AR d 5 May 1921 m Sallie M Brashears b Nov 1858 AR d Aug 1940 Pope Co dau of Walter W Brahears and Mary E Rackley b c 1842 Giles Co TN d 1863 AR
-3-1-9-1-1 Walter Carroll Duvall
-3-1-9-1-2 Mary E Duvall
-3-1-9-1-3 Nancy A. Duvall
-3-1-9-1-4 Joseph F. Duvall
-3-1-9-1-5 Origan Duvall
-3-1-9-1-6 Zola Frances Duvall
-3-1-9-1-7 Alvia R. Duvall
-3-1-9-1-8 Alva C. Duvall
Ho12-2-4-2-10 Margery Duvall
Ho12-2-4-2-11 Henry Duvall
Ho12-2-4-2-12 John Duvall
Ho12-2-4-2-13 Alexander Duvall
Ho12-2-4-3 Sir Henry Howard b 14 JAN 1702/03 in Anne Arundel Co MD
m Sarah Dorsey b 15 OCT 1715 in Anne Arundel County, MD Married: 1731
Ho12-2-4-3-1 Rachel Howard b: 2 APR 1732 in Anne Arundel, MD, Death: c 15 SEP 1792 Will of Rachel Warfield of Anne Arundel Co., dtd 9 Dec 1784
State of Maryland: In the Name of God Amen, I Rachel Warfield of Anne Arundel County and state aforesaid being in perfect mind memory and understanding, but considering the uncertainty of theis transitory existance do make my last will and Testament in the manner & form following viz.
First, I give and bequeath unto my beloved son Joseph Warfield, ten pounds Currency the two silver cans & twelve silver spoons in full of his part of my Estate
Secondly: It is my will and desire that the several obligations given to my daughters Sarah Warfield, Dinah Dorsey Rachel Dorsey given by me to them be paid after which payment the residue of my Estate after paying my Creditors be equally divided between my four daughters Sarah Warfield, Dinah Dorsey, Ruth Owings, & Rachel Dorsey.
Lastly, I hereby nominate and appoint my four daughters Sarah Warfield, Dinah Dorsey, Ruth Owens & Rachel Dorsey joimt executors of this my last will & Testament revoking and disanulling any former will or wills Testaments or Testaments In Witness whereof I have here unto signed my named and affixed my seal this ninth day of december 1784 one thousand seven hundred and eighty four.
Rachel Warfield Seal
Signed Sealed and acknowledged as Rachel Warfields last Will & Testament in Presence of Epraim Howard of Henry, Joseph Howard, Brice Gassaway, Dinah Gassaway:
On the back of the foregoing will was thus written viz> Anne Arundel County the 17th day of September 1792. Then came Brice John Gassaway one of the subscribing witnesses to the within last Will and Testamony of Rachel Warfield late of Anne Arundel County deceased and made oath on the holy Evangals of almighty God that he did see see the Testrix therein named seal this Will and that he heard her publish pronounce and declare the same to be her last will and Testament that at the time of her est of his apprehension of a sound and dsiposing mind memory and understanding and that he together with Dinah Gassaway respectively subscribed their Names as Witnesses to this Will in the presence and at the request' of the Testrix and in the presence of each other and that at the time of the sealing thereof the Testrix informed him that Ephraim Howard of Henry one of the former Evidences was deceased and the Joseph Howard was in a low state of Health and is since dead to this deponets knowledge. Sworn before Capt. Gassaway Reg. Wills aa Co.
We Sarah Warfield, Dinah Dorsey, Ruth Owings, & Rachel Dorsey, the appointed executors in the last will and Testament of Rachel Warfield late of AA County, deceased do hearby refuse to Act as Executrixes to the said Will by Virtue of such appointement and to therefore renounce all our Rights and Title and Claims to said Executorship accordingly.
Sept 15, 1792 Sarah Warfield
Dinah Dorsey
Ruth Owings
Rachel Dorsey
Capt. Gassaway Comsory of aa Couty.
We wish you to appoint our friend Nicholas W. Dorsey in the sted of the whole of us
Sarah Warfield
Dinah Dorsey
Ruth Owings
Rachel Dorsey
Capt. Gassaway} Examined.
m Joshua Warfield , Dr. b: 17 OCT 1724 in Anne Arundel, MD son of Alexander Warfield b: 1701 in Anne Arundel Co., Maryland and Dinah Davidge b: 1705 in Maryland and grandson of Richard Warfield b: 1676 in Anne Arundel, Maryland and Ruth Cruchley b: 1683 in Anne Arundel, Maryland and great grandson of Richard Warfield b: 27 AUG 1646 in England immigrated about 1662 and Eleanor Browne b: c 1649 in England , married: 6 AUG 1751. Source: Samuel and Fonda Flax Carroll
Ho12-2-4-3-1-1 Dinah Warfield b: 3 APR 1754 in Howard Co., MD
Ho12-2-4-3-1-2 Ruth Warfield b: 18 JAN 1756 in Anne Arundel, MD
Ho12-2-4-3-1-3 Joseph Warfield b: 19 FEB 1758 in Anne Arundel , Maryland
m Elizabeth Dorsey b: 8 DEC 1761 in Maryland
Ho12-2-4-3-1-3-1 Elizabeth or Eliza Warfield b 14 JUN 1782 in Rockville, Montgomery Co., MD
Ho12-2-4-3-1-3-2 Anne Warfield b: c 1784 in Anne Arundel, Md
Ho12-2-4-3-1-3-3 Juliet Warfield b: 18 MAY 1785
Ho12-2-4-3-1-3-4 Nicholas Dorsey Warfield b: 25 MAY 1789 in Maryland
Ho12-2-4-3-1-3-5 Charlotte Warfield b 25 OCT 1793 in Montgomery Co., MD Married: 3 SEP
Ho12-2-4-3-1-4 Rachel Warfield b: 15 DEC 1759
Ho12-2-4-3-2 Sarah Howard b: 28 FEB 1733/34 in Anne Arundel, Maryland, Death: 21 MAR 1815
m1 Burgess Nelson b: c 1730 in Of Montgomery Co Md Married: BEF 1760
Ho12-2-4-3-2-1 Sarah Nelson b: c 1760
m2 Richard Green b: 1742 Married: AFT 1765
Ho12-2-4-3-2-1 Amelia Green b: 28 DEC 1779
Ho12-2-4-3-2-2 Allen Green b: c 1780
Ho12-2-4-3-2-3 Anna Green b: c 1781
Ho12-2-4-3-3 Honor Elder Howard b 27 MAR 1740 in Anne Arundel Co., Md d SEP 1792
m c 1762 Rezin Warfield b 16 MAY 1740 in Anne Arundel Co., Maryland son of Alexander Warfield b 1701 in Anne Arundel Co and Dinah Davidge b 1705 in Maryland
Ho12-2-4-3-3-1 Beale Warfield b: c 1763
Ho12-2-4-3-3-2 Sarah 'Sally' Warfield b: c 1765 in Anne Arundel, MD
?Ho12-2-4-3-3-3 Ann Warfield b about 1767 m Richard Howard b before 1755
m2 John Davidge b: c 1728 in Anne Arundel Co., Maryland Married: c 1767
m3 Joseph Wilkins Married: c 1768
Ho12-2-4-3-4 James Howard b: 15 JUL 1744 in Anne Arundel Co., Maryland
Ho12-2-4-3-5 Dr. Ephraim Howard , b: 3 DEC 1745 in Anne Arundel County, MD , Death: c 1788 in Anne Arundel County, MD. He operated a saltpeter manufactory and with his wife's cousins, Samuel and Edward Dorsey, was involved in producing artillery at Dorsey's Forge on the Patapsco, near the Baltimore Company's Hockley Forge. He held several thousand acres in Kentucky. Judging from the names of his children he was a good scholar of Latin, Roman history and rupublican ideology, no wonder that he helped forge the arsenal of the Revolution.
m Achsah Dorsey b: 17 MAY 1746 in Anne Arundel Co., Maryland
Ho12-2-4-3-5-1 Henry Howard , Dr. b: c 1771 in Anne Arundel , MD
Ho12-2-4-3-5-2 Brutus Howard b: c 1773 in Anne Arundel , MD
Ho12-2-4-3-5-3 Cincinnatus Howard b: c 1775 in Anne Arundel , MD
Ho12-2-4-3-5-4 Sarah Howard b: c 1778
Ho12-2-4-3-5-5 Elizabeth Howard b: c 1780
Ho12-2-4-3-5-6 Ephraim Howard b: c 1781
Ho12-2-4-3-5-7 Achsah Howard b: c 1783
Ho12-2-4-3-6 John Beale Howard b 30 NOV 1748 in Anne Arundel , Maryland
m Rebecca Boone b: 29 DEC 1753 in Anne Arundel , Maryland Married: 20 DEC 1770, daughter of Humphrey Boone b: 10 OCT 1713 in Anne Arundel , Maryland, Death: 14 JUN 1766 in Anne Arundel , Maryland and Anne Slade . Her sister, margaret Ann Boone, married John Dosey, b 31 Mar 1751 in anne Arundel Co. md.
Ho12-2-4-3-6-1 Rebecca Boone Howard b: 31 DEC 1779 in Anne Arundel, MD
Ho12-2-4-3-7 Joshua Howard b: 28 NOV 1752, d after 1803
m1 Rebecca Owings b: 21 OCT 1755 in Baltimore Co, MD Married: ABT 1775
Ho12-2-4-3-7-1 Mary or Maria Howard b: c 1777
Ho12-2-4-3-7-2 Samuel Howard b: c 1782 in Anne Arundel, Maryland
Ho12-2-4-3-7-3 Deborah Howard b: c 1787
Ho12-2-4-3-7-4 Henry Howard b: 28 MAY 1791 in Frederick, MD Marriage 2 Elizabeth Warfield b: c 1750 Married: 24 AUG 1792 in Frederick
m2 2 Margery Keith b: c 1692 in Scotland Married: 28 SEP 1708 died 1773, Death: 1739 in Anne Arundel, Maryland, daughter of Robert Keith b: c 1670 in Scotland and sister of Rev. James Keith b 6 Nov. 1696 in Scotland.
Ho12-2-4-4 Judge Ephraim Howard b: 16 FEB 1713/14 in Annapolis, MD, Death: 15 MAR 1770 in will probated Anne Arundel County, MD.
Joseph Howard, planter, will Aanne Arundel Co. 6th June, 1736; 23rd July, 1736. To son Henry and hrs., 100 A. �Kilkenney� at Elkridge. 100 A. �Howard's Hazard,� 100 A. of �Howard's Package.� 310 A. of �Second Discovery;� and personalty. To son Ephraim and hrs., 500 A. of �Discovery,� and personalty. To son Joseph and hrs., 200 A. out of �Discovery,� being pt. of tract which Phillip Hammond claims as his; dwelling plantation �Howard's Inheritance,� S. side South R; 30 A. �Sarah's Inheritance;� and personalty. To son Cornelius and hrs., residue of �Discovery,� 400 A. of �Howard's Package�; and personalty. To grandson Joseph Hichings and hrs., 100 A. of �Second Discovery.� To wife Margery, daus. Sarah, Ruth Duvoll and Hannah Jacob, personalty. To children, viz.: Ephraim, Cornelius, Joseph and Sarah, residue of personalty after wife's thirds are deducted. Dr. Richard Hill to have care of son Joseph until 21 yrs. of age. Exs.: wife and sons Henry, Ephraim and Cornelius. Overseers: Coll. Henry Ridgley, Joshua Dorsey and John Dorsey son of Edward. Test: John Howard, John Burgess, William Phelps. 21. 620. 4 Aug. 1736. Oath of Zacharias Spenser, one of witnesses to will of Joshua Stokes, Baltimore Co., taken at instance of Humphrey Wells Stoakes, one of the sons and legatees of the dec'd. Will recorded v. 20, f. 444, Md. Cal. of Wills, v. 6, p. 232. 21. 623. MARYLAND CALENDAR OF WILLS: Volume 7
m About 1739 Martha Sellman b: c 1712 daughter of John Sellman b: c 1680 in Anne Arundel, MD and Martha Grosse b: c 1684 in Anne Arundel, MD. She married 1st David McElfresh b: JUN 1703 Married: 8 OCT 1733 and had John McElfresh b: c 1735
Ho12-2-4-4-1 Ephraim Howard II b: c 1739 in Anne Arundel, Md, Death: c 1810 married Elizabeth Dorsey b: c 1733 in Anne Arundel, Md and had Mary Howard b c 1780 in Anne Arundel, Md, who married John Munnikhuysen b c 1770 in Holland
Ho12-2-4-4-2 Sarah Howard b: 31 DEC 1742 in Anne Arundel, MD, Death: 22 MAY 1784 in Will probated Charles Co., MD
m1 Raphael Neale b: c 1737 in Charles Co., MD Married: ABT 1761
Ho12-2-4-4-2-1 Joseph Neale b: 1762 in Port Tobacco, Charles Co., Maryland
Ho12-2-4-4-2-2 Mary Neale b: c 1766
m2 James Riggs b: 13 APR 1728 in Anne Arundel, MD Married: 1766
Ho12-2-4-5 Cornelius Howard b: 17 FEB 1715/16 in Anne Arundel Co MD, d c MAY 1772 in Anne Arundel County, MD
m about 1740 Rachel Ridgely Worthington b: 28 AUG 1722, d c MAY 1801 dau of Thomas Howard Worthington b 8 JAN 1690/91 in Westminster Parish, Anne Arundel Co Md and Elizabeth "Betty" Ridgely b: BET 1690 AND 1695 in Anne Arundel Co MD
2-4-5-1 Brice Howard b: c 1740 in Anne Arundel Co Md d 1799
m Ann Ridgely b: c 1745 in Anne Arundel Co Md
2-4-5-1-1 Jeremiah Brice Howard b: c 1780 in Anne Arundel, MD
2-4-5-1-2 Anne Howard b: c 1790
2-4-5-2 Joseph Howard b: c 1743 in Anne Arundel, MD, Death: 1777 in Anne Arundel, MD
m1 Rachel Ridgely b: c 1759 in Anne Arundel , Maryland Married: in Anne Arundel
2-4-5-2-1 Joseph Howard b: 5 MAY 1769
2-4-5-2-2 Rachel Howard b: 25 FEB 1771
m2 Mary Dwyer b 1762 in Stil Pond, Kent, Maryland m 1783 in Kent, Maryland Children Benjamin Howard b: 4 OCT 1786
2-4-5-3 Thomas Cornelius Howard b c 1745 in Anne Arundel, MD, d 2 JAN 1801 in Howard County, MD
m Eleanor Ridgely b c 1747 in Prince Georges Co MD dau of William Ridgely b: c 1703 in Anne Arundel, MD and Elizabeth Duvall b: 4 AUG 1723 in Anne Arundel, Maryland
2-4-5-3-1 Charles Howard b: APR 1766 in 'Worthington's Range', Anne Arundel, Maryland
2-4-5-3-2 Mary "Polly" Howard b: c 1768
2-4-5-3-3 Rachel Howard b: 25 FEB 1770 in Maryland
2-4-5-3-4 Thomas Worthington Howard b: c 1778 in Maryland, Death: 1818, married 1st 1 MAR 1803 in Baltimore Co, MD Ruth Snowden Dorsey b: ABT 1784 in Maryland and had 1 2 Susanna Dorsey Howard b: 13 DEC 1803 in Maryland, married 2nd 26 MAR 1807 in Montgomery Co Md Elizabeth Ridgely Crabb b: c 1789 in Montgomery Co., Maryland and had 3 Emily Howard b: 2 FEB 1812 in Montgomery Co., Maryland
2-4-5-4 Elizabeth Howard b: 21 NOV 1745 in Anne Arundel Co., Maryland
m William Gaither b: 15 FEB 1743/44
2-4-5-4-1 Henrietta Gaither b: c 1778
2-4-5-4-2 Henry Chew Gaither b: c 1778 in Montgomery Co., MD
2-4-5-4-3 Ephraim Gaither b: 24 APR 1780 in Montgomery Co., MD
2-4-5-4-4 William Gaither b: 12 OCT 1789 in Frederick Co., MD
m2 Ephraim Davis b: 1736
2-4-5-4- Thomas Davis b: c 1768 in Maryland
2-4-5-5 Rachel Ridgely Howard b: 1752
m John Hood b: 1740 Married: 10 FEB 1774
2-4-5-5-1 James Hood b: 19 FEB 1775
2-4-5-5-2 Benjamin Hood , Rev. b: 25 JAN 1778
2-4-5-5-3 Thomas Hood b: 1779
2-4-5-5-4 Elizabeth Hood b: c 1781 in Maryland
2-4-6 Joseph Howard b: c 1720, Death: 1784
m Margaret Williams b: 16 JAN 1727/28 in Anne Arundel, MD m c 1745
2-4-6-1 Joseph Howard b: 13 MAR 1748/49
2-4-6-2 Margaret Howard b: 17 MAR 1751/52
2-4-7 Sarah Howard b: c 1722
m Edward Gaither b: c 1722 Married: c 1744
2-4-7-1 Henry Gaither b: 23 FEB 1751/52 in Anne Arundel, Maryland
2-4-7-2 Margarey Gaither b: c 1761
Ho12-3 John Howard b 1636 in Norfolk Co., Norfolk, Virginia, d 13 MAY 1696 in Will probated - Anne Arundel County, MD.
Henry Howard's will dated Dec. 31, 1683 - probated March 8, 1684. excerpt from Henry Howard's will probated March 8, 1684 "To John Howard & Mathew Howard of Anarundell County each a Silv{r} Seale apiece."
US Gen Web - entire will: contributed by Joseph H. Howard John Howard d1696 Will Anne Arundel County MD Prerogative Court Wills, Original Maryland Hall of Records Location: Box H, Folder 109 1-12-3-15 and Liber 7, folio 164-6, Microfilm SR4403 Written 30 December 1695 Probate 13 May 1696
In the name of God Amen the Thirtieth day of December in the Seventh year of the Reign of our Sovereign Lord William the third by the grace of God of England Scotland France & Ireland King Defender of the faith yr. [anno Domini] 1695 I John Howard Sen{r} of Anne Arundell County in the province of Maryland planter being Sick and weak in body but of perfect mind & memory praised be to God therefore and Considering the uncertainty of the time and hour of Death Doe make & Ordain this my last Will & Testament in manner & form following; ffirst I Comend my Soul into the hands of Almighty God, in assurred ffaith and hope in Jesus Christ my only saviour and Redeemer to have pardon & remission of all my Sins and my body to the Earth to be decently buried at the discretion of my Exer{rs} hereinafter named; And as touching the disposition of all such Temporall Estate wherewith God Almighty hath been pleased to bestow upon me & of my Debts & ffunerall Expenses being first paid and satisfied give and bequeath the same in manner and following
Item I give & bequeath unto my son John Howard All that plantation tract of dividend of Land where I now dwell containing Two hundred & Twenty Acres more or less sd the same belonging or in any wise appertaining together with all houses Edifices & buildings to the same belonging to hold to him the said John Howard his Heirs & Assigns imediately after the death and decease of my loving Wife Elenor Howard.
Item I give unto my said Son John Howard All that parsell of land lying at the head of the Round Bay in Severn River containing Ninety Two Acres more or less To hold unto him the said John Howard & his heirs for Ever.
Item I give unto my said Son John Howard all that Tract or parcel of Land lying and being at the head of Middle branch on the North side of patapsco River in Baltimore County called Timber Neck containing two hundred Acres more or less to hold unto him the said John Howard his heirs & Assignes forever.
Item I give unto my grandson Orlando Griffis the moiety or one half part of a Tract of land lying in the aforesaid Middle branch runing up by the little falls containing Two hundred Acres more or less it being the upper half of a part of the said Two hundred Acres of Land; to have and to hold the same unto him the said Orlando Griffis and the heirs of his body lawfully begotten or to begotten, And for want of such issue, I give & bequeath the sd land unto Sarah Griffis Mother of the said Orlando Griffith her heirs & Assigns for Ever
Item I give & bequeath unto my said Son John Howard the Lowermost half part of the above said Two hundred Acres of land lying in Middlebranch aforesaid To have & to hold the same unto him the said John Howard his heirs & Assignes for ever.
Item I give unto my Loving Brothers Samuel Howard & Katherine & his wife, Philip Howard & Ruth his Wife the sum of five shillings sterling a piece to buy each of them a pair of Gloves.
Item I give & bequeath unto my Loving Wife Elenor Howard fifty Acres of Land being part of a Tract of Land containing One hundred & fifty Acres of Land comonly called or known by the name of the Woodyard, and also fifty Acres of Land adjoining to the Woodyard, and called by the name of Howards Thickett with all & every the Rights priviledges & appurtenances to the same belonging or in any wise appertaining To have & to hold the said Two parcels of Land with the appurtenances unto her the said Elenor Howard my said my said Wife her heirs & Assignes for Ever.
All the rest and residue of my Estate both Real and personall I give and bequeath the same unto my said Loving Wife Elenor Howard who I make & appoint full & Sole Exectrix of this my last Will and Testament. In ? ? ? whereof I the said John Howard Sen{r} have hereunto set my hand and Seal the day and year first above written.
