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Sheldon 1: Sheldon of Beoly Beeley, Belley or Berley, Sheldon of Broadway, Sheldon of Rowley, Sheldon of Steeple Barton, Sheldon of Weston
Sh21. Raff Sheldon of Rowley Regis, Staffordshire
Sh20-1. Richard Sheldon of Rowley Regis Staffords
A. John Sheldon of Rowley Regis
i. Clare Sheldon
m Cornelius Worley or Mirley of Hampsted, Staffordshire
B. Mawde Sheldon
m William Colbrand
Sh20 =22 Morris Sheldon of Rowley Regis Staffordshire b c 1350
Sh19 =21. John Sheldon of Abberton Worcesters b c 1380 temp Henry IV (1399-1413)
m x Cotton dau of John Cotton of Cotton Hall
Sh18 =20 an intermediate is claimed by to have been here citing E.A.B Barnard and Nash for which the relatively long generation spans speaks:
Ralph Sheldon b c 1420
m Joyce Ruding
Joyce was an heiress descended from a family of considerable antiquity in Worcestershire who owned property to the north of Abberton in Beoley, Feckenham, Hanbury and Martin Hussingtree (p.3). The Victoria County History (VCH) for Worcestershire shows the arms of Ruding of Hussingtree as ‘Argent, on a bend between two lions rampant Sable a wyvern volant of the field’, i.e. a silver shield with a silver flying two-legged dragon on a diagonal black band, between two black lions standing on one leg (Vol. IV, p.137), and they were subsequently quartered in the SHELDON arms. The Visitations do not go back far enough to include JOYCE, but her father may be the William RUDING who according to Nash inherited land in Feckenham parish, as she gave the name William to her eldest son.
Sh17-1 William Sheldon inherited Aberton but established himself at Balford Hall in Beoley in the reign of Edward IV (1460-1483). Beoley is pronounced ‘Beeley’, and means ‘bee wood’. William bought Benyt’s Place in that parish in 1488. During the Wars of the Roses, William supported the Yorkists at the battle of Bosworth in 1485, and as a result of the definitive Lancastrian victory there he was deprived of his property, but it was restored to him before he died in 1517 (VCH, Vol. IV, p.14, note 25).dsp
Sh19 Ralph Sheldon of Aberton and Berley or Beeley, Worcestershire b c 1470 d 1546
m Phillippa Heath b c 1480 d 1548 dau of
+1 Baldwin Heath of Ford Hall, a moated house n Tanworth-in-Arden Warwicks b c 1450 d 1528
m Agnes Grove co-heiress
+2 Thomas Heath of Aspley 3 miles from Boeley b c 1425
m Elizabeth Hill
+2 John Grove
m Joan x
+3 John Hesth of Coleshill n Birmingham
m Amice
The HEATH arms were ‘Vert, on a chief Argent, three cinquefoils Azure'
the GROVE arms were ‘Argent, a chevron between three pineapples pendant Gules’

HEATH and GROVE arms quartered with SHELDON and RUDING ?and ?Cotton (from 1619 Visitation)
Sh18 William Sheldon of Belley or Beoly b about 1500 d 23.12.1570
m1 Mary Willington d 1553, dau of William Willington by Anne, widow not dau of Richard Mydlemore or Middlemore
Sh17-1 William Sheldon b c 1530 dsp
m Elizabeth Lewson dau of Richard Lewson of Lilsell
Sh17-2 Rauffe Sheldon of Weston then Beoly or Belley b c1537, d 1613
m1 Anne Throgmorton d 1603, dau of Sir Robert Throgmorton
Sh17-2-1 William Sheldon of Beoly dsp
Sh17-2-2 Edward Sheldon of Beoly, Belley or Beely b c 1561
m Elizabeth Markham dau of Thomas Markham
i William Sheldon of Beoly and Weston b c 1589
m Elisabeth Petre dau of William, Lord Petre
a Ralph Sheldon of Beoly b 1623, dsp 24.06.1684
m Henrietta Maria Savage dau of Thomas Savage, Viscount Rocksavage
b Elizabeth Sheldon presumably the Elizabeth who married ...
