Mc3 Ellena McConnell

     Ellena McConnell was the daughter of Garrett McConnell (Mc4) and Christiana Workman (Wo4)
    Born: 1869 in Robertson Co., Ky.
    Died: 1 Aug. 1954 in Mt. Olivet, Ky at the age of 75
    Buried: Mt. Olivet Cemetery

    Married: Willoughby Griffith Hester He3

     After  the untimely death of  Ellena's father, her mother married William Worrell and moved to Ashland, Kansas, where she ran a milinery store, but she left her three McConnel children to be raised by her parents, Spenser Workman and Martha Neaves. After her second husband's death she returned to Kentucky to live with Elleny and her son-in-law, Willoughby Griffith Hester. 
    Willoughby Griffith Hester and Ellena McConnell  had 8 ehildren:

    (He2-1)  Lucinda "Lutie" Hester, b. Sept. 21, 1890;
    (He2-2) Mabel Hester, b. Oet. 21, 1892;
    (He2-3) Garrett Henry Hester, b. Oet. 21, 1894 d about 1975;
    (He2-4) Harry Clifton Hester, b. Jan. 27, 1898;
    (He2-5) Paul Nelson Hester, b. June 18, 1902;
    (He2) Dr Eustace Granger Hester, b. Dec. 6, 1906; d. Sept. 8,1966 m Anna Pope Bland b 26 Jun 1908 Shelbyville KY d 15 Feb ^970 Saginaw MI
    He2-7 Hazard Worrell Hester, b. June 21, 1908 d about 1990 m Canzalia Hounshell
    (He2-8) Katherine Hester, b. Jan. 4, 1910 living in 1995 m1 Lloyd Workman m2 Cecil Workman + 2 ch

    Ellena McConnell was 4' 11" (149.5 cm) tall and slender all her life, as were her daughters Lucinda and Mabel. She ran the general store in Hittsville and tended the filling station in front of the store. The business was closed down in the thirties when more of the local residents emigrated from the area and the others drove to town for their supplies. But she like running a store, as her mother always had, and continued coming up with plans to reopen the store, which her son, Paul, managed to dissuade her from. In her later years her son, Eustace, would drive the 400 miles down to Hittville to bring her up to Saginaw, where she would spend a week with his family, followed by a week each with her daughter Mabel, sons Garrett and Hazard every year, who were all living in Saginaw until 1953, when Hazard moved to Tampa, Florida, because of his wife's pluresy.

    On one of the later visits in July, our (He1-1 to 4) dog, Tricksie, a colley mixture, was lying out at the back of our baseball field between the poplar trees when a pheasant swept in from the West over the poplars and landed right in the middle of the field. Although rather overweight, Tricksie had always loved chasing birds and had already caught two muskrats in the ditch in front of the house and paraded with them each time down the mile long road to State Street and back. So she was up in a flash and after the bird before he landed. With the dog coming in from behind and the bird itself making too much noise while coming in, the poor bird did not have a chance and got snapped within a second of landing. Tricksie promptly brought the bird in, but our mother asked us to take it out and bury it, then Grandmother Hester said no, she would pluck it and clean it out, as she had always done with her chickens at home. So Mom had no more to do than cook the bird and the seven of us all had a great pheasant dinner and the full plumage of fine pheasant feathers was left for us four children with the compliments of Tricksie and Grandmother, both of whom were gone too soon.

    Picture taken in from of the Hester house and general store about 1930.
    Standing left to right: Paul Nelson Hester, Harry Clifton Hester, Garrett Henry Hester, Mabel Hester Linville, Lucinda (Lutie) Hester, Elena McConnell Hester, Willoughby Griffith Hester
    Sitting left to right: Eustace Granger Hester, Hazard Worrell Hester, Katherine Hester Workman
    Katherine has a radiant smile here that reminds me of Judith Beverley Hester.

    Elena McConnell Hester with sons Harry and Paul and possibly John McConnell about 1943 in front of Hester general store and filling station in Hittville, Ky.

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