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Willoughby 3

Willoughby of Bore Place, Willoughby of Middleton, Willoughby of Wollaton

Mary Willoughby b c 1515 ?Erasby d Nov 1556 Uffculme Devon
Wi14. Sir Thomas Willoughby chief justice b about 1486 d 1545
m Bridget/?Katherine Read b c 1485 dau of >
+1 Sir Robert Read b c 1455 of Bore Place, which passed to him by his wife Margaret as coheiress of >
He was descended from an ancient family in the county of Northumberland, and being bred to the law, was, in 1507, made chief justice of the common-pleas, fn. 9 and was so highly esteemed by king Henry VII. that he had made him one of his executors. Sir Robert Read bore for his arms, Gules, on a fess wavy, three pheasant cocks sable; which coat, impaling Alphew, which is still in a window, in Sergeant's-inn.
+2 Richard Petit.
Wi12 =13 =14 Robert Willoughby of Bore Place b c 1505
m Dorothy Willoughby dau of->
+1 Sir Edward Willoughby of Wollaton
Wi11 =12 =13 Thomas Willoughby of Bore Place b 1530
m Catharine Hart b c 1530 dau of->
+1 Sir Percival Hart of Lullingston Court/Castle b c 1505 d 1580
m Freswide Braye dau of->
+2 Edmund Braye, 1st Lord b c 1484, d 18 Oct 1539
m Jane Hallighwell d 24.10.1558, dau of->
+3 Sir Richard Hallighwell or Halywell of Holwell
m Jane Norbury

Sir Percival Willoughby and Bridget Willoughby
Wi11 =?12 Sir Percival Willoughby 'of Middleton' b c 1560 d 23.08.1643
m Bridget Willoughby b c 1566 Wollaton d 16.07.1629, dau of Sir Francis Willoughby of Wollaton
Wi10-1 Sir Francis Willoughby of Wollaton b c 1590 d 1663/5
m Cassandra Ridgway dau of Thomas, Earl of Londonderry
Wi10-1-1 Francis Willoughby of Wollaton and Middleton b c1635, d 03.07.1672
m 1667 Emma Barnard dau of Sir Henry Barnard of Bridgnorth and London
A Sir Francis Willoughby, 1st Bart of Wollaton b 1660, d unm 09.1688
B Sir Thomas Willoughby, 2nd Bart of Wollaton, 1st Lord Middleton of Middleton b c1670, d 02.04.1729
m 09.04.1691 Elizabeth Rothwell d 25.02.1735/6, dau of Sir Richard Rothwell, Bart of Ewerby and Stapleford
i Francis Willoughby, 2nd Lord Middleton of Middleton b 29.09.1692, d 31.07/04.08.1758
m 25.07.1723 Mary Edwards d 12.03.1762, dau of Thomas Edwards of Filkins
a Francis Willoughby, 3rd Lord Middleton b 25.01.1725/6, d unm 16.12.1774
b Thomas Willoughby, 4th Lord Middleton b 19.12.1728, dsp 02.11.1781
m 07.04.1770 Georgiana Chadwick d 29.06.1789, dau of Evelyn Chadwick of West Leake
c daughter
ii Thomas Willoughby b 11.06.1694, d 02.12.1742
m Elizabeth Southby d 25.04.1752, dau of Thomas Southby of Birdsall
a Henry Willoughby, 5th Lord Middleton b 19.12.1726, d 14.06.1800
m 25.12.1756 Dorothy Cartwright d 18.09.1808, dau of George Cartwright of Ossington
1 Henry Willoughby, 6th Lord Middleton b 24.04.1761, dsp 19.06.1835
m 21.08.1793 Jane Lawley b c1767, d 17.12.1852, dau of Sir Robert Lawley, 5th Bart
2 Dorothy Willoughby d 13.04.1824
m 24.11.1784 Richard Langley of Wykeham Abbey
3 Henrietta Willoughby d 03.1846
m 25.05.1787 Richard Lumley, later Savile, later Lumley-Saunderson, 6th Earl of Scarborough b 16.04.1757, dsp 17.06.1832
b Francis Willoughby of Hesley Hall b 1727
m 25.05.1762 Octavia Fisher dau of Francis Fisher of the Grange
1 Digby Willoughby, 7th Lord Middleton b 26.11.1769, d unm 05.11.1856, Captain RN
2+ other issue d unm - Francis b 1771, Jane
c James Willoughby b 1731, d 1816, rector of Guiseley
m Eleanor Hobson dau of James Hobson of Kirkby Moorside
1 Henry Willoughby of Birdsall and Settrington b 15.12.1780, d 1849 had issue
m 1815 Charlotte Eyre d 1845, dau of John Eyre of Babworth, Archdeacon
Their eldest son became 8th Lord Middleton.
