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Bardolf and Brandon

: Bardolf/Bardolph of Shelford, Bardolf of Wirmegay Wormegay, Brandon of Suffolk
Additions from fabpedigree and numerous other websites as linked to.
Ba36 =35 =37 =39. ?Alan I King of Brittany b c 840 d 907
m Oreguen
Ba35 =34 =36 =38 Paskwitan/Pascweten II de Rennes b by 895 d about 936
m Judith heiress Berenger Count of Rennes

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Ba34 =33 =35 =37 ? Judhael Berengar, Count of Rennes b by 931, d c 970 or?Berengar, Comte de Bayeux et Senlis b by 931 d about 970
m Geberga/Gerberga ?of Saxony
Ba33 =32 =34 =36 Conan I the Crooked Duc de Bretagne b c 950 d 27 Jun 992
Ba32 =33 =34 Geoffrey Duc de Bretagne
Hawise de Normandy probably the mother of Eudes
Ermengarde de Anjou, daughter of Geoffrey Count of Anjou and Adelaide de Vermandois
Ba30 =31 =32 =34 Eudes I, Regent de Bretagne b about 999 d 1079
x probably mother of Bardolf below
Agnes de Cornwall d 1056+ daughter of Alain Cagniart Earl of Cornwall and Judith de Nante, dau of Judicael Comte de Nante
Ba29 =30 =31 =33 Bardolf de Ravensworth b c 1052 d about 1120 or Bardolf FitzThorfin
m dau of Alseyn/Alselyn
Ba28 =29 =30 =32 Akaris FitzBardolf de Ravensworth b c 1086 Ravensworth Kirby North Riding York d c 1161
m dau of Geoffrey Alselyn
Ba27 =28 =29 =31 William Bardolphde Ravensworth b 1109 d 1174 Bradwell Norfolk see below
?= m Amabilia de Limesi/Lindsay b 1130 Pirton d 1205 Somme Picardie FR dau of
Ba27-2 Hervey Fitz Akarius b 1120 Ravensworth North Yorkshire d 1182 Jervaulx Abbey Yorkshire
m1 x + 6 ch
m2 Eve x
Ba27-2-1 Henry FitzHervey, Lord of Ravensworth b 1167 Ravensworth d 1201/16.05.1212
m Alice dau of Ranulf FitzWalter of Greystock
-1 Agatha FitzHenry of Ravensworth m Sir Michael Fleming,
-2 Sir Ranulf/Randolph fitz Henry, lord of Ravensworth b 1203 Ravensworth d 1243 Jevaulx Abbey m Alice de Staveley
-3 John FitzHenry of Lartington b c 1205
-4 Henry FitzHenry b c 1207 Rvensworth
-5 Joan FitzHenry b c 1210 m Walter Bolebec
Ba27-2-2 Richard FitzHervey
Ba27-2-3 Hugh FitzHervey
Ba27-2-4 William fitzHervey
Ba27-2-5 Gilbert fitzHervey
Cl22 Alan Dictus de Cleburne b c 1175 d 1216
Ba27-3 Walter Fitz Akarius
Ba30-2 Martin d'Acigne
Ba30-3 Roiantleline de Dol
Ba32 =31 Judith de Bretagne
m Richard II "the Good" Duc de Normandy
No30-1 Richard III, Duke of Normandy b c997, d 06.08.1027/28 m Adele of France b 1009, d 08.01.1079 ch by unk partners
No30 Robert 'the Devil', Duke of Normandy b c 999, d 02.07.1035 p: Herlette/Herleva/Arlette de Falaise dau of William the tanner, wife ofHerluin, Viscount of Conteville
No30-3 Eleanor of Normandy b c1002 m 1031 Baldwin IV, Count of Flanders b c980, d 30.05.1035
No30-4 Adelaide / Judith b c 1003, a 07.1037 m by 08.1016 Renaud I de Macon, Count de Bourgogne b c 990, d 03.09.1057
No30-1-1 Alice of Normandy m Ranulph, Count of Bayeux b c1017
No30-1-2 Agnes d'Evereux
No29 William I 'the Conqueror', Duke of Normandy, King of England b 1027, d 07.09.1087 m 1053 Mathilda of Flanders b 1032, d 02.11.1083, dau of Baldwin V, Count of Flanders
No29-2 Adelaide b c 1030 d 1081/84 m1 by 1051 Enguerrand II de Ponthieu/Montreuil d 1053 m2 1053/54 Lambert de Boulogne-sur-Mer, Count of Lens d 1054 m3. c 1060 Eudes III, Count of Troyes and Aumale d c1127
Ba32 =Zo30 =28 Judhael Count of Porhoet d 1037
Zo29 =27 Guethenoc Vicomt de Porhoët b c 990 d 1040
m. Alarun/Allurum de Cornouaille/Guilliers b 994
Zo28 =26 =Gr27 =29 Josselin I de Porhoet, Viscounte de Bretagne et de Rennes d 1074
Zo27 =25 =Gr26 =28 Eudon or Eon I de Porhoet et de Rennes a 1090 m1 Emme de Leon d c1092
Zo26 =24 =Gr25 =27 Geoffroy, Viscount de Porhoet b c 1093 d 1141/2 m. Hawise of Brittany dau of ->
this marriage reported by TCP (Zouche)
+1 Alain IV 'Fergent' (iron glove), Duke of Brittany Count of Nantes and Rennes b c 1063 d 13 Oct 1119 last duke who spoke the Breton language abdicated in 1112.
