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Blount 3: Blount of Maple Durham Mapledurham
Bl18. Sir Thomas Blount of Milton or Melton Ross d 1468
m1 Anna Hally dau of John Hally = Agnes Hawley dau/heir of Sir John Hawley of Utterby
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Bl16-1. Robert Blount
Bl16-1-1 Anna Blount
m William Marbury
Bl16-1-2 Margaret Blount
m John Bowntaine
Bl16-1-3 Elizabeth Blount
m William Hansacre
Bl16-1-4+ other issue dsp - Robert, William
Bl16-2. Elizabeth Blount
m Richard Hansard
m2 Margaret Clifton dau of Gervase Clifton of Clifton
Bl16 =17 =?14. Richard Blount of Iver, Sheriff of Buckinghamshire and Bedfordshire d 30.11.1508
m Elizabeth or Dorothy de la Ford dau of William de la Ford of Iver
Bl15 =?13 Sir Richard Blount of Maple Durham Gurney d 09/11.08.1564
m Eizabeth Lister d 1582, granddau not dau of Sir Richard Lister, chief justice
Bl12 Sir Michael Blount of Maple Durham or Mapledurham, Sheriff of Buckinghamshire then Oxfordshire b 1529, a 1597
m Mary Moore d 23.12.1592, sister of Thomas Moore of Bicester
?Bl11 Sir Richard Blount of Maple Durham b 28.06.1564, d 22.11.1619
m1 Cicely Baker dau of Sir Richard Baker of Sissinghurst
Bl10-1 Sir Charles Blount of Maple Durham b about 1585 d Oxford 01.06.1644
m Dorothy Clerke dau of Sir Francis Clerke of Houghton Conquest or Clarke of Capheaton
Bl10-1-1 Walter Blount of Maple Durham d 05.1671, 2nd son
m1 Philippa Benlowes dsp 1667
m2 Dorothy or Elizabeth Plowden dau of Edmund Plowden of Plowden
i Elizabeth Blount d y
Bl10-1-2 Anne Blount m1 John Swinburne of Capheaton d 1652
m2 Francis Godfrey 'of Norwich'
Bl10-1-3+ other issue - Michael dsp 1649, James d 1671, daughter
Bl10-2 Lister Blount of Bicester, Oxfordshire b about 1587 probably of this generation and marriage
m Joyce Apsley d 28.04.1663 dau of Sir Allen Apsley
?Bl10 Eleanor Blount probably of this generation and marriage b about 1590 possibly the mother of Thomas Brown Br9
m George Browne of Caversham
Bl10-4+ 2 sons and 4 daughters
m2 Elizabeth Moore dau of Sir Francis Moore of Fawley
Bl10-10 William Blount of Kidmore End d 1676
m Elizabeth Delaval sister? not dau of Sir Ralph Delaval, Bart of Seaton Delaval
A Lister Blount of Maple Durham b 1654, d 25.06.1710
m 1683 Mary or Martha Englefield d 31.03.1743, dau of Anthony Englefield of White Knights
i Michael Blount of Maple Durham b 26.03.1693, d 02.11.1739
m 1715 Mary Agnes Tichborne b c1695, d 05.1777, dau of Sir Henry Joseph Tichborne, 4th Bart of Tichborne
a Michael Blount of Maple Durham b 14.04.1719, d 05.02.1792
m 16.08.1742 Mary Eugenia Strickland b 10.07.1723, d 12.12.1762, dau of Mannock Strickland of Lincoln's Inn
1 Michael Blount of Maple Durham b 04.07.1743, d 29.10.1821
m1 15.04.1781 Eleanora Fitzgerald d 12.05.1782, dau of Maurice Fitzgerald of Puncher's Grange
A Maria Eugenia Blount b 01.1782, d 02.08.1791
m2 27.08.1787 Catherine Petre dau of John Petre of Belhouse
B Michael Henry Mary Blount of Maple Durham, Sheriff b 08.08.1789, d 03.09.1874 had issue
