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    Fo10 James de la Fontaine

    James  Fontaine was the son of  James de la Fontaine (Fo11), born 1548.
    James Fontaine (Fo10), born 1603, at Rochelle, Scholar, teacher and minister, 
    married 1st to Miss Thompson at London, England, 1628, was pastor of the United Churches of Vaux and Royan. 6 children by his first wife. 

    Fo9-1 Jane Fontaine; married Mr. L’Hommeau.
    Fo9-2 Judith Fontaine; married Mr. Guiennot.
    Fo9-3 James Fontaine; minister, pastor Archiac, in Saintonge.
    Fo9-4 Elizabeth Fontaine; married Mr. Sautreau.
    Fo9-5 Peter Fontaine; minister, assisted and later succeeded his father.
    Fo9-6 Francis Fontaine; died young.

    Caption: "Jacques de la Fontaine, Huguenot of Rochelle, France, married Mlle. Chaillon of Pons in Santoigne.  Born 1603 - Died 1666.

    Married secondly to Marie Chaillon, in 1641, she was from the neighborhood of Pons, in Saintonge, where here father possessed considerable property and resided at a country place named Rue au Roy. They purchased and resided at the estate of Jenouille and adjacent manor of Jaffe, by this wife he had five children.

    Fo9-7 Susan Faontaine, married Stephen Gachot.
    Fo9-8 Peter Faontaine, minister at Saintonge and Salles.
    Fo9-9 Mary Faontaine, married Peter Forestier.
    Fo9-10 Ann; married Leon Testard Sieru des Meslars.
    Fo9 James Fontaine, born Apr 7. 1658