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Assheton 1

: Assheton of Assheton
As27. Orm FitzEdward b about 1215
m 1239 Emma b 1220 Manchester dau of
+1 Albert de Gresley +2 William de Gresley of Gresley d before 06.1254
m c1244 Elizabeth de Bakepuiz dau of John de Bakepuiz of Barton Bakepuiz
+3 Robert de Gresley of Gresley b about 1140
m Basilia d c1183
+4 William FitzNigel de Greseley or Gresley of Gresley b about 1110 d c1166
m Elena
As26. ?? Orm/Thomas ? de Assheton b about 1240
As25. Sir Robert de Assheton of Assheton b about 1255
As24. Sir John de Assheton of Assheton b about 1270 a 1335
As23. Sir Robert de Assheton of Assheton, Governor of Guynes b about 1295 a 1377, Admiral, Justiciar of Ireland Vice-Chamberlain to King Edward III. He was a commissioner to treat for peace with France, Warden of the Cinque Ports and Admiral of the Narrow Seas, Lord Treasurer of England and Constable of Dover Castle.
m1. Elizabeth
As20 =22 Thomas de Assheton b about 1320 fought at the battle of Neville's Cross, and captured the Royal Standard of Scotland. Accompanied John of Gaunt to Spain.
m Eleanor Buckley dau of Sir John Buckley This may be a different form of Bageley and/or Bulkeley.According to Thornber she was a dau of Sir Robert Davenport of Bramall in Cheshire.
As19 =21 Sir John de Assheton of Assheton b about 1340 a 1385
m Margaret de Legh dau of Perkyn sb Robert? de Legh of Lyme
As20=18 Sir John de Assheton of Assheton, drowned at Norham.
m _ Standish dau of Sir Robert Standish of Standish
a Sir John de Assheton of Assheton a 1413 Knight of the Bath, Seneschal of Bayeux, Governor of Hadupais, Bailliff of Constance in France and knight of the shire for Lancashire.
m1 Jane Savile dau of Sir John Savile of Tankersleigh
1 Sir Thomas Assheton alchemist
m Elizabeth Byron dau of Sir John Byron
A Sir John Assheton d 1508
m1 Dulcia Trafford dau of Sir Edmund Trafford of Trafford
i Sir Thomas Assheton d 1517
m1 Elizabeth Staveleigh dau of Ralph Staveleigh of Stayley
a Margaret Assheton
m Sir William Booth of Dunham Massey d 09.11.1519
b Elizabeth Assheton
m Randle Ashton of Barton
c Joan Assheton
m Sir John Leigh
m2 Agnes sb Alice? Harrington dau of Sir James Harrington of Woolfap
d John Assheton dspm
m Jane Stanley dau of W. Stanley
e Alice Assheton
m Sir R. Hoghton of Hoghton Tower
m2 Isabella Elland dau of _ Elland of Elland
B Edmund Assheton
m Johanna Radcliffe dau of Richard Radclyffe of Chadderton
C Geffrey Assheton
m _ Manners dau of Thomas Manners of Shipley
D Nicholas Assheton
m Mary dau of Lord Brook
E Dulcia Assheton
m Sir Thomas Gerrard of Bryn
F Elizabeth Assheton
m Sir John Trafford d 1488
G+ 3 other children
J Richard Assheton
i Elizabeth Assheton
m Alexander Barlow d after 1476, son of Nicholas by Anne
2 Lucy Assheton
m1 Sir Bertone or Bertie Entwisle
m2 Richard Byron
m3 Sir Ralph Shirley
3 Margaret Assheton
m Thomas Langley of Edgecroft
4 Katherine Assheton
m John Duckenfield
5 Elizabeth Assheton 1410
m1 Sir Ralph Harrington
m2 Sir Richard Hammerton d 1480
-1 Sir Stephen# HAMERTON+
-3 William HAMERTON
-4 Jane HAMERTON m Brian Radcliffe
6 Agnes Assheton
m Thomas Booth of Barton
7 Anne Assheton
m y Dalton of Cheshire
m2 Mary Byron dau of Sir John Byron of Clayton
8 Sir Ralph Assheton of Middleton, Sheriff of Yorkshire a 1483 first called of Middleton. Page of Honour to Henry VI, Knight-Marshall of England, Lieut. of the Tower of London, and Sheriff of Yorkshire in the 12th and 13th years of the reign of Edward IV. In 1482, he was made Knight-Banneret on the field of battle at Hattonfield in Scotland. Later Vice-Constable of England, and rode in the procession for the coronation of Richard III. He acquired Middleton through his wife
m Margaret Barton dau and heiress of John Barton of Middleton and heiress of her uncle, Richard Barton.
b Sir Nicholas de Assheton, a Knight of the Order of St. John of Jerusalem.
As18 Joanna de Assheton
m Sir Robert Davenport of Bramhall
partner unknown
As22-2 William de Assheton in Spain became Doctor of Laws to King John of Castile and Leon.
As23-2 Gilbert de Assheton
As25-2. Roger Wrightinton de Assheton b 1240 Ashton-under-Lyne Lancashire -1 Thomas de ASHTON b 1262, Ashton-Under-Lyne, Lancashire -1-1 John de Assheton b 1282 Ashton-Under-Lyne Lancashire d 1345
m in Ashton-Under-Lyne, Lancashire Margery Byron b in 1294/1302 dau of John Byron b 1260
-1-1-1 Robert ASHTON b 1303, Ashton, Lancaster d 9 Jan 1384
m Elizabeth in 1321 in Ashton-Under-Lyn, Lancashire, England
-1-1-2 Gilbert Ashton b 1305
-1-1-1-1 Thomas de ASHTON b 1322 Assheton-UnderLyne, Lancashire d 1386
m Eleanor BUMHLEY in 1341 in Assheton-Under-Lyne Lancashire, dau of John Bumhley b 1300
-1-1-1-2 Eleanor b about 1326 Assheton-under-Lyne m John Berkeley
-1-1-1-3 William de Assheton
-1-1-1-1-1 John De ASHTON b 1342/4, Ashton-Under-Lyne, Lancashire
m Margaret de LEGH b 1344 Lyne Chesgire dau of Robert Derkins de Legh
-1-1-1-1-1-1 John De ASSHETON b 1344, Ashton-Under-Lyne, Lancashire
m x STANDISH in 1364 in Ashton-Under-Lyn, Lancashire
-1-1-1-1-1-1-1 John ASSHETON b 1368, Ashton-UnderLyn, Lancashire d 3 Sep 1428
m Jane SAVILLE b 1372 Tankerley Yorkshire
-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1 Elizabeth ASSHETON b 1399, Ashton-Under-Lyne, Lancashire d 10 Aug 1466
m Richard HAMERTON in 1426
-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1 Stephen HAMERTON b 1427, Hamerton, Yorkshire d 1501 m on 24 Mar 1446 in Hamerton, Yorkshire Isabel PLUMPTON Pl19-8 dau of William Plumpton Pl20 b 1404 d 1480 and Elizabeth Stapleton b 1408 d 1451
-1-1-1-1-1-1-2 Nicholas de Assheton b about 1370
-1-1-1-1-1-1-3 Katherine de Assheton b about 1372 m Thomas Booth
-1-1-1-1-1-1-3-1 Elizabeth Booth b about 1404 m Edmund John Pilkington b about 1400
-1-1-1-1-1-2 Johanna de Assheton b about 1363
As25-3. Thomas de Assheton b about 1242 Ashton-Under-Lyne Lancashire

Sources: BEB1844 Assheton of Middleton, BLG1886 Assheton of Downham s.a.
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