m1 c 1066 Constance dau of William the Conqueror
m2 by 1093 Ermengarde of Anjou
+2 Hoel II regent 1072 until 1084
m Hawise Duchess of Brittany d 1072 succeeded bro of Conan II d 1066
+2 Fulk of Anjou
Zo25-1 Eudon/Eon II, Viscount of Porhoet, 'Duke of Brittany' d 1170 m. (1147) Berthe, heiress of Brittany d 1158/64, dau of-> Conon III 'le Gros', Duke of Brittany
Zo25 =23 Alan la Ceoche or Coche, later Zouche of North Molton d 1190 m Alice de Belmeis (dau of Philip de Belmeis of Tong, Ashby, etc
Zo25-3 Joscius d after 1153
Zo25-4 Etienne a 1164
Zo25-5 Amicier
Gr24 =26? Alexander de Grene
Zo26-2 Conan III Duke of Brittany b c 1095
Zo26-3 Hawise b c 1097
Zo26-4 Brian FitzCount of Wallingford b c 1060 d in Crusade (son Lucie de Ballon sis of Hamelin de Ballon 1st Baron Abergavenny b c 1060 d and Wynegalc de Ballon) inh Abergavenny from uncle.
m Matilda d'Oyly wid of Miles Crispin
Ba31-4 Hernot
Ba31-5 Catuallon, Abbot of Redon d 1037
Ba34-2 Guerec
Ba34-3 Budic
Ba35-4 Rudalt, Count of Vannes, fled the Viking invasion c. 919
Ba34-5 x m Mathuedoi, Count of Poher -1 Alan II
Ba34-6 x d before 913 m Tangui, Count of Vannes,
Ba27 =28 =29 =31. William Bardolf, Sheriff of Norfolk and Suffolk b about 1120 a 1174
?= m Amabilia de Limesi/Lindsay b 1130 Pirton d 1205 Somme Picardie FR
Ba26 =27 =28 =30 Thomas Bardolf of Shelford b c 1141 the first mentioned by TCP
m1 Rose Hanselyn b c 1145 Nottinghamshire dau/heir of
+1 Baron Ralph Hauselyn/Hanselyn of Schelford/Shelford, +2 Baron Ralph Hauselyn/Hanselyn b c 1087 Shelford Nottingham d there 1168 +3 Walter de Caus b c 1067
m Anneis
+4 Anceline de Caus b c 1045
Ba25 =26 =27 =29 Doun or Dodo Bardolf of Shelford, Nottinghamshire b about 1160 d 1209/before 12.02.1204/5
m Beatrix de Warren dau/heir of William de Warren of Wormegay
Ba24 =25 =26 =27 William Bardolf of Shelford & Wirmegay Wormegay, Norfolk, Governor of Nottingham Castle d 1275
Nichola x. The mother of William was probably not Joan de Somery, wife of William Aguillon
Ba23 =24 =25 =27 William Bardolf of Shelford & Wirmegay Wormegay d 01.12.1289
m Juliana de Gournay d 1295, dau of Hugh de Gournay of Mapledurham
Ba22 =23 =24 =26 Hugh Bardolf or Bardolph, 1st Lord b c 29.09.1259, d 09.1304
m before 1282 Isabel Aguillon b 25.03.1257/8, d before 28.05.1323, dau/heir of Sir Robert Aguillon of Addington by Joan, dau of William Ferrers, Earl of Derby
Ba21 =22 =23 =25 Sir Thomas Bardolf, 2nd Lord b 04.10.1282, d 15.12.1328
m Agnes d 11.12.1357, "perhaps" dau of William de Grandison, Sn de Grandison, by Blanche, dau of Louis de Savoie, Baron de Vaud
Ba21 =22 =24 John Bardolf, 3rd Lord of Wirmegay b 13.01.1311/2 or 1313/4, d 29.07.1363
m 1326 Elizabeth D'Amorie b 1318, a 1360, dau/heir of Sir Roger D'Amorie by Elizabeth de Clare
Ba20 =21 =23 William Bardolf, 4th Lord b 21.10.1349, d 29.01.1385/6
m Agnes Poynings dau of Sir Michael Poynings, 1st Lord by Joan, dau of Sir RIchard Rokesley, widow of Sir John de Moleyns, m3. Sir Thomas Mortimer
Ba19 =22 Thomas Bardolf de Wirmegay, 5th Lord b 22 Dec1369, d Bramham Moore 19 Feb 1407/8
m before 08 Jul 1382 Avicia or Hawise Cromwell d 01 Jul 1421, dau of Ralph, Lord Cromwell, by Maud, dau of John de Bernake
Ba18-1 Anne Bardolf b 24.06.1389, dsp 06.11.1453
m1 Sir William Clifford
m2 by 1427 Reginald de Cobham, 3rd Lord of Sterborough b 1381, d 1446
Ba18 =21 Joane Bardolf b 11.11.1390, d 12.03.1446/7
m Sir William Phelip, Lord Bardolf son of Sir John of Donynton
Ph17 =20 Elizabeth Phelip d before 30.10.1441
m John Beaumont, 1st Viscount, Constable and Chamberlain d Northampton 10.07.1460
Be16-1 Henry Beaumont dvp after 10.08.1441
Be16-2 William Beaumont, 2nd Viscount dsp 19.12.1507 m1 before 04.05.1461, div before 1477 Joan Stafford dau of Humphrey Stafford, 1st Duke of Buckingham m2 24.04.1486 Elizabeth Scrope d 26.06.1537, dau of Richard Scrope of Bolton family St15-1 William Stanley (son & heir) 
St14 Jane Stanley

