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Murray 1: Moravia of Petyn, Moravia of Sutherland, Moray of Bothwell, Sutherland of Sutherland
Freskin a 1130, d before 1171
1. William d c1203
A. Hugh de Moravia of Duffus and Strabrock d c1222
i. William de Moravia, 1st Earl of Sutherland d c1248
a. William, 2nd Earl of Sutherland d before 09.1307
1 William, 3rd Earl of Sutherland d before 12.1330 §D
2 Kenneth, 4th Earl of Sutherland d Halidon Hill 19.07.1333
m Mary of Mar dau of Sir Donald, 6th Earl of Mar
A William Sutherland, 5th Earl 'King' of Sutherland d 1370
m1 1343 Margaret Bruce d by 11.1347, dau of Robert 'the' Bruce, King Robert I of Scots
i John Sutherland dsp 08.09.1361
m2 Joanna Menteth dau of Sir John Menteth, Sheriff of Dunbarton
ii Robert Sutherland, 6th Earl of Sutherland d 1442
m Margaret Stewart dau of Alexander Stewart, Earl of Buchan
a John Sutherland, 7th Earl of Sutherland d 1460
m Margaret Baillie d before 28.05.1510, dau of Sir William Baillie of Lamington
1 Alexander Sutherland, Master of Sutherland dvp before 02.1455-6
2 John Sutherland, 8th Earl of Sutherland d 1508
m1 Margaret Macdonald dau of Alexander Macdonald, Earl of Ross, Lord of the Isles
A John Sutherland, 9th Earl of Sutherland d unm after 13.06.1514
B Elizabeth Sutherland, Countess of Sutherland d 09.1535
m 1500 Adam Gordon, Lord of Aboyne, 'Earl of Sutherland' d 17.03.1537-8
Their successors became Earls of Sutherland.
m2 Fingole dau of William of Calder, Thane of Cawdor
C Alexander Sunderland b 1491, d 1519/20 had issue
BP1934 Sutherland identifies this Alexander as a legitimate son of Earl John by his second marriage and reports that he resigned his rights to the earldom in July 1509. However, TSP Sutherland reports that there are considerable doubts as to his legitimacy, reporting one source as saying that his mother was a daughter of Ross of Balnagowan.
m ?? Mackay dau of Iye Roy Mackay of Strathnaver
m3. Catherine a 1512
3 Nicholas Sutherland
4 Thomas 'Beg' Sutherland ancestor of Sutherlands of Strathallie
5 Robert Sutherland
6 Janet Sutherland
m 10.1480 Alexander Dunbar of Conzie, Kilbuyack and Aldcash d c31.03.1493
partner unknown
7 Thomas Mor
b Alexander Sutherland of Dunbeath d after 15.11.1456
m Mariotta MacDonald dau of Donald, Lord of the Isles
1 Marjory Sutherland
m before 15.11.1456 William Sinclair, 3rd Earl of Orkney, Earl of Caithness d 1480
2 Margaret Sutherland
m William Calder, 7th Thane of Cawdor d 1503
iii Kenneth Sutherland of Drummoy and Forse a 1408
m ?? Keith dau of Keith of Forse
An Earl of Sutherland, possibly William 5th, had the following liaison ...
p. Helen Sinclair dau of Earl of Orkney
iv Janet
m Hugh Ross of Balnagowan
B Nicholas Sutherland of Duffus
m Mary le Cheyne dau of Reginald le Cheyne
C Eustachia Sutherland
m c12.1330 Gilbert Moray of Culbin
D daughter identified by Munro records
m George Munro, younger of Foulis dvp 1314
ii. Walter de Moravia of Duffus d c1263
m Eufemia dau of Ferchard, Earl of Ross
a. Freskin de Moravia of Duffus d by 1269
m Johanna, Lady Strathnaver
1 Mary de Moravia
m Sir Reginald le Chen of Inverugie, Duffus and Straloch d by 1312
2 Christian de Moravia
m 1262 William de Federeth Constable of Roxburgh Castle
iii. Andrew, Bishop of Moray d 1242
B. William de Moravia d before 05.10.1226
i. Sir Walter de Moravia of Petyn d 1244
a. Sir William de Moravia of Petyn d before 03.1253
m daughter of Malcolm, Earl of Fife
1 Sir Walter de Moravia of Bothwell d by 1284
m ?? possibly the daughter or sister of Sir David Olifard, son of Walter Olifard of Bothwell
A Sir William de Moravia 'le Riche' of Bothwell dsp before 10.11.1300
B Sir Andrew de Moravia of Bothwell d 1289
m1 ?x Comyn dau of Sir John 'the Red' Comyn, Lord of Badenoch
i Sir Andrew Moray of Bothwell d after Stirling Bridge 1297
a Sir Andrew Moray of Bothwell, Regent b 1298, d 1338
m1 ??
1 Sir John Moray of Bothwell dsp before 05.09.1351
m 1348 Margaret Graham, Countess of Menteith b by 1334, d c1380
2 Sir Thomas Moray of Bothwell dsp 1361
m Joanna Moray dau of Sir Maurice Moray of Drumsargard, Earl of Strathearn
m2 c10.1325 Christina Bruce d 1357, dau of Sir Robert de Bruce, 6th Lord of Annandale
probably father but not sure by which wife of ..
3 Margaret Moray a 1364
m Sir William Fraser of Cowie and Durris b c1318, d Durham 1346
m2 Euphemia d 1288, widow of William Comyn of Kilbride
ii ?? Moray possible but unproven connection to the Murrays of Cockpool
Sir Andrew may also have been father, though by which wife is unknown, of ...
iii Sir William Moray, 1st of Drumsagard a 1289
ii. William canon of Moray
It is understood that William son of Freskin was ancestor of the Murrays of Tullibardine but it is not known which son of that William was the ancestor. Contrary suggestions have been made but, following TSP Atholl, we suggest that the ancestor was William son of William son of Freskin.
iii. ?? de Moravia
a. ?? de Moravia
Uncertain on the number of intervening generations.
1 Sir Malcolm de Moravia, Sheriff of Perthshire d before 1289
m dau/heiress of Sir Geoffry de Gask
A John Murray a 1289
B Sir William de Moravia or Murray of Tullibardine, etc a 1297
m before 28.10.1284 Ada dau of Malise, seneschal of Strathearn
C. Andrew a 1213, parson of Duffus
3. Andrew, Bishop of Moray d 1185

Sources: TSP Bothwell, TSP Sutherland, BP1934 Sutherland, TSP Atholl.
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