John Howard seal Signed Sealed published & declared to be the last Will and Testament of the said John Howard the older in the p{rst} of Amos Peirpoint Edward Rumney James Leylor? Henry Wriothesley
John affixed his seal to his will dated 30 December 1695 produced in Court 19 May 1696, which displays �the undifferenced arms of the Howards: on an escutcheon, a Bend between six crosses crosslet fitchee. The three lower �crosses� are placed diagonally with the bend one �cross� being chipped off, and these arms of the red waxen seal correspond with the exemplification of the original arms of the Howard family of Yorkshire, whence descended Thomas, Duke of Norfolk, to whom Henry VIII granted an augmentation of the arms for his signal service as General of the Army at Flodden-field. contributed by Joseph H. Howard
=== Howard, John, Sr.,A. A. Co.,30th Dec., 1695; 13th May, 1696. To son John and hrs., 90 A. unnamed at hd. of Round Bay, Severn R., 200 A., �Timber Neck� at hd. of Middle Branch, Balto. Co., and ½ of tract of 200 A. lying on Little Falls. To grandson Orlando Griffith and hrs., residue of sd. tract of 200 A. lying on the Little Falls. In event of his death land to pass to his mother, Sarah Griffith, and hrs. To brother Samuel Howard and Catherine, his wife, brother Philip Howard and Ruth, his wife, personalty. Wife Ellinor, extx. and residuary legatee of estate, real and personal, including 50 A., part of 150 A., �The Woodyard,� and 50 A., �Howard's Shekel.� Test: Amos Pierpont, Edw. Rumley, Henry Wriathesly, Jas. Layler. 7. 164. NOTE: Howard's Thicket and Woodyard were adjoining properties
TOMBSTONE: Sacred to the Memory of Mr. Cornelius Howard who departed this life on the 4th of June 1777 age 70. He was a Tobacco Planter in the County of Baltimore lived much esteemed died regreted by all. Howard Coat of Arms with motto Desir n'a Repose Do not wish for rest. The original English Howard, Duke of Norfolk coat of arms was Gules a bend between six cross-crosslets fitchee argent. The tombstone of Cornelius Howard has these Howard arms with the difference of the two moons, which means they are descended from the same family as the Howard, Duke of Norfolk which by tradition the family claimed descent. In 1695, John Howard Sr. son of Matthew Howard stamped on this arms on his will by a wax seal. Coat of Arms: Gules on a bend argent between six cross-crosslets fitchee argent two crescent moons or. Crest: - On a chapeau gules, turned up ermine, a lion statant gardant, with tail extended, or. Motto: - Desir n'a repos. contributed by Bruce L. Nicholson
m 1663 in Anne Arundel Co Susannah Norwood b 1639 in Anne Arundel Co MD
Ho12-3-1 John Howard b c 1667 in Middle Neck Hundred, Ann Arundel Co MD d 23 FEB 1703/04 in Middleneck, Ann Arundel, Md Military Service: Captain
m1 c 1686 in Anne Arundel Co Mary Warfield b c 1670 in Anne Arundel Co MD dau of
Richard Warfield b 27 AUG 1646 in England and Eleanor Browne b c 1649 in England, d c 13 FEB 1717/18 in All Hallows Parish, Anne Arundel County, MD she m1 Henry Ridgely Jr. b 30 Oct 1669 in Anne Arundel Co. Md
Ho12-3-1-1 Absolute Howard b c 1690 in Anne Arundel Co., MD d AFT 1703
Ho12-3-1-2 Benjamin Howard b: c 1696, d 1737
m 22 JAN 1716/17 Catherine Buck b c 1670
-1 John Howard b c 1724 in Charles Co, MD
m1 c 1741 Mary Hughes b c 1720 + 1 ch
m2 Charity Hanson b: 15 AUG 1724 in Charles Co, MD m 1746 in Charles Co MD + 1 ch
-2 Catherine Howard b c 1728 in Anne Arundel, Maryland, m about 1748 Matthew Howard b c 1727 in Anne Arundel, Md, son of Gideon Howard b c 1693 in "Westminster", Prince Georges MD and Hannah Greniffe b 21 JAN 1688/89 in Anne Arundel Co Md
-1-1 Benjamin Howard b 4 SEP 1742 in Anne Arundel , Md m about 1742 Mary Govane b c 1742 and had 1 James Govane Howard b c 1773 in Anne Arundel, 2 Sarah L. Howard b c 1778
-1-2 Chloe Howard b 26 JAN 1746/47 in Charles Co, MD, m Benjamin Douglass b 6 DEC 1743 in Portobacco, Charles Co, MD Causine Manor
Ho12-3-1-3 Rachel Howard b c 1700
m Charles Ridgely b 1701 in Calvert Co Md
m2 c 1700 Katherine Greenberry b 1674 in England in Anne Arundel Co MD, dau of Nicholas Colonel Greenberry b 1627 in England and Anne x b 1649 in England
3-1-4 Katherine Greenberry Howard b: 1703 in Anne Arundel County, MD , Death: FEB 1753 in Anne Arundel County, MD.
m Orlando Griffith b: 17 OCT 1688 in Anne Arundel County, MD Married: 6 JUN 1717 in Annapolis, Anne Arundel , Maryland
3-1-4-1 Sarah Griffith b: 13 MAY 1718 in Anne Arundel Co., Maryland
3-1-4-2 Henry Griffith b: 14 FEB 1719/20 in Anne Arundel County, MD
3-1-4-3 Greenberry Griffith b: 31 DEC 1727 in Anne Arundel Co., Maryland
3-1-4-4 Joshua Griffith b: 25 JAN 1729/30 in Anne Arundel
3-1-4-5 Benjamin Griffith b: 22 NOV 1732 in Queen Caroline Parish, Anne Arundel, Maryland
3-1-4-6 Lucretia Griffith b: 5 FEB 1738/39
3-1-4-7 Orlando Griffith b: 27 APR 1741 in Anne Arundel Co Maryland
3-1-4-8 Charles Greenberry Griffith b: 17 MAY 1744 in Anne Arundel, MD
Ho12-3-2 (From Dorothy Winchell�s tree: implausible dates! speculatively shows him as son of Henry Howard b 12 Jul 1628 and Lady Anne Somerset)
Edmund Howard b 1655 Somerset MD d 1713 Charles Co MD
m Margaret Dent d 1709
+1 Col Thomas Dent b 1630 Guisborough Engl d 22 Apr 1676
m Rebecca Wilkinson b 1633 Linhaven Norfolk VA d 20 Aug 1726 Pr Geo Co MD
Ho12-3-2-1 George Howard b 18 Mar 1685 Pocmoke Somerset Co MD d 2 Dec 1741 St Marys City MD
m Sarah Morton Smith dau of
+1 Chileab Smith b 1 Apr 1636 CT d 7 May 1731 MA
m Hannah Hitchcock b 1645 d 3 Aug 1733
Ho12-3-2-1-1? Henry Howard b 2 Dec 1763 d 1 Aug 1774
m Mary ?Howard
Ho12-3-2-1-1-1? Ignatius Howard b ?1725 St Marys City d 1 Dec 1777 Greenbrier WV
m Sarah Sims/Simes/Simms
-1? James Howard b 1755 d 1 Jun 1792 m Hannah Jeffers -1-1? William Howard b 1770 d 1803 m Elizabeth Reed b 1772 d 1830 dau of Leonard Reed b 1750 d 1811 and Hannah Ann Logsdon b 1750 d 1788 -1-1-1 Henry Howard b 1800 d 1850 m Annis Driscol Nance b 1811 d 1870 -1-1-1-1 Harmon Raymond Howard b 14 Jan 1828 Dry Creek MO d 10 Dec 1906 m Sarah Jane Davis b 31 Jul MO d 1906 West Plains Howell Co MO -1-1-1-1-1 John Henderson Howard b 24 Aug 1972 m Mary Elizabeth/Emaline Smith b 1 Mar 1875 dau of William Jared Jorden Smith and Nancy E Davis -1-1-1-1-1-1 Alva Levi Howard b 22 Mar 1895 m Lillie May Routh -1-1-1-1-1-1-1 y Howard m Mary Elizabeth Alldridge dau of William Fulton Alldridge and Dorthy May JJones parents of Dorothy Winchell, author�s 37 cM DNA match
Ho12-3-2-1-2 John Howard b 1691/4 Somerset Co MD d 22 MAR 1741/2 Charles Co MD
m Rebecca Brooke b 1700/1709 Prince Georges CoMD d 14 DEC 1768 Charles Co
Ho12-3-2-1-2-1 Eleanor Howard b c 1715 MD, Charles Co d c 1769 m John Douglas
Ho12-3-2-1-2-2 Thomas Howard b c 1720/1725 MD, Charles Co
Ho12-3-2-1-2-2-1 Rebecca Howard b 28 SEP 1759 Annapolis MD d 1817
m Alexander Contee Hanson b 22 Oct 1749 Annapolis d 16 Jan 1806 Chancellor of MD son of John Hanson and Jane Contee
-1 Alexander Contee Hanson b 27 FEB 1786 Anne Arundel Co d 23 APR 1819 m Priscilla Dorsey b 24 Oct 1789 Anne Arundell Co dau of Erward Dorsey b 2 Sep 1758 and Elizabeth Dorsey b 10 Apr 1766
-2 Mary Jane Hanson b 1791 Anne Arundel Co d 4 DEC 1815 m Thomas Peabody Grosvenor
m2 Eleanor Darnall b c 1649 in Probably England Married: After 1686 in Maryland
Ho12-4 Samuel Howard b c 1637 in Norfolk, VA d9 NOV 1703 in will probated Anne Arundel, MD
m ABT 1659 in Anne Arundel Md Catherine Warner b c 1640 in Possibly Lower Norfolk Co VA m d c 1707 in Probably Anne Arundel, MD, dau of James Warner b c 1620 and Joan Unknown b: c 1625
4-1 Philip Howard b: c 1660 in Maryland, m c 1693 in Anne Arundel Sarah Unknown b: c 1669 -1 Samuel Howard b c 1703, d 23 JUN 1724 in will probated Anne Arundel, MD Planter m c 1715 Elizabeth x b c 1695 -1-1 Samuel Howard b 16 DEC 1717 in St. Anne's Parish, Anne Arundel.
4-2 Susanna 'Ann' Deborah Howard b c 1668 in Anne Arundel, Md d AFT 1752 in Anne Arundel Co Md
m ABT 1695 in Anne Arundel John Maccubbin b c 1667 in Anne Arundel, MD son of John Maccubbin b: 1630 in Ayershire, Scotland and Eleanor Darnall b: BET 1648 AND 1650 ?England
4-2-1 Elizabeth Maccubbin b: c 1696 in Anne Arundel Co., Maryland
4-2-2 John Maccubbin b: c 1697 in Anne Arundel Co., Maryland
4-2-3 Samuel Maccubbin b: 20 JAN 1698/99 in Anne Arundel, MD
4-2-4 Ann Maccubbin b: 7 OCT 1702 in Anne Arundel Co., Maryland
4-2-5 William Maccubbin b: 21 MAR 1703/04 in Anne Arundel Co., Maryland
4-2-6 Deborah Maccubbin b: c 1705 in Anne Arundel Co., Maryland
4-2-7 Rachel Maccubbin b: 26 MAR 1707 in Anne Arundel Co., Maryland
4-2-8 Ruth Maccubbin b c 1708 in Brampton, Anne Arundel, MD
4-2-9 Zachariah Maccubbin b 11 JUL 1712 in St. Annes Parish Maryland
4-2-10 Richard Maccubbin b 1716 in Anne Arundel Co., Maryland
4-3 Ruth Howard b c 1674 d AFT 1703 married in 1703 Peter Porter II b: c 1674 in Anne Arundel, MD and had Peter Porter III b: 1704
Ho12-5 Matthew Howard b 1640 in Va d 12 JAN 1691/2 in Proved in London Occupation: Associate Judge of the County and upon the Committee of the Port of Entry
m 1667 in Anne Arundel Sarah Dorsey b 1652, dau of
+1 Edward Dorsey b 1619 in Ireland or England
m Anne Howard b c 1625
Ho12-5-1 Sarah Dorsey Howard b 1673 in Anne Arundel County, MD d 21 DEC 1726 in Anne Arundel County, MD
m 1686 in All Hallows Parish, Anne Arundel Co John Worthington b 12 JAN 1649/50 in Manchester, England son of Francis Worthington b 10 Sep 1616 in Manchester Engl. and Sarah Browne b 1628 in Manchester, Engl.
5-1-1 John Worthington b 12 JAN 1688/89 in Anne Arundel, MD d 12 DEC 1766 in Anne Arundel, Captain, m1 12 MAR 1712/13 in Baltimore Co MD Helen Heath Hammond c 1695 in Anne Arundel, MD, dau of Thomas Hammond b 1664 in Anne Arundel Co MD and Mary Heath b c 1670 he m2 1728 Comfort Hammond b: 15 AUG 1701 in St. Margaret's Parish Anne Arundel Co dau of John Hammond b 1668 in Anne Arundel County, MD and Anne Greenberry b 1676 in Anne Arundel County, MD
children of John The Elder Worthington b 1728 in Anne Arundel,
-1 William Worthington b 1715
-2 Charles Worthington b 1716
-3 Vachel Worthington b 1718 in Anne Arundel Md
-4 Anne Worthington b 1720
-e Elizabeth Worthington b 15 OCT 1730 in Anne Arundel, Md
-f Samuel Worthington b 19 NOV 1733 in Anne Arundel
-g Thomas Worthington b 2 MAY 1739 in Anne Arundel Co., Md
Ho12-5-1-2 Thomas Howard Worthington b 8 JAN 1690/91 in Westminster Parish, Anne Arundel Co Md, d 3 APR 1753 in Anne Arundel Co MD,
m 23 JUL 1711 in St. Margaret's, Westminster Parish, Anne Arundel Co Elizabeth "Betty" Ridgely b BET 1690 AND 1695 in Anne Arundel Co dau of Henry Ridgely Jr b 30 OCT 1669 in Anne Arundel County, MD and Katherine Greenberry b 1674 in England
-1 Sarah Worthington b 2 FEB 1714/15 in Anne Arundel MD m Basil Dorsey
-2 Elizabeth Worthington b 6 OCT 1717 in Anne Arundel County, MD
-3 Catherine Worthington b 10 JUL 1720 in Anne Arundel, Md
-4 Rachel Ridgely Worthington b 28 AUG 1722
-5 Thomasine Worthington b 9 JAN 1723/24
-6 Brice Thomas Beal Worthington b: 2 NOV 1727
-7 Ariana Worthington b: 25 DEC 1729 in Anne Arundel, Md
-8 Nicholas Greenberry Worthington b 29 MAR 1734 in Anne Arundel MD
5-1-3 William Worthington b 16 APR 1694 in Anne Arundel Co Maryland d 22 NOV 1770 in Will proved,
m 5 NOV 1715 Sarah Homewood b: 20 JAN 1700/1
Children Wornel Worthington b 27 JUL 1719 in Westminster Parish, Anne Arundel
Arianna Worthington b 20 OCT 1737 in Anne Arundel Co Maryland
5-1-4 Sarah Worthington b 10 JAN 1695/96 in Anne Arundel, MD, d 16 MAR 1720/21 m Nicholas Judge Ridgely b 12 FEB 1693/94 in 'Wardridge', Anne Arundel Co Md m 26 DEC 1711 in Anne Arundel, son of Henry Ridgely , Jr b 30 OCT 1669 in Anne Arundel Co MD and Katherine Greenberry b 1674 in England -1 Rebecca Ridgely b 18 OCT 1714 in Anne Arundel, MD
-2 Rachel Ridgely b 7 FEB 1716/17
5-1-5Charles Worthington b 20 DEC 1701 in St. Margarets, Westminster, Maryland, Anne Arundel, d 24 MAR 1774 in Anne Arundel Co MD
m 12 NOV 1728 Hanutel Hammond b c 1707
m2 5 OCT 1732 Sarah Chew b 1708 in Herring Bay, Calvert Co Maryland
-1 John Worthington b: 18 JUL 1733 in Anne Arundel Co., Maryland
-2 Charles Worthington b: 6 JUL 1736
m2 John Brice b: c 1665 in Buckinghamshire, England Married: 16 DEC 1701 in Anne Arundel Co., MD Death: 24 SEP 1766 in Charles Co., MD Note: Judge of the Provincial Court. He served twice as the mayor of Annapolis 1755-1756 and 1762-1763.
5-1-6 John Brice b: 4 NOV 1705 in Anne Arundel Co., Maryland Death: 24 SEP 1766 in Charles Co., MD Sarah Frisby b: 7 DEC 1714 Married: 9 SEP 1730
Arianna Brice b: 19 JUN 1731
Sarah Brice b: 3 JUN 1735 in Anne Arundel Co., Maryland
John Brice b: 22 SEP 1738 in Anne Arundel Co., Maryland
James Brice b: 26 AUG 1746 in Annapolis, Maryland
Benedict Brice b: 1 APR 1749 in Anne Arundel, MD
Edmund Brice b: 24 NOV 1751 in Anne Arundel, MD
Margaretta Augustina Brice b: 10 JAN 1755 in Anne Arudel, Maryland
Elizabeth Brice b: 4 JUN 1757
5-1-7 Anne Brice b: 30 MAY 1708 in Anne Arundel Co., Maryland Death: 14 JUL 1765 in Anne Arundel Co., Maryland, m Vachel Denton , Esq. b: c 1696
Married: 23 NOV 1721 in Anne Arundel Co., Maryland Note: no living issue
5-1-8 Rachel Brice b: 13 APR 1711 in Anne Arundel Co Md d 11 APR 1786 in Anne Arundel Co., Md, m Philip Hammond b: 1697 in Anne Arundel Co Maryland Married: c 1728 Charles Hammond b: 1670 in Anne Arundel, MD
Mother: Hannah Howard b: 1678 He married 1st Comfort Duvall b 10 MAR 1698/99 in All Hallow's Parish, Anne Arundel, MD
Married: BEF 1728
John Hammond b: 1730
5-1-9? (shown by William Donaldson Sprigg, the author's DNA match)
Elizabeth Brice b c 1712
m John Hobbs b 1712 Anne Arundel Co Md d 1768 Frederick Co Md
-1 Leonard Hobbs b c 1739>m Hammutal Hammond b c 1750 , dau of Nathaniel Hammond b 1708 in Anne Arundel Co
-2 Joseph Hobbs b 1740 in Anne Arundel, MD d 1810 in Nelson Co Ky
m 1763 Ann Maynard b 1742 in Frederick Co MD, d 8 JAN 1793 in Nelson Co Ky dau of Thomas maynard b 1657 Anne Arundel Co MD and Anne Wright
-3 Nicholas Hobbs b 22 SEP 1746 m Elizabeth Cumming Cu8 dau of William Cumming and Sarah Coppage Co9 d 1765
-1-1 Larkin Hobbs b BET 1770 AND 1780 in Md d AFT 1840 in Pennsylvania m1 22 MAR 1799 in Baltimore Elizabeth Norwood
-1-2 Caleb Hobbs b: c 1768 in Maryland, d AFT 1850 in Sykesville, Anne Arundel, MD m1 9 NOV 1793 in Baltimore Hannah Norwood
-1-3 Amelia Hobbs b c 1770 in West Friendship, Howard, Md, d 30 JUL 1859 in Howard Co Md m 13 AUG 1791 in Baltimore Benjamin Shipley b 6 AUG 1751 in Baltimore Co MD d 22 JUL 1828 in Anne Arundel son of Richard Shipley b c 1710 and Keturah Barnes b BET 1710 AND 1715. He m1 1770 Rachel Frost b 1753
-2-1 Sarah Hobbs b 1765 in Maryland
m 24 FEB 1784 Greenbury Dorsey Do11-4-1-2-5-1 b 1764 in Baltimore, Md son of Charles Dorsey b c 1735 in Anne Arundel County, MD and Lydia Dorsey b 1740 in Anne Arundel Co MD who was dau of Nicholas Dorsey b 1712 in Baltimore, MD and Sarah Griffith b 13 MAY 1718 in Anne Arundel Co Md
-2-2 Deborah Hobbs b 25 JUL 1778, d 4 NOV 1867 in Brandenburg, Meade Co Ky m 31 MAR 1799 in Nelson Co Ky James Terrell Fontaine F06-2 b 1776
-2-3 Elizabeth Hobbs b 25 DEC 1780, d 20 DEC 1855 m 16 NOV 1807 in Frederick Co MD John Brice Maynard b c 1784 son of Thomas Maynard b c 1752 in Frederick Co MD and Sarah Beatty b c 1756 in Frederick Co MD
-3-1 Sarah Hobbs, b 3 July 1769 in Frederick Co Md. d Sep 19 1829 Anchorage Ky
m1 1790, June 29, to Samuel Lawrence La7 son of Benjamin Lawrence La8 and Urith Owings Ow8, m2 y Campbell
-2-1-1 Azel Waters Dorsey b 5 NOV 1784 in Maryland
m 5 JAN 1807 Eleanor Sprigg b ABT 1788 in Ky Married: in Nelson Co Ky d AFT 1850 in Rushville, Schuyler Co Il
-2-2-1 = Fo6-2-1 = Ho6-2-2-1 Massena Fontaine was born on 19 Jan 1800. He died on 22 Mar 1849.
Fo6-2-2 Ann Maynard "Nancy" Fontaine b 1801 Louisville. m1 Tom Lewis. m2 Charles H. Wilmans.
Fo6-2-2-1 James Edward Wilmans b 23 Nov 1829 Meade Co Ky m Matilda Taylor Robertson b 12 Apr 1829 dau of Richard Taylor Robertson b 10 Aug 1803 Glasgow Barren Ky d Elk Grove Farm Breckenridge Co Ky and Susan Louisa Bond Bate
ancestors of William Donaldson Sprigg author's DNA match
Fo6-2-3 Matilda Jane Prather Fontaine b 1803. d in 1876.
Fo6-2-4 Alexander Ralston Fontaine b about 1805. m x Nevins.
Fo6-2-5 Mary Ann Pope Fontaine b about 1807. m y Kinchloe.
Fo6-2-6 William Maury Fontaine b 6 May 1813 d 3 Sep 1864.
Fo6-2-7 Peter Fontaine was born on 27 Jun 1814. He died on 17 Sep 1884.
Fo6-2-8 Barbara Cosby Fontaine was born on 29 Dec 1818. She died on 9 Jan 1875. m1 James Lewis in 1836 in Jefferson Co KY.
Fo6-2-9 James Terrell Fontaine Jr. was born in 1819. He died in 1898. m Elizabeth Aveline Rawls daughter of Parson Daniel Rawls in 1845.
Fo6-2-10 Mary Elizabeth Grimes Fontaine b 1822 in Oldham Co KY d On a Train near Little Rock, AR. m1 y Foushee. m2 Philip C. Bell on 22 Jan 1846. Possible Descendant: William Fontaine Bell, Senior Vice President and Manager, First National Bank of Maryland, Trade Finance & International Operations units
Fo6-2-11 Martha Elizabeth Fontaine b 22 Jun 1824. d 26 Nov 1912
-2-3-1 Elizabeth Maynard b c 1810 in Maryland, m 24 NOV 1829 in Frederick Co MD Amon Riggs b 30 JUN 1808 in Md
-2-3-2 Thomas Greenberry Maynard b c 1811 in Frederick Co m 30 SEP 1834 in Frederick Co Arianna Dorsey Sollers b 23 AUG 1814
-3-1-1 Urith Owings Lawrence b 1791 d 1854)
m James Brown III Br6
5-2 John Howard b ABT 1670 in Broadneck Hundred, Anne Arundel Md d 6 DEC 1702 in St. Margaret's Parish Westminster Prince Georges Maryland
