Du7 Ann Duncan

    Ann Duncan was the daughter of Robert R Duncan (Du8) b 1692 in Scotland and Anne Gallop b 1694 in King George County, Virginia
    Born: ABT 1745

    Married: 7 JUN 1768 in Fauquier County, Virginia Colony, Thomas Pope Po7

    Po6-1 Jane Gale Pope
    Po6-2 Mary Ann Pope
    Po6-3 Alexander Pope b: BEF 1770
    Po6-4 John Pope b: ABT 1770
    Po6-5 Humphrey Pope b: ABT 1771
    Po6-6 Thomas Pope Jr b: BEF 1772
    Po6 Phyllis Ann Pope b: 26 May 1773 in Fauquier, Virginia
    Po6-8 Elizabeth Pope b c 1780
    Po6-9 Robert Pope b: BEF 1781 in Virginia Colony
    Po6-10 William Pope b: 25 FEB 1785
    Source: http://wc.rootsweb.com/cgi-bin/igm.cgi?op=GET&db=robb22&id=I2174