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List of pedigrees
Bland of Northern Neck Va.
Nicholas of Roundway
Hester of Fleming Co Ky
Author's DNA match comparisons
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The author's DNA kit at gedmatch is FE12086.

DNA comparison of Matches shared by William Griffith

Griffith shares 86 cM of DNA, 47 matches and Griffith, Willoughby, Owens, Kenton and Miller ancestry with the author.

Masterson's relationship to the author has long been a total mystery, as she only shows Peck as ancestral name without a tree, but now this name shows up as a collateral Griffith line. Whether this is pure coincidence or a real clue is the question now.

Although the Griffith/Willoughby descent does apparently have a maternal Halstead branch, none of the Halstead matches evidenced by the Mitchell cousins (shared by the Larry E Jones, Lenora G Jones too) show up in this match group. Whether Griffith and the author simply inherited different Halstead DNA or missed out on it, or whether the data on this descent is incorrect is the question. Should others in this group prove to be of Halstead descent, the former is probably the case, if not it is too early to draw conclusions as to whether the second or third alternative applies.
As Griffith does not show Wyatt, Wright or Robinson ancestry, but the Wiseleys (fig. 2) do, we may conclude that at least the right end of the long match on chr 2 is Willoughby DNA.

The 3 Joneses (fig. 1) share the author´s most paternal 1/8th ancestral sector, i.e. Hester haplo r1b1a..., Wright, Gilbert, Christian, Griffith, Willoughby, Mitchell and Hester haplo I2 ancestry, while Griffith only shares that name and Willoughby. So where the Joneses match both the author and Griffith we can expect it to be either Griffith or Willoughby DNA. Where they match only the author, is more likely to be one or more of the other lines. But several comparisons with other Mitchell descendants have established, that the author's paternal chr 19 is an almost entirely unbroken segment from Morris Mitchell Mi5.
As the Wiseleys and Stevens share Willoughby but no Griffth ancestry, it is reasonable to assume that where they match either the author or/and Griffith or the Joneses we are looking at Willoughby DNA.

The Wiseleys show Willoughby (as does Stevens s. fig. 4), Wyatt, Wright, Robinson and Waters ancestery, of which the former two seem the more likely trails to common ancestry, in fact G8 in the persons of Williams Willoughby and Elizabeth Warrington seems to be the closest connection, but the name Dorsey does show up among the ancestral names listed in this group, and the author's line to Wyatt at G12 goes over Dorsey at G1= and G11.

This shows a different William Griffith than the one this match group has been generated for, and he is not actually in the match group, but the matches with Floyd on chr 10 and Brown on chr 16 indicate some common ancestry. A comparison series has been done for Stevens who shows Willoughby, Mitchell, Grigsby, Gilbert (all 3 the author's paternal grandfather's paternal lines within the ancestral sector shared by Griffith), as well as Pate, Newton, Wyatt, and Holloway and Grigsby/Bryant ancestry (all 4 being maternal lines for the author requiring explanation, if any of the matching segments found have anything to do with the inclusion in this match group). The very short match between the two William Griffiths on chr 2 as seen in figure 5 is probably from a very remote common Welsh ancestor. His matches with M H on chr 7, with Dunn on chr 10 and Dial on chr 1 are possibly of the same origin.

M H shows Willis, Campbell ancestry ('There may have been Campbell half siblings in Anchorage KY off the author's direct Bland/Nicholas/Pope/Brown/Lawrence/Hobbs/Cumming female descent line) and Miller ancestry but has yet to discover half of his descent lines.
Dial seems to match M H on chr 21 and shows Workman ancestry.

The match with M H on chr 21 was rather singular in the author´s heretofore analyses, so the match group with M H was established, and about a third of those in the group also matched there, see fig. 13, 14 and 15


The X chr match with Mausert means that both of us have descent lines from the common ancestor that have no two males in succession, so my maternal ancestry plays a role in the inclusion of some of the shared matches in this group. In this respect Leavitt (figure 12) lists Bland, Coles, Elliott and Fox all names in the author's maternal ancestry

Johnson shows Dameron Ellis, Moore, Thompson and Christian ancestry and also appears in a match group with a cousin in the author´s paternal grandmother´s maternal Workman sector.

Hogue shews Cowlishaw, Hales, Thomas, Wlaters and Collins ancestry. House shows Cole, Frey and ancestry


Leavitt shows Bland ,Elliott, McKee and Taylor ancestry


Frazier shows a maternal Strader/Meadows descent that may the author´s collateral Griffith/Meadows line

May shows Driscoll ancestry, also the name of an Internet genealogist, who has published several pedigrees of Virginia Tidewater aristocracy, that the author has used to expand his files. So there are presumably several lines of common ancestry in the author´s maternal grandmother´s quarter.



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