Ma16 Thomas Malet

    was the son of Baron Hugh Malet Ma17 and Joan Roynon, daughter of John Ranyon of Bickfield England, and grandson of Baldwin Malet and Amicia Lyffe
    Ma16 Thomas Malet Esq of Enmore etc.
    Born: 1428/?38 in Dearden & St. Audri, England d 9 Jul 1501 Enmore
    : 1st 1471 Joan Wadham de Merryfield (1431-), daughter of William Wadham de Merryfield
    2nd Isabel Courtney, she re John FitzJames M.P.

    Thomas Malet and Joan Wadham had issue:

    Malet Coat of Arms

    43 2 docts. 1491
    Conveyance and identical copy of the same. John Sydenham of Brympton, son and heir of William Sydenham, esqr., to Richard Blewett. One cottage and 5½ acres in Cothey and named lands in Kydesford.
    Witnessed: Hugh Luttrell, kt., Thomas Malet, esqr, George Stukely.
    Dated: 4 September 1491.
    Seals: Missing in each case.

    Ma15-1 Ma15-1 Elizabeth Malet b 1452
    m Thomas Ashley b 1450
    Ma15-2 Helewise Malet
    John Cohen
    Ma15-3 Margaret Malet
    Ma15-4 Joana Malet, b 1462/57 Devon d 1505 Cornwall or Devon (diverging data from Jeffrey Coombs' tree)
    mJohn Fitzpen-Phippen 1 Jan 1457/?78 .
    Ma15-4-1 Henry Fitzpen b 1495 ?Cornwall d 1562 Dorset owner of the Alice Pierce of Ire m in IRE Alice Pierce of Ire
    Ma15-4-1-1 Alice Phippen b 1491 Devon d 1584 Weymouth Dorset
    m John Love.
    Ma15-4-1-2 Joanna Phippen
    Ma15-4-1-3 Anne Phippen
    m Robert Jourdaine.
    Ma15-4-1-4 William Thickpenny, born 1520;
    m Miss Poole or Elizabeth Creswell.
    Ma15-4-1-5 Joseph Phippen, b 1522 d 1543 in Lost at Sea.
    Ma15-4-1-8 John Thickpenny, b 1525 in Engl d 1583 in Ire
    m Ann Holton 1548 in England d there 1600
    Ma15-4-1-8-1 Anne Phippen, m Thomas Trumbull.
    Ma15-4-1-8-2 Constance Phippen
    m William Wariner.
    Ma15-4-1-8-3 Joanna Phippen
    m Thomas Poole.
    Ma15-4-1-8-4 Alice Phippen
    m Arthur Mowbry.
    Ma15-4-1-8-5 John Phippen, b 1549. d in the service of the King
    Ma15-4-1-8-6 William Phippen, b 1551 d Nov 24, 1596 d in service to the King m1 Jone Jordan m2 Latatia.
    Ma15-4-1-8-7 Henry Thickpenny, b 1553 d 1601 in At Sea.
    Ma15-4-1-8-8 Robert Fitzpen-Fippen-Thigpen, b 1560 in Engl d 1603 in England m1 Sarah Winter m2 Cicilly Jordan Sep 18, 1580 in Village of Melcomb Regis, Dorset
    Ma15-4-1-8-8-1 David Fitzpen, Phippen, d 1650 in Hingham, MA 1635 to New England Sep 18, 1635, Granted land in Massachusetts m Sara Burges.
    Ma15-4-1-8-8-2 Cicely Fitzpen, Mr Reynolds.
    Ma15-4-1-8-8-3 Owen Fitzpen, Phippen, b 1582 in Melcomb Dorset d Mar 17, 1635/36 in Lamorran, Dorset m Ann Coiniers Jul 3, 1603 in Engl -1 Roger Phippen, d Aug 2, 1636.
    -2 Ann Phippen
    -3 John (Fitzpen/Phippen) Thigpen, b 1604 in Devonshire, Engl d Jul 2, 1644 in The Battle of Marston Moor m1 Sarah Segrave in Engl m2 Elizabeth
    Ma15-4-1-8-8-4 Robert Fitzpen, Phippen Jr., b 1582 d 1610; m Elizabeth Giffard.
    Ma15-4-1-8-8-5 George Fitzpen, Phippen, b 1591 in Dorset, Malcomb d 1651; m1 Joana Pye 1621 m2 Joan Penrose Mar 16, 1633/34 m3 Mary Penrose Jun 20, 1648
    Ma15-4-1-8-8-5-1 Elinore Phippen, b 1625 d 1646.
    Ma15-4-1-8-8-5-2 James (Phippen) Thigpen I, born 1627 in Shannon, Ire d Nov 1679 in Perquimins Precint, NC m1 Hannah Raymond m2 Elyn Travis 1652 in Ire dau of Rev John Travis and Susannah Pigot Mainwaring -1 Travase Thigpen, b 1653 in Alberamrle, NC d Jul 11, 1669 in Albermarle, NC during Indian raid.
    -2 Owen Thigpen, born Jun 3, 1656 in Albermarle, NC d Sep 3, 1656 in Albermarle, NC.
    -3 Joseph Thigpen, born 1658 in Albermarle, NC d 1658 in Albermarle, NC.
    -4 Elyn Thigpen, born Jul 3, 1662 in Albermarle, N Jul 11, 1669, carried away during an Indian raid
    -5 Sarah Thigpen, born Jul 3, 1662 in Ablermarle, NC Jul 11, 1669, Carried away during an Indian raid
    -6 James Thigpen, ll, born Oct 9, 1664 in Albermarle, Perquimins Co., NC d Jun 30, 1731 in Perquimins Co., NC; m1 Ellenor 1683 m2 Elizabeth Manwaring Jan 2, 1684/85 in Westmoreland, VA m3 Margaret Jordan Sep 2, 1716
    -7 Henry Thigpen, b Aug 13, 1666 in Albermarle, NC d 1727 in Perquimins Co NC m Elizabeth Wheatley d 1708.