2 Elizabeth Willoughby d 25.09.1858
m 30.10.1798 John Savile Foljambe of Aldwarke b 03.05.1776, dvp 14.01.1805
3 Emma Willoughby
d Cassanda Willoughby d unm
e Elizabeth Willoughby
m 1750 Rev. Edmund Garforth
f Emma Willoughby d 1781
m Rev. N. Hodgson
g Antonina Willoughby
m 1765 Rev. Henry Hewgill
C Cassandra Willoughby dsp 16.07.1735
m 04.08.1713 James Brydges, 1st Duke of Chandos b 06.01.1673/4, d 09.08.1744
2+ other issue - Lettice, Catherin
The information provided by Visitation on the children of this generation has been supplemented by information kindly provided by a site visitor KC, 04.03.06 including information from a book on this family which we hope to locate in due course 'Wollaton Hall and The Willoughby Family' by Pamela Marshall, 1999.
Wi10-2 Edward Willoughby of Kingsbury and Cossall
m Elizabeth Atkinson
Wi10-3 Percival Willoughby of Derby b about 1594 a 1634, 5th son
m Elizabeth Cooke dau of Sir Francis Cooke of Trusley
1+ issue - Francis, John
Wi10-4 Theodosia Willoughby bur 07.11.1630
m c 1610 Rowland Mynors of Treago
-1 Robert Mynors b 1616 bur 23 Aug 1672 m 02.02.1649 Elizabeth Oswald dau of James Oswald of St. Weonard's
-2 Margaret Mynors bpt 25.07.1620 m Thomas Bignal of London
-3 Francis Mynors bpt 09.11.1619
-4 Willoughby Mynors bpt 09.02.1625, bur 04.06.1671
-5 Edward Mynors bpt 08.06.1630, bur 01.05.1631
-1-1 Crompton Mynors of Treago bpt 26.12.1650, d 1687 m 03.03.1678 Ann Reed dau of Richard Reed of Lugwardine
-1-2 Robert Mynors bpt12.04.1654, d 1684? m Elizabeth Adams dau of William Adams of Monmouth
-1-3 Percival Mynors of Wellington b 1657 m Teresa Town
-1-4 George Mynors b 1662 had issue m _ Cam
-1-5 Theodosia Mynors bpt 13.04.1652, d 06.12.1700 m1 16.06.1670 Roger Boulcott of Hereford a 07.1681
-1-6 Elizabeth Mynors b 1656 m Adam Wiggins
-1-7 Mary Mynors m George Green alderman of Hereford
-1-8 Margaret Mynors m1 William Green m2 Thomas Traunter
-1-9 Eleanor Mynors m Robert Gibbons
-1-10 Dorothy Mynors m Thomas Hickson
-1-1-1 Theodosia Mynors bpt 03.12.1679, d infant
-1-2-1 Robert Mynors of Treago, Sheriff of Herefordshire b 1692, d 10.06.1742 m Thomasina Gouge dau of Thomas Gouge of London
-1-2-2 Theodosia Mynors m 1719 John Hunt of St. Peter's, Hereford
-1-2-3 Mary Mynors m Thomas Parry of Arkeston
-1-2-4 Willoughby Mynors
-1-2-5 Elizabeth Mynors
-1-3-1 Elizabeth Mynors b 1682 m Robert Ravenhill b 1684
-1-5-1 Theodosia Boulcott d 1724 m1 16.07.1698 Peter Rickards of Evenjob b 1669, d 16.07.1729 m2 Richard Witherston of the Lodge, Burghill
-1-5-2 Robert Boulcott of Wotton dsp 22.03.1700
-1-5-3 Thomas Boulcott dsp 01.04.1702
-1-5-4 Elizabeth Boulcott
-1-5-5 Edward Witherston, Sheriff of Herefordshire a 1720 m Ann Barrett of Jamaica
