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Leigh 1

: Legh of Adlington, Leigh of Hanley, Legh of High Legh / Leigh of High Leigh
Le26 = Ve Hamon de Venables or Leigh of High Legh a temp Henry II who r. 1154-1189
Le25 William de Leigh of West Hall in High Legh
m x Oughrington dau/heir of John Oughrington, nephew of Peter Oughrington
Le24 Richard de Leigh the first mentioned by BLG1952, not in Visitation 1580 but included in Visitation 1613
Le23 Richard de Legh of High Legh = Richard de Leigh of High Leigh
Le22 Agnes le Legh Visitation shows Agnes as having only 2 husbands though Ralph de Hawarden is shown as possibly an extra son. It does not identify her 1st husband but names their son's wife as Agnes, dau of Alen Lymm & sister/heir of Gilbert Lymm. We follow BLG1886, BP1934 & BLG1952 in showing her family as below.
m1 Richard de Lymme a 1258
Le21-1 Thomas de Legh of High Leigh d 1314 ancestor of Leighs of West Hall
m Cicely
m2 William de Hawardyn
Le21-2 Ralph de Hawardyn
m3. William de Venables of Bradwall
Le21 John de Legh of Knutsford Booths
Visitation shows that John had one wife, Ellin, dau of Sir William Baguley. BP1934 shows 2 wives as follows:
m1 Ellen dau of Richard Dent of Cheshire
Le20-1 Sir John de Legh a temp Edward III 1327-1377 ancestor of Leghs of Booths
m1 Maud Arderne dau of Sir John Arderne of Aldford
m2 Isabel Ellin? Baggileigh d c1370, sister of John Baggileigh of Baggileigh
m2 Ellen dau of Thomas de Corona of Adlington, son of Hugh, son of Hugh
Le22=20 Robert de Legh of Adlington - continued below
m1 Sibil or Sara Hanford or Honford
m2 Maud de Norley
Le20-3 Sir William de Legh had issue
Visitation shows William as of Baguley but Commoners identifies this William as ancestor of the Leghs of Isall and the William who was ancestor of the Leighs of Baguley Baggileigh as son of his brother John.
Le20 Peter de Legh of Berchington Bechton who apparently married ...
m c1318 Ellen Bechton dau of Robert de Bechton
Le19-1 Elizabeth Legh apparently of this generation
m Thomas or John Davenport of Davenport
Le19 Margaret Legh apparently of this generation
m Thomas Fitton of Gawsworth d 03.1391
Le20-5 Gilbert de Legh of Preston
i John de Legh d c1330 ancestor of Towneleys of Towneley
m Cecilia de Towneley dau of Richard de Towneley
Mentioned by Visitation so unsure by which marriage was ...
Le20-6 Agnes de Legh
m Hugh Massy of Timperley
Le23-2 Madock or Mathew de Leigh shown by Visitation 1580 as brother of Margery
Le23-3 Margery de Leigh shown as of this generation by BLG1952
m Eitrop or Aytrop son of Aytrop de Millington
2x Le20 =21 =22 Robert de Legh of Adlington - continued above
m1 Sibil or Sara Hanford dau of _ Hanford of Hanford or Honford, sister of Henry
Le21=2x19 Sir Robert Legh of Adlington b c1330
m Matilda de Arderne dau of Sir John de Arderne of Aldford and Alvanley
Le18 =20 Sir Robert Legh of Adlington, Sheriff of Cheshire b 1361
m Isabella Belgrave dau of Sir Thomas Belgrave
Le17 =19 Robert Legh of Adlington b 1386 m Maud
Le16 =18. Robert Legh of Adlington b 1409, d 1478
m1 sp Isabella Savage dau of Sir John Savage of Clifton
m2 Isabella Stanley dau of Sir William Stanley of Hooton
Le17 =20 Robert Legh of Adlington b about 1435
m Ellen Booth b about 1435 dau of Sir Robert Booth of Dunham Massey
Le19 Thomas Legh of Adlington b 1452
m Catherine Savage b about 1465 dau of Sir John Savage of Clifton
Le18 George Legh of Adlington b 1497, d 1530
m Jane Larke dau of Peter Larke or Lack of London, m2. Sir George Pawlett, brother of the Marquis of Winchester
Le17 Thomas Legh of Adlington b 1527, d 1599
m Maria Grosvenor dau of Richard Grosvenor of Eaton, m2. Sir Richard Egerton
Le16 Thomas Legh of Adlington, Sheriff of Cheshire b 1547, d 1602
m Sibilla Brereton d 1610, dau of Sir Urian Brereton of Honford
Le15-1 Sir Urian Legh of Adlington b 1566, d 02.06.1627
m 1586 Margaret Trafford dau of Sir Edmund Trafford of Trafford
Le15-2 Mary Legh
m2 Sir John Bentley of Derbyshire
Le15-3 Elizabeth Legh
m1 Richard Sutton of Sutton
m2 Thomas Molyneux
Le15 Margaret Legh
m1 04.06.1601 Henry Arderne of Hawarden bpt 26.05.1580, d 02.11.1623
m2 William Davenport of Bramhall
Le15-5+ other issue - Thomas dsp 1598, Edward, Ranulph dsp, Dorothy d young
Le17-2 Mary Legh probably the Mary who married ...
m Peter Norton
Le17-3+ other issue - Ellin, Elizabeth
Le18-2 Albon Legh
Le18-3 Elinor Legh
m Sir Piers Dutton of Dutton a 1539
Le18-4 Elizabeth Legh
m William Hulton of Hulton Park d 20.09.1554
Le19-2 Renold Leigh of Annsley, Nottinghamshire ancestor of Leigh of Derbyshire
Le19-3 Isabel Legh b 1425/?35 Shropshire
m Robert Holt
?m2 Lawrence Warren
-1? Richard Warren b1465
Le19-4 Blanch Legh
m Richard Lancaster of Raynhill
Le19-5 Elizabeth Legh
m Thomas Leversedge
Le19-6 Margaret Legh
m John More of Parkhall
Le19-7 Margaret Legh 2nd
m Randoll Hyde
Le19-8 Richard Legh
Le19-9 Ranulph/Randall Legh b 1473 East Hale Hampshire d there 1530 -1 Katherine Leigh b 1504 Bryn m Richasrd Doane -1-1 Ellen Marshall
-1-2 Anne Done
-1-3 Susannah Done
-1-4 Bridget Done
-1-5 Ralph Done
-1-6 William Doane
-1-7 Anne Doane
-1-8 Susanna Doane
-1-9 Bridget Doane
-1-10 Ellen Doane b c 1542 Montgomery Wales m David Middleton b c 1535 Manovan Wales son of John Middleton

