Gi6 Margaret Jane Gilbert

    This picture of John Hester (He6) and Margaret Gilbert (Gi6) and their son, Solomon Hester (He5-10) must be one of the earliest pictures taken as John died in 1843.

    In the County Court Records of Bourbon Co., Kentucky. is the marriage bond of John Hester (He6) and Margaret Gilbert (Gi6) dated Feb. 3, 1789.
    Margaret Gilbert was the daughter of Barnabas (Barney)Gi1bert and Margaret ?Christian.
    - Margaret (Gilbert) Hester was born in 1767 probably in Pennsylvania.
    She died Feb. 7, 1854 in Jones Co., Iowa. She had immigrated to Iowa in 1844 from Ind. with her younger children Solomon Hester and Margaret (Hester) Ewing. This was the year after her husband John Hesterís death. (It shou1d be noted that John and Margaret (Gilbert) Hester had been married over 54 years when John Hester died.
    Margaret (Gilbert) Hester is buried in Spade Cemetery, Sec. 27, Fairview Twp., Jones Co., Iowa. In the same cemetery lot are also buried her son William D. Hester (He5-6) (1802-1872), his second wife, Elizabeth and their daughter Eliza J. Hester (1849-1865). In the same lot is a monument for a Sarah Gilbert (1800-1862) whom we have not been able to place in our genealogy; unless  she is the Mother of Margaret Jane (Gilbert) Hester the wife of William John Hester (He5-6-1)  who is the son of William D. Hester (He5-6). Sarah Gilbert and William D. Hester are buried in the same row.
    Margaret Gilbert's maiden name was established by Mary Pickett DeBell. In the files of Clinton M. Hester there is a letter written to him Oct. 16, 1953 in which she writes, "It is reasonable to think that Margaret Gilbert Greer might have been a "Christian". Note that Margaret and Barney Gilbert name a son Christian Gilbert and a daughter Christina Gilbert. After the death of Barnabas his widow Margaret married James Greer in Bourbon Co., Ky. on Dec. 3, 1790. In her letter Miss DeBell added that there were families in Fleming Co. by the name of Christian. We may be safe in concluding that Barnabas Gilbertís wife was Margaret (Christian) Gilbert; and at the time of her death in 1824 at age 84 years she was Margaret (Christian) Gilbert Greer.
    Margaret {Gilbert) Hester was 50 years old when her youngest of 12 children, Margaret Hester was born.

    (He5-1)  John Hester, b. Dec. 25, 1792; d. 1838.
    (He5-2) Abigail Hester, b. Feb. 24, 1794; d. Feb. 3, 1841.
    (He5)  Henry Hester, b. Feb. 28, 1797;  d. Sept. 8, 1854.
    (He5-4)  Adam Hester, b. Mar. 1, 1799; d. Aug. 2, 1882.
    (He5-5)  Conrad Wright Hester, b. Mar. 8, 1800; d. Feb. 2, 1882.
    (He5-6). William D. Hester, b. June 13, 1802; d. Feb. 1, 1872.
    (He5-7) Stephen Hester, b. Ju1y 7, 1807; d. Jan. 31, 1882.
    (He5-8) Levi Hester, b. Jan.,1806; D.
    (He5-9) Christopher Hester, b. Mar. 10, 1810; d. Feb. 21, 1910.
    (He5-10) Solomon Hester, b. Jan. 20, 1815; d. Mar. 27, 1904.
    (He5-11) Margaret Hester, b. Ju1y 4, 1817; d. Apr. 20, 1902.
    (He5-12) Gilbert Hester, b. and d. young.