-1-5-7+ bpt/bur 1683 - Bohun Witherston, Mynors Witherston

-1-5-1-1 Peter Rickards of Evenjob b 1716, d 1780 m 30.09.1751 Catherine Witherston d 1793, dau of Edward Witherston below
-1-5-5-1 Catherine Witherston d 1793 m 30.09.1751 Peter Rickards of Evenjob b 1716, d 1780 above
-1-5-5-2+ other issue
-1-2-1-1 Robert Mynors, later Gouge of Treago bpt 04.10.1721, dsp 07.02.1765 m Mary Parry dau of Thomas Parry of Arkeston by Mary Mynors, she m2. Charles Morgan of Ruperra
-1-2-1-2 Thomasina Mynors

-1-5-1-1-1 Peter Rickards of Evenjob, later Mynors of Treago b 15.03.1754, d 04.08.1794 m 1787 Meliora Powell d 12.10.1829, dau of Rev. John Powell of Penland & Clyro Courts by Philippa, dau of Thomas sb Humphrey Baskerville of Aberdw Court
-1-5-1-1-1-1 Peter Rickards Mynors of Treago & Evancoyd, Sheriff of Radnorshire b 27.11.1787, d 20.01.1866 had issue m 20.02.1817 Mary Elizabeth Halliday b 09.05.1795, d 29.04.1882, dau of Edmund Trowbridge Halliday of Chapel Cleeve
-1-5-1-1-1-2 Thomas Baskerville Mynors, later Baskerville, Sheriff of Wiltshire b 09.04.1790, d 09.09.1864 had issue m1 Ann Hancock dsp 06.1832, dau of John Hancock m2 Eliza Mary Guise dau of Rev. Powell Colchester Guise, son of Sir John, Bart
-1-5-1-1-1-3 Meliora Rickards Mynors b 01.01.1789, d 11.11.1854 m 12.01.1815 Hugh Hovell Farmar of Dunsinane d 1828
Wi10-5 Bridget Willoughby b 1584 d 30.06.1624
m1 1606 Nicholas Strelley d by 1609
m2 14.10.1610 Henry Cavendish of Doveridge d 22.12.1624 -1 Francis Cavendish b 1618 d 17 Jun 1650 m Dorothy Broughton dau of Thomas Broughton and Frances Bagot b 9 Nov 1597 (dau of Sir Walter Bagot MP and Elizabeth Cave) -1-1 Henry Cavendish b 1648 Doveridge Derby d 23 May 1698 m Mary Tyrrell b 1 Jan 16?62 dau of Gen Timothy Tyrrell Gov of Cardiff Castle and Elizabeth Ussher -1-1-1 William Cavendish of Doveridge Hall b 20 Jul 1682 Doveridge Hall d there 1719 m Elizabeth Holt b c 1682 Castleton Lancashire dau of James Holt MP and Dorothy Granthom b 1659 d 5 Mar 1719 Rochdale Lancashire -1-1-1-1 Mary Cavendish b 1706 Doveridge m Thomas Burgh had issue
-2 Sir Henry Cavendish, 1st Baronet b 13 Apr 1707 Doveridge Hall m1 Anne Payne m2 Catherine Prittle had issue
-3 Dorothea Cavendish b 1711
-4 Elizabeth Cavendish b 1710
-5 Frances Cavendish b 1712 m Richard Green had issue
-6 William Windsor Cavendish b 1714
-7 James Cavendish b 1708 had issue
-8 Isabella Cavendish b 1716 Ashbourne Derby m John Hughes had issue
-9 John Cavendish b 1719 Doveridge
Wi10-6 Elizabeth Willoughby b c 1590 d 1644 Wirksworth Derby
m 1609 John Gell of Derbyshire 1st Baronet
-1 Sir John Gell 2nd Baronet b 1612 Kedleston Derby m Katherine Packer b 1624 Derbyshire d 1670 Wirksworth Derby dau of John Packer MP and Philippa Mills