    -8 John Thigpen, b Nov 10, 1668 in Ablermarle, NC d Apr 25, 1708 in Drowned- Exploring w/neightbor-Pocoson River, NC m1 Mary Parker; m2 Annie Clere b 1687.
    -9 Elizabeth Thigpen, born 1670 in Albermarle, NC m Mr Swann.
    -10 Ann Thigpen, born 1672; m1 Mr Blount; m2 Isaac Wilson 1689 d 1714
    -6-1 Dr James Thigpen, III b Dec 16, 1687 in Perquimins Co NC d Oct 8, 1743 in Penny Hill, Edgecomb Co NC m Elizabeth Carter Sep 10, 1708 in Perquimans CO, NC
    -6-2 Stephen Thigpen, born Jan 1, 1688/9 in Perquimins Co NC d Jan 8, 1688/89 in Perquimins Co NC.
    -6-3 Elizabeth Thigpen, born Jun 12, 1691; m John Dawson.
    -6-4 Thomas Thigpen, born Apr 5, 1693 in NC d Jul 17, 1693.
    -6-5 John Thigpen III, Dr., born Aug 19, 1694 in Perquimans Co NC d 1756 in Johnson CO, NC m Sallie Evans c 1714 in Perquimans, NC b Aug 3, 1693 in Perquimans, NC d 1761 in Johnston Co., NC.
    -6-6 Francis Thigpen, born Mar 23, 1695/96 in Perquimans CoNC d 1737 in Duplin Co NC m Sarah Lee b c 1700.
    -6-7 Isaac Thigpen, born May 17, 1698 d Feb 2, 1715/16.
    -6-8 Owen Thigpen, born May 17, 1698 in Perquimans County, NC d Jul 18, 1710 in Perquimans Co NC
    -6-9 Hannah Thigpen, born Mar 1, 1700/01
    -6-1-1 Dr James Thigpen, IV, b Dec 8, 1710 in Perquimins Co NC d Jan 21, 1779 in Penny Hill, Pitt Co, NC; m Mary Penelope "Penny" Hill Oct 20, 1729 in Perquimans Co, NC
    -6-1-2 Henry Thigpen, born Dec 23, 1712 in Perquimans Co NC d Sep 24, 1743 in Drowned, Pamticoe Sound, NC
    -6-1-3 Elizabeth Thigpen, b May 3, 1715 in Perquimans Precinct, NC m James Blount.
    -6-1-4 Elyn Thigpen, b Sep 3, 1716 in Perquimans Precinct, NC m y Townsend.
    -6-1-5 Isaac Thigpen, b Sep 3, 1716 in Perquimans Co, NC d Jan 11, 1719/20 in Perquimans Co, NC.
    -6-1-6 Jesse Thigpen, b Dec 25, 1718 in Perquimans County, NC d Aug 17, 1735d of fever Perquimans CO NC
    -6-1-7 John Thigpen, b Nov 12, 1720 in Perquimans County, NC d Jul 15, 1735 of fever Perquimans Co NC
    -6-1-8 Robert Thigpen, b Nov 18, 1722 d Jul 30, 1740.
    -6-1-9 Joshua Thigpen, b Mar 20, 1723/24 in Perquimans Co NC d Sep 3, 1724 Perquimans Co NC
    -6-1-10 Owen Thigpen, b Jun 2, 1725 d Sep 3, 1734.
    -6-1-11 Joseph Thigpen, b Sep 4, 1726 Aug 27, 1742
    -6-1-1-1 Henry Thigpen, born Oct 21, 1730 in Perquimans Co NC d Apr 14, 1746 in NC, Killed by a felled tree.
    -6-1-1-2 Rev Bartholomew Thigpen, born Dec 14, 1731 in Perquimans CO, NC; Mary Hardy b in Frederick Co., MD d Aft. 1794 in Frederick Co., MD. More About Rev Bartholomew Thigpen: Occupation: Continental Army - Revolustionary War
    -6-1-1-3 John Thigpen, Major, Rev., born Dec 14, 1731 in Penny Hill, Pitt Co, NC d 1780 in d aboard British Prison Ship, Charles Harbor; Anne Savage Nov 21, 1751 in Pitt CO, NC
    -6-1-1-4 Job Thigpen, b Nov 10, 1735 in Perquimans County, North Carolina d Aug 16, 1781 in SC; Annie King Oct 1754 b 1737 d Feb 1780 in Duplin Co., NC.
    -6-1-1-5 Margaret Elyn Thigpen, b Jul 28, 1737 in Penny Hill, Pitt, NC d Feb 6, 1754 in Edgecomb County, North Carolina; Jonathon Thigpen, Jr Jan 3, 1754 b May 10, 1736 in Dobbs Co., NC d 1808 in GA.
    -6-1-1-6 Mary Penelope Thigpen, b Mar 29, 1739 in Perquimans CO, NC d Aug 29, 1779 of Fever; m John Joshua Thigpen Dec 25, 1757; b Feb 27, 1735/36 in Johnston Co., NC Killed by Indians.
    -6-1-1-7 Joseph Gilead Thigpen, b Apr 2, 1741 in Perquimans Co NC d Aug 31, 1755 of fever, Edgecomb Co, NC.
    -6-1-1-6 Rev James Thigpen, V, b Apr 25, 1743 in "Penny Hill", Perq. Co NC d Dec 12, 1825 in "Penny Hill", Perq. Co., NC Episcopalian, Mason, Planter, Lawyer m Lydia Grey Mayo Oct 18, 1765 in Edgecomb Co NC b Jul 11, 1749; died Mar 13, 1818 in "Penny Hill"
    -6-1-1-9 Rev Travis Hill Thigpen, b Jun 19, 1747 in Edgecomb Co NC d 1848 in Montgomery Co GA m1 Mary Dennis 1765 in Pitt Co NC b c 1750 d 1766; m2 Lydia Mayo 1768 in Pitt County, North Carolina b in Pitt Co., NC d in Pitt County, NC m3 Hannah (Hardy) Hall 1783 b c 1764 in NC
    -6-1-1-10 Dr Lyman Calvin Thigpen, b Apr 6, 1757 in "Penny Hill", Perq. Co., NC d 1827 in Ware Co., GA m1 Martha Mayo; b in Pitt Co., NC; m2 Sarah Knight m3 Sarah Lawrence m4 Margaret Carver 1823
