Lu19 Sir Andrew Luttrell



    Lu19 Sir Andrew Luttrell of Chilton was the son of Sir John Luttrell Lu20 of Chilton (about 1360) and Joan Mohun Mo20
    Married: 1359 Elizabeth Courtenay Co19 dau of Hugh de Courtenay Co20, 2nd Earl of Devon

    Lu18-1 John Luttrell (died 1398)
    Lu18-3 Elizabeth Luttrell (died 1378)
    Lu18 Sir Hugh Luttrell of Chilton, East Quantoxhead and Dunster Castle d 24.03.1428, Seneschal of Nomandy
    Sir John de Mohun, owner of Dunster Castle acquired extravagant habit and ran foul of the law, but conscious of his mounting debts, Lady Joan de Mohun nee Burghersh set out to secure the Mohun inheritance for herself embarking on a series of sophisticated transactions, frequently of dubious legality, The first round of conveyances and reconveyances gave her a life interest in most of John's properties, including Dunster Castle.
    From 1374 to 18th November 1376 Lady Elizabeth Luttrell negotiated the purchase of the reversion of Dunster Castle, the manors of Kilton, MInehead and Carhampton and the hundred of Carhampton from Lady Joan de Mohun for the price of 5,000 marks with the propeerty being settled. Joan de Mohun enjoyed good health and survived nearly thirty years until 1404, indeed outliving Lady Lutterell, when the castle passed to her son, Sir Hugh Luttrell.
    Source: Dunster Castle, 1991, a booklet by the National Trust