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Willoughby 1

: Willoughby de Broke, Willoughby of Eresby, Willoughby of Parham
Wi31 =32. Godfred Ollobik, Thane of Merlitor b Merlitor Castle Denmark d 1047 Denmark
Wi30 =31 Godfred Ollobik, Thane of Merlitor b 1020 Denmark d 1 Aug 1047 Denmark
m1 Gwen verch Gryffyd b 1025 + 1 ch
m2 Nesta verch Gryffyd b 1024 d 1052
Wi29 =30 Ian Fraser's tree shows for this generation as father of said Hugh:
Godred Ollibik alias John de Willoughby b 1040 d 1100 m dau of Rees ap Gryffyd d 1060 and Meghan verch ...
Wi28 =29 Richard le Brugge b c 1050 Ian Fraser's tree shows alternately for this generation as well as the dates and siblings:
Wi28-1 Ralph de Willoughby b 1060
Wi28-2 Sir John de Willoughby
Wi28-3 Robert de Willoughby
Wi28 Hugh de Willoughby b 1085
m Frethesende Cockerington b 1080 d 1160
Wi27 =28 Ralph, lord of the manor of Willoughby in Lincolnshire, b c 1100 Willoughby Lincolnshire of ... Ian Fraser's tree shows alternately for this generation as well as the dates and siblings in the next two:
John de Willoughby b 1100 but the time span between generations is implausible
Wi26 =27 Ralph de Willoughby b c 1175 Willoughby Lincolnshire d 1200
Frethesende/Frideswide Cocerington b 1180 Thorpe Hall d Grimsthorpe Castle
Wi25-2 Robert de Willoughby b 1225
Wi25 =26 William de Willoughby b c 1200 Willoughby Lincolnshire
m Matilda de Fullerby/Fulletby/Fultby b 1192 Fullerby Lincolnshire d 1220
Wi24-2 Ralph Willoughby b 1220 d 1257
Wi24-3 Phillip Willoughby b 1221 d 1305
Wi24 =25 Robert de Willoughby b 1217 d 3 Feb Grimsthorpe Castle Willoughby Lincolnshire
Alice/?Margaret de Orreby b 1217 d 1257
Wi23 =24 Sir William de Willoughby b c 1250 d 1306 continued below
m Alice Beke b c 1250 dau of->
+1 John Beke, Lord of Eresby
m Sarah Furnival b c 1230
+2 Walter Beke of Eresby
m 1222 Eva niece of Walter de Grey, Archbishop of York
+2 Sir Thomas de Furnivalle of Sheffield and of Worksop & Grassthorpe Nottinghamshire & Eyam, etc. Derbyshire d 12.05.1291
+3 Henry de Bec of Eresby
m Alice/Hawyse sister of Thomas de Muleton
+3 Sir Thomas de Furnivalle a 1238
m Bertha a 1260, she m2 Ralph le Bigod
Wi23 =24. Sir William de Willoughby b c 1250 d 1306 continued from above
m Alice Beke dau of John Beke, Lord of Eresby
Wi22 =23 Sir Robert de Willoughby, 1st Lord of Eresby b c 1271 d 1316
m by 1303 Margaret Deincourt d before 25.03.1317, dau of Edmund Deincourt, 1st Lord
Wi21 =22 Sir John Willoughby, 2nd Lord of Eresby b c 1290 a 1349
m Joan Rosceline dau of Sir Thomas Rosceline
Wi20 =21 John Willoughby, 3rd Lord of Eresby b c 1315 d c 1373
m Cicely de Ufford dau of
+1 Robert de Ufford, Earl of Suffolk
m Margaret Norwich sis of Sir John Norwich
Wi19 =20 Robert Willoughby, 4th Lord of Eresby b c 1340 d 09.08.1396
m1 Alice Skipwith dau of Sir William Skipwith, Lord of the Exchequer
Wi18 =19 William Willoughby, 5th Lord of Eresby b c 1370 d c 1410
m1 Lucy Strange dau of Roger le Strange, Lord of Knockyn
Wi17-1 Robert Willoughby, 6th Lord of Eresby, Earl of Vendosme and Beaumont b c 1395 d c 1452
m1 Elizabeth de Montacute dau of Sir John de Montacute, 3rd Earl of Salisbury
Wi17-1-1 Joan Willoughby, Baroness of Eresby b c 1420 d 1461/2
m Sir Richard Welles, 7th Lord Willoughby of Eresby b c 1420 d 1469
m2 Maud Stanhope dau of Sir Richard Stanhope BE1883 Cromwell of Tatshall reports that Maud was the mother of Joan who married Richard Welles. However TCP Willoughby of Eresby and BP1934 Ancaster agree that Joan's mother was Elizabeth.
