Po5 Patrick Henry Pope

    Po5 Patrick Henry Pope was the son of Worden Pope. (Po6) and Elizabeth Taylor Thruston (Th6)
    Born 17 March 1806,
    Died: 4 May 1841, one of many early deaths in the family more likely attributable to consumption but also possibly to brain cancer.
    He was buried in the Brown family cemetery.
    Married 18 July 1827 Sarah Lawrence Brown Br5

    Po4-1 Elizabeth Thruston Pope (twin 27 Apr 1828-1883) married Dr. William Henry Galt 1827 Ky - 1893 and had issue.
    Po4-2 Urith Lawrence Pope (twin 27 Apr 1828-1884) married Joshua Fry Lawrence in 1851
    Po4-3 James Brown Pope (1830-?) ¬
    Po4-4 Ellen E.?D. Pope (25 July 1831 ? - ?) married Dr. John Thruston, son of Charles M. Thruston, on 13 December 1858.
    Po4-5 Mary Emmeline Pope (1832 ¬-?)
    Po4-6 Worden Pope (9 Apr 1836 - ? ) Went to Nicaragua
    Po4 Mary Ann Pope (30 Sept 1838 - 1897)
    Po4-8 Alfred T. Pope, died young. (1840 ¬-?)

    Patrick Henry Pope (Po5) was the eldest son of Worden Pope (Po6). He became a lawyer of marked distinction and was a popular politician.

    He was a member of U. S. Congress from 1830 to 1834.
    He entered Congress at the minimum age of 25.

     He is buried in the Broval grave yard, opposite the old
    Brown Place (owed by Mrs. John Monohan in 1948) in Brown's Lane, -above St. Matthews, Kentucky.

    A copy of a painting of Patrick Henry Pope, from a news¬paper print, by Hesse, is owned by Mrs. George Nicholas (Ni3.2)


    Birth ) Marriage ) Death ) Lawrence bib1e – Copy at Filson Club

    Appendix to Page (5.3)

    Patrick H. Pope’s twin daughters both married. Elizabeth Thruston Pope married Dr. William Henry Galt, in the line of Dr. Galt of Williamsburg, Virginia1 who was a surgeon-general during the Revolution. (Mr. A1ex Galt Robinson, of Louisville, is also of that line. )

    Among the grandchildren of Patrick Henry Pope, the following are or have been of special interest to the Nicholas family: Silena Ingram, and her daughter, Silena Pope McKinley of Ca1ifornia; Pat and Hamilton Galt, and their children, also of California; and Urith Galt, and Ellen Pope Thruston Galt, both dead who were close friends, as well as relations of George Nicholas (Ni3.4) and his family.

    1r. Dr. William Henry GALT, born 1827, KY, died 1893; married 1849, Elizabeth Thruston POPE, born 1827, KY, died 1883) and had issue:

    1s. Dr. John T. GALT, born 1861/62, KY; married 1st, Madison Pyle ROSS (born 1860 Nov 2, died 1937 Nov 25); married 2nd, Mattie _______

      1t. William GALT.

      2t. Laura Talbot GALT, born 1888 Sep 16, MS; married 1909 Jan 24, as 1st wife, Leonard Powell HYATT.

      1u. Kitty Chamberlain HYATT, born 1911 Feb 17; married duVall RADFORD (born 1908 Jan 26, Forest, VA).

      1v. _______ (dau) RADFORD; married _______ PAVONE.

    2s. Patrick Pope GALT, born 1867/68, KY, died 1949 Dec 22, Alameda co, CA; married ca 1906, Florence A. YOUNG (born 1882/83, NY).

      1t. William C. GALT, born 1913 May 17, CA, died 2003 Mar 16, Sunnyvale, CA.

      2t. Patricia Pope GALT, born 1907 Apr 21, CA, died 1986 Jun 25, Santa Clara co, CA; married 1st, ca 1930, Charles VAN EVERA (born 1904/05, IA); married 2nd, _______ REYNOLDS.

      3t. Ellen P. GALT, born 1911/12, CA.

    3s. Hamilton Pope GALT, born 1873/73, KY, died 1963 Oct 17, Alameda co, CA; married ca 1901, Maude L. CRICHTON (born 1882 Dec 4, Canada, died 1969 May 10, San Francisco co, CA).

      1t. Urith Pope GALT, born 1912, CA.

      2t. Mildred E. GALT, born 1914/15, CA.

      3t. Janet C. GALT, born 1918/19, CA.

    4s. Urith Pope GALT, born 1856/57, KY, died 1930 May 8, Jefferson co, KY, unm.

    5s. Sarah Pope GALT, died an infant.

    6s. Elizabeth Ormsby GALT, died an infant.

    7s. Alexina Norborne Nicholas GALT, born 1855/56, KY, died young.

    8s. Selena Gray GALT, born 1859 Mar 18, KY, died 1942 Jan 16, Los Angeles co, CA; married 1883, Robert Hord INGRAM (born 1860/61, KY).

      1t. Alexander Galt INGRAM, born 1885 Apr 9, KY, died 1951 Jun 5, Alameda co, CA; married ca 1921, Maureen McCORMAC (born 1892 Aug 1, Ireland, died 1952 Apr 25, Alameda co, CA).

      1u. Robert H. INGRAM, born 1923 Jan 10, CA, died 1962 Oct 14, Los Angeles, co, CA.

      2u. William G. INGRAM, born 1926, CA.

      2t. Stuart Hord INGRAM, born 1887 Jan 27, KY, died 1978 Sep 23, Los Angeles co, CA.

      3t. William Galt INGRAM.

      4t. Richard Foote INGRAM, born 1891 May 26, KY, died 1962 Nov 22, Los Angeles co, CA; married ca 1915, _______.

      5t. Selena Pope INGRAM, born 1895/96, KY.

    9s. Ellen Pope Thruston GALT, born 1864/65, KY.

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