Ta11 Capt Thomas Taylor

    Ta11 Capt Thomas Taylor was possibly same as Thomas Taylor II b 15 Mar 1573 Hadleigh d 1618 Carlisle, Cumberland Engl who married Margaret Swinderby b 1578 Copenhagen d ??1672 Hadleigh Suffolk Engl. or a son of the same name.
    Born: about 1574 or 1600
    Died: after 1652

    Taylor Pedigree and Coat of Arms:
    and had :
    Capt Taylor's daughter Ann Taylor married, in Virginia, to Miles Cary , an immigrant from Bristol, England, and Thomas Taylor's plantation, Windmill Point, and land adjacent , known as Magpie Swamps were given to his son in law Miles Cary. Miles Cary went on to amass thousands of acres in which is also the plantation PearTree Hall later formed out of the land . These are the plantations with which the Cary family of Virginia are asssociated for many , many generations.
    Thomas Taylor had arrived in Virginia by 1626 when he was one of the original patentees for Elizabeth City County, Virginia. In 1643 he took up 600 acres in Warwick County where he lived . Thomas Taylor, described as a "mariner" in patent, was probably a sea captain of Bristol, England, who later retired in Warwick County. Harrison Fairfax provides excellent information on him in his "Virginia Carys" and informs that no evidence has yet appeared to identify this Taylor family definitely in England. Thomas wife is not known. Capt Thomas Taylor died after 1652 in Warwick County, Va,
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    Those living_in_virginia_in_1623.htm shows a Richard Taylor and his wife att ye Colledg Land and Robert Taylor in James City
    date, place of birth and wife reported by fabpedigree.com/s017/f396496.htm