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Savage 1

: Savage of Clifton, Savage of Rivers, Savage of Rock Savage
Sa31, Le Sieur Thomas Le Sauvage, b Normandy, living in 1066
Sa30 John le Sauvage, Esquire, who was living prior to the year 1090. In the later years his name appears in connection with Derbyshire along with that of Peveril and that of Roger de Burun, ancestor of the Lords Byron of Rochdale.
Sa29 Adam Le Sauvage, whose name, according to the Heralds, appears in a deed of this period, b 1049 Scarcliffe, Derbyshire, England
Sa28 Robert Le Sauvage, b 1073 Stainesby
Sa27 John Le Sauvage, Lord of Stainesby, b 1098 in Stainesby, Derbyshire, England
Sa26 Sir Geffrey Le Savage, of Stainesby, d 1190
m Letice b c 1124 Stainesby, Derbyshire dau of sir Henry de Ardearn / Arden, and so became connected with Warwickshire by an alliance with the family from which Shakespeare in later years maternally descended.
Sa25 John le Sauvage b 1144 Stainesby, Derbyshire, d 1208
Sa24 John le Sauvage b 1185 Stainesby, Derbyshire
m 1249 Agatha St. Andries b 1224 Stainesby
Sa23 Sir John Savage b 1220 Stainesby
Sa22 Sir John Savage b 1250 Stainesby d 1301
Sa21 Sir Thomas Savage b 1285 Stainesby d 1331
Sa20 =21 Sir Robert Savage b 1320 Cheadle d 1368
m 1360 in Stainesby, Amicia Walkington b 1305
Sa19 =20. John Savage b 1343 in Cheadle Cheshire d 1386
m c 1376 Margaret Daniers b c 1355 dau of Sir Thomas Daniers of Bradley d 1355
Sa18 =19. Sir John Savage of Clifton b 1370 d 01.08.1450
m Maud Swinnerton dau of Sir Robert Swinnerton
Sa17 =18. John Savage of Clifton and Stainesby b 1403 d 1463 in Clifton, Cheshire
m 1422 in Clifton, Elizabeth or Eleanor Brereton b 1406 dau of Brereton
Sa16 =17 Sir John Savage of Clifton b 1448, k 22.11.1495 Boulogne-sur-Mer, Comté d'Artois while on reconnaissance near the Siege of Boulogne, knighted as a Yorkist after the Battle of Tewkesbury. KG 1488 but the commander of the left wing of Henry Tudor's army at Bosworth
m Catherine Stanley b 1430 in Stanley d 1498 dau of Sir Thomas Stanley, 1st Lord
Sa16-1 Sir John Savage of Clifton dvp Boloine b c 1448
m Dorothy Vernon b c 1452
+1 Sir Ralph Vernon
m Elizabeth Norris
+2 Sir Ralph Vernon +2 y Norris of Speke +3 Richard Vernon
m Isabel Malbank dau of Piers Malbank
+3 Sir Thomas Butler of Bewsy
Sa16-1-1 Sir John Savage of Clifton, Sheriff of Worcestershire b about 1465 d 02.03.1527
m Anne Bostock
+1 Raufe Bostock of Bostock
Sa16-1-1-1 Sir John Savage of Clifton b c 1493 d 27.07.1528
m Elizabeth Somerset b c 1497 d 1545, dau of>
+1 Charles Somerset, 1st Earl of Worcester
m1 02.06.1472 Elizabeth Herbert d 1514