m1 15.05.1817 Elizabeth Anne Mary Petre d 04.03.1848, dau of Robert Edward Petre, 10th Lord
m2 Lucy Catherine Wheble dau of James Wheble of Bulmersh
C Walter Thomas Mary Blount
D Henrietta Blount
m 16.09.1811 John Wright of Belsize Park
E Juliana Mary Blount d 06.03.1875
m Thomas Nolan of Ballykealy family
2 Joseph Blount of Chalgrave b 15.07.1752
m Mary Canning dau of Francis Canning of Foxcote
A Joseph Blount b 1779 had issue 1 daughter
m1 sp Jane Saterthwaite dau of John Saterthwaite of Manergh Hall
m2 19.02.1816 Anne Martin dau of Richard Martin of Hurstborne Tarrant
B Michael Blount had issue
m Catherine Wright dau of Francis Wright of London
C Elizabeth Blount d 06.07.1849
m 23.07.1801/07.1802 Ralph Riddell of Felton Park d 09.03.1833
D Frances Blount
3 Mary Eugenia Blount b 14.02.1745
m1 15.11.1765 Charles Stonor of Stonor b 20.01.1737, d 31.10.1781
m2 1783 Thomas Canning of Foxcote family
4 Martha Blount b 1762, d unm 05.02.1780
b Mary Blount d 10.02.1799
m 1742 Sir Henry Tichborne, 6th Bart of Tichborne bpt 14.10.1710, d 16.07.1785
c+ other issue - Henry Tichborne b 06.12.1723, d 1810, priest, Walter d 1746, monk, Frances d 1740, nun
ii+ 2 daughters - Teresa b 15.10.1688, d 1759, Martha b 15.06.1690, d 1763
Bl10-11 Jane Blount
m Sir William Moore of Fawley
Bl10-12 y Blount
Bl11-2 Katherine Blount b 11.04.1563
m John Blount or Croke of Stidley
Bl11-3 Thomas Blount b 27.04.1567,
Bl11-4 Charles Blount b 05.11.1568,
Bl11-5 Henry Blount b 17.08.1572
Bl11-6 Robert Blount b 03.02.1573
Bl11-7 Maria Blount b 15.11.1565
Bl11-8 Elizabeth Blount dsp,
Bl11-9 Anna Blount dsp,
Bl11-10 Frances Blount b 23.02.1569,
Bl11-11 Elizabeth Blount b 28.07.1574
Bl12-2 Sir Richard Blount
m Elizabeth West d 1595, dau of Sir William West, 1st Lord De La War
Bl12-3 Elizabeth Blount
m Nicholas St. John of Lydiard Tregoze d 1589
Bl12-4 Barbara Blount b c 1560
m Francis Shirley of Grensted
Bl15 =17 Elizabeth Blount b c 1500
m Thomas Woodford of Burnham
Wo14 =16 Ursula Woodford b about 1520
m Walter Light of Radway Grange Warwickshire, lived at Brackley Northamptonshire
Li15 =13 Elizabeth Light of Radway Grange, co. Warwick b c 1547, d 25 Mar 1599 m of Sulgrave b 1544 d ~1620 Nether Boddington, NTH, Eng Wa14 Lawrence Washington of Sulgrave b 1568, d 13 Dec 1616
Wa12 Anne Washington b c1579 m c1597 Alban Wakelyn
-1 Phyllis Wakelyn
m Gabriel Ludlow
-1-1 Lu10-1 Gabriel Ludlow, bap Warminster 13 Aug. 1622, admitted to the Inner Temple 13 June 1638, k Battle of Newbury in 1644
Lu10-2 Lt. Col. Thomas Ludlow bapt 1 Nov. 1624 ? mentioned in Jane Ludlow's Wa11 Will proved 6 July 1650 apparently d Va before 1661.
Lu10-3 Francis Ludlow, bap Warminster 10 Sept. 1626, living at Maiden Bradley in 1666, issue.
Lu10-4 Anne Ludlow, bap Warminster 4 Dec. 1628
Lu10-5 Elizabeth Ludlow, bap 18 Oct. 1632 at Maiden Bradley
Lu10-6 John Ludlow b c 1634 mentioned in Jane Pile Ludlow's Py10 Will proved 6 Jul 1650 Lived in Virginia, d before 15 Sep 1664.