m Sir Thomas Gascoigne, 3rd Bart of Lasingcroft b c 1623, dsp 1698
c+ other issue dsp - Edward, George, Catherine
ii Ralph Sheldon of Steeple Barton d 1658-9
m Bridget Morgan dau of Anthony Morgan of Hayford and Weston Underwell Hill
a Edward Sheldon of Steeple Barton d 1676
m Catharine Constable d 1681, dau of Sir Philip Constable of Everingham
1 Ralph Sheldon of Steeple Barton, later of Weston and Beoly d 1720
m Mary Anne Elliott dau of John Elliott, son of Humphrey of Gatacre Park
A Edward Sheldon d 1746
m Elizabeth Shelley d 16.09.1766, dau of Sir John Shelley, Bart of Mitchell Grove
i William Sheldon of Weston d 1780
m Margaret Frances Disney Rooke d 1766, dau of James Rooke of Bigsware
a Ralph Sheldon of Weston d 1822, Colonel
m Jane Holburne dau of Admiral Francis Holburne of Menstrie, sister of Sir Francis
1 Edward Ralph Charles Sheldon of Brailes House b 02.03.1782, d 11.06.1836 had issue>
m 14.08.1817 Marcella Winstanley d 23.07.1849, dau of Thomas Meredith Winstanley of Lisson Hall
2 Catherine Sheldon d unm c 1818
3 Jane Louisa Sheldon d 10.12.1871
m 26.12.1815 Robert Fellowes of Shottesham Park b 07.09.1779, d 14.04.1869
4 Fanny Anne Sheldon
m Comte D'Orfeuille
b James Sheldon 4th son<
m x Mostyn dau of Rev. _ Mostyn
c Charles Henry Sheldon of Haute Fontaine, France
m Elizabeth Gorges dau of Richard Gorges of Eye, relict of Charles Graham of Netherby
d George Sheldon of Ems, Austria
m Frances, Princess of Anersberg
e Margaret Frances Sheldon<
m 1772 Francis Talbot of Witham Place d 1813
f+ William Sheldon of Brailes d unm 11.1830, Edward Sheldon d unm, Henry Sheldon d 1761
ii+ 3 sons and 9 daughters
iii Francis Sheldon
vi Edward Sheldon
m Mary Wake dau of Lyonell Wake of Antwerp, son of Richard of Hartwell
vii Joan Sheldon possibly of this generation
m Sir Henry Appleton, 2nd Bart of South Bemfleet
Sh17-2-3 Elizabeth Sheldon
m Sir John Russell
Sh17-2-4 Mary Sheldon
m Walter Fowler of Staffordshire
Sh17-2-5 Muriell Sheldon
m Francis Clare of Worcestershire
Sh17-2-6 Jane Sheldon
m John Flower of Rutland
Sh17-2-7 Margaret Sheldon
m William Standen son of Edmond
Sh17-2-8 Anne Sheldon
m Sir John Pershall of Horsley d 1646
Sh17-2-9 Frances Sheldon
m Sir Anthony Maney of Kent
Sh17-2-10 Katharine Sheldon
m Francis Trentham of Staffordshire
Sh17-2-11 Phillipe Sheldon
m John Sulliard son of Edward
m2 Jane West dau of William West, Lord Delawarr
Sh17-2-12 James Sheldon/Shelton b c 1588 d 20 May 1668 Barbados Bermuda
m Anne Hebert
-1 Robert Sheldon
-2 Joan Sheldon m Son Hall
-3 James Sheldon b c 1600 m Eleanor West
-4 Stephen Sheldon b c 1602 d Jan 1654/5 m Anne West
-5 John Sheldon b c 1603 d 15 Aug 1691
-6 William Sheldon b c 1605 d 20 Nov 1639
-7 Thomas Sheldon b c 1606 d 1684 Cecil Co MD m Hannah Wood
-8 George Sheldon b 1607
-9 Richard Sheldon b c 1610 d 1701
-10 Ralph Sheldon b 1610
Sh17-2-13 Thomas SHELTON b 1601 d by Oct 1650
Sh17-3 Phillipe Sheldon b c 1532, d 23.12.1606
m Anthony Pollard of Baldon or Newnam Court b 1525-6, d 1577