+2 William Herbert, Earl of Huntingdon
m 1466 Mary Wydvile
+3 Sir Richard de Wydeville of Grafton, 1st Earl Rivers
Sa16-1-1-1-1 Sir John Savage of Clifton and Rock Savage d 05.12.1597
m1 Elizabeth Manners dau of Thomas Manners, 1st Earl of Rutland
Sa16-1-1-1-1-1 Sir John Savage, 1st Bart of Rock Savage, Sheriff of Chester bur 14.07.1615
m Mary Allington dau of
-b Anne Alington
-c Cordelia Alington m Stanhope
-a William Allington
-c Joane Allington
-d Elizabeth Allington
+1 Richard Allington b c 1525 Bottisham Cambridge d 25 Nov 1561 Long Melford
m Jane Cordell b 1537 Long Melford Suffolk d there 4 Jan 1602
-a William Cordell b c 1522 Long Melford d 17 May 1581 Rolls House Chancery Lane London m Mary Clopton MP PC
-b Thomazine Cordell b c 1530 m Gilbert Gager
-c Edward Cordell b c 1536 Long Melford d 9 Dec 1590 m1 Elizabeth Harrison m2 aft 1587 Abigail Heveningham MP
+2 Giles Alington b c 1499 Bottisham Cambridge d 1586 he m1 Ursula Drury m3 Margaret Tolkarne
m2 c 1524 Alice Middleton b 1501 London d c 1563 she m1 c 21 Feb 1516 Thomas Elrington + ch Thomas and John
+2 John Cordell b 1513 Long Melford Suffolk d there c 1553
m Eme Webbe b 1515 Long Melford Suffolk
+3 Giles Alington
m Mary Gardener
+3 John Middleton
m Alice Harpur b 1474 she m2 c 1511 Sir Thomas More b 7 Feb 1478 Milk St London ex 6 Jul 1535 Tower of London
+3 Henry Webbe b 1495 d 1565 Melford Suffolk
+4 Richard Harpur
m Elizabeth Arden d aft 1510
+4 Mathew Johnathon Webbe b c 1475 Moulscombe Sussex d 1 May 1550 Patcham Sussex
m 1502 in Moulscombe Sussex Alicia Rosenberry b 1485
+5 Sir Peter Arden b c 1420 Sussex
m Katherine Sywardby
+5 Clarence Rosenberry b 1460 d 1485 and Mary Borden
Sa16-1-1-1-1-1-1 John Savage d young
Sa16-1-1-1-1-1-2 Sir Thomas Savage, 1st Viscount Savage d 20.11.1635
m Elizabeth D'Arcy, 'Countess Rivers' d 1650, dau of
+1 Thomas D'Arcy, 1st Earl Rivers
-1 John Savage, 2nd Earl Rivers b c1603, d 10.10.1654
m1 before 1626 Catherine Parker dau of William Parker, Lord Morley and Monteagle
-1-1 Thomas Savage, 3rd Earl Rivers b c1628, d 14.09.1694
m1 12.1647 Elizabeth Scrope b 1627, dau of Emanuel le Scrope, Earl of Sunderland
-1-1-1 Thomas Savage, Lord Colchester b c1650, dvp c 1680
m before 17.02.1668/9 Charlotte Stanley dau of Charles Stanley, 8th Earl of Derby
-1-1-1-1 Charlotte Savage d unm
-1-1-2 Richard Savage, 4th Earl Rivers b c 1654, d 18.08.1712, General
m1 21.08.1679 Penelope Downes dau of Roger Downes of Wardley
-1-1-2-1 Elizabeth Savage bur 13.03.1714/5
m James Barry, 4th Earl of Barrymore
m2 c01.1687/8 Margaret Stydolph b c1661, a 1692, dau of Sir Richard Stydolph, Bart
TCP Rochford provides the following connection.