    -6-1-1-3-1 Job Thigpen, b May 21, 1752 d Feb 27, 1776 in Killed at Moore's Crrek Bridge.
    -6-1-1-3-2 Jonas Thigpen, born 1753 d in d young.
    -6-1-1-3-3 William Thigpen, born c 1755 d 1773 in d of fever.
    -6-1-1-3-4 Joseph Joshau Thigpen, Sr, Pvt. Rev War, b Nov 6, 1758 in Dobbs, Greene CO, NC d Aug 1835 in Perry CO, AL; Susannah Bullock Jun 4, 1782 in Greene CO., NC
    -6-1-1-3-5 Gilead Thigpen, Rev., b Nov 10, 1760 in "Ansland", Dobbs Co NC d 1838 in Edgecomb Co NC m Elizabeth Victoria Hembly Mar 1785 in by Justice William Speight, Pitt Co., NC; b 1756 d Dec 23, 1840 in Edgecombe Co NC.
    -6-1-1-3-6 Mary Penelope Thigpen, b 1762 in Green Co NCd Sep 10, 1773 in Drowned in Tar River, Penny Hill, NC.
    -6-1-1-3-7 Rhoda Ann Thigpen, b 1762 d Sep 10, 1773 in Drowned in Tarr River.
    -6-1-1-3-8 Charles Thomas Thigpen, b 1764 d Jul 30, 1781 of fever. Baptist Minister; m1 Dolly Bryant m2 Mary Martha Forest c 1806 in Chesterfield Co SC
    -6-1-1-3-10 Joshua Thigpen, born 1770.
    -6-1-1-3-11 Jason Bartholomew Thigpen, b 1772 d c 1820 in WashingtonCo GA m Mary Randall Downing c 1794.
    -6-1-1-3-12 John Thigpen, Jr, b Oct 13, 1775 m1 Sarah (Sallie) Cobb; m2 Susannah Scott; b Oct 20, 1782
    -6-1-1-3-4-1 James Redding Thigpen, b May 10, 1783 in Green Co NC d Aug 16, 1802 drowned in the Tarr River, Green Co, NC.
    -6-1-1-3-4-2 James Robert Thigpen, b May 10, 1783 in Green CO, NC d Aug 16, 1802 drowned in the Tarr River, Green Co, NC.
    -6-1-1-3-4-3 Joseph David Thigpen, b Apr 3, 1785 d Jul 30, 1789 of Fever.
    -6-1-1-3-4-4 John Nathan Thigpen, b Apr 3, 1785 in Green Co N C d Aug 10, 1789 of Fever.
    -6-1-1-3-4-5 Keziah S Thigpen, b Mar 13, 1787 in Green CO, NC d Nov 1, 1871 in Hale CO, AL m Newman Meeks b NC d 1890 in Greensboro, AL.
    -6-1-1-3-4-6 Joseph Joshua Thigpen, Jr, b Jan 9, 1790 in Greene CO, NC d 1834 in Perry CO, ALBaptist Minister, Planter m Milicent (Millie) Duval 1816 b 1795 in NC
    -6-1-1-3-4-7 Amos G Thigpen, b Jan 9, 1790 in Dobbs ( now Greene CO), NC d 1853 in Lauderdale Co., AL m "Bertha" Berthinia Elizabeth Lindsey Sep 23, 1812 in Maury Co., TN
    -6-1-1-3-4-8 Rachel S. Thigpen, b Jun 21, 1793 in Green County, NC m Michael Fields.
    -6-1-1-3-4-9 Penelope Ann Thigpen, b Apr 29, 1796; John Robertson.
    -6-1-1-3-4-10 Sarah A Thigpen, b Jul 17, 1798; Samuel Allen.
    -6-1-1-3-4-11 Clarissa M. Thigpen, b Aug 19, 1800 in Green County, N C; John W Walker Jul 7, 1835.
    -6-1-1-3-4-12 Elizabeth R Thigpen, b Sep 19, 1802 in Green CO, NC m1 Ichabod Allen; m2 Dennis Mercer Jul 23, 1840 in Greene CO., AL.
    -6-1-1-3-4-13 Joshua B Thigpen, b Jun 2, 1804 in NC; Amelia Allen Sep 27, 1827 b c 1808 in NC.
    -6-1-1-3-4-14 Oliver R Thigpen, b Dec 27, 1807 in NC d c 1846 in Hale CO, AL m Elizabeth C. Allen Jan 27, 1831 in Marion, Perry CO, AL b 1813 in NC d Aft. 1846
    -6-1-1-3-4-7-1 George Washington Thigpen, b Sep 3, 1813 in Vale Mill, Giles CO, TN in Lexington, Laud. CO., AL 1833 d Jan 8, 1884 in Lauderdale Co., AL; Elizabeth King Apr 3, 1833 in Lauderdale CO, AL
    -6-1-1-3-4-7-2 Nancy M. Thigpen, b c 1815 in Giles CO TN m John S/L White Jan 2, 1845 in Giles Co TN b c 1815.
    -6-1-1-3-4-7-3 William Carroll Thigpen, born 1818 in Giles CO, TN d Bef. 1860; Mary.
    -6-1-1-3-4-7-4 Eliza Thigpen, b c 1820 in Giles CO, TN d 1850 in Lauderdale CO, AL.
    -6-1-1-3-4-7-5 Jane M. Thigpen, b c 1823 in Lauderdale CO, AL d Jan 15, 1899.
    -6-1-1-3-4-7-6 Dr Green Berry Thigpen, Csa, b c 1824d 1862 Csa
    -6-1-1-3-4-7-7 Samuel B Thigpen, b 1825 d 1860; Elizabeth Joiner Oct 2, 1849 in Lauderdale Co., AL.
    -6-1-1-3-4-7-8 Joshua Barnes Thigpen, Feb 6, 1828 in Lauderdale Co., AL d Oct 2, 1905 in Lauderdale Co., AL; m1 Eliza Mae Barnett, ( Fulks); b 1839; m2 Mary Lucy Cotton; b c 1835 m3)Martha Robertson b c 1842; d c 1912.
    -6-1-1-3-4-7-9 Joseph Crittenden Thigpen, born Nov 15, 1832 in Lauderdale CO, AL d Feb 20, 1907 in Lauderdale CO, AL; Matilda C. Davis b May 26, 1832 in Lauderdale CO, AL d Feb 5, 1922 Lauderdale CO, AL.
