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Bland of Northern Neck Va.
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: Deincourt of Blankney, Deincourt or d'Eyncourt of Eyncourt, Dagworth of Dagworth, Doty of Pleasley

De31. Walter d'Ayncourt or Eyncourt, 1st lord b about 1042 d by 1103 a 1066 According to BE1883, Walter cousin to Remigius, Bishop of Lincoln may have been a kinsman of the Conqueror, probably through his mother. BE1883 identifies him as the 1st baron, and calls his successors barons also, but notes that they were "barons by tenure, until summoned to parliament by writ, 22nd EDWARD I". We use the diminutive "lord" rather than "Lord" until the Edmund who was so called to parliament, thereby being consistent with TCP and BE1883, albeit with the latter only until that Edmund whom BE1883 identifies as the 8th baron. From the father of that Edmund we change the spelling of the family name but note that this is not followed consistently by all sources.
m Matilda de ?Brttagne
De30-1. William d'Eyncourt
De30. Ralph d'Eyncourt, 2nd lord Basilie William
De29. Walter d'Eyncourt, 3rd lord a 1141
De28. John d'Eyncourt, 4th lord d 06.11.1183
m Ann or Alice Murdac dau/sister of Ralph Murdac
De27. Oliver d'Eyncourt, 5th lord b c1162, d by 1201
m Annabella
De26 Oliver d'Eyncourt, 6th lord
m Nicola
De25 John Deincourt of Blankney, 7th lord d before 14.10.1257
m Agnes de Neville dau of Sir Geoffrey de Neville of Raby
De24 Edmund Deincourt of Blankney and Branston, 1st Lord d 06.01.1326/7
m Isabel de Mohun dau of Sir Reynold de Mohun of Dunster
De23-1 John Deincourt dvp
1 Edmund Deincourt d before 1327
A Isabel Deincourt
2 William Deincourt, 2nd Lord b c1300, d 02.06.1364
BE1883 identifies William's wife as Millicent de Ros dau of William de Ros, 3rd Lord but we follow TCP which identifies her as ...
m Milicent la Zouche d 22.06.1379, dau of Sir William la Zouche, 1st Lord of Harringworth
A Sir William Deincourt dvp
m Margaret de Welle dau of Adam de Welle, 3rd Lord
i William Deincourt, 3rd Lord b 26.12.1357, d 15/16.10.1381
m Alice Nevill d 20.06.1433, dau of Sir John Nevill, 3rd Lord of Raby
a Ralph Deincourt, 4th Lord b 24.06.1380, d 07.11.1384
b John Deincourt, 5th Lord b 28.02.1382, d 11.05.1406
m 1401 Joanna Grey of Rotherfield b by 20.07.1386, d 20.11.1408, dau of Robert de Grey, 4th Lord of Rotherfield
1 William Deincourt, 6th Lord dsp 05.09.1422
m c 1418 Elizabeth Beaumont d 07.1447, dau of Henry Beaumont, 5th Lord
2 Alice, Baroness Deincourt and Rotherfield b 25.02.1403/4, d 10.02.1473/4
m1 before 31.08.1422 William Lovel, Lord of Titchmarsh and Holland d 13.06.1455-6
m2 1463 Ralph Boteler, Lord Sudeley dsps 02.05.1473
3 Margaret Deincourt b 21.09.1405, dsp 15/6.09.1455
m before 03.11.1423 Ralph de Cromwell, 3rd Lord of Tattershall b c1403, dsp 04.01.1454/5
c Elizabeth Deincourt possibly of this generation
m Sir William de Clinton dvp 25.10.1383
B Margaret Deincourt
m Robert de Tibetot, 3rd Lord d 1372
3 John Deincourt a 1341
De23-2 William Deincourt d Stirling 23.06.1314
De23 Margaret Deincourt d before 25.03.1317
m by 1303 Sir Robert de Willoughby, 1st Lord of Eresby d 1316
De23-4 Joan Deincourt
m 1302 Sir Philip de Draycott, younger of Paynsley dvp 1308
De28-2. Oliver d'Eyncourt a 1141, dvp
De29-2 Ralph d'Eyncourt of Sizergh b about 1125, fabpedigree shows his parents as above. ancestor of George Washington
m Eleanor Fleming daughter of Anselm le Fleming de Furness 4th son and Agnes of Dunbar dau of Edgar 'Unnithing'
De29-2-1 Sir Ralph d'Eyncourt of Sizeergh b about 1150 d before 1211 m. Alice de Thursby
De29-2-1-1 Elizabeth d'Eyncourt m Sir William de Stirkeland b c1219, d c1305 married in 1239
Richard d'Eyncourt must have died young, as Sizergh passed to Elizabeth.
Ralph d'Eyncourt married Eleanor[_____]. He died between 1228 and 1233 in Sizergh, England
De29-3 Adelicia d'Eyncourt
m1 Robert Peverell
m2 Payne Peverell
John de Dagworth of Dagworth Suffolk & Bradwell Essex
m after 04.07.1292 Alice d 15.05.1333, dau/coheir of William FitzWarin
1. Nicholas de Dagworth b c1306, d 12.10.1351
m before 20.09.1334 Margaret
A. Sir John de Dagworth 'of Dagworth & Bradwell' b c1327, d 16.08.1360
m before 12.06.1353 Thomasine m2. Sir William de Furnival, 4th Lord
i. Margaret Dagworth b 1360-1
2. Sir Thomas de Dagworth, 1st Lord d 1350
m c01.1343/4 Alianore de Bohun dau of Humphrey de Bohun, Earl of Hereford & Essex, widow of James, Earl of Ormond
A. Nicholas de Dagworth of Bickling, 2nd Lord dsp 02.01.1401/2
m Alianore Rossale d 28.12.1432, dau of Sir Walter Rossale of Ross Hall, sister/coheir of John of Ross Hall, widow of John Ingelfeld, m3. Sir John Mortimer of Hatfield
B. Alianore de Dagworth
m 1362 Walter, Lord FitzWalter b 1345, d 26.09.1386
- - - - - - -