Wa14-1 John Warburton b ABT 1490 Arley, Cheshire,
Wa14-2 Dowce (Douce) Warburton, b about 1492 Arley
Wa14-3 Ellen Warburton b about 1494 Arley
Wa14-4 Elizabeth Warburton b about 1498 Of Arley
Wa14 Blanch Warburton b 1500 m William Davenport Da14
Wa14-6 Jean Warburton b c 1500 Arley
Wa14-7 William Warburton b c 1502 Arley
Wa14-8 Peter (Piers) Warburton b: Oct. 1504/1514 Warburton & Arley Bothir Cheshire d 5 June 1550 Arley
Da13-1 William Davenport b 1521 Bramhall, Cheshire,d 13 SEP 1576 Bramhall
Da13-2 John Davenport b c 1523 Bramhall d FEB 1608;
Da13 Jane Davenport b c 1524 d aft m Robert Hyde (Hy13)
Da13-4 Humphrey Davenport b c 1525 Bramhall d DEC 1588
Da13-5 Ellen Davenport b c 1529 Bramhall d aft 1566
Da13-6 Margery Davenport, b c 1531 Bramhall d aft 1566
Da13-7 Katherine Davenport b c 1533 Bramhall d aft 1577
Hy12 Robert Hyde m Beatrice Calverly
Hy12-2 Hamnet Hyde b c 1545 Norbury, Cheshire
Hy12-3 William Hyde b c 1547 Norbury
Hy12-4 Dorothy Hyde b c 1548 Norbury d c 1593
Hy12-5 Edward Hyde b c 1549 Norbury
Hy12-6 Thomas Hyde b c 1551 Norbury d aft 1625
Hy12-7 Richard Hyde b c 1553 Norbury d aft 1560
Hy12-8 Randall Hyde b c 1555 Norbury d aft 1625
Hy12-9 Ellen Hyde b c 1559/61 Norbury
Hy12-10 Anne Hyde b c 1561 Norbury
Hy12-11 Thomas Hyde b c 1563 Norbury
Hy11-1 Hamon Hyde b 1563 Stockport, Cheshire d MAY 1643
Hy11-2 Jane Hyde b ABT 1565 Stockport
Hy11-3 Urian Hyde b ABT 1567 Stockport
Hy11-4 Ann Hyde b c 1569 Stockport
Hy11-5 Margaret Hyde b 1571/1572 Stockport d 24 MAR 1625 Farnsworth, Lancashire
Hy11-6 Beatrice Hyde b ABT 1573 Stockport, d JUL 1628
Hy11-7 Robert Hyde b 1575 Stockport, d 10 SEP 1615
Hy11-8 Thomas Hyde b ABT 1577 Stockport
Hy11-7 John Hyde b 1580 Stockport, d 1605
Hy11-9 William Hyde b c 1583 Stockport d 1681 Norwich, New London, CT,
Hy11-10 Elizabeth Hyde b 1584 Stockport, Cheshire
Hy11 Mary Hyde b c 1586 Stockport m John Nuttle Nu11 of Cattonhall in 1608 in Norbury, Cheshire
Hy11-12 Alice Hyde b c 1588 Stockport
Hy11-13 Katherine Hyde b 1590 Stockport d 2 FEB 1656

