Ca12 WilIiam Cary, Sheriff and Mayor of Bristol, England.

    William Cary was the son of Richard Cary Ca13 and Christian Dennis(?possibly a granddaughter of Thomas Dennis of Gloucester)
    Born - 1550,
    Married 1st 1572, January 14 to Alice Goodall or Goodale (Go12) d. 1623
    2nd Mary Llewelyn
    Died 1632
    Buried 1st March 1632
    Ca11-1 William Cary b Jan 1577 Bristol d Oct. 2, 1638 St. Thomas Church
    Ca11-2 Richard Cary Baptized Aug. 1, 1579 St. Nicholas Church d July 1644 bur St. Nicholas Church married Mary Shershaw in 1606 in England
    They had 9 daughters and 8 sons only the first Son (Shershaw Cary) left issue
    Ca11 John Cary b April 1583 St. Nicholas parish, England d Feb. 13, 1661 Church of All Saints, England
    Ca11-4 Walter Cary Baptized June 18, 1588 St. Nicholas parish, England d Feb. 1633 Bristol, England
    married Grace Browne
    Ca11-5 Robert Cary Baptized Nov. 3, 1589 St. Nicholas parish, England d Oct. 7, 1628 Bristolleft a will mentioning 4 daughters and 2 sons. According to the Heralds' College married Anne Thomas of Abergavenny
    pedigree of 1700, this branch of the family became extinct during the civil wars
    Ca11-6 Anne Cary b 1590 Bristol, England d c 1632 England
    Ca11-7 Susan Cary b 1592 Bristol, England d England
    Ca11-8 Margery Cary b Bristol married Hugh Yeo
    Ca11-9 Thomas Cary Baptized April 11, 1596 St. Nicholas parish, England d Feb. 12, 1648 bur St. Thomas married Joan Milner abt 1647 in England
    Ca11-10 James Cary Baptized April 14, 1600 St. Nicholas parish, Bristol d Nov. 2, 1681 Charlestown, MA emigrated to the Massachusetts colonies in 1639. His record at Charlestown
    is complete to and including his tombstone recording his death. From him descended a line of sea captains, merchants and clergymen, who have maintained the Bristol tradition in New England. married Mary Llewellyn in 1624 in Bristol, England
    Ca11-11 Anne Cary b 1624 Bristol, England d infant
    Ca11-12 Henry Cary Baptized Nov. 20, 1625 St. Nicholas d abt 1700 Marlborough, England

    Generation Ca13
    Son of Ca14 Richard Cary, Merchant of Bristol.
    Born – 1526?
    Died - 1570

    Generation Ca14,
    William Cary, Sheriff and Mayor of Bristol, England.
    Born – 1510? ¬
    Died - 1572

    (Ancestry derived from pedigree registered in 1699 in Heralds’ College of Arms, London, by John Cary of Bristol gentleman, and his brother, Richard Cary, Alderman of London.)

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