m Susannah Rockhold/Rockhould b c 1670 in Anne Arundel Co Maryland Married: 1685 in St. Margaret's Parish Westminster Prince Georges
5-2-1 John Howard b 1688, d APR 1746 in Will probated Anne Arundel, Maryland , Marriage before 1713 Ruth Katherine Hill b c 1674 in Anne Arundel County, MD -1?
5-2-2 Matthew Howard b c 1690 in Anne Arundel, MD d 7 NOV 1750 in will probated Kent Co Maryland Occupation: Planter
m after 1736 Elizabeth Corse b 1717 in Kent Co MD dau of James Corse and Ann Beck
-1 James Howard b 14 Apr 1752 d 8 Dec 1802 Prather Creek of the Rolling Fork Washington Ky m Mary Margaret Wilson b 1760 MD d 1820 Hardin Ky -1-1 Charles Howard b about 1775 St Marys Md d 1845 Daviess Ky m Frances Thompson b 1774 Charles Co MD d 1850 Daviess Co KY dau of Joseph Thompson b 1750 Charles Co MD d Washington Co KY and Elizabeth Brooke b 1759 Frederick Co MD d 14 Dec 1793 Charles Co MD (mother also shown as Ann Nevitt b St Marys Co MD d 1804 Washington Co KY dau of John Nevitt b 1723 Pr Geo Co MD and Ann Gates b 1728)
-1-2 Richard Howard b 1791 d 1879 m1 Morning x b 1806 d 1825 m2 Louisa Howard b 1804 d 1895
-1-3 William Howard b 1873
-1-4 Mary Howard b 1773
-1-5 Mollie Howard b 1778
-1-6 Catherine Howard b 1778 d 1849
-1-7 Susanna Howard b 1780
-1-8 Isabel Howard b 1801 d 1862
-1-9 Jam34s Howard b 1803 d 1883
-1-10 Tresea/Triecey Howard
-1-11 Annie Howard
-1-1-1 William Francis Howard b 1807 Washington Ky d 1846 Daviess/Hardin Co Ky m Ann Mason b 1 Apr 1799 d 26 Aug 1848 Davies ?IN
-1-1-2 Aloysius Howard b 1815 Washington KY d 1862 Davies KY m Martha Ann Shanks b Union Co KY 1824 d Daviess, KY Oct. 7, 1912
-1-2-1 Cyrus Howard b 1825 d 1862
-1-2-2 Richard Aloysius Howard b 26 Sep 1832 Davies KY d there 1892 m Mary Brown b 10 Sep 1835 St Vincent Perry Co MO d ther 24 Feb 1922
-1-2-3 Charles Howard b 1834 d 1896
-1-2-4 James Howard b 1836 d 1877
-1-2-5 Louisa/?Louise Howard b 1836/?8 d 1913/?1892
-1-2-6 Basil Howard b 1837 d 1897
-1-2-7 William Howard b 1841 d 1910
-1-2-8 Ann Howard b 1843 d 1908
-1-2-9 George Howard b 1846 d 1888
-1-2-10 Lucinda Howard b 1847 d 1858
-1-1-1-1 George William Howard b 28 Aug 1827 Ky d 28 May 1888 Daviess Ky m Delphania Ann Alvey b 20 Jul 1831 Rainyville Hardin Co KY d 6 Sep 1906 Daviess Co KY
-1-1-2-1 Teresa Howard b 1853 d 1929 m Charles Cecil b 1858
-1-2-2-1 Thomas Howard b 1854/?7 d 1900/?30
-1-2-2-2 Basel Howard b 1859 d 1879
-1-2-2-3 Frances Howard b 1862 d 1952
-1-2-2-4 Charles Howard b 1866 d 1940
-1-2-2-5 Phillip Howard b 1868 d 1933
-1-2-2-6 Sarah Howard b 1870 d 1953 m Zachariah Johnson b 1869 d 1948
-1-2-2-7 Louise Howard b 1874 d 1943
-1-2-2-8 Mary Howard b 1877 d 1945
-1-2-2-9 James Howard b 1883 d 1940
-1-1-1-1-1 James Henry Howard b 5 Apr 1850 Daviess Ky d 22 Sep 1945 Fordsville Ohio Co Ky m Sarah Olivia Thurman
-1-1-2-1-1 Joseph Cecil b 1882 d 1906
-1-1-2-1-2 Carl Cecil b 1883 d 1947
-1-1-2-1-3 Aloysius Cecil b 1884 d 1952
-1-1-2-1-4 Mary Cecil b 1888 d 1970 m Boyd Helm b 1886 d 1968
-1-1-2-1-5 James Cecil b 1890 d 1981
-1-1-2-1-6 Charles Cecil b 1892 d 1969
-1-1-2-1-7 Louis Cecil b 1886 d 1962 m Martha Stephens b 1889 d 1928
-1-2-2-6-1 Jerry Johnson b 1894 d 1964 m Demita Jacobs b 1907 d 2002
-1-2-2-6-2 Fred Johnson b 1894 d 1968
-1-1-1-1-1-1 William Thomas Howard b 26 Mar 1880 Ohio Co Ky m Lee Verta Westerfield -1-1-1-1-1-1-1 Beulah Ree Howard b 4 Sep 1911 Fordsville m Johnie Vanburen Baker b 6 Nov 1909 Fordsville Oh d 5 Feb 1987 Linton Greene Co IN
-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1 Verta Ellen Baker m Kenneth Hugh Marlow (a distant Howard cousin) b 14 Nov 1926 parents of author's DNA match
-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-2 living Baker = parent of Judy Carolyn Stiefel, author's DNA match
5-2-2-1 Susanna 'Susan' Howard b: c 1737
5-2-2-2 James Howard b 1738 in Anne Arundel possibly father of: -1 Ruth Howard b 15 Nov 1780 Anson NC m James Lindsey he m1 Elizabeth Lindsey -1-1 JSAMUEL LINDSEY, b. 1801
-1-2 JOHN LINDSEY, b 1803
-1-3 William Lindsey b 21 Nov 1807 NC d 29 Nov 1871 Milam Tx m Elizabeth Lewis
-1-4 CLEMONT LINDSEY, b Feb 23, 1811 d. Aug 9, 1876 m MARGARET CUNNINGHAM b Dec 7, 1820
-1-5 ELIZA LINDSEY, b. 1814
-1-6 JAMES LINDSEY, b. 1817
-1-3-1 William Lindsey b 21 Nov 1807 NC d 29 Nov 1871 Milam Tx m Elizabeth Lewis
-1-4-1 SAMUEL HOWARD SR. LINDSEY b. Sep 14, 1841 d Aug 24, 1928 m MARGARET MATILDA GOODRUM b Aug 27, 1842
-1-4-2 RUTH RICHARDSON LINDSEY b Aug 01, 1844
-1-4-5 ELIZA JANE LINDSEY, b. Oct 02, 1855
-1-4-6 MOLLIE LINDSEY, b. Aug 25, 1864
-1-3-1-1 John Thoomas Lindsey b 24 Aug 1851 Rockford Coosa AL d Gilmer 30 Mar 1935
-1-4-1-1 JOHN CLEMONT LINDSEY b Sep 1, 1867 d Sep 13, 1956
-1-4-1-2 JAMES RICHARD LINDSEY b Feb 07, 1870 d October 10, 1950
-1-4-1-3 SAMUEL HOWARD JR. LINDSEY b Jul 16, 1872 d May 14, 1950
-1-4-1-4 MARY EDITH LINDSEY b Feb 14, 1875
-1-4-1-5 LAURA LINDSEY, b. Apr 10, 1878
-1-4-1-6 ISAAC PATTEN LINDSEY b Dec 25 1880 d Jun 9, 1942
-1-4-1-7 RUEBEN LINDSEY, b. Jan 1883.
-1-4-1-8 MINNIE D. LINDSEY b Dec 29, 1885
-1-3-1-1-1 Joseph Milam Lindsey b 19 Aug 1885 Milam Tx
-1-3-1-1-1-1 Horace Joseph Linsey b 9 Aug 1910 Gilmer d 2012 Salt Lake City Ut DNA match of William Ellis
5-2-2-3 John Howard b 1739
5-2-3 Gideon Howard b c 1693 in "Westminster", Prince Georges, MD d 23 JUL 1752 in "Westminster", Prince Georges, MD Note: Note: From Person Report, 26 August 1996, received from Ina Willingham, Original source unknown: "June 24, 1734, Gideon purchased "Andover" lying on the south side of the Patapsco River from Ruth and Lawrence Hammond. Dec. 2, 1738, Gideon deeded to his sons, John, Matthew and Samuel, various slaves. 1743, he purchased from Sarah Owings, widow of Richard of Baltimore Co., "Knowles Purchase". 1748, he purchased "Day's Discovery" situated on the draughts of the Patuxent back of Elk Ridge. Gideon dated his will March 10, 1752, which was probated in Anne Arundel Co. on July 23, 1752. Executrix was his widow, Lydia Howard. Gideon left his land called "Day's Discovery" to his second wife, Lidea, for the remainded of her life. Then it was to go to his son, Philip. On Feb 28, 1774, Lydia Howard and son Philip conveyed to Edward Gaither a portion of "Day's Discovery". Mary, the wife of Phillip, waived her dower rights. Gideon's sons went to North Carolina.
m?3 Hannah Orrick (shown by Margaret Elaine Clements Gardner as ancestor)
m1- Lydia Holland
m2 1723 in Anne Arundel Co Hannah Greniffe b 21 JAN 1688/89 in Anne Arundel Co., Maryland
5-2-3-1 Margaret Winford Howard b 1726
5-2-3-2Matthew Howard b c 1727 in Anne Arundel, MD
m Catherine ?Howard b 1725 d 1768
-1 Benjamin Howard b 1755 Frederick Co MD d 1835 Madison Co KY m Rebecca Turner b 1762 d 1831 -1-1 Thomas Howard b 1788 Madison Co KY d 1864 Franklin Co TN m Henrietta Embrey -1-1-1 Florinda Howard b 1810 d 1852 m1 Luther Matthew Clements b 1800 Charles Co MD d 1848 Franklin Co TN m2 James Estill b 1800 -1-1-1-1 Thomas Clements b 1826 d 1892 m Frances Slaton -1-1-1-1-1 Arthur Clements b 1875 m Ruby Danforth b 1887 d 1923 -1-1-1-1-1-1 Thomas Clements b 1913 d 1987 m Margaret Jacobs b 1917 d 2012 dau of Robert Jacobs b 1892 d 1947 and Elizabeth Nash -1-1-1-1-1-1-1 Margaret Elaine Clements author's DNA match m Donald Gardner
5-2-4 Lemuel Howard b c 1695, d 6 JUN 1759 in Baltimore Co, Maryland
m1 Katherine Greniffe b c 1706
m2 Ann Ward b c 1710 Married: 11 JAN 1729/30 in Baltimore , MD
5-2-4-1 Benjamin Howard b 12 SEP 1731 in Baltimore Co
5-2-5? possibly here was
Philip Howard b 1703 Anne Arundel Md d 1785 Surry Co NC
m Mary Childress b 1704 d 1744
-1 Abraham HOWARD b c 1728 in VA m Jane Allen b c 1740 Surry Co NC
-2 John HOWARD Sr b c 1730 d 1797 in Greene Co TN m1 x + 3 ch m2 Hannah x + 4 ch
-3 William HOWARD
-2-1 Lt John HOWARD Jr b c 1751 in VA or NC d 1820 Rhea Co TN DAR Patriot NC/TN m1 c 1778 Sarah ?ROBERTS + 9 ch p2 Rebecca BRITTAIN + 1 ch
-2-2 Abraham HOWARD b c 1758 in VA or NC d after 1795 m c 1780 Lydia STEWART b c 1760 in Rowan Co NC dau of Joseph STEWART b: c 1730 in Yadkin, NC and Sarah GILBERT b c 1734 in Yadkin, NC
-2-3 William HOWARD b c 1760 m 22 Jul 1791 Greene Co TN
-2-4 Hannah HOWARD b c 1772 in NC m 1 FEB 1791 1 in Jefferson Co TN Jesse DAY b 25 SEP 1771
-2-5 Elizabeth HOWARD b 28 NOV 1776 m c 1794 John Jr. DAY b 31 JAN 1768 in Botetout Co VA
-2-6 Patty HOWARD
-2-7 Johanna HOWARD
-1-1-1 Susannah Howard b 1767 Russell Va d 185 Russell m Abner Vance Sr son of Levi Vance b 1734 NC and Mary B McDonald b 1738 NC
-2-1-1 John HOWARD III b c 1779
-2-1-2 Abraham HOWARD b c 1780
-2-1-3 Mary HOWARD b c 1782
-2-1-4 Nancy HOWARD b c 1784 in TN
-2-1-5 Sarah HOWARD b c 1786 in Washington Co TN
-2-1-6 Hannah ? HOWARD b c 1790
-2-1-7 William HOWARD b c 1792 in TN d 1836 m 18 May 1813 Jefferson Co TN Frances (Fanny) MOORE b c 1795 in Botetourt County, VA
-2-1-8 Samuel HOWARD b c 1795 in TN
-2-1-9 Jane "Jenny" HOWARD b c 1796 in Jefferson Co TN m 14 FEB 1816 3 in Jefferson Co Robert MOORE b: c 1786 in Botetourt Co VA son of James Moore Jr b c 1748 and Elizabeth x
-2-1-10 Elizabeth HOWARD b c 1794 in Jefferson Co. TN m 18 JUL 1816 3 in Jefferson Co Levi CARTER b 1795 in Cherokee Nation, TN son of Nathan Carter
-2-2-1 John HOWARD b c 1781 in Washington Co TN d 7 Jul 1827 Madison Co IL m 19 Jun 1810 Jane VAN HOOSER b 6 MAR 1792 in Montgomery Co. VA sis of Abraham s.b.
-2-2-2 Elizabeth HOWARD b c 1783 in Washington Co. TN m c 1802 in TN John MATTHEWS b 20 FEB 1780 in Chatham Co NC d 25 Oct 1822 Overton Co TN
-2-2-3 Martha HOWARD b c 1785 m Isaac Renfro
-2-2-4 Sarah HOWARD b c 1787 in Green Co TN d 18 Jul 1853 Madison Co Il m Valentine van Hooser son of Abraham van Hooser and Mary Williams
-2-2-5 Abraham HOWARD Jr b c 1789 m Martha "Patsey" Anderson
-2-2-6 Nancy HOWARD b 19 DEC 1791 in Green Co TN d 12 Feb 1859 m c 1809 in Overton Co TN Abraham van Hooser bro of Valentine s.a.
-2-2-7 William HOWARD b c 1793 in Jefferson Co TN d Sep 1855 m 29 May 1818 Madison Co Il Elizabeth Reece
-2-2-8 Joseph HOWARD b 9 MAR 1795 in Jefferson Co d 2 Feb 1875 m c 1820 Jenny MCALILLEY b c 1800
-2-3-1? possibly here was: Abraham Howard
-2-4-1 John DAY b 25 SEP 1792 in Hawkins Co TN d 7 Apr 1863 Rhea Co TN m1 17 MAY 1816 in Rhea Co Jane HENRY b 17 SEP 1793 + 5 ch m2 15 SEP 1835 Sarah CROWDER b 17 NOV 1810 m3 20 FEB 1841 Louise A. HOLLAND m4 17 JAN 1843 Rachael NEWMAN b 15 OCT 1817 + 3 ch
-2-4-2 Sarah DAY b 23 JUN 1794 in Jefferson Co. TN
-2-4-3 David DAY b 25 DEC 1795 in Jefferson Co. TN
-2-4-4 Mary (Polly) DAY b: 26 JAN 1798 in Jefferson Co. TN
-2-4-5 Suzanna DAY b 28 JAN 1800 in Jefferson Co. TN
-2-4-6 Jesse Jr. DAY b 17 SEP 1804 in Jefferson or Rhea Co TN
-2-4-7 Hettie DAY b 18 SEP 1807
-2-4-8 Elizabeth (Betty) DAY b 30 JUN 1809
-2-4-9 Joseph DAY b 11 AUG 1811
-2-4-10 Nancy DAY
-2-4-11 Emeline DAY
-2-4-12 Hannah DAY
-2-4-13 Isaac DAY
-2-5-1 John DAY III b 15 JAN 1795 in Jefferson Co TN m Frances HOLDAWAY b in Jefferson Co TN
-2-5-2 William DAY
-2-5-3 Elizabeth DAY m Steven E Johnson
-2-5-4 David C. DAY
-2-5-5 Eliza DAY
-2-5-6 Samuel DAY
-2-5-7 Isaac Newton DAY
-2-5-8 Thomas DAY
-2-5-9 Lemuel DAY d Red River Co TX m1 JUL 1827 Mary SENTER + 2 ch m2 26 JUL 1849 Mary GOWAN m3 Sallie SMITH
-1-1-1-1 Tabitha Vance b c 1803 Tazewell Va de 25 Sep 1875 Washington Co Va m Francis Browning b 25 Dec 1780 Washington Co Va
-2-1-7-1 Allison HOWARD b c 1815 in Rhea Co. TN d 1879 in Ooltewah, Bradley Co. TN m Josephine C. b: c 1825
-2-1-7-2 Pauline (Pleaney) HOWARD b: 7 SEP 1817 in Jefferson Co. or Rhea Co. TN d JUN 1899 in Rosston, Cooke Co TX m c 1837 in Bradley Co TN John M AIRHEART b 27 SEP 1815 in Rhea Co. TN
-2-1-7-3 Bradley HOWARD b: 19 OCT 1821 m 20 DEC 1854 Sarah A. GRAY b in VA
-2-1-7-4 Commodore Perry (Perry) HOWARD b DEC 1825 in Rhea Co TN m Melvina x b c 1835 in TN
-2-1-7-5 Hamilton C. HOWARD b c 1826 in Tennessee d IN m1 x + 1 ch m2 Alvina A xb c 1838 IN+ 2 ch
-2-1-7-6 Samuel P. HOWARD b: SEP 1828 in Rhea Co. TN d 2 AUG 1902 in Bradley Co m Mary Tine HAMBRIGHT b: 2 FEB 1836 in Bradley Co ? TN
-2-1-7-7 William Lafayette HOWARD b: c 1832 in Rhea Co TN d 18 AUG 1910 in Fort Worth, Tarrent Co TX m1 c 1855 in Bradley Co Mary SMITH + 7 ch m2 c 1885 Mary WHITTLE + 4 ch
-2-1-7-8 Elizabeth (Salina) HOWARD b: c 1833 d unm
-2-1-9-1 Eleanor MOORE b 9 JUN 1817 in Jefferson County, TN
-2-1-9-2 James Madison MOORE b 7 SEP 1819 in Jefferson County, TN
-2-1-9-3 Mary Manerva MOORE b 1822 in Jefferson County, TN
-2-1-9-4 Andrew MOORE b 16 NOV 1824 in Jefferson County, TN
-2-1-9-5 Robert Patterson MOORE b 27 DEC 1827 in Jefferson County, TN
-2-1-9-6 Eliza J. MOORE b c 1829 in Jefferson County, TN
-2-1-9-7 Elizabeth MOORE b c 1835 in Jefferson County, TN
-2-1-9-8 Samuel Jackson MOORE b 7 MAY 1838 in Jefferson Co
-2-1-10-1 Nathan CARTER
-2-1-10-2 Elizabeth CARTER b 1819
-2-1-10-3 Sarah CARTER b 1821
-2-1-10-4 Rutha CARTER b 1822
-2-1-10-5 John CARTER b 1823
-2-1-10-6 Betsie CARTER
-2-1-10-7 Matilda CARTER
-2-1-10-8 Alexander CARTER b c 1830
-2-1-10-9 Rachel CARTER b 1 MAR 1829
-2-2-1-1 Abraham HOWARD b 8 MAY 1811 in Madison Co. IL
-2-2-1-2 Riley HOWARD b 18 JAN 1813 in Madison Co. IL
-2-2-1-3 Elizabeth HOWARD b 22 JUL 1814 in Madison Co. IL
-2-2-1-4 Melinda HOWARD b 7 NOV 1816 in Madison Co. IL
-2-2-1-5 Araminta HOWARD b 25 FEB 1819 in Madison Co. IL
-2-2-1-6 Louisa HOWARD b 21 SEP 1821 in Madison Co. IL
-2-2-1-7 William HOWARD b 9 JUL 1823 in Madison Co. IL
-2-2-1-8 Mary Ann HOWARD b 17 JUL 1825 in Madison Co IL
-2-2-1-9 John HOWARD b 6 FEB 1827 in Madison Co IL
-2-2-2-1 Abraham MATTHEWS b 13 FEB 1803
-2-2-2-2 Lydia MATTHEWS b 20 NOV 1805
-2-2-2-3 Pertany MATTHEWS b 4 FEB 1807
-2-2-2-4 James MATTHEWS b 30 OCT 1808
-2-2-2-5 William MATTHEWS b 22 JUL 1811
-2-2-2-6 Laurence MATTHEWS b 23 MAR 1813
-2-2-2-7 Elizabeth MATTHEWS b 15 JUL 1816
-2-2-2-8 Richard MATTHEWS b 9 OCT 1818
-2-2-2-9 Permelia MATTHEWS b 19 AUG 1821
-2-2-5-1 John HOWARD b c 1806 in Overton Co. TN d 1 Feb 1849 Madison Co IL m 29 May 1828 Nancy East
-2-2-5-2 Elizabeth HOWARD b 1808/1809
-2-2-5-3 Elisha HOWARD b 1808/1809 m Elizabeth MAHON
-2-2-5-4 Sarah HOWARD b 1811 in Madison Co IL
-2-2-5-5 Martha HOWARD b 1813 in Madison Co IL
-2-2-5-6 William Jackson HOWARD b c 1815 in Madison Co IL
-2-2-5-7 Nancy Ann HOWARD b c 1817 in Madison Co IL
-2-2-5-8 Roland Allen HOWARD b 24 NOV 1819 in Madison Co IL m Rachel Olinger
-2-2-5-9 Louisa Maria HOWARD b c 1826 in Madison Co IL m 17 Feb 1845 Madison Co Charles Rosemyer b c 1826 Germany
-2-2-5-10 Caroline HOWARD b c 1825 in Madison Co IL
-2-2-5-11 Abraham HOWARD III b 1827 in Madison Co IL
-2-2-5-12 Evaline HOWARD b 1830 in Madison Co. IL
-2-2-8-1 Samuel Jonathon HOWARD b 1 JAN 1825 d 19 Apr 1892 m Alice Plum Holland b 15 Feb 1834
-2-3-1-1 John Amos Howard b 21 Sep1829 Bedford Co VA d there 2 Apr 1894 m Cleopatra Alice Powell b VA Aug. 11, 1826 d Forest, Bedford, VA Jun. 18, 1909 dau of Abraham Powel and Margaret Whitten b 1786/90
-2-4-1-1 Pauline DAY b 3 MAR 1817
-2-4-1-2 Addison Carrick DAY b 25 JUL 1821 in Rhea Co TN
-2-4-1-3 John Fletcher DAY b 10 FEB 1822 in Rhea Co TN
-2-4-1-4 Mary Jane DAY b 13 FEB 1827
-2-4-1-5 Elbert Sevier DAY b 1 OCT 1830 in Rhea co TN
-2-4-1-6 Emily H. DAY b c 1844
-2-4-1-7 Tennessee N. DAY b c 1846
-2-4-1-8 Hannah P. DAY b c 1848
-2-5-9-1 Elizabeth Jane DAY b 1831
-2-5-9-2 Clara Ann DAY b 1841
-1-1-1-1-1 Amy Ann Browning b 1809 Oilville Kanawha Va d 29 Apr 1895 Logan WV m William Henry Ellis ancestors of Teresa Ellis, author's DNA match
-2-1-7-1-1 George W. HOWARD b c 1857
-2-1-7-2-1 William Leonard AIRHEART b 13 AUG 1839 in Cleveland, Bradley Co TN
-2-1-7-2-2 James AIRHEART b 1842 in Bradley Co TN
-2-1-7-2-3 Theodore Peter (T.P.) AIRHEART b 15 OCT 1843 in Cleveland, Bradley Co TN
-2-1-7-2-4 Mary (Mollie) C. AIRHEART b 1845 in Bradley Co. TN
-2-1-7-2-5 Frances Jane AIRHEART b 4 OCT 1846 in Bradley Co. TN
-2-1-7-2-6 Henry Regan AIRHEART b 12 AUG 1848 in Cleveland, Bradley Co. TN
-2-1-7-3-1 Louis N. HOWARD b 1858
-2-1-7-3-2 Elizabeth (Lizzie) HOWARD b 1861
-2-1-7-3-3 William HOWARD b 1867
-2-1-7-3-4 Robert HOWARD b 1869
-2-1-7-4-1 Lavinia HOWARD b 1854
-2-1-7-4-2 Fanny M HOWARD b 1856
-2-1-7-4-3 Calvin HOWARD b 1860
-2-1-7-4-4 Albert HOWARD b c 1865
-2-1-7-4-5 Mary E. HOWARD b c 1870
-2-1-7-5-1 James A. HOWARD b: c 1846 in TN
-2-1-7-5-2 George W. HOWARD b: 1862 in Indiana
-2-1-7-5-3 Mary E. HOWARD b 1865 in Indiana
-2-1-7-6-1 Vesta J. HOWARD b: 1857
-2-1-7-6-2 Fanny HOWARD b: 1859
-2-1-7-6-3 William HOWARD b: 1863
-2-1-7-6-4 John A. HOWARD b: 1866 in Bradley Co.
-2-1-7-6-5 Hiram H. (Elba) HOWARD b: 1869 in Bradley Co. TN
-2-1-7-6-6 Lee HOWARD
-2-1-7-6-7 Lena HOWARD
-2-1-7-7-1 Elbert HOWARD b: 8 MAY 1856
-2-1-7-7-2 Martha HOWARD b: 1858
-2-1-7-7-3 Farazina HOWARD b: 1859
-2-1-7-7-4 William Bradley HOWARD b 1866
-2-1-7-7-5 Joseph Smith HOWARD b 1869
-2-1-7-7-6 Usera HOWARD b: 1872
-2-1-7-7-7 Warren DeKalb HOWARD b: 1874
-2-1-7-7-8 Clifford HOWARD b: c 1888
-2-1-7-7-9 Laura HOWARD b: c 1890
-2-1-7-7-10 Burton HOWARD b: c 1893
-2-1-7-7-11 Eric HOWARD b: c 1898
-2-2-5-3-1 Angaline Mahon HOWARD b c 1845
-2-2-5-3-2 Nancy HOWARD b c 1847
-2-2-5-3-3 Sarah HOWARD b c 1849
-2-2-5-3-4 Theodore HOWARD b c 1851
-2-3-1-1-1 Eliza Howard b 1860 d 1942 m Fleet Cox b 13 Feb 1851 Liberty Bedford Co VA d 1918
-2-3-1-1-2 Charles Howard
-2-3-1-1-3 M Howard
-2-3-1-1-4 William Howard
-2-3-1-1-5 Virginia Howard b 1867
-2-3-1-1-6 Rosa Howard b 1865 d 1932
-2-3-1-1-7 Allen Howard
-2-3-1-1-8 John Howard b 1856
-2-3-1-1-9 Louisa Howard b 1854
-2-3-1-1-10 Sarah Howard b 1852
-2-3-1-1-11 Martha Howard b 1850
-2-3-1-1-12 VA Howard