Nu10 John Nuthall m Elizabeth Bacon

Hy11-9-1 Hester Hyde b 1631 in Hartford, CT m Mar 1652 in Saybrook Middlesex CT John Post son of Stephen Post and Eleanore Langley

Nu9 Eleanor Nuthall b c 1645 d 29 Sep 1696 in Prince Georges Co MD m 1668 Thomas Sprigg Sp9

Nu9-2 John Nuthall b c 1647 m Eleanor Sprigg Sp7-6

Hy11-9-1-1 Margaret Post m Caleb Abell

Sp8-1 Eleanor Sprigg (1668-1728, m Thomas Hilleary and John Nuthall
Sp8-2 Thomas Sprigg (1670-1726, m Margaret Mariarte
Sp8-3 Mary Sprigg (1671-1694, m Thomas Stockett);
Sp8-4 John Sprigg (c1671-c1700, );
Sp8-5 Elias Sprigg (c1673-before 1704);
Sp8-6 Anne Sprigg (c1676-1721, married Philip Gittings);
Sp8-7 Oliver Sprigg  (c1677- )
Sp8 Martha Sprigg m Thomas Prather
Sp8-9 Ellen Sprigg b c 1678
Sp8-10 Elizabeth Sprigg (1679-November 1704), m Robert Wade
Nu9-2-1 Eleanor Nuthall b c 1699 Pr Georges Co MD m John Pratt b c 1690 Calvert Co d 1754
Mary Nuthall b c 1715 m Richard Duckett Jr b c 1712

