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Standish 2

: Standish of Duxbury, Standish of Standish
Ralph Standish of Standish b c 1458, d 1538
m 1497 Ellen (probably not Alice) Harrington dau of Sir James Harrington of Wolfage
1. Alexander Standish of Standish b c 1490
m 1518 Ann Molyneux dau of Sir William Molyneux of Sefton
A. son b c 1519
B. Edward Standish of Standish b c 1520 d 1603
m Ellen Ratcliffe dau of Sir William Ratcliffe of Ordsall
i. Alexander Standish of Standish b c 1545 d 1624
m 1574 Elizabeth Hawarden dau of Adam Hawarden of Wolston
a. Ralph Standish of Standish b c 1570 d 1656
m Bridget Molyneux dau of Sir Richard Molyneux of Sefton
1 Edward Standish of Standish b c 1595
m 11.11.1632 Elizabeth Howard dau of Sir Francis Howard of Corby Castle
A William Standish of Standish b c1638, d 08.06.1705
m Cecilia Bindlosse d 19.01.1729-30, dau of Sir Robert Bindlosse, Bart of Borwick Hall
i Ralph Standish of Standish and Borwick
m1 Philippa Howard d 05.04.1731, dau of Henry Howard, Earl of Norwich, 6th Duke of Norfolk
a Cecilia Standish of Standish
m William Towneley of Towneley b 1714, d 02.02.1741
b+ other issue- Ralph Howard dvp 07.04.1735, George Howard d unm
Ralph appears also to have married ...
m2 1737 Mary Hodgson dsp, dau of Albert Hodgson of Leighton
B Elizabeth Standish
m John Witham of Cliffe
2 Frances Standish
m Sir Thomas Tyldesley of Moreley Major-General
3+ other issue - Alexander, Elizabeth d unm
b. Margaret Standish
m Robert Hesketh of Rufford d 01.1653
c.+ 3 sons
ii.+ 3 sons
2. Anne Standish
m c1518 Sir John Holcroft of Holcroft d 1560
3. Jane Standish
m Roger Bradshaigh of Haigh
Thomas Standish of Duxbury
m 1497 Catherine Standish dau of Sir Alexander Standish of Standish
1. James Standish of Duxbury
m1 Elizabeth Hadock dau of Evan Hadock
m2 Elizabeth Butler dau of John Butler of Rawcliffe
Not known which wife was mother of ...
A. Thomas Standish of Duxbury
m Margaret Hoghton dau of Sir Thomas Hoghton of Hoghton Tower
i. Alexander Standish of Duxbury BEB1844 Standish of Duxbury identifies Alexander's wife as Margaret, daughter of Sir Ralph Assheton, Bart of Great Leaver and Whalley Abbey who lived 1549-1644. BEB1844 Assheton of Leaver shows an Alice b 1574, sister of that Sir Ralph and daughter of another Ralph as having married Alexander. As dates are given for some other members of the Assheton family, but we have few dates for the Standish family of these generations, we follow the latter and show Alexander's wife as ...
m Alice or Margaret Assheton dau of Ralph Assheton of Great Leaver
a. Thomas Standish of Duxbury b c 1580
m1 Anne Wingfield dau of Sir Thomas Wingfield of Letheringham
1 Thomas Standish of Duxbury dsp
2 Alexander Standish of Duxbury dsp
m1 Alice Farington dau of William Farington of Shawe Hall
m2 Margaret relict of Colonel Clifton
3 Richard Standish of Duxbury b c 1610
m Elizabeth Legh dau of Piers Legh of Lyme
A Sir Richard Standish, 1st Bart of Duxbury b c 1635 a 1676
m Margaret Holcroft d 10.1735, dau of Thomas Holcroft of Holcroft
i Sir Thomas Standish, 2nd Bart of Duxbury b c 1670 d 12.1756
m Jane Turnor dau of Charles Turnor of Cleveland
a Thomas Standish dvp
m Catherine Frank dau of Robert Frank of Pontefract
1 Sir Frank Standish, 3rd Bart of Duxbury dsp 18.05.1812
b Margaret Standish b c 1700 d 1776
m1 William Wombwell
m2 Anthony Hall of Flass
1 Anthony Hall b 1731, d 1791
m Anne Barfoot dau of William Barfoot of Poole
A Anthony Hall
m Charlotte Rey
i Sir Frank Standish, Bart of Duxbury dsp 16.05.1812
2 Anne Hall d 1774
Ralph Carr minister
A Ralph Carr of Cocken Hall
m Mary Andrews dau of Samuel Andrews
Their son William 1807-1856 became Standish of Duxbury.