Doty of Pleasley

Do16. James Doty b 1387
m x Leigh
Do15 Ralph Doty b c 1430 Pleasley Derbyshire
m Christine Tyes
Do14 Christopher Doty b c 1470 in Pleasley, Derbyshire
m Jane Rocks b c 1472
Do14 Robert Doty b c 1500 in Lincoln
m Katherine FitzWilliam b c 1505 in Louth, Lincoln
Do13 John Doty b c 1525/6 in Lincoln
m 13 Jul 1568 Christabelle Litster b c 1545 in Shropshire
Do12 John Doty b 17 Jun 1570 in Louth
m May 1593 Anne Holland b c 1573 in Shropshire
Do11 Edward Doty b 14 May 1598 London
m Faith Clark b 1619 in Ipswich, Suffolk
Do10-1 Samuel Doty b 1643 in Ma d Oct 1715 NJ m 10 Nov 1678 in Queens Jane Harmon b 1657 Queens NY
Do10-1-1 John Doty b c 1682 in Piscataway, Somerset, NJ
m c 1710 Duane b c1682 in Of, Somerset, NJ
-1 Isaac Doty b 1712 in Somerset m Reyno -1-1 Azariah Doty b 1745 in NJ m c 1780 Va Sarah Tucker b 1755 Va -1-1-1 Ephraim Doty b 1795 Greene, TN d 1885 m Sarah Cooper b 1794 in Of, Greene, TN -1-1-1-1 William Cooper Doty b 1816 Greene Co TN d 1892 m Malvina Berry b 1820 in Hawkins, Tennessee -1-1-1-1-1 Sarah Jane Doty b 1848 in Greene, Tennessee
-1-1-1-1-2 Ephraim Doty b 1850 in Greene, Tennessee
-1-1-1-1-3 William Douglas Doty b 1853 in Greene m Ruth Anne Kilday b 1859 in Of, Greene, Tennessee

-1-1-1-1-3-1 Minnie Doty b 1883 in Greene, TN
-1-1-1-1-3-2 Roy Anderson Doty b 1885 in Greene, TN
-1-1-1-1-3-3 Samuel Willard Doty b 1888 in Greene, TN
-1-1-1-1-3-4 John W. Doty b 1894 in Greene, TN
-1-1-1-1-3-5 Carl Doty b 1895 in Greene, TN
-1-1-1-1-3-6 Montil Doty b 1897 in Greene, TN
-1-1-1-1-3-7 Hacker D. Doty b 1900 in Greene
Do10-1-2 Edward Doty b 14 May 1685 in Piscataway, Middlesex, NJ m Sarah b c 1687 Middlesex NJ m Sarah x
Do10-1-2-1 John Doty b 30 Apr 1712 in Piscataway, Middlesex, NJ
-2 Jeremine Doty b: BEF 1717 in Piscataway
-3 Sarah Doty b: BEF 1717 in Piscataway
Do10-1-2-1-1 Jeremiah Doty b 27 May 1744
Do10-1-2-1-1-1 Samuel Doty b 20 Jul 1770 d 13 Dec 1838
Do10-1-2-1-1-1-1 Jeremiah Doty b 28 Jun 1794
Do10-1-2-1-1-1-1-1 Featherstone Doty b 19 Apr 1817 m Eleander Workman b 23 Mar 1818 dau of Isaac Workman b 1786 OH -1 Mary Ann Doty m James Lowery b May 1834 /td>
-1-1 John Wyatt Lowery b 15 Dec 1877 in Jefferson Co d 2 May 1965 m 25 Dec 1899 Anna Blanche Ackerson b: 24 Aug 1885 in Fulton Co dau of Garrett Ackerson b: 3 Feb 1845 and Josephine Willey b: 3 Jun 1863