Pr7 Col Thomas Prather II
Nu9-2-1-1 Thomas Pratt b 8 MAR 1729 Prince Georges Co m Eleanor Magruder b c 1735 dau of Robert Magruder b 11 OCT 1711 Prince Georges Co d 1736 and Sarah Crabb b 20 Oct 1717
Nu9-2-1-1-1 John Wilkes Pratt b c 1785 Georgetown m Rachel Belt b c 1762 Pr Geo Co dau of Tobias Belt and Mary Gordan
Nu9-2-1-1-1-1 Thomas George Pratt b 18 FEB 1804 Georgetown DC d 9 NOV 1869 m Adeline Maccubbin Kent
Be16 Be16 Joan Beaumont d 05.08.1466
m1 John Lovel,, Lord of Titchmarsh d 09.01.1464-5
m2 after 11.11.1465 Sir William Stanley
Cl16 =Ro19 Evelyn/Adeline Clowting m William le Rous
Ba19 = 20 Cecily Bardolf d 29.09.1432 probably of this generation
m Sir Brian Stapleton of Ingham and Bedale d 07.04.1438, at Agincourt
-1 Sir Miles Stapleton of Ingham and Bedale b about 1395 d 30 Sep 1466 m1 Katherine de Felbrigge b about 1395 ?no ch (dau of Sir Symon de Felbrigge) m2 Katherine de la Pole d 13/4.10.1488 + ch dau of Sir Thomas de la Pole of Grafton Regis) She was a descendant of Henry I and a great horse breeder. -1-1 Elizabeth Stapleton (d 18.02.1504/5) continued her mother's horse breeding tradition m1 Sir William Calthorpe of Burnham (b 30.01.1409/10, d 15.11.1494) m2 Sir John Fortescue of North Mimms (d 28.07.1500) m3. Sir Edward Howard d 25.04.1513, Admiral, Standard Bearer
Ba20 =21 =24 Margaret Bardolf probably of this generation
m before 1334 Adam de Welles, 3rd Lord b 22.07.1304, d 02.1344/5
Ba20-3 Also shown in this generation by freepages Barbara Bardolf m Roger Lewknor and had Thomas Lewknor m Joan d'Oyly and had Roger Lewknor
Ba20-4 Cicily Bardolfprobably of this generation
m1 William de Morley, 3rd Lord b 24.06.1319, d 30.04.1379
m2 Robert Yelverton of Rackneath/Blackneath ancestor of Pres. FDR
Ba21 The following comes from VCH Sussex, vol 7, Fulking
Nichole Bardolf b c 1294 Drayton, presumed to have been the Nichole who married ...
m1 Sir Robert de Arderne of Perching a 1329 d aft 1330son of Thomas de Arden/Arderne
Ar20 Giles de Arderne b by 1330 Drayton Warwick d aft 1365 m Margaret Molineux
Ar19 Sir Giles Arderne b 1365 in Drayton, Warwickshire
m Johanna Phillippa Trillow
Ar19-1 Margaret Arderne b c 1372 Drayton d 1420 m1 William Bosom/Bozun b 1374 Roxton Bedfordshire d 1407 Roxton m2 Jun 1395 Lodovick/Lewis Greville/Grivelle b 1368 Drayton d 18 Aug 1419 Drayton
Ar19-1-1 Margaret Bosom b c 1390 m William Burgoyne -1 Richard Burgoyne b c 1415 Roxton Bedfordshire -1-1 John Burgoyne b c 1440 -1-1-1 Catherine Burgoyne b c 1470 m John Hennigham
-1-1-1-1-1-1-2 Richard Burgoyne b c 1470
-1-1-1-1 Alice Hennigham b 1500 m Thomas Norton b c 1500 Kent
-1-1-1-2 Anne Hennigham b c 1500 m Sir Ambrose Jarmin
Ar19-1-2 Robert Warwick Grevile b 1397
Ar19-1-3 John Greville b 1399 d 1441
Ar19-1-4 Richard Grivelle/Grevile b 1401 Drayton
m Elena Herbert b 1440 dau of William ap Thomas and Gwladus verch Dafydd Herbert
Ar19-1-5 Thomas Grevile b 1403
Ba19-1-6 William Grivelle/Greville b 1408 Drayton d 1471
m Anne Franceys/Francis
Ba19-1-6-1 Ralph (Grivelle) Greville b 1421 Lemmington d 1499 Priory Oxfordshire m Catherine Poyntz
Ba19-1-6-1-1 John Greville b 1447 Millcote Warwickshire d there 1504 m Jane Forester
Ba19-1-6-1-1-1 Edward Greville b c 1467 Milcote d 1529 Weston Church upon Avon m Anne Denton
Ba19-1-6-1-1-1-1 John Greville
Ba19-1-6-1-1-1-1-1 X Greville m Winslow
Ba19-1-6-1-1-1-1-2 Katherine Greville b 1527
m 1544 Giles Reed/Reade b 1525 Milton Banbury
-1 Elizabeth Reed/Reade b 1578 in Larke Stoke, Gloucestershire d 1631 Worcester m 1594 Quinton Gloucester Richard Brent b 1573 Admington and Lark stoke d 1652 Lark Stoke son of Richard Brent and Mary Huggerford
-1-1 Mary Brent b c 1594
-1-2 Giles Brent Sr b c 1600 Stoke & Admington d 31 Aug 1671 Stafford Co VA m1 1644 MD Mary Kittamaquund b 1633 MD d 1658 VA+ 3 ch dau of Chitomachen Kittamaquund m2 Frances Whitegreave
-1-3 Margaret Brent b 1601 Stoke & Admington d May 1671 Westmoreland CVA
-1-4 Anne Brent b 1602 Illmington London d 1646 St Marys Co MD
-1-5 George Brent b c 1602 Gloucestershire or Worcester m aft 1635 mariana Peyton
-1-6 Fulke Brent
-1-7? John Brent