Wi17 =18 Sir Thomas Willoughby of Parham b c 1400
m Joan Arundell dau of Sir Richard Arundell
Wi16 =17 Sir Robert Willoughby of Parham b c 1430 d 30.05.1465-6
m Cicely Welles
+1 dau of Lionel Leo de Welles, Baron Welles, b 1406, k Towton 29.03.1461
m1 15.08.1417 Joan or Cecily Waterton dau of
+2 Ives / Eudo de Welles dvp
m Maude de Greystock dau of
+2 Sir Robert Waterton of Waterton and Methley
+3 John de Welles, 5th Lord b 20.04.1352, d 26.08.1421
m1 before 05.1386 Margaret de Mowbray dau of
+3 Ralph de Greystock, 5th Lord of Greystoke
+4 John de Welles, 4th Lord b 23.08.1334, d 11.10.1361
m Maud de Ros d 09.12.1388, dau of William de Ros, 3rd Lord
+4 John de Mowbray, 4th Lord
Wi15-1 Sir Robert Willoughby b c 1450 d c 1468
m Joane FitzHugh
Wi15 =16 Sir Christopher Willoughby of Parham b 1453 Knotishall Suffolk d c 1498/9 Campsey Suffolk
m Margaret Jenney b 1460 Knotishall d there 1515 dau of Sir William Jenney of Knottshall
Wi14-1 William Willoughby, 10th Lord of Eresby b 1482 d 19.10.1525
m1 Mary Hussey dsp, dau of Sir William Hussey of Sleaford
m2 Maria de la Salines/Salinas dau of Count of Salines
Wi14-1-1 Katherine Willoughby, Baroness of Eresby d 19.09.1580
m1 1535 Charles Brandon, 1st Duke of Suffolk d 21.08.1545
-1 Charles Brandon
-2 Henry Brandon b 1535 d 1551
m2 1552/3 Richard Bertie b c1517, d 09.04.1582, MP exhile to the Netherlands under Mary I for religious reasons -1 Peregrine Bertie 11th Lord Willoughby of Eresby b 12 Oct 1555 in Wesen am Rhein, guardian of Capt John Smith b 1579 son of his tenant George Smith, who served under him before going to Jammestown Va. m Mary de Vere, only sister of the whole blood of Edward de Vere, 17th Earl of Oxford . (The DNA match on chr 2 betweenDr. William Hester, Elaine Brixhoff, and Samuel Eaton makes common ancestry likely. The latter two have different Smith lines than the author and each other, but here is a plausible connecion for Eaton)
-2 Susan Bertie m1 Reginald Grey, 5th Earl of Kent m2 Sir John Wingfield, a nephew of Catherine's friend, Bess of Hardwick
-1-1 Robert Bertie b ca 1582 k.a.Edgehill 23 Oct 1642, 1st Earl of Lindsey m Elizabeth Montagu (d 30 November 1654, sister of Edward Montagu, 1st Baron Montagu of Boughton..