-2-3-1-1-1-1 John Cox b 23 Apr 1883 d Roanoke VA m Ida Moore b 26 Jan 1881 Bedford Co d 1930 Roanoke dau of Edward Moore b 1852 m Virginia Witt b 1861
-2-3-1-1-1-1-1 Alvin Cox b 1909 d 1974 m Mildred Blevins b 1918 d 1990 grandparents of Deena Kicera, author's DNA match
5-3 Matthew Howard b c 1675 in Anne Arundel d c 1700 in Anne Arundel Md
Ho12-6 Mary Howard b 1647 in Anne Arundel, MD, b 6 APR 1721 in will probated Anne Arundel, Maryland
m1 Thomas Roper b 1639 VA d 26 Oct 1677 Will prob AA MD
m2 John Hammond b 5 DEC 1643 in Isle of Wight, England, d 24 NOV 1707 in Anne Arundel, Md bur St. Anne's Church Yard, Annapolis, Maryland Military Service: Major General
+1 William Roper b c 1612 England
m Katherine Graves b c 1620 Hungars Parish Northampton VA d by 4 Jul 1668 Calvert/Pr Geo Co MD she m1 Thomas Sprigg b 1630 Kettering Northampton England
+2 y Roper b c 1575 +3 y Roper b c 1550
-a? Cecilia Roper b 1542 m Norton Greene b 1536 Bobbing Manor Kent
+4 y Roper b c 15435
Ho12-6-1 Mary Roper b c 1671 in Anne Arundel Co MD
m Cornelius Howard b c 1664 in South River, Anne Arundel, MD
Ho12-6-1-1 Charles Howard b c 1692
m Mary Selby b c 1692 m1 9 DEC 1718 in Christ Church, Calvert, MD wid of Otho Holland b 3 JAN 1691/92 in Anne Arundel , MD
-1 Benjamin Howard b 1 JUL 1716 in Annapolis, Anne Arundel MD m Eleanor Maccubbin b c 1716 in Anne Arundel MD
Ho12-6-1-2 Thomas Howard b c 1695 in Anne Arundel Md d c 2 Nov 1729 Charles Co MD
m1 c 1713 Elizabeth Douglass b 26 APR 1673 in Charles Co MD
m2 Priscilla Selby b c 1700 + 2 ch dau of John Selby b c 1678 and Hester x b c 1678
-a Mary Selby b c 1692 m1 9 DEC 1718 in Christ Church, Calvert, MD m1 Otho Holland b: 3 JAN 1691/92 in Anne Arundel , MD
m2 1 AUG 1715 in St. Anne's, Anne Arundle Co Charles Howard b c 1692
-a-1 Prudence Holland b 7 SEP 1719 in Prince George, MD m c 1748 in Prince Georges Co Joseph Williams b: c 1720 in Prince Georges Co. , MD
-a-1-1 Otho Holland Williams b 1 MAR 1748/49 in Prince Georges Co MD
-a-1-2 Elie Williams b 1750 in Washington Co MD
-a-2 Benjamin Howard b 1 JUL 1716 in Annapolis, Anne Arundel MD m Eleanor Maccubbin b c 1716 in Anne Arundel MD
-1 Margaret Howard b c 1714.
-2 Thomas Howard b 18 JUN 1719 in Anne Arundel MD d Jul 1786 Montgomery Co MD m Susanna Gilpin b c 1712
-3 Vachel Howard b c 1725 in Anne Arundel m Jane Denune b 30 Jul 1732 Pr Geo Co MD