p. Elizabeth Mrs. Colleton
-1-1-2-3 Bessy Savage d 23.06.1746
m1 c 08.1714 Frederick Nassau of Zuylesteyn, 3rd Earl of Rochford b 1683, d 14.06.1738
m2 Rev. Philip Carter
-1-1-3 Elizabeth Savage
-1-1-4 Annabella Savage dsp 31.01.1702-3
m Sir Erasmus Norwich of Brampton
m2 c08.1684 Arabella Bertie dsp 28.02.1716/7, dau of Robert Bertie, 3rd Earl of Lindsey
-1-2 John Savage dsp
-1-3 Richard Savage
m Alice Trafford dau of Thomas Trafford of Bridge Trafford
-1-3-1 John Savage, 5th Earl Rivers b 29.04.1665, d unm before 09.05.1737, priest
-1-4 Elizabeth Savage
m William Petre, 4th Lord d 05.01.1683 (additional dat from Martin Gabbard's tree)
+1 Robert Petre b 1599 d 1638
m Mary Browne b 1602 d 1683 she m2 William Arundel
+2 William Petre b 1575 West Horndon Essex d there 1637
m Catherine Somerset b 1575 d 1624 West Horndon
+3 John Petre b 1549 Ingaeston d 1613
m Mary Waldgrave b 1549 d 29 Aug 1604
+4 Edward Waldgrave b 1517 d 1561
m Frances Neville b 1519 d 1599
-1-5 Jane Savage b 1626 Rock Savage d 06.06.1676 (additional dat from Rob Allan's, Rob Allen' and Karen Eck's trees)
m1 17.01.1652/3 George Brydges, 6th Lord Chandos b 09.08.1620, d 02.1654/5
+1 Grey Brydges b c 1595
m Anne Stanley b c 1600
+2 William Brydges b c 1550
m Mary Hopton b c 1590
+2 Fernando Stanley b 1559 d 1594
m Alice Spencer b 1563 d 1637
+3 Edmund Brydges 2nd Lord Chandos of Sudeley b before 1522, d 11 Mar 1572/3
m c 1548 Dorothy Bray b c 1530, d 31.10.1605
+3 Sir Owen Hopton Lt. of Tower of London b c 1550
m Anne Etchingham b c 1550
+3 Henry Stanley b 1531 d 1593
m Margaret Clifford b 1540 d 1596
+3 John Spencer b 1517 d 1586
m Catherine Kitson b 1521 d 1586
+5 John Brydges b 1491 d 1556
m Elizabeth Grey b 1492 d 1559
+5 Edmund Bray Br14 1st Baron b c 1484, d 18 Oct 1539
m Jane Halyell/Hallighwell d 24.10.1558
+6 Sir Richard Hallighwell or Halywell of Holwell
m Jane Norbury
-1-5-1 Lucy Brydges b 1652 d 1689
m Adam Loftus, Viscount Lisburne d 1690, son of Arthur Loftus m 1624 Dorothy Boyle (dau of Richard Boyle, Earl of Cork)
-1 Lucia Loftus b 1670 d 1716 m Thomas Wharton 5th Baron, 1st Marquess of Wharton b 1 Aug 1648 d 12.04.1716 -1-1 Philip Wharton, 6th Baron, Duke of Wharton b 21 Dec 1698 d 31 May 1731 Catalonia m1 02.03.1714-5 Martha Holmes d 14.04.1726 + 1 ch dau of Maj. Gen. Holmes
-1-2 Jane Wharton, 'Baroness Wharton' dsp before 1761 m1 John Holt of Redgrave Hall d before 20.02.1729 m2 23.07.1726 Maria Theresa O'Beirne dsp 13.02.1777, dau of Col. Henry O'Beirne by Henrietta O'Neill
-1-3 Lucy Wharton b 1703 dsp 02.02.1738-9 m 09.1731 Sir William Morice b 1707 Werrington Devon dsp 24.01.1750
-1-1-1 Thomas Wharton bpt 29.03.1719, d 01.03.1720
-1-1-2 William Wharton b 1716 m Jane Roberts b 1718 d 1793
m2 09.10.1655 Sir William Sidley, Bart of Ailesford dsp 1656
m3 1657 George Pitt of Strathfieldsaye d 27.07.1694
-1-6 Catherine Savage<
m 23.02.1657 Sir Charles Sidley, 5th Bart of Ailesford b 1630, d 20.08.1701 son of John Sedley d 1638 and Elizabeth Savile
-1 Catherine Sedley b 1657 d 1717 m James James b 1633 St James London d 1701 St Germain France -1-1 Catherine Darnley b 1682 d 14 Mar 1743 m James Annesley b 1670 d 1702 -1-1-1 Catherine Annesley b 1700 d 1736 m1 William Phipps b 1698 d 1730 m2 John Sheldon -1-1-1-1 Constantine Phipps b 1722 d 1775 m Lepell Hervey b 1723 d 1780