-1-2-1 Col Giles Brent Jr b 5 Apr 1652 d 2 Sep 1679 Middlesex Co VA m Mary x b c 1600
-1-2-2 Richard Brent b 1654 ?Va d 9 Dec 1663 ?VA
-1-2-3 Mary Brent b 1655 Peace Westmoreland Co VA d 13 Jun 1713 Pr Geo Co MD m 1671 Calvert Co John Fitzherbert
-1-5-1 Anne Brent b 1640 Lark Stoke d there 1714 m James Clifton b 1636 Westby Lancashire d 1714 Salwark son of Thomas Clifton and Anne Hallsall
-1-5-2 George Brent
-1-5-3 Robert Brent Gent.

-1-2-1-1 William Brent b c 1677 d 1709
-1-5-1-1 Thomas Clifton b 1663 Engl d 1708 Stafford Co Va m by 17 May 1706 Sarah Ashton b by 1677 d Nov 1749 dau of John Ashton and Grace Frizier she m1 c 1695 Philip Alexander + 4 ch m3 c 1720 David McGill
-1-5-1-2 Thomas Clifton
-1-5-1-3 James Clifton

-1-2-1-1-1 William Brent b 1710 d 1742
-1-5-1-1-1 Robert Burdette Clifton b 29 Jul 1708 d 1762 m 15 Jul 1732 Kg Geo Co VA Francis Hill

-1-2-1-1-1-1 William Brent b 1732 Richland Stafford Co VA d Mar 1782 ?Richmond Wise VA m Eleanor Carroll b 27 Apr 1732 Pr Geo Co MD d 19 Mar 1788 VA ?= dau of Daniel Carroll b c 1705 and Eleanor Darnall b c 1706 Prince George Co d 3 Feb 1798 grandau of Henry Darnall
-1-5-1-1-1-1 Burdette/Burditt clifton b 3 Feb 1736 Stafford VA d 1798 Bardstown KY m 2 Dec 1759 Rebecca Kenner b 1738 Fauquier Co d 1799 Bardstown dau of Howson Francis Kenner Jr and Margaret Eskridge

