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Bland of Northern Neck Va.
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O'Brien 2: O'Brien Kings of Thomond
Conor was succeeded as Chief of the O'Briens by his brother Morrough rather than his son. Morrough surrendered his royalty to King Henry VIII of England and was appointed Earl of Thomond for life but with the earldom then following the senior line.
m1 Annabella de Burgh dau of Ulrick de Burgh of Clanricarde
Br23. Conchobar Conor Na Suidaine macDonnchada O'Brien, King of Thomond d 22.05.1258
The spelling of the following names is as given in 'RoyalData' but simplifieds by omitting the Gaelic reference to the father. For example, "O'Brien, Tedg Caeluisce macConchobair, King of Thomond" is shown as ....
Br22. Tedg Teige Caeluisce O'Brien, King of Thomond d 1259
Br21 Toirrdelbach Turlough O'Brien, King of Thomond d 1306
Br20-1 Donnchad O'Brien, King of Thomond d 1311
Br20 Muirdertach Mortogh O'Brien, King of Thomond d 05.06.1343
m Edaouin McGorman
Br19 Mathghamhain Mahon Moinmoy O'Brien of Maonmhagh, King of Thomond b c 1310 d 1369
Br18 Brian Sreamhach O'Brien, King of Thomond b c 1370 d 1400
Br17-1 Tadhg an Glenmore O'Brien d 1444
Br17-2 Mathghamhain Dall O'Brien, King of Thomond d 1462
i Donnchad O'Brien, King of Thomond d 1461
a Brian an Cherlaig O'Brien, Prince of Dunstir
1 Cathir Dubh O'Brien
A Murrough O'Brien of Togarrow had issue
2 Own O'Brien of Togarrow and Monfin
ii Murchadh O'Brien
Br17 Toirdhealbhagh Turlough Bog 'the Soft' O'Brien, King of Thomond b c 1400 d 1459
Br16 Tadhg Teige an Chombaid O'Brien, King of Thomond b c 1430 d 1466
Br16-1-1 Toirdhealbhagh Turlough Donn O'Brien, King of Thomond d 1528
m1 Raghnail Macnamara dau of John Macnamara of Clancuilen
Br16-1-1-1 Tadhg Teige O'Brien d 1523
A Brian O'Brien
B Mahone O'Brien d 1552
Br16-1-1-2 Conchobar Conor O'Brien, King of Thomond b c 1460 d 1540
Br16-1-1-2-1 Torlogh Donn O'Brien "of Brown Complexion" dsp 1557
Br16-1-1-2-2 Donough O'Brien of Dromfionglas b c 1485, 2nd Earl of Thomond b c 1490 d 1553
m 1533 Ellen Butler dau of Piers Butler, 8th Earl of Ormonde
-1 Margaret O'Brien d. 1568 m Dermod O'Brien, 2nd Baron Inchiquin b 1 May 1557 d Ennis Abbey in 1557
-2 Connor O'Brien, 3rd Earl of Thomond (c. 15351581) intrigued with Fitzgerald in 1569, and fled to France; returned to Ireland and received pardon, 1571, with the restoration of his lands, 1573 m1 Slaney O'Brien + 1 ch m2 Ellen d 1560 bur Muckross Abbey dau of Donald MacCormac MacCarthy Mor wid of James FitzGerald, 14th Earl of Desmond m3 Una + 2 sons dau of Turlough Mac-i-Brien-Ara
-3 Donal or Daniel O'Brien
-4 Honora O'Brien m Teige Macnamara
-5 Murtogh O Brian
-6 Teague O'Brien
-7 Dermod O Brian
-8 Brian na Corcaidh O'Brian b c 1520 divided his territory of Cahir Corcrain and Castletown amongst his own sons
-9 by p x Mary O'Brien m Theobald Burke/Burgh son of William Burke, 1st Baron Bourke of Castleconnell