-1-2 Sir Peregrine d 1640 m Hon. Margaret Saunderson
-1-3 Henry Bertie m.Dorothy Corbet à issue
-1-4 Vere Bertie
-1-5 Roger Bertie
-1-6 Catherine Bertie d 15 Feb 1611 m 1609 Sir Lewis Watson, of Rockingham Castle [later, Lord Rockingham] (1584-Rockingham 5 Jan 1653
-1-1-1 Montagu Bertie d London 25 Jul 1666, Earl of Lindsey Lord Willoughby m1 London 18 Apr 1627 Martha, Dowager Countess of Holdernesse, née Cokayne b 1605 d Jul 1641 + 1 ch m2 Bridget Sackville, née Wray + 9 ch m 4th Baroness Norreys of Rycote b 12 May 1627 d 1657 + 4 ch
-1-1-2 Sir Roger Bertie d.15 Oct 1654 m.Ursula Lawley
-1-1-3 Robert Bertie d.1608
-1-1-4 Peregrine Bertie m.Anne Hardeby
-1-1-4-1 Elizabeth Bertie (d.1715); m.London 12 Jan 1654 William Widdrington, 2nd Lord Widdrington (d.London 1675)
-1-1-5 Francis Bertie k.a.1641)
-1-1-6 Robert Bertie m.1st Alice Osbaston, née Barnard (d.1677); m.2nd Elizabeth Bennet; m3 Mary Crosby, née Halsey
-1-1-7 Henry Bertie k.a.Newberry
-1-1-8 Vere Bertie b 1 Jan 1619- )
-1-1-9 Edward Bertie b 17 Oct 1624 d 25 Dec 1686 m.Jane Rogers
-1-1-10 Catherine Bertie, m about 1631 Sir William Paston, 1st Bt
-1-1-11 Elizabeth Bertie d 28 February 1684), m 1661 Sir Miles Stapleton, 1st Bt, no apparent issue
-1-1-12 Anne Bertie d.1660
-1-1-13 Sophia Bertie d.20 Dec 1689 m.Sir Richard Chaworth
-1-1-14 Mary Bertie m1 Rev. John Hewit m2 Sir Abraham Shipman
-1-2-1 Nicholas Bertie d Jan 1671 m Mary Raybone
-1-1-1-1 Arabella Bertie d 28 Feb 1717 m 1684 Thomas Savage, 3rd Earl Rivers b ca 1628-London 14 Sep 1694
-1-1-1-2 ROBERT Bertie cr 1706 Marquess of Lindsey, cr 1715 Duke of Ancaster and Kesteven (20 Oct 1660-Grimsthorpe 26 Jul 1723 m1 Westminster Abbey 30 Jul 1678 Mary Wynn d 20 Sep 1689 m2 6 Jul 1705 Albinia Farrington (d.29 Jul 1745 m3 Elizabeth, Lady Lee, née Lady Elizabeth Pope d.1 Jul 171
-1-1-1-3 Peregrine Bertie m.Susan Monins
-1-1-1-4 Richard Bertie (d.1685)
-1-1-1-5 Vere Bertie (d.13 Feb 1680)
-1-1-1-6 Charles Bertie m.Mary, Lady Jones, née Tryon
-1-1-1-7 Elizabeth Bertie (d.1683) m 6 Jul 1655 Baptist Noel, 3rd Viscount Campden (1612-29 Oct 1682)
-1-1-1-8 Bridget Bertie (bap 6 Jun 1629-Wimbledon 7 Jan 1704); m.1653 Thomas Osborne, Duke of Leeds (20 Feb 1632-Easton Neston 26 Jul 1712)
-1-1-1-9 Catherine Bertie m Robert Dormer
-1-1-1-10 James Bertie 5th Lord Norreys of Rycote [through his maternal grandmother], cr 1682 Earl of Abingdon (1653-London 22 May 1699); m.1st Adderbury, Oxon 1 Feb 1672 Eleanora Lee (1658-31 May 1691); m.2nd 1698 Catherine, Dowager Viscountess Wenman, née Chamberlayne (d.9 Feb 1742
-1-1-1-11 Edward Bertie
-1-1-1-12 Henry Bertie (d.1734); m.Philadelphia Norris
-1-1-1-12-1 James Bertie m Elizabeth Harris
-1-1-1-12-1-1 Norreys Bertie (1718-1766)
-1-1-1-12-2 Catherine Bertie m.Francis Carr Clerke (d.27 May 1730)
-1-1-1-13 Mary Bertie b London 1 Sep 1655 d London 30 Jun 1709 m Charles Dormer, 2nd Earl of Carnarvon b 25 Oct 1632 d Ascott House 29 Nov 1709
-1-1-10-1 Robert Paston, 1st Earl of Yarmouth
-1-2-1-1 Peregrine b 14 Jan 1655 d 1721 m NN à issue
-1-1-2-1 Robert Bertie (d.Aug 1699)
Wi15 Sir Christopher Willoughby
m Elizabeth Talboys dau of Sir George Talboys/Tailboys