-1-7 Mary Savage
m Henry Killegrew
-1-8 Frances Savage d y
m2 before 06.03.1646/7 Mary Ogle dau of Thomas Ogel of South Dessington
-1-9 Peter Savage
-2 Thomas Savage of Beeston Castle b c 1610
m Elizabeth Whitmore dau of William Whitmore of Leighton
-2-1 D'Arcy Savage of Leighton
-2-1-1 Bridget Savage
m Sir Thomas Mostyn, Bart of Mostyn d 1700
-2-2 Elizabeth Savage
m Marmaduke Langdale, 2nd Lord of Holme d 25.02.1703
-3 Charles Savage
-3-1 Mary Savage
m Jeremey Thoresby of Leeds
-4 Jane Savage b c 1608, d 15.04.1631
m 1622 John Paulet, 5th Marquess of Winchester b c1597, d 05.03.1674-5
-5 Dorothy Savage
m 10.04.1637 Charles Howard, 2nd Earl of Berkshire d 1679
-6 Elizabeth Savage
m Sir John Thimbleby of Irnham b 17.06.1603, d 19.12.1661
-7 Anne Savage d 16.06.1696
m Robert Brudenell, 2nd Earl of Cardigan b 05.03.1607, d 16.07.1703
-8 Henrietta Maria Savage
m Ralph Sheldon of Beoley b 1623, dsp 24.06.1684
-9 other issue dsp - Francis Savage, William Savage, James Savage, Richard Savage, Catherine Savage nun
Sa16-1-1-1-1-1-3 Elizabeth Savage
m1 Thomas Mainwaring
m2 Sir Raufe Done of Duddon
Sa16-1-1-1-1-1-4 Grace Savage
m Sir Richard Wilbraham, Bart of Woodhey d 1643
Sa16-1-1-1-1-1-5 John Savage ?= of Castleton
?m Alice Stafford dau of Humphrey Stafford and Lucy Eyre (dau of Edward Eyre of Holme Hall)
-1+ 7 sons and 2 daughters
possibly here was:
Dorothy Savage m William Strother b c 1627, Northumberland, England d 1702, Richmond Co, VA
Sa16-1-1-1-1-1-6 Richard Savage
Sa16-1-1-1-1-1-7 William Savage b c 1570
m Helen West b 15 Dec 1587 dau of Thomas West, 3rd Baron de la Warr, and Anne Knollys
-1 John Savage
-2 Cecily Savage
-3 Anne Savage
-4 Mary Savage b St Giles Cripple Gate London d 16 Nov 1639 Cambridge MA m William Andrews

-4-1 John Andrews b 1620 St Giles m Mary Barnes b Essex England d Farmington Hartford CT

-4-1-1 Mary Andrews b Farmington CT m1 Jacob Bronson b Hartford d Farmington m2 Thomas Barnes b Essex Engl
-4-1-2 Rachel Andrews m Ezekiel Buck b Wetherfield Hartford CT

-4-1-1-1 Ebenezer Barnes m Deborah Orvis
-4-1-1-2 Thomas Barnes m Mary Jones b Southington Hartford CT
Sa16-1-1-1-1-2 Edward Savage
Sa16-1-1-1-1-3 Margaret Savage b 1549, d 07.04.1597
m Sir William Brereton, Lord Leighlin bpt 06.02.1550, d 01.10.1631
Sa16-1-1-1-1-4 Elizabeth Savage
m Thomas Langton, Lord of Newton
Sa16-1-1-1-1-5 Elenora Savage
m1 Sir Henry Bagnall b 1556, d 1598
m2 1602 Sir Sackville Trevor 'of Trevallyn'
Sa16-1-1-1-1-6 Mary Savage m Sir Richard Milles of Hampshire
Sa16-1-1-1-1-7 Frances Savage
m Thomas Wilkes of Surrey
m2 Elenora Cotgreve dau of John Cotgreve
Sa16-1-1-1-2 Henry Savage
Sa16-1-1-1-3 Margaret Savage
m Sir Richard Bulkeley of Beaumaris and Cheadle a 1576
Sa16-1-1-1-4? claimed to be of this branch was:
Anne Savage b 1502 d 1570
Christopher, Robert and/or John Robinson
Sa16-1-1-1-5 Mary Savage
Mary is identified by BE1883 Savage which reports her as having married John Hampden of Hampden. However, noting that there was an earlier connection between the families shown just below, no such second connection is found in the Hampden records.