    -6-1-1-3-4-7-10 Riley Francis Marion Thigpen, csa, b Apr 24, 1835 in Lexington, AL d Aug 2, 1917; Mary E White Aug 21, 1864 in Lauderdale County, Alabama; b Nov 12, 1840 d Feb 26, 1918
    -6-1-1-3-4-7-1-1 Louisa "Lecie" Thigpen, born Feb 1, 1834 in Florence, AL, Lauderdale CO d Oct 24, 1913 in West McLennan CO., TX; Archibald "Archer" Hill Aug 19, 1850 in Lauderdale Co, AL b Aug 13, 1829 in Carthage, Moore CO , NC d Nov 9, 1904 in West McLennan Co, TX
    -6-1-1-3-4-7-1-2 Margaret E. 'Peggy' Thigpen, born Feb 28, 1835 in Lexington, AL d Feb 25, 1900 in Lauderdale Co, AL; Rev. Calvin Wyatt Garrett, Rev Sep 2, 1872 in Lauderdale Co, AL b Sep 7, 1822 in Laurens CO, SC d May 1, 1890 in Florence, Lauderdale Co., AL
    -6-1-1-3-4-7-1-3 Ira Bluford "Blu" Thigpen, Csa, born Aug 10, 1836 in Lexington, Lauderdale Co., AL d Jan 2, 1911 in Lauderdale Co, AL; Mahala C. "Haley" Fulks c 1861 in Lauderdale Co, AL
    -6-1-1-3-4-7-1-3-4 Amanda Narcissus Thigpen, b Jul 30, 1874 in Lexington, AL d Dec 11, 1963 in St Joseph TN m Albert Lewis Perry Aug 15, 1898 in Lauderdale CO, AL and had -4 Alice Velma Perry, born Apr 17, 1905 in Lexington, Lauderdale CO., AL d Jul 11, 1980 in Florence, AL m1 Homer Clarence "Jack" Cox
    -6-1-1-3-4-7-1-4 Martha Ann Thigpen, born Mar 21, 1838 in Lauderdale Co Al d 1839.
    -6-1-1-3-4-7-1-5 Guilford Carroll "Gip" Thigpen, Csa Teacher b Apr 24, 1839 d Apr 16, 1920; m Martha Ann Elizabeth Barnett.
    -6-1-1-3-4-7-1-6 Amanda Thigpen, born Oct 20, 1840 d Oct 1899.
    -6-1-1-3-4-7-1-7 Mary Catherine Thigpen, born Feb 23, 1842 in Lexington, AL d c 1906 in Lauderdale Co, AL; (1) Elihu Thomas Garrett, CSA c 1861; b May 7, 1844 in Lauderdale Co, AL d c 1864 in the Civil War m2 Lacy Zachariah (Zach) Barnett Jr Aug 16, 1869 in Lauderdale Co, AL; b Nov 13, 1838 in Lauderdale CO, AL d Sep 30, 1927 in Lauderdale CO AL
    -6-1-1-3-4-7-1-8 Amos Milton Thigpen, Csa, b Sep 29, 1843 in Lexington, AL d Jan 4, 1925 in Lauderdale Co, AL; Charity Elizabeth McCafferty; b Apr 5, 1846 d Apr 5, 1905 in Pulaski, TN. More About Amos Milton Thigpen, Csa: Occupation: Teacher/ CSA Was in Civil War
    -6-1-1-3-4-7-1-9 Sarah Jane Thigpen, b Aug 15, 1845 in Lauderdale Co, AL d Jan 14, 1923 in Lexington, AL; m Drury Franklin White Jul 23, 1866 in Lauderdale CO, AL b Apr 9, 1846 in Lauderdale CO, AL d Oct 19, 1892 in Lexington, AL
    -6-1-1-3-4-7-1-10 George Washington Thigpen Jr b Dec 29, 1847 in Lexington, Lauderdale Co, AL d Apr 12, 1925 in Lexington, Lauderdale CO, AL m1 Norma Ramsey; b Apr 18, 1858 in 3rd wife d Jan 29, 1927 in Lauderdale CO, AL m2 Sabina Ann Barnett Jan 8, 1865 in Lauderdale CO, AL b c 1847; m3 Martha Fulks? Stout Sep 16, 1877 in Lauderdale CO, AL; b 1838 in 2nd wife; d Feb 7, 1902 in Lauderdale County, Al
    -6-1-1-3-4-7-1-11 Zelpha Elizabeth "Bet" Thigpen, b Jan 14, 1851 in Lauderdale CO, AL d Apr 17, 1936 in Lauderdale CO, AL; m1 George Washington White Jul 17, 1865 in Lauderdale Co, AL by M. Askey b 1848 in First husband; m2 Gilford Dudley "Gip" King Oct 13, 1868 in Lauderdale CO, AL b Mar 15, 1849 in Lauderdale CO, AL d Dec 10, 1925 in Lauderdale CO, AL
    -6-1-1-3-4-7-1-12 William Andrew Thigpen, b Oct 30, 1853 in Lexington, Lauderdale Co, AL d Oct 18, 1937 in Lauderdale Co, AL; m1 Narcissa Thigpen c 1873 b 1855 in Lauderdale CO, AL d 1881 in Lauderdale CO, AL; m2 Sarah E. Call May 7, 1878 in Lauderdale Co., AL, by F. H. Smith, MG b Oct 5, 1857 d Jul 4, 1901 in Lauderdale Co, AL
    Ma15-4-1-8-9 Christopher Phippen, b 1573
    m Jone Clare
    Ma15-4-3 Penelope Phippen
    Ma15-4-2 Henry Phippen b 1495 d 1562
    m Alice Pierce b 1508 d 1579
    Ma15 William Malet of Enmore and Deandon/Dendon b 1471 Corypole Somerset d 7 Sep 1541 Enmore Castle
    m Alice Young b c 1472 in Bristol daughter of Thomas young and Joyce
    Ma14 Hugh Malet (~1500-1541)
    m Isabel Mitchell, dau of Thomas Michell Mi15
    Ma13-1 Joan Michell Malet b about 1517
    m John Danvers
    Ma13 Ma13 Elizabeth Malet, b c 1519
    m c 1549 Thomas Anthony Ivye Iv13
    Iv12-1 Richard Ivye
    Iv12-2 Hugh II Ivye
    Iv12-3 Fortune Ivye
    Iv12 Judith Ivye or Ivie or Ivry (1550-1578)
    Iv12-5 Mary Ivye