-1 William Willoughby b 1515 d 1570 m Elizabeth Heneage -1-1 Charles Willoughby b c 1540 m Margaret Fiennes -1-1-1 William Willoughby b c 1565 m Elizabeth Hilyard
-1-1-2 Thomas Willoghby
-1-1-3 Ann Willoughby m William Pelham
Wi14-3 George Willoughby had issue
Wi14 Sir Thomas Willoughby d 1545, chief justice
m Bridget or Katherine Read dau of Sir Robert Read of Bore Place
Wi14-5 Catherine Willoughby
m Sir John Heydon of Baconsthorp
Wi14-6 Elizabeth Willoughby
m William Eure, 1st Lord b c1483, d 15.03.1547/8 (the following from Linda Wensrich's tree)
-1 Ralph Eure d Ancrum Moor Scotland m Margery Bowes
-2 Anne Eure
-3 Muriel Eure
-4 Margery Eure
-5 Henry Eure
-6 John Eure
-1-1 Anne Eure m Lancelot Mansfield b Skirpenbeck Yorkshire
-1-2 Frances Eure
-1-3 Thomas Eure
-1-4 Ralph Eure
-1-5 William Eure
-1-1-1 John Mansfield b Yorkshire m Elizabeth
-1-1-2 Luce Mansfield
-1-1-3 Margaret mansfield b Hutton-on-Derwent Yorkshire
-1-1-4 julian Mansfield d 1633
-1-1-5 Ralph Mansfield d 18 Nov1633 Killygordon Donegal IRE
Wi14-7+ other issue - John, Dorothy
Wi14-9? ?by p x Woodward
Edward Woodward b 1530 Shropshire d there 1600
m Anne x b 1550 d 1600 Shropshire
-1 Christophe Woodward b 1569 Shropshire m Elizabeth Oldbury b 1575 Shropshire -1-1 Thomas Woodward b 1600 Worchester d 5 Oct 1677Isle of Wight Co VA m Katheryn b 1602 Engl d Isle of Wight Co VA -1-1-1 Philaritie Woodward b 1628 Henrico Co VA m John Giles b 1624 Henrico Vo VA
Wi16-2 Sir William Willoughby
m Joan Strangeways dau of Thomas Strangeways
Children as reported by Visitation Yorkshire, 1563-4, Strangeways.
a Edward Willoughby
1 Vyncent Willoughby
b Cecily Willoughby
m Edward Sutton, 2nd Lord of Dudley b c1459, d 31.01.1531/2
Wi18 Elizabeth Willoughby b c 1387 d before 12.11.1428
m before 07.1405 Henry Beaumont, 5th Lord b 1379/80, d 06.1413
-1 Sir John de Beaumont, 1st Viscount Beaumont b 16 Auf k 10 July 1460 Northamptonshire m1 Elizabeth Phelip, daughter of Sir William Phelip, 1st Baron Bardolf and Joan Bardolf, between 24 July 1425 and 3 July 1436 + 3 ch m2 Katherine Neville, daughter of Sir Ralph de Neville, 1st Earl of Westmorland and Lady Joan de Beaufort Be16 Be16 Joan Beaumont d. 5 Aug 1466 m Sir William Stanley, son of Sir Thomas Stanley, 1st Lord Stanley and Joan Goushill
Be16-2 Henry Beaumont b. b 1438, d. bt 10 Aug 1441 - 1460
Be16-3 Sir William de Beaumont, 2nd Viscount Beaumont b. 23 Apr 1438, d. 19 Dec 1507
St15-1 William Stanley (son & heir)
St15 Jane Stanley m Sir John Warburton Wa15

>Wa14-1 John Warburton b ABT 1490 Arley, Cheshire,
Wa14-2 Dowce (Douce) Warburton, b about 1492 Arley, Cheshire
Wa14-3 Ellen Warburton b about 1494 Arley, Cheshire
Wa14-4 Elizabeth Warburton b about 1498 Of Arley, Cheshire
Wa14 Blanch Warburton b 1500 m William Davenport Da14
Wa14-6 Jean Warburton b c 1500 Arley, Cheshire
Wa14-7 William Warburton b c 1502 Arley, Cheshire
Wa14-8 Peter (Piers) Warburton b: Oct. 1504/1514 Warburton & Arley Bothir Cheshire d 5 June 1550 Arley, Cheshire
Wi17-4 Marjory Willoughby
m Sir William FitzHugh, 5th Lord b 1398, d 1452
Wi17-5 Margaret Willoughby
m Sir William Oldhall
i Mary Oldhall d 10.1466
m Walter Gorges of Little Fransham b c1422, dvp 09.1466