Sa16-1-1-2 Alice Savage probably of this generation
m Sir William Brereton of Brereton bur 04.02.1541
Sa16-1-2 reported by was:
Alice Savage b 1462 Clifton
m Sir William Brereton b c 1473 Brereton Cheshire Lord Chief Justice of Ireland son of Sir Andrew Brereton and Agnes Legh
-1 Sir William Brereton b 1506 m Anne Booth b c 1508 Barton Eccles Lancashire d 1526 dau of Sir William Booth and Margaret Assheton -1-1 Jane Brereton b c 1502 m Richard Clive b c 1499 George Clive
-2 Sir William Brereton, MP
-3 Ellen Brereton
-4 Arthur Brereton, of Killyan & Ca...
-5 Robert Brerton
-6 John Brerton
-7 Edward Brereton
-8 Margaret Brerton
-9 Andrew Brereton of Lecale
-1-1-1 George Clive b c 1532 m Susannah Copinger b c 1522 dau of Henry Copinger and Agnes Jermyn d 1600 -1-1-1-1 Ambrose Clive m Alice Townsend
-1-1-1-2 Joshua Clive, Esq. m Mary Charton dau of Andrew Charlton of Apley and Margaret Barker
-1-1-1-1-1 Robert Clive m Mary Abyn dau of E Abyn
-1-1-1-2-1 Rachel Clive b c 1591 m Thomas Wilbraham
-1-1-1-1-1-1 George Clive m Mary Husbands had issue
-1-1-1-2-1-1 Rachel Wilbraham b 26 Feb c 1610 m John Dalmahoy Jr b 20 Dec c 1610 South Leith d 12 Jun 1682 had Issue son of Sir John Dalmahoy and Barbara Lindsay
Sa16-1-3 reported by was:
Ann Savage
b 1473 Clifton (Pilkington shows her as Alice)
m Sir Roger Pilkington III + 5 daughters son of Roger Pilkington Jr
Sa16-1-4 reported by was:
Felicia Savage b 1475 Clifton
Sa16-1-5 reported by was:
Ellen Savage b 1477
Sa16-1-6 reported by was:
Maud Savage b 1479
Sa16-1-7 reported by was:
Catherine Cockayne (Savage)
Sa16-1-8 Elizabeth Savage b 1491 Chester d Great Hampden Bucks
m John Hampden of Hampden d 24.12.1553
-1 Katherine Hampden b c 1505 Sussex d 1553 Sussex m1 Henry Ferrers of Baddesley Clinton b after 1497 son of Sir Edward Ferrers MP and Constance Brome b c 1485 m2 Thomas Newdigate of Wivelsfield
-2 Barbara Hampden m Edmund Smith son of Sir John Smith
-1-1 Edward Ferrers b 1526 d 10 Aug 1564 Tardebigge Worcester MP m Bridget Windsor b 1529 London dau of William Windsor 2nd Baron and Margaret Sambourne
-1-2 Elizabeth Ferrers m Edward Poyntz
-1-3 Elizabeth Newdigate b c 1548 Wivelsfield Sussex d c 22 Jun 1602 Reigate m William Poyntz b c 1542 Alderly Gloucester son of John Poyntz and Margaret Saunderes
-2-1 Anne Smith m William Paulet
-1-1-1 Henry Ferrers b 1551 Warwickshire d 1633 m Jane White
-1-1-2 Eleanor Ferrers
-1-1-3 Katherine Ferrers
-1-3-1 Sir John Poyntz III of Reigate b 8 Dec 1577 Reigate Surrey m Anne Sydenham
-1-3-2 Ann Poyntz m Francis More
-1-3-3 Mary Poyntz
-1-1-1-1 Mary Frances Ferrers b c 1583 d 3 Jun 1659 m Thomas Fowke
-1-3-1-1 John Poyntz, IV
-1-3-1-2 Sydenham Poyntz
-1-3-1-3 Captain Newdigate Poyntz, Sr b 16 Nov 1608 Foxley Northampton m1 Sarah Dryden Foxley b 1610 Harringworth d 20 May 1636 Benenden Kent + 2 ch dau of Francis Foyley and Mary Dryden m2 Mary Parkyns + 2 ch m3 Ann Forest b 1615 Peterborough Northampton
-1-3-1-4 Frances Poyntz b 3 Dec 1609
-1-3-1-5 Helen Poyntz b 1599
-1-3-1-6 Susan Poyntz b 1602 Reigate m Richard Foxley