Sh17-4 Goditha Sheldon b about 1534
m Robert Brayne of St. James Bristow
Sh17-5 Katharen Sheldon b about 1535
m Edmond Plowden of Plowden b 1517, d 1584
Sh17 Ann Sheldon b about 1537
m1 Francis Savage of Elmely Castle
-1 William Savage of Elmeley Castle b 1554 d 07.08.1616 m Anne Knottesford dau of John Knottesford of Great Malvern
-2 Walter Savage of Broadway, Worcester b about 1555 a 1620
m Elizabeth Hall dau and heiress of John Hall of Idlecott Warwick
-3 Anthony Savage of Elmeley b about 1572 m Anne Croker dau of John Croker of Batisford
-4 Rev. John Savage b 1557 Elmley Castle d 1620
-1-1 Sir John Savage of Elmeley dsp m Dorothy Poole dau of Sir Henry Poole of Saperton
-1-2 Giles Savage of Elmeley Castle d 31.01.1631, 3rd son m Catherine Dalston dau of Richard Dalston/Darleston of Wormington
-1-3 Mary Savage m Sir Thomas Eastcourt of Gloucestershire dsp 04.07.1624
-1-4 Thomas Savage
-1-5 George Savage of London
-2-1 Richard Savage b about 1570 dvp m Millicent Moulton dau of William Moulton of Todenham
-2-2 Charles Savage of Tedbury b about 1580 d a 1623, 3rd m Elizabeth Abbington dau of Arthur sb Anthony Abbington
-2-3 Francis Savage 5th son b about 1586 m Mary Eastcourt dau of Edward Eastcourt of Tedbury
-2-4 Catherine Savage b about 1588< m John Abbington of Dowdeswell
-2-5 Ralph Savage
-2-6 Anthony Savage
-2-7 John Savage
-2-8 William Savage b about 1592 d a 1620
-3-1 Anne Savage m Thomas Phettiplace of Fernham b 1585 bur Longcott Church
-4-1 Rev. Thomas Savage b 1595 d 1674 m Elizabeth Rooe

-1-2-1 Thomas Savage of Elmeley Castle, Sheriff of Worcestershire b c1623, a 1682 m Mary Hare b c1624, d 13.11.1708, dau of Sir John Hare of Stow Bardolph
-1-2-2 Mary Savage m Thomas Wild of Worcestershire
-1-2-3 William Savage b c1625, d 1655
-1-2-4 Giles Savage
-1-2-5 John Savage of Egiocke
-2-1-1 Walter Savage of Broadway b about 1598 d a 1634 m Mary Wheeler dau of Humphrey Wheeler of Wick
-2-1-2 Elizabeth Savage b about 1600 m Robert Collins of London
-2-1-3 Susan Savage b about 1601 possibly = m Edward French
-2-1-4 Millicent Savage b about 1601< m y Richmond of London
-2-2-1 Abington Savage dsp by 1623
-2-2-2 William Savage b c1622
-2-2-3 Anthony Savage b c1623
-2-2-4 Elizabeth Savage
-2-3-1 Mary Savage b c1622
-4-1-1 Thomas Savage b 1625 d 1662 m Ann Gadd

-1-2-1-1 Thomas Savage of Great Malvern, later of Elmeley Castle b c1644, a 1682 m Margaret Wodehouse dau of Sir Philip Wodehouse, 3rd Bart of Kimberley
-1-2-1-2 Mary Savage m Sir John Willys, 2nd Bart of Fen Ditton b 1635-6, d 09.08.1704
-2-1-1-1 Anne Savage probably = m George Purefoy of Wolvershall b c1618, a 1682
-2-1-1-2 Walter Savage b c1627
-2-1-1-3 Thomas Savage
-2-1-1-4 John Savage
-2-1-3-1 George French m Cecily Grey
-2-1-3-2 Dennis French
-4-1-1-1 Edward Savage b 1656 m Alice Truss

-1-2-1-1-1 Thomas Savage of Elmley Castle b c1673, 2nd son m Elizabeth bur 10.04.1724, dau of Richard Graham or Grimes, widow of Thomas Coventry, 1st Earl of Coventry
-1-2-1-1-2 Philip Savage b c1670