-1-1-1 James Garrett Lowery b 4 Dec 1900 m Ethel C Ellis b 1 Sep 1906
-1-1-2 Mary J Lowery b 3 Mar 1907 m Roy W. Ralston b 1896
-1-1-3 Allen Lowery b 24 Mar 1908
-1-1-4 Eugene Lowery b 1912
-1-1-5 Carl Lowery b 1914
-1-1-6 Paul Lowery b 24 Jan 1916 d 2010 m Ruth Rinkenberger b 13 Apr 1920 dau of Joseph Rinkenberger b 10 Mar 1889 and Ida Wenger b 19 Feb 1896
-1-1-7 Emma Lowery b 2 Apr 1918 m y Smith
-1-1-8 Freda Lowery b 4 Jul 1920
-1-1-9 Louis Lee Lowery b 5 Sep 1924
-1-1-10 Dorothy A Lowery b 26 Jun 1927 m Edward C. Lipscomb

-1-1-1-1 Robert Earl Lowery b 8 Jul 1926
-1-1-6-1 xy Lowery
-1-1-6-2 Jack Lowery
-1-1-6-3 xy Lowery
-1-1-6-4 xy Lowery
-1-1-6-5 Marilyn R Lowery
Do10-1-3 James Doty b 17 Sep 1686 d 23 Sep 1739 m Phebe Slater b 28 Jul 1693 d 1745 -1 Benjamin Doty b 17 May 1721 d 1790 m Lydia Mundin b 1725 -1-1 Levi Doughty b 1 Mar 1763 d 28 Apr 1854 -1-1-1 Zilpah Doughty b: 26 Dec 1785 d 9 Jul 1874 m John Chance b 27 Dec 1781
Do10-1-4 Daniel Doty b 9 Mar 1702 in Ma d 1785 Fairfield SC m Louisa x b c 1710 in Of, NJ -1 David Doty b 12 Aug 1742 in Piscataway, Union, NJ d 13 Aug 1824 Knox Twp Vinton OH m c 1776 SC Rachel Picket b: 27 Oct 1758 in Of, South Carolina -1-1 Thomas Doty b 23 Sep 1777 NC d 7 Oct 1842 in Wayne, Oh m1 Rosanna Sowards b: 23 Aug 1786 in KY + 6 ch m2 1832 Hannah Young b c 1805 Holmes OH + 1 ch
-1-2 Daniel Doty b c 1779 in SC
-1-3 Louisa Doty b c 1783 in SC
-1-4 Joseph Doty b 1 Sep 1786 in SC
-1-5 William Amos Doty b c 1791 in Fairfield, SC
-1-6 Picket Doty b 9 Jan 1793 in Fairfield, SC
-1-7 John Doty b c 1795 in KY
-1-1-1 David Doty b: 15 Sep 1805 in Fayette, Ky d 2 Dec 1835 n St Mary's Mercer Co OH m 6 Jul 1824 Franklin Twp Wayne Co OH Ann Force b 21 Sep 1801 in Columbia, PA
-1-1-2 Sarah Doty b 30 Nov 1807 in Athens, Oh m 15 Jan 1827 in Franklin Twp Abraham Force b: 21 Sep 1801 in Columbia, Pennsylvania
-1-1-3 Thomas Dowty or Doty b 27 Nov 1809 in Vinton, Ohio
-1-1-4 Joseph Picket Doty b: 4 Jan 1812 in Wayne, Ohio
-1-1-5 Moses Doty b: 1 May 1816 in Near Moreland, Wayne, Oh
-1-1-6 Hiram Doty b 1818 in Wayne, OH
-1-1-7 Joseph Doty b c1833 in Franklin Twsp., Wayne, Oh
-1-1-1-1 Thomas Doty b 18 Oct 1824 Wayne, Oh
-1-1-1-2 William Palmer Doty b 12 Jun 1826 in Wayne, Oh
-1-1-1-3 James Doty b 19 Aug 1827 in Wayne, Oh
-1-1-1-4 Rosannah Doty b 20 Sep 1828 in Wayne, Oh
-1-1-1-5 Abraham Force Doty b 1829/1830 in Wayne, Oh
-1-1-1-6 Sarah Doty b 10 Nov 1831 in Wayne, Oh
-1-1-1-7 Robert Sowards Doty b 19 Aug 1833 in Wayne, Oh
-1-1-1-8 Hiram Doty b 24 Mar 1835 in Wayne
-1-1-2-1 Hiram Force b: 1828 in Wayne, Ohio
-1-1-2-2 Thomas Doty Force b: 4 Oct 1829 in Wayne, Ohio
-1-1-2-3 Rosannah Force b: 1832 in Wayne, Ohio
-1-1-2-4 Sarah Jane Force b: 3 Jan 1834 in Wayne, Ohio