Lu10 Sarah Ludlow, b about 1635 m John Carter, mentioned in Jane Pyle Ludlow's Py10 Will proved 6 July 1650
Ct9-4 Sarah Carter
Ct9-5 Charles Carter
Ct9 Robert Carter b 1663 Corotoman Va d 1732 Corotoman Va
m1 1688 to Judith Armistead Ar9
m2 Elizabeth Landon
Ct8 Elizabeth Carter b 1688. d ?1731. m1 Nathaniel Burwell of Whitemarsh Va b 4 OCT 1680 in Gloucester Co Va d 1721 in Va m2 Dr. George Nicholas Ni8
Ct8-2 John CARTER of Shirley b 1690. d 30 Apr 1743, m 1723 Cecily Elizabeth Hill b 1703
Ct8-3 Judith CARTER b 1693 in Corotoman, Lancaster, Va d 1700 in Rosewell, Gloucester Co Va
Ct8-4 Sarah CARTER b 1694 in Of, Corotoman, Lancaster, Va d 1694
Ct8-5 Charles CARTER b about 1699
Ct8-6 Anne CARTER b about 1700 d 12 Aug 1745 m Benjamin Harrison of Virginia
Ct8-7 Judith CARTER b about 1700. m Mann Page b 1691 in Rosewell, Gloucester, Co Va d 24 JAN 1729/30 in Rosewell
Ct8-8 Lucy CARTER dy
Ct8-9 Mary CARTER b 1712 in Corotoman, King & Queen Co. VA d 17 Sep 1736 in Newington, King & Queen Co VA m 16 Jan 1732 in Corotoman George Braxton Jr
Ct8-10 Robert CARTER b 1704 at Corotoman, Lancaster, Va. d 12 May 1732 in Nomini, Westmoreland Co Va m Priscilla Bladen Churchill
Ct8-11 Charles CARTER b 1707 in Corotoman, Lancaster, Virginia or Cleve, King George Co. d in 1764 in Virginia. m1 1728 Mary Walker + 4 ch m2 Anne Byrd b 5 Feb 1724
Ct8-13 Lucy CARTER b 1710 in Of Corotoman, Lancster, Va. d 1763 in Va. m1 Henry Fitzhugh b 1706 in 'Eagles Nest', King George Co VA 2 ch m2 Nathaniel Benjamin Harrison b 1703 + 1 ch
Ct8-14 Mary CARTER b 1712
Ct8-15 Landon CARTER b 1713 d 1778 m1 Elizabeth Wormeley
Ct8-16 Ludlow CARTER b 1714
Ct8-17 Sarah CARTER b about 1715
Ct8-17< Sarah CARTER b about 1715 in Of, Corotoman dy
Ct7-1 Lewis Burwell (1710-1756) of Whitemarsh, Va, m Mary Willis.
Ct7-2 Elizabeth Burwell b 1713 m Gov William Nelson of Yorktown b 1711 d 1778 Signer of the Declaration of Independence.
Ct7-3 Nathaniel Burwell b 1711/14-1720
Ct7-4 Carter Burwell (25Oct1716-3Jan1777) of the Grove, James City Co Via, m Lucy Grymes.
Ct7-5 Lucy Burwell b 1713 ?m Christopher Robinson Ro10-2-1-7 b 1705, Middlesex Co d 28 July 1768, Middlesex Co
Ct7-6 Robert Burwell b 3 Jun 1720 d 30 Jan 1777) of Isle of Wight Co Va m S. Nelson.
Ni7 Robert Carter Nicholas b 1725/8 d 1780 m Anne Cary Ca7
Ni7-2 John Nicholas
Ni7-3 George Nicholas
Ct7-1-1 Lewis Burwell b ABT 1737 in Gloucester Co Va
Ct7-1-2 Elizabeth Burwell b 1739 in 'Whitemarsh', Gloucester Co Va
Ct7-1-3 Anne Burwell b 1742 in Gloucester Co Va
Ct7-1-4 Rebecca Lewis Burwell b 20 MAY 1746 in Gloucester Co Va m Jaquelin Ambler b: 9 AUG 1742 in Va d 20 FEB 1798 in James City Co Va
Ni6-1 Elizabeth Nicholas b. 11 Aug. 1752; m. 29 Aug. 1776 Gov. Edmund Jennings Randolph, son of John Randolph, 1776; d. 1810.
Ni6 George Nicholas b 11 Aug. 1753 - 27 July 1799), married Mary Smith dau of John Smith of Baltimore, Md., and moved to Kentucky  and was the father of Judge Samuel Smith Nicholas who published a masterful plea for the right of habeas corpus when it was suspended by President Lincoln during the Civil War.
Ni6-3 Wilson Cary Nicholas b 31 Jan 1761 d 10 Oct1820) m 1783 Margaret, dau of John Smith of Baltimore, Md
Ni6-4 John Nicholas b 1756 d 31 Dec. 1819 ),  married Anne Lawson, was member of Congress 1793 - ¬1801; removed to Geneva, New York, where he has numerous descendants.
Ni6-5 Sarah Nicholas, b. 1752 at Frederick Co VA m John Hatley Norton son of John Norton and Courtenay Walker.
Ni6-6 Judith Nicholas b 1765
Ni6-7 Lewis Nicholas b 1766 of Albemarle.
Ni6-8 Robert Carter Nicholas b 2 June 1768 m 27 Jul 1801 Martha Mosby b: ABT 1770 in Powhatan, Virginia and had John S. Nicholas b 11 DEC 1803 in of "Seven Islands", Cumberland, VA
Ni6-9 Philip Norborne Nicholas b 1775 d 1849 m1 Mary Spear of Baltimore, Md m2 Maria Carter Byrd, dau of Thomas Taylor Byrd and Mary Anne Armistead, dau of William Armistead Ar9-4-1-1.
Ni6-10 Mary Nicholas b 1759 d 1796 unm
Bl15-3. Anna Blount
m Francis Coniers of Wakerley

Sources: BLG1886 Darell-Blount of Maple Durham, Visitation Shropshire, 1623, Blount with support from BLG1952 Riddell of Cheeseburn Grange.
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