He2-1 Lucinda Hester

    Lutie Hester was the first child of Willoughby Griffith Hester (He3) and Elena McCGonnell (Mc3).
    Born: 21 Sept 1890 in Robertson Co. Ky.
    Married: 1st William Hitt ( - 11 Feb 1919)
    2nd Dewey Moore ( - 22 June 1940).
    Died: ca 1974
    The community of the New Corinth Church a school room and a dozen or so farms around the Hester farm and general store was called "Hittville", obviously named for William Hitt's father or - more likely - grandfather. The boys of the community played baseball in a local team called "The Hittville Nine" which was coached by Willoughby Griffith Hester (He3), Katherine Hester (He2-8) has a large picture of him as coach taken about 1913.
    Lutie Hester and William Hitt had three children:
    He2-1-1 Wilma Eloise Hitt (30 Apr 1909 - ) married Leonard Henderson in Oct. 1953, no children.
    He2-1-2 Anna Lucille Hitt (24 Mar. 1915 - 18 Nov 1974)
    He2-1-3 Edgar Lee Hitt (9 June 1917 - ) served in the Philippines in WW II.
    Lutie Hester and Dewey Moore had two daughters:
    He2-1-4 Colleen Hester Moore
    He2-1-5 Hester Rose Moore