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Hester of Fleming Co Ky
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Kynaston 1

: Kinaston of Estwike, Kynaston of Morton, Kynaston of Pontisbursley, Kynaston of Rosehampton, Kynaston of Shotton, Kynaston Kinaston of Stocks, Kynaston of Walford
Ky21. Griffith of Cae Howel and Kynaston a 1313
m Gwenllian dau of Iorwerth ap Griffith ap Heilin of Vrongoch
Ky20. Philip Kynaston b about 1300
m Gwerfyl dau of Roger Vychan ap Sir Roger Powis ap Grono ap Tudor
Ky19. Madog Kynaston b about 1320 a 1373
m Sioned dau of Jenkin of Welch Frankton by Jane Touchet, dau of Lord Audley
Ky18. Jenkin Kynaston of Stocks b about 1340 a 1391
m Agnes b about 1340 dau of Llewelyn Ddu ap Griffith ap Iorwerth Voell of Abertanat b about 1315
Ky17-1. Madog Kynaston of Stocks b about 1360 d Shrewsbury 1403
m Isolda Percy dau of Henry Percy, 1st Earl of Northumberland
1 John Kynaston of Stocks b about 1380 a 1408
A Griffith Kynaston of Stocks and Walford b about 1400 a 1430
m Margaret Hoord dau of John Hoord of Walford
i Philip Kynaston of Walford, Stanwardine and Shotton b about 1428
m1 Alice or Dorothy Corbet dau of Robert Corbett of Morton
a Roger Kynaston of Walford
1 Thomas Kynaston of Walford
m Helena
A Thomas Kynaston of Walford
BLG1952 identifies Thomas's wife as Susanna, dau of George Onslow of Rodington, but Visitation Shropshire, 1623, Onslow identifies her as ...
m Susanna Onslow dau of Robert de Onslowe
i Roger Kynaston dsp
ii Dorothy Kynaston
m Ralph Cliffe of Walford
iii Jane Kynaston
m Robert Corbet of Stanwarden
b Thomas Kynaston of Shotton
1 Thomas Kynaston of Shotton
m Alice Harnage dau of Richard Harnage of Shenton
A Thomas Kynaston dsp
B Roger Kynaston of Shotton a 1584
m Mary Hanmer dau of Thomas Hanmer of Hanmer
i Margaret Kynaston
m Hugh Meredeth of Denaberry
ii Elleanor Kynaston
m Anthony Sandis of Morton
iii Dorothy Kynaston
m John Costen of Costen
iv Anna Kynaston
m John Birills of Byrtell
v+ other issue a 1584 - Francis, Mary, Joyce
C Jane Kynaston
m Galfred Thomas Thornes of Startlute or Starthute
D Dorothy Kynaston
m Richard Harnage of Shenton
c John Kynaston
BLG1952 Williams of Trerwylan mentions a 2nd wife, a Banester through whom he obtained Shotton in Salop, who has been identified by a site visitor RB, 06.09.05 as ...
m2 Alice Banastre dau of Thomas Banastre
ii John Kynaston or Kinaston of Stocks b about 1429 a 1483
m Jane Mainwaring dau of John Mainwaring of Over Peover
a Peter Kinaston of Stocks
m Margaret Morgan dau of Edward ap Morgan of Althey
1 Humphrey Kinaston of Stocks a 1520
m Elizabeth Oteley dau of William Oteley of Oteley
2 Thomas Kinaston of Estwike
m Margaret Brereton dau of Ranulph Brereton of Malpas
A Thomas Kinaston of Estwike 3rd son
m Margaret Legh dau of John Legh of High Leigh
i John Kinaston of Woodhouse
m Elizabeth Young dau of Robert Younge of Pembrokeshire
a Jane Kinaston
m John Kinaston
b+ other issue - Thomas, George, Blanche, Elizabeth
ii Jane Kinaston
m Thomas Young, Archbishop of York
B+ other issue - Ranulph, John dsp
b John Kynaston of Pontisbursley
m Gwenheuer dau of John Mainwaring son of John of Pever
1 Ellisius Kynaston of Pontisbursley
m Lowry Trevor dau of Edward Trevor of Whittington
A Edward Kynaston a 1584
m1 ??
i+ issue - John, Thomas
m2 Jane Edwards dau of William Edwards of Chirk
iii Edward Kynaston
m Katherine Eyton dau of Jacob Eyton of Dudleston
iv Jane Kynaston
m Richard Lloyd of Hardwick
v+ other issue - Roger, Richard, Elianora
B Robert Kynaston
m Katherine dau of Llewelyn ap Iuon
iii William Kynaston of Salop
iv Sir Roger Kynaston of Hordley, Sheriff of Salop b about 1431 d 1517
m1 Elizabeth Cobham dau of Sir Reginald Cobham of Starborough
m2 Elizabeth Grey dau of Sir Henry Grey, 2nd Earl of Tankerville
Visitation shows Elizabeth Cobham as mother of Thomas and Elizabeth Grey as mother of the other children. BLG1952 Williams of Trerwylan names both wives but shows Elizabeth Grey as Thomas's mother. BLG1952 Kynaston of Hardwick, which mentions only one child Humphrey, does mention Elizabeth Cobham at all.