-1-1-2-5 Rebecca Claria Force b: 11 Feb 1836 in Wayne, Ohio
-1-1-2-6 Louisa C. Force b: 21 Oct 1837 in Wayne, Ohio
-1-1-2-7 David Doty Force b: 1840 in Wayne, Ohio
-1-1-2-8 Elizabeth Force b: 11 Aug 1842 in Wayne, Oh
-1-1-2-9 Rachel Force b: 11 Aug 1842 in Wayne, Oh
-1-1-2-10 Mary Catherine Force b: 1844 in Wayne, Oh
-1-1-2-11 Amanda D. Force b: 1847 in Wayne, Oh
-1-1-2-12 Hannah M. Force b 1849 in Wayne
Do10-2 Desire Doty b 1647 in Plymouth, Ma (source dates implausible: if DOB for dau Patience and order of marriages correct, born much earlier, so data from Standish seems correct)
m1 25 Dec 16?27 in Plymouth William Sherman b: 1642/?22 in Marshfield, Plymouth, Ma d 17 Nov 1680 Marshfield/?1631
m2 22 Jan 1731 Alexander Standish b c 1626 d 6 Jul 1702 Duxbury MA
-1 Patience Sherman b 3 Aug 1647/?28 d by 3 Jul 1738 m 15 Jan 1694/5/?55 in Duxbury, Josiah Wormall b BEF 3 Nov 1623 in Middleboro
-2 William Sherman b c 1629 m Mercy White dau of Peregrine White b 1620 on the Mayflower and Sarah Bassett (dau of William Bassett Jr b c 1600 Sandwich Kent and elizabeth Tilden)
-3 Ichabod Standish b c 1632
-4 Thomas Standish b c 1634
-1-1 Desire Wormall b c 1660
Do10-3 Elizabeth Doty b 1647/?27 in Dartmouth, Ma
m John Rouse b 28 Sep 1643? in Marshfield, Ma d Oct 1717 Marshfield
-1 Anna Rouse b 8 Jun 1678 m y Howland -1-1 Abraham Howland b c 1713 m 17 Nov 1731 Sarah Simmons b 17 Nov 1712 in Halifax, Ma -1-1-1 Sarah Howland b 15 Aug 1740 in Pembroke, Ma d Sudbury Ma m c 1761 David Haynes b 1 Oct 1744 in Sudbury, MA -1-1-1-1 David Haynes b 2 Nov 1778 in Sudbury, Ma d 15 Feb 1862 in Bowdoinham, Maine m Annah Thompson b 14 Mar 1777 Bowdoinham dau -1-1-1-1-1 Sally Haynes b 21 Aug 1798 in Bowdoinham m 10 Jul 1818 Stephen Curtis b 8 Oct 1793 in Bowdoinham son of Joseph Curtis b 21 Dec 1767 in Woolwich, Maine and Molly Lancaster b 22 Dec 1766 in Woolwich (dau of Joseph Lancaster b: 25 Dec 1731 in Woolwich, Maine and Hannah Bubier b: 3 Sep 1738 in Gloucester, M) -1-1-1-1-1-1 David Curtis b 13 Jul 1824 in Bowdoinham d 15 Jul 1895 Haverhill MA m Rachel Ann Merriman b 1830 in Bowdoinham dau of Benjamin Merryman b 13 Feb 1791 in Harpswell, Maine and Margaret Curtis b 1 May 1796 in Bowdoinham -1-1-1-1-1-1-1 Sarah Apphia Curtis b in Bowdoinham d 1895 m Oscar C. Gove b 1842 in Newcastle, Lincoln, Maine son of William N. Gove b: 1817 in Edgecomb, Lincoln, Maine and Louisa Jane Whitaker b 7 Nov 1823 in Boothbay, Maine
-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1 Eva Cole Gove b 24 Aug 1866 in Bowdoinham, Maine
-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-2 Nettie Apphia Gove b 30 May 1869 in Haverhill, Ma

1 TCP Deincourt, BE1883 D'Eyncourt
2 TCP Dagworth, BE1883 Dagworth
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