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Bland of Northern Neck Va.
Nicholas of Roundway
Hester of Fleming Co Ky
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Lo23 Thomas Lovelace b c 1255
m Isabel Davis
Lo22 John Lovelace b c 1280
Lo21 John Lovelace b c 1305
Lo20 John Lovelace b c 1330 Bethersden Kent d there 1417
Lo19 John Lovelace b c 1355 Bethersden Kent d there 15 Apr 1417
m Johanna/Joane b c 1365 Kent
Lo18-1 William Lovelace b c 1390 d 26 Aug 1459 London possibly joined Cades Rebellion with brother 1450
Lo18 Col Richard Lovelace b c 1395 Bethersden d 1466 played a crucial role during the Second Battle of St. Albans (1461) by withdrawing his Yorkist contingent from the fight
m Elizabeth Ensham b 1400 d 1460 Betherden
+1 Daniel Ensham b 1386 Kent d 1431 Kent +2 Walter D Ensham b 1360 Kent
Lo17-1 Sir Richard Lovelace marshal of Calais under Henry VII and was knighted after the Battle of Blackheath (1497) In 1511 Sir Richard’s estates passed to a collateral branch of the family. Seated near Sittingbourne, in north Kent, its most notable member was Serjeant William Lovelace, who married the daughter of a Canterbury alderman, served as the city’s counsel from 1559 and represented the constituency in Parliament three times under Elizabeth.
Lo17-2 Launcelot Lovelace
Lo17-3 Katherine Lovelace b c 1428 inherited Heuer Manor
m William Founteyne/?Fontaine b c 1425
Lo17-4 John Lovelace
Lo17 William Lovelace b c 1435 d 3 Sp 1496 London
m Laura Peckham b c 1440 Yaldham Wrotham Kent d 1520 Bethersden
+1 James Reynold de Peckham Pe18 b c 1400 Yaldham d 1454 Sussex
m Alice Wypeham b 1414 Wrotham Kent d 1462
+2 Reginald de Peckham Pe19 b 1360 d 1407 Kent
m Alice Wykham b c 1370 Kenrt d c 1407
+3 Sir James de Peckham Pe20 b c 1340 Horton Gloucester d 1400 Wrotham Kent
m Margaret
+4 Sir John de Peckham Pe21 b c 1320 Horton, South Gloucester
m Ellen Bokeland b c 1320 Kent
+5 Sir John de Peckham Pe22 b c 1290
m Marjorie Aldham +5 James Bokeland b c 1290
m Joan
+6 Sir John de Peche b c 1260 Warwickshire d 1335 Honley Warwickshire
Lo16-1 Ellen Lovelace b c 1451 Kent
m William Stephens
Lo16-2 William Lovelace, II b c 1455 Kent
Lo16-2-1 possibly of the branch was
y Lovelace b c 1490
Lo16-2-1-1 y Lovelace b c 1520
Lo16-2-1-1-1 Sir William Lovelace b 1561 d 1629 of Lovelace Place, Bethersden and Greyfriars, Canterbury
m1 Anne Lewes dau of Robert Lewes alderman of Canterbury
m2 by 1581 Elizabeth Aucher bur 3 Dec 1627 + ch dau of Sir Edward Aucher b 1539 Bishoplsbourne and Mabel Hardres
+1 Edward Aucher of Bishopbourne and Hautsbourne
m Mabel Wroth b c 1542 Durrants d there 1597
Lo16-2-1-1-1-1 Sir William Lovelace b 2 Feb 1583 Woolwich Kent k 12 Aug 1627 Siege Grol/Groenlo Netherlands
m Anne/Kathrin Barnes b 1587 d 1633 she m2 20 Jan 1630 in Greenwich Rev Dr Jonathan Browne and had Anne Browne m Herbert Crofte who had Sir Herbert Croft 1str Baronet
+1 Sir William Barnes
m Anne Sandys
+2 Sir George Barne III (1532–1593), the Lord Mayor of London and a prominent merchant and public official from London during the reign of Elizabeth I
m Anne Gerrard
+3 Sir William Garrard, who was Lord Mayor of London in 1555
+3 Rev Dr Edwin Sandys Bishop of Worcester, Bishop of London Archbishop of York 1576-88
m Cicely Wilford
Lo16-2-1-1-1-1-1 Anne Barnes Lovelace b 1610 d 1652 m Rev John Gorsuch b 1609 d 1647 -1 Anne Gorsuch b 13 MAR 1637/38 in Walkern, Hertfordshire, England
-2 Elizabeth Gorsuch b 13 MAY 1641 in Walkerne Parish, Hertfordshire d aft 1681 MD m by 7 Jul 1662 Howell Powell b c 1623
-3 Charles Gorsuch b 25 AUG 1642 in Walkern, Hertfordshire, m 13 MAR 1676/77 in Baltimore Sarah Coale b 1658 d aft 1720
-4 Frances Gorsuch b 1646 in England m John Sisson d 16 MAR 1662/63 in will probated Anne Arundel MD