-1-2-1-1-3 John Savage b c1676
-1-2-1-1-4 William Savage b c1680
-1-2-1-1-5 Margaret Savage b c1672
-1-2-1-1-6 Margaret Savage b c1674
-1-2-1-1-7 Anne Savage b c1677
-4-1-1-1-1 John Savage b 1677 m Phillis Gadd

-1-2-1-1-1-1 Mary Savage apparently of this generation m Humphrey Monoux
-4-1-1-1-1-1 John Savage b 1711 m Mary x

-4-1-1-1-1-1-1 Charles Savage b 1739 m Hannah Winfield

-4-1-1-1-1-1-1-1 Charles Savage b 1780 m Mary Ann Hancock
m2 Anthony Daston of Wormington Dawson of Dombleton
m2 Margaret Brooke b c1509, d 1589, dau of Sir Richard Brooke, Chief Baron of the Exchequer, widow of Sir William Whorwood
Sh17-7 William Sheldon b c 1540
Sh18-2 Baldwin Sheldon of Broadway Worcesters b 1505 d 1548
m Jane Wheler/Wheeler b 1510 d 1583 dau of John Wheler she m2 John Combe b c 150 d 1550 and had
William Combe b 1551 d 1610 m Alice Hamby
Sh18-2-1 Rauffe Sheldon of Broadway
m Mary Huband dau of Nicholas Huband, Hubart or Husband of Ipsley Hall
A Thomas Sheldon of Broadway d by 1593
m Elizabeth Hoby dau of Richard Hoby of Badsey
i Elizabeth Sheldon
m John Kighley of South Littleton
ii Mary Sheldon
m William Sambage of Broadway
B+ other issue - John, Elizabeth, Jane
Sh18-2-2 Anthony Sheldon of Broadway
m Jane Lewknor dau of Thomas Lewknor, sister of Nicholas of Horsley
Sh18-2-2-1 William Sheldon of Broadway
m Cicely Brace dau of Francis Brace of Doverdale
i William Sheldon of Broadway a 1634
m Anne Savage dau of Walter Savage of Broadway
a William Sheldon
m Philip Tracy dau of Sir Richard Tracy, Bart
b Cicely Sheldon
m Robert Savage of Calway Hill
c+ other issue - Sherington d 24.04.1677, Thomas, John, Anthony b c 1625, Edward, Phillipa, Mary
ii Brace Sheldon of Temple Grafton had issue
iii Margaret Sheldon b 1592 d 1663
m John Ockley of Great Wolford
iv Anne Sheldon
m Robert Talbot
v Cicely Sheldon
vi Margery Sheldon
m Robert Harewell of Evesham
vii Mary Sheldon
m John Vickeridge of Natton
viii Frances Sheldon
m Thomas Westcote of Tamworth
Sh18-2-2-2 Baldwin Sheldon of Temple Grafton 3rd son had issue
m c 1599 Eleanor Bishop of Grafton
Sh18-2-2-3+ issue - Thomas, Margaret, Jane
Sh18-2-3 William Sheldon
m Margaret Stokes
A Jane Sheldon
Sh18-2-4 Elizabeth Sheldon
m Richard Egoke or Egioke
Sh18-2-5 Christian Sheldon b 1530 d 1592
m John Severene
-1 Ursula Severne b 1568 d aft 1628 m 1584 Edward Oakley -1-1 Dorothy Oakley b c 1610 m Richard Leigh
-1-2 John Oakley b 1589 d 1656 m Margaret Sheldon b 1592 d 1663
Sh18-2-6 Ursula Sheldon
m y James
Sh18-2-7 Jane Sheldon
m Nicholas Blaby
Sh18-3 Thomas Sheldon of Childswickham near Broadway, where his descendants continued to live (Nash, Vol. I, p.64).
m Elizabeth Rawlyns
1 Rauffe Sheldon of Chylds Wycon
m Elizabeth Lyggon dau of Sir Richard Lyggon
A+ issue - Raffe, Francis, William, Anne
2 Thomas Sheldon
m Margaret Delves dau of Sir Henry Delves
3 Jane Sheldon
m y Killohill of Tedston
Sh18-4 Mary Sheldon
m1 y Sylvester
m2 George Ferrers
Sh18-5 Joyce Sheldon probably the Joyce who married ...