-1-1 Murrough McDermot O'Brien, 3rd Baron Inchiquin (c.1550 m April 20, 1573 by Dermot O'Shaughnessey m Mabel Nugent, dau of Christopher Nugent, 6th Baron Delvin
-2-1 Donough d 1635
-2-2 Teige
-2-3 Daniel created 1st Viscount Clare
-2-4 Honora, m Thomas Fitzmaurice, 18th Lord Kerry
-2-5 Margaret, m James Butler, 2nd Lord Dunboyne
-2-6 Mary m Turlough Roe MacMahon of Corcovaskin
-8-1 Mahon O Brian,
-8-2 Murrogh O Brian,
-8-3 Conor O Brian,
-8-4 Dermod Cleireach of Cathnava na Madara O Brian b c 1550 had 6 sons of his own in
-8-5 Murtogh Garbh - the Rough O'Brian
-8-6 Teague an Chomain O Brian
-1-1-1 Murrough O'Brien, 4th Baron Inchiquin was their son and heir
-8-4-1 Donnell na Geall O Brian, 123.Murrogh an Tarman O Brian,
-8-4-2 Brian an Comlack O Brian,
-8-4-3 Mahon O Brian,
-8-4-4 Donogh O Brian
-8-4-5 Turlogh O Brian ?= b c 1580 Ara Tipperary IRE d 1 Aug 1623 m Mor O'Carrol b 1585 Ely d 1592 dau of Donough FitzJohn O'Carroll b 1545 and Elspeth

-8-4-5-1 Margaret O'Brien b c 1605 Tipperary m y Kennedy b 1605 Ormond

-8-4-5-1-1 Dorothy Kennedy b 1632 Ormond Tipperary IRE
m Daniel Carroll of Litterluna, King's County Ire d 1734/Aug 1735
m2 Ellice FitzThomas dau of Maurice FitzThomas 'the lame', 9th Earl of Desmond
Br16-1-1-2-3 Donald O'Brien ancestor of O'Briens of Ennistymond
Br16-1-1-2-4 Teige O'Brien ancestor of O'Briens of Ballycorick
Br16-1-1-2-5 Morrough O'Brien ancestor of O'Briens of Cahterminane
Br16-1-1-2-6 Morrough O'Brien of Drumline d 1593
Br16-1-1-3 Slaine O'Brien
m Brian MacMahon of Carrigahlot Castle
Br16-1-1-4+ other issue - Donnchadh d 1531, Dermot
m2 Joan FitzMaurice dau of Thomas FitzGerald, Lord of Kerry
Br16-1-1-6 Morrough O'Brien, 1st Earl of Thomond, 1st Lord of Inchiquin d 07.11.1551

m Eleanor FitzGerald dau of Sir Thomas FitzGerald of Glyn
Br16-1-2 Domhall Tanaiste O'Brien d 1508
m Saibh O'Lochlin
Br16-1-2-1 Conor O'Brien 4th son
m Celia D'Dea
A Dermod O'Brien of Caruduff had issue
m Eleanor MacMahon
B Donough O'Brien of Caruduff
Br16-1-2-2+ other issue - Brian, Teige, Mortogh
Br16-1-3 Margaret O'Brien
m James FitzThomas, 8th Earl of Desmond b c1448, d 07.12.1487
Br16-1-4+ other issue - Donnchadh, Brian d 1523
Br16-2 Conchobar Mor O'Brien, King of Thomond d 1496
Br16-3 Donnchadh O'Brien, Bishop of Killaloe d 1460
Br16 Mathghamhain Tanaiste O'Brien d 1472
Br15 Toirdhealbhach O'Brien, Bishop of Kildare d 1525
Br14 Amy O'Brien d before 1537
m James FitzThomas, 10th Earl of Desmond dspm 18.06.1529
-1 Joan FitzThomas
m1 m1 James Butler, 9th Earl of Ormonde, 2nd Earl of Ossory d 28.10.1546
m2 m2 Sir Francis Bryan, Lord Justice of Ireland d 02.02.1549-50
m3 1550 Sir Gerald 'the Rebel' FitzThomas, 14th Earl of Desmond b c1533, d 11.11.1583
-1-1 Sir Francis Bryan in Claire b 1549 Francis Bryan II held large estates in County Clare
m Ann Smith dau of Sir William Smith