ii Margaret Standish
m Robert Legh of Chorley
iii Peter Standish
iv Elizabeth Standish
v Frances Standish
vi Charles Standish
B Peter Standish
C Elizabeth Standish
D Alexander Standish
E Anne Standish
F Ralph Standish
F Frances Standish
G John Standish
H Hugh Standish,
4+ other issue - Anne, Ratclyffe
m2 Anne Whittingham dau of Christhoper Whittingham of Suffolk
6+ other issue - Ralph, Gilbert, Henry, Catherine, Margaret, Dorothy
?b. believed to be of this family was:
Capt Myles Standish of Duxbury b c 1584 Lancashire d 3 Oct 1655
m1 by c 1618 Rose Handley b c 1595 d 29 Jan 1621
m2 by 1624 Barbara ?Handley/Mullins d after 6 Oct 1659
b-1 Charles Standish b 1624. d after May 22, 1627
b-2 Alexander Standish b about 1626 d July 6, 1702 bur in Myles Standish Burying Ground in Duxbury, Ma m1 Sarah Alden by about 1660 + 8 ch d before 13 Jun 1688 dau of John Alden. m2 22 Jan 1731 Desire Doty wid Sherman wid Holmes by 1689 + 3 ch d in Marshfield dau of Edward Doty.
b-3 John Standish b c 1627
b-4 Myles Standish b c 1629 d at sea after 20 Mar 1661
m Sarah Winslow in Boston on July 19, 1660 no record of ch
b-5 Loara/Lora Standish b c 1631 d by March 7, 1655/6. Unm
b-6 Capt Josiah Standish b c 1633 d in Preston CT on Mar 19, 1690
m1 Mary Dingley in Marshfield on Dec 19, 1654 d in Duxbury on July 1, 1655
m2 Sarah Allen after 1655 + 8 ch d after Sep 1690 + 11 ch
b-6-1 Mehitable Standish b 1657 Duxbury MA d there 1731 + 11 ch
m Stepen Bryant Jr b 2 Feb 1657 Plymouth MA d 27 Apr he m1 Sarah Snell + 1 ch wid of Jacque Briand m3 Sarah Magoun + 2 ch
-1 James Bryant b 1680 d 1752 m Elizabeth Lefevre b 1689
-2 David Bryant Sr b 16 Feb 1686
-3 Thomas Bryant b 27 Mar 1692 Plymouth MA m Hannah
-4 Hannah Bryant b c 1695 Plymouth MA
-5 Ichabod Bryant b 5 Jul 1699 Middleboro MA m Ruth
-6 Timothy Bryant b 25 Aug 1702 Plymouth MA m Hannah
-7 James Bryant Sr b 1709 Powhatan Co VA m1 Elizabeth LaFavre m2 Clara
-8 Isaac Bryant b c 1746 m Ann
-9 Charles Bryant
-10 Abigail Bryant
-11 Stephen Bryant III b 1 May 1684 m1 Bathsheba m2 Sarah
-12 Icahsbod Bryant b 5 5 Jul 1699 m Ruth Staples b c 1702 + dau Ruth m Holmes
-1-1 James Bryant Jr b 1719 Powhatan Co Va d 1792 Manakin Town VA m1 Jane Guerrant + 4 ch m2 Jane Farcy/Forsee + 5 ch -1-1-1 John Bryant b 1 Jan 1760 Powhatan Co VA d 4 Jul 1833 Garraqrd Co KY m1 Elizabeth Hardin 11 ch m2 Mary
-1-1-2 William Guerrant Bryant b 30 Dec 1765? Crab Orchard KY m Mary Harris b/?d 26 Feb 1811
-1-1-3 Jane Guerrant Bryant b 10 Jan 1769 m James Martin
-1-1-4 Sarah Bryant m Edmond Locket
-1-1-5 James Bryant
-1-1-6 Stephen Bryant
-1-1-7 Silas Bryant
-1-1-8 Polly Bryant b 10 Oct 1786 Cumberland Co VA m Rev G R Jones
-1-1-9 Mary Bryant
-1-1-1-1 Rachael Bryant b c 1782 Adair KY m1 Dominicus Conover m2 Peter DeMoss had issue
-1-1-1-2 John Bryant, Jr b 1792 m x Young m2 Hannah McAllister
-1-1-1-3 David Bryant, Sr b 1808 m Sarah Grider
-1-1-1-4 George Bryant b 1780 KY m SArah DeMoss had issue
-1-1-1-5 William Bryant b 1797 m Rhoda had issue
-1-1-1-6 Alexander Bryant b c 1784
-1-1-1-7 Nancy Bryant b 1784
-1-1-1-8 James Bryant b 1798
-1-1-1-9 Peter Bryant b 1801 Green Co KY
-1-1-1-10 Daniel Bryant b 1803