m2 Joan Holland dsp 1431, dau of Thomas 2nd Holland, Earl of Kent
Wi18-2 Robert Willoughby
m2 Margery la Zouche d 1396 dau of William la Zouche, Lord of Harringworth b c 1321 d 1382
m3 Elizabeth Latimer, Baroness Latimer b c 1356, d 05.11.1395, dau of William Latimer, 4th Lord
Wi18-3 Sir Thomas Willoughby of Boston and Frampton b c 1350 d 1418 (also shown as son by 1st w Skipwith, but the title of Latimer would hardly have come by that marriage
m1 div. Aug. 1381 Katherine, dau of Sir Thomas Friskney,
m2 by July 1396 m Elizabeth Nevill dau of John Nevill, 3rd Lord of Raby d.1388) by his 2nd w. Elizabeth (c.1385-1395), suo jure Baroness Latimer, dau of William, 4th Lord Latimer of Corby (1330-81)
Wi18-3-1 Sir John Willoughby b c 1400 d 24 Feb 1437
m by 1422 Joan Welby
Wi18-3-1-1 Sir John Willoughby 8th Baron Latimer b c 1422 d Aug 1477
m by 4 Mar 1445 Anne Cheney dau of->
+1 Sir Edmund Cheney of Broke
m Alice Stafford
a Sir Robert Willoughby, 1st Lord de Broke b c 1452, d 23 Aug 1502
m by 1473 Westbury Wilts Blanche Champernoun b c 1453, d by 12.1480, dau/coheir of Sir John Champernoun Champernowne of Bere Ferrers by Elizabeth, dau of William Bigbery
1 Robert Willoughby, 2nd Lord de Broke 10th Latimer b 1472 Broke Wilts d 10 Nov 1521?2 Bere Devon
m1 Elizabeth Beauchamp b 1468 Beauchamp Wors d 10 Aug 1503 Bere + 1 ch dau of Sir Richard Beauchamp, 2nd Lord Powyke
m2 1515 Dorothy Grey b 1480 Groby Leicester d 4 Apr 1552 Bere Devon dau of Thomas Grey and Cecily Bonville she m2/1 William Blount + 2 ch
A Edward Willoughby b 1474/?91 Alcester ?Wilts d Nov 1517 dvp (confusion with uncle of same name?)
m 22 Nov 1505 Oxford Margaret Neville b 9 Mar 1494 Latimer Buckingham d 23 Oct 1532 Snape Yorks dau of
+1 Sir Richard Nevill, 2nd Lord Latymer m1 c 1490 Anne Stafford dau of Sir Humphrey Stafford of Grafton
i Elizabeth Willoughby b 28 Apr 1500 Broke Wilts d 15 Nov 1562 Basingstoke
m Sir Fulke Greville d 10.11.1569 Their descendants include the later Lords Willoughby de Broke and the extant Earls of Warwick.
i X Greville m Winslow
ii Katherine Greville b 1527
m 1544 Giles Reed/Reade b 1525 Milton Banbury
ii-1 Elizabeth Reed/Reade b 1578 in Larke Stoke, Gloucestershire d 1631 Worcester
m 1594 Quinton Gloucester Richard Brent b 1573 Admington and Lark stoke d 1652 Lark Stoke son of Richard Brent and Mary Huggerford
-1 Mary Brent b c 1594
-2 Giles Brent Sr b c 1600 Stoke & Admington d 31 Aug 1671 Stafford Co VA m1 1644 MD Mary Kittamaquund b 1633 MD d 1658 VA+ 3 ch dau of Chitomachen Kittamaquund m2 Frances Whitegreave
-3 Margaret Brent b 1601 Stoke & Admington d May 1671 Westmoreland CVA
-4 Anne Brent b 1602 Illmington London d 1646 St Marys Co MD
-5 George Brent b c 1602 Gloucestershire or Worcester m aft 1635 Mariana Peyton
-6 Fulke Brent
-7? John Brent

-2-1 Col Giles Brent Jr b 5 Apr 1652 d 2 Sep 1679 Middlesex Co VA m Mary x b c 1600
-2-2 Richard Brent b 1654 ?Va d 9 Dec 1663 ?VA
-2-3 Mary Brent b 1655 Peace Westmoreland Co VA d 13 Jun 1713 Pr Geo Co MD m 1671 Calvert Co John Fitzherbert
-5-1 Anne Brent b 1640 Lark Stoke d there 1714 m James Clifton b 1636 Westby Lancashire d 1714 Salwark son of Thomas Clifton and Anne Hallsall
-5-2 George Brent
-5-3 Robert Brent Gent.