-1-1-1 William Smith Bryan in Claire d 1667, to Virginia He seems to have been Irish through and through. His followers dubbed him "Prince William of Irland" and during the Puritan rebellion he attempted to gain the throne of Ireland, and was deported by Cromwell in 1650. WILLIAM SMITH BRYAN, from whom the American family descends, was together with his family and possessions, exiled to the Virginia Colony for anti-English insurgent activities. The final 't' ('BRYANT') was added to the name at the time of the American Revolutionary War. Both died in Gloucester, Va. m Catherine Morgan b 1603/4 Co Claire/Clare Ireland. Co or Tredegar Monmouth Wales d 1 Jun 1680 Gloucester Va dau of Thomas Morgan b 1560 Llaurhynmy Monsmouth Wales d 1647 Prior and Catherine Herbert b about 1564 Cogan Pell Glamorgans Wales d 1604 and granddau of Nicholas Herbert and Mary Morgan -1-1-1-1? Dr. Richard or Thomas Bryant (b about 1640, d 1704/4 in Stafford Co. Virginia. As a medical doctor by profession, his social status would seem to fit in this family and there were other close relatives of this family in Virginia too at this time. mKeziah Arroyah Ja10 b c 1642 daughter of Wahanganoche Ja11 and ?Mary, granddaughter of Pocahontas
m2 sp Edmund FitzMaurice, 10th Lord of Kerry d 1543
Br16-5 Murchadh Tanaiste O'Brien
Br16-6 Toirdhealbhach og O'Brien, King of Thomond d 1498
Br18-2 Conchobar O'Brien, King of Thomond d 13.04.1426
A Brian Dubh O'Brien
i Domchadh O'Brien of Carrigogunnll d 1502
m Margaret O'Kennedy
a Mahon O'Brien
m Elizabeth O'Brian of Ara
1 Donough O'Brien
A Donald O'Brien had issue
2 Mortogh O'Brien
A Murrough O'Brien d 1577 had issue
3 Brian Duff O'Brien
4 Maud O'Brien
m John FitzThomas, Earl of Desmond
B Domnhald O'Brien, Bishop of Limerick d 1411
C Dermond O'Brien
b. Toirrdelbach Maol O'Brien, King of Thomond d 1398
c. Tadhg O'Brien d 1380
1 Toirdhealbhach O'Brien d after 1421 had issue
iii. Dairmaid O'Brien, King of Thomond d 1364
iv. Conchobar Conor O'Brien d Thurles 19.07.1329
a. Margaret O'Brien
m Maurice FitzThomas, 1st Earl of Desmond b 1393, d 25.01.1355-6
v. Slany O'Brien probably of this generation
m Sir Edmond de Burgh d 1338
B. Domnall O'Brien d 1280
Br22-2. Iohan Seoinin O'Brien d 1268
Br22-3. Brian Ruad O'Brien, King of Thomond d 1275
Br22-3-1 Donnchad O'Brien, King of Thomond d 1284
Br22-3-1-1 Diarmait Cleireich O'Brien, King of Thomond d 01.06.1313
Br22-3-2 Domnall O'Brien
m Margaret MacMahon
Br22-3-2-1 Donnchad O'Brien, King of Thomond d 17.08.1317
Br22-3-2-2 Brian Ban O'Brien, King of Thomond d 1350
m 1318 dau of Henry Burke
a. Murchada na Raithne O'Brien, Lord of Arra d 1383
m More O'Kennedy of Ormonde
1 Toirdhealbhach O'Brien d 1400
m Honor Oge of Buttercut
A Teige O'Brien d 1474
i Donald Mor O'Brien d 1508
a Murrough O'Brien d 1504
b Mortogh Casch O'Brien
1 Turlough MacBrien Ara O'Brien d 1601 had issue
m Mor O'Carrol d 1592, dau of Donough O'Carrol, Lord of Ely
2 Mortogh O'Brien of Dunharrow
A Maurice O'Brien had issue
m Margaret Barry dau of David FitzGerald Barry
B Murrough O'Brien d 1427
iii. Donal O'Brien
Br22-3-3 Toirrdelbach O'Brien d 1305

Sources: 'RoyalData'
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