He5-2 Abigail Hester

    He7 John/Jacob/James Hester b 1729/30 in London or Holland, disembarked in Pennsylvania 1753, presumably with his wife, Abigail Wright, whom he had married in the Netherlands or in England.
    He6 John Hester
    m Margaret Gilbert (Gi6)
    He5-2 Abigail Hester was the 2nd eldest child. Born: 24 Feb. 1794 in Mason Co. (now Fleming Co), Ky. Died: 1841 Buried: It should be noted that Sarah (Bennington) Jones (1755-1833) had many griefs. Her husband Stephen Jones died in 1824. Of their 8 sons 3 died of cholera in the 1833 epidemic; also 4 grandchildren died in 1833 in that cholera epidemic; and on June 21, 1833 at age 78 Sarah also died of cholera. She and 3 of the grandchildren are buried beside the Mt. Sterling Road in a stone enclosure. Geraldine saw their slab stone grave markers.
    Samuel Bennington Henry Jones(m2nd)July 31, 1849 in Fleming Co. "widow" Martha M. Plummer. She had 2 children and Samuel B.H. Jones at that time had only 2 of his 9 children living. He died Nov. 6, 1883 and is buried in Brushy Fork Burial Ground. In the records of Fleming Co. there is a deed dated July 14, 1875 by which Samuel Ben¬nington Henry Jones and his wife (Martha Plummer Jone)deed to The Methodist Episcopal Church on Brushy Fork one Acre of ground. This acre could be part of the church's cemetery and Samuel B.H. Jones could have been buried there.
    Samuel Bennington Henry Jones served in the War of 1812 as a Pvt. with Capt. Phillips Ky. Mil. Boswell Reg. He enlisted May 29, 1813 and was discharged Oct. 15, 1813. She was born in Mason Co. (now Fleming Co.), Ky. "at the foot of the hill going into Elizaville, Ky. on Feb. 24, 1794. She died Feb. 3, 1841 in Fleming Co. Ky. She is probably buried in the Brick Union Cemetery in Fleming Co. as records show her 4 daughters who died in 1842 of scarlet fever were buried in that cemetery. Of her 9 children 2 preceeded her in death.
    According to Fleming Co. records Abigail3 Hester married Samuel Bennington Henry Jones the son of Stephen and Sarah (Bennington) Jones on Jan. 23, 1816. He was born near Flemingsburg, Fleming Co., Ky. Feb. 14, 1792. His mother Sarah Bennington was a sister of William Bennington, Jr. whose daughter Mary Elizabeth Bennington had married Abigail3's brother John3 Hester. Therefore, cousins married a brother and sister. In 1827 William D.3 Hester a brother of John-/ and Abi¬gail3 Hester married Constance Bennington a sister of Mary Elizabeth (Bennington) Hester. She was also a cousin of Samuel Bennington Henry Jones.
    mSamuel Bennington Jones (14 Feb. 1792 - ), son of Stephen Jones and Sarah Bennington on 23 Jan. 1816. Sarah Bennington was the sister of William Bennington Jr, whose one daughter Elizabeth married Abigail's brother, John Hester (He5-1) , and another daughter Constance married William D. Hester (He5-).
    He5-2-1John Jones, (1817 - 1837) unmarried.
    He5-2-2Matilda Jones, ( - 1842 of scarlet fever)
    He5-2-3 Rachel Jones, ( - 1842 of scarlet fever)
    He5-2-4) Lucinda Jones, ( - 1842 of scarlet fever)
    He5-2-5) Fannie Jones, ( - 1842 of scarlet fever)
    He5-2-6Margaret Jones, ( - 1848) unmarried
    He5-2-7William Jones, ( - ) young
    He5-2-8Samuel Henry Jones, (2 Sept. 1827 - 7 March 1917)
    He5-2-9Sarah Bennington Jones, (19 Apr. 1830 - 22 Apr.1925 in Houston, Texas)
    married John Robert Hester (He5-5-1)
    He5-5-1-3 = 5-2-9-1Samuel Wright Hester, (13 June 1853  - 1 Dec. 1901)
    He5-5-1-4 = 5-2-9-2John William Hester, (11 Dec. 1855 - )
    He5-5-1-5 = 5-2-9-3Milton Hester, (4 Dec. 1857 - 11 Nov. 1858)
    He5-5-1-6 = 5-2-9-4Mollie Belle Hester, (23 Sept. 1858 - 25 Mar. 1906)
    He5-5-1-7 = 5-2-9-5Jennie Agnes Hester, (24 June 1862- )
    He5-5-1-8 = 5-2-9-6Estella Sherman Hester, (1865 - 4 Oct 1868)
    He5-5-1-9 = 5-2-9-7Dora Hester, (30 July 1867 - Feb. 1936)
    He5-5-1-10 = 5-2-9-8Electa Lou Hester,  (18 Feb. 1871 - 21 Sept. 1924)
    He5-5-1-11 = 5-2-9-9Fannie Armstrong Hester, (25 Oct. 1874 - 4 Oct. 1878)
    Source: Geneology of the Descendents of John Hester, by Hester Geraldine Lester Searl