    Iv12-6 Ferdinando Ivye (~1552-)
    Pr11-1 Thomas Prather [Died as Child]
    Pr11-2 William Prather b 1574 Stanton St. Bernard, Wiltshire
    Pr11-3 Elizabeth Prather b 1575 Stanton St. Bernard, Wiltshire
    Pr11-4 Ferdinando Prather b 1576 Stanton St. Bernard, Wiltshire d after 29 Sep 1592
    Pr11-5 George Prather [b 1577 d 8 Mar 1578]
    Pr11 Thomas Anthony Prather Gentleman b 1577 Stanton St. Bernard, Wiltshire, d. 1628 Eaton Water, Wilthire m 06/04/1599 in Clyffe Pypard Par., Wilts, England. Margaret Quintyne, b 1578 in Nushton Manor, Wilts dau of Henry Quintyne of Buston, Wilts (b. 1548, d. 16259)
    Pr10-1 Anthony Prather. 
    Pr10-2 Alice Prather, b 18 Feb 1599 in Wilts d 1628 in Wilts
    Pr10 Thomas Prather, b 26 Dec 1604 in Eaton Water Wilts d 1666 in Elizabeth City, Norfolk, Va m Mary McKay
    Pr10-4 William Prather, b 1605 in Eaton Water, Wiltshire
    Pr10-5 Samuel Prather, b 1606 in Dorchester Co, MD.
    Pr10-6 Richard Prather, b 7 Mar 1607 in Stanton Manor, Wiltshire Pr9-1 John Prather 1629 - c 1664 d. Rappahannock Co. or Norfolk Co VA
    Pr9 Jonathan Smith Prather b 1631 at Latton n Eaton Water Wilts d 1680 Calvert Co MD m Lyle Jane McKay (The first name indicates a relationship to the l'Isle family and the spelling of the family name indicates an Irish branch of the the MacKay family. reports Jane Goldsmith as wife b about 1635/8 in Va. d 1713 Prince Georges Md
    Pr9-3 William Prater, 1632 Ensign who returned to England.
    Pr9-4 Samuel Preather
    Pr9-5 Richard Prater b. about 1635 d. Rappahannock Co. or Norfolk Co. VA
    Pr9-6 John Prater
    Pr8-1 Jane Prater, m. Aaron Prather
    Pr8-2 Jonathan Prather, II, 12 Sep 1662/6 Calvert Co. Md. - 20 Mar 1734/6 Prince Georges Co Md. m Elizabeth Biggers and had
    Pr8-3 George Prather, born Abt. 1668 in Calvert County, Maryland; died 07/29/1698 in Prince George County, Maryland; married Mary Bignall Abt. 1698 in Prince George County, Maryland; died Unknown.
    Pr8-4 William Nathan Prather, 1670 - 1747 m. Anne Yates daughter of George Yates and Mary Wells
    Pr8 Thomas MacKay Prather b 1673 Pr Geo Co MD d c 1712 in Prince George Co MD m Martha Sprigg  (Sp8) daughter of Thomas Sprigg Sp9 Lord of Northampton Manor, Prince George’s Co MD and Eleanor Nuthall Nu9
     Eleanor Nuthall Nu9 (dau of John Nuthall Nu10 and Elizabeth Bacon Ba10, wid of Dr. John Holloway of Accomac Co VA)
    Pr8-6 John Prater,
    Pr8-7 Elizabeth Prather
    Pr8-8 Edward Prather
    Pr8-2-1 Jonathan Prather
    Pr8-2-2 Anne Prather
    Pr8-2-3 Martha Prather, m William Nathan Prather Pr8-4-1 1722-24 St John's Parish Prince George Co. Md
    Pr8-2-4 Susanna Prather
    Pr8-2-5 Mary Jane Prather reports b 12 Sep 1703 Prince Georges Co. Md. d 1779 m Aaron Prather and had issue:
    Pr8-2-6 Rachael Prather
    Pr8-4-1 William Nathan Prather m 1st Ruth Edmundson 2nd Martha Prather Pr8-2-3
    Pr8-4-2 Jane Prather
    Pr8-4-3 Prisilla Prather
    Pr8-4-4 Margaret Prther
    Pr8-4-5 Joseph Prather
    Pr8-4-6 John Prather
    Pr8-4-7 Sarah Prather
    Pr8-4-8 Elizabeth Prather
    Pr7-1 PHILLIP PHILOMIN GITTENS PRATHER b 1698, Prince George's Co MD; d. 1767, Orange Co SC m Margery Hunt b about 1718
    Pr7-1-1 Philip John Prater b 1750 d 17 Sep 1798 m Susannah Hubbard b about 1760 d 9 Sep 1848 Pickens district SC
    Pr7-2 Eleanor Prather b c 1700, Prince George's Co MD; m. Thomas Williams c 1716.
    Pr7 Thomas McKay Sprigg Prather, b. 1704, Prince George's Co MD d. July 24, 1785, Washington Co., MD m1 ELIZABETH CLEGGETT/Cleggett June 10, 1725, Prince George's Co MD m2 SARAH BEALL Bef. October 31, 1754; m3 JEANNETTE SPr7-4 JOHN SMITH PRATHER, b. Aft. 1776, Prince George's Co., MD d. 1763, Bladensburg, Prince George's County, MD; m. ELIZABETH NUTHALL February 17, 1724/25, Prince Edward Co., MD.
    Pr7-5 RACHEL PRATHER b Oct 1706, Prince George's Co. MD d 1763 m1 WILLIAM POTTINGER 1724, Maryland; m2 JOSEPH MILBURN SEMMES, 1731.
    Pr7-6 AARON PRATHER b. Oct 10, 1710, Prince George's Co MD d bef. 7 Mar 1777, Rockville, Montgomery Co MD m MARY JANE Prather, October 10, 1736, All Hallow's Parish, Anne Arundel Co,

