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Bland of Northern Neck Va.
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Savile 1

: Savile of Savile Hall, Savile of Thornhill
Sa28. Sir John Savile of Savile Hall b about 1135
m x de Rockley dau of Sir Simon de Rockley
Sa27. ?? Savile b c 1160
Sa26. y Savile b c 1185
Sa25. Thomas Savile of Newsted b about 1210
m x Tankersley dau of Sir Richard Tankersley
Sa24. Sir John Savile b about 1235
m x Rochdale
Sa23 John Savile b about 1260
m x Latham dau of Sir Robert Latham
Sa22 Sir John Savile b about 1280
m Jane de Bosco dau of Matthew de Bosco, alias Wood
Sa21 John Savile of Savile Hall b about 1305
m Margaret Rishwood dau of Henry Rishwood
Sa20 Sir John Savile of Eland, Sheriff of Yorkshire b about 1320
m Isabel Eland dau of Thomas Eland of Eland
Sa19-1 Sir John Savile
m Isabel Ratcliffe dau of Robert Ratcliffe
Sa19-1-1 Sir John Savile dsp
m Isabel Fitzwilliams dau of Sir William Fitzwilliams
Sa19-1-2 Isabel Savile
m Thomas D'Arcy son of Lord D'Arcy
Sa19 Henry Savile of Thornhill b about 1355
m Elizabeth Thornhill dau of Simon Thornhill of Thornhill b 1232 d 1270
Sa18 Sir Thomas Savile of Thornhill b c 1380 BEB1841 identifies Sir Thomas's wife as Margaret, dau of Sir Thomas Pilkington. However, noting the dates, we provisionally support those sources which identify her as ...
m m Margaret Pilkington dau of
widow of Nicholas GriffinSir John Pilkington,
Sa17 Sir John Savile of Thornhill, Sheriff of Yorkshire a 1460
m Alice Gascoigne dau of Sir William Gascoigne of Gawthorp
Sa17-2 daughter Savile possibly fits here
m Conan Aske he m2 m2 Catherine Conyers dau of Christopher Conyers + ch
-1 Roger Aske b about 1420 m Isabella Conyers + 2 ch dau of Christopher Conyers
-2 Margaret Aske nun
-1-1 William Aske 'of Aske b about 1450 m about 1490 Felice Strangeways b about 1460 dau of James Strangeways Stranguysshe
-1-2 Margaret Aske
Visitation ends with this generation. From a web site we read of a property passing down this line until Roger d 1512 who had 2 daughters. The following, though supported by cross-references from elsewhere in the database, is somewhat presumptuous.
-1-1-1 Roger Aske 'of Aske' b about 1490 d 1512 m Margaret Sigiswicke dau of Humphrey Sigiswicke of Walbarum mother of Anne, presumed also of ...
-1-1-2 Alice Aske d 1521 m Christopher Stapleton of Wighill d 1537
-1-1-1-1 Elizabeth Aske m Richard Bowes a 1550
-1-1-1-2 Anne Aske b 1503 d by 1553 m Sir Ralph Bulmer d before 27.10.1558
Sa18-2 Henry Savile of Copley
m c1403 Helen Copley dau of Thomas Copley of Copley
i John Savile of Copley
ii Thomas Savile of Hullinedge
m Anne Stansfield dau of John Stansfield of Stansfield
iii Nicholas Savile ancestor of Saviles of Blathroyd
Sa18-3 Jennett Savile
Sa24-2 Henry Savile b about 1240
BEB1844 in its articles on Savile of Thornley, Savile of Methley, and Savile of Copley identifies a Henry of this generation as marrying Ellen Copley dau of Thomas Copley of Copley in about 1300 and having 3 sons 1 John, 1st of Copley, but with no pedigree until John, Bart of Copley; 2 Thomas, ancestor of Saviles of Methley and hence the Earls of Mexborough; and 3 Nicholas. We follow BP1934, which starts with the John of Savile Hall who was father of Sir John of Eland, as showing that the Henry who married Helen Copley and was father of John, Thomas and Nicholas had that marriage in about 1403 was son of Henry of Thornhill, youngest son of Sir John of Eland.

Main sources: BEB1844 Savile of Thornhill with a little support/input from BP1934 Mexborough
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