-2-1 William Howard b c 1745 Pr Geo Co MD d c 1835 Rowan NC m c 1767 in Montgomery Co MD Amelia Nancy Summers b 11 May 1746 Montgomery Co d 6 Dec 1797 Rowan Co

-2-1-1 William Howard b c 1768 MD d Apr 1803 ?NC m c 1794 Pr Geo Co MD Sarah Prather b 17 Feb 1774 dau of Thomas Henry Franklin Prather b 12 Jun 1740 in Montgomery Co MD and Eleanor Rachel Gaither b c 1745 MD
-2-1-2 John Howard b c 1772 d 1803 Rowan Co NC m 26 Jan 1795 Rowand Co Martha Gaither b c 1772

-2-1-1-1 Greenberry HOWARD
-2-1-1-2 Alvin Branson HOWARD b 1801 NC d 8 Dec 1845 Iredell Co NC m Elizabeth Lovelace + 10 ch
-2-1-1-3 Anna HOWARD

-2-1-1-2-1 Caroline Tabitha HOWARD b 7 NOV 1829 in NC d 15 Apr 1902 Iredell Co NC m Asa Burgess Friarson Gaither
-2-1-1-2-2 Mary Elizabeth HOWARD m y Mims

-2-1-1-2-1-1 Dr John Gaither b c 1848 NC physician
-2-1-1-2-1-2 Mary Gaither b c 1851 NC
-2-1-1-2-1-3 Lizzie Gaither b c 1851 NC
-2-1-1-2-1-4 Clay Gaither b c 1853 NC
-2-1-1-2-1-5 Angie Drusilla GAITHER b c 1857 NC m John Enos COLVERT/CALVERT
Ho12-6-1-3 John Howard b 1698 in St Annes Parish, Ann Arundel Co MD bur 20 Mar 1805 St Johns Parish Baltimore Co
m 17 SEP 1732 in All Hallow's Parish, Anne Arundel Elizabeth Gassaway b 28 MAR 1702
-1 John Beale Howard b: 1735 in Baltimore, MD m 18 APR 1765 in Baltimore Blanche Carvill Hall b 27 FEB 1742/43 in Baltimore, MD
-2 Thomas Gassaway Howard b c 1740 d 9 Aug 1803 Baltimore Co m24 FEB 1765 in Baltimore Co Frances Holland b: 9 MAY 1741 in Baltimore Co , Maryland
-1-1 Elizabeth Howard b 7 SEP 1767 in Baltimore/ Harford Co MD d 13 Nov 1848 Baltimore m 14 JUN 1795 in Harford Co Rev Benjamin Vincent Richardson b 2 NOV 1771 in Baltimore Co, Maryland
-1-2 John Beale Howard b 3 APR 1770 in Baltimore Co d 25 Dec 1835 m 28 SEP 1796 Margaretta West b c 1770
-2-1 Thomas Gassaway Howard b 24 AUG 1773 in Baltimore MD d 1806 Hartford MD m 2 APR 1793 in Harford Co Martha Susanna Tolley b c 1775
-2-2 Sarah Howard b c 1784 d by 1850 m 20 DEC 1803 in Harford, MD Edward B. Bussey b: in Harford Co., MD m2 6 MAR 1809 in Baltimore George Goldsmith Presbury III b: 1784 in Maryland
-2-3 Susanna Howard b 1779 in Baltimore d by 1837 m 21 MAY 1799 in Baltimore James Walter Tolley b: c 1776 in Baltimore or Harford Co., Maryland m2 22 OCT 1810 in First Methodist Episcopal Church, Baltimore Nathan Hanson b: c 1791 in Charles Co., MD
-1-1-1 Hon Beale Howard Richardson b 1800 in Baltimore Co MD b 4 Jan 1877 Baltimore Co m 8 OCT 1832 in Baltimore Mary Peters b: 1810 m2 Catherine Jane Peters b: 12 SEP 1812 in Baltimore Co, MD
-1-1-2 Benjamin Vincent Richardson b 18 AUG 1811 in Baltimore d aft 1880 Baltimore m c 1849 Martha Dushane b 4 JUL 1827
-1-2-1 Julia Ann West Howard b 20 SEP 1798 in Baltimore Co MD d 16 Jun 1847 m25 JUL 1823 in Baltimore Dr David Sterett Gittings b 17 AUG 1797 in Baltimore Co, Maryland
-1-2-2 Charles William Howard b 1800 in Baltimore Co d by 1850 m 22 SEP 1834 in Harford Co Amanda Zana Slade b: 27 NOV 1807 in Harford Co., Maryland
-2-1-1 Cordelia Frances Howard b 13 NOV 1795 in Harford Co MD d aft 1850 Baltimore m Edward Bussey Stansbury b: 1791 in Harford Co., Maryland
-2-1-2 Thomas Gassaway Howard b 2 DEC 1798 in Harford, MD d aft 1860 Hartford M Margaret Maulsby b c 1807 Hartford Co MD
-2-2-1 Frances 'Fanny' Priscilla Presbury b 18 SEP 1817 in MD d 4 Feb 1877 Baltimore m Capt Thomas Love b 27 AUG 1803 in Baltimore , MD son of Thomas Love and Martha Worthington b: 9 JAN 1775
-2-3-1 James Walter Tolley b c 1806 m Mary Brown b 1811
-1-1-1-1 Augusta Howard Richardson b: 18 APR 1836 in Baltimore Co MD d 18 Nov 1875 m John Slade Howard -1-2-2-1 b 25 Jun 1835 Hartford Co MD
-1-1-1-2 Francis Asbury Richardson b c 1837 in Baltimore Co MD d 10 Oct 1886 DC m Margaret West Howard b 4 Feb 1837 Hartford Co
-1-1-1-3 Eliza 'Lizzie' Richardson b: 1849 in Baltimore Co d aft 1880 m Isaiah P Burgess b c 1843 PA
-1-1-2-1 Harry RICHARDSON Son b May 1854 MD R. R. Clerk d aft 1920 m aft 1911 Margaret H Hambleton b c Aug 1863
-1-1-2-2 Jennie RICHARDSON b c 1859 MD
-1-1-2-3 Wesley RICHARDSON b c 1862 MD Tel Operator
-1-1-2-4 Florence RICHARDSON b c 1865 MD
-1-1-2-5 Carrie RICHARDSON b c 1870 MD
-1-1-2-6 Benjamin RICHARDSON b c 1873 MD
-1-2-1-1 Mary Gittings b 1824
-1-2-1-2 Margaret Gittings b 1828
-1-2-1-3 Richard James Gittings b 1830 in Baltimore Co MD
-1-2-1-4 David Gittings b 1835
-1-2-1-5 Howard Gittings b 1837
-1-2-1-6 Louisa Gittings b 1840
-1-2-1-7 Charlotte Gittings b 25 OCT 1842
-1-2-2-1 John Slade Howard b 25 JUN 1835 in Harford Co MD d 11 Mar 1871 Hartford Co MD m FEB 1860 in Baltimore Augusta Howard Richardson -1-1-1-1 b 18 APR 1836 in Baltimore Co, Maryland
-1-2-2-2 Margaret West Howard b 4 FEB 1837 in Harford Co m 15 Jan 1861 Francis Asbury Richardson b c1837 in Baltimore Co
-1-2-2-3 Richard McGaw Howard b 31 MAY 1840 in Harford Co
-2-1-1-1 Thomas Howard Stansbury b 13 MAR 1834 in MD d Apr 1909 m 1858 Elizabeth Ann Hall b: NOV 1840 in MD
-2-2-1-1 Sally Howard Love b c 1839 in MD ?Baltimore d 22 Apr 1876 Baltimore Co m 25 FEB 1858 William Latane Montague b 20 AUG 1824 in VA son of Henry Brown Montague b 13 AUG 1795 in VA and Mary Anne Moody b c 1800 in VA
-2-2-1-2 Albert Thomas Love b 23 JUL 1848 in Baltimore d 18 Jan 1910 m 1874 Eleanor Bond b MAR 1849 in Maryland
-2-3-1-1 Mary Margaretta Tolley b 1856 in Harford Co MD m John Thomas Patterson b 26 JAN 1849
-1-1-1-1-1* s.b.-1-2-2-1-1
-1-2-2-1-1 Amanda Slade Howard b NOV 1860 in Harford Co MD m 1890 John Hilleary Gwynn b 8 OCT 1858 in Prince George Co MD
-1-2-2-1-2 Beale Richardson Howard b MAR 1862 in Harford Co m 1890 Grace Adams b FEB 1872 in DC
-2-1-1-1-1 Cordilia H. STANSBURY b c 1860
-2-1-1-1-2 Margaret T. STANSBURY b c 1862
-2-1-1-1-3 William STANSBURY b c 1864
-2-1-1-1-4 Mary O. STANSBURY b c 1866
-2-1-1-1-5 Thomas H. STANSBURY b c 1868
-2-1-1-1-6 James C. STANSBURY b c 1869
-2-1-1-1-7 Bessie STANSBURY b c 1871
-2-1-1-1-8 Isabel STANSBURY b c 1872
-2-1-1-1-9 Harry E. STANSBURY b c 1878
-2-1-1-1-10 Richard STANSBURY b c 1879
-2-2-1-1-1 Bessie Love Montague b 19 AUG 1864 in Baltimore Co, MD d 28 Nov 1964 m 23 Jul 1894 David Buchanan Merryman b: 9 MAY 1856 in Baltimore Co
-2-2-1-1-2 Alice Montague b 30 NOV 1869 in NJ or MD d 2 Nov 1929 Washington DC m1 19 NOV 1895 in Baltimore Teackle Wallis Warfield b 8 FEB 1869 in Maryland - probably Baltimore m2 1908 John Freeman Rasin b: 18 OCT 1869 in Baltimore , MD m3 c 1926 in Washington DC Charles Gordon Allen b: 1866 in VA
-2-2-1-2-1 Sally H. Love b 3 NOV 1884 in Baltimore m c 1911 John Merryman b 22 APR 1884 in Baltimore
-2-3-1-1-1 Howard PATTERSON b c 1875 MD
-2-3-1-1-2 James W. PATTERSON b c 1877 MD
-2-3-1-1-3 Joseph T. PATTERSON b c 1879 MD
-2-2-1-1-2-1 Bessie Wallis Warfield b 19 JUN 1896 in Monterey, Blue Ridge Summit, PA
Ho12-6-1-4 Sarah Howard b 1700 Robert Ridgely b c 1698 -1 William Ridgely b c 1717 m Margaret Foster
-2 Mary Ridgely b c 1719 m William Hobbs b 1719
-1-1 Sarah Ridgely b c 1765 in Anne Arundel MD d 18 Sep 1856 m1 28 Jan 1783 Baltimore Rezin Gaither b c 1750 m2 22 May 1761 Jesse Tyson b 20 Jul 1761 Philadelphia
-1-2 Basil Ridgely m 24 May 1783 Baltimore Actions Gaither
-2-1 Susanna Hobbs b c 1752
-2-2 William Hobbs b c 1756
-2-3 Ann Hobbs b c 1758 in Anne Arundel MD m 6 Oct 1779 Levin Warfield b 11 Dec 1753 AA MD, a first cousin of the other Warfields in this generation.
-1-1-1 Greenbury Gaither b 1789 in MD d 1864 Howaqrd Co MD m 17 Jan 1816 Baltimore Catherine Close b c 1794 MD
-1-1-2 Rezin Gaither Jr b 12 JUL 1793 d 29 Dec 1848 m 10 Jun 1820 Mary Ann Ricketts b 1800
-2-3-1 Robert Warfield b 4 MAR 1790 in Anne Arundel m1 3 Sep 1812 in Montgomery Co MD Anne Waqrfield b c 1794 + 3 ch m2 1 FEB 1831 in Montgomery Co Sarah Griffith b: 28 APR 1792 in MD + 2 ch

-1-1-2-1 George Washington Gaither b 31 MAR 1831 in MD d 15 Aug 1863 Howard Co MD m c 1859 Hannah Elizabeth Sunderland b 31 DEC 1835
-2-3-1-1 Robert Warfield b c 1815
-2-3-1-2 Joshua D. Warfield b 21 JUN 1822 in Anne Arundel , MD d 3 Sep 1899 m 17 Jan 1849 Delilah H. Duvall b c 1824 in Montgomery Co., MD dau of Lewis Welch Duvall b c 1775 Montgomery Co MD and Sarah Wyvill b c 1783
-2-3-1-3 Walter Warfield b c 1830
-2-3-1-4 Israel Griffith Warfield b: 17 FEB 1832 in Montgomery Co., MD
-2-3-1-5 Levin Warfield b c 1833

-1-1-2-1-1 William Kenley Gaither b 1862 in Howard Co MD d 8 Dec 1925 Howard Co MD m 1887 Mary Endora Dorsey Keys b 26 Jan 1862 Baltimore

-1-1-2-1-1-1 William C Gaither b c 1890
-1-1-2-1-1-2 Ann O Gaither b c 1893
-1-1-2-1-1-3 Mary K Gaither b c 1896
-1-1-2-1-1-4 Hannah Gaither b c 1898
-1-1-2-1-1-5 William K Gaither b c 1905
Ho12-6-2 Col Thomas Hammond b 1664 in Anne Arundel Co MD d by 2 Feb 1723/4 Baltimore Co MD
m1 30 JUL 1689 in Anne Arundel Rebecca Larkin b 1667 in Anne Arundel, MD d 1718 + 3 ch
m2 Mary Heath b c 1670 + 1 ch
-1 John Hammond b 1693
-2 Susannah Hammond b c 1698 in Baltimore MD m 15 DEC 1719 John Orrick b: 1685
-3 William Hammond b 1702 in Baltimore, MD
-4 Helen Heath Hammond b c 1695 in Anne Arundel, MD

-2-1 Rachel Orrick b 10 NOV 1720 in Anne Arundel MD d 1795 Hartford Co MD m 2 NOV 1740 in Anne Arundel William Hopkins b 8 AUG 1717 in Anne Arundel , MD
-2-2 John Orrick b 20 FEB 1721/22 in Anne Arundel, MD
-2-3 Nicholas Orrick b 1 MAY 1725 in Anne Arundel , Md
-2-4 Rebecca Orrick b 22 JAN 1728/29
-2-5 Rebecca Orrick b 14 SEP 1733 in Anne Arundel Co., Maryland
-2-6 Catherine Orrick b: 19 AUG 1736
-2-7 Susan Orrick b 9 JAN 1743/44
-2-8 Sarah Orrick b 3 APR 1741 in Anne Arundel Co., MD

-2-1-1 Hannah M. Hopkins b 17 SEP 1757 in Harford Co MD m1 2 AUG 1782 in Harford Co Richard Snowden b c 1747 in Prince George's, Maryland m2 25 DEC 1788 Edward Waters b c 1760
Ho12-6-3 John Hammond b 1668 in Anne Arundel Co MD d 9 Feb 1741/2 AA Co MD
m 1695 Anne Greenberry
-1 Thomas John Hammond b 3 JAN 1696/97 in Anne Arundel Co MD m 21 Jun 1721 St Margarets AA Co MD Anne Cockey b 4 Dec 1704 AA Co MD
-2 Comfort Hammond b 15 AUG 1701 in St. Margaret's Parish, Anne Arundel Co MD d Mar 1741/2 m 1728 John Worthington b 12 Jan 1688/9 AA Co MD
-3 Rachel Greenberry Hammond b 2 SEP 1708 in Anne Arundel, MD d c 1749 Baltimore Co MD m1 17 Apr 1723 AA Co MD John Moale b 30 Oct 1695 ENgland m2 c 1740 George Bailey b c 1700
-1-1 Elizabeth Hammond b: 17 AUG 1725 in Anne Arundel Co., MD d 4 Oct 1784 m 1755 John Sellman b 1 Mar 1720/1
-1-2 John Hammond b 6 JUN 1728 in Anne Arundel, MD
-1-3 Anna Hammond b 8 DEC 1730 in St. Margarets Winchester Paris, Anne Arundel
-2-1 John Worthington The Elder b: 1728 in Anne Arundel, Maryland
-2-2 Elizabeth Worthington b 15 OCT 1730 in Anne Arundel, Maryland
-2-3 Samuel Worthington b 19 NOV 1733 in Anne Arundel
-2-4 Thomas Worthington b 2 MAY 1739 in Anne Arundel Co
-3-1 Rebecca Moale b 29 FEB 1727/28 in Moale's Point, Baltimore Co MD
-3-2 John Moale b 2 JAN 1730/31 in Baltimore Co
-1-1-1 Jonathan Sellman b 1751 d 22 Sep 1817 m 16 Jun 1781 Elizabeth Dawson b 1757
-1-1-2 Johnzee Sellman b 1753 in MD d 1 May 1818 Baltimore m 9 Feb 1792 in Baltimore Sarah Hall b c 1771
-1-1-3 Vachel Sellman b 10 JUL 1758 d 15 Oct 1846 m 8 Aug 1793 Eleanor Gill b c 1761
-1-1-1-1 Patricia 'Patty' Sellman b 30 MAR 1786 in Baltimore, MD m 3 Jun 1806 Sen Robert Welch b 17 Oct 1778 Baltimore
-1-1-1-2 Maria Sellman b 6 JAN 1796 m 15 Dec 1818 Baltimore David Ridgely b 16 Feb 1793 AA Co MD
-1-1-2-1 Sarah Ann Sellman b 1792 Baltimore m 21 May 1810 Baltimore William Shipley b Jul 1785
-1-1-1-1-1 Judge Charles Sellman Welch b 19 May 1815 m 20 Dec 1842 Ann Rebecca Bell b 1825 had issue
-1-1-1-2-1 David Ridgely b 1820 in MD m 1846 Mary R Glanville b c 1829 MD had dau Mary b c 1857
-1-1-1-2-2 Isabella Ridgely b c 1824 MD d aft 1880 Wicomico Northumberland VA m Dr Gustavus Reason Barber b c 1812 St Marys Co MD had isse
-1-1-2-1-1 Sarah Ann Shipley b 16 Jan 1812 m 7 Oct 1831 Evan Gaither b 1801 had issue
Ho12-6-4 Charles Hammond b 1670 in Anne Arundel, MD d 23 Dec 1713 AA Co MD
m 1690 AA Co MD Hannah Howard b 1678
-1 Charles Hammond b 1692 in Anne Arundel, MD
-2 Philip Hammond b 1697 in Anne Arundel Co., MD
-3 John Hammond b 1698 in Anne Arundel, MD m Ann Dorsey b c
-4 Hanutel Hammond b c 1707 m 12 Nov 1728 Charles Worthington b: 20 DEC 1701 in St. Margarets, Westminster AA MD
-5 Nathaniel Hammond b 1708 in Anne Arundel Co d 1762 m 20 JAN 1730/31 in Anne Arundel Ann Welsh b: 10 JUL 1716 in Anne Arundel Co., MD
-5-1 Rezin Hammond b: 1733 in Anne Arundel, Maryland
-5-2 Philip Hammond b: 23 MAY 1744
-5-3 John Hammond b c 1748
-5-4 Mary Hammond b: 15 DEC 1749 in Elk Ridge, Anne Arundel, MD m Vachel Hammond b Mar 1750/1 Baltimore Co
-5-5 Hammutal Hammond b c 1750 m Leonard Hobbs b c 1739
-5-6 Ormand Hammond b c 1754
-5-4-1 Vachel Hammond b: c 1777
-5-4-2 Upton Hammond b: 1779
-5-4-3 Elizabeth Hammond b 1782 in Anne Arundel, MD m Charles Hammond b 1781 AA Co MD
-5-4-4 Nathan Vachel Hammond b: c 1783
-5-4-5 Col Thomas Hammond b: 22 JAN 1790 in Frederick Co
-5-5-1 Larkin Hobbs b c 1775 in Maryland
-5-5-2 Caleb Hobbs b c 1768 in Maryland
-5-5-3 Amelia Hobbs b c 1770 in West Friendship, Howard Co MD
-5-4-3-1 Adelia Hammond b 20 Oct 1812 MD
Ho12-6-5 Mary Katherine Hammond b c 1671 in Anne Arundel Co MD -1
Ho12-6-6 Elizabeth Hammond b 1673 in Anne Arundel Co MD -1
Ho12-6-7 William Hammond b 4 SEP 1673 in Anne Arundel Co Md -1
Ho12-6-8 Nancy Hammond b c 1688 AA MD
m c 1708 in AA MD Moses Maccubbin b c 1682 AA MD
-1 Moses Maccubbin b 30 MAR 1714 in Anne Arundel, MD d will prob 9 Feb 1774 AA MD m Mary Shrivers b c 1718
-2 Eleanor Maccubbin b c 1716 in Anne Arunde MD m Benjamin Howard b 1 JUL 1716 in Annapolis, Anne Arundel MD
-3 Charles Maccubbin b c 1718 in All Hallow's Parish,Anne Arundel Co MD d 8 Jun 1763 AA MD d 1771 Jefferson OH m 22 Sep 1754 Leonard IV Wayman b 12 MAR 1725/26 in Anne Arundel Co
-4 Thomas Maccubbin b c 1722 in Anne Arundel Co d 1763
-1-1 Mary Maccubbin b: 1735 in Frederick Co MD
-1-2 Moses Maccubbin b c 1740 in Anne Arundel, MD d 7 Jun 1797 m 27 May 1779 AA MD Sarah Holland b c 1744 d aft 1797 dau of James Holland b 3 Dec 1700 and Ann Simmons b 3 Jul 1712 grandau of Otho Colonell Holland b 1660 London and Mehitable Larkin b 1666 All Hallows AA Co MD