m John Rugeley of Dunton
Sh18-6 Frances Sheldon
Sh18-7 Elizabeth Sheldon inhrerited land n Droitwich
m William Lench
Sh18-8 Francis Sheldon -1 Henry Sheldon d 1558 -1-1 John Sheldon d c 1560
Sh18-9 Alice,
Sh18-10 Joyce Sheldon
Sh17-3 Daniell Sheldon
a. Richard Sheldon
1 Francis Sheldon
Sh17-4 John Sheldon
m x Hickford
a. Lettice Sheldon
m John Alderford
Sh17-5 Richard Sheldon
a.+ issue including Richard priest
Sh17-6 Isabel Sheldon probably of this generation
m Richard Allen or Alleyne of Grantham d 06.09.1559
Sh17-7 Morris Sheldon
Sh17-8 John Sheldon of London
Sh17 Daniel Sheldon of Spetchley n Worcester b c 1485 (as Spetchley Park transferred from the Lyttleton to Sheldon family this Daniel seems to have married a Lyttleton. )
?m x Lyttlerton dau or grandau of
Sh16 y Sheldon of Spatchley/Spetchley, Wigorn b c 1510
Sh15 y Sheldon of Spatchley/Spetchley, Wigorn b c 1535
Sh14 y Sheldon of Spatchley/Spetchley, Wigorn b c 1560
Sh13 y Sheldon of Spatchley/Spetchley, Wigorn b c 1585
Sh12 Philip Sheldon of Spatchley/Spetchley, Wigorn b c 1610 In 1651 Spetchley was sold, Uncertain, whether Philip inherited it or was of a junior line. Considering the date, he is likely to have been a Royalist supporter in the English Revolution.
Sh11 Elizabeth Sheldon b c 1635 d aft 1666
m 1653 Robert Nicholas Ni10
Ni9 Philip Nicholas, b 8 Nov. 1654
Ni9-2 Edward Nicholas, b. 13 Feb. 1656
Ni9-3 Herbert Nicholas, b. 16 July 1658
Ni9-4 John Nicholas, bap. 22 April 1664
Ni9-5 Henry (?Harry), bap. 11 March 1666
Ni9 Philip Nicholas m Elizabeth Carter dau of Robert "King" Carter and Judith Armistead Ni7 Robert Carter Nicholas m Anne Cary Ca7 dau of Wilson Cary and Sarah Pate
Sh19-? - - - - -
of no established realtion to the above was:
Richard de Sheldon b Monyash Bakewell Derby d 1414 in Derby
Sh19-?-1 Hugh Sheldon b 1410 Monyash d 1437 in Derby
m Ruth x
Sh19-?-1-1 Richard Sheldon b c 1440 Bakewell d 1494 Monyash Bakewell
m Elizabeth x b 1444 d 12 Nov 1494
Sh19-?-1-1-1 Hugh Sheldon b c 1465 Monyash d there 1524
m Parnell Bereforde + 1 ch m2 Alice x + 3 sons
Sh19-?-1-1-1-1 Dennis Sheldon
Sh19-?-1-1-1-2 Dennis Sheldon b 1492
Sh19-?-1-1-1-3 Hugh Sheldon b 1495
Sh19-?-1-1-1-4 Henry Sheldon b 1500 -1 Hugh Sheldon b 1525 Stanton Stafford d 1577 Stanton m Dorothy Hurte b 1527
Sh19-?-1-1-2 John Sheldon b 1470 Monyash d 1523 Bakewell Derby
m Elizabeth x b 1471
Sh19-?-1-1-2-1 John Sheldon, II b 1495 Monyash d 1572 Bakewell
Sh19-?-1-1-2-1-1 Hugh Sheldon b c 1524/5 d 1577 Stanton ?= ?-1-1-1-4
m1 Dorothy Hurte d 23 Jul 1580 + 1 ch dau of Thomas Hurte b c 1499 Ashbourne Derby d there 1529 and Hellena Wright
m2 Katherine Littleton b 1529 d 1550 dau of Thomas Littleton b 1464 d 1523 Spetchley Worcester and Anne Botreaux
-1 Roger Sheldon of Stanton Stafford b c 1561 Monyash d 30 Sep 1623 Stanton -1-1 Arthur Sheldon b c 1575 Ashford Bakewell d Jun 1651 Ashford m Barbara x d 1615 Bakewell
-1-2 Thomas Sheldon
-1-3 Hugh Sheldon
-1-4 Ralph Sheldon, of Stanton, Staffs
-1-5 Most Rev, Gilbert Sheldon, Archb...
-1-6 Sir Joseph Sheldon, Lord Mayor o...