-1-2-1-1-1-1-1 Sen Richard Brent b 1757 Richland Stafford Co VA d 30 Dec 1814 DC
-1-2-1-1-1-1-2 Anne Brent b 17 Apr 1777 d 29 July 1862 m Daniel Carroll of Duddington b c 1758 d 9 May 1849
-1-5-1-1-1-1-1 Howson Clifton
-1-5-1-1-1-1-2 William David Clifton
-1-5-1-1-1-1-3 Sarah Clifton b 1768 Bardstown d 1815 Burkesville KY m John Edwards King

-1-2-1-1-1-1-2-1 Charles Carroll d 1819 m Mary Ann Carroll dau of Henry Hill Carroll and Sarah Rogers
-1-2-1-1-1-1-2-2 Maria Carroll d ca. 1804.
-1-2-1-1-1-1-2-3 Eleanor Carroll b ca. 1791 d 18 July 1864 Washington DC m William Dudley Digges b. ca. 1790.
-1-2-1-1-1-1-2-4 William Carroll
-1-5-1-1-1-1-3-1 Catherine King m Bobo
-1-5-1-1-1-1-3-2 Valentine King b 9 Jan 1794 Burkesville Ky d 13 Jul 1835 Opelousas St Landry LA m 15 Jan 1818 Nancy King dau of George King and Amelie Mathilde Lejeune
-1-5-1-1-1-1-3-2-1 Caroline King b 1835 d 1878 Avoyelles LA m Alfred Briggs Irion
-1-5-1-1-1-1-3-2-1-1 Annie Winn Irion m 2 Mar 1878 Adolphe Jalmeus Lafargue + sev ch
Ba19-1-6-1-1-1-1-3 John Greville
Ba19-1-6-1-1-1-1-4 Mary Greville
Ba19-1-6-1-1-1-1-5 Fulke Greville, 4th Lord Willoughby de Broke Greville
Ba19-1-6-1-1-1-1-6 Robert Greville
Ba19-1-6-1-1-1-1-7 Edward Greville
Ba19-1-6-1-1-1-1-8 Blanche Greville
Ba19-1-6-1-1-1-1-9 Elene Grevill
Ba19-1-6-1-1-1-2 Fulke Greville b 1491 Milcote m 11 Apr 1526 Elizabeth Willoughby b Alcester Warwickshire d 15 Nov 1562 Alcester dau of Edward Willoughby and Margaret Neville
Ba19-1-6-1-1-1-3 Thomas Greville b 1495 Milcote
Ba19-1-6-1-1-1-4 Edward Greville b 1497 Milcote d 24 Feb 1561
Ba19-1-6-1-1-1-5 Ann Greville b 1512 Milcote
Ba19-1-6-1-1-1-6 Thomas Greville b 1514 Milcote
Ba19-1-6-1-1-2 Robert Greville
Ba19-1-6-1-1-3 Mary Greville
Ba19-1-6-1-1-4 Richard Greville
Ba19-1-6-1-2 Thomas Greville
Ba19-1-6-1-3 Joane Greville
Ba19-1-6-1-4 Mary Greville
Ba19-1-6-1-5 Robert Greville
Ba19-1-6-1-6 Elizabeth Greville
Ba19-1-6-2 Joyce Greville b c 1423
Ba19-1-6-3 Margaret Greville b c 1425
m2 Sir Thomas Wale
Ba22-3 William Bardolph b about 1290,
y Bardolph ancestor of Edmond Bardolph father of Maude Bardolph who married Thomas Hoo of Hoo
Ba22-4 Margery
Ba26-2. x Bardolff
m Robert de St. Remigio
-1 Richard de Remy b 1175 -1-1 William de St Remy b 1196 Wilden Bedford d 1225 m Cecilia -1-1-1 Eleanor de St Remy b c 1226 Wilden Bedford d c 1248 m John de Pabenham b 1219 d 1248 Pabenham son of Hugh de Pabenham and Eleanor -1-1-1-1 John de Pabenham b 1248 Pabenham Bedford d 1269 -1-1-1-1-1 John de Pabenham/Pagenham b 1275 Bedford d 12 Feb 1322 m1 Elizabeth Criol b 1280 Leicestshire dau of Nicholas de Criol and Margery Pscche + 2 ch m2 Joan de la Plaunche b 1293 Shropshire d by 1319 + 1 ch dau of James de la Plaunche of Haversham and Maud de Olney -1-1-1-1-1-1 Laurence Pabenham b 1296