-2 William Gell b 1615
-3 Millicent Gell b 1616 m Richard Radcliffe
-4 Bridget Gell b c 1617 d 1680 m John Wigley
-5 Elizabeth Gell b 1618 m Henry Wigfall
-6 Eleanor Gell b c 1621 m Anthony Alsope
-1-1 Elizabeth Gell b 1647
-1-2 John Gell b 1648
-1-3 Thomas Gell b 1653
-1-4 Temperance Gell b 1656
-1-5 Francis Gell b 1659
-1-6 Katherine Gell m William Eyre had issue
-1-7 Sir Philip Gell, 3rd (and last) Baronet b 1651 m Elizabeth Fagg d 1716 bur Wirksworth
Wi10-7 Thomas Willoughby
Wi10-8 Henry Willoughby
Wi10-9 , Robert Willoughby,
Wi10 ?=11 Lettice Willoughby b about 1610 possibly
m Anthony Harrison b 1610 in Over, Cambridge, England d ABT 1680 in New Kent
Ha10-1 Richard Harrison
Ha10 James Harrison b 1641 in Va d 9 Jun 1712 Essex Co Va brought over by Robert Taliaferro. m1 x m2 1690 in Hanover Parish, Richmond Co Elizabeth Pigg/Prigg b 1645 in Va wid of George Mott
Ha10-3 Andrew Harrison b ABT 1650 in St. Stephens Parish, Northumberland Co d 1686 in North Farnham Parish, Old Rappahannock/Richmond Co Va m Thomasine Whitehead b ABT 1654 in St. Stephens Parish, Northumberland County
Ha10-4 George Harrison b 1650 in Cople Parish, Westmoreland Co d 30 Sep 1713 Cople Parish Westmoreland Co m abt 1678 in Cople Parish Elizabeth Duncan b ABT 1654 in Perthshire, Scotland dau of Peter Duncan b 17 JUN 1624 in Cannongate, Edinburgh, Mid Lothian, Scotland and Elizabeth 'Bessie' Caldwell b 26 JUL 1628 in High Church, Glasgow, Lanark, Scotland
Ha10-5 Daniel Harrison b BEF 1640 d 3 OCT 1677 in Lancaster Co Va m Mary x
Ha10-2-1 Andrew Harrison b ABT 1661 in Old Rappahanock Co
Ha10-2-2 Jael Harrison b 1674 in Essex Co d 4 SEP 1733 in Spotsylvania Co Va m1 BEF 8 OCT 1702 in Essex Co William Williams b 1665 son of William Williams b BEF 1645 m2 1713 in Caroline Co Va Richard Johnson b AFT 1687 in Essex Co
Ha10-2-3 Katherine Harrison b BEF 1696 m bef 1712 in Essex Co John Thomas b BEF 1692
Ha9-1 Andrew Harrison b 1671 in North Farnham Parish m1 ABT 1696 in North Farnham Parish x +1 ch m2 1718 in Westmoreland Co Mary Lovell b 1699 in Westmoreland Co +2 ch dau of Robert Lovell b 1674 in Westmoreland Co and Ursula wid Nicholas b ABT 1680 in Westmoreland
Ha9 Margaret Harrison b 1673 in St. Stephens Parish possibly the same Margaret Harrison b about 1660 m about 1685 in ?London James Bland b 30 Oct 1661 d 1708
Ha9-3 Robert Harrison b 23 OCT 1674 in North Farnham Parish d 6 APR 1720 in Richmond Co m1 2 OCT 1696 in North Farnham Parish Elizabeth Woffendall b ABT 1674 in Hanover Parish, Richmond Co + 8 ch m2 Mary x no ch
Ha9-4 William Harrison b 4 MAY 1677 in North Farnham Parish
Ha9-5 Anne Harrison b 5 JUN 1679 in North Farnham Parish m ABT 1698 in North Farnham Parish William Stone b: 1675 in North Farnham Parish, Old Rappahannock Co Va