    The mother of Margaret Gilbert was apparently Margaret Christian

    possibly of this family:

    Christian of Isle of Man and Charles City Co. Va

    Ch10 William CHRISTIAN "the Immigrant"
    m Elizabeth COTTIER?
    Ch9 Thomas CHRISTIAN Sr "the Immigrant" b cT 1636 d ABT 1694
    m Eleanor Kewly
    Ch8-1 -1-1 Thomas CHRISTIAN Jr.
    Ch8-3 James CHRISTIAN
    Ch8-4 Charles CHRISTIAN Sr b c 1684 Charles City Co Va d 7 Apr 1761 m Elizabeth Hunt b c 1685 d BEF Jan 1726 dau of John Hunt
    Ch8-4-1 John CHRISTIAN
    Ch8-4-2 Charles CHRISTIAN Jr b c 1708 d c 1784 m1 c 1734 ?Goochland Co Judith Woodson + 1 ch dau of Joseph Woodson and Mary Jane Tucker Woodson m2 1739 Mary Leake b 16 May 1728 d c 1765 + 5 ch dau of Walter Leake of Rock Springs and Judith Mask -1 Lucy Christian b 1735 m Drury Woodson b 1722 d 1788 Cumberland Co VA son of William Woodson and Sarah Allen
    -2 John CHRISTIAN
    -3 Elijah Willis CHRISTIAN
    -4 Judith Woodson CHRISTIAN
    -5 Turner Hunt CHRISTIAN
    -6 Mourning CHRISTIAN
    Ch8-4-3 George CHRISTIAN b c 1710
    Ch8-4-4 Lucy CHRISTIAN b c 17112
    Ch8-4-5 Mary CHRISTIAN b c 1713 d 1754
    m1 c 1731 Amelia Co Va Stephen Watkins b c 1710 d 1754 Amelia Co VA son of Thomas Watkins of Swift Creek and ?Elizabeth Pride
    m2 Amelia Co Va Anthony Christian b 9 Jun 1724 St Peters Parish New Kent Co VA d 1814 Powhatan Co VA he m2 7 Nov 1755 Mary Watkins son of Thomas Christian and Rebecca ?Price
    -1 Elizabeth WATKINS b 1732
    -2 Thomas WATKINS d c 1816 m 28 Nov 1775 Amelia Co VA Magdelene Dupuy
    -3 Susannah WATKINS b 1736
    -4 Charles WATKINS b 1738
    -5 Stephen WATKINS b 1740

    -2-1 Thomas WATKINS Jr b 1748
    Ch8-4-6 Elizabeth CHRISTIAN b c 1715
    Ch8-4-7 Susannah CHRISTIAN b c 1718 Westover Parish
    Ch8-4-8 Turner Hunt CHRISTIAN b c 1725 Westover Parish Charles City Co VA d c 1781 Warren Co NC
    m by 1761 Bedford Co Va Mary Soanes b c 1725 ?Bedford Co VA d BEF 3 Oct 1781 Warren Co NC dau of Henry Soanes
    -1 William Payne CHRISTIAN
    -2 Mary CHRISTIAN b 1751 m y WEAKLEN
    -3 Sarah CHRISTIAN b 1753 m y PATASSION
    -4 Turner CHRISTIAN b 1760 m Polly THOMPSON
    -5 Lucy CHRISTIAN b by 1764 m 5 Sep 1777 Charles COGBELL b BEF. 1764
    -6 Charles CHRISTIAN m x CLARKE
    -7 Susanna CHRISTIAN

    -4-1 Letitia CHRISTIAN m 29 Mar 1813 Cedar Grove New Kent Co VA Pres John TYLER b 29 MAR 1790 d 18 JAN 1862
    -5-1 Susanna Stith COGBELL
    -5-2 Polly Soanes COGBELL
    -6-1 Clarke CHRISTIAN

    -4-1-1 Mary TYLER
    -4-1-2 Robert TYLER C.S.A.
    -4-1-3 John TYLER V of C.S.A.
    -4-1-4 Letita Christian TYLER
    -4-1-5 Elizabeth TYLER
    -4-1-6 Ann Contesse TYLER
    -4-1-7 Alice TYLER
    -4-1-8 Tazewell TYLER


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