a Sir Thomas Kynaston of Rosehampton, Sheriff of Salop a 1508
m Mary Corbet dau of Sir Richard Corbet
p. Margaret Lloyd dau of David Lloyd of Breadonheath
1 Thomas Kynaston Haughley of Rosehampton and Breadonheath
m Mary dau of David ap Rees ap David of Breadonheath
b Humphrey Kynaston of Morton d 1534
m1 Marion dau of William ap Griffith ap Robin
1 Edward Kynaston dsp
2 Elizabeth Kynaston
m Jacob Trevor of Oswaldestre
m2 Elizabeth dau of Meredith ap Howell ap Morrice of Oswaldestre
3 Edward Kynaston of Hordley d 1592/4
m1 Margaret Lloyd dau of Edward Lloyd of Llanemayne or Llwyn-y-mane
m2 Margaret Kinaston dau of Humphrey Kinaston of Stokes
4 Roger Kynaston of Morton
m Gwen dau of Meridith ap Rees ap David Lloyd of Garthe Garthon
5 Margaret Kynaston
m John ap Iuan ap Owen
6+ other issue - Robert, Thomasina
c Lancelot Kynaston
d Margaret Kynaston b about 1500
m Richard Hanmer of Hanmer
e Jane Kynaston
m Roger Thornes of Salop d 1531
f Johanna Kynaston
m Thomas Sturrey of Rossall
g Jane Kynaston
m1 Thomas Corbet of Legh
m2 _ Tanet of Abertanet
m3. Edward Sackvill
h Maria Kynaston
m Howell ap Jenkin ap Jerworth ap Eignion
i daughter
m Ellis Eyton of Denbighshire
Ky17-2. son
Ky17 John Kynaston had issue
m Gwenllian of Pant y Bersli dau of John of Pant y Bersli
Ky16 Margaret Kinaston possibly of this branch and generation
m Thomas Hyde of Norbury b c 1440
-1 Robert Hyde of Norbury b about 1465 m1. Margaret Holland + 3 ch dau of y Holland of Denton m3 Katherine Boydell + 3 ch dau of y Boydell or Boydall of Pulcroft -1-1 Hamlet or Hamon Hyde of Norbury b about 1490 >m. Margaret Warren dau of Laurence Warren of Poynton)
-1-2 John Hyde
-1-3 >Anne Hyde m John Arderne of Harden (b 1499, d 04.12.1551)
-1-4 Laurence Hyde of Gussage St. Michael (Dorset) then Westhatch (Wiltshire) (d 07.06.1590) m1 Mary Hartgill (dau of William Hartgill of Culmington m2 Anne Sibell (dau of Nicholas Sibell of Farningham
-1-1-1 Robert Hyde of Norbury b about 1515 m Jane Davenport dau of William Davenport of Bromhall -1-1-1-1 Robert Hyde of 'Hyde and' Norbury b about 1540 d 1614 m Beatrix Calverley dau of Sir William Calverley of Yorkshire
-1-1-1-2 Thomas Hyde (a 1602, Canon of Salisbury, 5th son) >m Mary Wintersell dau of Thomas Wintersell of Guidldford
-1-1-1-3 Dorothy Hyde m William Davenport of Wodford d 1632
-1-1-1-4 Anne Hyde >m John Higham of Higham
-1-1-1-5 Ellin Hyde m y Unwin of Sussex
-1-1-1-6 Hamond/Hamnett Hyde
-1-1-1-7 William Hyde
-1-1-1-8 Edward Hyde
-1-1-1-9 Richard Hyde
-1-1-1-10 Randolfe/Randall Hyde
Hy11-1 Hamnet or Hamon Hyde of Norbury b c1564, d 05.1643 m 15 Jul 1583 Mary Warren bur 28.03.1639, dau of John Warren of Poynton
Hy11-2 Elizabeth Hyde m. Francis Gore of Tupton
Hy11-3 Alice Hyde m. Richard Joy of Wiltshire
Hy11-4 Jane Hyde m. 12.12.1587 Edward Vawdery of the Riddings, Stockport
Hy11-5 Margaret Hyde m. 26.02.1592-3 George Hulton of Farnworth
Hy11-6 Beatrix Hyde bur 20.07.1628 m. c1592 John Frodsham of Elton
Hy11-7 Anne Hyde m. Richard Risley of Risley
Hy11 Mary Hyde m c1608 John Nuttall of Cattonhall b c 1580 Cottonhall Cheshire
Hy11-9 Catherine Hyde bur 17.04.1650 m1. 1606 William Hulton of Hulton d 06.09.1613 m2. Roger Nowell of Reade m3. Saville Radcliffe of Todmorden b c1583, bur 29.09.1652/1664
Hy11-10 Robert Hyde
Hy11-11 Thomas Hyde
Hy11-12 William Hyde
Hy11-13 Urian Hyde
Hy11-14 John Hyde
Ky19-2. Morgan Kynaston
i. Karhowell Kynaston

Sources: BLG1952 Kynaston of Hardwick, BLG1952 Mainwaring of Oteley, BLG1952 Williams of Trewylan, Visitation Shropshire, 1623, Kynaston
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