-1-1-1-1-1 Edward Fowke b 1623 Brewood Stafford m Sophia Randall
-1-3-1-3-1 Thomas Poyntz, of Benefield b c 1627 m Mary Herington b 1627 d 19 Mar 1664
-1-3-1-3-2 Dorothea Owsley
-1-3-1-3-3 William Poyntz
-1-3-1-3-4 Newdigate Poyntz Jr
-1-1-1-1-1-1 Randall Fowke b 1673 Belfast IRE d 2 Sep 1747 Fort St George Madras India m Anne May had issue
-1-3-1-3-1-1 Newdigate Poyntz b 1649 m Sarah Taverner d 1706
-1-3-1-3-1-2 Thomas Poyntz b 3 Nov 1650 m Sarah Lane b c 1650 d 1719 dau of Thomas Lane

-1-3-1-3-1-2-1 Thomas Poyntz b c 1678 m Isabella Babington b c 1683
-1-3-1-3-1-2-2 Newdigate Poyntz b 20 Mar 1680
-1-3-1-3-1-2-3 Robert Poyntz b c 1682 Lambeth London

-1-3-1-3-1-2-1-1 Anna Lucia Poyntz b 1705
Sa16-1-9 reported by was:
William Savage
The following comes from Visitation Cheshire, 1580, Boner's Pedigree which reports that Sir John had a bastard son ...
Sa16-1-10 George Savage parson of Dunham George "begatt these 7 bastards by 3 sundry women".
Sa16-1-3-1+ issue - George Chancellor of Chester, Edmund Bishop of London, John Archdeacon of Middlesex, Randall of Lodge, Margaret, Elizabeth, Ellen
Sa16-2. Thomas Savage, Archbishop of York b about 1457 d 1508
Sa16-3. Sir Edmund Savage a 05.1544, 4th son b c 1460
m Mary Sparke dau of William Sparke of Surrey
Sa16-4. George Savage
m Margery Strangeways dau of Sir RIchard Strangeways
Sa16 =19 Christopher Savage 7th sonb c 1460
m Anne Stanley dau of Sir John Stanley of Elfford
Sa16 Ellen Savage b c 1463
m 1467 Peter Legh of Lyme d 11.08.1527
Sa16-7. Catherine Savage b c 1465
m Thomas Legh of Adlington b 1452
Sa16-8. Margaret Savage b c 1465
m Edmund Trafford of Trafford d 1514
Sa16-9. Alice Savage b c 1468
m Roger Pilkington
Sa16-10. Elizabeth Savage b c 1470
m John Leeke son of William of Longford
Sa16-11. Anne Savage possibly of this generation
m Lewis Ludovic Eyton of Eyton a 1501
Sa16-12+ other issue - Sir Humfrey, William, Richard
Sa17-2 Margery Savage
m1 Edmund Leigh of Baggeley
m2 Thomas Leycester of Nether Tabley
Sa17-3. Margaret Savage
m1 John Maxfield
m2 Randle Mainwaring of Kirmincham
Sa17=16. Helen Savage possibly of this generation
m Peter Warburton of Warburton d c1495
St18-2. Margaret Savage ancestors of Thomas Jefferson
m 1418 John Dutton of Dutton d 1445
-1 Sir Thomas Dutton of Dutton
-2 Maud Dutton m y Boothe
-3 Margaret Dutton m y de Egerton
-4 Ellen Eleanor de Dutton
-5 John de Dutton
-6 Arnolde de Dutton
St18-3 Maude Savage
m Sir Thomas Booth of Barton
St18-4. Mary Savage possibly of this generation
m 1424 Sir William Stanley of Stourton and Hooton d 1406, d 1461
St18-5. Dorothy Savage possibly of this generation
m Robert Nedeham of Cranach or Cranage d 1449
St18-6 William Savage,
St18-7 Arnold Savage ?= b 1386 m Joan Eychingham Ec18-4 -1 Eleanor/Elizabeth Savage (spouse and descendants from Michael Mcleod's tree)
m William de Clifford
St18-8 George Savage,
St18-9 Roger Savage
Sa18 Dulcia/Dowse Savage possibly of this Generation
m Sir Henry Bold of Bold b about 1425 d by 1497

1 BE1883 Savage of Rivers, TCP Rivers
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