Wi18 Brian de Windsor

    Brian de Windsor Wi18 was the son of Miles de Windsor Wi19 and  Alice de Wymondham Wy19.
    Born: about 1372, Bradenlove, Buckinghamshire, England <
    Died: 30 Apr 1399 br>Married: Alice Drew Dr18 about 1392 dau of Thomas Drew
    and had issue:
    Wi17 Richard de Windsor
    Wi17-2 Miles de Windsor
    Brian was 15 years old when his father died, possessed of the manor of Bynteworth, in the hamlet of Asheley, & lands called le Bol & Con, the manor of Mulle in Benestede, the manor of Esington, the manor of Bromleye, with 1 messuage, & 40 acres of land, called Little Bynteworth, & lands in Gretham: the manor of Bere juxta Warneford: the manor of Wynhale, and Maleshangre, in Yerdlegh manor; all in the county of Southampton: the manor of Stanwell, with the avocations of the church, & the ward of Windsor Castle: the manor of West Bedefont, parcel of the priory of New Place, the manor of Shepcote, all in the county of Middlesex: the manor of West Hakeburn, parcel of the manor there; the manor of Chilton; the manor of Wokefield; the manor of Colrugge; the manor of West Horsley; the manor of Piperharewe; the manor of Hartmere, held by the prior of New Place; the manor of Bagshutt; the manor oof Estbury in Compton, and the manor of Donne in Compton; the manor of Berewe; all in the county of Surrey
    Source: Monograph of the Windsor Family, private publishing about 1900, available at Guildhall Library in London.
    Data from: http://www.tudorplace.com.ar/WINDSOR.htm