-1-10-1 Ursula Middleton
Le19-10 John Legh
Le19-11 William Legh
Le17-2 Maud Legh
m John Mainwaring of Over Peover d 08.07.1495
Le17-3 Agnes Legh
m Sir Andrew Brereton of Brereton
Le17-4 Ellen? Legh
m Thomas? Picott of Chetwind
Le17-5 Margaret Legh
m Thomas Mere of Mere
Le17 Isabel Legh
m1 Sir Lawrence Warren of Pointon d 1474
m2 Sir George Holford
Le17=15 Margery probably not Margaret Legh
m William Damport of Bromhall
Le18-2. Ellin Legh b about 1415
m Roger Leigh of Ridge
Le18-3. Elizabeth Legh possibly of this generation
m Robert Dukinfield of Dukinfield a 1420, 1451
Le18--4+ other issue - James priest, William, Peter
Le20-2. Katherine Legh
Le20-3. Susannah Legh probably of this generation
m William de Radclyffe of The Tower d before 1390
Le20-4. Agnes Legh probably of this generation
m Roger de Hulton of Hulton d before 08.07.1411
Le19 Margaret de Legh
m1 Sir John de Assheton a 1385
m2 William Radcliffe
Visitation Cheshire, 1580, Leigh of Lyme, supported by Visitation Cheshire, 1613, Leigh of Boothes, identifies Robert's 2nd wife as Maud, dau/co-heir of Sir Thurston Thurstan Norley of Norley, etc. but BP1934 identifies her as ...
m2 Maud de Norley dau of Adam de Norley of Norley
Le19 =20 Sir Piers Leigh of Hanley & Lyme d 01.08.1399
m1 11.1388 Margaret Danyers dau of Sir Thomas Danyers of Bradley
Le19 Sir Peter Leigh of Hanley & Lyme d Agincourt 24.10.1415
m Joan Haydock dau of Sir Gilbert Haydock of Haydock
m2 Cicely Hagh dau of John Hagh of Hagh, Derbyshire mentioned by Visitation Cheshire, 1580, Leigh of Lyme but not by BP1934
Le19. John Jenkin Leigh of Ridge d 1453
m Alice Alcock dau of John Alcock of Ridge
Le19-4 Matilda de Leigh
m Ralph de Wilburgham Wilbraham of Radnor d 1388

1 BLG1886 Legh of Norbury Booths Hall + Commoners vol II, Legh of Norbury Booths Hall, BLG1952 Leigh formerly of West Hall, High Legh, BP1934 Leigh, Visitation Cheshire, 1580, Leigh of High Ligh of the Westhall
2 BLG1952 Legh of Adlington, Visitation Cheshire, 1580+1613, Leigh or Legh of Adlington.
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