-3-1 Thomas B. Gorsuch b 1680 in Baltimore MD d 23 SEP 1774 in Homestead Plantation Baltimore Co m 19 AUG 1714 Jane Ensor b c 1694 in Darley Hall Baltimore County MD
-3-2 Charles Gorsuch b 1687 in Baltimore
-4-1 Jean Sisson
-4-2 Eliza Sisson

-3-1-1 Lovelace Gorsuch b 1715 in Baltimore Co, Maryland
-3-1-2 John Gorsuch b 1730 in Baltimore Co
Col. & Gov. Francis Lovelace
Richard Lovelace, poet
Lo16-2-1-1-1-1-2 Col & Gov Francis Lovelace b c 1621 in England d 10 MAY 1686 in Engl (biography)
m? probably not Anne Barne of Lovelace Place Betherden Woolwich Kent ?a confusion with his mother
Lo16-2-1-1-1-1-3 William Lovelace b 1624 in England k 1664/? 23 Jul 1648 Siege Carmarthenshire Wales m Linda Hohmer b 1628 -1 Francis Lovelace b 1644 in Engl d Baltimore MD 1684 m Blance Talbot b 1636/?56 d 1765 -1-1 William John Lovelace b 1660 in Baltimore d 1775 m Mary Jane -1-1-1 John Baptist Lovelace b 1695 in Port Tobacco, Charles Co, MD ?= (from Krin Villacres' tree) John Lovelace b 1712 d 1765 m Eleanor Beall b 1717 d 1777 dau of Charles Beall b 1672 d 1740 and mary Wolstead b 1674 d 1712
-1-1-1-1 Elias Lovelace b c 1737
-1-1-1-2 Isacc Lovelace b 1741 d 1785
-1-1-1-3 Charles Lovelace b c 1744 d 1796
-1-1-1-4 William Lovelace b 1747 Port Tobacco Charles Co MD d 13 Aug 1815 Appling Columbia Co GA m Margery Beall b 1739 d 1803 dau of James Beall b 1698 d 1783 and Margaret Edmonton b 1708 d 1785
-1-1-1-5 Elias Lovelace b 1755 d 1834
-1-1-1-6 Vachel Lovelace b 1759 d 1837
-1-1-1-7 Mary Lovelace b 1760
-1-1-2-1 Samuel Lovelace b 1732 Zachrian Charles Co MD

-1-1-1-4-1 Benjamin Lovelace b 1773/?45 m Constance Kirkland
-1-1-1-4-2 James Beall Lovelace b 12 Apr 1779 Fifth Creek Iredell NC d 1860 Troup GA m Mary Stapler b 1783 d 1864
-1-1-1-4-3 Allen Lovelace b 1783 d 1879
-1-1-1-4-4 Martha Lovelace b 4 May 1786 Fifth Creek Iredell NC d 30 Jul 1819 m William Stapler b 1785 d 1833
-1-1-2-1-1 Zachariah Lovelace b c 1770 Pr Wm Co VA d 1844 Hartford Pike Co MO m Lucy Webster