    Pr8-4-1-1 James William Prather m Ann Turner
    Pr8-4-1-2 Nathan Prather m Anne Wilcoxen
    Pr6 Thomas Smiley Prather III b 1770, Frederick Co MD d 3 Feb 1823 Louisville KYMatilda Fontaine Fo6 in Jefferson Co KY
    Ma13-3 Richard Malet (1523- ) m Elizabeth Lutterell, dau of Sir Andrew Lutterell (possibly Lu17-1-1-1-1 of Dunster Castle who d 1580)
    Ma13-4 Mary Malet, b 1524, m Jo. Sturges
    Ma13-5 Dorothy Malet, b 1525, m Robert May
    Ma13-6 Barnabas Malet, b 1527
    Ma13-7 Isabel Malet
    Ma13-8 William Malet
    Ma13-9 Agatha Malet, m T. Payne
    Ma14-2 Richard Malet
    Ma14-3 William Malet
    Ma15-6 Sir Balwin Malet, b 1497/?81 Enmore d 25 Aug 1533 (from Jeffrey Coombs' tree)
    m?1 Joan Tacle
    m2? Anne hache b 1501 d 1569

    This seems to be a distant collateral line:

    1. William Malet, Lord Malet, a Norman baron, one of the generals and companions of William the Conqueror, said to have been the brother of King Harold's wife, and to have been entrusted with the guard of Harold's body after he had been slain on the battlefield. After the conquest he was made Governor of York Castle and was slain in its defense about 1071. He Hesila (Esilia) Crispin, daughter of Gilbert Crispin I, baron of Tillieres. She probably (2) Alured de Lincoln, a great Domesday baron who attended Duke William on his expedition to England in 1066 (See Crispin and Macary, "Falaise Roll", Appendix 20, pg. 156-160). They had the following children:

    1. Robert Malet, lived in Normandy in 990, successor to his father, was among the greatest landowners in England. He held over 221 manors in Suffolk alone. He was Lord Chamberlain under King Henry I., and Lord of Eye in Suffolk. He lost his life and fortune at the battle of Tinchebrai, where he espoused the cause of Duke Robert. As a consequence of this action he was banished and disinherited.

    2. Gilbert Malet, 2nd son, succeeded his brother, Robert. See below.

    3. Beatrice (Beatrix) Malet, William of Arques (Arches). In a deed witnessed by her brother, Gilbert, she gave the village of Rending Fieldam to the monks of St. Peter of Eye.

    4. Lucia, Ive Taillebois. See details elsewhere.

    5. William Malet II., monk at Bec, d after 1121.

    He was succeeded by his eldest son, Robert.

    According to Crispin and Macary, "William (Guillaume) Malet de Graville stands out as one of the most imposing figures at the Conquest. There can be no doubt about his presence there, which is subscribed to be William of Poitiers, Guy of Amiens, Orderic Vital, and all the historians of this epoch. So much has been placed on record concerning him that just a few facts of his life will be recited here. He was probably descended from Gerard, a Scandinavian prince and companion of Duke Rollo, which gave the name of the fief of Gerardville or Graville, near Havre. Robert, the eldest son, occurs in a document of about 990 in Normandy. On his mother's side William Malet was of Anglo-Saxon origin, for she was probably the daughter of Leofric, Earl of Mercia, and Godwa or Godgifu, the supposed sister of Thorold the Sheriff in the time of Edward the Confessor, and therefore the aunt of Edwin and Morcar, Earls of Northumberland. He was nearly killed in the battle of Hastings but was rescued by the sire de Montfort and William of Vieuxpont, and was appointed by William the Conqueror to take charge of the body of Harold, a statement that has been disputed. The consensus of opinion favors it, and it is most logical if William Malet's mother was as stated the sister of Algar II., 7th Earl of Mercia, who was the father of Alditha, wife of Harold. He accompanied King William at the reduction of Nottingham and York in 1068, for which he was rewarded with the shreivalty of land in that county. Gilbert de Gand and Robert Fitz Richard were also commanders in this expedition. The following year he was besieged in the castle of York by Edgar, the Saxon prince, and was only saved from surrender by the timely arrival of the Conqueror. In the same year he was attacked by the Danes, who captured the city of York with great slaughter and took William Malet, his wife and children, prisoners, but their lives were spared, as was that of Gilbert de Gand, for the sake of their ransoms. There is evidence that he was slain in this year, but it is uncertain and the date of his death is unknown. An entry in Domesday that "William Malet was seized of this place (Cidestan, Co. Suffolk), where he proceeded on the King's service where he died," would indicate that his death occurred during the compilation of that book. He was witness to a charter of King William to the church of St. Martin-le-Grand, in London, and is there styled "princeps," which title, however, was honorary and not hereditary, having ceased with his death."

    2. Gilbert Malet, successor to his brother, Robert, left a son, Robert.

    3. Robert Malet, who before 1130 acquired the barony of Curry Malet in co. Somerset. He d before 1155, leaving a son, William.

    4. William Malet, baron of Curry Malet, had other estates as well, in Sussex, Surrey, Kent, and Suffolk. He was Steward to King Henry II. and died in 1169 or 1170. He had a son, Gilbert.

    5. Gilbert Malet was also Steward to King Henry II. and baron of Curry Malet. He Alice Picot, daughter of Ralph Picot, Sheriff of Kent. They had several sons, including William.

    6. William II Malet, the Surety of the Magna Charta, was mentioned in 1194 as a minor, in connection with an expedition made that year into Normandy. His principal estate was Curry-Malet. From 1210 to 1214 he was Sheriff of the counties of Somerset and Dorset. When he joined with the barons against King John and became one of the twenty-five Sureties his lands in four counties were confiscated and given to his son-in-law, Hugh de Vivonia, and to his father-in-law, Thomas Basset, and Malet was excommunicated by the Pope in 1216. He was also fined 2,000 marks, but this remained unpaid until after his death, and at that time 1,000 marks were remitted, being found due him for military service to King John at Poitou. It is interesting to note that there were five contemporary relatives named William Malet, and they all held lands in England or in Jersey. He d about 1217, having Mabel (Alice) (Alicia) Basset, daughter of Thomas Basset, of Headington. She survived him and (2) John Biset. William and his wife had two sons who d in their father's lifetime and three daughters as follows:

    1. Hugh Malet, whose descendants did not survive.

    2. William, d.s.p.

    3. Hawise Malet. See below.

    4. Mabel Malet, whose inheritance of one-third increased to one-half, (1) Nicholas Avenal and before November 1223 (2) Hugh de Vivonia (de Forz), baron of Chewton, co. Somerset, and Steward of Poitou, who held West Kington in 1214. They had the following children:

    1. John de Vivonia, d.s.p. in 1314.

    2. William de Vivonia de Fortibus, Maud Ferrers, and d in 1259. He had four daughters, all minors at his death, as follows:

    1. Joan Vivonia, Reynold FitzPiers.

    2. Sibyl Vivonia, Guy de Roche Chinard.

    3. Mabel Vivonia, Fulk de L'Orty.

    4. Cecily Vivonia, heiress to her cousin, John, John de Beauchamp who d in 1283. In the 5th year of King Edward I. he was made Governor of the Castles of Caermerdin and Cardigan. They had a son, John de Beauchamp, who took part in the wars of Scotland and soon after, in the 14th year of King Edward II., he succeeded to the very extensive landed possessions of his mother, in cos. Dorset, Wilts, Surrey, and Cambridge. Ten years afterwards he was made Governor of the Castle of Bridgewater. He d in 1336, and was succeeded by his son, John de Beauchamp, 2nd Lord Beauchamp of Hacche. He d in 1343, having taken part in the French wars of King Edward III. He had issue.

    3. Helewise Vivonia, who Walter de Wahull, son of Saiher de Wahull, who d in 1250. His death occurred in 1269, when he was succeeded by his son, John de Wahull

    5. Bertha Malet, who inherited one-third of the barony, was probably the youngest daughter. She did not marry and d.s.p. before Easter 1221.

    (Ref: L. J. Sanders, "English Baronies - A Study of Their Origin and Descent 1086-1327" (1960), and Wurts, "Magna Charta, Vol 1," pp. 95-97).

    7. Hawise (Helewise) Malet, whose inheritance of one-third of the barony increased to one-half, before March 23, 1217, (1) Hugh I de Poyntz, who d 1220: They had a son, Nicholas de Poyntz, who d in 1272. She (2) Robert de Muscegros, of Brewham (Berwain) and Norton and Cherlton, Somerset, who d in January 29, 1253 or 1254. The following record is from the Harleian Society's "Knights of Edward I."

    "Keeper of Savernake Forest May 4, 1252. His Inq. January 29, 1254. He held Manors of Brynham, Cherlton, and Norton, Somersetshire, as 1 Knight's fee, Finebergh, Suffolk, 1 fee, moiety of Kenemerton 1 fee, and Botinton one-quarter fee, with lands at Hetherle, Norteclive, and Killicot, Gloucester one-half fee, and left his son and heir, John, 21."

