Ca11 John Cary ,

    John Cary was the son of WilIiam Cary Ca12
    Baptised 1583,
    Married, 1st Elizabeth Herford May 29, 1609 in Bristol, England
    Children by Elizabeth Herford:
    Ca10-1) John Cary b 1610 Bristol, England d 1681 Bridgewater, Mass.
    Ca10-2) Thomas Cary b Dec 1613 Bristol, England
    Ca10-3) Philip Cary b Bristol, England d abt 1765 England
    Ca10-4) Prudence Cary
    Ca10-5) Elizabeth Cary

    2nd Alice Hobson (Ho11) daughter of Henry Hobson (Ho12), Alderman of Bristol, England and Alice (Da12) daughter of William Davis (Da13) living in 1636
    Children by Alice Hobson:
    Ca10-6) Henry Cary b 1618 Bristol, England
    Ca10-7) Matthew Cary b 1619 Bristol, England d abt 1648 Stepney Mariner, England
    (Ca10) Miles Cary Baptized July 29, 1621 All Saints, Bristol, England d June 10 1667 Warwick, Virginia
    Ca10-9) Richard Cary b 1620 Bristol, England d June 10, 1667 Warwick, Virginia
    Ca10-10) Alice Cary b 1625 Bristol, England
    Ca10-11) Honor Cary b 1627 Bristol, England d Nov. 6, 1644 All Saints' Bristol, England
    Ca10-12) Mary Cary b Nov. 1630 Bristol, England

    Ca12 WilIiam Cary, Sheriff and Mayor of Bristol, England.
    Born - 1550, Son of Ca13
    Miarried 1572, January 14 to Alice Goodall (12.34)
    Died 1632

    Generation Ca13
    Son of (Ca14) Richard Cary, Merchant of Bristol.
    Born – 1526?
    Died - 1570

    Generation Ca14,
    William Cary, Sheriff and Mayor of Bristol, England.
    Born – 1510? ¬
    Died - 1572

    (Ancestry derived from pedigree registered in 1699 in Heralds’ College of Arms, London, by John Cary of Bristol gentleman, and his brother, Richard Cary, Alderman of London.)