-1-1-1-4-2-1 Lucius Lovelace b 1806 d 1875 m Obediance Robinson b 1809 d 1868
-1-1-1-4-2-2 Dr. Marcus Tullius Cicero Lovelace b 8 Oct Columbia GA d 8 Jan Troup GA
-1-1-1-4-2-3 Amanda Lovelace b 1809 d 1888
-1-1-1-4-2-4 Nancy Lovelace b 1810 d 1858
-1-1-1-4-2-5 Mary Lovelace b 1810 d 1858
-1-1-1-4-2-6 Julia Lovelace b 1812 d 1823
-1-1-1-4-2-7 Elizabeth Lovelace b 1814 d 1888
-1-1-1-4-2-8 William Lovelace b 1815 d 1900 m Martha Atkinson b 1821 d 1878
-1-1-1-4-2-9 Salina Lovelace b 1817 d 1819
-1-1-1-4-2-10 Allen Lovelace b 1820 d 1830
-1-1-1-4-2-11 Jane Lovelace b 1822 d 1890
-1-1-1-4-2-12 Col John Henry Lovelace b 15 Dec 1825 d 22 Apr Troup GA
-1-1-1-4-2-13 James Lovelace b 1827 d 1836
-1-1-2-1-1-1 Lucinda Lovelace b 1810 Caswell NC d 1870/?5 Calumet MO m Erasmus Jones b 1801 d 1875

-1-1-1-4-2-8-1 Caroline Lovelace b 1838 d 1873
-1-1-1-4-2-8-2 Benjamin Lovelace b 1841 d 1862
-1-1-1-4-2-8-3 George Lovelace b 1844 d 1880
-1-1-1-4-2-8-4 Elizabeth Lovelace b 1846 d 1881
-1-1-1-4-2-8-5 mary Lovelace b 1849 d 1869
-1-1-1-4-2-8-6 William Lovelace b 1852 d 1939
-1-1-1-4-2-8-7 Dora Lovelace b 1853 d 1880
-1-1-1-4-2-8-8 Martha Serena Pattie Lovelace b 18 Sep 1858 Troup GA d 1902 Caldwell Burleston Co TX m Thomas Jackson b 1858 d 1895
-1-1-1-4-2-8-9 Tammie Lovelace b 1861 d 1902
-1-1-2-1-1-1-1 Carter Jones b 1845 d 1921 m Emmer Reed b 1856 d 1939

-1-1-1-4-2-8-9-1 Adrian Clifford Jackson b 1890 Burleston Co TX d 1956 m Mattie Phegley b 1891 d 1964 gr grandparents of Krin Villacres
-1-1-2-1-1-1-1-1 Fizer Jones b 1890 and Georgia Reed b 1896

