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Ma11 George Mason

Ma11 George Mason was the son of Thomas Mason (born in 1602 in Pershore, Worcestershire,England. He died in 1655 in ,Stafford,Va.) and Ann French (married on 2 Feb 1623/1624).
Born: in 1629 in Pershore, Worcestershire, England.
Married:  1st Mary French about 1659 in Accocheek, Stafford,Va. (born about 1631 in Pershore, Worcestershire, England.
2nd Frances (surname not known) wife of Capt John Norgrave about 1664 in an unknown place .1,2 

Died: in 1686 in  Passapatanzy, King George County, Virginia Colony .1 
buried in 1686 in Accokeek, Stafford County, Virginia Colony .1 

Pershore Abbey, Worcestershire, George Mason baptism 1629
The remnants of a once magnificent Pershore Abbey. 


George Mason and Mary French b. a 1630 
Ma10-1. Colonel George I Mason II b. 1660, d. 1716 probable descendants

George Mason and Frances x widow Norgrave had the following children:

Ma10 Sarah E. Mason (c1672 - after 1715) married Andrew Barbee

One of the most famous people to have been baptised at this church of the 'Holy Cross' was George Mason, son of Thomas Mason & Ann French. George Mason was baptised 02/June/1629. His family were later involved in fighting on the Royalist side during the English Civil War. In 1651 George and his brother William fled the country to America. George Mason founded a great estate in Virginia USA and his grandson later became involved in Virginian politics writing the state's declaration of rights in 1776. This document became the model for Thomas Jefferson's later Declaration of Independence..... 
Colonel George I Mason I was a member of the English Parliament.1 
This source lists George French and Cecily Gray as parents of the above Thomas Mason, but either it seems to be a typographical error and they are more likely to have been the parents of the above Ann French or he assumed an alias due to the son-in-law of said George French being involved in the English Civil War.
From there we go to her parents Edward Gray and Catherine l'Estrange
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2. [S3919] Jo Anne Mackby, e-mail to Garril L Kueber June 16, 2007.
In 1661 a captain George Mason was ordered to pay damages by the Grand Council of Virginia for unlawful incarceration of Chief Wahanganoche. Whether or not such incarceration was unlawful or whether the liberation of Wahanganoche and the reward with damage claims was just a political act to keep the peace and convince the Indians that Virginia law offered them justice are rather questions that are hard to answer now. But the integration of this tribe and the resulting friendly relations with Cherokees for over another 100 years were decisive factors for winning the French and Indian War (the American chapter of the 7 Years War.


Colonel Anthony Hungerford
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Hungerford should not be confused with his namesake and contemporary, the Royalist Member of Parliament Anthony Hungerford
Colonel Anthony Hungerford (died 9 June 1657) - Officer of the Parliamentary Army in the English Civil War

Short Biography of Colonel Hungerford's Life
Anthony Hungerford married Chrysogon, the daughter of George French of Pershore, Worcestershire, by his wife, Cicely, the daughter of Edward Grey of Buildwas Abbey, Shropshire. (This Edward Grey was the illegitimate son of Edward Grey Lord Powys, d.1551)
Colonel Hungerford's children were baptised at Pershore Holy Cross, Worcestershire
24 October 1639: Katherine Hungerford, daughter of Anthony Hungerford
23 February 1642: Chrysogon Hungerford, daughter of Anthony Hungerford
In addition, Colonel Hungerford had a son, George Hungerford. This son was mentioned in the will of the Colonel's mother-in-law, Cicely French (nee Grey)
1646/7 Authority to raise a Reg. of foot for service in Ireland 1
1646/7 Reminded of the importance of task in raising Regiment and urged to complete it speedily and effectively 1647. 2
1647 30th April arrives in Ireland 3
1647 Arms confirmed by William Roberts LLB, Ulster Herald 1643-1655, to Col. Anthony Hungerford who arrived with his Regiment in Dublin 30th April 1647 - Sa. two bars in chief three plates a crescent Sa. with another Or for difference 4
The descent given to Roberts was as follows:-
Sir John Hungerford Kt.
Henry Hungerford of Marston Co. Wilts 2nd son
Henry Hungerford of Marston Co. Wilts.
Colonel Anthony Hungerford son and heir. 4
1647 August - Badly Injured - Battle of Dungan's Hill in County Meath, Ireland under the command of Colonel Michael Jones, '...Colonel Hungerford shot in the mouth...' 5
1649 'Col. Hungerford to have leave of his Regiment, to go to Bath to recover his health, excused until the end of July, have £100 as part of his arrears'. 6
1653 'Prisoner in Upper Bench, and being wounded, and a bullet still in his head, cannot endure the restraint Begs £258.3s 10d from his account for discovering papists' 7
1654 28th March 'Petition to the Protector for support in his urgent want, has long been ill and lame from wounds in fight and unable to walk has a wife and two children and only 8s. a week out of Ely House.' 8
1655 17th April, a pension of 20s. a week granted 9
1657 Col. Hungerford died 9th June 10
1658 'Chrysogon, widow of Col. Anthony Hungerford petitions Cromwell for relief' 11
1658 'That Chrysogon, widow of Col. Anthony Hungerford be referred to the Committee of Ely House and Savoy Hospital.' 11

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Hungerford should not be confused with his namesake and contemporary, the Parliamentarian Colonel Anthony Hungerford
Anthony Hungerford (died 1657), of Black Bourton in Oxfordshire, was an English Member of Parliament who supported the Royalist cause during the English Civil War.

The younger son of Sir Anthony Hungerford, he came from a family with a long Parliamentary pedigree; his ancestors included the 14th century Speaker of the House of Commons, Sir Thomas Hungerford.

He was MP for Malmesbury in the Short and Long Parliaments. In 1644, after he attended the King's Parliament at Oxford, he was disabled from sitting in the Long Parliament, fined and imprisoned in the Tower of London; however in 1646, on payment of a fine of £2,532, he was pardoned and his estate at Black Bourton (which had been sequestered) was restored to him. In 1653 he inherited the Farleigh Castle estates of the senior branch of the family.

His son, Sir Edward Hungerford, sat in Parliament for several constituencies after the Restoration; his spendthrift habits destroyed the family fortune.

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