-1-2-1 John Maccubbin b AFT 1780 in Maryland m 22 Sep 1803 Eleanor Ridgely b c 1784 MD
-1-2-2 Lloyd Maccubbin b 11 DEC 1782 in MD d aft 1850 Baltimore m1 3 Oct 1802 Nancy Ann Ridgely b c 1781 m2 16 Oct 1819 Baltimore Mary Ford b c 1797
Ho12-7 Elizabeth Howard b 1648, d c 1672
m Col Henry Ridgely b 1627 in Devonshire, England d. betw 1 Jan. 1708 and 13 July 1710 Prince George's Co MD he m2 c 1672 Alice SKINNER dau of Aquilla SKINNER and Alice CORNISH granddau of James CORNISH b ca. 1568 m3 Mary wid DUVALL
Ho12-7-1 Capt Henry Ridgely Jr b 30 OCT 1669 Waldridge Anne Arundel Co MD
m1 Katherine Greenberry b c 1670 d 29 Dec 1704 AA Co dau of Col Nicholas Greenberry and Anne Dorsey (dau of Edward Dorsey Do12 and Ann Howard Ho12
Ho12-7-1-1 Nicholas Greenberry Ridgely b 2 Feb 1694 AA Co d 16 Feb 1755 Dover DE m Sarah Worthington b 10 Jan 1696 dau of Capt John Worthington and Sarah -1 Rebecca Ridgely b 1703 Dover DE d 1755 AA Co m Benjamin Warfield
-2 Sarah Ridgely
-3 Rachel Ridgely m Vining
-4 Ruth Ridgely m Garrell
-5 Anne Ridgely
-1-1 Capt. Elisha Warfield, Sr
-1-2 Capt. Benjamin Warfield, Jr.
-1-3 Mary Anne Ridgely m Dorsey
-1-4 Capt. Nicholas Warfield
-1-5 Mary Ridgely m Banks
-1-6 Vachel Ridgely m Warfield
-1-7 Caleb Warfield
-1-8 Delilah Ridgely m Lerchatt
Ho12-7-1-2 Elizabeth Ridgley m Worthington
Ho12-7-1-3 Henry Ridgley III b c 1697 Waldridge AA Co m Elizabeth Warfield b 27 Mar 1706 All Hallows Parish AA Co d there 11 Oct 1762 dau of Benjamin Warfield Sr and Elizabeth Duvall -3-1 Maj. Henry Ridgely IV
-3-2 Elizabeth Ridgely m Dorsey
-3-3 Greenberry Ridgely
-3-4 Catherine Ridgely m 19 Feb 1738/9 Qu Caroline Par Philemon Dorsey b 20 JAN 1714/15 in M
-3-5 Nicholas Greenberry Ridgely
-3-6 Ann Ridgely m Worthington
-3-7 Benjamin Ridgely
-3-8 Joshua Ridgely
-3-9 Charles Greenberry Ridgely
-3-10 Thomas Ridgely
-3-11 Nicholas Greenberry Ridgely

-4-1 Ann Dorsey b 2 OCT 1740 in Anne Arundel, Md m John Dorsey b 3 JUL 1734 in Anne Arundel , Maryland
-4-2 Elizabeth Dorsey b 13 MAY 1742 in Anne Arundel, MD
-4-3 Philemon Dorsey b 7 FEB 1743/44
-4-4 Catherine Ridgely Dorsey b 30 NOV 1745
-4-5 Sarah Dorsey b: 9 SEP 1747
-4-6 Amelia Dorsey b 22 AUG 1749

-4-1-1 Ruth Dorsey b c 1765 in Anne Arundel, Md d by 1803 Walnut Grove AA Co m 28 FEB 1788 in Anne Arundel Gassaway Watkins b 1752 in Anne Arundel, Maryland m2 18 FEB 1790 in Baltimore Beale Owings b c 1770 Baltimore son of Christopher Owings b 16 Feb 1743/4 Baltimore Co and Elizabeth Lawrence b c 1749 AA
-4-1-2 Eleanor Dorsey b 1766 in Anne Arundel
-4-1-3 Vachel Dorsey b 6 MAY 1771
-4-1-4 Catherine Dorsey b: c 1772

-4-1-1-1 Harriet Watkins b 8 FEB 1792 in Anne Arundel Co
-4-1-1-2 Ann Elizabeth Watkins b c 1794 in Walnut Grove, Anne Arundel Co
-4-1-1-3 Ruth Owings b c 1791 Md m Vachel Dorsey b c 1790 in Md
-4-1-1-4 Samuel Christopher Owings b SEP 1793 in Baltimore
-4-1-1-5 Elizabeth Dorsey Owings b 25 AUG 1798 in Baltimore Co

-4-1-1-3-1 Caroline Mary Dorsey b c 1811 m Thomas Carr Chiles b c 1790 son of Walter Chiles b c 1742 and Pheobe Carr b c 1758
-4-1-1-3-1-1 Emily Thomas Chiles b 13 JAN 1833 Kentucky m 30 Nov 1851 ?Shelby Co Ky Elias Lawrence Dorsey b 28 MAR 1828 in Jefferson Co son of Elias Dorsey b 7 JUN 1796 in Anne Arundel , Maryland and Martha R. Booker b 13 AUG 1796
Ho12-7-1-4 Ann Ridgley m Joshua Dorsey -4-1 Philemon Dorsey m Rachel Lawrence La8-2
Ho12-7-1-5 Charles Ridgely -4-1 Philemon Dorsey m Rachel Lawrence La8-2
Ho12-7-2 Sarah Ridgely b c 1665 in Wardridge, Anne Arundel Co MD
m1 John Brewer Jr
m2 Thomas Henry Odell b 1655 Engl d 1722 Pr Geo co MD aka Henry Thomas Odell son of Reginald Odell b c 1634 in Odell, Bedfordshire and Priscilla x
-1 Elizabeth Brewer b 26 Oct 1690 All Hallows Parish Anne Arundel Co d 1 Jun 1751 Frederick MD m Ninian Magruder
-2 John Brewer III b c 20 Aug 1686 AA MD d 30 May 1730 m Dinah Battee b c 1690 dau of Ferdinando Battee and Elizabeth
-3 Thomas Odell Jr b 7 Jan 1692/3 Anne Arundel Co d aft 1763 Pr Geo Co m1 Elizabeth Smith b 1710 dau of Walter Smith m2 Margaret/?Sarah Beall b 1694 d 22 May 1755 SC dau of James Beall and Sarah Pearce b 1677 probably Calvert Co Md d 1761 Prince Georges Co
-4 ?=3
-5 Henry Odell Jr b c 1698 d Jun 1738 Pr Geo Co m Ann Prather b 15 Apr 1698 Anne Arundel Co d 10 Jul 1738 Pr Geo Co
-6 Ann Odell b 18 Nov 1703 St Johns Parish Pr Geo Co d 20 Dec 1771 m1 Vincent/?Ninah Magruder m2 c 1720 L Joseph Newton son of Joseph Newton and Margaret Presbury
-7 Sarah Odell b c 1709 Pr Geo Co d 1754 m Thomas Hilleary Jr?III
-8 REGINALD O'DELL m Sarah Beall b 1703 d after 1723 SC dau of James Beall and Sarah Pearce
-9 Elizabeth Odell b 5 Jun 1696 d y
-1-1 Samuel Magruder III b 24 Jan 1708 Upper Marlboro Pr Geo Co MD d 13 Jul 1786 Montgomery Co MD m Margaret Jackson b 1711 dau of John Jackson and Ruth
-1-2 John McGruder b 11 Nov 1709 Qu Annes Parish anne Arundel d 11 Nov 1782 Montgomery Md m Jane Offutt b 1731 d Jul 1787
-1-3 Ninian Magruder
-1-4 Sarah MaGruder m Beall
-1-5 James Magruder
-1-6 Nathaniel MaGruder
-1-7 Elizabeth MaGruder
-1-7 Field MaGruder
-1-8 Verlinda MaGruder m Williams I, Sr
-1-9 Rebecca MaGruder
-1-10 Rachel MaGruder
-2-1 John Brewer IV b c 1709 All Hallows d 1782 St Mars Co MD m Mary Eleanor MacCubin b 1708 Anne Arundel Co d 1779 daa of William MacCubin and Sarah Westall
-2-2 Joseph Brewer b 17 Dec 1711 m Mary Stockett b 20 JAN 1704/5 in Anne Arundel Co Md d by 1771 in Anne Arundel Co wid Sollers
-2-3 James Brewer b c 1714
-3-1 William Odell (?by Elizabeth Smith and not Margaret Beall) b c 1712 Baltimore Co d 1748/9 m Elizabeth Talbot b c 1718 in Baltimore Co dau of John Talbot.
-3-2 Sarah Odell b c 1720 Pr Geo Co or AA Co m c 1742 Jacob Duckett Sr
-3-3 Rachel Odell b 1716/7 m John Prather
-3-4 Regnall Odell
-3-5 Mary Odell
-3-6 Thomas Odell
-3-7 James John Odell b c 1722 Pr Geo Co d d 1763 in Frederick Co m c 1747 Mary Prather b c 1725
-3-8 John Odell Sr b c 1730 d 5 Jun 1794 Newberry Co SC m1 Eleanor Duckett + 3 ch m2 Eleanor Nellie Hendrix + 6 ch
-4-1 William Odell, Sr
-4-2 Rachel Odell m John Prather b 12 Jun 1713 Prince George Co MD d 6 Nov 1796 Montgomery Co MD
-4-3 Sarah Odell b 1721 Pr Geo Co d 16 Apr 1815 Newberry SC m Jacob Duckett
-4-4 James Odell
-4-5 John Rogers O'Dell
-4-6 Mary Odell
-4-7 Thomas Odell
-5-1 Thomas Odell b 28 Jul 1726 Pr Geo Co m Keziah Offutt
-5-2 Rignall O'Dell
-5-3 Eleanor ODELL
-5-4 Elizabeth ODELL
-6-1 Sarah Odell Newton b 28 Aug 1721 St Johns Parish d 1804 Montgomery m Stephen Newton Chiswell b 1721 Engl d 1804 Montgomery son of William Chiswell and Mary Newton b 1690 d 1775 grandau of Joseph Newton and Margaret Presbury
-6-2 Mary Newton
-6-3 Ann Newton
-6-4 Elizabeth Newton
-6-5 Nathaniel Newton
-6-6 Margaret Newton
-6-7 Susanna Newton
-6-8 Rachel Newton
-6-9 Rebecca Newton
-7-1 Eleanor Hilleary
-7-2 Thomas Hilleary, IV
-7-3 Sarah Hilleary
-7-4 Verlinda Hilleary d 1824 Belleville St Clair IL m Benjamin West
-7-5 William Hilleary
-7-6 Tilghman Hilleary
-8-1 Sarah Odell b 1721 Pr Geo Co MD d 16 Apr 1815 Newberry SC m Jacob Duckett b 11 Nov 1714 Pr Geo Co MD d 1764 Frederick MD son of Richad Duckett b c 1780 and Charity Jacob grandson of y Duckett/Doggett b c 1630
-8-2 Ann Odell b 1733 Pr Geo Co d 1790 m Jeremiah Prather b 21 Jul 1732 Pr Geo Co d 1807 Fayette Co KY son of John Smith Prather
-8-3 Reginald Odell
-1-1-1 Anne Magruder m Henry Clagett b 1731 d 1778 son of Thomas Claggett III and Anne
-1-1-2 Elizabeth Jackson Offutt
-1-1-3 Ninian Beall Magruder
-1-1-4 Joseph Magruder
-1-1-5 Margaret Magruder m Williams
-1-2-1 Archibald Magruder b 11 Apr 1751 Montgomery MD d 1 Jul 1842 m Cassandra Offutt b 25 Nov 1760
-2-1-1 William Brewer b 20 JUN 1732 in Anne Arundel , MD
-2-1-2 Eleanor Brewer b 19 OCT 1736 in Anne Arundel
-2-1-3 John Brewer b 7 DEC 1738 in Anne Arundel , Maryland
-2-1-4 Elizabeth Brewer b: 26 DEC 1740
-2-1-5 Rachel Brewer b 14 MAY 1744 in Anne Arundel Co m Charles Wilson Peale
-2-1-6 Dinah Brewer m y Wilmot
-2-1-7 George Brewer d 1 Sep 1811 St Marys MD m1 Mary Williams + ch m2 Sarah Berne (from Laura Jones's tree)
-2-2-1 Eleanor Stockett Brewer b c 1743
-2-2-2 Joseph Brewer b 23 MAY 1745 d 23 May 1844 m 30 MAY 1768 in Anne Arundel Co Jane Brewer b 2 NOV 1746 dau of John Brewer IV b 7 MAY 1709 in All Hallows Parish, Anne Arundel, Maryland and Eleanor Maccubbin b 1708 in Anne Arundel
-2-2-3 Henry Brewer b 1742
-2-2-4 Thomas Stockett Brewer b c 1753 in Annapolis
-3-1-1 Mary Odell
-3-1-2 John Dickson Odell
-3-1-3 William Odle
-3-1-4 Walter Odell
-3-1-5 Elizabeth Odell
-3-1-6 Richard Odell
-3-1-7 Rignall Odell
-3-1-8 Talbot Odell
-3-7-1 Rachel Odell
-3-7-2 Reginal Odell
-3-7-3 Eleanor Odell
-3-7-4 Mary Odell
-3-7-5 Margaret Odell
-3-7-6 Elizabeth Odell
-3-7-7 John Prather Odell
-3-7-8 Thomas Odell
-3-7-9 Sarah Odell
-3-7-10 Martha "Pollie" Odell
-3-7-11 Charlotte Odell
-3-8-1 Mary Odell
-3-8-2 Thomas Odell
-3-8-3 Reginald Odell
-3-8-4 Sarah Odell
-3-8-5 James Odell
-3-8-6 John Odell
-3-8-7 Martha Odell
-3-8-8 Ruth Odell
-3-8-9 Eli Odell
-4-2-1 Thomas H Franklin Prather b 21 Jun 1740 Montgomery Co MD d 1820 Iredell Co NC m1 Rachel Gaither
-4-2-2 Sarah Prather b. 1738 MD m Zachariah Linthicum
-4-2-3 Mary Prather b 1747 MD d 1776 m William Duvall
-4-3-1 Anna DUCKETT b c 1741 Pr Geo Co d 1804 Campbell Va m William Butler
-4-3-2 Thomas Duckett b 24 Nov 1744 d Sep 1824 Newberry SC m Mary Odell b 16 Jan 1748 Frederick Co MD d Newberry Co SC
-4-3-3 Charity DUCKETT m y Whitten
-4-3-4 Margaret DUCKETT b c 1755 Frederick Co MD m 1772 Notley Masters b c 1745 Montgomery Co MD
-4-3-5 Jacob DUCKETT Jr.
-4-3-6 Mary DUCKETT
-4-3-7 Joseph DUCKETT
-4-3-8 Josiah DUCKETT
-4-3-9 Elizabeth DUCKETT
-4-3-10 Richard DUCKETT b c 1760
-5-1-1 Baruch Odell ?= b 1755 Frederick Co MD d 9 Jun 1789 Montgomery Co MD m Margaret Offutt b 22 Jul 1760 Frederick Co MD d 1820 Ohio Co KY
-5-1-2 Eleanor Odell
-5-1-3 Sarah Odell
-6-1-1 Mary Newton Chiswell
-6-1-2 Joseph Newton Chiswell
-6-1-3 Ann Newton Odell Chiswell
-6-1-4 Sarah Newton Chiswell
-6-1-5 Margaret Presbury Newton White
-6-1-6 Frances Elizabeth Chiswell
-6-1-7 Rebecca White
-6-1-8 Rachel Newton Chiswell
-6-1-9 Eleanor Newton Chiswell
-7-4-1 Ann West
-8-1-1 Thomas Duckett b 24 Nov 1744 Pr Geo Co MD d 4 Nov 1824 Newberry SC m x Odell dau of James Odell b c 1726 Baldi Christi Pr Geo Co d 15 May 1779 Frederick Co MD and Martha Prather
-8-1-2 Ann Duckett b 1748 Pr Geo Co Md d 1805 Newberry SC m William Butler Son of Henry Boteler and Sarah Magruder
-8-2-1 Reginald Prather
-8-2-2 Zachariah Prather
-8-2-3 Andrew Jackson Prather
-8-2-4 James Prather
-8-2-5 Jeremiah Prather Jr.
-1-1-1-1 Anne Claggett b 1768 d 1839 m Alexander Offutt b 1767 d 1823 son of William Offut III and Elizabeth Jackson
-1-1-1-2 Thomas Clagett
-1-2-1-1 Sarah McGruder b 1745 d 1790 m Christopher Osborne
-1-2-1-2 Eleanor McGruder
-2-1-7-1 Elizabeth Brewer b 1774 St Mary's City MD d 1817 Nelson KY m Richard Redman b c 1780 d 1 Jan 1839 Saline Ralls Co MO son of John Redman b c 1745 St Mary's City MD and Sarah Blake
-2-1-7-2 Charles Brewer b 1767 d 1835 m Mary Knott
-2-1-7-3 Thomas Brewer b 1770 d 1811 m Catherine Aud
-2-1-7-4 John Brewer b 1773 m Theresa Blandford
-2-1-7-5 William Brewer b 1777
-2-1-7-6 Ann Brewer b 1782 m Thomas Pursell
-2-1-7-7 Mary Brewer m Clement Knott
-2-1-7-8 Pius Brewer b 1788 m Tabitha Blandford
-2-1-5-1 Angelica Charlotte Kaufmann Peale b 22 DEC 1775 in Pa m 15 JUL 1794 in Baltimore Alexander Robinson b 1750 in Armaugh Co., Ireland
-2-2-2-1 John Brewer b 26 APR 1776 d 1827 m Elizabeth Gaston b 1784 d 1820
-2-2-2-2 Henrietta Brewer b 1798 d 1860
-4-3-1-1 Sarah Elizabeth Butler b 9 Nov 1768 Frederick MD d 1860 Anderson TN m Ancel Manely b 28 Sep 1763 Fluvanna VA d 22 Jun 1853 Anderson TN son of John Jacob Manley and Tabitha Stone b 1740 Goochland Co VA d 1804 Fluvanna Co VA (dau of William Stone III and Frances Taylor)
-5-1-1-1 Casandra Odell b 1780 d 1832 m John Austin b 1770 d 1857
-8-1-1-1 James Odell Duckett b 10 Mar 1767 Frederick MD d 16 Oct 1806 Laurens SC m Sarah Dora Whitmore
-8-1-1-2 Martha Odell Duckett b 9 Mar 1771 Frederick Co MD e11 Jul 1841 Lauderdale AL m Levi Fowler
-8-1-2-1 Jacob Butler b 1765 Frederick Co Md d 20 Oct 1839 Clinton anderson Co TN m Martha Manley dau of John Jacob Manley and Tabitha Stone
-?-?-?-? Benjamin Isacc Odell b c 1800 Fairfield SC d 1 Feb 1837 Rabun Co GA m2 Martha Catlett b c 1800 SC d 1850 Walker Co GA
-1-1-1-1-1 Verlinda Offutt b 1795 d 1832 m Alexander Logan Jr
-1-2-1-1-1 Elizabeth Osborne b 1772 NC d 1840 m Jonathon Harron
-2-1-5-1-1 Priscilla Robinson b 8 JAN 1797 in Baltimore, Maryland
-2-1-5-1-2 Alverda Robinson b 20 MAY 1802 in Baltimore, MD
-2-1-5-1-3 Dr.Alexander Charles Robinson b 29 AUG 1808 in Baltimore, Maryland
-2-1-5-1-4 Charlotte Ramsey Robinson b 4 JUN 1819 in Baltimore
-2-1-7-1-1 Richard Redman b 1806 d 1871 m1 Susan Walters b 1811 d 1829 + 1 ch m2 Margaret Bayne b 1809 d 1881
-2-1-7-1-2 Mary Redman m Benjamin Aull d 1871
-2-1-7-1-3 James Redman b 1794 d 1887 m Nancy Walters b 1809 d 1875 had Issue
-2-1-7-1-4 Elizabeth Redman b 1802 Nelson Co KY d 1851 Nelson Co Ky m Jacob Lindle b 1798 d 1855
-2-1-7-1-5 Susan Redman b 1804 m Christopher Connors b 1804 d 1888
-2-1-7-1-6 Catherine Redman b 17 Aug 1810 Nelson Co KY d 1891 South Fork Larue Co K m William Walters b 1806 d 1890
-2-2-2-1-1 Nicholas Brewer b 1808
-4-3-1-1-1 Sarah Ann Manley
-4-3-1-1-2 Frances Jackson Hudson b 18 Fewb 1798 VA d 1850 TN m Thomas B Hudson b c 1792 VA d 20 Apr 1860 Anderson TN son of George Hudson and Mary Molly Berry grandson of George Hudson Jr b 1740 and Annie Holland grgranson of George Hudson Sr and Martha Hancock
-4-3-1-1-3 Elizabeth Odle Manley m y Wright
-4-3-1-1-4 Caleb Washington Manley
-4-3-1-1-5 William Woolen Manley
-4-3-1-1-6 Ann Duckett Manley
-4-3-1-1-7 Polly Ellender Manley
-4-3-1-1-8 John Alexander Butler Manley
-4-3-1-1-9 Thomas Alexander Butler Manley
-4-3-1-1-10 Ancil Washington Woolen Manley
-5-1-1-1-1 Robert Austin b 1804 d 1896
-5-1-1-1-2 Thomas Austin b 1808 d 1875
-5-1-1-1-3 Henry Austin b 1810 d 1880 m Louisa Reed/Reith ancestors of Crystal McGarry, author's DNA match
-5-1-1-1-4 Andrew Austin
-8-1-1-1-1 John Duckett b 11 Nov 1794 Laurens SC d 18 Oct 1856 Lauderdale AL m Nancy Elizabeth Fowler
-8-1-1-2-1 Nancy Elizabeth Fowler b 8 1794 Newberry SC d 17 May 1862 Lauderdale AL m John Duckett
-8-1-2-1-1 Nancy Harriet Butler b 10 Nov 17899 Campbell Va d 7 Nov 1864 Pilot Grove Hancock IL m James Manning Jones son of Thomas Jones and Mary ??Manning
-8-1-2-1-1-1 Martha Patsy Jones b 27 Jul 1816 Anderson TN d 1890 Rockwood Roane TN m Benjamin Hagler son of Ohn Hagler and Martha Patsy McCaleb
-8-1-2-1-1-1-1 Nancy Jane Hagler b 31 Mar 1839 Roane TN d 31 Aug 1904Rockwood m Philip Anderson Wilson son of William Washington Wilson and Elizabeth Davenport ancestors of Philip Williams, author's DNA match
-?-?-?-?-1 Janie E Odell b c 1835 Walker Co GA d 1904 Logan Co AR m Burrel Smith