-1-1-2-1-1-1-1-1-1 Lenora Jones b 1918 d 2005 m James Smith b 1916 d 1989 son of Lillian Freeman b 1892 d 1988 parents of Robert Smith author's DNA match
Lo16 Thomasina Mary Lovelace b c 1463 Kingsdown Ringwould Kent d 1502
m Thomas de Honywood
Ho15 John Honywood, Esq. b c 1475 Honywood Postling Kent d 1557 Evington Kent
m1 Agnes Martin b Gaverey Kent + 5 ch
Ho14-1 John Honywood b c 1499 Hytha Kent d 1557 Kent
m Mildred Hales b c 1501 Canturbury Kent d 1520/?30
-1 John Honywood b c 1525
-2 Thomas Honywood, MP
-3 Christopher Honywood, MP
-4 Isabel Honywood
-5 Joane Honywood
-5 Margaret Honywood
-6 Bennitt Honywood
-7 Mary Honywood
-8 Jane Honywood
-1-1 Sir Thomas Honywood m Jane Hales dau of Edward Hales, of Tenterden and Margerit Honywood (dau of John Honywood b c 1498 and Alice Barnes)
-2-1 Elizabeth Honywood m Thomas Scott MP
-1-1-1 Sir John Honywood
-1-1-2 William Honywood
-1-1-3 Edward Honywood
-1-1-4 Benoni Honywood
Ho14-2 Mary Honywood b c 1502
Ho14-3 Bennett Honywood b c 1505
Ho14-4 Isabel Honeywood b c 1510
Ho14-5 Jane Honywood b c 1512
m2 Alice Barnes + 2 ch
Ho14 Robert Honywood b c 1515
m Mary Waters b c 1527, d 16.05.1620, dau of Robert Waters or Atwater of Royton and Letham
Ho13-1 Robert Honywood of Charing and Marks Hall
m1 Dorothy Crooke + 5 ch dau of John Crooke
m2 Elizabeth Browne dau of Sir Thomas Browne of Bechworth Castle
-1 Sir Robert Honywood of Pett in Charing ?m Alice or Anne Barnham dau of Sir Martin Barnham of Hollingbourne
-2 Sir Thomas Honywood of Marks Hall d 1666 m Hester Lamotte dau of John Lamotte of London
-3 Matthew Honywood of Charing d c10.1638 m Elizabeth Rivers dau of Sir George Rivers of Chafford
-4 Anne Honywood m Sir John Wilde of Canterbury
-5 Hester Honywood m John Sayer of Bourcher's Hall b 1589, d 1658
-6 Peter Honywood of London and West Hawkes d before 15.12.1685
-7 Henry Honywood of West Hawkes d by 11.1663
-8 Michael Honywood d before 24.09.1681, Dean of Lincoln,
-9 Isaack Honywood
-1-1 Sir Robert Honywood of Pett in Charing m 03.04.1642 Frances Vane b 03.04.1620 dau of Sir Henry Vane of Fairlawn and Raby Castle
-1-2 Sir Philip Honywood of Pett in Charing
-1-3 Elizabeth Honywood probably of this generation m John Moore of Drumbanagher d 10.1680
-1-4 Judith Honywood m Sir Thomas Pelham, 2nd Bart of Laughton bpt 22.09.1597, bur 28.08.1654
-1-5 Dorothy Honywood bur 02.05.1694 probably of this generation
m1 Sir Edward Steward m2 27.11.1662 sp Sir Norton Knatchbull, 1st Bart of Mersham Hatch d 05.02.1684-5
-2-1 y Honywood Uncertain on number of intervening generations.
-3-1 Mary Honywood b c 1639, bur 16.03.1717 m 14.09.1656 Francis Hervey Mildmay of Marks bpt 28.10.1630, bur 07.08.1703
-4-1 Anne Wilde b c 1610, d 20.10.1685, eldest dau, co-heir m c 1633 Sir Thomas Willys, 1st Bart of Fen Ditton b c1612/4, d 17.11.1701 son of Richard Willys of Fen Ditton and Horningsey and Jane Henmarsh heiress of Will Henmarsh of Balls in Ware Hertfordshire

-1-2-1 Frances Honywood dau/heiress m George Sayer b 1654/5, d 05.1718
-2-1-1 y Honywood
-2-1-2 Elizabeth Honywood probably of this generation m Sir John Cotton, 3rd Bart of Connington b 1621
-4-1-1 Sir John Willys, 2nd Baronet (c. 1635–1704) who succeed to the baronetcy on the death of his father in 1701