-2-1-1 William Brent b c 1677 d 1709
-5-1-1 Thomas Clifton b 1663 Engl d 1708 Stafford Co Va m by 17 May 1706 Sarah Ashton b by 1677 d Nov 1749 dau of John Ashton and Grace Frizier she m1 c 1695 Philip Alexander + 4 ch m3 c 1720 David McGill
-5-1-2 Thomas Clifton
-5-1-3 James Clifton

-2-1-1-1 William Brent b 1710 d 1742
-5-1-1-1 Robert Burdette Clifton b 29 Jul 1708 d 1762 m 15 Jul 1732 Kg Geo Co VA Francis Hill

-2-1-1-1-1 William Brent b 1732 Richland Stafford Co VA d Mar 1782 ?Richmond Wise VA m Eleanor Carroll b 27 Apr 1732 Pr Geo Co MD d 19 Mar 1788 VA ?= dau of Daniel Carroll b c 1705 and Eleanor Darnall b c 1706 Prince George Co d 3 Feb 1798 grandau of Henry Darnall
-5-1-1-1-1 Burdette/Burditt clifton b 3 Feb 1736 Stafford VA d 1798 Bardstown KY m 2 Dec 1759 Rebecca Kenner b 1738 Fauquier Co d 1799 Bardstown dau of Howson Francis Kenner Jr and Margaret Eskridge

-2-1-1-1-1-1 Sen Richard Brent b 1757 Richland Stafford Co VA d 30 Dec 1814 DC
-2-1-1-1-1-2 Anne Brent b 17 Apr 1777 d 29 July 1862 m Daniel Carroll of Duddington b c 1758 d 9 May 1849
-5-1-1-1-1-1 Howson Clifton
-5-1-1-1-1-2 William David Clifton
-5-1-1-1-1-3 Sarah Clifton b 1768 Bardstown d 1815 Burkesville KY m John Edwards King

-2-1-1-1-1-2-1 Charles Carroll d 1819 m Mary Ann Carroll dau of Henry Hill Carroll and Sarah Rogers
-2-1-1-1-1-2-2 Maria Carroll d ca. 1804.
-2-1-1-1-1-2-3 Eleanor Carroll b ca. 1791 d 18 July 1864 Washington DC m William Dudley Digges b c 1790.
-2-1-1-1-1-2-4 William Carroll
-5-1-1-1-1-3-1 Catherine King m Bobo
-5-1-1-1-1-3-2 Valentine King b 9 Jan 1794 Burkesville Ky d 13 Jul 1835 Opelousas St Landry LA m 15 Jan 1818 Nancy King dau of George King and Amelie Mathilde Lejeune
-5-1-1-1-1-3-2-1 Caroline King b 1835 d 1878 Avoyelles LA m Alfred Briggs Irion
-5-1-1-1-1-3-2-1-1 Annie Winn Irion m 2 Mar 1878 Adolphe Jalmeus Lafargue + sev ch
iii John Greville
iv Mary Greville
v Fulke Greville, 4th Lord Willoughby de Broke Greville
vi Robert Greville
vii Edward Greville
viii Blanche Greville
ix Elene Grevill
ii Margaret Willoughby b 1511
iii Anne Willoughby b 1517 d 12 Nov 1528 unm
iv Blanche Willoughby b 1518 dsp before 1560
m Sir Francis Dautry
m2 Dorothy Grey dau of Thomas Grey, 1st Marquess of Dorset
B Elizabeth Willoughby d 04.11.1576
m1 1545 John Paulet, 2nd Marquess of Winchester d 18.08.1577
m2 Sir Henry Oughtred
C Anne Willoughby d 24.12.158
m c 08.1530 Charles Blount, 5th Lord Mountjoy b 28.06.1516, d 10.10.1544
2 Elizabeth Willoughby
m John, Lord Dynham
Wi18-4 John Willoughby ancestor of Willoughby, Barts of Baldon House
Wi18-5 Bryan Willoughby
Wi19-2 Margaret Willoughby
m Sir Thomas Skipwith of Ormesby d c1427
Wi20-2 Joan Willoughby possibly of this generation
m William de Astley, 4th Lord b before 1345
Wi20-3 Elizabeth Willoughby possibly of this generation
m William de Huntingfield, Lord bpt 08.01.1330, d 11.1376
Wi22-2. Thomas de Willoughby
m Margaret de Munby sister of Alun de Munby
Wi22-2-1 William Munby dsp
Wi22-2-2 Agnes Munby this connection is reported by BEB1844 Skipwith of Newbold Hall
m Sir William de Hiltoft
i. Sir William de Hiltoft of Ingoldnells
m Alice sister of Ralph de Muer of Cathorp and Cavenham
a. Alice Hiltoft
m Sir William Skipwith of Ormesby d 1391, judge, Chief Justice of Ireland
Wi22-3. Margaret de Willoughby
m Walter Hamby

Sources: BP1934 Ancaster, BP1934 Willoughby de Broke, BE1883 Willoughby of Parham
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