Ha9-6 Thomas Harrison b ABT 1681 in St. Stephens Parish
Ha9-7 John Harrison b ABT 1683 in St. Stephens Parish
Ha10-4-1 Samuel HARRISON
Ha10-4-2 Thomas Harrison b ABT 1678 in Cople Parish, Westmoreland Co m aft 1698 Elizabeth x
Ha10-4-3 George Harrison b ABT 1680 in Cople Parish
Ha10-4-4 John Harrison b ABT 1682 in Cople Parish
Ha10-4-5 William Harrison b 1683 in Cople Parish
Ha10-4-6 James Harrison b ABT 1686 in Cople Parish
Ha10-4-7 Peter Harrison b ABT 1695 in Cople Parish
Ha10-4-8 Willoughby Harrison b ABT 1698 in Cople Parish
Ha10-5-1 Daniel Harrison b in Lancaster Co b abt 1665 d 26 Mar 1682 Westmoreland Co m Eleanor x
Ha10-5-2 Joshua Harrison b in Lancaster Co
Ha10-5-3 Hannah Harrison b ABT 1669 in Lancaster Co d 10 Apr 1741 Lancaster Co m 11 Nov 1685 Richard Stephens b: BEF 1655 in Lancaster Co
Ha10-5-4 Joseph Harrison b AFT 1670 in Lancaster Co d 8 May 1700 in Lancaster Co Va m 11 Nov 1692 Christ Ch Parich Middlesex Co Va Frances Haselwood
Ha10-5-5 Eleanor Harrison b BEF 1674 in Lancaster d bef 1710 Lancaster Co m John Pinckard b ABT 1665 in Lancaster Co

Ha10-2-2-1 Sarah Anne Williams b: 1692 in Old Rappahannock Co
Ha10-2-2-2 William Williams b 1693 in Essex Co d aft 1733 Spotsylvania Co
Ha10-2-2-3 James Williams b 1695 in Caroline Co m Anne JOhnson b 1714 in Caroline Co
Ha10-2-2-4 Elizabeth Williams b 1697 in Essex Co
Ha10-2-2-5 Elizabeth Johnson b 1715 in Caroline Co m 7 Oct 1731 Spotsylvania Co Richard II TUTT
Ha10-2-2-6 William Johnson b ABT 1717 in Caroline Cou
Ha10-2-2-7 Thomas Johnson b ABT 1719 in Caroline Co
Ha10-2-2-8 Anne Johnson b 1714 in Caroline
Ha10-3-1-1 Joseph Harrison b BEF 1703 in Richmond Co d aft 1765 Brunswick Parish Kg George Co m Margaret 'Peggy' Harrison
Ha10-3-1-2 Lovell Harrison b 1719 in Cople Parish, Westmoreland Co d 1788 in Cople Parish m1 ABT 1739 in Westmoreland Co Jane Loest b: ABT 1722 in Westmoreland County, Virginia no ch m2 1740 in Westmoreland Co 2 Margaret 'Peggy' Richardson b: 1724 in Westmoreland Co no ch m3 BEF 1745 in Cople Parish 3 Hannah Footman b: 1718 in Cople Parish, Westmoreland County, Virginia
Ha10-3-1-3 Elizabeth Anne Harrison b 5 JAN 1728/29 in Lancaster d 18 Mar 1778 m 4 OCT 1746 in Lancaster Co Jeremiah Carter b: 8 JUL 1720 in Lancaster County, Virginia
Bl8-1 William Bland b 1686 d 1744 resided in Stafford/Prince William Co Va m1 unknown m2 Catherine Key
Bl8 James Bland b 1687 d 22 Mar 1756 m Mary G. Watkins ?? b 1708 d 1782
Bl8-4 Alice Bland b 1689
Bl8-5 Ellen Bland b 1695 m Isaac Davis.
Bl8-6 Hannah Bland b 1696
Bl8-7 Robert Bland b 1698 was a minor child noted in the will of James Bland, b 1661 d 1708 without issue.