    They had a daughter and a son as follows:

    1. Mabel Muscegros, Lady of Finborough, who was living May 17, 1271

    2. John de Muscegros. See below.

    8. John de Muscegros, of Charlton, Norton and other estates, was born August 10, 1232, and d May 8, 1275. He is shown as the king's yeoman in the "Knights of Edward I." This record from the Haerlein Society shows the following details from 1259 to 1301:

    "Protection, going to Ireland, May 10 1259. Sheriff of Devon July 9, and Constable of Exeter, July 9, 1261, to July 18, 1263. Holds 1 Knight's Fee at Botyngdon and Kemerton, Gloucestershire, late of Richard., Earl of Gloucester, August 10, 1262. Protection during the Welsh war March 22, 1263. Safe conduct for him and other Knights coming to the king with horses, households, and goods, July 7, 1264. Made Constable of Salisbury Castle, for him and other Knights lately in munition of Bristol Castle to stay in with their households December 19, 1264, to May 31, 1265. Safe conduct coming to the king February 14, but not to come till sent for March 12, 1265. To leave Kenilworth Castle as he values his life August 26, 1265. He was against the king, and had 40/- rents and advowson at Stotesbrok, Berkshire. He was at Kenilworth with Simon de Montfort, Jr. Peter Pycout seized his lands at Gaham, Nottinghamshire, value 100/-, and John, Earl Warenne, his lands at Flessinges, Sussex. Made a Captain and Keeper of Peace in Somerset, Dorset, and Wilts to repress the king's enemies, May 4, 1266, with Prince Edward and five others he mainperns King September 2, 1267. The Prior of Puy Dudon leases Norton Manor, Somersetshire, to him for 4 years, November 1267. Lately Constable of Marlbergh Castle November 20, 1267. Archibald, Count of Perigord, and wife Agnes had granted to him Winclesmere Manor and Norton Hundred, Somersetshire, for 800 m. and his service, April 1269. Pardon of his and his f. debts to King October 23, 1270. Protection, going to Ireland for Prince Edward, May 15, 1271, and writ of Aid, going there to preserve peace, July 1, 1272. Construction of Bristol Castle February 27. Payne de Cadurcis will pay to him 200 m. for his term in King's Somborne Manor, Hantshire, March 29, 1274. Dead May 6 1275, holding Manors of Northon, Brywham as one-half fee, Cherleton 1 fee, and Stavill one-half fee, Somerset, Berton Regis and lands at Kenemerton, Boyton, Little Cumpton, Hatherle, and Langeford, co. Gloucester, and leaving son and heir, Robert, 23. His widow, Cecily has livery of her own lands, viz., Manors of Bykenore, Teynton, Langford, Cumpton, and Britfarton, Worcester, and Gloucester, May 23, 1275. She was dead August 11, 1301, leaving granddaughter as heiress, Hawise, 25, daughter of her son, Robert and widow of John de Ferrariis."

    He Cecily Avenal., Lady of Bicknor, Taynton and Longford, died August 11, 1301, daughter of William Avenal of Bicknor, born about November 1202, d April 21, 1236, and his wife Aline, living at the time of her husband's death. They were parents of Robert.

    9. Robert de Muscegros was born in 1252, aged twenty-three and more in 1275, was also of Charlton and Norton, and d December 27, 1280.

    "Son and heir of the last. Livery of his father's lands June 5, 1275. Cedes Bristol Castle, town, and barton July 12, 1275, and has ceded Bonred Castle, the Cantred of Tradery, and theod of Ocormok in Ireland to the King, who will enfeoff Thomas de Clare thereof, March 2, 1276. Grant to him Hamsted, Aldeworth, Cumpton, and Alverscote Manors, May 13, 1276. Summoned to serve against the Welsh, he acknowledges 1 Knight's fee at Hamstred, and will serve in person, July 1, 1277. Dead January 18, 1281, holding lands at Cottesmore, Rut., Manors of Stawelle, Morton, and Cherlton Mucegros, Somersetshire, Kynmerton as 1 fee, and Botinton, Gloucester, Hamstede, and lands at West Cumpton, Berkshire, and leaving daughter and heiress, Hawise,

    4. He d December 21, 1280. Grant to John de Vescy custody of his lands in minority of his heir February 26, 1281, and dower to his widow, Agnes Ferrers, viz., Hamsted Manor, and lands at Cotemor, Rut., May 9, 1281. License for her on 200 m. fine to marry at will April 17, 1287."

    He Agnes Ferrers, living May 9, 1281. They had a daughter Hawise.

    10. Hawise Muscegros was born December 21, 1276, and was living as late as June 24, 1340. She (1) William de Mortimer of Bridgewater, who died without issue June 30, 1297. She (2) John de Ferrers, born at Cardiff June 20, 1271, and d in 1324, of Southoe and Keyston, son of Robert de Ferrers, who d in 1279, a descendant of the Surety Saire de Quincy, and his wife Agnes (Alianore) Bohun, a descendant of the Surety Henry de Bohun. She (3) John de Bures, who d at Bodington, on December 22, 1350. From this last marriage there was a daughter, Katherine.

    11. Katherine Bures , Lady of Boddington and Longford, was aged 35 and more in 1350 or 1351 and living in October 1355. She before May 21, 1329, Giles de Beauchamp, of Powick, who d October 12, 1361, son of Walter de Beauchamp, of Beauchamp's Court in Alcaster, co. Warwick. See Burke, pg. 34. Giles was the Steward of the Household of King Edward I. See the ancestral line elsewhere under the Beauchamp Line.

    12. John de Beauchamp Elizabeth St. John, thought to be the daughter of John St. John.

    13. William de Beauchamp, of Powyck and Alcaster, was sheriff of the shires of Worcester and Gloucester. He before March 5, 1414 Catherine Ufflete. He d before 1431.

    14. John de Beauchamp, Knight of the Garter, was Justice of South Wales and Lord Treasurer of England. He d before April 19, 1502.

    See the continuation of this lineage in the Beauchamp Line.