-1-2-1-1-1-1 Greenberry Haren Sr b 25 Dec 1783 Waynesville NC d 27 Nov 1869 Weaverville NC m Edith Barker dau of Shadrack Barker and Naomi
-1-2-1-1-1-2 Joshua Alexander Haren
-2-1-7-1-2-1 James Aull b 1817 Nelson Co KY d 1896 Pellville Hancock Co KY m Charlotte McDaniel
-2-1-7-1-4-1 Leticia Lindle b 1830 m Charles Montgomery
-2-1-7-1-4-2 Alfred Lindle b 1832 m Ellen Lackland
-2-1-7-1-4-3 Edward Lindle b 1833 d 1912 m Susan Hopkins
-2-1-7-1-4-4 Sarah Lindle b 1836 d 1876 m James Lawson
-2-1-7-1-4-5 John Lindle b 1838 m Elizabeth Hopins b 1912
-2-1-7-1-4-6 Joseph Lindle b 1840
-2-1-7-1-4-7 Mary Lindle b 1843
-2-1-7-1-4-8 Susan Lindle b 1846 m Williams Cummins d 1876
-2-1-7-1-4-9 George Lindle b 1847 d 1928 m Caroline Shouse
-2-1-7-1-4-10 Elizabeth Lindle b 1821 m John Watson
-2-1-7-1-4-11 James Lindle b 1822 d 1903 m1 Fanny Bennett b 1821 d 1851 m2 Elizabeth Edelen b 1826 d 1926
-2-1-7-1-4-12 Richard Lindle b 1824 m Elizabeth Summers b 1825
-2-1-7-1-4-13 marcy Lindle b 1826
-2-1-7-1-4-14 Jacon Lindle b 1828 d 1860 m Hannah Reynolds
-2-1-7-1-4-1 George Conner b 1827 d 1887 m Sarah Brashear b 1829 d 1885
-2-1-7-1-4-2 Richard Conner b 1830 d 1909 m Mary Brashear b 1832 d 1862
-2-1-7-1-4-3 Elizabeth Conner b 1832 d 1910 m John Ragsdale b 1830
-2-1-7-1-4-4 Susan Conner b 1832 d 1910
-2-1-7-1-4-5 James Connor b 1837 d 1865
-2-1-7-1-4-6 Margaret Conner m Napolian McDowell
-2-1-7-1-4-7 William Conner b 1848 d 1928 m Louisa Atherton b 1860 d 1942
-2-2-2-1-1-1 Alice Brewer b 1852 d 1897
-2-2-2-1-1-2 Nicholas Brewer b 1854
-2-2-2-1-1-3 Harrison Brewer b 1858 d 1920
-2-2-2-1-1-4 Edward Brewer b 1861
-2-2-2-1-1-5 Frank Brewer b 1862 m Laura Potts b 1864
-8-1-1-1-1-1 = -8-1-1-2-1-1 Martha Duckett b 1818 Lauderdale AL m John Young and had James Hosea Young b 18 Nov 1838 Florence AL m Sarah Ellen Shelby b 28 Sep 1840 Hardin TN d 28 Jan 1900 Des Arc Prairie AR dau of Eli G Shelby b c 1793 Mecklenberg NC d 26 Nov 1854 Hardin TN m Rebecca White b 25 Nov 1800 ancestors of Ralph McLain, author's DNA match
-?-?-?-?-1-1 Alice Smith b 1859 d 1914 m Walker Smith b 1860 d 1916
-?-?-?-?-1-1-1 Franklin Smith b 1890 d 1973 m x Bailey dau of Sidney Bailey b 1871 d 1957 m Maggie Lee Jones b 1871 Lincoln MO d 1915 Cauthren Scott Co AR
-?-?-?-?-1-1-1-1 Monta Smith b 1916 d 1989m y Smith
Ho12-8 Philip Howard b c 1649, , Death: 24 FEB 1700/01 in will probated Anne Arundel County, MD. Planter & Militiaman and commissioner of Annapolis
The inventory of the personal estate was taken on March 24, 1701/2, and appraised at £448/l6/- His wearing apparell was valued at £40, a goodly value for that day. Other personalty of interest were: three small silver cups, one sword, one walking cane, parcel of books, three white servants and five negroes
Howard, Philip,Severn R., A. A. Co.,29th July, 1701; 24th Feb., 1701. To orphan boy James Hoskins living with testator, 40 A., �The Maiden� between South and Severn Rs. In event of his death without issue to pass to extx., Ruth Howard. To dau. Hannah Hammond and hrs., 150 A., �Howard's Hills� at hd. of South and Severn Rs. In event of her death without issue to revert to her mother Ruth. To child. of dau. Hannah, viz., Charles and Philip Hammond, and any child. which may hereafter be born, 150 A., �Howard's and Porter's Range�; 200 A., �Green Springs,� 70 A., �Howard's Addition,� 50 A., part of �Solomon's Hills,� 160 A., �Howard's First Choice,� and 110 A., �The Marsh,� equally. In event of death of dau. Hannah's child. without issue, lands afsd. to pass to cousins Philip and Joseph Howard equally. Test: Amos Pierpont, Jno. Marriat, Philip Howard, Jr., Jno. Medcalfe. 11. 153. NOTE: cousins Philip and Joseph Howard are his nephews
m ABT 1669 in Anne Arundel Ruth Baldwin b c 1650
Ho12-8-1 Hannah Howard b 1678,d 9 FEB 1750/51 in Anne Arundel, MD
m 1690 in Anne Arundel Charles Hammond b 1670 in Anne Arundel, MD
Ho12-8-1-1 Charles Hammond b 1692 in Anne Arundel, MD
Ho12-8-1-2 Philip Hammond b 1697 in Anne Arundel Co., Maryland
Ho12-8-1-3 John Hammond b 1698 in Anne Arundel, MD
Ho12-8-1-4 Hanutel Hammond b c 1707
Ho12-8-1-5 Nathaniel Hammond b 1708 in Anne Arundel Co Maryland Death: 1762,
m 20 JAN 1730/31 in Anne Arundel Ann Welsh b 10 JUL 1716 in Anne Arundel Co Md
Ho12-8-1-5-1 Rezin Hammond b 1733 in Anne Arundel, Maryland
Ho12-8-1-5-2 Philip Hammond b 23 MAY 1744
8-1-5-3 John Hammond b c 1748
8-1-5-4 Mary Hammond b 15 DEC 1749 in Elk Ridge, Anne Arundel, MD
8-1-5-5 Hammutal Hammond b ABT 1750
m Leonard Hobbs b c 1739
-1 Larkin Hobbs b BET 1770 AND 1780 in Maryland
-2 Caleb Hobbs b c 1768 in Maryland
-3 Amelia Hobbs b c 1770 in West Friendship, Howard, Maryland
8-1-5-6 Ormand Hammond b c 1754
Ho13-3 Henry Howard b BET 1610 AND 1620 in England
m2 Elizabeth Lock b 1580 in Brockdish, Norfolk, England m 26 NOV 1606 in Thorpe Abbots, Norfolk, England
Ho13-4 Robert Howard b: 27 NOV 1608 in England
Ho13-5 Daniel Howard b: 25 FEB 1609/10 in England
Ho13-6 Thomas Howard b: 4 APR 1614 in England
Ho13-7 Grace Howard b 15 APR 1616 in England
Ho13-8 Mary Howard b 5 MAR 1617/18 in England
Of no established relationship to the above was:
Thomas Howard b c 1625 England or Wales d St Mary Co MD Will wr 24 Sep 1705 prob 1 May 1706 may have been the same person as above
m Alice/Alic
author's DNA match.

Main sources: BP1934 Norfolk, BP1934 Suffolk, TCP Howard of Bindon, TCP Howard of Escrick.
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Data on Matthew Howard