-2-1-1-1 Philip Honywood of Marks Hall a 1758, Lt. General mentioned by BP1934 Honywood
Ho13-2 Arthur Honywood of Lenham 3rd son The following comes from Visitation Kent, 1619, Honywood.
m Elizabeth Spencer dau of John Spencer of Chard
-1+ issue a 1619
-1 Anthony Honywood b c 1600
-2 Henry Honywood b c1605, John Honywood b c 1611
-3 Robert Honywood
-4 Maria Honywood
-5 Susanna Honywood
-6 Dorothy Honywood
-7 Rachel Honywood
-8 Catharine Honywood
-9 Jane Honywood
-10 Margaret Honywood
Ho13-3 Catherin Honywood
m1 William Fleet m2 William Henmarsh
Ho13-4 Priscilla Honywood
m Sir Thomas Engham or Ingham
Ho13-5 Mary Honywood m1 George Morton m2 after 1646 William Sidley
Ho13-6 Anne Honywood m Sir Charles Hales
Ho13-7 Grace Honywood m Michael Heneage b 27.09.1540, d 30.12.1600
Ho13 Elizabeth Honywood b c 1560
m George Woodward
he m1 Mary Waters b c 1527, d 16.05.1620 + 10 ch
-1 Elizabeth Woodward b July 9th 1581
Wo12-10 Anne Woodward was borne upon Mondaye the 29 Oct 1582
Wo12-11 Henry Woodward b 10 Dec 1583
Wo12-12 Robert Woodward b 11 April 1585
Wo12-13 Isaake Woodward b 26th day of March 1586
Wo12-14 A daughter b dJune 25th 1587
Wo12-15 Sara Woodward b 29 Jan 1588
Wo12-16 Bridget Woodward b 26 Oc 1590
Wo12-17 Margaret Woodward b 5 Feb 1592
Wo12-18 Rebecca Woodward b 14 Jul 1593
Wo12-19 Rachell Woodward b 11 Jan 1594
Wo12-20 George Woodward b 6 Apr 1596
Wo12 Martha Woodward b 10 Jun 1597 m c 1617 Rev James Bacon Ba12
Ho13-21 Susan Honywood m y Kerchen
Ho13-10 Bennett Honywood m Henry Crooke brother of William
Ho13-11 Dorothy Honywood m William Crooke brother of Henry
Ho13-12 Joyce Honywood probably of this generation m Richard Sadleir of Sopwell d 1624
Ho13-13+ Anthony Honywood, Isaack Honywood d Newport
Ho14-7 Margerit Honywood b c 1517 m Edward Halles/Hales
Ho15-2 Robert Honeywood
Ho15-3 Joan Honeywood
Ho15-4 Alice Honeywood b c 1485
Lo16-4 Margaret Lovelace
Lo16-5 Agnes Lovelace
Lo16-6 John Lovelace ?= John Lovelas in Wargrave b c 1465 d by 12.1518
m. Maud
-1? John Lovelace of Hurley b c 1490 d 25.08.1558 m1 Joan (a 1538, dsp)
m2 Grace Sampson d 12.11.1579, dau of Robert Sampson of Binfield
-2 William Lovelace of Culham
-3 Joan Lovelace
-1-1 Richard Lovelace of Hurley b 21.04.1542, d 10.03.1601/2 m Anne Warde d before 12.02.1611-2, dau of Richard Warde of Hurst
-1-2 Henry Lovelace
-1-3+ John, Thomas (dsp), Arthur, Elizabeth
-2-1+ John (b c1541), William and daughters
-1-1-1 Richard Lovelace, Sheriff of Berkshire and Oxfordshire, 1st Lord of Hurley b c 1568, d 22.04.1634 m1. (sp) Katherine Gyll (dau of George Gyll of Wydial) m2. c 1615 Margaret Dodworth b c1588, d 1652, dau of William Dodworth of London
-1-1-2 Henry Lovelace had issue
-1-1-3 Ursula Lovelace m John Hercy of Cruchfield
-1-1-4 Colubery Lovelace probably of this generation m. Richard Beke of Haddenham
-1-2-1 Richard Lovelace
-1-1-1-1 John Lovelace, 2nd Lord of Hurley b c02.1616, d 24.09.1670 m. 11.07.1638 Anne Wentworth, Baroness Wentworth bpt 29.07.1623, d 07.05.1697, dau of Thomas Wentworth, Earl of Clevland
-1-1-1-2 Francis Lovelace, Governor of New York a 1670
-1-1-1-3 Elizabeth Lovelace m. Henry Martin son of Sir Henry Martin
-1-1-1-4 Martha or Margaret Lovelace m. 22.04.1633 Sir George (not John) Stonehouse, 3rd Bart b 1608, d c1675
-1-1-4-1 Sarah Beke m 1624 Alexander Croke of Studley Priory
m2 Grace Sampson d 12.11.1579, dau of Robert Sampson of Binfield
Lo16-7 Richard Lovelace
Lo17-6 Adrian Lovelace
Lo18-3 x Lovelace b c 1398 Bethersden d 1434

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