-1-1-1-1-1-2 Sir Thomas b by 1218
-1-1-1-1-1-3 James Pabenham b 1218
Ba26-3. x Bardolff
m William Bacun
Ba26-4 x Bardolff
m Baldwin de Thoni
Ba28 The following comes from grey01
Hugh Bardolf
m Isabel sister/niece of Robert Bardolf of Great Carlton & Hoo
-1 Isolda or Iseuda Bardolf
m Henry de Grey of Thurrock a 1195 and had issue
Ba27-3 The following comes from
Maude Bardolf b c 1145 Norfolk
Ba27-4 The following comes from
Robert Bardolf b c 1154
Ba27-5 The following comes from
Hamelin Bardolf
John Brandon of King's Lynn
1. Robert Brandon of King's Lynn was probably father of ..
A. Sir William Brandon of Wangford b about 1418 d a 1497
m Elizabeth Wingfield d 28.04.1497, dau of Sir Robert Wingfield of Letheringham
i. Sir William Brandon b 07.08.1435, d Bosworth 22.08.1485
m Elizabeth Bruyn dau of Sir Henry Bruyn of South Ockendon
a. William Brandon
b. Sir Charles Brandon, 1st Duke of Suffolk b 1485, d 08.1545
m1 Margaret Nevill dau of Sir John Nevill, Earl of Northumberland, Marquess of Montagu
m2 Anne Browne dau of Sir Anthony Browne, Governor of Calais
1 Anne Brandon dsp 01.1557/8
m1 Sir Edward Grey, Lord Powys dspl 02.07.1551
m2 Randle Hanworth = Ranulph Hayward
2 Mary Brandon d before 1544
m Thomas Stanley, 2nd Lord Monteagle d 1560
m3. 13.05.1515 Mary Tudor dau of King Henry VII of England
3 Henry Brandon, Earl of Lincoln b 11.03.1515/6, dvp unm 01.03.1533/4
4 Frances Brandon
m1 Henry Grey, 3rd Marquess of Dorset, Duke of Suffolk d 23.02.1554
m2 Adrian Stokes
5 Eleanor Brandon
m 1537 Henry de Clifford, 2nd Earl of Cumberland, 12th Lord b 1517, d 08.01.1569
m4 1535 Katherine Willoughby, Baroness of Eresby d 19 Sep 1580, dau of William Willoughby, 10th Lord of Eresby
6 Henry Brandon, 2nd Duke of Suffolk b 18 Sep 1535, dsp 14 Jul 1551
7 Charles Brandon 3rd Duke of Suffolk b 1537/8, dsp 14 Jul 1551
ii. Margaret Brandon
m Sir Gregory Lovell
iii. Ann Brandon
m Nicholas Sydney of Penshurst d 1512
iv. Alianore Brandon ancestors of Pres. FDR
m John Glenham of Glenham sb Glemham
v. Katherine Brandon
m Henry Gurney or Gourney or Gorney of Leamington son of Thomas by Anne Heydon
Their daughters are named in Visitation Gloucestershire, 1623, Trye but, whereas BLG1952 Trye of Hartshill names John Tyre's wife as Elizabeth, Visitation names her as Mary.
a. Mary or Elizabeth Gourney
m John Trye of Hardwicke b 1513, d 21.04.1579
b. Christian Gourney
m James Darnell of Thornhulme
c. Elizabeth ? Gourney
m Walter Ayscough of Blyburgh
vi. Elizabeth Brandon
m John or Richard Cavendish
vii.+ other issue dsp - Sir Thomas d c1510, Sir Robert

1 For Bardolf : BE1883 Bardolf, TCP Bardolf or Bardolf of Wirmegay or Wormegay
2 For Brandon : BE1883 Brandon, TCP Suffolk, 'RoyalData'.
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