Bl8-8 Patience Bland b Abt. 1702
Bl8-9 Arthur Bland b 1725
Ha10-3-3-1 Alice Harrison b BEF 1700 in North Farnham Parish, Richmond Co
Ha10-3-3-2 William Harrison b ABT 1701 in Richmond Co Va
Ha10-3-3-3 Robert Harrison b ABT 1703 in North Farnham Parish, Richmond Co
Ha10-3-3-4 Aaron Harrison b ABT 1705 in North Farnham Parish
Ha10-3-3-5 Priscilla Harrison b ABT 1705 in St. Mary's Parish
Ha10-3-3-6 Mary Harrison b BEF 1711 in North Farnham Parish
Ha10-3-3-7 Martha Harrison b ABT 1713 in North Farnham Parish
Ha10-3-3-8 George Harrison b ABT 1715 in North Farnham Parish
Ha10-3-5-1 Elizabeth Stone b ABT 1711 in North Farnham Parish m 1727 in Essex Co Va Jason Meador b BET 1704 AND 1707 in Essex
Ha10-4-1-1 Frances Harrison b BEF 1705 in Chopawamsic, Stafford Co
Ha10-4-1-2 Catherine Harrison b BEF 1710 in Overwharton Parish, Stafford Co
Ha10-4-1-3 Jane Harrison b ABT 1710 in Overwharton Parish
Ha10-4-1-4 Anne Harrison b BEF 1705 in Overwharton Parish
Ha10-5-1-1 William Harrison
Ha10-5-1-2 Willoughby Harrison
Ha10-5-1-3 Sally Harrison
Ha10-5-1-4 Daniel Harrison
Ha10-5-1-5 James Harrison
Ha10-5-4-1 Mary Harrison b BEF 1696 in Lancaster Co
Ha10-5-4-2 Daniel Harrison b BEF 1698 in Lancaster
Ha10-5-5-1 John Pinckard b BEF 1733 -
Ha10-5-5-2 Thomas Pinckard b BEF 1733 -

Ha10-2-2-3-1 William Williams b 1722 in St. Mark's Parish, Orange Co m ABT 1754 in St. Mark's Parish Lucy Clayton b ABT 1738 in St. Mark's Parish, Culpeper Co dau of Philip Clayton b 1712 in South Farnham Parish, Essex Co and Anne Coleman b 18 FEB 1716/17 in Essex
Ha10-2-2-3-2 James Williams b ABT 1730 in Caroline
Ha10-2-2-5-1 James TUTT
Ha10-2-2-5-2 Richard III TUTT
Ha10-2-2-5-3 John TUTT
Ha10-2-2-5-4 Benjamin TUTT
Ha10-3-1-1-1 William Harrison b AFT 1723 in Brunswick Parish, King George Co
Ha10-3-1-1-2 Andrew Harrison b 1723 in Brunswick Parish, King George
Ha10-3-1-2-1 Anthony Alexander Harrison b ABT 1740 in Westmoreland Co
Ha10-3-1-2-2 Mary Harrison b 1744 in Westmoreland Cou
Ha10-3-1-2-3 James Harrison b 1748 in Westmoreland Co
Ha10-3-1-2-4 Joseph Harrison b 1749 in Westmoreland Co
Ha10-3-1-2-5 John Footman Harrison b: ABT 1750 in Westmoreland C
Ha10-3-1-2-6 Hannah Harrison b BEF 1768 in Westmoreland Co
Ha10-3-1-2-7 Anne Harrison b BEF 1768 in Westmoreland Co
Ha10-3-1-2-8 Harriet Harrison b BEF 1768 in Westmoreland
Ha10-3-1-3-1 Jeremiah Carter b 1748 in Lancaster Co
Ha10-3-1-3-2 Anne Carter b 1750 in Lancaster Co
Ha10-3-1-3-3 Catherine Carter b 28 JAN 1753 in Overwharton Parish
Ha10-3-1-3-4 Henry Carter b 1 SEP 1755 in Overwharton Parish
Ha10-3-1-3-5 Tabitha Carter b 11 DEC 1757 in Overwharton Parish
Ha10-3-1-3-6 Joseph Carter b 1759 in Stafford Co
Ha10-3-1-3-7 Robert Carter b 1761 in Stafford Co
Ha10-3-1-3-8 Benjamin Carter b 1763 in Stafford
Bl8-1-1. James Bland (1704-1774), Prince William Co Va and New Hanover/Duplin Co NC m Mary (Buchannan?).
Bl8-1-2 Robert Bland (C1708-1760), Prince William and Loudon Co Va m Jane x.
Bl8-1-3 Moses Bland b C1718 d 1800 of Prince William Co Va and Randolph Co NC, m Jane Wiggonton.
Bl8-1-4 Thomas Bland (C1719-1788) of Fauquier Co Va, m Jane (English?) Smith
Bl8-1-5 John Bland (C1725-1795) of Prince William Co Va and Nelson Co Ky m Margaret Osborne.
Bl7 Benjamin Bland b c 1724 d 19 Aug 1771 m Mary x
B7-2 Arthur Bland (C1725-1763), of Prince William Co Va m Mary x
Bl8-3-1 John Bland, (C1742-1807), of Prince William Co Va and Washington Co Ky, m Rachel.