-1-1-1-11 Charles Bryantb 1805 m Harriett
-1-1-2-1 Ann Minerva Bryant b c 1797 m1 John H Scott m2 Caleb Higginbotham had issue
-1-1-1-2-1 Nancy Bryant
-1-1-1-3-1 Milton Bryant b 1847 m Nancy J Hardin
-1-1-1-3-1-1 Cleopatra Bryant b 1871 m Thomas >marion Lay
-1-1-1-3-1-1-1 Cleo Vivian Lay b 1906 m Hershel Wilkinson
-1-1-1-3-1-1-1-1 Gov Wallace G Wilkinson b 1941 KY
b-6-2 Josiah Standish
b-6-3 Mary Standish b c 1660 Duxbury d c 1731 Ridgewater MA
m James Cary b 28 Mar 1652 in Braintree, MA d 20 Nov 1706 in Bridgewater MA
-1 Mercy Cary b 1686 m Daniel DAvid Thurston s.b. son of John thurston b and Hannah Cary Ca10-1-8 b 30 Apr 1661 in Bridgewater
-2 Mary Cary b 1689
-3 James Cary b 1692 in Bridewater d 1762 m Sarah Shaw
-4 Hannah Cary b July 23, 1696
-5 Elisabeth Cary b July 23, 1700 d 1742 m John Whitman
-1-1 David Daniel Thurston m1 on 28 Apr 1713 in Rehoboth Mercy Cary m2 Hannah Carpenter on 18 Nov 1725 in Rehobth. [Ref][Ref intention 23 Oct 1725]
-1-2 Sarah Thurston b on 29 Jul 1691 in Medfield d by 6 May 1722 after 17 Mar 1718/9 m on 12 Sep 1717 John Carpenterin Rehoboth. [Ref][Ref][Ref] John was the son of John and Renew (Weeks) Carpenter b on 25 Mar 1691 in Swansea He m2on 6 May 1722 in Tiverton Sarah Hilliard b on 28 Jun 1721 in Little Compton dau of William Hillard and Deborah Warren formerly of Hingham. [Ref] On 17 Mar 1718/9 John Carpenter and his wife Sarah and Bethiah Thurston, all of Rehoboth, acknowledged a 12 Nov 1718 deed by which they and John and Hannah [Thurston] Cary conveyed to David Thurston their 3/7 interest in Rehoboth real estate that John Thurston left his seven daughters. some descendants of Sarah Thurston
-1-3 Hannah Thurston b on 8 Jun 1693 in Medfield m John Cary.
-1-4 Bethiah Thurston b on 29 May 1695 in Medfield m on 7 Dec 1721 in Rehoboth Joseph Kent, Jr some descendants of Bethiah Thurston
-1-5 Jabez Thurston b on 23 Jun 16[97] in Medfield d on 25 Jul 1697 in Medfield
-1-6 Rebecca Thurston b on 19 Aug 1698 in Medfield
-1-7 Mehitable Thurston b on 18 Jun 1700 in Medfield m Nathaniel Huntington son was Gov. Samuel Huntington, one of the signers of the Declaration of Independence some descendants of Mehitable Thurston
-1-8 Phebe Thurston b on 11 Dec 1702 in Medfield
-1-9 Jane Thurston b on 13 Dec 1704 in Medfield m Stephen Carpenter on 2 Apr 1744 in Rehoboth
-3-1 Sarah Cary b 1723 m William Barrell
-3-2 Joshua Cary b 1726 d 1747 no ch unm
-5-1 Samuel Whitman b 1730
-5-2 Elizabeth Whitman b 1732
-5-3 John Whitman b 1735
-5-4 James Whitman b 1739
-1-1-1 John Thurston b 22 May 1714 Rehoboth MA m Seabury Stoddard
-1-1-2 HANNAH THURSTON b on 8 Jun 1693 in Medfield d 1780 m on 16 May 1716 in Rehoboth John Cary
b-6-4 Lois Standish b 1674 Norwich Twp New London CT
m1 Hugh Katkins
m2 Lt John Sprague of Duxbury and Lebanon
b-6-5 Israel Standish
b-6-6 Samuel Standish
b-6-7 Samuel Standish
b-6-8 Mercy Wheelock
b-6-9 daughter
b-6-10 Martha Standish
b-6-11 Myles Standish
b-7 Charles Standish b by 1635 living 7 Mar 1655/6

1 BLG1886 Standish of Standish.
2 BEB1844 Standish of Duxbury + BLG1886 Standish of Duxbury.
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