Ar9 Judith Armistead

    daughter of John Armistead (ArlO) and Judith  ?
    Born: about 1665
    Married: 1688 Robert Carter of Corotoman, (Ct9) Lancaster County, Virginia.
    . Died:23 February 1699

    Robert Carter and Judith Armistead had the folowing children*:
    (Ct8) Elizabeth Carter was born in 1688. She died after January 1730..
     (Ct8-2) John CARTER was born in 1690. He died on 30 Apr 1743.
    (Ct8-3) Judith CARTER was born in 1693 in of, Corotoman, Lancaster, Virginia. She died in 1700 in Rosewell, Gloucester Co., Virginia. She was buried in Rosewell, Gloucester Co., Virginia.?
    (Ct8-4) Sarah CARTER was born in 1694 in Of, Corotoman, Lancaster, Virginia. She died in 1694.
    (Ct8-5 Charles CARTER was born about 1699.
    (Ct8-6) Anne CARTER was born about 1700. She died on 12 Aug 1745.
    (Ct8-7) Judith CARTER was born about 1700.  married Mann Page
    (Ct8-8) Lucy CARTER.
    (Ct8-9) Mary CARTER.

    Judith Armistead, wife of Robert "King" Carter.

    Sources: Notes by Mrs. Nicholas (Ni3-5).
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     Judith Armistead was descended from Anthony Armistead (Ar12) of Kirk Deighton, Yorkshire, England. He married Frances Thompson in 1608.
    They had a son William Armistead (Ar11) of Yorkshire: England.
     William was Baptised 1610, August 3 at All Saints. He emigrated to Virginia in 1635. He had land grants in Elizabeth City County, Virginia and later in Gloucester County, Virginia., which was formed from York County in 1642. He died before 1660. .
    His children were
    (Ar10-1) William Armistead
    (Ar10) John,
    (Ar10-3) Antony
    (Ar10-4) Frances.
     His son Col. John Armistead (Ar10) was Sheriff of Gloucester County, Va. In 1675 and buried 1685. He married Judith ? and had children:
    (Ar9) Judith Armistead (Ar9), who married Robert Carter (Ct9);
    (Ar9-2)  Elizabeth Armistead who married Ralph Wormeley;
    (Ar9-3) William Armistead who married Anna Lee
    (Ar9-4) Henry Armistead who married Martha Burwell.
    The Armistead house is in Williamsburg, Va.

    Sources: Mrs. Nicholas’ (Ni3-5) notes
    Crozier, Virginia Heraldica, pp 96-7