Bl8-3-2 Jesse Bland (1756-1835), of Prince William and Greenbrier Co Va unm

Ha10-2-2-3-1-1 James Williams b ABT 1740 in St. Mark's Parish, Culpeper Co
Ha10-2-2-3-1-3 Philip WILLIAMS
Ha10-2-2-3-1-4 John Williams b: ABT 1748 in St. Mark's Parish, Culpeper Co
Ha10-2-2-3-1-5 William Clayton Williams b c 1755 in St. Mark's Parish, Culpeper Co
Ha10-2-2-3-1-6 Lucy Clayton Williams b BEF 1764 in St. Mark's Parish, Culpeper m Alice Burwell
Ha10-2-2-3-1-7 Mary WILLIAMS b about 1750 m John Stevens, son of Gen'l Edward Stevens no ch
Ha10-2-2-3-1-6 Susannah WILLIAMS d unm
Ha10-2-2-3-1-9 Isabella WILLIAMS
Bl6-1 James Bland b 1752 d 1802
Bl6-2 Chloe Bland b c 1752
Bl6-3 Peggy Bland b c 1757
Bl6-4 Ester Bland b c 1760
Bl6-5 Amelia Bland b c 1764
Bl6 Charles Bland b 02 Dec 1765 d 26 Sep 1842 m 17 Jan 1791 Phyllis Ann Pope Po6 b 26 MAY 1773 in Fauquier, Va
Bl6-7 Betty Bland b Abt. 1768
Bl6-8 John Bland b 1770 d 1820
Wi11-2 Edward Willoughby
m Winifrid Willoughby dau of Sir Francis Willoughby of Wollaton
Wi11 =12 Thomas Willoughby of London b 1560 Boreplace d c 1616
m Clemence Willoughby b c 1550 Chiddingston Kent d c 1602 s.b.
+1 Christopher Willoughby b 1513 St George and The English Martyrs Church Skellow Lincoln
Wi10 =11 Thomas Willoughby b c 1571 Bore Place Kent d 16 Mar 1648 Barbados bur Bread St. London possibly here or nephew above geni.com shows his wife as:
m Elizabeth Middleton
b aft 1587 Chiddingstone Kent d c 2687 Norfolk VA
+1 y Middleton
Alice Brewster b 1568 Skirwilt Cumberland
Wi9 =10
Wi11-4 Robert Willoughby
Wi11-5 George Willoughby
Wi11-6 Henry Willoughby,
Wi11-7 Frideswide Willoughby,
Wi11-8 Elizabeth Willoughby,
Wi11-9 Bridget Willoughby,
Wi11-10 Sibbell Willoughby
Wi12 =13 Christopher Willoughby of Penshurst b 1513 St George and The English Martyrs Church Skellow Lincoln d 11 Jan 1586 Willoughby Lincoln
m1 Margaret Tottishurst dau of Richard Tottishurst
Wi11-1 Chrisopher Willoughby b 1538 Chiddingstone Kent
m Martha Hart b 1566 Chiddingstone Kent dau of y Hart grandau of Robert Hart and Dorothy Willoughby (dau of Edward Willoughby)
Wi11-2 Kellom/Kenelm Willoughby
m Caterine Goldwell dau of Stephen Goldwell
Wi11-3 Anthony Willoughby b c 1542
m2 x
Wi11 =12 Clemence Willoughby b c 1550 Chiddingstone Kent d c 1602
m Thomas Willoughby of London had issue s.a.
