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Bland of Northern Neck Va.
Nicholas of Roundway
Hester of Fleming Co Ky
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: Calverley of Calverley, Calverley of Rothwell
Ca21. John Calverley of Calverley
>m Margaret
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Ca20. Sir John de Calverley of Calverley
m Joanna dau or niece of m Joanna dau or niece of Sir Simon Ward and granddaughter of William Ward and Margaret Nevill
Ca19-1 John de Calverley of Calverley, Sheriff of Rutland dsp
Ca19. Walter de Calverley of Calverleyb about 1335 d
m1 x Nevile
m2 Margery dau of John de Dineley
Ca18-1 Sir William de Calverley dvpsp
m Eleanor Thornhill dau of Sir John Thornhill
Ca18 Sir Walter de Calverley of Calverley b about 1365 d
m Joanna Bygot dau of Sir John Bygot of Settrington
Ca17-1 Sir John de Calverley of Calverley d Shrewsbury
Ca17 Walter de Calverley of Calverley b about 1395 d a 1429
m Elizabeth Mackingfield or Markenfield dau of Sir Thomas Mackingfield Markenfield
Ca16 William Calverley of Calverley b about 1415
m c 1442 Agnes Tempest dau of Sir John Tempest of Bracewell
Ca15 Sir William Calverley of Calverley b about 1440 d a 1521
m Alice Savile dau of Sir John Savile of Thornhill
Ca14 Sir William or Walter Calverley of Calverley b about 1475
>m1 1500 Isabel Drax dau of
Ca13 Sir William Calverley of Calverley, Sheriff of Yorkshire b about 1510 d 27 Oct1570
m1 Elizabeth Middleton dau of Sir William Middleton of Stockeld
Ca12-1 Sir Walter Calverley of Calverley a 1570
m Anne Danby dau of Sir Christopher Danby
Ca12-2 Thomas Calverley ancestor of Calverleys of Ayreholm b about 1540 continued his mother's tradition of horse breeding as did his son John and granddaughter Isabel Calverley.
m Isabel Anderson of Newcastle
Ca12-3 William Calverley b about 1545
m Anne Calverley dau of Walter Calverley of Park of Morley, etc
Ca12-4 John Calverley b about 1547
m _ Leys of Lincolnshire
Ca12-5 Isabel Calverley b about 1549
m Francis Passelew of Riddlersden
Ca12-6 Elizabeth Calverley b about 1551 d before 25.10.1604
m mcrt 1549 Robert Beeston of Beeston d 31.03.1566
Ca12-7 Anne Calverley b about 1553, continued her mother's tradition of horse breeding as did her daughter Elizabeth Wentworth and granson John Savile.
m Thomas Ellis of Kiddell
Ca12-8 daughter b about 1555
m William Wentworth of Kilnswick
Ca12-9 Dorothy Calverley b about 1557
m Walter Furnes of Mirfield
Ca12-10 daughter b about 1559
m John Cooper alderman of Chester
Ca12-11+ other issue - Henry, Ralph, Michael
m2 Elizabeth Sneyd dau of Richard Sneyd b about 1520
Ca12 Beatrice Calverley b c 1563
m Robert Hide of Norburn Hyde of Hyde & Norbury d 1614
Ca12-15 Jane Calverley b c 1564
m y Anby
Ca12-16 Elizabeth Calverley b c 1565
m y Hallie
Ca13-2 Alice Calverley
m Robert Warcop of Warcop
Ca13-3 Margery Calverley
m Henry Radcliffe
Ca13-4 Ellen Calverley
m Miles Hodson of Newcastle
Ca13-5 Isabel Calverley
m Gilbert Leigh
Ca13-6 Margaret Calverley
m _ Bollinge of London
Ca13-7 Anne Calverley possibly the Anne who married ...
m Thomas Wentworth of North Elmsall d before 14.09.1590
Ca13-8+ other issue - Gilbert, Thomas, John, Jane, Elizabeth, Maud
m2 Anne Vavasor dau of John Vavasor of Weston
Ca14-2 Agnes Calverley
m John Vavasour of Weston
Ca14-3+ other issue all a 1560 - William, Robert, Thomas
Ca15-2 John Calverley in Cherwell a 1488
i Christopher Calverley of Rothwell d 1546
a Robert Calverley of Rothwell
m 1548 Joanna Dobson
1 Robert Calverley of Rothwell d 1613
m Janet
A Matthew Calverley of Rothwell b 1571, dsp 1617
B William Calverley of Rothwell b 1573, d 1632
m 1600 Elizabeth Cryer
Ca15-3 Nicholas Calverley vicar of Bottley in 1499, youngest son
Ca15-4 Margaret Calverley
m _ Popelay
Ca15-5 Joan Calverley
m Christopher Lister of Pontefract or Midhope d before 17.04.1509
Ca15-6 Anne Calverley
m _ Ellis of Kiddell
Ca15-7 Isabel Calverley
m _ Mearning of Whardale
Ca15-8 Eleanor Calverley ?? note that there was an earlier Eleanor who married a Leventhorpe see below
m _ Leventhorpe of Leventhorpe
Ca15-9+ other issue all a 1488 - Richard, Robert, Thomas, Alice a nun
Ca16-2 Thomas Calverley of Park House ancestor of Calverleys of Morley and in Cumberland
m Agnes Skargill
Ca16-3 Robert Calverley of Baseford and Broxton
Ca16-4 Alice Calverley
m Gilbert de Leigh of Middleton
Ca16-5 Isabel Johanna Calverley
m John Slingsby of Scriven b c1431, d 1459-60
Ca16-6 Margaret Calverley
m Thomas Clapham of Beamsley
Ca16-7 Beatrice Calverley
m Tristram Bollyng
Ca16-8 Amice Calverley
m Robert Bailden
Ca16-9 Anne Calverley
m John Wentworth of Elmsall
Ca16-10 daughter
m William Scott of Scott's Hall
Ca16-11 daughter
m Gilbert Tipcliffe
Ca16-12 Elizabeth Calverley, a nun
Ca18-3 Eleanor Calverley possibly of this generation
m John Leventhorpe a 1377
Ca18-4 Ursula Calverley possibly of this generation
m Ambrose Wood of Woodhall, near Darfield, Yorkshire b about 1350
Ca19-3.+ other issue - Richard, Isabel prioress of Esholt
Ca20-2. Simon de Calverley
Ca20-3. Elizabeth de Calverley
m Thomas Paitfyn of Hedingley

Sources: BEB1844 Calverley of Calverley, BLG1952 Calverley formerly of Oulton Hall
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