-1-7 William Sheldon
-1-8 George Sheldon
-1-9 Anne Sheldon
-1-1-1 Ralph Sheldon
-1-1-2 Elizabeth Sheldon b 1615 Ashford d 1704 Mobberly Cheshire m william Lowe b 1 Dec 1607 Mobberly Cheshire d there 1697 son of Arthur Lowe and Margaret Burgess
-1-1-3 Jane Sheldon b 1600 Ashford d 20 Apr 1620 m William Wright
-1-1-4 Mary Sheldon b 1602 Ashford d 13 Jan 1617 Ashford
-1-1-5 Arthur Sheldon b 1607 d 17 Apr 1618 Ashford
-1-1-6 John Sheldon b 1610 Ashford d 20 Apr 1618
-1-1-7 Anne Sheldon b 1612? Ashford d 20 Apr 1620 m Ralph White
-1-1-2-1 Susam Lowe b Jan 1632 Mobberly d 18 Oct 1694 Mobberly m John Coppock b 17 Aug 1636 Hough Ln wilmslow Cheshire d 31 Dec 1709 Mobberly
-1-1-2-1-1 Aaron Coppock b 25 Oct 1662 Wilmslow Moberly Parish d 10 Oct 1726 E Nottingham Chester PA m Mary Orrell b 1668 Mobberly Cheshire d 1701 PA dau of Moses Orrell b c 1637 Engl and Martha Scarborough b 1641 West Nottingham Mtg Engl
-1-1-2-1-2 Rose Coppock b 30 Nov 1663 Cheshire
-1-1-2-1-3 Francis Coppock b 24 Jul 1664 Mobberly d 30 Jan 1665
-1-1-2-1-4 Hannah Coppock b 25 Apr 1669 Mobberly m Robert Orrell
-1-1-2-1-5 Martha Coppock b 9 Apr 1671 Mobberly d 10 Jan 1710 Mobberly
-1-1-2-1-1-1 Sarah Coppock b 12 Jul 1690 Mobberly d 12 Nov 1750 Kennett Chester PA m Alexander A Frazier
-1-1-2-1-1-2 Ann Coppock
-1-1-2-1-1-3 Martha Coppock m y Robinson
-1-1-2-1-1-4 Aaron Coppock
-1-1-2-1-1-5 Mary Coppock m y Sinclair
-1-1-2-1-1-1-1 Sarah Marian Frazier m John Rich b 13 Jun 1717 Chester PA d 5 Sep 1798 Radolph NC son of Joseph Rich b 1692 w Nottingham Chester PA d there 25 Aug 1757 and Elizabeth Holmes b by 1695 d 1757 Chester PA
-1-1-2-1-1-1-2 Alexander Frazier, III
-1-1-2-1-1-1-3 Aaron Frazier
-1-1-2-1-1-1-4 James Frazier
-1-1-2-1-1-1-5 Mary Ann Frazier m Garretson
-1-1-2-1-1-1-6 Miriam Frazier
-1-1-2-1-1-1-7 Moses Frazier
-1-1-2-1-1-1-8 John Frazier
-1-1-2-1-1-1-1-1 Mary Rich
-1-1-2-1-1-1-1-2 Elizabeth Rich m Mendenhall
-1-1-2-1-1-1-1-3 John, Jr. Rich, Jr.
-1-1-2-1-1-1-1-4 Sarah Rich
-1-1-2-1-1-1-1-5 Miram Rich m Mendenhall
-1-1-2-1-1-1-1-6 Dinah Rich
-1-1-2-1-1-1-1-7 Martha Rich
-1-1-2-1-1-1-1-8 Peter Rich
-1-1-2-1-1-1-1-9 Joseph Rich
-1-1-2-1-1-1-1-10 Moses Rich
-1-1-2-1-1-1-1-11 Job Rich
Sh19-?-1-1-2-1-2 Henry Sheldon
Sh19-?-1-1-2-1-3 George Sheldon
Sh19-?-1-1-2-1-4 Roger Sheldon
Sh19-?-1-1-2-1-5 Thomas Sheldon
Sh19-?-1-1-2-2 Roger Sheldon
Sh19-?-1-1-3 Richard Sheldon b c 1475 Monyash
Sh19-?-1-1-4 Joan Sheldon b c 1477 Monyash

Sources: Visitation Worcestershire, 1569+1634, Sheldon of Beley, Visitation Warwickshire, 1619, Sheldon, BLG1886 Sheldon of Brailes House
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