-1 Thomas Willoughby b c 1571?/80 Bore Place Kent d 16 Mar 1648 Barbados bur Bread St. London probably here (or nephew above) geni.com shows his wife as: m Elizabeth Middleton b aft 1587 Chiddingstone Kent d c 2687 Norfolk VA -1-1
Wi12-3. m Humfrey/Humphrey Waldron of Devon son of Henry Walrond and Agnes Whittinge -1 Humphrey Walrond of Upham b 1554 d 1620 m Mary Audley of Holbury
-2 Humphrey Walrond of Ottery St Mary b 1555 d 1637 m Elizabeth Duke b 1595 dau of Sir Richard Duke and Katherine Prideaux
-3 Alexander Walrond b 1553
-4 William Walrond b c 1558 m Mary Sanford d 1587 she m1 Jahn Warre of Chipleigh
-5 Anthony Walrond
-6 Thomas Walrond
-1-1 Humphrey Walrond b c 1614 d y
-2-1 Humphrey Walrond b c 1614
-4-1 Mary Walrond b 1582 m 'Edmund Arscott
-4-2 Henry Walrond
-4-3 Melaney Walrond
-4-4 Agnes Walrond

-4-1-1 John Arscott b 1613 m Gertrude Calmady d 18 Oct 1699 bur Tetcott Devon dau of Sir Shilston Calmady and Elizabeth Copleston
-4-1-2 William Arscott b 1617
-4-1-3 Mary Arscott m1 John Calmady m2 Amos Short of Lyme Regis
-4-1-4 Anne Arscott m Amos Short of Lyme Regis

-4-1-2-1 John Arscott
-4-1-2-2 Mary Arscott m y Coham
Wi12-4. Elizabeth Willoughby b c 1514 Chevening Kent d there 10 Apr 1580
m Thomas Tottishurst of Kent
-1 Ann Totteshurst b 1540 Chevening d there 15 Apr 1633 m John Thomas b 1547 Chevening Kent d 17 Aug 1603 Chevening he m1 Ales Lewys b c 1552 + 5 ch dau of Thomas Lewys -1-1 John Thomas b 8 Jul 1575 Chevening m1 Elizabeth Leanard b 28 Apr 1576 Wendron Cornwall d 1597 Bermondsey Surrey + 1 ch dau of John Leanard and Elizabeth Gentle m2 Ann Diggory b 1585 d 3 Oct 1624 London +1 ch dau of Thomas Diggory
-1-2 Richard Thomas b 1567
-1-3 Jasper Thomas b 1573
-1-1-1 Mary Thomas b c 1600 Northumberland d 1683 VA m Edward Saunders of Wicomico Parish b 1595 South Molton Devon d VA son of Edwar Saunders and Anna Pandreth b 1558 Chilton Berks
-1-1-2 John Thomas b 1615 Lenham Kent m Tabitha Charles or Holbrook b 15 May 1618 Wilts d 1 Apr 1690 New Haven CT
-1-1-1-1 Thomas Saunders b 1622
-1-1-1-2 Edward Saunders b 10 Aug 1625 Chilton Aylesbury Vale Bucks m Mary Webbe b 1618 Wicomico VA d there 1684 dau of Sir John Webb and Catherine Tresham b 28 Dec 1576
-1-1-1-3 Ann Saunders b c 1634 d aft 1672 Occupacia Cree Kg Geo Co VA m Henry Berry b 26 Oct 1628 ?Lancashire had issue
-1-1-2-1 Sarah Thomas b 1639 New Haven CT m William Wilmot had issue
-1-1-2-2 Daniel Thomas Sr b 13 Feb 1644 New Haven CT m Rebecca Perkins
-1-1-2-3 John Thomas of New Haven
-1-1-2-4 Elizabeth Holt
-1-1-2-5 Tabitha Holt
-1-1-2-6 Joseph Thomas
-1-1-2-7 Samuel Thomas
Wi12-5 Bridget Willoughby
m x

Wi12-6 Edward Willoughby
m x
-1 Dorothy Willoughby m Robert Hart -1-1 y Hart -1-1-1 Martha Hart m Christopher Willoughby b 1538 Chiddingstone Kent d 1596 Kent son of Christopher Willoughby and Margaret Tottishurst -1-1-1-1 Col William Willoughby b 1588 London m Elizabeth Locke b 1590 Engl d 15 Sep 1662 Charlestown MA had issue
-1-1-1-2 Kenelm Willoughby
-1-1-1-3 Christopher Willoughby
-1-1-1-4 Henry Willoughby
-1-1-1-5 Margaret Willoughby
-1-1-1-6 Elizabeth Willoughby
-1-1-1-7 Benedict Willoughby
-1-1-1-8 Bridget Willoughby
-1-1-1-9 Jayne Willoughbie
-1-1-1-10Lanncelot Willoughbye
Wi12-7 Thomas Willoughby
m x
-1 Robert Willowbie b 1569 Pocklington East Riding York
-2 William Willowbie b 1571 Pocklington East Riding York
-3 Robert Willowbye b 1576 Pocklington
-4 Katharine Willowbye b 1579 Pocklington
Wi12-8 Margaret Willoughbe
m Richard Straker
-1 m

Sources: BP1934 Middleton, TCP Middleton + Visitation Nottinghamshire, 1569+1614, Willoughby
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