Register of Maryland's Heraldic Families: Matthew Arundel-Howard, known in American history as Matthew Howard, b--1609, in England and according to the English records "died or disappeared" shortly after 1620, and reappeared in Va. before 1624, with his Arundell, Willoughbye, Wriothesley, Calvert, Mantague, and Sandys kinsmen, who all held Land Grants near each other, in Elizabeth City Co. Va., at or within a few years of 1624 see Eliz. City Land Patents, Book I. He was granted by King Charles I, in 1638, 150 acres of land in Eliz. City County now Lower Norfolk Co. "for the adventure of his wife Ann and two white servants", record at the Land Office, Richmond, Va., but he held his land before this date, as shown by the record of "Robert Taylor, 100 acres on W. Branch of the Eliz. river, bounded on the W. side by land of Matthew Howard, Feb. 8, 1637" see Nugent's Grants in Va.. If he came over in or before 1624, with Peter and John Arundell he was too young to own land in his own name, hence 1638 for his first grant recorded, which as Hotton says, "does not mean the date they came to America, which was usually some years earlier". There is a record which shows that John and Peter Arundell came over to Va. first "before the departure of Sir Thomas Dale", Gov. of Va. It is believed that his wife was Ann Hall, niece of Rich. Hall, bachelor, neighbor and friend of Matthew Howard, who dying, left all his property to the children of Matthew and Ann Howard, and named Matthew Howard as his executor in 1648 see Will, Aug. 1, 1645, Old Portsmouth records, Liber B., fol. 96. He lived more than 20 years in Va. close to Edward and Cornelius Lloyd, for whom his son, Cornelius Howard was named, then removed to Md. in 1649 with his family, and was granted, July 3, 1650, 650 acres on the Severn River. His younger son, John Howard, who died in 1696, stamped his will still preserved at Annapolis with the Howard Arms: "Gu. a Bend between six cross, crosslets, fitchee, Ar." and his kinsman, Henry Wriothesley, signed as witness. These are the same arms as the English Howards.
Genealogy of the Welsh and Hyatt Families, page 145 - - The armorial feature, which identifies the English titled Howards of various names, as of kindred stock, is identical with that of the Maryland Howards. The stone erected over the grave of Cornelius Howard of Joshua, who died in 1777, and was buried on the family estate near Baltimore, MD, bore, as it does today, the arms: "Gu, a bend argent between six cross-crosslets fitchee"; and as far back as 1695, Jn. Howard, Sr. son of Matthew, stamped on the waxen seal of his will, still preserved at Annapolis, the arms of his house, that came from his English forbears: "Gu, a bend between six crosses crosslets fitchee, ar." Statement of Mr. Francis B. Culver, well-known genealogist of Washington, D. C., Registrar General of the National Society of the Sons of the American Revolution and genealogical editor of the magazine of the Society, "The Minute Man." In the Wm. and Mary College Quarterly, vol. 26, p. 125, Oct. 1917, Mr. Culver tells of his personal examination of the original will of Jn. Howard, Sen., at Annapolis, dated 12.30.1695, proved 5.17.1696, and his discovery of the arms of its seal, described as above.
Coats of arms on ancient tombstones, seals and wills, are usually regarded as authoritative in heraldry. In the present case they undoubtedly prove the existence of kinship between the Md. Howards and the armorial English houses--a kinship supported by much tradition, although the exact connection is unknown and may not, indeed, be susceptible of proof. Based on this "rule" of Heraldry, the one certain thing that can be said of both the Matthew Howard and the Joshua Howard families of Md. is that they are of the same "Original Stock" from which "the renowned family of the Howards" of England "did derive their Originall." See Dugdale, 1666, as quoted by "C. C. C." in B. Sun, 3.19.1905.
THEORY 1: One theory is his parents are Sir Thomas Arundell, Baron of Wardour b. 1560, and Ann Philipson. But their son Matthew Howard died 1620. Some reason that Matthew faked his death and came to America but this is just dreamed up fiction. I also can't find any reference that a name change occured from Arundel to Howard. The reason some have for a name change is of a beheading but this makes no since for this time period. Actually, beheading was considered a dignified death vs hanging, drawn and quartered. But what is interesting is the second wife of Sir Thomas 1st Baron of Wardour Arundel b. 1560, Mary some have Marcia Wriothesley. It is also very intersting that Matthew Howard's son, John Howard in his will of 1695 has a testator Henry Wriothesley. I did a bit of research, and these Wriothesley's are from England and early ones are Earl's and politicians. No doubt there is some relationship/connection but as yet I have not figured it out.
THEORY 2: Another theory is Robert Howard and his wife Philippa Buxton whose son John Howard married Elizabeth Lock. Six of eight children of John and Elizabeth Lock Howard are known. Their names being Robert christened 27 November 1608, Daniel christened 25 February 1609/10, John christened 30 January 1611/12, Thomas christened 4 April 1614, Grace christened 15 April 1616 Mary christened 5 March 1617/18. There are two children whose names are not known and some think Matthew Howard 1609 of Virginia and Henry Howard of Maryland may be those two children. This seems like the most likely parents for Matthew but it is problematic because there are no records of a baptism for a son Henry or a Matthew.
Mathew Howard received a Grant/Patent for Land in 1638 in Lower Norfolk Co., VA. In 1638 was granted 150 acres for the transport of himself, his wife, and 2 other persons to Virginia. He received a Grant/Patent for Land on 3 Jul 1650 in Anne Arundel Co., MD. A tract of 650 acres called "Howard" was surveyed 3d July 1650 for Matthew Howard on the south side of Severn River. In the 1707 rent rolls, the comment was made that it could not found that this land was ever patented, but ye Survey Supposed to be altered by Howard into others. He died before 1659. Matthew Howard was in Virginia 8 February 1637/38 when he was located in the Upper County of New Norfolk on the western branch of the Elizabeth River. This information comes from a land patent granted to Robert Taylor, which describes the land grant boundaries as on the West Branch of the Elizabeth River bounded on the west with Matthew Howard running nearly into the woods and Sly. It is known that Matthew and Anne had children by 1640, for in the court records there is apparently a slander case where Simon Peeter age 26 stated that Edy Hanking said that Mathew Howard's wife went walking with Wdward Lloide and left children crying and her husband had to quit his work and quiet the children. Mathew Howard was the executor of the will of Richard Hall in 1648. This will left Anne Howard a cow calf and a barrow shote, Elizabeth Howard two cows and their increases, to Mathew Howard the younger a sow shote, to Cornelius Howard a sow and y hat, to John Howard my wiff and new clothes, to Sauel Howard, my money and tobacco, and to old Mathew one yearling Stear calf and my best paor of breeches. This will was proved 15 Nov 1648 by Mathew Howard. On 15 June 1649, Mathew witnessed the will of Edward Hodge of Lower Norfolf Co. There are continuing references to Mathew Howard, in Lower Norfolk Co., VA however up through 1652. It is not known if this was Matthew the elder or his son. These references include a court order in Lower Norfolk County for a 100# tob. bounty for killing a wolf and in 1752 Matthew Howard is listed in the tax listings on the Western Branch of Elizabeth River and at court 21 Dec 1752 in Lower Norfolk Co., Robert Woody was ordered to pay Matthew Howard a debt of 500# tob. ===
From Notable Southern Families: Settled in Va. before 1623 on the Eastbank of the Elizabeth River near the present Parish of Norfolk. He had a large tract of land and several white servants. He received a grant of land in 1638 150 acres. He removed from Virginia to Maryland in 1649 and he and his family lived around Annapolis..
Matthew and his first wife Margaret settled in Virginia before 1623 on the East bank of the Elizabeth River near the present Parish of Norfolk. He had a large tract of land and several white servants. Matthew then m. Ann Hall. He received a grant of land in 1638, and became a large landowner. He removed from Virginia to Anne Arundel County, Maryland, in 1649. In 1652 Mathew Howard could be the son was fined 100 lb. tobacco for killing one wolf. He and his family lived around Annapolis.
Note: Executor for the will of Richard Hall, Virginia merchant. Richard Hall signed his will in Virginia August 1, 1648 and was proved November 16, 1648. In it Hall left practically everything to Matthew Howard and his children.
Colonial Families of the United States of America: Volume 6 71. Sarah, m. Henry HOWARD, son of Joseph HOWARD, and gd. son of Capt. Cornelius HOWARD who was representative from Anne Arundel County in the Legislative Assembly from 1671 to 1675. This Capt. Cornelius HOWARD was known as Capt. Cornelius Howard of Howard's Heirship and Chance and was the oldest son of Matthew HOWARD the First, who moved from Lower Norfolk, Virginia, together with his relative Edward LLOYD, in 1650, to the south side of the Severn settlements. Matthew HOWARD was a descendant of the John Howard who came to this country in 1621 and was killed by the Indians.
excerpt from 'Tennessee Cousins' According to the early land records of Virginia Nugent's Cavaliers and Pioneers, the following persons were practically next-door neighbors of Matthew Howard on the "Westernmost Branch of Elizabeth River" in Lower and Upper New Norfolk County, Virginia:
EDWARD LLOYD, his brother 1636
HENRY MARRIOTT 1646 Later patent in Northampton Co. 1663.
RICHARD HALL Matthew Howard his Executor and CORNELIUS LLOYD a witness to his will 1645.
JOHN BALDWIN Patent 1648 in Northampton County
NOTE: Henry Howard's will dated Dec. 31, 1683 - probated March 8, 1684. excerpt from Henry Howard's will probated March 8, 1684 "To John Howard & Mathew Howard of Anarundell County each a Silv{r} Seale apiece." ===== NOTE: Will below was proved in London Contributed to the USGenWeb Archives by Joseph H. Howard Matthew Howard, Jr. d1691/92 Will Anne Arundel County MD Maryland Hall of Records Liber 2, folio 222 Microfilm SR4397 and 11A:28029 Microfilm 65-3 and located at 1/11/2/23 Written 3 October 1691 Probate 12 January 1691/1692 In the Name of God Amen. I Mathew Howard of Ann Arundell County in the Province of Maryland being sick & weak but of perfect memory Blessed be God Do hereby make my Last Will and Testament and what worldly Estate hath pleased God to bless me with I do dispose itt as followeth � Imprimis I give and bequeath unto my Son John Howard and his heirs for Ever all that parcell of Land Called Howards First Choice being one hundred and Sixty acres Comonly Known by the name of Howards Quarter plantacon with all the stocks household Goods and all the appurtenances thereunto belonging Likewise I give and bequeath unto my Said Son John Howard and my Son Mathew Howard a Certain parcell of Land Called the adventure being five hundred acres Lying on the Branch of putuxen River to be Equally Divided between them and their heirs for Ever And also I give and bequeath unto my Said sons John and Mathew a Certain parcell of Land Called Popler plain Lying by the Bodkin Creek Containing five hundred Acres to them and their heirs for Ever Item I give and bequeath unto my Daughter Sarah Worthington that pcell of Land Called Howards Range Lying on the Lower side of the Bodkin Creek and bounding on psons Plain and Homers forest being Two hundred Seventy Six Acres to the said Sarah and her Disposall. Likewise I give to my said Daughter Sarah all that pcell of Land Called Howards pasture being Two hundred acres Lying on the Southwest side of Maggitty River and at the head of the Said River to her the Said Sarah and her heirs for Ever And whereas Mr Richard Beard hath built a mill on the Said Land with my Leave and Consent and the s{d} Beard to make my Daughter Sarah Satisfaction Either in Land or Tobacco and if that my Said Daughter and Mr Beard Should not agree my Will is that they make Choice of a Cuple of Honest men to decide the difference if not then to Choose an Umpire. Item I give and bequeath unto my Said Daughter Sarah Worthington the plantcon whereon I now Dwell with one hundred and Thirty acres of Land belonging to itt to her & her Disposall. And also I give and bequeath unto my Said Daughter a Certain parcell of Land begining at a poplar Stump and Running right up the Hill and So with a Straight Course until it Comes into the middle of one hundred and fifteen acres of Land then north East whilst it comes into a Branch beyond Tillers then down the Said branch whilst it intersects with the Line of the one hundred and fifteen acres of Land then Southwest down the Said Line to a bounded Tree of one hundred acres of land then running on the head of the said hundred acres whilst it intersects with the hundred and thirty acres belonging to the Plantation and So along untill it comes to the poplar stump Item I give to my Said Daughter Sarah one woman Servant with the time she has to Serve named Elizabeth Boome and when her time of Servitude is Expired I will that my s{d} Daughter give her a Cow Calfe. Item I will and bequeath to my Daughter Sarah One great Iron Pott and one of the Largest pewter Dishes out of my Chest Item I give to my Son John Worthington my horse Called Prince. Item I give unto my Grandson John Worthington one heifer with a Calf by her side and one one young stoud horse bred out of my Mare called Ball. Item I will and bequeath unto my son John Howard my Young Mare bred of the Ball mare Item I give to my two Grandsons Mathew and John Howard Each of them one two year old heifer Item I will and bequeath unto my Son Mathew Howard the remaining part of the one hundred acres of Land called Hopkins plantacon and also I give and bequeath the remaining part of the hundred and fifteen Acres of Land to my Said Son Mathew Mathew and his heirs for Ever Item I will and bequeath unto my Said Son Mathew Howard Sixteen Acres of Land that Lyes at the head of a Creek at the bottom of the hundred and fifteen Acres of Land And also I give unto my said Twenty Two and half Acres of Land Called Howards Addition adjoining to the hundred and fifteen acres of Land and all the severall parcells of Land to him and his heirs for Ever. Item I give and bequeath unto my Said son Mathew the Bed and furniture whereon I now Lye Item I give to my Son Mathew the Remaining part of my Iron Pots and my Iron Kettles also I give unto my Said Son Mathew four Pewter Dishes that is in my Chest Also I give unto my said son one Cow with a Calfe by her Side to be delivered unto him this next Spring of the year Item I will and bequeath unto my Daughter Sarah Worthington and to my son Mathew Howard all the remaining part of my Horses Mares and Colts Cattell Hogs and Sheep and also all the remaining part of my household Goods Except Some new Goods in a Chest to be Equally divided between my Daughter Sarah and my Son Mathew as above named And also I give to my said son & Daughter all my Srvants except what alleady bequeathed to be Equally divided between them. Item I will and bequeath to my Three Bothers Jn{o} Samuell and Philip Howard and to their three wives Each of them one pair of Murning Gloves of five Shillings price Each pair Item the new Gods in my Chest is to apparell and cloath my Servants. Item I will that my Son Mathew Howard have full possession of his Estate both personall and Reall after my Decease but not to Dispose of any of it untill he attain to the full age of Twenty one years Item I give and bequeath to my Said Son and Daughter Namely Mathew and Sarah all Debts Due to me by bonds Bills and Acco{tts} whatsoever and also my Crop of Tobacco now housed and when that all my Just Debts are by my Exec{rs} hereafter named fully Satisfied and paid then all my personall Estate that is undisposed of and in being after my Reall Debts Debts fully Satisfied and paid to be Equally divided between my Said Son Mathew and my Said Daughter Sarah Item I Do hereby make and Constitute my Loving Daughter Sarah Worthington with the Assistance of her husband my Sole and whole Executrix of this my Last Will and Testament Revoking and nulling all and Every former Will by me made by writing or otherwise In Witness whereof I have hereunto Sett my hand and Seal this Twenty Third day of October in the year of our Lord God one Thousand Six hundred ninety one. /s/ Mathew Howard Locus Sigilli Signed Sealed and Delivered in the presence of us Nicholas Greenberry John Howard Senr signum Richard his R mark Hornner Pattarick his P mark Murphey This will proved in Comon form by the Oaths of ye Wittnesses in Open Court London
Howard, Mathew,A. A. Co.,3rd Oct., 1691; will was written 12th Jan., 1692. To son John and hrs., 160 A., �Howard's First Choice,� commonly called �Howard's Quarter Plantation;� ½ of 500 A., �The Adventure,� and ½ of 500 A., �Poplar Plain.� To son Mathew and hrs., residue of �The Adventure� and of �Poplar Plain� afsd.; also part of �Hopkin's Plantation,� and 22½ A. of �Howard's Addition.� To dau. Sarah Worthington and hrs., 276 A., �Howard's Range;� 200 A., �Howard's Pasture,� on s. side Magothy R., and 130 A., dwelling plantation unnamed. To son John Worthington, to grandsons, John Worthington, John and Matthew Howard, and to 3 brothers, viz., John, Samuel, and Philip Howard, and their wives, personalty. Son Mathew and dau. Sarah Worthington residuary legatees of estate, real and personal. Sd. Mathew to be of age at 21 yrs. Exs.: Dau. Sarah Worthington and her husband. Test: Rich'd Horner, Patrick Murphey. 2. 222.
From "Anne Arundel Gentry 975.202 A613NE Vol. 2", Pg. 345: "John Howard, son of Mathew and Sarah Dorsey Howard, was born in Broad Neck Hundred, Anne Arundel County. His wife was Susannah, daughter of John and Mary Rockhould. As Susannah Crouch, she was bequeathed ?5 in the will of her mother, Mary Rockhould, dated March 2, 1703/4, probated on May 15, 1704. The proof of the children is contained in Court Judgements for Ann Arundel County, when orphans in the various; hundreds were reported to the respective constables. "With Wm Crouch [were] Matthew John, Gideon, Lemuel, Henry, and Abner orphts of John Howard". According to the register of St. Margaret's Westminster Parish, John Howard died on December 6, 1702. The inventory of his Personal estate indicated that he was a merchant and was perhaps the first of the Howards to acquire great wealth. His estate was appraised at ?1,265/6/8 by Sylvester Welsh and Cornelius Howard. At his dwelling-plantation, in addition to the merchandise in the store, there were a servant boy three years to serve and four negro slaves. At the South River Plantation, there were seven negroes and one English boy servant. At the Lower Plantation at the Patapsco were three negroes. At the "plantation at Patapsco" were two negro slaves, one lame boy, one sick woman, and two negro children. There was also a negro Hercules appraised at ?6. In about three months after the death of her husband, or on March 10, 1702/3, the Widow Howard married William Crouch, according to the parish register. On July 3, 1705, William Crouch and Susanna his wife filed an account on the estate of John Howard and reported a balance of ?128/12/4. On June 21, 1707, when they filed an additional account, the balance had increased to ?249/17/-. William Crouch died inestate in Anne Arundel County in 1709, leaving his widow, Susanna, and two children Hannah and James. No legacies were bequeathed to his step-children. The widow married as her third husband, James Smith on May 4, 1710, according to St. Margaret's register. === From the research of James Mills, Jr. - Sept. 2004: From "Anne Arundel Gentry 975.202 A613NE Vol. 2", Pg. 344: "Matthew Howard, son and namesake of his father, was born about 1640 in Norfolk County and came to the Severn with his parents and other non-Conformists after 1650. It was not until May 7, 1667, that he instituted claims for land-rights when he filed for 500 acres for transportation of ten persons, one of whom was "Sarah Darcy now my wife". It is therefore implied that the marriage occurred in Maryland after their settlement. She was the daughter of Edward Dorsey, Boatright, and the sister of the three Dorsey brothers. Her three sons were left legacies in the will of her brother, Joshua Dorsey, in 1687. In 1681, Matthew was voted 100 lbs. tob. by the General Assembly for public service, and in 1683 he was one of the commissioners to purchase and survey towns and ports in the Province for the advancement of trade. On October 3, 1691, he drew up his last will and testament in the presence of Richard Horner and Patrick Murphey. It was probated in Anne Arundel County on January 12, 1691/2. To son John "Howard's First Choice" commonly called "Howard's Quarter Plantation" of 160 acres, one-half of "The Adventure" of 250 acres, and one-half of "Poplar Plain". To son Matthew the residue of "Poplar Plain" and "The Adventure" "Hopkin's Plantation" and "Howard's Addition" of 22 1/2 acres. To daughter Sarah Worthington "Howard's Range" of 276 acres, "Howard's Pasture" of 200 acres on the south side of the Magothy and 130 acres of the unnamed dwelling-plantation. To son John Worthington and grandsons John Worthington, John Howard and Matthew Howard personalty. To brothers John Howard, Samuel Howard and Philip Howard and their wives personalty. Residuary estate to son Matthew and daughter Sarah Worthington. Executors--Daughter Sarah Worthington and her husband.
Contributed to the USGenWeb Archives by Joseph H. Howard
Matthew Howard d. 1750 Will Kent County MD Maryland Hall of Records 27:430 Microfilm SR4421 Written 28 January 1749 & 24 October 1750 Probate 19 November 1750
Maryland. In the Name of God Amen I Matthew Howard of Kent County Planter being very sick & weak in Body but thanks be to Almighty God of sound and perfect Memory do Ordain and Appoint this my Last Will and Testament in Manner and form following. Revoking all former Wills and Testaments made or caus{d} to be made
first I Bequeath my Soul in to the hands of Almighty God that gave it me and my body to Return to the Earth from whence it Came to be buried in a Christian Burial According to the Discression of my Executor hereafter mentioned.
Item. I Give and bequeath unto my son James Howard the Southern part of a Tract of Land Called the Adventure Beginning at a Marked White Oak Standing at the head of watering Valley and standing in the Line of Handleys hope and standing in the south west and by west Line of the Adventure Bounding on the said Oak and turning from thence North Seventy Eight Degrees west Sixteen perches and from thence North fifty seven degrees west Twelve perches and from thence west thirty Perches and from thence North thirty four Degrees west thirty two perches and from thence South Eighty five degrees west till it Intersects the Land of Mr Bennetts - all that Tract and parcel of Land to him and his heirs for Ever.
Item. I give and Bequeath to my dear and Loving Wife Elizabeth Howard the middle part of that Tract of Land called the Adventure where my dwelling house stands Beginning at the first Bounded Tree of the Adventure from thence running North Eighty five degrees west Eighteen perches and from thence South fifty five degrees west till it Intersects M{r} Bennetts Land all that Tract or parcel of Land above Mentioned during her Natural Life.
Item. I Give and Bequeath to my Son John Howard the Remaining part of that Tract of Land Called the Adventure lying on the southwest side of a pond Commonly called Howells great Pond to him and his heirs for Ever and his mothers part of the Same Tract of Land before bequeath{d} after her Decease to him and his heirs for Ever.
Item. I Give and Bequeath to my daughter Susan Howard a Tract of Land Containing Ninety Six acres called Howards pollicy and the Remaining part of the Adventure Lying on the Eastern Side of Howells Great pond Going to Howard pollicy to her and her heirs for ever but if she should die before She Comes to the age of One and Twenty Years having no Heir then to Return to my Daughter Hannah Howard and her heirs for Ever.
Item. I Give and Bequeath to my dear Wife one Negro Man called James and one Negro Woman call{d} Dinah.
Item. I Give to my Daughter Hannah Howard one Negro Girl call{d} Poll.
Item. I Give to my son John Howard one Negro boy call{d} Jacob.
Item. I Give to my son James Howard one Negro Boy call{d} George.
Item. I Give to my daughter Martha Howard one Negro Girl call{d} Haney.
Item. I Give to my daughter Ann Howard one Negro Girl call{d} Pegg and Eight pounds Sterling to be paid in Cash.
Item. I Leave all the Residue of my Personal Estate after my Just Debts are paid and my Wifes thirds taken from it to be Equally divided amongst all my Children.
Item. I make and ordain my Loving Wife my Whole and Sole Executrix of this my Last Will and Testament and Doth Leave all my Children to her untill they Come to their full Ages the Boys to the Age of Twenty one years and Girls to the age of Sixteen.
Witness my hand and Seal this Twenty Eighth Day of January in the year of our Lord One thousand Seven hundred forty Nine. Matthew Howard Signed Sealed and Delivered In the presence of Jerom Cannel John his J mark Hickes, John Briscoe, Tho{s} Chandler N.B. This Being part of my Will
Item - that if my son James Howard should die in his Non Age or without I give then his part of Land to him Bequeath{d} shall, fall to my three Daughters namely, Hannah, Martha & Ann Howard to them and their heirs and assigns for evermore. As Witness my hand and seal this 24th day of October Anno Dom 1750 Matthew his M mark Howard
Witness present - Thos Chandler
On the back of the foregoing Will was thus Written On the nineteenth day of November Anno Dom 1750 John Hickes John Briscoe Thomas Chandler & Jerom Cannel the Subscribing Witnesses to the Within Written Will being duly & Solemnly Sworn on the holy Evangels of Almighty God Severally depose and Say that they saw Matthew Howard the Testator within Named sign and Seal the Within Will and heard him publish and declare the Same to be his last Will & Testament that at the Time of his So doing he was to the best of their knowledge and apprehension of sound and Disposing mind and memory and that they Severally Subscribed their Respective Names as Evidences to the Same Will in the presence of the Same Testator and at his request. Sworn before J A Calder, Dept Com, Kent County.
Item - that if my son James Howard should die in his Non Age or without I give then his part of Land to him Bequeath{d} shall, fall to my three Daughters namely, Hannah, Martha & Ann Howard to them and their heirs and assigns for evermore. As Witness my hand and seal this 24th day of October Anno Dom 1750 Matthew his M mark Howard
Witness present - Thos Chandler